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helsea Girls hiking the na-

ture trail along the Iron River where


he Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending is writ-

ten in minimal squares of poetic prose exemplifying the theory

the convergence of two narrative

of the Surrealist novel: linguistic archetypal syntactic figurative

lines in a Surrealist novel of dream

drawings of a nude model, a subjective persona of intuitive recep-

images ascends with the sandalwood

tivity, interpreting the novel with the psychological significance

incense into lunar craters eclipsed by

of the Surrealist esthetic, as dream images are perceived in

the blackness of space, seen from a

the serialism of twelve tone rows with verbal sentence struc-

telescopic perspective on the Pacific

tures composed of nouns verbs star clusters appearing in a

Avenue sidewalk, while the photogenic

gallery of book pages with the subtle luminescence of phosphor

flower figure dreamily moons the au-

in minimal squares of novelistic dialogue. Soluble Fish 1924 by

dience inspiring the ecstatic daydream

AndrĂŠ Breton inspires this work, where the intention to write an

consciousness with interactions of

innovative novel based on the esthetic philosophy of Surrealism


hy the Museum of Modern Art inspires The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending with its collection of Surrealist paintings is suggested in the theoretical dialogue between the waterfall with red hair, and the abstract painterly image of the narrator in this innovative novel based on the visuality of dream images, which convey the randomness of psychic automatism, yet express


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending



has evolved into the dreamlike structures which compose this

book arts composition of typographic happenings, and in the chance selection of plot possibilities, which occur in the selection of the vocabulary words, that is a pre-writing of the novel, a gathering of concepts as words to create a random plot structure based on the esthetic theory of psychic automa-

tism. The poet/artist transforms into the subjective dreamlike colors of a silkscreen print, whose good intentions are the pretext for the theoretical pretense of this fiction/essay, which develops the conceptual themes of the collaborative works of Raymond Federman and Maurice Roche. The Voice

in the Closet and Echos 1979, a book with two avant garde texts: one written in unpunctuated prose, and the other with sentence structures that echo in a mirror image of experimental aleatory continuity. In the absence of fortuitous book design the coincidence of style emulated in the prospect of a formal essay on the reader’s expectations in the sphere of literary criticism defines the theory of the novel, as a continuity of characterizations with dialogue and poetic prose written in a larger structural scheme of sensory data verticals and horizontals paintings from the Museum of Modern Art, as the inner voice of narrator is heard from the perspective of the

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

the esthetic theory of the narrator, who interacts with language to create a novelistic composition from a spontaneous selections of words, a chance composition where the themes are introduced at random, producing a more poetic approach to the 21st Century American novel. y A pre-written text of signifiers is the pretext for the Surrealist text, where the signified becomes a canvas for the novelistic images to achieve visuality: the meaning of The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending occurs on the visual space of the page, as well as in the mind of the reader, who may once again comment on the literary work, interpreting the minimal squares of the novel, which have taken on a painterly, or a cinematic multi(dimension)ality with the technique of digital animation..

psychic surreality in the Santa Cruz literary atmospherics.


lover. Love of novelistic design with esthetic appreciation for

The polite

the abstract characterizations guides the theory of the 21st

awareness of the innovative novel

Century American novel, with the peace of mind necessary

transforms into appreciation for the

to read the large scale poetic composition written with broad

street musicians on the sidewalk who

perspectives on the first edition book-as-art-object. Love in-

inspire The Convergence of Two Nar-

spires the columns of prose which ascend to the promontory

rative Lines Ascending, where the stu-

that looks out on the winter constellations, as the novelist and

dent can interpret the essay/fiction

the waterfall with red hair appear in a series of autobiographi-

enlightened by the moondance across

cal events, which form the minimal plot of the Surrealist novel.

the Milky Way drawn as a nude in the

Mary Ann Caws has inspired this essay with her book AndrĂŠ

fluidity of pink sunrise illuminations in

Breton, written in the true spirit of Surrealism. The 21st Cen-

white brush strokes across the canvas

tury Surrealist novel is evolving from the early works of Sur-

of the

realism towards the innovative novel that uses typographic de-


abstract composition.

