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DAVIDE NOLFO graphic designer • illustrator

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Simplicity involves subtracting what is obvious and adding what makes sense. John Maeda (graphic designer)


HELLO, 113 Ludovico Bellardi Street, 10146, Turin, Italy

07 / 03 / 1992

Italian nationality

+39 339 7316057

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My name is Davide Nolfo and I was born in Turin, city of Italy where I currently live. For me being a graphic designer is to be a researcher, that is, be curious. The ability to span and develop my creativity in various fields that require a primarily visual communication makes this profession my primary passion. My interest in art, hand and digital drawing and psychology enhances

my experience as a graphic designer. I want to grow as a graphic and exhibition designer, illustrator and I want to develop my passion for theatre acting, Lindy Hop dance and videomaking. I'm versatile, dynamic, reliable, generous, tolerant and reflective, a lilttle shy, sometimes a bit 'stubborn and meticulous but determined to achieve my goals.



22/01/18 - 14/03/18 Basic drawing course

05/09/2017 – 02/03/2018 Sixeleven graphic designer

Human anatomy and perspective (International School of Comics)

18/02/16 - 19/05/17 IED Specialization course Half-year postgraduate course in Editorial Solutions at IED (European Institute of Design)

10/2011 – 07/2015 Polytechnic of Turin degree Three-years course in Design and Visual Communication Vote: 97/110

09/2006 – 07/2011 High school graduation Scientific Liceo Carlo Cattaneo Applied Sciences address Vote: 82/100

Internship in Sixeleven agency

06/09/2016 - 05/03/2017 IKEA graphic designer Internal store communication in IKEA Collegno

22/02/2016 - 22/07/2016 Kappa Apparel designer Clothing and accessories design for sports Kappa brand, company BasicNet

12/05/2014 – 04/07/2014 Polarolo Immagine designer Extracurricular graphic design internship












OTHER EXPERIENCES/SKILLS Teacher reps to elementary, high school and university students

Hip Hop course (1 year)

Singing course (1 year)

First aid classes

Voluntary activities in donation and food recovery, Turin 11 Scout group (7 years)

B2 English level (IELTS test) Theater course (3 years)

Traktor Dj Studio & Virtual Dj program user B driving license

Graphic design, jewelry design, product design, illustration, car design workshops







nature geometry


Vertebrae as the main support of the entire design structure


Rorschach test inspiration

The inspiration for the logo was born by accidentally finding a vertebrae of a cow during a mountain trip. I was impressed by the harmonious, organic shape of the vertebrae, which, seen from different angles, always created new suggestions. However unusual a simple vertebrae conveyed my core values ​​in graphic design shown above. So I tried to photograph it and synthesize a harmonic form.

Reduce to bare bones

H. H. Samuel Quicksand

Black or white

No outline

Minimum logo size

5 0, 2 1/7b

11 mm

Respect logo area 1/7 figure basis


I chose the heptagon because it is the regular geometric figure with the best suited layout for the logo. In addition, the number seven has many valencies in different fields: scientific, artistic, literary, musical, symbolic, economical, informatic and sporty.

10 mm


For Pythagoreans, it was the number of cyclic perfection, geometrically associated with the circle.

Seven is ...

Seven are the symbols used to express the Roman numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D, M.

Seven are the core units of S.I. (International Unit of Measurement Unit) and Physical Quantities.

Seven are the musical notes. Seven of March is my birthday. Seven are the cervical vertebrae. It is the Buddhist number of completeness. Seven are the colors of the rainbow.


The vertebrae (organic and human sign) The heptagonal star (geometry as eternal as its supporting principles, layout that gives stability to the vertebrae)



02 / 05 / 2018

The logo and related products have been designed upon request by Angelo Di Vincenzo, DJ and Tango events organizer in Turin, Italy. The logo is made up of the letters A and T which together form a pair of dancers. The typical positions of the Tango dancers that give dynamism to the shape of the logo were taken as inspiration. The Tango-style men's hat and the woman's long hair immediately distinguish the two figures. The black color, symbol of resoluteness and rebellion is associated with man; red, symbol of passion and will, represents the woman.


