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Being Offensive

f you were on Facebook last week for any period of time, seeing a flood red Facebook profile pictures through news feeds and timelines seemed inevitable. Unfortunately, with the red signs of support for marriage equality came a number of comments from people supporting “traditional” or “Biblical” marriage only. After posting a jokingly sarcastic comment questioning if supporters of “Biblical marriage” were referring to the subjugation of women or polygamy, an acquaintance of mine asked if I thought that was the only way to view marriage according to the Bible. Of course, that’s not what I meant—my observation was meant to highlight how vague the concept of a “Biblical marriage” is, given the source text. But after a brief yet cordial conversation, a comment he made stuck with me: be careful not to be offensive to others. I had to stop and think on that for a few days. To a certain degree, yes, I can agree; some good can come to not go out of your way to offend large groups of people just for the sake of doing so. You attract more flies with sugar than vinegar, an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, and countless other clichés have sprung from this idea. At the same time, though, sometimes you really don’t have any other choice but to offend. While more and more Americans begin to support their gay family members, friends and neighbors, there are significant parts of the population who cannot and will not be moved. For some people, the mere existence of gay people is offensive, regardless of how visible they are (or aren’t). I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be invisible. My words may not convince people to change their minds completely, but if I can at least make people think, I’ll do it in whatever tone works—even if the tone is laced with sarcasm.

Elijah Sarkesian

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Pride Medical, Inc.

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4.3.13 Issue #43

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By Romeo San Vicente Super Troopers 2. That’s right, Super Troopers 2.

a moment of attention, don’t you think? Well, here’s the latest breaking Burrows bulletin: the former model and star of The Bank Job will appear in a U.K. crime thriller There are two kinds of people in the world: people who later this year called Crossmaglen (stumped? It’s a town know that Super Troopers is the funniest movie of the in Northern Ireland). Co-starring Ben Kingsley, Michael past decade or so (OK, yes, Anchorman, we know, relax) Gambon and Vinnie Jones, it focuses on an IRA gunman and people who’ve never seen Super Troopers. From the (Scottish character actor Tony Curran) who accidenadmittedly quality-variable comedy team known as Broken tally kills a woman and her children on Christmas Eve. Lizard (you really don’t want to see their follow-up film Obviously, life gets much worse for him from that point Club Dread, trust that) the absurdist 2001 cop comedy forward, so abandon all hope that it somehow turns into a featured drug eating, cat impersonating, bisexual swingcuddly Irish remake of It’s a Wonderful Life. Look for this ing and maple syrup drinking, to roll call just a few of its troubling “Troubles” drama in December, the jolliest calenidiotic charms. And now it’s back to the well for more bad dar month featuring the year’s most depressing films. policing for director Jay Chandrasekhar and his fellow Lizards Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Shoplifters of the World unite Erik Stolhanske. It’s early stages yet – that buzzkill word and take over the multiplex “development” lingers over the project at the moment – but it’s really never too soon to get excited over this idea. Who doesn’t love The Smiths? Unnaturally happy people, If you’re not it’s because you’re in the sad majority of yes, but few others. Since the early 1980s, Morrissey Earth-dwellers who need to catch up on the first low-brow and Johnny Marr, the mopiest U.K. guitar heroes of their masterpiece. The rest of you, begin guzzling the nearest generation, have captured the loyalty of millions of lonely bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s. listeners even though they broke up not long after they began. And therein lies a tale. It seems that a troubled young Saffron Burrows facing her share of American fan, heartbroken over the 1987 demise of the The Troubles Morrissey/Marr alliance, held a heavy metal radio DJ hostage at gunpoint and forced him to play hours of Smiths It’s entirely possible that you’ve given fewer passing songs (and it would take a gun to make a metal dude thoughts to the career trajectory of Saffron Burrows than switch from “Reign In Blood” to “Frankly Mr. Shankly”). you should, but the bisexual Brit actress has already done And now that bizarre story is a movie, Shoplifters of the so much to entertain you – including a brief stint dating World, a comedy from gay director Stephen Kijak (Scott fellow bi actor Alan Cumming – that you kind of owe her Walker: 30th Century Man) starring Downton Abbey’s 14 //