x The eroticism of the Surrealist

sign to express a more sophisticated esthetic, developing the

pipedream converges on the narrative

techniques of Dada, with the contemporary novel patterned

lines of the dream images, which create

on the theories of modern art, exemplifying minimalist de-

an innovative novel of front row sensu-

sign in archi(text)ures drawn from concrete poetry, and the

ality within the sleep of dreams adrift

Surrealist nude. The mind of the reader is satisfied with the

in the chalky white snow of the inner

conceptual poetic phrases written by Arshile Gorky, as the es-

landscape, where the poet of vertical

sayist/narrative artist envisions paintings from the Museum

smiles dreams in a sequence of words

of Modern Art: the Study for Summation of 1946 by Arshile

written in horizontal lines to become

Gorky, a sketch of erotic figures that envision the themes of

House in Iron River

Who can read a novel written on the edge of a postage stamp in a series of minimal squares written across the cloud formations at sunrise, as the waterfall with red hair flows into the kaleidoscopic perspective of the constellations? jThe syntactic structures of the sentence welcome the rabbit outside the kitchen window, dreaming of edible plants in the winter snow, while the painterly abstraction of deer graze below the upstairs window, as the narrator of the novel

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending


Surrealist Novel Dream Images, paintings well hung from the walls with ribbons of silk. The compositional theory of The

Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending is based on the technique of psychic automatism, which creates a more subjective style of writing based on sup(ra)logical models of David Detrich at Leland

linguistic archetypes. The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines

Ascending is written in a syntactical structure of metaphoric visions describing the planets, which orbit the couch with

the curved lines of a pencil drawing,

subjective precision, where the lovers consider the Surrealist

or Pop Art comic book characters. b

paintings from the Museum of Modern Art. Louis Aragon pre-

To envision historical allusions in the

dicts the future of Surrealism in A Wave of Dreams published

linear narrative of ecstatic emotions:

in 1924, an important moment in the history of Surrealism,

Dragon with the pointed tongue tattoo

when the poetic trend triumphs in the 20th century with an

defining the model in black pin striped

advanced intelligence that guides the movement towards the

lingerie abstracted into a figurative

future awareness of innovative typographic design. Louis Ara-

drawing with blue brush strokes in time

gon, Alleluia, the true believer wins through all of history, where

8 In the 21st Cen-

the wave is the awareness of future evolution. The theme of

tury human consciousness is evolving

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending is found

into more enlightened social network-

in the subtle nuances of logic inspired by the Upper Penin-

ing and spiritual energies: love at first

sula art esthetic: with images of San Francisco, Santa Cruz,


wThe supermodel of flowers

and Big Sur lingering in the persistence of memory. Henry

converges on the narrative lines of the

Miller writes from the American modernist perspective with a

lapse pastels.


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

envisions writing this essay/fiction at his desk:: the scene of writing. a A high degree of Surrealism in the novel is conveyed from the perspective of the long haired gentleman wearing a red cowboy shirt, whose erotic Surrealist pipedream has become an innovative novel written in minimal squares. b Ascendant Sign 1947 by AndrĂŠ Breton is where the narrative lines of the essays converge on the idea of a luminary star, a comet which guides the city of San Francisco towards the future of 6060 when the new season begins. k Metaphor may suggest dream images as a form of analogical thought which creates the inspiration of the ultramodern Surrealist novel, while the abstraction of ideas into concepts suggests the linguistic model: the signified of the

innovative novel, as a new religion is

popular philosophical wisdom in Big Sur and the Oranges of

h The blue windows reflec-

Hieronymus Bosch 1957, and while driving along Highway 1

tions of the Urban Outfitters are de-

towards Esalen the abstract time lapse form of the novelist

constructed into a modern drama that

with the red western shirt who implies the intention to express

is similar to the ancient Greek with a

the dream imagery of rock canyons ascending to the absolute

crowd carrying torches in the darkness

surreality of sky blue oceanic perspectives. Hiking past the An-

in a modern May Day Celebration, that

drĂŠ Breton graffiti on the Apple Blossom Trail, which becomes

begins the 21st Century trend of black

a scene in The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascend-

, The innovative

ing, a small scale avant garde novel written across the cloud

novel of the 21st Century chronicles

formations in a problematic artistic environment, as I write

contemporary events which have as-

this essay/fiction at my desk looking out from the upstairs

sumed visiblity: in time lapse photog-

window on the green leaf patterns of the apple tree with the

raphy with an abstract painterly es-

intense saturated color of a small yellow bird sitting on the top

thetic, and with variations in type font

branch, a prophet in metafictional feathers transforming into

to create the impression of minimalist

a kaleidoscopic colorwheel abstraction. American literature

archi(text)ural structures of symmetry:

