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the hard thing is to get yourself to make the dive but once you get down there everything is flowing changing metamorph ic starfish turn into coral coral turns into flowers Fourteen The Endless Short Story Ronald Sukenick

Metamorphic Fictive Transformations of the Soft Voice into Syllogistic Interaction In writing the screenplay for The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascend-


ing I envisioned the Surrealist metamorphosis of precise characterizations into the curved brush strokes of a painting, the dark pencil lines of a drawing, or the

digital squares of an animation program, which could flow across the screen to create an abstract effect which was the fulfillment of the gradual desire to see surreality transformed into the painterly abstraction of modern art. When I began writing the screenplay I realized that I had written this novel for film with metaphoric fictive transformations of one object into another. The innovative novel should be more abstract having evolved from 20th Century art into the present decade of sophisticated

Constellations of transliteration in soluble poses of filmic dialogue with the permission to engage the illumination of lights on the circular frame of the tiara The coordination of sensation




creativity in the electronic

circuitry of the Surrealist brain

illumined with the poetry of

film techniques, so that i wrote this innovative novel inspired by the Surre-

the northern earthlight in horse

alist paintings from the

You inspire a small scale novel based on the surreality of events in the intellectual hierarchy of esthetic concepts with vanilla milk shake shades of spiritual interconnections * inference * smooth curves of emotional composure before the ruffled shirt latitudes.

Museum of Modern Art,

inspiration that

became transfigured into images for film evolving into abstraction that pleases the mind with the filmic textures, intense colorations, and digital animation sequences which set the scene for the waterfall with red hair and the narrator D.

The transmutation of metals into gold occurs when the

fetish fashions of high heeled shoes appear on the space of the page. That’s me, the model metamorphosizes into the fictional future perfect of fashionable trends, as the superhuman electromechanical artificial intelligence of the gentleman in black velvet jacket admires the extemporaneous mind, while the milk shake textures of the XXX monologue begin.


of the tuxedo pirate/starman/cowboy with the serenity to align the novelistic degrees of characterization in gradations * volume * magnitude * intensity of storylines in harmony with the posi-


Pale blue shades in subjective tones of cloud formations... envisioned as an aura of poetic writing... a personality that exists in trails of colors... with the scent of the lingerie figure... whose thoughts identify with the star performer.

The narrative strategy of the avant garde novel is to write across the canvas of the page, as

the postmodern persona appears in ascending circles of light, an erotic abstraction becoming

tive thought: let’s legalize marijuana!

a polite kiss for the storyteller * intellect, a differentiation of digital squares who exists in the

long hair flowing for-

multidimensional space of intersecting planes which create the dreamscape of the nightlife

ward into the decorative wood

astrological convergence of minds.

The collective consciousness of the

Surrealist gentleman whose identity is composed of plot outlines, Joycean

ornaments of the typefont se-

wordplay, and nightlife characters which transform into a storyboard.


The liter canary artist creates the inn o’vocative self-portrait of the essay space/ novelistic abstractionisation that trails upwords above Boulder along a the path of


garden fictive textures towards the crystalline prosaic lettering superimposed on the spatialized wintry pale cerulean blue surface which fore-illumines a future conflict. Avant garde fashions in prose thinking, the mindful wish of the converging multi-dimensional wooden beams of the squared shouldered poetic form, who feels admiration for the shapely transfiguration of the ascending circle/aurora above the five pointed pale blue white flowers growing on the hillside in the perfect breeze of July, as the human figure is drawn with the fine hand gestures of unconscious desire.




design of the essay/four part

The plot outline of the fictive story is composed of spiritual bubbles which ascend into the blue shades of the skywords following the erotic butterfly whose serenity is felt in the intensity of the stellar magnitude. structure.

Plot Outline The face of the upturned flower petaled beauty is vibrant in


the intense lingerie colorations of the morning light...

not far

Milk shake craters of sunflower yellows are manifest in the roll of the dice that

from the curved brilliance of the orangeish red flower leaning over towards the semblance of sunlight reflected from the leetle blades of grass... a nice finish to the Oakville cabernet sauvignon that agrees with the palate of the mountain man with a Davy Crockett fur hat. When a moth flits in on the inked breeze

will never abolish the chance meeting of

flowing through the squared form of the abstract window shape the narrative strategy of the

to the sensuous hug.

postmodernist is to recall the moth of knowledge described in the adventures of the shaman


the soft voice with the syllogistic form of the narrator, whose volcanic shoulders are vineyards of muscle bonding object

The is


with typefont selections which

Don Juan from Mexico, a moth that is a social butterfly flitting at angular trajectories across the

enhance the design of the es-

deskspace on the stellar path of the galactic arm of the Milky Way, where the starman writes

say/four part structure.

the early modernist abstraction of literary squares and ascending circles.

The plot outline of the fictive story is composed of spiritual bubbles which ascend into the blue shades of the skywords following the erotic butterfly whose serenity is felt in the intensity of the stellar magnitude.

The moth

flits across the deskspace to land on the yellow coffee pot with the black vinyl lid to reveal wings that are the semblance of cork with a light il-

The moth of knowledge is a Carlos Castaneda theme, and as I write this essay/fiction the conclusion that I reach is a marvelous sense of appreciation for the metaphysical concepts that are envisioned in these literary landscapes written in the informal prose of the 21st Century American innovative screenplay. lusory texture that can deceive the eye of the beholder.