Quartzo font follows the style of the Century Gothic, it remains a modern sans serif but more full-bodied to better support the structure of the logo and create a stronger visual impact.

Century Gothic Century Gothic is a sans serif, modern and clean, which reflects the Tango Nuevo and the contemporary musical genre proposed by the DJ. Easily readable, it communicates information immediately and accurately.

Red C:15 M:100 Y:90 K:10 R:189 G:9 B:38

Black C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100 R:23 G:26 B:27




26 / 08 / 2016

The design of a hypothetical flyer for the exhibition of contemporary art of the Brazilian artist Daniel Frota, staged at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. The project, aimed at selecting an intern graphic designer for the Foundation, provided for the establishment of a call in both paper and digital format of an exhibition selected by the

candidate. The concept of Irrealis Mood is represented by the effect of dualism and disorientation that conveys the photo of the eclipse, subject of the artist's study. Frota's silhouette created in Illustrator. The image, created with a mask in Ilustrator, is a solar eclipse negative realized in the Astronomical Observatory of Rio de Janeiro. The paper is doublesided 10x20 cm, 20x20 cm to digital. Assistant font.


26 / 04 / 2016

The graphics for the poster of the short film "L'ora esatta" (The exact time) directed and conceived by Roberto Siciliano, written by Paula Grigore. The poster was designed to disseminate and publicize the short film for the short film competition. The graphics were created in Illustrator. The size is A3, Noasarck font.


17 / 11 / 2015

A contest, not won, to create the graphics of the new Dusty Jazz t-shirt, association of Turin that organizes social dances classes and swing events. The graphics had to be monochromatic and light beige color to be printed by screen printing on a dark green shirt. Starting from the bottom the graphic shows the logo-locomotive, which releases smoke that takes the

form of a double bass with the profile of the Mole Antonelliana. Alongside the two saxophones are the decorative composition implicitly recovering the horns of a bull. At the top there are two dancers that show the 2016 year with open arms. The graphics were created in Illustrator and Photoshop. The graphics is equal to half the length of the t-shirt. Keep Calm font.

SIXELEVEN INTERNSHIP 05.09.2017 02.03.2018

Sixeleven srl is a communication agency that deals with graphic, advertising and web projects. The six-month internship has provided for the layout of catalogs, post-production, logo design and, in general, above-the-line communication.

SUMMER 2018 CATALOG Villaggi Bravo is the brand of the Alpitour Group dedicated to a tourist who is looking for energy, fun and the many advantages offered by an all-inclusive resort. Sport, good food, animation: the unmistakable Italian welcome in the most enchanting places in the world. The project involved the realization of the concept of the main cover and the title page with the philosophy of the holiday with the text and a suggestive image. Layout, graphic design, post production, art direction and content were the essential activities of this team project.


This is a graphic proposal of the logo, the payoff and the coordinated image of the Italian city of Spoleto in Umbria. The project stems from a competition organized by the municipality of Spoleto to renew the image of the city and promote the various initiatives. The idea of ​​the logo comes from the meaning of its etymology and it was developed following a geometry in harmony with nature and the different inspirations and resources of the city.


Creative Europe Desk Media agency has requested the communication design of this event. The workshop, addressed to film festival directors, was held by Dagmar Forelle and involved the study of a strategy to find new sponsors and create lasting partnerships.

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and Luce CinecittĂ Institute collaborated in the event. The event was held at Holden School in Turin. A banner for the newsletter, a banner for Facebook and a digital web flyer were created for the event.

MARVAJ SCHNAPPS LABEL A label for Marva j grappa has been designed on customer request. The label (8 x 12 cm) was designed taking inspiration from the photos of the production site (Jouvenceaux, Sauze d'Oulx, Italy). The graphic resembles the profile of the mountains seen by Jouvenceaux, the sketch of the glass imitates the shape of the classic grappa glass. The font is Din Condensed Bold.


For BasicNet clothing company, the graphics pre-set on Photoshop by the company were animated. The multimedia of Kappa, K-way and Superga brands were performed, creating diversified animations, in line with the style and content of the promotion to be communicated. The program used for animations is Adobe Flash Professional CS4.