has evolved from the international movement of Surrealism

The Convergence of Two Narrative

into the 21st Century novel, and now with the desire to write

Lines Ascending is an art object that

an innovative novel the contemporary novelist is thrilled with

can appear in a gallery context, so that

the prospect of new writers converging on the theoretical

the book arts can convey innovations in

space of the page. The poetic novel of AnaĂŻs Nin, Cities of the

form and concept.

y A novel can be

Interior 1959, is becoming the novel of the future, the con-

a metaphor for: the fur of a black cat, a

tinuous novel implying a larger sense of continuity, what we


bloc anarchy.

Synchronicity of the Enlightened Circles Bookstore, Occidental

novel is envisioned as a linear scheme of chapters which form a large structure in an alternation of rain and snow with sunshine at the center. x Love is the idea which inspires the narrator with the desire to write an avant garde novel based on a relationship, and this theme is developed in The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending. y The subtle logic of the narrative is always coherent, even when divided into the minimal squares of the


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending


call the pluspresent, meaning a larger sense of the present, with the creative diary in six volumes, The Diary of Ana誰s Nin 1931-66, that describes the luminary moments of the literary letter press, and a faithful analysis of life experiences. Peace of mind is our theme, our pretext for esthetic theory, Farbekomposition 1913 by August Macke

therefore the logic of peace enhances the eroticism of surreality. The novel is gradually taking on the deconstruction of

Surrealist oil painting, with pages that

the urban environment, while becoming poetic fiction in mini-

can open outward to extend along the

malist squares with the subjectivity of dream images written


in a series of snow dusted streets with the subtle illusion of a

j With the book in a box,

the multiple book with several cov-

UFO ascending into the night sky of the winter constellations.

ers bound together, the evolution of

The art esthetic of the book-as-innovative-concept imbues the

the innovative novel may see a trend

fictional space of the page with the logic of surreality, inspiring

towards the creative designs of the

the child/author at work on the literary denotations of words:

book arts, with the experimental novel

abstract symbols conveying the meaning of intention from the

as the metamorphosis of the novel/

heart of identity. Words and phrases with the narrative logic

philosophical text into the avant garde

of continuous reasoning are affirmed in the novels of Ronald

typographic composition.


The true

Sukenick, Out 1973 and Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues

spirit of creativity begins with an af-

1979, whose words are stars in the literary sky of snow-

finity for innovative design, and we

swept inter(text)uality written with the subjectivity of prosaic

see this in The Jardin des Plantes by

expertise, which defines the clarity of the photographic image

which is a

multiplied to the infinite presence of the book-as-art-object. On

Claude 20.


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

innovative design, while futuristic earthquakes and floods become disruptive images to the novelist who writes through the probability of deconstruction, as angelic spirits ascend into the blue white disk of the Milky Way. b The 21st Century innovative novel reflects the tumultuous lifestyle of America, as the excitement of contemporary events anticipates the birth of a new religion, and a new way of life. , The May Day Celebration of 2010 in Santa Cruz has inspired The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending with the theme of black bloc anarchy, as the Greek style marchers with torches lit walk along Pacific Avenue in the darkness of night smashing the windows of the Urban Outfitters, splintering the beauty of the window display,

novel printed in columns which form

top of the world, like a yellow bird on the upper branch with

complex patterns of inter(text)uality

the narrative lines of the novel converging on a future develop-

with the texts of the avant garde, the

ment of the thesis: the innovative novel exemplifies concepts

novels of the Nouveau Roman, and the

in typographic design, and avant garde book design inspired

Fiction Collective, and as a Nobel Prize

by the Éditions Surréalistes, envisioned with creative book arts

winner in Literature, inspiring the young

covers. In the equilibrium of the naked eye the colors drawn in

generation with a sophisticated design

moon symbols, the sun as a color spectrum flowing through

a Like

the semi-transparent pages with the celestial bodies orbiting

the writings of Tel Quel, the novel has

the figurative persona with the nightclub personality of orange

become philosophical, and philosophy it-

California poppies in a literary auraglow.

