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It’s going to be a busy and interesting summer at MPN Church. By the time you read this we will have had a team of people at the Prestwick Prom event and this is always a good opportunity to share a bit about who we are and what we do, as well as encourage people to think about God!

services. These opportunities remind us that we are part of something much bigger than our congregation, or even our denomination, and we each have our part to play in building God’s Kingdom.

I’m sure you know that the Commonwealth Games will be in Glasgow at the end of Holly Thomson is going to Malawi with a July. There are lots of opportunities to group from Presbytery and she will be able share the gospel with people around the to meet people at our twinned church in games and we will be getting involved in Lweya and bring back news about the some of these. We will be running a different projects we have supported. We holiday club from 28th July to 1st August hope this will be a fantastic experience for for Primary School children. We will be Holly and that she will be blessed through working with St Nicholas and St Ninian’s all she experiences. to provide space where people can watch the games live and have tea/ coffee and On 30th June a group are going to Phoenix, chat. There will be a gazebo and tents in Arizona to share with and learn from our the grounds of St Nicholas and we need brothers and sisters there and in Leupp some volunteers to help serve the which is in the Navajo Nation. There are refreshments. We also have lots of copies always things to learn when visiting a new of the ‘Penny Gospel’ to give away and we place and our hope is that we have need volunteers to help with that too. opportunities to share God’s love through words and practically through helping with I hope that you have the opportunity to get projects the church there is involved in. away and have a good holiday, even for a Some people have asked why we would go day or two, and are refreshed and to America which is one of the richest invigorated for the rest of the year. countries in the world. The truth is that, as we have found here through our work with Blessings the CIA foodbank, there are people who struggle for the basics they need to live, even in a seemingly wealthy area. Simply being present is an encouragement to the users and providers of the different


Monkton & Prestwick North Church

Saturday 14th June 10.00am-1.00pm Games, Toys & Books BBQ, Home Baking Tea/Coffee & Scones and much, much more Come and along and join in the fun and get yourself a bargain at one of our many stalls.

FELLOWSHIP AT BIGGART HOSPITAL. For many years, a small group of us have joined with members of the other churches in the town to help bring patients in The Biggart to a short weekly service conducted by the Rev. Paul Russell, the hospital chaplain. The service visits three of the wards in rotation and although numbers may be small, those who attend really enjoy their time together. Even those who are unable to leave their beds can still hear the hymn singing and many patients have expressed their appreciation. A rota exists to give every congregation a month on duty. Our turn comes round again in September. More volunteers are always welcome, so if you can spare time on a Wednesday between 1.30—3 pm please think about coming along to share the fellowship. Meeting at reception in the Biggart at 1.30 pm.

This article appeared in Alison Christie’s sisters church magazine and passed it on so we could all share it. FOR THE GARDEN OF YOUR DAILY LIVING. Plant three 1. 2. 3.

rows of peas: Peace of mind Peace of heart Peace of soul

Plant four 1. 2. 3. 4.

rows of squash: Squash gossip Squash indifference Squash grumbling Squash selfishness

Plant four 1. 2. 3. 4.

rows of lettuce: Lettuce be faithful Lettuce be kind Lettuce be patient Lettuce love one another

No garden 1. 2. 3.

is without turnip: Turnip for meetings Turnip for Sunday service Turnip to help one another

In our garden we must have thyme: 1. Thyme for each other 2. Thyme for family 3. Thyme for friends Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow. Thank you Alison.


Benefit Advice North Ayr Resource Centre Outreach Service is now up and running again in Monkton. The service is Free and Confidential and is aimed at helping people of all ages in South Ayrshire. Both our Outreach Service and Main Office operate a drop in Service so you don’t have to make an appointment. You may be living on your own, have a family, have a disability, are a pensioner or on a low income. Whatever your personal circumstances, an Advisor can help you. We help people determine their Welfare Benefit entitlement; apply for benefits, tax credits, complete forms, appeal decisions and tribunal representation. If you are not sure about your entitlement to benefits, why not come along for a Better Off calculation. Our Ayr office is open Monday to Thursday 8:45am – 4:45pm (closed 12:45pm to 1:15pm for lunch) and Friday 8:45am – 1:45pm. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help and guide you through dealing with benefits and appeals. We offer the same service in the community via our Outreach Service as we do in our office in Ayr and can be found in your area at; Monkton Pioneer Café Hall On the Second Friday of each month between 10am to 12noon ALL CONSULTATIONS IN THE CHURCH HALL ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND CONDUCTED IN TOTAL PRIVACY. For further information on all our services and to learn more about NARC, visit our web site or contact us on 01292 286785 or Our Outreach Worker is Wendy Smith and she can be contacted on her mobile 07514 276564 or