PROJECTS The project included the creation of some contents of Sixeleven agency page on Instagram social network. The project for the travel agency Pianeta Gaia Viaggi consisted of a suggestive photo for the promotion of a trip, addressed to a youth target.

Creation of the presentation layout of the logo and the coordinated image project for the city of Spoleto.

Merry Christmas

Christmas wishes for followers and customers. Manual illustration, scanned and digitally finished on Illustrator. The photographic composition was made in the agency.

IKEA INTERNSHIP 06.09.2016 05.03.2017


The internship provides for the inclusion in the graphic design team for the Swedish IKEA company operating in the furniture industry. The supporting graphic office job consists of providing for the creation and printing of the store communications (streamers, posters, leaflets, etc.), according to company

guidelines. Main used programs are Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat. Working of the PC was supported by practical activities: installation and maintenance of communications in the store, positioning prespaced adhesives, using ink and etching printers. IKEA font is Verdana.

Inspirational poster showing a range of pillows (new layout)

Offer of beds and mattresses (modified layout)

Indication for cutlery (new layout)

Discount on desks, accessories, chairs (modified layout)

Pubblicity for Piedmont Fassona cow meat in restaurant (new layout) Poster emphasizing the product (new layout)

Streamer describing the poster (new layout) Label showing new MUNSBIT almond snack (new layout)

Inspirational background for lamps (new layout)

Canteen placemat with pubblicity of Swedish meatballs and a discount coupon (modified layout)

Wall communication for smart lighting products (new layout)

Indication of the use of textiles products (new layout)

Toilet graphic suggesting the use of a furniture (new layout)

Communication for measuring slippers (new layout)

IKEA Business card for IKEA Collegno's managers and Human Resources team (new layout)

Attention sign cloud describing impermeability of the box (new layout)

Price of coffee and cassata sweet (modified layout)

Communication emphasizing the resistence of the structure of KALLAX furniture (new layout)

Description of VIDGA system of curtains (modified layout)

Price and description of PÅTÅR coffee (modified layout)

Free coffee to IKEA partners (new layout)

Streamer with the program of IKEA Food open day (new layout)

Indication for carts (modifiedlayout)

Communication emphasizing the sustainability of INGOLF chair (new layout)

Indication for repositioning glasses (new layout)

Streamer presenting new SVARTAN collection (new layout)

Wall communication for online screws service (new layout)

Discount on textiles products (modified layout)

Streamer showing complete price of kitchen products (new layout)

Policy return and warranty communication (modified layout)

Streamer presenting new SĂ„LLSKAP collection (new layout)

Communication for money donation for ONLUS association (new layout)

KAPPA INTERNSHIP 22.02.2016 22.07.2016

The internship, lasted five months, focused on the development of clothing and accessories for Turin Kappa brand. The various articles were designed with Illustrator and Photoshop graphics programs. Parallel to graphic design a compilation system was performed, which included the coding of items, assigning sizes, the choice of colors and textile compositions. It had to fill out then a registry of the product with all the technical terms, the components and the graphic artwork and you had to analyze prototypes checking the measurements, the fit, the components and the fabric. Of course it was necessary to engage with customers and foreign suppliers by communicating

various information and doubts about a project. The stage has been critical to assimilate the dynamics and working procedures of a large company and to learn the various development stages of a clothing item and competition study. The projects carried out belong to Kappa4Team collection and they include different sports. BasicNet S.p.A. is an Italian group of companies that operates in the clothing sector. The group was born in 1995, founded by Marco Boglione after detecting bankruptcy auction of the historic firm Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, founded in 1916 and owner of Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, K-Way, Superga and Briko brands.


The internship, held at Polarolo Immagine agency with a duration of 280 working hours, has provided graphic activities of various kinds that have resulted in an improvement in the use of graphics programs and practical procedures for the implementation of a graphic product. This internship has also served as a first experience to improve the ability to collaborate, work management and social relations, offering an open mind to new concepts and ways of thinking about working experience and planning. Polarolo Immagine is a graphic design communication agency that deals with web, video, paper graphics, packaging, corporate identity and logo creation.