for the space of the page.

self has become novelistic: Glas 1974 by Jacques Derrida

has become

encyclopedic, a meditation on language written in columns within columns, a

Ultramodernism: Design of The Innovative Book

flower religion evolving towards the

Metaphors of the erotic subconscious appear in the absence

future. e I imagine the erotic book

of presence as a pretext for textuality, where the fiction/es-

as fetish with the reader in the nude,

say is written as a poetic expression of literary marvels with

like the photograph of Meret Op-

the youthful discovery of The Surrealists on Art 1971 edited

reading Surrealist erotica.

by Lucy R. Lippard, the first book the young novelist saw when

x The eroticism of the Surrealist

he walked into the new Borders bookstore on Liberty, now

text has inspired the contemporary

as the apricot sunrise reveals the true spirit of creative sub-

generation with a more imaginative

jectivity, as a form of inter(line)arity with the novels of Robert


Snow Queen 2008 by Sangmi Chun

and then smashing a series of windows along the avenue in a joyous path of destruction. h Flesh colored paint thrown at the building appears as a deconstruction of eroticism by the black abstract forms of the celebrants, an affirmation of sexual freedom that is the true spirit of revolution. . In the café environment of Santa Cruz, where the narrator was working on a


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending


Desnos, where Liberty or Love! 1924 converges on the literary space of the page, which has become a continuity of language that expresses the unconscious mind of the artist in relation to fantasy, inspiring the erotic scenes which become a dreamlike experiment in metaphysical painterly abstraction. The affirmative mind is a heartbeat away from the logic of surreality, so that the narratology of critical theory in shared memories of friendly interaction becomes the scholarship of peace. Art scene of intricate logic with sentence structures that are a multiplication of meaning, the novel enhances the perspective The Beatles 1967 by Richard Avedon

on the painterly details of the Pop Surrealist trend. The confidentiality of the desk space of the essayist/novelist should be protected, so that the peace of mind necessary for creativity

approach to the description of rela-

will produce the word choices which form the true spirit of self

tionships, especially the women writ-

expression in the precise prose that is at the origin of surre-

ers who have shown a flare for char-

ality. As the facial features of the waterfall with red hair light

acterization with precise descriptions

up with a smile, the genre of the Surrealist short story guides

which tend to express the unconscious

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending through

mind in a discreet way, with a subtle

the poetics of the 21st Century to create a sequence of writ-

sense of humor that makes the Sur-

ten pages to be read in the voice of a youthful novelist. Read-

realist genre a more poetic style of

ing with emotional empathy for characterization, and with an

writing, that can almost replicate the

esthetic appreciation for the imagined images, the literary


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

Surrealist novel called Dream the Presence of the Circular Breast Starfish Topography the year before at Lu Lu Carpenter's, he noticed the defacement not only of buildings, but also of good looking young people on the avenue. , The deconstruction of American society has begun, followed by demonstrations in Toronto, Oakland, Paris, and London. and as the Beatles say in the song Revolution, “if you’re talking about destruction, then you can count me out.” lyrics which express the attitude of peace that the narrator hopes will form a continuity of love for the future generations of America. x Black Spring 1936 by Henry Miller is a collection of stories/essays written in the style of American modernism which foreshadows the theme of anarchy,


characters with true emotional empathy.


scholar can define the trends of esthetic intention in the novels

The anthologies of

written with innovative structure which inspire the contempo-

Surrealist stories: Surrealist Paint-

rary literary scene. Long Talking Bad Conditions Blues 1979 by

ers and Poets: An Anthology 2001

Ronald Sukenick is a novel written in symmetrical form where

edited by Mary Ann Caws,

the informal prose of unpunctuated syntactic structures cre-

Surrealist Women: An International

ates the island cityscape of chance happenings. I have followed

Anthology 1998 by Penelope

this line of esthetic development in The Convergence of Two

The Custom House

Narrative Lines Ascending, so that the innovative novel be-

of Desire: A Half Century of Surre-

comes the art of unpunctuated sentence structures: cerebral

alist Stories 1975 translated by J.H.

