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essentially major by Michael Jeffrey

Between Friends As most co-dependent relationships go, Chase and I have a bit of an unhealthy addiction to talking to each other. It began about eight years ago when circumstances sent us both to different cities and the telephone was all we had to keep our friendship alive and kicking. Now that we’ve both finally settled in the same neighborhood after so much time apart, I somewhat anticipated the hour long calls to dwindle down. You’d think that after fifteen years the subject matter might grow stale or at very least start to bore the hell out of us both. Still, even with our homes just minutes away from each other, about ten to fifty times a day the phone rings and we talk about everything, literally. And it typically goes a little something like this: Ringgggggggggggggggggggg. “Good afternoon, this is Chase.” “Bitch, where the hell have you been all day?” “Uh, working! At four in the afternoon that’s what most of the world still does from time to time.” “Hey, that’s your choice, not mine.” “I fucking hate your job. What are you doing anyway? Wait, don’t tell me. Its 4:23, so what’s on Oprah today?” “Kids that eat their body weight in junk food and the mothers who support them.” “Oh! Now I know what I meant to ask you. So, if you knew my man was cheating, you would tell me right?” “Chase, where the hell did that come from?” “I was watching an old Oprah on YouTube with Janet Jackson when she was interviewing her about the Tyler Perry “Why Did I Get Married” movie because I’m thinking about matching my hair color to the way hers was back then, and she told Oprah that she wouldn’t tell her girlfriend if she knew her man was cheating.”

fact my husband was cheating on me you wouldn’t say anything about it at all?” “Nope.” “This is some bullshit! Why not?” “That’s your relationship with your man and you should be paying attention to him, not counting on me or anyone else to. I don’t want to be the reason you guys break up. And for all I know you could already be in on the secret. Maybe you set him up with the girl and you hide in the closet and play with yourself while it all goes down. How am I supposed to know and why should I want to?” “So you think I’m an exhibitionist whore now?” “No, I just think it’s none of my business.” “You and Janet are so late, I swear! I don’t even want her shitty hair color anymore I’m so pissed.” “You know who looks like they would tell you all your man’s business?” “Who?” “Jennifer Garner.” “Oh god I can’t stand her, she looks like she has bologna smelling body odor. And she’s like vice president of the Bad Brunette Club.” “Who did we say was President again? Emmy Rossum?” “No bitch, Anne Hathaway.” “Yea, that’s right. I did love Jen Garner when she played in Juno though, it’s on right now.” “It’s always on! Fucking HBO. That is her only saving grace. When she wanted a kid so bad she was down to barter one from ‘ol scraggly looking Ellen Paige, I said to myself, okay, maybe she doesn’t smell so bad after all. Oh shit! I gotta go, CEO is coming.” “Fuck! Call me when you get to the car, I want you on the phone when I break down and start crying during the birth scene at the end.” “You pussy.”

“Yea, I agree.”


“What? Michael! So if you knew for a

“Love you too, bye.”

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Ralphi Rosario David Magazine: So tell me a little about you. Where are you originally from? Ralphi: I was born in Chicago, raised in Puerto Rico till I was 5 years old.. David Magazine: Is Chicago still home? Ralphi: Yes, and always will be! David Magazine: I’m from Chicago as well so the question to you is, Sox or Cubs? Ralphi: Neither, unless you’re counting all the gorgeous men attending the games... lol! David Magazine: When did you start spinning? Ralphi: I started at a VERY young age… My music passion started VERY early. I began spinning in 1979... David Magazine: Who where your early influences? Ralphi: Disco was the main reason. But back then, I was inspired by Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, and some great Disco producers. David Magazine: What types of music do you like? Ralphi: I love classic Disco, Soul Disco, and lately lots of melodic chillout. David Magazine: What kind of equipment and media did you first start on and how do you find the technology today? Ralphi: As a DJ, I started using The standard Technics SL-1200 turntable for spinning vinyl; As a producer, starting in the early 80s, we used various drum machines, & midi devices to create dance music. David Magazine: What do you like to do in your free time? 18 davidatlanta

Ralphi: This is what I’ve BEEN trying to find out pretty much most of my life LOL!!But right now, I’d say a nice 2 hour drive to Michigan with friends always makes it for me. David Magazine: You will be in Atlanta this week at The Heretic. What can we expect from the father of house music, classics like “You Used To Hold Me”, something new like The “4 am Bonus Mix” of “Timbalin” or ??? Ralphi: I rarely visit my own early productions, unless I’ve sat and mashed them up. But a good twist to an old classic brought to date always works. I wouldn’t call myself father of ANYTHING; I think of myself as a very passionate and create producer. I think ‘Legend’ or ‘Father’ isn’t anything I’m comfortable with. David Magazine: Okay then, many have credited you as one of the founders of the “House Music” Phenomenon that gave birth to the circuit scene of the nineties. You have remixed Cher, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin, INXS, Pet Shop Boys, Gloria Estefan, Culture Beat, Dee-Lite, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Pussycat Dolls, Matchbox 20 and even Michael Bublé, so what’s next? Ralphi: Just recently, I’ve remixed work for Kelly Rowland ‘Commander’; Taio Cruz ‘Dynamite’; Mariah Carey, and a few others. There are a few more on the way for summer, but I’m the kinda guy that doesn’t like to mention or talk about a work in progress. I get a little weird about blasting or facebooking any major artist I’m working on.I feel that its totally NOT necessary. CONTINUED ON PAGE 62

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Burkharts Thursdays



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la nota rosa

by Luis Chiruco

Desaprobacion vs Lastima Mi psicologo, cuando le hablo sobre la posibilidad de que yo sea gay ya no me devuelve miradas de desaprobacion. Desde hace un tiempo sus miradas reflejan una especie de lastima... Entre la desaprobacion y la lastima me quedo con la primera. La desparobacion la puedo enfrentar.... La lastima no. Porque me mira con lastima? Porque ve la homosexualidad como una enfermedad de la cual uno no se puede curar. Porque ve la homosexualidad como una auto-condena a la soledad... Nota: Cuando confirme que realmente soy homosexual, me buscare otro analista...GOT LECHE?

1) Madonna: No se que tiene el mundo homosexual con la cantante pero se que a mi no me ocurre igual. En un pensamiento homofobico siento cierto rechazo no por su musica sino por la mayoria de sus seguidores... 2) Hombres que refieren a otros hombres en femenino: No puedo ver hombres hablando entre si o refiriendose a si mismos como si fueran del genero femenino. 3) Los estereotipos que hacen en la television de los gays: Me provocan rechazo ver que en la television los homosexuales son divertidos, graciosos, prolijos y que en su mayoria trabajan de peinadores o maquilladores.. 4) Marcha del orgullo gay: No me gusta que el orgullo gay se represente en esa marcha. Me parece que la marcha en cuestion solo refuerza el prejuicio que relaciona la homosexualidad con la promiscuidad.