This project involved the redesign of a packaging for children. This packaging, requested from the Egyptian Museum in Turin, represents Amenothep I Pharaoh and can be assembled by children. The packaging, starting from a hand-drawn sketch and then redesigned by an Illustrator file, has been simplified in the paper industry as well as to be punched on A3 paper, 230 g/m2.

It has been improved the design, the colors and a texture was applied with Photoshop. This project has served to understand what are the rules that underlie the design of a packaging, and thus learn to seek forms and graphics different and functional to the type of product to sell, the target audience and the customer requests.


The work consisted in the packaging restyling of Guido Castagna 100g chocolate tablet graphic. The project involved a packaging transformation into three types: a "naked", a "semi-dressed" and one "dressed". This project has served to understand the three stages of evolution of a packaging: a minimal, with essential graphics "bare" enhancing the shape and function of the product; an intermediate, with a balance between form, function and graphics; finally

a "dressed" with the packaging and graphics that prevail becoming almost decorations made to attract the buyer. With a thorough search on Internet of the various existing chocolate packaging, some small to medium businesses were selected (Domori, Venchi, Caffarel) and workshops (Guido Gobino, Bodrato). This research, used as an inspiration for the project, leds to the selection of a company on which to make the redesign of a product. The programs used are Photoshop and Illustrator.

naked pack

semi-dressed pack

dressed pack


The menù, 150 x 145 mm format, is made for the dinner organized by Onlus Anemon association. Designing this menù served to understand how to manage and arrange the content, graphics and text in an uncommon paper format. It was possible to try to create some illustrations, thought and simplified according to the menù.

The menù, designed on Illustrator, is divided into four sections: the first with an image from Anemon archive; the two internal pages with the full menù, the logo of Ponte Barra restaurant and some decorative illustrations; the back with main contacts to make a donation. The product, printed in white and once, crease-lined and trimmed, has a grammage of 150 g/m2. Gill Sans font.

EDITORIAL SOLUTIONS COURSE 18.02.2016 19.05.2017


E-ditorial Solutions course aims to form a digital publishing technician that can produce aligned solutions to technological and creative current standards of digital publishing market. IED project consists of a digital release of an independent video game magazine: Indie Game Propaganda. The goal was to create an innovative, interactive, easy-to-use graphic for everyone and to highlight the world of video games that are independent of large production houses.

Each member of the group has curated several magazine contents. I was involved in creating hypothetical video game iPad reviews that showed some interactions in reading so that it would make the experience more stimulating and dynamic. The inspirational magazine was Edge. The main font is Bulo, the interactions and animations of reviews were created in InDesign with folio builder and overlays. Other changes of the pictures were made in Photoshop and Illustrator.



23 / 07 / 2015

The project consists of a monograph about comics that treats every single topic of this paper media. This project is designed as a possible periodic series of books that analyzes each time a different cartoon genre. Mumble mumble ... Riflessioni sul fumetto is the name of the monograph, that is the first issue of a hypothetical series that provides the basis for new experiments on comics and makes you think of all the potential and the amount of work of this paper media. This project has given the

opportunity to develop all processing stages of a so vast editorial product, from the research of the sources up to digital processing and printing of the product. The monograph, in color printed on a 250x350 mm format with weight 100 g/m2, was designed primarily with InDesign for page layout, Photoshop and Illustrator for retouching images. Main fonts are Rockwell and Funsized. The textual part consists of bibliographies and various lists of websites and personal reflections. The binding is in milled paperback with cardboard cover.


22 / 07 / 2014

The video, titled The secrets of the trade - Sustainability in small business, is a project born from the collaboration with Guido Castagna, craftsman owner of a chocolate factory in Giaveno, Torino. The video is accompanied by the song Drive me home to Barrie Gledden and Kes Loy. The video, designed by a group of five people, shows the ropes taking the company of Guido Castagna as a model: selection of quality, collaborative spirit, enhancement of the small market, human capital, corporate growth, production

in the territory are the ingredients that make a small enterprise quality, environmentally sustainable, productive and socially effective. The video shots were taken with a Canon SLR EOS 1100D in HD, the shots are plumb and in the foreground. Infographics were made with hazelnuts, melted and solid chocolate, a cake and little chocolates. Other graphics and effects were added with video editing programs such as Premiere and After Effects.