Jessica Brown Findlay, Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Love, Actually), Jeremy Allen White (Shameless) and Will Poulter (Son of Rambow). Currently still in production, you’ll have to content yourself with the ongoing feud between Moz and every other living non-vegan for entertainment until the finished product rolls into theaters. Lingering thought, though: Where is that DJ today and did he ever learn to love “There is a Light That Never Goes Out?” Geography Club meets soon Brent Hartinger’s highly successful young adult novel Geography Club is the little gay engine that could. The sweetly unassuming story of closeted high schoolers who find each other through a clandestine gay student group known under the code name “Geography Club” became a runaway hit, then a play adapted by the author and, now, a feature film from the writing-directing team of twin brothers Gary and Edmund Entin. Wrapped in 2012 for a 2013 release, the movie stars up-and-comers Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect) and Ally Maki (Step Up 3D), with established support from Scott Bakula, Nikki Blonsky, Marin Hinkle (Two and a Half Men) and Ana Gasteyer. Gay-themed movies for families are few and far between, so be on the lookout for this one very soon at a gay film festival near you before it finds its home on cable. That’s where its intended tween audience will have a fighting chance of seeing it. Ana Gasteyer

photo: Featureflash / @DavidAtlantaGA // 15

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Changes In Store for the By Elijah Sarkesian


s the Atlanta Eagle enters its 26th year, a number of this case, the beneficiary is Jerusalem House. changes are coming to the establishment. Get ready for a flurry of new activity. “Jerusalem House has been hurting—they’ve had most of their funding yanked through federal cuts. It’s a place With the lawsuits filed by the Eagle and several of its Richard and I used to volunteer for, back before we bought patrons in relation to the Atlanta Police Department’s 2009 a bar, so it’s high on our priority list to make sure they’re raid now in the proverbial rearview mirror for the establish- taken care of, so this gives us a chance to do something to ment, owner Robby Kelley feels that it’s time for the Eagle hopefully get some money in the door so they don’t have to to become more active in the community again. close,” says Kelley. “I’m finally getting back in the habit of doing what we used to do. A lot of people don’t remember, because we haven’t done it in a while, but we planned out different events. Every weekend, Friday or Saturday, there will be a different event inside the bar, because it’s one of the things people ask for. I kind of got personally…lazy, and I don’t mind admitting that,” says Kelley.

Kelley expects that the show will rotate its beneficiaries, with Jerusalem House rotating with Lost-n-Found on a monthly basis.

“We’ll be doing different events, from Cubcake parties, which are for cubs and otters, to Powerhouse for muscle bears, Tidal Wave parties for the bears, Fire Station parties. Stuff like that, that we’ve gotten out of the habit of doing. After everything the bar had been through, it’s me finally getting out of a funk and getting back to running a bar again.”

“We’re looking forward to [her presence],” says Kelley. “She used to play here back before Richard and I bought the bar, so she’s one of many DJs to flow in and out of the Atlanta Eagle. It’s nice to have her back here as part of the family. She’ll be a lot of fun. She’s looking forward to it a lot.”

Also changing for the Eagle: its DJ lineup. DJ Lydia Prim joined the Eagle’s DJ rotation in April with weekly spots on Wednesday and Friday nights.

Perhaps the biggest change, though, has more to do with In terms of programming, two big changes have already habits than events. Beginning May 1, smoking at the Eagle started. The first, and probably more surprising, change is the inclusion of a new drag show, Manic Mondays, a drag show starring Al’Meria RichMan. As the name indicates, the show occurs Monday nights, so it won’t effect the bar’s dance floor or organization nights on weekends. “It’s on a Monday night, so it doesn’t interfere with the clientele on Friday and Saturday,” says Kelley. “I don’t have to hear them say, ‘Oh, it’s a leather bar, I don’t want drag.’ Which is funny, because they all go out to drag shows on the weekends before they come here.” As with many of the events the Eagle puts on, the reason for this new drag show comes down to one idea: charity. In 18 //

becomes limited to the patio area only. This comes after an informal survey Kelley conducted over Facebook in late March, questioning bar patrons about their thoughts on the Eagle potentially going smoke-free. “We started getting questions about going non-smoking ever since the Cockpit opened. It’s one of those things I never wanted to deal with, because I feel like I’m stepping on individuals’ rights. But as the other bars started going non-smoking, I decided to do the Facebook thing. With that, we had over 500 responses, with only 18 wanting smoking in the bar, so Richard and I sat down and decided smoking would be limited to just the patio starting May 1. It will be warm enough for nobody to freeze to death, and people can get used to the idea of smoking outside before it gets cold.”

that they’re going to push their luck and try to smoke inside the bar anyway, and to me, that’s kind of stupid. I shouldn’t have to act like a parent, patrol the bar and say ‘Hey, you can’t smoke inside.’ They should have enough sense to read the signs when they come in,” Kelley acknowledges.

Smokers don’t have to worry about the uncovered patio area for long, according to Kelley: “We’re going to cover the upper deck so that, when it does rain, they’ll have a place to go outside and smoke without getting soaked.”

“But for the most part, my customers are grown-ups. Most of my customers actually listen to me, and we won’t have issues with smoking or anything else they’re not supposed to do in the bar. So I’m not expecting it to be a big deal.”