Funded by SAC Community Planning Partnership


Roll Keepers Report April 20th 2014

Admit by Certificate None Admit by Profession of Faith Miss Shannon Morgan Hamil

33d Gillies Street


Miss Rhanna Orr

7 Baird Road


Mrs. Irene Smith

24 Main Street


Mr. Max Stewart

13 Winston Avenue


3 Meiklewood Avenue 3 Meiklewood Avenue

Prestwick Prestwick

Added by Certificate Mr. Malcolm Yates Mrs. Carol Yates


F E T E.

Our Annual Summer Fete will take place on Saturday 14th June between 10 am and 1 pm. Tea/coffee and scones will be available at a price of ÂŁ2. All the usual stalls with items for sale and games for the children will be provided. As always we will require the support of members in helping run the various stalls and providing items for sale, particularly baking, produce and plants. The halls will be open on the Friday evening to receive goods and set up for the Saturday. All offers of assistance and any new ideals to Jim Riach please. All we need now is good weather.

YOUNG CHURCH. Well, the summer is almost upon us again and our minds are turning to the Young Church summer outing and celebration service. The plan this year is to go to the Heads of Ayr Farm park on Saturday 21st June, using our own cars to get there. We would like to open this trip to anyone who wishes to join us. The cost of entry to the farm park for large groups works out at ÂŁ7.50 per person, adult or child. If you would like to join us, please let me know by Sunday 8th June, with payment of entry fee to be made by the same date. If you have a car we would be very grateful if you would be willing to offer transport to any one else who wishes to join us. We will be holding our celebration service, to mark the end of this session, on Sunday 22nd June. The young people who attended our residential in February will be leading this service. As you may know, a number of our teenagers are going to Arizona on a mission trip in the summer, and they have been running a number of fund raising activities over the year. It has been suggested that we all dress as cowboys or Indians or wear the Navajo tribal colours of orange and black at this service, with everyone taking part making a donation to the funds for the team. We would love to see as many of you at either or both of these events if you can join us. Volunteers The Young Church is needing more volunteers who would be willing to either lead a group on a rota basis or be a helper to a group leader, also on a rota basis. If you feel that you have skills to offer the young church and would be willing to join the team please speak to me for more information. On a different note, with a sad heart I have to inform you that as of the 22nd of June, I will be leaving the Young Church, but I am passing the leadership on to safe new hands. I am moving into a new chapter of my service to God and have applied to Presbytery for entry to the Ordained Local Ministry programme. This means that I will have a placement to undertake which will take me away from Monkton and Prestwick North church for a number of weeks at a time. I am happy to be able to announce that the new leaders of the Young Church Team will be Duncan Campbell and Lesley McCarrell and I wish them all the very best in their new roles and ask Gods blessing on their work. I look forward to seeing all of you who can join us on either the 21st or 22nd of June, God Bless Margaret MacBain


OUTING Monday 9th June

Another year has passed all too quickly and we are again planning the Car Outing. Invitations will be given out by Elders or you can contact Margaret Goodlad directly. Once I have your name I will match you up with a driver who will collect you from your home at or before 7pm, take you for a run and back to the hall by 8pm for a light supper and entertainment. You will be taken back home about 9.45pm. For all this to happen we need volunteers - for catering contact Pat Riach Tel 476458 and for essential car drivers Margaret Goodlad Tel 470903. If you do not wish to go for the car run you are welcome at the hall at 8pm for tea and the entertainment which will be provided by some of the children from Monkton Primary School. We always have a very enjoyable evening and only once in the last 14 years has it rained! All welcome Margaret Goodlad