22 davidatlanta

INTOLERANCIA: Para un fumador no hay nada peor que un ex-fumador. Un gordo no puede comer delante de un exgordo sin sentir su mirada acusadora. Los gays dentro del closet ademas de sufrir por no poder salir deben soportar comentarios agraviantes de quienes ya lo hicieron? Quien dijo que es facil vivir mintiendose? Sin importar la edad que tenga quien lo hace.... se sufre. Sin importar los motivos por los cuales se permanece en el closet.... se sufre. Me sorprende ver que los primeros en señalar con el dedo son los mismos gays que ya han salido. “Como estamos afuera tratemos de identificar a quienes aun no lo estan y saquemoslos a la fuerza? “ “Si no saben nadar los tiramos a la piscina asi aprenden a la fuerza o se ahogan..... “ Creo que estoy descubriendo cierta intolerancia... y no me leche?.


5 HOMOFOBIAS que pasean por mi cabeza

5) Que los gays no practiquen ciertos deportes: De donde vendra esa idea de que los homosexuales no pueden jugar futbol, rugby o ningun deporte violento??? Que tiene que ver la homosexualidad con el deporte?

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Thursday, June 10 Friday, June 11


You got the ‘Loot?’


They’ll make you happy

They’re your Dreamgirls and they’re on at Screen on the Green this week. The Academy Award winning movie for Best Supporting Actor and Actress for Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson shows this week. As usual, the night begins with a local musical guest and JJ Johnson from Peachtree TV. Free. Starts at sundown at the Piedmont Park meadow.

26 davidatlanta

Local gay playwright and actor, Topher Payne is on a roll. He is involved with his third local production, Jay Orton’s Loot, in several weeks and this one is a hoot! It involves a bank robbery, a crooked police officer, a twisted corpse, and two thieves willing to try anything—including each other! Through June 26. 8:00 pm. $17$23. Onstage Atlanta 2597 N. Decatur Rd., 404.897.1802,

A Jewel-like night

What else could you ask for? The multiplatinum selling recording artist and songwriter brings her ‘Star Light Café’ Tour’ to Atlanta tonight. The three time Grammy nominee will be performing her sophomore country effort, acoustically. 8:00 pm. $38-$58. Cobb Energy Centre 2800 Cobb Galleria Pkwy, 770.916.2800,

Saturday, June 12 through Monday, June 14




‘Premiere Party,’ one of the year’s hottest parties to raise funds for CHRIS Kids, has a new look. It’s adding white to the repertoire of rainbow colors with its summer ‘white’ party, which can raise up to $80,000 in one evening for GLBTQ youth. Come out, wear your best white outfit, listen to the tunes of local DJ Chris Griswald, and donate, for the next generation. 6 pm-10 pm. $50. Mason Murer Fine Art 199 Armour Dr., 404.879.1500

Today is the last day to see the ‘Diana: A Celebration’ Princess of Wales exhibit. Where you’ll be able to see her gowns and gloves and jewelry, and furs. There better be security around the tiaras! 10:00 am-6:00 pm. $18.50. Atlanta Civic Center 395 Piedmont Ave 10:00 am-6:00 pm, 404.523.6275,

Rainbow White

A Farwell Finale

Tonight a diva hangs up her wig and says ‘goodnight’ to us. Wild Cherry Sucret is ready to move on with her life and hopes that we can carry on with all that she has taught us. Let’s show her we can by coming to Jungle tonight, saying farewell and donating to the Armorettes PWA fund and The Boybutante AIDS Foundation. 7:00 pm. Jungle 2115 Faulkner Rd., 404. 844.8800,

She’s leaving us, too!

Splish, Splash

This is bound to be the hottest pool party all year! Held at a private residence, this GLAAD fundraiser is sure to make you smile with an open bar pouring Absolut and Amstel Light—for those with an ID—and showing you the latest swimwear fashions by Boy Next Door. There will be surprise guests and Heretic’s Brian Beck spinning all day long! $20. 1:00 pm-6:00 pm. 388 4th St.,


Prohibited from TV Legally bound from performing on TV until this Fall, Conan O’Brien brings his humor to the stage this summer to Atlanta, rightfully so! His show shows you humor, heart, humility, and a damn good time. 8:00 pm. $41-$81. Fox Theater 660 Peachtree St., 404.881.2100,

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Man Cam Chat Goes Video By Michael Krans

Chat is back. But it’s not the AOL chat rooms of the late nineties. AOL inspired, for sure, but with an important technological advancement: video! Welcome to The Jetson’s era of chat. After ten years from its initial launch on AOL, the chat craze emerged again this spring with the introduction of ChatRoulette. com, a popular website that puts users face to face with strangers via video. Users go on in front of their web cams to talk and IM with strangers from all over the world. There’s no log in, there’s no registration. Press play and you are instantly connected with a stranger. Chatters can see each other live and even talk on an open mike. The site says you must be 16 and wear clothes, but there’s no registration and no way to verify a users age. During testing, we met 18-year-old girls from Holland and some grunge rockers from the UK and a middle-aged man from Spain, holding a plunger. We guessed he was a plumber but were afraid to ask. Young adults are often intrigued at the idea of meeting people from around the world. Some even claim to have met celebrities. “I swear I saw a Jonas brother,” said Kevin Turner, 25, from Washington DC. “My friend chatted with Ashton Kutcher.” A number of spinoffs have followed suit, including a gay version called GayRoulette. com. However, the gay version has proved disappointing to users. With’s raunch factor being pretty high, we expected GayRoulette. com would take it to new levels of inequity. 28 davidatlanta

Sadly, it’s quite the opposite. Every person we encountered was fully clothed, and actually looked bored to be on the site. Additionally, the site was not able to maintain its traffic. We frequently received a notice stating: “All users are currently engaged in sessions. Hit NEXT to try again.” Worse than that, not one person on was remotely attractive. Leave it to the gang at to offer a better alternative. After initial testing in Boston and New York, Manhunt Chat launched nationwide earlier this month on With high-quality video, oversized pictures and the most men online, Manhunt Chat is already touting itself as the best way to meet other gay guys in real time. On Manhunt Chat, guys can join rooms of local guys, or join one of the special interest rooms where men are video chatting on a wide range of topics from leather, jocks, and even feet. If you’re looking for raunch – as we were- you are in the right place! It’s like entering your own personal bath house. The most popular feature that all the men on the site seem to be using is the multiple chat function. It enables guys to view several cams at the same time. During testing, we watched five men on five different screens pleasuring themselves at the same time! There are cleaner rooms for lessadventurous guys but they didn’t seem as active during testing. It’s a new frontier in chat and just like it was in the old west, it’s pretty wild.