The response so far has been largely positive— The Atlanta Eagle celebrates its 26th anniversary April “shockingly, overwhelmingly positive,” according to 12–14 in conjunction with Leather Pride. For more on Kelley—but there are pockets of resistance to this change. the lineup, visit, or read next week’s issue of David Atlanta. “We’re going to have a few people who have already said

@DavidAtlantaGA // 19

Positive Impact: Making a Difference for 20 Years By Emma Harger


or more than 20 years now, Positive Impact, located on 11th Street, has been serving Atlanta’s HIVpositive population and aiming to eliminate the risk of HIV transmission. The organization features a wide variety of programs to achieve these goals: prevention and education services, free testing for HIV and STDs, counseling for groups and individuals, substance abuse treatment, community outreach, internship programs and MISTER—Men’s Information Services: Testing*Empowerment*Resources, a community center for gay and bisexual men. “I think we’re most proud of the fact that Positive Impact has really helped bring about an understanding and awareness of the need for mental health services for people affected by HIV, like the behavioral aspect of HIV,” said Michael Baker, the organization’s director of advancement. “We think that HIV is really just about condoms, but actually it’s a little bit deeper than that... There’s all sorts of internal, mental health reasons why we do or do not protect ourselves when it comes to sexual behavior.” Good behavioral health care also helps people with HIV maintain employment, housing and primary care as well as stay on their medication, Baker said. Back when Positive Impact started, no agency was working on mental health issues related to HIV at all. For the future, one goal is to further develop the idea that mental health plays a role in HIV and to keep serving the community, especially the Latino community. Also, continuing to find more partnerships for Positive Impact is another goal, including partnering with primary care physicians in underserved parts of the city. The agency has nine primary care locations in Atlanta 20 //

where a clinician is on-site to help primary care doctors understand and serve the needs of HIV-positive patients. Positive Impact is also a Medicaid provider and wants to expand into private insurance to better serve those who have trouble affording medical care. Positive Impact is also about to hit 50 employees and sees almost 6,000 clients every year. During Atlanta Pride last year, they also conducted 910 HIV tests in just two days. Usually, they do 420 tests a month. “We have been so thrilled by the reception in the community,” Baker said. “The community really has gotten to understand the work that we’re doing and it’s just really heartening.” Positive Impact will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a variety of events, including a Restaurant Week where eight different area restaurants will donate at least 10 percent of every diner’s bill to Positive Impact for lunch, dinner or both. The participating restaurants and meals include F.R.O.G.S. Cantina lunch and dinner on April 3, Zapata dinner on April 4, Fifth Ivory dinner on April 5, Radial Cafe dinner on April 6 and brunch at 10th and Piedmont on April 7. April 6 is also the day of the MISTER Open House and Progressive Party. Featuring an open house, extended counseling and testing hours, the first 100 guests will also get a Golden Ticket that gives them either a 10 percent discount at Joe’s on Juniper or a 15 percent discount and free tapas at Las Margaritas. Then the celebration moves on to Jungle Club Atlanta for a party featuring DJ Diablo Rojo and DJ Vicki Powell that goes on until the wee hours of the morning. Golden Ticket holders get free admission to this party—all others pay $10. The third celebration of Positive Impact’s 20th is on April 4: the Party with Impact, presented by Wells Fargo. Held at Atlanta’s Wimbish House on Peachtree Street, guests can enjoy a complimentary wine bar and lots of hors d’oeuvres, plus a private VIP lounge with an upgraded bar available to sponsors and guests with Host Level tickets. This event has already sold out.

n e e u Q ar ’ n Michael t S l l A ‘ ’s a t y Dyla B n a l t A 24 //


ll right, errbody! You thought you got rid of me now that Atlanta All Stars was over, didn’t ya? Well, you’d be wrong! I’m like one of those STDs you can’t get rid of. I had the pleasure of talking to my dear squirrel friend, and the winner of the first ever Atlanta All Stars, Miss Evah Destruction! We kiki-ed about her win and her drag career— check it out! Hi Evah! How ya durrin’? I’m fabulous, darling! Thanks for asking!

was difficult as well; I’m not a girl who does sultry or “burlesquey”. I can do sexy but, since I tend to do dramatic stuff, I got the critiques I did. I just didn’t quite understand it. Is there a week or challenge that you could redo? I wish I could redo the 80’s challenge, mainly because the selection was kind of rushed; I just threw that together mainly to focus on the Disney challenge that week. When you are given two challenges like that, it puts a lot of stress on you and especially holding yourself up to a certain standard. I loved the 80’s challenge but it was kind of like “I’m just gonna do it to get it out of the way” and then focus of Disney.