The Guild The Guild theme this year was “A fellowship to build” and I think we achieved this by being a caring friendly group. During May some of the Guild ladies were at the Biggart Hospital to help patients to attend the weekly service at 2pm conducted by the hospital chaplain, the Rev Paul Russell. Alison Christie plays the keyboard and the service is enjoyed by all. We have had some interesting talks and slideshows on a variety of topics this year and are now looking for speakers for next session. The summer Rally is on June 5th at Dundonald Parish Church at 7.30pm and we will recommence in October. Margaret Goodlad

The best and most beautiful things of this world can’t be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart. A raindrop landing on your cheek is a kiss from someone that lives in heaven and is watching over you. Your mind is like a parachute. It only functions when it is open

ASHGROVE HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Marble Fireplaces, Stockists of Wall Panels and floor. We also cater for the less abled. Our specialist staff will tailor a design to meet your needs, and help inspire you to create the home of your dreams. New showroom at 21 Mackintosh Place, South Newmoor Ind. Estate, Irvine KA11 4JT. Tel. 01294 211888. Open 7 days.


Hello we are ALAN and HUGH and we started our own business over two years ago when our boss retired. We are a qualified brickie and a joiner. We are honest and hardworking and use only time-served tradesmen. We can and have done all sorts of jobs large and small. For a free estimate ‘phone ALAN 07852918099 or HUGH 07708949835 or Free phone 08002118503 or See Margaret Thomson who will take

BENNETTS THE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Prestwick’s Independent Funeral Director Serving the local communities for over 40 years offering a caring and professional service. Service chapels, private chapels of rest, floral tributes, pre-paid funeral plans, monumental service, horse drawn hearse, coach and mini bus hire. 4 Dalry Road, Kilwinning, Ayrshire. KA13 7HD. 01294 552213

64 Main Street Prestwick, Ayrshire. KA9 1NX. 01292 477800

64 Ayr Road Irvine, Ayrshire. KA12 8DL. 01294 273939


We are God’s masterpiece—Ephesians 3:10. (from Max Lucado—Come Thirsty). Over a hundred years ago, a group of fishermen were relaxing in a Scottish seaside inn. One of the men gestured widely and his arm struck the serving maid’s tea tray, sending the teapot flying into the whitewashed wall. The innkeeper surveyed the damage and sighed, “The whole wall will have to be repainted.” “Perhaps not,” offered a stranger. “Let me work with it.” Having nothing to lose, the proprietor consented. The man pulled pencils. brushes, and pigment out of an art box .... In time, an image began to emerge: a stag with a great rack of antlers. The man inscribed his signature at the bottom, paid for his meal, and left. His name: Sir Edwin Landseer, famous painter of wildlife. In his hands, a mistake became a masterpiece. God’s hands do the same, over and over. He draws together the disjointed blotches in our life and renders them an expression of his love.


Y O U.

Sitting in the pews week by week sometimes we take things for granted and I felt I had to say a special thank you to Margaret Ferguson, her team and not forgetting Sandy who I know assists her in everyway he can. The floral tributes are beautiful and not only enhances the Church but adds to our Worship week by week. Thank you also to all who contribute flowers. Valerie

Elaine’s Childminding Services Registered Childminder 23 years experience in Early Year Education Open Days available on request Contact:Elaine Wardrop 155 Adamton Road South Prestwick 01292 670513 Mobile 07526128194

CRÈCHE - THANK YOU As we near the end of the 2013/2014 Crèche session, I would like to thank everyone who has been on duty over the past year and I am sure I also speak for the parents in the Church who use this facility. I will be making up the Rota for 2014/2015 shortly and would ask you to let me know if you will still be available for duty. Ideally, another two or three volunteers would be greatly appreciated so if anyone wishes to be included please contact me, either at Church or by putting a note in my pigeon hole – No. 63 or alternatively telephoning me on 01292 477289. Thank you all once again.