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Tusday, June 15 Wednesday, June 16


Sophistic Night

This is a night of fun, flirting and Shouting, as the Sophisticated Ladies Of Atlanta Cabaret show’s you what money, success, fame, and glamour is all about! See the likes of Nicole Paige Brooks of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Princess Charles, Phoenix, and David’s own Brent Star! 10:30 pm Sharp! Shout 1197 Peachtree St., 404.846.2000.,


Call me ‘Foxy Brown’

Tonight Outwrite books is descended upon by a woman who has shown most gay men what it takes to be a man! Pam Grier reads from and signs ‘Foxy’ tonight. A tough autobiography that talks about her rise from blaxploitation films in the 70’s, to Tarantino’s Jackie Brown in the 90’s, to the ‘L’ word in the 00’s. This is definitely

30 davidatlanta

a night of a strong woman you won’t want to miss! 5:00 pm. Free. Outwrite Books 991 Piedmont Ave., 404.607.0082,

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Online Dating By Bhairavi Bhatt

Who has time to actually go to a bar, restaurant or any other place and try to hit on someone new every day? I know I don’t! I found my partner on an infamous online dating site. It wasn’t love at first sentence, nor was it love at first phone conversation. But at least I knew what kind of woman my partner was looking for and what kind of body type was on the “must” list. Such simple things go a long way and diminish any time wasted on conversations only to find out that they are just not your type. There are also some cons present in the online dating world, as individuals don’t always match their posted pictures or weight. But after every five or so okay dates, there is always that date where everything on your “like” list is present and sparks are flying all over the place. Here are few tips that can make online dating fun and give you something to do on a beautiful summer night. So go online, do your research and find a dating site that suites your choices. Take it slow: Make sure to chat a few times via email or text, then moving on to phone conversations. Going slow is the best way to avoid fast forwarding a relationship that ends in a disaster. Also be careful of sharing any personal information such as address, work information etc before you meet that person fact to face.

Don’t get discouraged: It is quite normal to have dates where he might not be your type or lack of chemistry present on your part, or even his. Don’t let this discourage you from moving on and browse around to find your counterpart. It is almost like shopping, we have to browse to find something we would love. Don’t compromise. There are only few pointers, be your own judge and follow your heart.

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Photo courtesy of

Meeting for the first time: when meeting for the first time, don’t over dress and pick a public place such as a coffee shop or a calm restaurant. This gives you both time to carry on a conversation without being distracted with any surrounding noise with safety of having individuals around you at all times. And of course, don’t offer a ride to his car when departing from your date.


Plug into creativity....

Andrew Tokas, REALTOR R

c: 404-731-1952 o: 404-541-3500

YOUR LOGO Concerned about your investment portfolio?

Ask me about self-directed Real Estate IRAs Celebrating over 10 years in real estate!

Residential Sales, Leasing, & Property Management


OUR SERVICES: Custom Promotional Promotional Gifts Gifts Custom Eco-Friendly Products Products Eco-Friendly Tradeshow Giveaways Giveaways Tradeshow Stationery/Wedding Invitations Invitations Stationery/Wedding


If you would like a custom quote on any of our services, please call us at 404-630-3901 or send us an email to and feel free to check us out


Employee Incentive Incentive Program Program Employee Logo Design Design Logo Catalog/Brochure Design Design Catalog/Brochure Corporate Identity Identity Corporate

Paul Gutierrez Owner/Designer

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Model-T Thursdays



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Las Margaritas Thursdays

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cocktail chatter

The Madras This is a Classic Martini; Paolo and Chipper can write their own damn columns:

4 parts Beefeater gin (If you want to use Absolut, fine; just don’t call it a Classic Martini.) 1 part dry vermouth Fill shaker with ice. Pour liquors in. Just let it sit on the counter to chill – no need to shake. Stir just once, put the lid on, and strain your Classic Martini into the proper glass. Add an olive or a lemon twist; a cocktail onion turns it into a Gibson.

“It’s early Alzheimer’s,” I whined. I’d left the duck breasts I’d planned to grill at home. I’d have to rush to the grocery and buy some more. And they’d have no time to marinate! “Alzheimer’s jokes aren’t funny,” Dan scolded. “Chipotle-Grapefruit Duck is no joke either.” “You know what I mean. And it’s not funny. I know Alzheimer’s. You don’t have Alzheimer’s. So stop it.” As Director of Research at CogniTech, a pharmaceutical company that developed new Alzheimer’s treatments, Dan didn’t find fake whimpering about forgotten duck amusing. “I’ll go get more duck. You start the rest of the stuff.” Just as Dan was leaving, Chipper burst in. He dropped his backpack on the floor and spouted off. “That train was late – again! So, I missed the 6:30 ferry and had to wait at that bar in Sayville, with their watered-down drinks, and…. Martini! Now!” “I’ll make you one,” I offered. “Hell no!” Chipper snapped. “Yours are lousy.” “I beg your pardon?” “Your proportions suck.” He stripped off his sweaty T-shirt and sprinted to the liquor cabinet. I admired his moist, wide, delightful lats while resenting his stupid opinion as he reached for the Beefeater. “They do not! I make the classic martini.” I was huffy. “If you like a little gin with your vermouth.” I watched Chipper in speechless rage as he grabbed the cocktail shaker, filled it with 42 davidatlanta

ice, poured in a full martini glass full of Beefeater, then added precisely five drops of dry vermouth and stirred wildly. “If you want straight gin,” I said coldly, “why bother with that silly nod to tradition and just go the W. C. Fields route? I’m sure some perv in the Pines gets off on guys with gin blossoms.” “Jag-off,” Chipper muttered as he left the room clutching his martini. Chipper had lived in New York for 20 years but reverted to Pittsburgh slang when he got mad. I was still stewing when Dan returned with the duck and a bottle of Sancerre. He was accompanied by Paolo, who had stopped at BarHarbor, right off the dock, for – yes – a martini, the dregs of which he carried in a red plastic cup. I offered to make him a real martini in a real martini glass. “Thanks, no,” Paola said. “I’ll make my own.” “Why? Aren’t mine good enough for you?” “Good that you brought that up,” he said with business school tact. “I prefer my proportions.” “Here we go again,” I snarled, then told him about Chipper, who had shut himself inside the room he shared with Paolo. “It’s actually quite the reverse,” Paolo explained. “You should taste the vermouth clearly. Otherwise there’s no point in adding it.” I watched in piqued fascination as Paolo made a distinctly wet martini. “Well,” I huffed, “if you want to drink straight vermouth…” whereupon Dan swatted my behind, then shoved the paper bag full of duck breasts into my ribs. “Shut up and grill.”

