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Do you think you're a Gleek? If so, you have probably already scooped up the season 1 Glee DVD and countless Glee songs off iTunes. If you do not know what a Gleek is (it means you are a geek for Glee) or if you're just a bit behind the action, no worries at all. The Glee season 1 DVDs can be somewhat confusing, and the slightly unusual release dates of the different discs has angered a few people. As a result, I figured I would give you a quick run down on each of the Glee DVD releases, so you know what to get if you are trying to fill that gleeky hole in your life. Glee's Complete First Season (a 7 disc set): If you are unfamiliar with Glee and don't own any of the Glee DVDs, this is where you should start. Made available on Sept 14th, 2010, the complete season 1 of Glee, includes: all 22 episodes from season one and an assortment of bonus features and "inside" Glee pieces (e.g., Glee sing-along karaoke, staying in step with Glee, Sue's Corner, how to dress like your favorite Glee member, and more). Glee Season 1, Volume 1: Road To Sectionals: This box set includes only the first 13 episodes from Glee's first season. It was released by 20th Century Fox toward the end of December in 2009 to hold folks over as they waited for the 2nd half of Glee's first season to air in the spring. It contains episodes 1 through 13 which aired from Sept 2009 - Dec 2009. You should only purchase this if you already have Season 1 Vol 2: Road To Regionals and are looking to complete your DVD collection of Glee's season 1. If not, the complete first season of Glee generally is available for less than this set of thirteen episodes from the first part of season 1. Glee Season 1, Vol 2: Road To Regionals: This disc set includes only the last 9 episodes from season 1. It was released toward the middle of September of 2010 prior to the launch of Glee season 2. It comes with all the episodes aired from April 2010 - June 2010. You should only purchase this if you have already purchased Season 1 Volume 1: Road To Sectionals and are looking to complete your DVD collection of Glee's first season. Otherwise, the complete first season generally costs less than this set of 9 episodes from the second part of season 1. Hope that clarifies any confusion you've had when seeing an array of Glee DVDs for season 1!

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==== ==== Are you a Glee fan? Check out these amazing offers ==== ====

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