Pat Simpson, Crèche Co-Ordinator THE PIONEER CAFÉ

The Café is still supporting local charities The 2013 Tips amounting to £1000 were divided between the following charities. £200 each to Sutherland House and South Ayrshire Young Carers £100 each to Renal Cancer, The Ark, Wheels in Motion (soup bus in Ayr), Bill Hare (Karate Instructor), RNLI and Ronald McDonald House (Yorkhill Hospital. Accommodation for parents of children being treated in the hospital) All the organisations were very pleased to receive a donation. Being able to help the church finances and all these groups makes the work very worthwhile. The café is a very pleasant place to work and it is much appreciated by our customers, especially a group of disabled people from Cumnock who come for lunch one day most weeks. Once again we appeal for help during the holiday period – for baking and soup, to help in the café and to shop for our fresh produce –usually done on Monday morning at Aldi’s or Asda. If you can help in any way please contact Margaret Goodlad Tel 470903 or the Café tel 471153. We would like to say a big thank you to all those who support us in any way—by cooking, baking, serving or being customers—we could not run the cafe without you!

1st PRESTWICK BOYS’ BRIGADE - ANNUAL DISPLAY 2014 Our Annual Display was held on Friday 9 May with Mr Tom Kennedy, Crew Member of Troon RNLI as our Inspecting Officer. It was well attended by parents, friends and members of our Church family. Lieutenant David Moore assisted by playing for our opening hymn. During the first half of the evening, the Inspection took place with Mr Kennedy taking time to speak to the boys and officers. The boys then took part in Marching, Games and various other activities, all of which they performed with great enthusiasm. The second half of the evening was dedicated to the presentation of Awards, Badges, Prizes and Certificates that the boys had worked for throughout the session. Ms Kirsty Ferguson presented the prizes to the boys and the main prize winners were: Anchor Boys

Junior Section

Company Section

Red Achievements

Jude Smith Nicholas Weston Jonathon Gibson Tyler Bews

Blue Achievements & Promotion

Lewis McCarrell Noah Harkness Calvin McLean-Daly

Best Team

Lions : Noah Harkness; Jonathon Gibson; Jude Smith; Tyler Bews

Best Attendance (incl. Sunday Parades)

Lewis McCarrell Jonathon Gibson

Good Behaviour Trophy

Lewis McCarrell

Gold Award & Promotion

Curtis McLean-Daly

Best Crew (Games)

Mars : Sean Crawley; Ross D’Agostino; Logan Hunter; Matthew Abernethy; Andrew Campbell

Best Crew (Inspection)

The Sun : Lawson McVie; Nathan Percy; Matthew Gemmell; Jack Robson; Ewan Robinson

Best Recruit

Ewan Robinson Matthew Abernethy

Best Boy

Curtis McLean-Daly James Robson

Queen’s Badge

Richard Howie Cameron Caldwell

Best Recruit

Gordon Campbell

Best Boy

Matthew McClure

Best NCO

Cameron Caldwell

Best Squad

Sqaud 1

Valerie Greig Trophy

Callum Gaw

We were delighted to be able to present two of our Company Section boys to receive their Queen’s Badges from the Lord Lieutenant at Ayr Battalion’s Annual Church Parade and Service held in Coylton Parish Church. The Queen’s Badge is the highest award that any boy in the Boys’ Brigade can receive and we congratulate both Richard and Cameron on obtaining this award through dedication and hard work. The Valerie Greig Trophy is presented each year to a Company Section boy who gets enjoyment from something he has done and passes that enjoyment on to others. Each year we have a special award in memory of one of our boys, Steven Muir. This award can be presented to a boy from any section of the Company and this year the Steven Muir Memorial Award was presented to Cameron Caldwell. In his closing remarks Mr Kennedy praised the boys for their hard work and enthusiasm which he said had showed in all the events throughout the evening and he hoped it would continue into next session. He also paid a fitting tribute to the officers. Tea, coffee, juice and biscuits were served to all those who managed to stay a little while longer. Our thanks to all who helped make our evening such a success. We meet in the Church Halls on a Friday evening and our new session commences on Friday 5 September 2014 at the following times: Anchor Boys (5 – 8 years old/Primary 1 - 3) 6.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. Junior Section (8 – 11 years old/Primary 4 - 7) 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. Company Section (11 – 18 years old/ Secondary School) 7.15 p.m. – 9.45 p.m. Please note that boys aged 5 years and upwards can enrol and we would invite any boy who thinks he might be interested to come along and join us for a night of fun, games and fellowship. Sgd. Sam Gilmour, Captain