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Eagle Fridays

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Mixx Fridays

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54 davidatlanta

3 Legged Cowboy - Fridays



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Heretic - Wednesdays

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58 davidatlanta

Chaparral - Fridays

horoscopes ARIES TAURUS

Someone close to in you is pushing every last one of your Open up and take another perspective — it should be buttons this week — but needtime to sitfor there takeup it, quite valuable to you! It’syou a good youand to step or, atefforts m ost, to move a way from or theloved action. eeping your show a friend oneK that youyour are cool is on paramount. totally their side.


Travel i are s much o n strained your m ind right now even f you Things a little right now, but—not so imuch just got a long matter where youa find that youback can’tfrom figure it alltrip. out.No You do need to try few yourself, your before gentle ryou’re estlessness i s to pushing t o go experiments likely knowyou how to farther and next time. proceed, so farther use your brain!


Let your frontal theatalking this week — if and you Other people arelobes moredo than little confused lately, dig down your eptile b rain, you're sure to syou tir up that could into mean thatrthey keep misunderstanding — big trouble! Your intellect is powerful and it shows. even when you try to explain yourself! You may want to let it go until next week. You need to wield your power a bit more effectively — things run needoff to change beforeright you can get need moving. Don’t half-cocked nowreally — you to That's not say thatfully you're doomed, just that make you need absorb the to situation before you can really any to rethink your current approach. headway. Check and double-check. Once you know what’s going on, your actions should stick. Though your first instinct i s probably to shut down whom ever is their weirdest Your energy is speaking just right midway for now—through especially if you have idea, hearyou t hem out t his time. OLittle ddballthings notions a re big plans want to— push forward! should more valuable than now. conspire to help youever out,right so you can expect to meet all goals.


You may feel juststate a little yourtoroutines so emotional is abored little with difficult handle — right Your mix them a little! Trythings eating together somewhere saying now. See ifupyou can get longnew, enough to just taking a different route as you go hi to strangers or bow out of any big meetings or appointments. It’s a good to the same old places. self-care time, that’s for sure!


You can't put off dealing with yourbeen family any longer — Your social energy has definitely working for you theyit’s area finally to the of madness and — great driving time toyou bury the edge hatchet, make new it's time or to even b ringtake them control. T hat t akes contacts theback first under step toward a new romantime, but you can do it. not? tic entanglement. Why


Do you need t o make i mpression? ow i sorthe This is not a good time ato good bust out the creditNcards to time to m ake m ark. If Y you ou've p lenty g reat forget about theyour long-term. cangot boost yourof savings energy ready to are show off to forappreciate the right people, and they this month, you sure your foresight in are far-off as receptive the can be.


The may past feel is over the present seems to be driving taking care You as ifand your good energy has been you of this itself — it'sbig time for you o make b igaward p lansor f or t he to week’s moment. It tcould be an just a future. Expectfrom i nspiration, even from the unlikeliest of hint of praise exactly the right person, but now you sources, as you figure out what comes next. know where to start building.


60 davidatlanta

by Lucy

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Ralphi Rosario David Magazine: It seems that circuit parties are diminishing in recent years and some Say just going out of style. Any comments? Where do you think the circuit scene is headed now? Ralphi: It just happens to be that in the early to mid 90’s I was programming music that had a bit of a harder edge. My working relationship with DJ Abel had also brought that sound to the so called ‘Circuit’ feel. I do feel like the sound has diminished, but at the same time if you’re savvy and smart enough to evolve in this business, like countless times before; You can re-invent yourself and still make music that can reach ANY masses. Dance music still has a universal language. The ONLY thing that makes it that way, is that it just has to be...GOOD… I can actually say that I’ve only done very FEW circuit events. Most of them I’ve done as Rosabel with DJ Abel. That always works for me. But I’m more comfortable in a set venue as opposed to a circuit event. David Magazine: How has your music and music in general changed in recent years? Ralphi: I came from growing up with Disco; Went through an Italo disco 80’s era; experienced a rebirth with House music; Weeded through tough techno, and countless others. Funny thing is that through all those lil’ dance decades, all those influences have stayed withme. Its ever changing and I like it that way! David Magazine: Any big projects for 2010? Ralphi: My Indy label, Cha Cha Boom! Recording has been launched Solely on I’ve a series of released 62 davidatlanta

on the way for the rest of the year. I’m most excited to finally to releasing some great BIG dance tracks. I’m liking what I’m working on this far. There is also a new Rosabel Single on the way with various remixes by some fine producers. David Magazine: Are you playing at any Prides or mega events/venues this year? Ralphi: I’ve taken a backseat to Pride events this year. The only one I’m doing is pridefest in Milwaukee close to home. Sometimes I feel that pride itself should be something you have all the time. Not some crazy blowout party once a year. Its like a money thing that club owners and venues wanna cash in on. I don’t have anything against it, I just feel that there’s waaay to many parties that pop up and everyone is fighting for attention or recognition during those events. David Magazine: Do you prefer smaller more intimate clubs or the mega venues and why. Ralphi: I actually like ‘em both. I like the intimacy of the small clubs, & all the drama of the big rooms. I’m comfy with both. David Magazine: Do you like Atlanta and why? How long will you be here? Any plans? Ralphi: I love the people of Atlanta! I find them to be very very friendly people. I’ve friends here as well. I stay for a couple of days at a time depending on schedule. David Magazine: Well thank you for your time, I look forward to a great night at the Heretic. And by the way….GO CUBS! I think the Northside guys are hotter!

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scoreboard Thursday June 10 Atlanta Rainbow Trout: Swimming GA Tech Aquatic Center 750 Ferst Dr. 7:30 pm Swim training and workouts for swimmers of all levels.

Friday, June 11 Atlanta Rainbow Trout: Swimming & Water Polo GA Tech Aquatic Ctr. 750 Ferst Dr. 7:30 pm Development of future team members for ART Water Polo team Saturday, June 12 Women’s Outdoor Network Join our weekend Fit Club for women who want to reach their personal fitness goals. Locations and times vary each week. For info, contact Alison: Alison. www. Front Runners Atlanta Saturday Run. John Howell Park 869 Virginia Ave. 8:00 am Weight Watchers with ALHI Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative 1530 Dekalb Ave Atlanta 8:00 am Join us for a weigh in and a meeting. www. All American Skate Ctr. 5400 Bermuda Rd., Stn. Mtn., $15$20, 11:30 pm-1:30 am, www. Come out in your 70’s and 80’s Disco garb and help the rugby team go to the

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Bingham Cup in great ‘disco’ style. It will be a rememberable night of Roller Skates, Rugby players, Disco music, and beer!