Alright, so we’re just gonna jump right into everything. First question, how does it feel to win against some of the drag “heavy hitters” that were You’ve just won the title of Atlanta’s first “All Star”, in the competition with you? so where do you go from here? What’s next? Honestly, it feels great. It proved that I am going in the right direction with my drag career, as far as Evah Destruction goes. My reasons [for competing] were not to beat anyone, but more so to prove to Atlanta that I am the “up-and-coming,” and that I should be looked at as a force to be reckoned with. Perfect segue into my next question. Over the course of the competition, Shawnna Brooks lovingly referred to you as an alien. With you being kind of off the wall, in a city full of “fishy pageant queens”, do you feel accepted? I think that I have showcased that I’m versatile. As far as fishy goes, or crazy goes, or alternative goes, I’ve never wanted to put myself into one specific style of music, or costuming, so I feel that my aesthetic is definitely more eclectic and I can appeal to different types of people. What is it about drag that you love so much? Drag, to me, is all about the art and the transformation and the ability to build a completely secondary character from your day-to-day life. It’s the fact that you can put on a wig and completely change your personality and become a different person. As a little kid, I used to lip-synch in front of a mirror and I always imagined this glamorous job where people would pay me to lip-synch, before I even knew what drag was. Had I known that existed, I would have started a lot of things a lot earlier. Really, I think it’s all about that homage to women, because we [as drag queens] are the ultimate feminists.

Well, I’m putting together my audition tape for RuPaul’s Drag Race at the moment, and if I don’t make it, I’m just going to keep on focusing on putting my face out there as much as possible. I also want to start getting into pageantry. I really just want to get out there as much as possible and start branching out, outside of Georgia, and really spreading the destruction. How long do you see yourself doing drag? I know that’s a strange question, but do you see yourself doing it into senior citizen territory or just a few more years? Right now, I don’t see myself doing it that long, but I do see it going on for a while. I am enjoying myself right now, and I plan on doing it until it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. As far as entertainment, music, culture goes, I don’t think it will happen for a while. Since art is always evolving, and drag is always evolving, there is always something new for me to play with. Last question: do you have any advice for new girls?

My advice to the new girls would be to stay true to who you are as an entertainer, and don’t fall into the negativity that surrounds you. Get your face out there as much as possible. As my drag mother [Jasmine Antoinette] told me, you want to be out in drag as much as possible; you want to keep your name and your face fresh on people’s minds. You want them to remember you, and I’ve done that since day one. In the beginning, it was rejection, rejection, rejection, but once I got my shit together, it started to pay off. Also, I want to say to Let’s go back to the competition real quick. What them don’t get bitter when someone tells you that they don’t was the hardest challenge for you during the buy your style of drag. No, fuck that. You go to another bar course of the competition? Was there ever a week and you turn it out every time and you will get somewhere. that you were just like “fuck this shit, I’m throwing the towel, I’m done”? Thank you, David Atlanta readers for taking the time to read this interview. You can catch Evah every Friday I think the hardest thing for me, honestly, was the Las Vegas night at Jungle for “The Other Show” at 9:30 p.m. Until Showgirls challenge. It was the first challenge that I actually next time, Atlanta! ever branched out into the realm of “showgirl” and I’ve never imagined myself doing that kind of style. Music selection @DavidAtlantaGA // 25

zopardi By Chris Az

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, The 20/20 Experience Sexy’s back, but not like you remember it: After seven long, hard, long years without Justin Timberlake at the pop-scene forefront, the creative chameleon finally gives acting a break and gets back behind the mic on his own terms, with a novel project that’s risky and rewarding. But not at first. It seems, initially, that The 20/20 Experience might just be the longest Robin Thicke album ever (cooey come-ons, slinky beats and a 70-minute running time, that’s why), but over time, it becomes clearer: Timberlake has this niche of sophisticated ladies’ man pop down, bucking any comparisons the deeper he reaches with every falsetto dip, meandering beat or old-school sweep. Point is: JT owns the hell out of this album.

drag-out, and coda “Blue Ocean Floor” turns Frank Ocean into parody – his innovativeness and just plain irresistibility on songs like the beat-embellished Miami Sound Machine-ish “Let the Groove Get In” and endearing JT throwback “Mirrors” can’t be ignored. By rethinking a tried-and-true format, Timberlake doesn’t just reenter the pop fold with inspired ideas and infectious poise. He challenges you to believe in him all over again. Grade: B