stars of signification imbuing the urban environment of San

the two volumes of

Francisco with the time lapse sunset of the Golden Gate af-

The Dedalus Book of Surrealism: The

terglow. The novel is written in accord with esthetic accuracy

Identity of Things 1995, The Myth of

to produce the idealization of the abstract characters in their

the World 1995 edited by Michael

interrelationships with the literary arts community. The true

The Surrealists on

spirit of innovation continues in the 21st Century novel with

Art 1971 edited by Lucy R. Lip-

esthetic appreciation for ultramodern design, that guides the

and Flesh Unlimited: Sur-

student/teacher through the chapters of unpunctuated prose,

realist Erotica 200o translated by

with the Surrealist dialogue written to satisfy the desire for

show that

poetic prose in the visual typographic form of the narration.

a movement originated by men has

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending is written

become a genre where women ex-

in symmetrical squares as a minimalist artform, evolving from

cel in erotic imagination, while still

the American Minimalist composers, who use simple repetitive







Aftertaste: Lake Sonoma 2008 by David Detrich

with a perspective that extends the time frame to the early 21st Century: the plupresent: a larger scale sense of time. y Peace and human rights are still the solution for mankind, and in The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending the dialogue between the narrator and the waterfall with red hair becomes a form of meta(fict)ion, as the surreal characters consider current events from the perspective of spirituality, the novel becomes a discussion of the esthetics of the novel itself: with the


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending


patterns to create symmetry. The avant garde novel of American design is in juxtaposition to the novels of Paris, with inspiration from the literary movements which evolved after Surrealism: the Nouveau Roman, and the novels/philosophical writings of Tel Quel: Maurice Roche, Philippe Sollers and Jacques Derrida, so that we see a parallel line of development with an international trend towards graphic design in the innovative novel and philosophical essay. When you display these novels as visible art objects in a gallery context the spectator may perceive an esthetic echo from the typographical design

Small Parts (French Vogue) by David La Chapelle

multiplicity of

of Maurice Roche, or a novelistic design that has evolved from

XXX dream images,

the essays of Jacques Derrida, or the unpuncutated novels of Philippe Sollers H 1973 or Paradis 1981. The Convergence


of Two Narrative Lines Ascending has been inspired by the

considers the

writers of Tel Quel and the typography of the medieval manu-

themes of: lingerie fashions, Surre-

script: a book which can be displayed in a museum for its

alist genitalia, topless mermaids, les-

perceptible appearance. The unconscious desire to transcend

bian lovers, toy shows, and the phallic

the ordinary in book design is what inspires creativity as a


stage for the appearance of sensuality: to touch a book, hold

The Convergence of Two Narrative

it in our hands, to see it displayed, to photograph the pages.

Lines Ascending has evolved from the

Reflections of the book pages in windows, where the we can

early Surrealist short stories which

read an excerpt while perceiving the design of the page will

allusions which form intertexts. The narrator


symbols which represent desire.


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

abstraction of characterization into a painterly esthetic of curved lines and metaphorical images, and with the sophistication of film techniques envisioned in the digital animation effects, kaleidoscopic perspectives, and the superimposition of layered images, so that the novel has become a digital artform in potential: like a filmscript, or cine-novel. h The art of subjective design in a composition of wonder creates the visually imaginative abstraction, that is like an oil painting with interpretations of esthetic trends, as the novelist conveys the surreality of emotion in a poetic dialogue in a literary collage of typographic blue pastels, while sipping from a ceramic coffee cup glazed with liquid green gold colors. x The ultramodern Surrealist novel is like a comet passing

form a continuity of erotic themes,

give the reader a glimpse of a sensual work of art. With The

with the innovative structures of the

Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending we can em-

novel forming a metaphor for the

pathize with the narrator D., or idealize the nightclub charac-

sky blue atmospherics of the passing

ters that are portrayed as painterly abstractions or Surrealist

year which form a time lapse sunrise.