Monday, June 14 Front Runners Atlanta Monday Run. 905 Juniper St. 7:15 pm

Sunday, June 13 Women’s Outdoor Network Join our weekend Fit Club for women who want to reach their personal fitness goals. Locations and times vary each week. For info, contact Alison: Alison.hall@suntrust. com

Tuesday, June 15 Hotlanta Volleyball Association: Intermediate Open Play Agnes Scott College 141 E. College Ave. Decatur 7:30 pm $5 members $10 nonmembers. Come show what you got before League Play continues.

Hotlanta Softball West Metro Softball Complex 7301 Campbellton Rd. 9 am-4 pm Come out to the ball game. Check out the website for the team match ups and the weekly host bar—for after the games! www. Atlanta Rainbow Trout: Swimming, Water Polo, Diving GA Tech Aquatic Ctr. 750 Ferst Dr. Atlanta 11:00 am2:00 pm Train and practice in all three divisions with others in all skill levels. Swimming: 11-12:30 Water Polo: 11-12:30 Diving: 12:30-2:00 (Diving Membership & Insurance required) For more info: Game Day Woofs 2425 Piedmont Rd. 12:00 pm Come watch the games at Atlanta’s only gay sports bar.

Atlanta Rainbow Trout: Swimming & Water Polo GA Tech Aquatic Ctr. 750 Ferst Dr. 7:30 pm Development of future team members for ART Water Polo team www.atlantarainbowtrout. com Wednesday, June 16 Front Runners Atlanta Wednesday Run. John Howell Park 869 Virginia Ave. 6:30 pm Hotlanta Volleyball Association: Advanced Open Play Agnes Scott College 141 E. College Ave. Decatur 7:30 $5 members $10 nonmembers. Come show what you got before League Play continues.



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Friends on Ponce - Wednesdays

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David Magazine Pool Party

bartab Monday



Video Request NightIndustry Night 9pm

Friends on Ponce

Model T




BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am


Smirnoff Martini Night

Enchanted Evnings With Ken & Donnie

Wii Bowling Tournament and DJ Spotlight 9pm - 3am

Texas Hold’em Poker 7:30 - 10pm

Karaoke! With The Fabulous CJ! or The Party Man Patrick! 9:30pm

Taco Night - Free Tacos 5PM


Drag on The Edge 11pm with Alexandria Martin






Dance Lessons @ 8-9 Ladies Night

Karaoke Idol 10:30pm - Close

The Eagle

Bare Chest Night $3PBR


Free Pool! Industry Night

Friends on Ponce

Afternoons with Jasen 2pm


$1 Tacos 6-9pm


Brian May is pouring up stiff drinks & great conversation. 10pm to 3 am


Man Dance Cabaret GOGO Dancers Food& Drink Specials 8pm


Open 5pm DJ Va Jay Jay Spins


Live Pianist 9pm - 1am

Model T

SIN! Service Industry Night! Discounted Drinks! Party with Elvis!


Texas Hold’em 8pm

Tuesday 3 Legged Cowboy Family Poker 7:30pm


Showtunes 9pm

BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am


Twisted Trivia @ 9pm starring The Lady Shabazz


Karaoke 11:30pm

The Eagle

Karaoke $3.75 Well Drinks

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Talent Search & Karaoke

CJ Hosting Mary-Oke @ 10pm

Texas Hold’em Poker 7:30 - 10pm

Model T

Always A Party! Wyatt, Gary & Elvis serve up their Best!

Swinging Richards No Cover Tuesdays!


Free WII from 4:00 till close Industry Night!!

Wednesday 3 Legged Cowboy

Intermediate 2Step @ 8-9


Get L.I.T. All Day Specials


Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 7pm

BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am


Rated R @ 11pm - starring Lady Shabazz, Shawnna Brooks, Nichelle Paris, Lateasha Shante Schuntel, Lena Lust & Destiny Brooks Half Price Apps: ALL DAY


Karaoke Idol 10:30pm - Close w/ Shavonna B. Brooks

The Eagle

Modern Family Night $3 PBR

Friends on Ponce

H.U.M.P. DAY With Jeremy, Ken & Daniel


Boys Night Out Dress Code party 10pm - 3am


Woofs House Trivia starts at 8:00pm

3 Legged Cowboy


Rita’s & Smirnoff Tini’s Special


Live DJ Entertainment

BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am


Texas Holdem Poker @ 7p The Shawnna Factor @ 11p featuring: Alexandria Martin, Nicole Paige Brooks, Phoenix and Lena Lust


Princess Charles Fashionistas 11:30pm

The Eagle

Dance Music $2.50 Schnapps



Friends on Ponce

HOT NIGHTS With Jasen and Donnie


Cafe Con Leche 10pm Latin Beats & Show w/ Lady Karima/Brent Star


Ladies Night Shows


Themed Parties Reto DJ’s

Swinging Richards

2-4-1 Night Door Entry and VIP $10 Open 6:30pm


Kareoke Remixx Show 9pm-1am

Model T

Robert & Michael serve up their Best!

Hump Night & New Entertainer Showcase


DJ Yes Sir Spins Rock 9pm


Meet and Greet for “Gathering Time”! Daily Food Specials


Model T

3 Legged Cowboy

Swinging Richards

Bagel Day! Free Bagels Noon-3pm

Studs & Spurs Shows at 10, 11, 12, and 1

Open 6:30pm - $10 Hot Naked Men and Big Cocktails


Tripps Bar

Model T

Free Tacos! All The Fixins! 3:30 pm to gone!

Swinging Richards

Open 6:30pm - $10 T-Shirt Review @ Midnight

Laser Show Dance Party with DJ Steve Lynch


Live DJ Entertainment



BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am




Dance Lessons @ 8-9

Sunday Brunch 11:30am - 3pm Showtunes with a Twist 7pm

High Energy Videos 9pm


Great Food, Drink & Good Times

3 Legged Cowboy

Kitty LeClaw’s Meow Mix 11pm

High Energy Videos 9pm

Mary Edith Pitts Show 11:30pm

Live DJ Entertainment

Live DJ Entertainment

Got Leche? Latino dance Party & Show with DJ Chirucco 10pm - Hot Latino Dancers and Divas

The Eagle

BJ Roosters

BJ Roosters

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am

Male Bar Top Dancers 8pm-1am





Mary Edith Pitts Show 11:30pm

Mary Edith Pitts Show @ 9pm

The Eagle


The Armorettes @ 8pm

Jealouse’s Daring Divas 11pm

DJ Dance Party & Club Night


Bartenders Ray & Cory Serve it up!