KACEY MUSGRAVES, Same Trailer Different Park

Pot smoking, hookups, homosexuality – you won’t hear Reba McEntire, and probably not even Taylor Swift, taking on that taboo trifecta. Kacey Musgraves, though, is a rebel with a cause – think Miranda Lambert – and she’s about to change country music one fearless tune at a time. The 24-year-old’s majorlabel debut, Same Trailer Different Park, first made noise with its buzz-worthy first single “Merry Go ’Round” last year, and not just Having been out of the game for so long, Timberlake because it rarely succumbs to fab gimmicks or tries to recreate wasn’t anhis solo debut, Justified, or its visionary follow-up, and other I-lovehis career pinnacle, FutureSex/LoveSounds. Justin’s my-truck, evolution is still a retro affair, as demonstrated by the boys-rule, chic Motown-inspired throw-down “Suit & Tie” and the beer-guzzling baritone harmonizers on the brassy ’70s-styled slow good time, or jam “That Girl,” but the real appeal is Timberlake’s in- a PSA power nate ambition: Even though he’s artistically misguided ballad made – not every epic wannabe warrants a seven-minute for the Carrie 28 //

Underwood crowd. Instead of romanticizing small-town life, Musgraves fully exposed it and, in turn, introduced herself as an artist boldly going where no country artist had before. She goes there a lot with this set of playfully important and tragedy-inclined songs, showcasing an abundance of charisma, candor and fresh-faced talent. The matter-of-fact songwriting is just wicked good. “Follow Your Arrow” embraces non-conformity despite social disapproval – hook up with a boy (or a girl, “if that’s something you’re into”) or smoke a joint if you want (she would) – but reveals more than just a gal who’d gladly go to a gay bar with you: As progressively anti-country as she may let on, this old soul likes her music more Loretta Lynn than Taylor Swift. That kind of traditional sound masks the casual-sex theme of “It Is What It Is,” and also turns the little ditty “My House” into the trashiest, most endearing love song you’ve ever heard. Move over, Reba. Kacey Musgraves is the future of country music. Grade: A

MEGAN HILTY, It Happens All the Time With Smash given the dreaded shift-to-Saturday death sentence, now’s the time for breakout star Megan Hilty to jump musical-show ship. Off she goes with It Happens All the Time, making a wimpy impression that fails to establish the thespian’s solo career outside of the fact that she can sing like a pro (we knew that) and has an impressive iTunes playlist. Besides a few so-so originals, “No Cure” standing out most (and that’s not saying much, considering the others are tepid, too), Hilty’s covers are bold left-of-center choices that her vanilla voice can’t capture: “The Blower’s Daughter” and “Safe and Sound” require rawness that’s just not there. Get this girl some Broadway tunes to belt ASAP.

KERLI, Utopia

Kerli is so club-made at the top of her third release that when “Love Me or Leave Me” comes three songs in, it’s hard to believe this is the same chick who was just singing about crazy kids. Said piano ballad is a heartbreaking dialogue with a lover who’s left her broken heart in limbo – should she move on, or let it break? – and Kerli’s affected vocal quiver is so awesomely reminiscent of Sia. Not that the Estonia dance queen’s bangin’ beats aren’t similarly potent: “Can’t Control the Kids” is a frantic piece of feet-to-the-floor rebellion, and “The Lucky Ones” lets her get away with old-school techno only because you can’t resist the track’s infectious positivity. @DavidAtlantaGA // 29

30 //

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Bliss 2284 Cheshire Bridge Rd.

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Bubbles Salon 1579 Monroe Dr. NE