L U N C H C L U B S. Another successful year for lunch clubs in Prestwick and Monkton. Numbers have dropped a little however and it would be nice to see a few more friends joining us for food and fellowship. Final dates for this session are 4th June for Prestwick and 19th for Monkton. If transport is a problem for you please contact Jeanette Munro on 470470 and someone will collect you and deliver you back home. May I extend a huge thank you to all who have given me so much help during the session. This has been invaluable to me and I couldn’t have done it without you. The autumn session will begin on 3rd September for Prestwick and 18th September for Monkton. Wishing you all a lovely summer. Jeanette Munro

1st PRESTWICK BOYS’ BRIGADE – BIRDS OF PREY VISIT As a special end of session treat for the boys, we invited a group called Hoots Owls to come along to the hall with some of their birds of prey. Gillian Ireland from Hoots Owls spoke to the boys explaining all about the birds and their habits and took time to let every boy hold one of the birds. We were delighted to meet Merlin & Magic two Tropical Screech Owls, Rowan a Tawny Owl, Ghost a Barn Owl who is sometimes a ring bearer at weddings and Harley the European Eagle Owl with the most amazing eyes. There was also a short glove to glove demonstration with Jet the Harris Hawk. Everyone enjoyed the evening which was a huge success and in the photos below you can see some of the boys holding these magnificent birds.

Church of Scotland—World Mission The Council for World Mission is a worldwide community of Christian churches. The 32 members share their resources of money, people, skills and insights to carry out their missionary work. The reports to our magazine about the current issues in World Mission used to be written by Bette Prossor. I am happy to inform the congregation of the Church of Scotland’s part in the World Mission. The Aim of World Mission is to enable the Church of Scotland , as part of the holy catholic or universal Church, to participate in the Mission of God in the world, following the example and priorities of Jesus Christ and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Links with our partners worldwide, maximising human and financial resources, and informing the congregations of the Church of Scotland are all parts of the World Missions work. The World Mission Council has 32 members (the Guild has a representative and there are strong links with the Guild projects). The main centre was in London but it is now in Singapore Commitments :- engage with presbyteries and congregations - work with Councils of Churches, Christian Aid and other partners -work with partner churches Here are a few of the projects involved in during the last year : -Justice for Bangladeshi garment workers - 1800 have died since 2005 in fires, collapses. (second largest garment exporter in the world) Bangladesh is the most disaster prone country in the world. It lies on the low delta lands of two rivers. -Praying for peace in Syria and the Christian community -South Sudan - Presbyterian Church of South Sudan - 1000 congregations. Several incidents of mass killing. Sudan is one of the newest countries in the world. -HIV Aids (2/3rds of people with Aids live in sub-Sahara Africa. 500,000 children in Malawi have lost one parent to Aids. -Cuba - reformed Presbyterian Church in Cuba is growing - 80% are new Christians -Kenya has one of the largest urban slums in Africa. Support after shopping centre attack. Two friends of WMC were killed. Kenya’s population has quadrupled over last 50 years. Now tourist are being advised not to holiday there at present due to terrorist attacks. -Africa’s problems - slavery , faith, building peace, climate change, socio - economics (debt trade, tax, health, HIV) Recent visit :The Rev Lorna Hood, Moderator of the General Assembly and her husband Peter, accompanied Carol Finlay of the World Mission Council to the Caribbean visiting Trinidad (where the wealth of oil has now superseded farming and tourism), Jamaica (one of the Church of Scotland’s longest partners - since 1800). Cuba - the Moderator wrote to William Hague following a WCC resolution asking for his support in lifting sanctions and improving US-Cuba relations 2014. At the General Assembly this year the World Mission Council turns its attention to Europe. Immigration is a common concern for all the European churches as thousands are coming to Europe fleeing war and persecution in Africa and the Middle East. There are many positive stories from our partner churches. Greece. Despite the economic crisis the work of the Greek Evangelical Church with its 5,000 members. Foodbanks (now supported by the Greek Orthodox - 90% of population), also work with drug addiction (detox centre) and befriending sex workers. Greek language classes for immigrants from Syria, Iraq and Iran. It is a church doing what Christ commands. Hungary - Budapest. Hungary has had considerable trouble with racist and nationalist gangs. Strangers are welcomed to St. Columba’s Church of Scotland. Sunday lunches are prepared for all. Strangers are welcomed in the name of Christ. Italy. ‘Being Church Together’ BCT is a project of the Evangelical Churches in Italy including our partners the Waldensians. This was in response to the influx of Protestant immigrants to Italy. A flexible approach if encouraged through commitment of oneness in Christ. The Waldensian church was founded in 1177. It united with the Methodists in 1975 and has 50,000 members - 20% immigrants