The project has two concepts of bottles playable blowing in them:


27 / 02 / 2014

1. A set of seven bottles of Yoga brand juices that produce empty each a different musical note. 2. Two collections of seven bottles each for Absolut Vodka series: the first collection produces different musical notes according to the level of liquid in the bottle, the second produces different notes, depending on the bottle size, both collections can be played also with the percussion of a wand. The project, carried out in a group of three people, has several purposes:

teaching, i.e. teaching children musical notes; play, or creating moments of leisure and social gathering; creative, or experiencing the sounds stimulating the buyer imagination. With the help of a teacher of the conservatory and an online application that measures sound frequencies we have been able to analyze various sound studio cases getting to the final concept. They were also analyzed the processes and the production costs, the environmental impact and the theories of color associated to musical notes. The project tables are made with Photoshop, Illustrator and Autocad.



no plastic vacuum jute bag

The project, carried out in a group of three people, consisted of a packaging redesign and the restyling of IGP Cuneo Bean (Billò type) logo. The redesign of the packaging and the logo was intended to renew the image of this product and make it more relevant to the context and the message of quality and sustainability of production that had to communicate.

18 / 07 / 2013

The mock-ups of the packaging were created with Photoshop, the logo and labels are designed with Illustrator. It has been created a real prototype 1: 1 scale. They were chosen jute and paper dust to communicate honesty, sustainability and authenticity of the product. These measures have enhanced the use of the four essential senses during the purchasing phase (hearing, touch, smell, sight).


pouncing paper label vacuum envelope smock packaging


alternative packaging

Track font logo

Logo layout (serigraphy printing)


22 / 02 / 2013

Tris bag is a multi-purpose bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag or backpack, or simply parading, at different lengths, a band of tissue that acts as a handle. The project was done by a group of three people. It treats the reuse of clothes and discarded tissues, in collaboration with the Social Cooperative Society ONLUS IL CAMMINO of Biella city. Tris bag has the aim to simplify the transportation according to the needs of displacement, managing, via various

pockets and compartments, the distribution of food and other items in the bag depending on the weight, the volume and their consistency. Starting from an expanded scenario, various case studies of reused and recycled products were analyzed. The project designs have been made partly by hand and partly with Autocad, for tissue visualization Blender, Illustrator and Photoshop. It has also been created a real model in 1: 2 scale of the product.

manual production

content protection

division into compartments

versatile transport and use

a product three uses

padding or stratification


16 / 07 / 2012

The company Antica Murrina of Venice has commissioned a project for an innovative jewel in Murano glass. The project was carried out in a four-people team. The company wanted to renew its image, it has given Polytechnic of Turin the opportunity to design new jewelry that should change market trends of the glass jewelry, by also analyzing new potential targets. Naval knots were chosen because they convey so fine, simple, modern, elegant and direct the maritime tradition of Venice.

This project originated from the study on the briefings, on Murano glass jewel scenery related to the production and history of Venice Antica Murrina, all analyzed according to the requirements, needs and benefits of a possible production. The drawings have been reproduced in pencil and colored with watercolors, for layout and retouching were used Photoshop and Illustrator programs. They were also created models of Fimo, product in 1:1 scale.


19 / 06 / 2012

This project analyzes an existing industrial product for the kitchen and plays on two tables of project: a table with the technical drawings of the object together with the essential details, the other provided for the axonometry of the product declined in four different materials (wood, metal, fabric, glass). This work was aimed to hone the skills of detailed analysis of materials, components and the operation of a product, the execution of various types of

technical drawing, the pencil coloring technique, the use of shades. It has also served to improve and synthesize the presentation of a project of an industrial product with its essential elements for a proper communication. The technical designs were drawn in pencil and retouched with ink on glossy paper. Later they were scanned and retouched with Photoshop and Illustrator programs, after printing were colored by hand.



