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Arq. Ent. David González Alonso, CAAPPR Ave. Francisco Jimenez 295, Arecibo P.R. 00612 Email: Telephone: 787-597-9385 Skills

















•Creative, self-motivated, responsible, hard-worker, reliable; able to work as a team member, but also as a leader, good communi cation skills. Bilingual (Spanish/ English). Eagle Scout and Artist Paint and Drawing. •Knowledge: Adobe Creative Suit 5 (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier), Microsoft Office ( Word, Power Point, Excel), Google Sketch up, V-ray, AutoCad, Revit, Rhino and Artlantis Studio Render. •Architect in Training Certification (#20591).





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International Skyscraper Competition Entry ( Evolo Magazine)

The rapid changes in the present day society come with a number of problems. Pollution is one of the most widespread along with others that harm the environment. With this comes one of the most notable consequences: the ozone layer is being depleted. While ozone at the ground level is a health hazard for all and is a mayor component of smog, without ozone in the stratosphere we would not be able to survive. This ozone in the stratosphere forms a protective shield around the Earth protecting the surface from the dangers of UV radiation. This is the main reason to support the notion that ozone’s true purpose in our environment is the protection of the Earth’s surface. Right now the ozone level in the Antarctic is dangerously low, allowing the ultraviolet rays to hit the surface with full strength. This ozone layer depletion can be attributed to the chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) produced in its majority by the industrial complex in countries such as the United States, China, India and others. Scientific research has indicated that the ozone layer is being reduced by 2-3% per year. Even with the high number of countries that have signed the Montreal Protocol, which focuses on the reduction of the CFCs, the intended effect of the protocol has not been demonstrated by the statistical data. Recent studies by Newman establish a regeneration of the ozone layer in 2050 with a partial regeneration detectable in 2024. However, all of these results are not certain due to not taking into account global warming and the possibility of new holes in the ozone layer.


To generate large quantities of ozone in a controlled environment while at the same time absorbing contaminants (CL2, HF HCL) in the top layers of the atmosphere, then use them for processing on different chemical reactions in the tower. These processes are electrolysis, electrical discharge generated with Tesla coils, catalyzer effect and neutralization effect at the last step. The result of these processes is pure ozone, which is then liberated into the atmosphere to support a progressive regeneration. The facade consists of magnetic aero generators which are capable of generating over 500 MW thanks to the average wind speed in the Antarctic of 37 Km/h with a maximum speed of 248 Km/h. The tower also has an aerostatic globe at the top for recollecting and releasing the different gases. 3D-Render/ Detail Components

The Project is a module device with a mangrove sowing capacity in a flooded area. The idea of the project comes from the studies of the three different surfaces (slope, plain and island) where the mangrove grows. The configuration structure is a 4’x16’ serial modulo of aluminum that evocates the three different surface in form. The structure is an easily transportable and assembly module, flexible in any surface.

Exterior Render

Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area

Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area


3D Module Confiiguration

Concept Diagrams

Interior Render

3D Model

General Concept: The Chain Link Fence has become an important element of the Puerto Rican urban fabric. The result of the continuous lotification, privatization and individualism, has conduce to the extensive use of this type of enclosure. As a result, this enclosure system has contributed to the segregation of the urban environments and its inhabitants. Is this collective imagery we are interested in the project. Rather than imposing a new system, we pretend to use and reinvent this type of treatment of the surface of the chain link fence so the project will be understandable and comprehensible for the users of the space. We intend to use the cyclone fence as a connector rather than as a separator. Group: Arq. Mercé Martínez; Arq. José Avilez

Interior Render


Floor Plan


GET - Ephemeral Competition Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area

Concept: Roof Diagrams (Catenarias)

GETEphemeral Competition


Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area Urban Line Marquet

The Urban Line Market The concept of line Market merge the traditional market with the contemporany stores through the urban passage. The passage is covered with a roof of textil bands configurating zones for the stalls and also are louvers. The floor is made by concrete plates and planters creating a landscaping atmosphere inside the urban density. Thsi is a place were the contrast and the ephemeral changes predominated. The Proyect search for this new structure contrasting the old facades with a porpuse of new sensation and experience.


Sketch Diagrams

Exterior Render

Render entry view

Mangrove Nursery a Flooded Urban Proyect CanoinMartin PenaArea

Urban Project Caño Martin Pena The Project is a housing and commercial master plan in the Caño Martin Pena. The purpose is the integrity of the community to the new living and commercial fluxes creating social activities and security trough the propose. The project was made for a community land trust entity called “Enlace”.

Urban Project Cano Martin Pena

3D Seccion


Urban Intervention

Exterior Render


Collective MangroveHousing Nursery in a Flooded Area

Collective Housing The Project is a collective housing that consist on a repetitive living module of 16’x 24’, with common spaces in the first and fourth floors and a tower of 15 floors. The architecture facades responds to the interior loft of each living space, the result is a dynamic composition of blank and solids with different rhythms. The building opens to the public space and integrate it to activities in the firrst floor.

Exterior Facade Render


Front Facade

Living Space Plans

Conceptual Sketch

Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Ngen Enegry Schematic Design Area

Ngen Energy Facilities Schematic Design The schematic design concept consist of an opposite interception of truss structures in a serial sequence. This brings more flexibility in the process of construction and futures expansions. The interior are open spaces, responding to a global flexibility and as a requirement of an industrial building typology. The roof and walls are the same materials (corrugated stainless steel) creating a monolithic architecture outside in contraposition of the tectonic surface of the inside.


Top View

Lateral Facade

Front View

Diagramatic Concept in Site

circulation second level

3rd Floor

Programs per Level

Gallery Ext. Render

3D-render patio

Conceptual Sketch

Third Plan

circulation first level

Building in Context

The Concept of hybrid will brings to the traditional market a new way to revive the lost of this cultural interchange in this days in Puerto Rico. The building is located in the “Paseo de Diego� a passage known for the multiples stores. Facade RenderThe building interact directly with this stores through the public space and the constant visual experience in the secuence. The strategy was to create a fluid and open building that reponds to the different programs and events. The programs are market place, public space with a flee market, restaurant, gallery and a computer center.

Market Exterior Render

3D-render exterior

Seccion with Left Facade

Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area Capston Research

Capston Design: Hybrid Traditional Market, a new ephemeral typology

Restaurant Render

3D-render restaurant


Mangrove Nursery in a Flooded Area Capston Research



Model Model


Mangrove a Flooded Area Art Work: 3D Nursery Rendersinexamples

Art Exhibition at Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico


DGA Arch-Portfolio  
DGA Arch-Portfolio  

This is an architecture portfolio by David Gonzalez, includes all the academics and competitions projects in his early career.