WORLD MISSION CONT’D. World Cup Fever. At Sialkot, Pakistan a sports good industry was started by a Scottish missionary many years ago. Ali Trading is now a football factory producing 1.4 million footballs a year. Now 20,000 a year are produced by Fair Trade and there is a Fair Trade shop on the premises. What a difference it would be for football stitchers in Pakistan if more sports shops stocked Fair Trade footballs. MALAWI In 2004 a World Mission team visited Malawi after a poor harvest. A twinning relationship started between the Presbyteries of Ayr and Bandawe and Limphasa (in rural North Malawi) Visits from Ayr Presbyteries followed in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and one is planned in 2014. Individual churches in the two partnership Presbyteries have developed twining relationships. Ayr presbytery raised £12,500 for the purchase of mosquito nets. Alternative gift cards were sold last Christmas at £7. During the visits much was learned about faith, joy, hope and love. Memories and friendships were taken away that will last a lifetime. For an online copy of World Mission Magazine go to

At the time of the magazine going to press we are still in the process of counting envelopes, therefore, I cannot give you totals for Christian Aid. However, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for all your help, without church family who are willing to give up their time, whether it be, to count, to collect, to help at the fun day, it really would not be possible, so thank you for all your support. I will let you know final totals once the last couple of streets have come in and everything has been totaled. Blessings, Scott Wardrop

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I recently read this article by Lucy Moore, Messy Church Team Leader at BRF. It spoke so clearly about the reasoning for running a Messy Church that I thought I would share it with you. Thoughts on Discipleship in a Messy Church Context. People who have little or no church background to draw on or make assumptions about, need to trust the people / church who are introducing them to Christ. The way they will trust someone / an institution is through relationships. As Christians we do not have the automatic right to be heard, we need to earn it. For many people becoming a Christian is as much or more about the present continuous - the becomING as about the conclusive decision to commit to Christ. For many it is a gradual 'I am turning to Christ' rather than an' I turn to Christ' moment in isolation. Messy Church may be about doing the groundwork so that people are in a position to say one day 'I turn to Christ' but the groundwork is crucial to get to that point. It cannot be rushed, any more than parenting a child can be rushed. Confrontation / issuing challenges of 'Are you in or are you out?' is inappropriate in this setting as people are in the process of learning to trust and don't yet know if this is something they can start to trust. From the start of the Messy Church journey we have sensed the fragility of people 'on the edges', messily not in or out. Inviting them inwards is a gradual and ongoing process, not a one-off. By encouraging people to find something in Messy Church not just for childhood but for teenage years and adult life, we are saying that discipleship doesn't stop when you're eleven. The presence of believing adults of all stages of life in this Messy community is a silent witness to the fact that Christianity lasts and is relevant throughout every stage of life. To model discipleship, to shine with Christ's light, to be ready with explanations and witness, to recognise the God-moments at Messy Church and to discern those who are wanting to go further requires and wakes the desire for an active walk of faith in the team members. None of us are at the end of our journey - we all have a long way to go and we are all messed up in some way and none of us are the experts. We come alongside people humbly as ordinary non-experts. Full article can be found at