27 / 03 / 2018

La Stampa Tech, a sector of the Italian newspaper La Stampa, has published this work on its Facebook and Instagram page. This section deals with news, tutorials, tests of hi-tech devices, video games and many other ideas about the future, innovation and technology. The work, entitled The tree of (virtual) life, was conceived for the Italian Posterheroes competition. The poster, based on technology and automation, incorporates the religious concept of tree of life and

unites it with the symbol of USB. The message is that nature could merge with technology, connect with it, creating an inseparable symbiosis, a new model of life, a technoreligion. This could drastically change our nature and perhaps reduce our freedom of choice, as we could not survive without technology. The poster was made digitally by Illustrator in 50 x 70 cm format. The fonts are Tree and Lifestyle Marker.

CONTEST 08 / 10 / 2017

The illustration contest, organized by the Italian art publishing house Arthink Editions, consisted in the creation of a drawing dedicated to a free choice piece of music. The song chosen here is Where is my mind by Pixies, artwork title: Drowned Thoughts. The illustration, digitally produced by Illustrator, was designed following the default format of 32 x 95.6 cm. The artwork was selected for the exhibition organized by the association.


28 / 08 / 2017

Spirito di Vino is an international Italian competition for satirical illustrators dedicated to the world of wine. The competition was born thanks to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Wine Tourism Movement, to give young cartoonists the opportunity to tell the world of wine in an original way through the scathing language of satire, at the same time spreading its culinary culture. This is the second winning work of the under 35 category, entitled Vino Amabile. Paginated in A3 default format, the work graphically plays on the double reading of lovers and the glass of wine, recalling the concept of love that marries semantically with the most concrete organoleptic property of wine. The design was produced digitally by Illustrator program, also applying a texture of the cork that reminds the origin and naturalness of this drink.

Amabile (italian adjective)

Adjective attributed to a wine in which the sensation of sweetness is very clearly felt; normally characterized by a residual sugar content between 12 g / l and 45 g / l.

Bodoni Bodoni, one of the most important Italian fonts, with its classic elegance, is a clean and timeless character that transmits the value of Italian culture, giving the design a modern style but always in line with the classic traditions that want to send back to the world wine.


28 / 06 / 2017

CartoonSEA is the national award of humor and satire promoted by SEA Gruppo srl, a body that provides integrated services in the areas of Health and Safety in the workplace, environment and quality. The ninth edition had as its theme the pollution of the air, this is one of the works selected for the exhibition in Fano (Puglia) and for the press on 2017 catalog.

so charming that makes whole world lose mind.

The title of the work is Miss Pollution, accompanied by the following payoff:

The work was done digitally in Illustrator and laid out in A3 format.

The illustration has a double reading: the legs-factory of the woman emitting harmful smoke and the miss that, representing the pollution of the vehicles, the harmful emissions of the various machines, seduced the man with his comforts and his technology, clouding its common sense.

BEBAS NEUE Bebas Neue is a sans serif contemporary font, often used for posters. It is clear, simple, clean but strong and it makes a big impact in communicating important topics like this.


REDO upcycling and Details Design Store have organized the first contest for artists, illustrators and designers. A qualified jury selected 50 illustrations (including mine), printed on pvc to create a unique REDO upcycling shopper series. The theme of the contest is Greenery, the new pantone of the year 2017. This theme aims to generate a reflection on the link with nature, sustainable design, and awareness of urban space. The title of the work is The roots of thought, created in A4 color and then adapted for the bag. The design wants to represent the link between man, nature and city (city hair), thoughts (the leaves) nourish the earth, held by the trunk, which is at the same time root-hand attached to the earth. This wants to be also a reminder of the three of life.

THAT'S A MOLE CONTEST 18 / 04 / 2017

The three illustrations were created for the International That's a Mole illustration contest in Turin, fourth edition. The competition included the creation of up to three works, free themes, which respected the predefined form of the stylized silhouette of Mole Antonelliana architecture. It was the first illustration project to test and develop my illustrative and design skills. The sketches of the drawings were handmade, reshaped and colored in Illustrator and Photoshop. The three works are: That's a Whale, That's a Telescope (celebration of 2007-2017 ten-years of Pino Torinese planetarium and mention to the research field), That's a Reader.

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