objects: a woman as a waterfall with red hair, or a man as a

a Philosophy has contributed to the

heroic painterly abstraction represented by the letter D. The

structure of the novel with the works

reader can fall in love with a character who seems interesting,

of Jacques Derrida, who I

and the artistry of the Surrealist novel creates characteriza-

met at The Roundtable discussions at

tions that may have a subtle sense of humor, while revealing

Stanford in 2006, where he signed

aspects of the unconscious mind in the descriptions of the San

my copy of the secret art of Antonin

Francisco personalities, or fellow novelists, who have become

Artaud. 1998, while I gave him a copy of

characters in a dialogue with the theoretical inter(text)uality

my audio book, a reading from Big Sur

of converging narrative lines. The literary artist can present

Marvels & Wondrous Delights 2001 by

the book as an art object, as a remembrance of the seren-

Carrie L. Butts.

g “This

ity of the Big Sur coast, or as a way of creating a world of

is a gift,” I said, and he thanked me. “I

mystical experience. The book symbolizes love for the spirit of

am leaving for Paris, after having taught

creativity, while a film can portray the kiss of the warm Califor-

at Irvine for years,” he replied. b I

nia greeting that symbolizes love, and the intelligent mind will

am reading Glas 1974 by Jacques

perceive the psychic compatibilities that create sanity for the

now, which has influ-

group mind. Love creates the interconnections between the

enced the design of this essay with its

minds of the readers and writers, who may envision scenes

double columns of philosophical writing ,

from the innovative novel, and as a literary genre the Surrealist


Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre

over the night sky of San Francisco, as strawberry incense aromas blend into the dreamlike fantasies of the novelist/voyeur, who admires the legendary star performer with the esthetic philosophy of erotic wisdom, astute, perceptive, intellectual, a figure who dances across the convergence of books which occurs simultaneously with the Convergence of 2012. r This is a time foretold in the Mayan calendar, and the significance of this event is considered in this novel written in the

The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending


novel has been written as lines of poetic prose that develop motifs from the early 20th Century, with the Surrealist eroticism that is our perpetual theme, where the fantasy life of the poet/essayist at his desk becomes a poetic abstract composition in minimal squares. As an experiment in story telling, where the perspective may be disguised as the metaphor for a Surrealist object, or an abstraction of he * she * you * I, that we see in the novels of Raymond Federman, with narrative perspectives that symbolize the identity of the reader, where thoughts are written in the subjective space of the typographic novel. Serialism occurs in the randomness of words Circle Abstraction 1997 by David Detrich

forming the composition of the innovative novel, where the art of writing is the writing of art. The smile at the miracle of the extraordinary phenomenon of the innovative novel evokes the

as I consider the ideas of a flower

convergence of narrative lines in the scholarly analysis of the

religion, and the future of America.

American novel: narrative logic creates the pretext for the


The structure of Glas as a

ultimate in chance juxtapositions, which creates the illusion of

large hardback book with the visibility

love for the narrator, whose arcane literary poetics become a

of the two column text gives the reading

narrative strategy of appreciation for the privacy of the water-

a sense of creativity, with texts within

fall with red hair, not revealing her identity or writing verbatim

texts, and footnotes within footnotes,

conversations, as the dovelike form of the novelist sits before

a book that was open in a display

the aluminum metallic gray tones of the computer.


The Convergence of Two Narrative Lines Ascending

ramifications of the philosophical ink of Meret oppenheim, which affirms the mind of the young male, the printer's ink of the printing press, the ink of the surreal, the ink of philosophy, the ink of innovative fiction, the black ink of Inky the black kitten. , Inky is visiting today, his fur is as black as the printer’s ink which is as black as night. a Like the Inca of Machu Pichu who built a city on the mountain peaks with showers carved into rock that reveal the art esthetics of the ancient cultures, where archi(text)ures inspire the mind with the authentic look of stonework design. y Finding a stone that looks like an agate in the rain, the narrator notices the ancient characters carved like a metal engraving into what might have been soft clay, and colored with indelible


from Surrealist Novel Dream Images: Narrative Line Convergence  

This is a preview of Surrealist Novel Dream Images: Narrative Line Convergence which is the introductory essay to The Convergence of Two Nar...

from Surrealist Novel Dream Images: Narrative Line Convergence  

This is a preview of Surrealist Novel Dream Images: Narrative Line Convergence which is the introductory essay to The Convergence of Two Nar...