Bloody Mary & Mimosa Wallet Pleasers

DJ Dance Party

Friends on Ponce

Happy Time With Daniel and Terry



Karaoke with Brett & Tyler


THE place to be tonight DJ Rick Walsh 10pm - 3am

Friends on Ponce



Closed- See Us On Monday!

Friends on Ponce

Open @ Noon with Bob Brewer

Fresh with top 40 music & Video dance party 10pm-3am


Sunday Dinner 4pm

Model T

Customer Reward Night DJ Brian Beck 10pm

Free Lunch Buffett with Ron @ 3:30 pm til it’s gone!


Dance Party & Show


Saturday Night Fever Show



Open 5pm Boys Room Party Themed Party - Love DJ





Great Food, Drink & Good Times




BBQ Cookout 1-5pm

Free buffet 3pm Karokee 7pm

Dance Party Hot Mess 9PM Differnt DJ Every Week


Great Food, Drink & Good Times


High Energy Music Videos 9pm-1am

Dance Party 10pm - 3am





Ansley Eye Care |

Ansley Mall

1544 Piedmont Avenue NE, Ste. 320 • Atlanta, GA 30324 Phone 404.888.9444 • F. 404.888.9666 • 71 davidatlanta


the guide SEEN ay ssw e r p Ex ast e h rt 1 4 No

Lindbergh Dr.



3 3 25 40 175 38 39 Rd. 3 14 idge 19 Br

17th St.

16 10th St. 37,13,3



Monroe Dr.


Spring St. W. Peachtree St. Peachtree St. Juniper St. Piedmont Ave.

10th St.

Pie dm on tA ve .

6,11,21,35 15 36 1,2

14th St.


ire esh Ch

24 27


28 10

Briarcliff Rd.

Northside Dr.


N. Highland




Amsterdam Ave. Virginia Ave.

Ponce De Leon Pl.


Peach tree R d.




Ponce de leon Ave.

22North Ave.

Ralph McGill Blvd.


72 davidatlanta atlanta

Boulevard Dr.



N 20,23

1. Amsterdam 502 Amsterdam Ave. 404-892-2227

18. LeBuzz 585 Franklin Rd. (Marietta) 770-424-1337

36. Boy Next Door 1447 Piedmont Rd. 404.873.2264

2. Bellissima 560-B Amsterdam Ave. 404-917-0220

19. Las Margaritas 1842 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 404-873-4464

37. Outwrite Bookstore & Cafe 991 Piedmont Ave. 404-607-0082

3. Blake’s on the Park 227 10th St. 404-892-5786

20. Mary’s 1287 Glenwood Ave. 404-624-4411

4. BJ Roosters 2345 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 404-634-5895

21. Mixx 1492 Piedmont Rd. 404-228-4372

5. Bulldogs 893 Peachtree St. 404-872-3025

22. Model-T 699 Ponce De Leon Ave. 404-872-2209

6. Burkhart’s 1492-F Piedmont Rd. 404-872-4403

23. My Sisters Room 1271 Glenwood Ave. SE 678-705-4585

7. Chaparral 2715 Buford Hwy. 678-886-3205 8. Club Europe 4001 Presidential Pkwy. 770-452-1240 9. Club Opera 1150-B Crescent Ave. 404-872-1150 10. Eagle 306 Ponce De Leon Ave. 404-873-2453 11. Felix’s 1510-G Piedmont Rd. 404-249-7899 12. Friends On Ponce 736 Ponce De Leon Ave. 404-817-3820 13. Gilbert’s 219 10th St. 404-872-8012 14. Heretic 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 404-325-3061 15.HOBNOB 1551 Piedmont Ave. 404-968-2288 16. Joe’s on Juniper 1049 Juniper St. 404-875-6634 17. Jungle 2115 Faulkner Rd. 404-844-8800 jungle_bradwilliams

38. Poster Hut 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 404-633-7491 PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUBS 39. Eros 2219 Faulkner Rd. 404-287-4482 34. Manifest 2103 Faulkner Rd. 404-549-2815

24. New Order 1544 Piedmont Rd. 404-874-8247 25. Opus 1 1086 Alco St. 404-634-6478 26. Phaze 1 4933 Memorial Dr. 404-296-4895 27. Swinging Richards 1400 Northside Dr. 404-352-0532 28. 3 Legged Cowboy 931 Monroe Dr. 404-876-0001 29. Tripps 1931 Piedmont Cir. 404-724-0067 30. Woofs 2425 Piedmont Rd. 404-869-9422 GYMS/SPAS/BATHS 31. FLEX 76 - 4th St. NW 404-815-0456 32. Gravity Fitness 2201 Faulkner Rd. NW 404-486-0506 33. Workout Anytime 2140 Peachtree Rd. 404-351-3264 RETAIL/BOOKS/DVDS 34. Atlanta Leather Company 2070 Cheshire Bridge Rd. 404-320-8989 35. Brushstrokes/Capulets 1510 Piedmont Ave. 404-876-6567 73 davidatlanta

the brent star report

Sex on the Beach: My Pensacola Trip Part 1

“Um yes, I’d like to order a 2 piece chicken, a biscuit and a large PENSACOLA”, this was my face book status the day I left and can I tell you I am a satisfied customer! The trip stared with a miracle, I got up 7:30 am so I can be on time for my ride for 9am, I call it a miracle cause I NEVER get up that EARLY!  My ‘ride’ is a good friend of mine, Chad X Star…never knew what that X was for but trust me, he knows how to mark the damn spot!  Anyways, he pulled up in his big masculine Chevy truck but of course once he opened the door I heard Beyonce’s SINGLE LADIES being played.  It was followed by Adam Lambert’s song “What do you want from Me”.  I knew then that this was going to be fun.  While he played a bunch of Rhianna and more Beyonce in the background  (and a lil bit of country child) we started talking about important stuff like the CASE of  12 big bottles of vodka one of our friends brought w/ him for the trip, our concern rather or not the damn oil spill would invite itself to the scene, and did we bring enough sun tan and lube cause of the rumors of all that sex on the beach! Well, child this is a 5 hour trip so I also decided to catch up on my texting since I had all this time on my hands.  Nicole Paige Brooks was the first to text me back.  She wished me well and mentioned she’s been traveling a lot this year and taking a break.  Speaking of taking a break, we pulled in to this BORING rest stop in Alabama.   It was boring because WHERE is all the cruising I’ve been hearing about?  We didn’t see ANY men, in fact the only thing gay was the older lady who looked and sound like Olympia Dukakis.  Ok and why did they have signs everywhere saying “Keep Alabama Beautiful”.  I also was told that this state don’t play when it comes to sex shops.  It’s illegal to sell sex toys.  I wondered did this tension and anger comes from someone who’s from there that got tired of the well known stereotype of that state having family members sleeping with each other.  Don’t get me lying, all I know is the first thing we saw once we finally 74 davidatlanta