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HIDEAWAY 1/2 Price Beer JUNGLE All-Stars Competition with BLAKE’S RuPaul at 9pm - Game Night Phoenix 10pm Trivia/Family Feud 11pm MODEL T Party with Elvis - 9 pm BURKHART’S Blue Monday Karaoke w/ OSCAR’S Ruby Redd’s After Party - 10 pm Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm SWINGING RICHARDS 2-4-1 VIP Room COCKPIT Big Red Cup All Day, specials TEN ATLANTA Drag-a-maki w/ Kitty EAGLE Music Videos with Scotty LeClaw 8:30pm FELIX’S Free Pool TRIPP’S Free Taco Bar 5pm FRIENDS Manic Mondays DJ opens - 2 pm XCESS ULTRA LOUNGE Raquell Lord’s GILBERT’S Half Priced Entrees 5-11PM Talent Show 10:30pm, Sophia Mcintosh & HERETIC Play w/ Eddie 4pm-11pm Fab 5 +1 11:30pm, 18+ HIDEAWAY $2.50 Domestic Beer WOOF’S Food Special, Trivia 8pm HOBNOB Date Night 19.95 3 course dinner for two 5-11PM JUNGLE Stars of the Century Show 11pm BLAKE’S Texas Hold’Em Poker 7pm, “Guys MODEL T Monday Night Madness Free & Dolls” with Shawnna Brooks. 11pm Pool - 10pm - 2am BURKHART’S Twisted Thursday w/ OSCAR’S Midtown Martini Club - 4 pm | Phoenix 11:30pm Service Industry Night - 9 pm COCKPIT Dirty Boy Bingo w/ Ruby Redd SWINGING RICHARDS Hip-Hop Night, EAGLE Balls Deep Karaoke w/ Mikey Sponsored by Hennessy 6:30pm TEN ATLANTA Karaoke w/ George Green- FELIX’S Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm FRIENDS Where Girls would like Girls lee 10:30pm TRIPP’S Monday Nite Madness w/ Tana 9pm meet Girls with Regina Simms 8 pm GILBERT’S Wine tasting 6-10pm WOOF’S Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 8pm HERETIC 3 Legged Cowboy Night 9pm HIDEAWAY Service Industry Night HOBNOB Live Music 8-11PM BLAKE’S POP! Karaoke with Sasie Monroe JUNGLE Sing For Your Life with Barry and Suzanne Gleeson 11pm Brandon 8pm BURKHART’S Trivia Tuesday Karaoke w/ MIXX Gentlemen Cocktails with Aaron & Angelica D’Paige 11:30pm Matt at 6pm COCKPIT 80s Party 9pm, specials 5-8pm MODEL T Party Time with Michael - 9 pm EAGLE Tuesdays w/ Tony OSCAR’S The Charlie Brown Show - 10 pm FELIX’S Smirnoff Martini Night SWINGING RICHARDS 2-4-1 VIP & Entry FRIENDS Let’s Make A Deal with Ken 6 pm XCESS ULTRA LOUNGE Turnt Up Thursday GILBERT’S Industry Night (complementary WOOF’S Food Special, Country Music 7pm pizza after 10pm) HERETIC 2-Step Tuesday, dance till 11pm HIDEAWAY Trivia with Wil 9 pm 10TH & PIEDMONT Live DJ 10 PM HOBNOB Trivia 8:30 BLAKE’S 5-9pm TGIF, Charlie’s Angels w/ JUNGLE Camp with Ruby Redd 8pm Charlie Brown 11pm MIXX Piano with David Reeb at 8pm BURKHART’S Fab Five w/ Angelica MODEL T Wii Tuesday Afternoons 2pm D’Paige 11:30pm 9pm $2.50 beer / $3.0 well vodka COCKPIT DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s OSCAR’S Show Tune Tuesday - 8 pm EAGLE DJ Dance Party SWINGING RICHARDS 1/2 Price cover FRIENDS Happy Time Friday Kelly & Ken 6 pm WOOF’S Industry Day Free Wii 5pm HERETIC no cover B4 11pm HIDEAWAY Kick Back Fridays! JUNGLE The Other Show with Edie CheezBLAKE’S 5-9pm Doug’s party pop hits, burger 9:30pm; Jungle POP 11pm Men of Swinging Richards 11pm-1am MIXX Ron’s End of the Week Party 4pm | BURKHART’S Humpday Karaoke w/ Grown & Sexy Dance 10 pm Darlene Majewski 11:30pm MODEL T Friday Bagels - 10 am | Texas COCKPIT Balls Deep Karaoke 10pm Holdem Poker 8 pm EAGLE Underwear Night with Tony OSCAR’S Spotlight Karaoke at 9pm FRIENDS Trivia with “Boom Boom” 8 pm SWINGING RICHARDS T-Shirt Review,$10 GILBERT’S Karaoke 10pm-2am TRIPP’S Afternoon Delights 4pm HERETIC 25¢ Keystone Light ,No Cover! WOOF’S Atlanta’s Best Social Night 6pm





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10TH & PIEDMONT Live DJ 10 PM BLAKE’S Open at 1pm, Daring Divas 11pm BURKHART’S Extravaganza w/ Shavonna B. Brooks 11:30pm COCKPIT DJ Diablo Rojo, guest VJ/DJ’s EAGLE DJ Dance Party FELIX’S Karaoke w/ Brett & Tyler 10pm FRIENDS Free Pool and Cheap beer with DJ! 2 pm - 6 pm GILBERT’S All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm HERETIC Varies: Club Night or 3 Legged Cowboy Night - 10pm HIDEAWAY Open at 12:30pm! Saturday Night Party JUNGLE Foreplay with Lily White 9:30pm; Club Night, Various Guest DJ’s MIXX Guest DJ’s Dance 10pm MODEL T Texas Holdem Poker - 3 pm | Party with the M&M Boiz - 9 pm OSCAR’S Spotlight Karaoke at 9pm SWINGING RICHARDS T-Shirt Review $10 TRIPP’S Afternoon Cookout 3pm XCESS ULTRA LOUNGE 25+ FREE til 12am WOOF’S Game Day All Day