Me and you, babe The starman becomes a figurative

The story * dancer * intelligence transforms into a Surrealist object: a Christmas deco-

drawing whose abstract persona ap-


pears in a timelapse sequence of blue

of the infinite novelist who extends an invitation to create the digital animation of the filmic

gray metallic surfaces which represent

green apple tree tones complementing the mindful characters who appear as steps towards

the continuity of flesh with metals.

the Abstract Expressionism of the New York school, while the differentiations in color define

Mountain ranges ap-

the literary artist who savors a mouthful of the petite sirah which signifies the smooth textures

ration ornamenting the informal prose, as she contemplates dating the abstract figure

pear on his shoulders which rep-

at the origin of his student storytelling days.

resent his love for the double

seen from the aspect of Venus with jupiter rising above the winter horizon

The whiteness of your smile is

which clarifies into the parallel lines of perspective that converge on the




red violet circles of the visual text which multiply to infinity.

who teases him with a smile as

The soft voice transforms into the all seeing eye of Horus who looks out on the streets

he keeps abreast of the inter-

of Cairo, as the protesters of Egypt 2013 express their thoughts with the intelligence

connected plotlines of her lin-

of democracy in action. Americans can admire Egypt for the true spirit of revolution,

ear figure.


while innovative techniques in publishing create a literary revolution giving us the freedom to use typographic design with a simple turn of the page1. Sharing the intimate layers of the characteristic energies the metaphysical mood of the introductory essay/fictive autobiographical sequence transforms into yellow orange cloud layers symbolizing the candlelight vigil in Syria with the aurora of metempsychosis in the pale blue gray collective unconscious of the cloud formations. The black and white contrasts of the page express the theme of peace through understanding, as we ask congress and the executive branch to demilitarize the world since rockets, tanks, jets, and Drones

The g string lingerie fashions arouse the narrator's desire as her hair flows forward entangling him in the ocean waves of her full breasted cleavage, satisfying softness of gender, the masculine persona feels the synaptic shudders of the syllogistic energies. His intention is to create a relationship with the intellectual

have been used against civilians in an irresponsible manner.

chess piece figure that will continue

The human body positioned before the woodfire characterizes our respect for the metaphysical surreality of the brotherhood to create a spiritual evolution for humanity:, as the screenplay reflects the transcendence of the fictive characters into a poetic dialogue that expresses the political philosophy of peace through non-violence,

i n d e f i n i t e l y


Let us create innovative typographic novels that transform the Surrealist text into the fine art of love.

into the future of the Georges Pompidou glass tube transit, while the paintings of Marcel Duchamp progress in a time

lapse sequence towards the completion of a novel-in-progress called As-

semblage of Curves at Acute Angles ... which is inspired by the collection of

A poetic dialogue between the narrator D. and the waterfall with red hair has become


a discussion of esthetic theory written in minimal squares with avant garde typographic design, so that the adaption of The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

to film is pre-written into the text as a long sequence of visualizations which express the Sur-

texts for the Green Box by Marcel Du-

realist esthetic of painterly characterizations metamorphosizing into time lapse scenes, cartoon


characterizations, abstract digital effects, and lettering in motion.

pages unbound by

While writing

the constraints of logic appear

the screenplay I felt the Surrealistic effect of the marvelous when com-

in a series of syntactic spaces

prehending the complex transformations of characters and scenes into a

that reveal a man with an an-

larger memory space which frames the plotline extending to the future

cient speckled cape of sable

perfect of 6060.

worn on the shoulders near a handsome man with long flowing fair whose beret symbolizes the persistence of culture.

The grant process begins during the August heatwave with warm feelings of sexuality expressed in the cerulean blue gray tones of the poetic writing that enables the minds of the elementary students with the consciousness of thoughts reaching the conclusion that it's not your fault that these events are happening. Life can be sad at times.

First steps towards abstraction The paintings of Abstract Expressionism are brushed with infinitesimal degrees of liquid droplets in spiritual hues of sensuality conveying the

The abstract persona whose mind * intellect * memory identifies with the characters in the novel extends the attention span of the theatre audience, whose determination to enjoy the Surrealistic drama with the esthetic philosophy of a thinker who may wish to perceive the fanciful point-of-view that takes the innovative novel a step further towards the abstraction that

inspired early Modernism with the mindful book * intersecting planes * figure shapes that suggest the chocolate city squares of architectonic space: a city square hopscotch game of buildings * city streets * pedestrians forming a rectangle of minimal squares as the feet multiply into circles of astrological convergence.

the dada head perceives the

architectural space in the manner of a wired art object in silver rings of

presence of yellow golden flowered crater sunlight as the futuristic architectonic structures express the Surrealist esthetic with a subtle sense of psychic spontaneity. To

acute angles arranged in geometric fossilizations of perpendicular/verti-

make a date with the pink problem-

cal parallel lines drawn in a well matched equilibrium of upright erect

atic pastels of the fox pierced with the

The models advance with the strategy of furthering the plot development, as the characters stage the story of the full breasted woman, who savors the lettuce green dinner of second person perspective, while the young person works on his, or her, first painting framed for the esthetic pleasure of perceiving art. forms resolved into a smooth blue white grayish blur.

perfection of silver blossoming into the pinkish white five pointed flowers which inspire the heart shaped narrator wearing the illuminated Surrealist

Later babe


The essay/fictive passages conclude with the ripened fruit of the cabernet sauvignon


with the minimalism of sharp cheddar * romaine lettuce * emotional perfection in the

petite sirah in the spiritual pres-

orgasmic formal word patterns of sun ripened apples transforming from green to

ence of the sunlight jewelled

pastel shades of reddish auraglow with the sweetness of citric sugars as an aftertaste.

he drinks the wine of the

with typographic illuminations.

Metamorphic Fictive Transformations of the Soft Voice into Syllogistic Interaction by David Detrich  

This is a preview of the introductory essay to the screenplay version of The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending by David Detrich,...

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