made it to The Cola was a Piggly Wiggly then…after we crossed that bridge from the city of Pensacola to the beach, we saw nothing but beauty. Then shortly we passed by a hotel sign (that Chad stayed in) that read “Welcome—remember those who sacrificed it all”.  And so we took out a moment of silence for that…(well for 2 seconds)…unloaded the car (well, mainly that case of vodka) and went rrrrrrrrrrrright on into the room to get dressed for the beach!  I wore almost nothing cause I was ready for freddy!  It was hot, full of boys, and tents set up everywhere.  I felt like I was on the set of MTV’s Spring Break but for gay menses!  But my luck is funny, of all those boys there, the first person I clicked with was a str8 boy who lived there.  He just showed up out of the blue like Mr. Rourke did in the old tv show Fantasy Island.  Anyway, he was a good smooth talker because before I knew it, we walked too far from the tent where the rest of the group was.  I got nervous cause this is day one and already I got lost and I couldn’t call anyone because my cell phone had already died…(to be continued…stayed tuned to The Brent Star Report for Part 2).  Random Shoutouts:  Happy Birthday to Blakes’ bartender, Leslie!, Thank you Jeremy for keeping my cup filled on Mondays and an extra shout out to Eric, Dan, and Rusty who ‘runs’ it during the day!  I want to send a warm congrats and bon voyage to Mr. Charlie Brown as he heads to Lake Tahoe!  And farewell to a beloved Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan a.k.a. Ms Blanche Devereaux!  Where to catch Brent Star:   Mondays at Blakes,  Tuesdays at SHOUT, Saturdays at Tijuana Garage,  Thursdays and Saturdays once a month at Burkharts and everywhere else that pays!    

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The OutField Gearing up for the Gay Games

By Dan Woog

In 2001, as Chicago was bidding to host the Gay Games, Kurt Dahl decided to lend a hand. He didn’t know much about the Games – he vaguely recalled something about Greg Louganis diving a few years earlier – but he figured his background in banking and finance could help. Chicago won the bid. By the time Gay Games VII kicked off in 2006, Dahl was the treasurer. His story is not unique. “A lot of people – even in the gay community – don’t know about the Gay Games,” he says. Which means that Gay Games VIII – set for Cologne, Germany from July 31 to Aug. 7 – faces the quadrennial challenge: Telling the world what the Gay Games are, and why they’re important. Over 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries know. They understand the Gay Games are about “participation, inclusion and striving for personal bests.” They know the Games are open to everyone – gay and straight; male, female, transgender and transsexual – regardless of “religion, nationality, ethnic heritage, political convictions, athletic skills, 76 davidatlanta

physical capabilities, age or physical condition.” They also know that the Gay Games includes not only sports – ranging from soccer and volleyball to bodybuilding, figure skating, golf and chess – but “culture.” Two-thousand participants will be singers, musicians, visual artists, dancers and cheerleaders. Like the Olympics (though legal issues prevent the Gay Games from using the “O” word), the Gay Games Village is part of the draw. There are plenty of opportunities for participants to mix and mingle. As at every Gay Games, an International Rainbow Memorial Run will commemorate the victims of HIV-AIDS and breast cancer. Yet nearly three decades after the first Gay Games – held in 1982 in San Francisco – getting people to understand the reason behind the Games is still hard. The difficulty starts with the complex relationship many gay men and lesbians still have with athletics. “A lot of us grew up feeling uncomfortable with sports,” Dahl explains. “The Gay Games allow us to be who we are. We can participate openly, and meet other LGBT

people. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to take part. Just trying to do your personal best in front of the world is a great opportunity. It’s an enriching life experience. It’s powerful to watch it happen, too.” When the Gay Games were in Chicago – an open, diverse, welcoming city – some people still did not understand. There was what Dahl calls “an undercurrent” of anti-Gay Games feeling, and some picketing. Cologne seems ready to embrace the Games. “I’ve been there several times already,” Dahl says. “The people there are very proud to be hosts. Europeans in general have always embraced the Gay Games movement.” The Gay Games have alternated between Caucasian-dominated sites – other host cities have included Vancouver, Amsterdam and Sydney – and the 2014 Games are set for Cleveland. But multi-sport gay clubs have sprung up in places like Chile and Argentina, and Dahl calls South America “an untapped market.” Johannesburg was one of three cities vying for the 2010 Games. Dahl says there is “no

reason” the South African metropolis can’t host the 2018 Games. Dahl – whose official titles are co-president of the Federation of Gay Games, and vice president of host relations – wants to make sure the LGBT community knows about this summer’s event. Among the attendees will be Australian Olympic gold medal diver Matthew Mitcham. He’ll be involved in several activities – though not as an active diver. “I’m excited to be part of something so important for our communities around the globe,” Mitcham says. “This event brings lesbian and gay life out on the court, onto the track and into the pool. “Participating at the Gay Games is a great chance for all gays and lesbians to show that we as a community are not like the stereotypes the straight media loves to portray. I will take time off from training and travel to Cologne, since I strongly feel we have to celebrate our own values and help others accept that it is OK to be different.”