10TH & PIEDMONT Bellini Brunch 11 AM & T-Dance 4 PM BLAKE’S Open at 1pm - High Energy Music & Video w/ Bill Berdeaux & Daryl Cox BURKHART’S Armorettes Drag Show CLUB RUSH Hip Hop w DJ Truz, no cover COCKPIT PBR Beer Bust FELIX’S Bloody Marys & Mimosas FRIENDS DJ’s Smirnoff B Mary Bar “A Garden in a Glass” - 12:30 pm GILBERT’S All you care to eat brunch (cooked to order) 11-4pm and Karaoke 6-11:30pm HIDEAWAY Atlanta’s Favorite Bloody Mary Bar! 12:30 pm HOBNOB Brunch - $15.00 - Bottomless Mimosas 11 AM-3PM plus 1/2 price wings 4-11PM JUNGLE The Day After with Knomie Moore 12-3pm; Sweet T with Bubba Dee and Wild Cherry Sucret 7pm LAS MARGARITAS All You Can Eat til 3pm MIXX Old School Sunday Dance 7pm MODEL T Sunday Dinner with Ron 3:30 pm OSCAR’S Sunday Fun-day TRIPP’S Buffet of Goodness - 3 pm | Karaoke - 7 pm WOOF’S Bloody Mary bar, PBR special



"13*-t1.t3&%$-":5)&"53& (3116 MAIN STREET, DULUTH) Lesbian singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier appears live at Eddie Owen Presents. For more information, visit eddieowenpresents. com.


THE MAN BEHIND THE MAN IN THE MASK Sitting in the lobby of the Woodruff Arts Center, outside the Alliance Stage, the first thing you notice about director Christopher Renshaw is the infectious twinkle in his eye when he talks about musical theatre. “Musicals are where I fit best. I like lots of people around me, sort of the whole musical theatre experience. I enjoy the chaos, the collaborative, several rooms going. I have sort of a restless brain so I can be in a dialogue scene and go into the corridor and change a fight scene. Musicals are good for me, they sort of keep me on my toes.� That restless brain and those toes have been busy for the past few years rehearsing Zorro The Musical, which is opening at the Alliance Theatre April 3 and running through May 5. This is, however, not Mr. Renshaw’s first brush with this musical about the dashing swashbuckler in the black mask. Originally produced in London (and directed by Renshaw) in 2008, the show has been seen across the world (in a variety of languages) and now comes to roost in Atlanta before a possible life elsewhere in the states. Zorro is unlike any show he has worked on before. Punctuated with a flamenco score, fueled by the world famous Gipsy Kings, Zorro already stands in a class by itself. “I thought it was a very good story to tell, but I liked the idea of a flamenco musical which has always been what I wanted. I was a good chance to do flamenco. I think it’s very hard, these days, to know what type of music a musical should have. This is a wonderful thing; you know where you’re coming from. Flamenco, there’s your musical style. And it’s also new, it’s the only one.� Zorro is sure to leave audiences entertained and wanting more. Renshaw says “It’s huge fun, and it has a big old heart. I like doing shows with a lot of heart. “Gay audiences have always been a very stalwart fan of musical theatre and I think they’ll find this new, they’ll find this fun. I think it’s quite camp in places. Zorro is hard to do without a little bit of a twinkle in your eye, so gay audiences certainly have the sophistication for that. And it’s sexy, I think flamenco is sexy.� Text by Nicholas Grant. Zorro The Musical runs at the Alliance Theatre April 3–May 5. For more information visit For our full interview, visit


The Atlanta Executive Network hosts their First Thursday OTP networking event. For more information, visit

KPA CHARITY DRAG SHOW "13*-t1.t-; '3"/,-*/30"%4& ."3*&55"

The Kennesaw Pride Alliance hosts their sixth annual Charity Drag Show at LeBuzz. Proceeds benefit CHRIS Kids. For more information, visit

BEARRACUDA ATLANTA "13*-t1.t)&3&5*$ $)&4)*3&#3*%(&30"%

Bearracuda, the premiere bear dance event, comes back to Atlanta. For more information, visit


"13*-t1.t."3:4 (-&/800%"7&/6&4&

Mary’s new “drag thang� on Saturday night presents the Garbage Pail Gurlz, highlighting the latest in thrift store chic. For more information, visit

READING RAINBOW BOOK CLUB "13*-t1.t$)"3*4#00,4 &6$-*%"7&/&

Author Keturah Israel discusses her book, Cricket Promises. For more information, visit


"13*-t1.t+6/(-& (2115 FAULKNER ROAD NE)

Bubba Dee returns as host for the monthly event, which has a redneck theme this month. For more information, visit

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Color me this! Color me that! Gregg Homme’s new colorful collection will NODOUBT give off the illusion that your too hot to bare. This seethrough net piece encompasses breathable comfort all the while showing off your true colors. Whether you’re in the club or on the beach onlookers will envy your audacious sex appeal.