1st Monkton & Prestwick Girls’ Brigade

The Girls’Brigade 2014/13 session finished with our Display on Monday 12th May. The Explorers started off the Display with a rap on the parable of the wise and foolish builders followed by a puppet show to the song ‘I’ll Be There for You’. The Junior section then gave us a drama on the life of Florence Nightingale and sang the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’. The Brigaders then got the audience involved in a quiz on the ‘Commonwealth’, and one of the Explorers, Rachael Archibald, gave us a lovely prayer to conclude this part of the Display. The girls were then presented with their badges and trophies by Mrs Cheryl Stone of the Salvation Army who was presented with a £100 donation for the Salvation Army from the Girls’ Brigade. The trophies this year were awarded to: Best Explorer Recruit – Lana Fidler Best Explorer – Iona Priestnall Best Junior Recruit – Amy Holland Best Junior – Ellen Priestnall Best Brigader – Erin Wardrop The girls have all done really well this year, and we are all so proud of them especially Erin who this year was awarded the ‘Brigaders Brooch’. We will, again, be involved in the Promenade event on the 7th June, and look forward to seeing you there! The 2014/15 session will begin on Monday, 8th September, 2014, and we look forward to seeing all our girls again, and any new ones that wish to come along. Thank you all for your continued support. Captain Susan Campbell and the Officers of the Girls’ Brigade

As you may be aware, we are partnering with Sutherland House to support the wonderful work they already do. A couple of members of our church family now volunteer at Sutherland House each Wednesday evening, this is going really well, they are both really enjoying their time at Sutherland House and already they are building up relationships. We recently had an informal planning meeting to discuss several activities that we hope to provide in the future: We plan to run a healthy eating class for adults with learning difficulties, during the Summer. The course will run from Monday 21st July-Mondy 25th August inclusive, our prayer is that this will provide them with a few basic recipes and some knowledge on the importance of healthy eating. We will have a healthy eating planning group, who will prepare and organize, it would be really helpful to have a few people who can come in and help on the day, no huge commitment required! If you would like to help please let me know. There are other activities in the early planning stages, we will keep you informed as we go along. Also, Sutherland House will be holding an Afternoon Tea to celebrate Enable’s 60th Birthday, we will be helping with this celebration, there will be a variety of ways that you can help support this happy occasion, details to follow! Meanwhile, we want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement and we ask that you continue to pray for this partnership, that God will continue to guide us as we work together, showing God’s love in a practical way, remember,

Together with our awesome God, we really can make a difference! Thank you, Elaine Wardrop

MINISTER Rev. David Clarkson Telephone : 01292 471379 Email :

BIBLE STUDY Wednesday 10.30 am Margaret Thomson Telephone : 01292 477045

SESSION CLERK James U Riach Telephone : 01292 476458 Email :

BOYS’ BRIGADE Friday pm (Various) Pat Simpson Telephone : 01292 477289

TREASURER/HALL BOOKINGS Robert Gibson Telephone : 01292 479248 Email :

GIRLS’ BRIGADE Monday 6.00 pm Susan Campbell Telephone : 07863868863

ORGANIST David Watson Telephone : 01292 314867

GUILD Thursday 2.00 pm Margaret Goodlad Telephone : 01292 470903

CHURCH OFFICE Telephone : 01292 678810 Email : KIRK SESSION COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES Discipleship Sam Gilmour Telephone : 01292 470614 Fabric & Finance Ed Sutherland Telephone : 01292 849554 Outreach Anne Ferguson Telephone: 01292 470975 Pastoral Care Jim Riach Telephone : 01292 476458 Worship Scott Wardrop Telephone : 01292 670513

MONKTON BROWNIES Thursday 6.30 pm Monkton Community Church Irene Boyle Telephone : 01292 478376 KIDDIEWINKLES Monday 10.00 am Shona Hodgins Telephone : 07754866173 TOTS-TOWN Wednesday 10.00 a.m Monkton Community Church Toni Burns Telephone : 07886449563 THE YOUNG CHURCH Sunday 11.00 am Margaret MacBain Telephone : 01292 479092

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