77 davidatlanta


Cologne and the 2010 Gay Games By Andrew Collins

A progressive, attractive metropolis that’s long been a playground for fans of outdoor cafes, leafy parks and extremely friendly gay bars, Cologne is Germany’s fourth-largest city and a hub of the country’s beautiful Rhineland. Established as a Roman settlement more than 2,000 years ago, Cologne is rife with cultural attractions and centrally located - it’s within four hours by car or train ride of Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Strasbourg. There’s plenty to see and do year-round in Cologne (Köln in German), but summer is an especially popular time for a visit. Average high temperatures in July and August are in the low 70s, and the city’s many bars and cafes with sidewalk or courtyard seating come alive during these months. Every year in early July, the city hosts the Cologne Gay Pride festival and parade - it takes place July 2 through July 4 this year. But 2010 is an especially important year in Cologne from a GLBT perspective - this year, from July 31 through August 7, the city hosts the Gay Games VIII. This well-attended event, which is held every four years, was begun in 1982 and held in San Francisco the first two occasions, before being hosted by Vancouver, New York City, Amsterdam, Sydney and most recently Chicago. It’s slated to take place in Cleveland in 2014. This is the largest GLBT sports and cultural gathering in the world, although the similarly themed, though 78 davidatlanta

wholly independent, World Outgames were established in 2006 in Montreal, held again in Copenhagen in 2009, and will next take place in Antwerp in 2013. Thousands of visitors will come to Cologne to participate and watch the games, which also takes place around the same time as Amsterdam Gay Pride. It’s expected that many travelers will make time for both events. Organizers are expecting as many as 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries - plus another 100,000 spectators. The city of Cologne, which has long been very supportive toward gays and lesbians, has worked hard to prepare for the Games, improving many sporting venues and working hard to roll out a warm welcome. Most of the games take place within Cologne city limits and virtually all of the venues are within 20 minutes of the city center by car or public transport. The city has a highly efficient rail and light-rail system. Some 34 sporting events are featured, including basketball, cycling, diving, figure skating, inline speed skating, sailing, softball, soccer/football, track & field, volleyball and many others. The Games also feature a number of cultural events, including a cheerleading contest, band and choral festivals, a “rainbow” run, visual and performing arts, along with countless parties and social events. The city’s skyline is marked by one of the most dramatic architectural works in Europe - the 515-foot Cologne Cathedral, which was

built over the course of six centuries and merits a visit to appreciate the sheer wonder of its interior. The city has plenty of other cultural high points. Near the cathedral are the fabulous Museum Ludwig, which contains one of Europe’s most impressive collections of modern art (with Picasso a particular specialty), and the Romisch-Germanisches Museum, known for its priceless collection of Roman artifacts. The starkly modern Wallraf das Museum excels in European art over the past seven centuries, and the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst (Museum of Applied Art) is a rich trove of furnishings, decorative arts, and textiles from throughout Europe. It’s also worth looking for tickets to the renowned Cologne Opera and the city’s esteemed WDR Symphony Orchestra. There’s also some serious shopping in the city center, with the massive Olivandenhof department store among the hot spots for retail. The pedestrian-only Schildergasse is the most popular shopping street in the city it’s lined with brand-name shops and always abuzz with people. If you’re a fan of German snacks, don’t miss Hoss an der Oper, a justly famous delicatessen that proffers everything from sausages to fine Rieslings. Another retail highlight is the 4711 shop, which sells the product for which the city is named, eau de Cologne, a rather heady perfume with a citrus-y fragrance.

Visitors will find several enchanting places to stroll around the City Center, including the broad and open Stadtgarten, which lies just west of the city. Just follow Rudolfplatz west a few blocks and look for the soaring Colonius telecom tower, which rises 872 feet above the park. It’s also enjoyable to stroll along the Rhine, walking across the historic and dramatic Hohenzollem rail bridge (look for the triangular tablet along the river promenade just south of the bridge - it’s a memorial to gay and lesbian victims of Nazism), sauntering back down the right bank, and crossing back over via the Deutzer Bridge, which deposits you right into Old Market (Alter Markt) district. Historically, the gay scene in Cologne was centered around the Old Market and nearby Hay Market (Heumarkt) areas, and you’ll still find a number of bars and hangouts in these neighboring districts along the left bank of the Rhine. Bars and clubs tend to be cruiser and more sex-driven around Hay Market and the streets just south. Popular here are Hombres, Zille, Blue Lounge (which draws more of a mix of women and men), Zipp’s, My Lord, and Station 2B fetish club, plus a few shops selling erotica, leather gear and underwear. Restaurant Mederrano is a very nice dining option hidden away from the crowds of Old Market but near gay nightlife. Gay bars around Old Market generally appeal to a somewhat older - and more mixed - crowd 79 davidatlanta


(women and men, and some straights). These include Zum Pitter, a convivial space with outdoor seating, and nearby Comeback, a jolly gay pub. The newer and trendier gay scene emanates from around Rudolfplatz, a 15-minute walk west of Old Market. Just south of this bustling square typically packed with students, hipsters, artsy types and young professionals, you’ll find several stylish gay bars along Schaafenstrasse and the streets just south of it. Among the hot spots, check out ExCorner, Maxbar, Schampanja, and the swish the swish X-Bar. Restaurants worth a look near Rudolfplatz include Paul Bobotie, which specializes in South African cuisine; and endearingly cool Bar Tabac, which has the vibe of a cafe on the Left Bank in Paris. A good bet for a gay date, Nana’s is a comfy restaurant with a warmly lighted interior that feels rather old-school, but the kitchen turns out surprisingly modern and very tasty German fare. Just a bit northwest of here, gayowned and wonderfully romantic Limbourg Restaurant serves outstanding French and Northern Italian fare. Within steps of Rudolfplatz you’ll also find numerous ice cream parlors, sidewalk cafes and casual eateries with a devoted gay following. Era Cafe & Bar, with its light tapas and goodlooking staff, is a favorite - also check out Cafe Rico and Brennerei Weiss, a festival beer hall with a large patio. Also just off Rudolfplatz, stop inside Bruno’s GLBT bookstore for both mainstream and adult titles, as well as gifts, videos, toys and the like. It’s along Kettengasse, 80 davidatlanta

which has several other shops catering to the GLBT crowd. One of the best hotels in Cologne for proximity to gay nightlife is the Hotel Barcelo Cologne City Center ( cologne) - rooms in this large, international hotel have large windows, many overlooking Rudolfplatz, as well as contemporary work desks, flat-screen TVs, blonde-wood floors and beds with comfy duvets. One of the city’s most famous and opulent properties is the historic Le Meridien Dom Hotel, a posh hotel overlooking the Cathedral and Old Town. Its 124 rooms are decked out with boldly colored furnishings, marble bathrooms, and - in some cases - balconies. Overlooking the Rhine, the 454-room Maritim Hotel Cologne is quite elegant, its lobby set inside a massive glass atrium. There are four restaurants on-site, and facilities include a pool, fitness room, sauna and shopping mall. Nearby Hotel Lyskirchen is also quite popular with gays and lesbians and is near the gay bars in the historic city center. The 106-room property is steps from the Rhine and accommodations are sleek and airy. Excellent, fair-priced options near Rudolfplatz include the trendy Hopper Hotel Et Cetera, a handsomely designed property set inside an 1893 former monastery, and the simple but cheerful Conti Hotel, whose small but comfy rooms have rates starting well under 70 euros nightly.

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David Magazine | Atlanta Issue 595  

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