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AFTER DARK Lust ful Fantasies Inspire New Lines

Photography: Simon Normand | Model: Philip Fusco @DavidAtlantaGA // 41


Tied up and caged in, Gregg Homme’s Bondage Collection will have you face your own fears of sexual desires. Break down the mental barriers of your imprisoned fantasies and strap on this new coat of armor.

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COLLECTION Let me out and untie me! Gregg Homme’s MALE collection will have you second-guessing if you’ve ever felt so free and exhilarated in your life! This masculine array of styles gives a fetish-spirited look. Made from 90% polyester and 10% elastane, effortlessly juxtaposes rugged lace-up parts and mesh see-through fabric with a leather-like trim that epitomize hardcore attitude without sacrificing precious comfort!

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As you pull back the arrow, close one eye and concentrate on your object of desire. Gregg Homme hit the bull’seye with their new collection TARGET. Made from 76% POLYAMIDE and 24% SPANDEX this fabric is made from a hyper-stretch microfiber, with a liquid touch following every supple curve of the body’s landscape, and providing extra support and enhancement to the best parts of the scenery.

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Spotlights will shine and heads will turn. Even Steven Tyler will be jealous of your stardom-like trance. Gregg Homme’s Rockstar will have you captivating every kind of audience you so wish. Providing you with the ultimate Rockstar sex appeal, this collection is made from a supple, rubber-look material combined with strategic stitching that highlights every twist and turn on the edge of your body.



Gregg Homme apparel can be purchased locally at Boy Next Door or online at

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fairyscopes ARIES (March 20 – April 19): You are quite the trail-

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22): You’re filled

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with positive, creative energy right now—so create something new! You’ve got the right kind of attitude for art, romance and making new friends, and it’s a good time to expand socially.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20): Stick to the tried and

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true this week—despite everyone else’s insistence on trying out every last crazy idea that comes down the pike. Dig in your heels and let them call you a traditionalist.

GEMINI (May 21- June 20): Have you been waiting for someone new to cross your path? Your energy is attracting all sorts of wildly different individuals your way, so you can expect to have some interesting conversations this week.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20): Your amazing creative energy is bubbling up to the surface right now, and you should be ready to make the most of it. Create some art, find new answers to weird old questions or just revel and have fun!

CANCER (June 21- July 22): You can wield tremendous influence this week, as long as you are willing to go for the brain and not the heart. Your energy is just right for making intellectual connections and convincing arguments.

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19): Your big

LEO (July 23 – August 22): Let go of almost everything and see how much faster you can move. You need to be nimble if you want to make it through this week, so it’s a good time for you to get on the move as quickly as possible!

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18): Let your

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22): Your mind is open to new knowledge and ideas right now, so experiment a little to see if you can pick up any new tips or hot gossip that can help you push through to your next big milestone.

PISCES (February 19 – March 19): Don’t be shy

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plans might start to feel faintly ridiculous later in the week, thanks to some big, unexpected changes coming through soon. It’s a good time for you to show off your adaptability!

ambitions ramp up sky-high this week—you really are limitless! Your energy should help you overcome all obstacles, so don’t spend too much time fretting about what could go wrong.

about sharing your wisdom—it’s easier than ever to apply what you’ve got to your current situations. Friends who don’t know they need help are the ones you should take care of first.


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What’s up with bartenders who think they’re God’s gift to mankind and think they need a $4 tip on a $5 drink?

Community… does anyone know what this fuckin’ word means? If so, prove it and stop making your “social clubs” an orgy party!

To the guy who says my head’s up my ass: it’s up there because it’s the only head that’s going to be there! Justin Timberlake is making a comeback just as Justin Bieber is hitting a breaking point. Coincidence? No. There can only be one Justin.

Did you just ask if the guy who rode by on a lime green scooter was gay? 60 //

Shadower, please! I only use your Scruff profile to AVOID your drama-causing ass. Egotistical much?

Putting a sign that says “Halt” to members at the entrance of your gym is very unwelcoming and rude.

How is it that there are always so many guys with laptops and iPhones cruising at Ansley, but I never get picked up?

No amount of scruff or muscles will make you more of a man than me or anyone who’s different than you. Leave your shallow “daddy issues” at home. It sucks when a guy with a really hot ass is a top and when a guy with a really big dick is a bottom. *This page reflects the bitchiness of the community not David Atlanta or its publisher (although we’re bitchy too!)

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