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June 2019

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The Weighbridge Inn join Whatever the weather Home of the famous us at the"2Weighbridge in 1" pie this summer… The Weighbridge Inn is a real, old-fashioned Cotswolds country pub. Dogs and children are welcome and there is a stunning garden to the rear with plenty of parking available. Located between Nailsworth and Minchinhampton, the pub is famous for its “2in1” pies. This is a unique dish of the filling of your choice on one side topped with mouth-wateringly crumbly pastry and accompanied by delicious cauliflower cheese on the other. However, the award winning Chef, Toby Refoy, also ensures a variety of weekly seasonal specials and home-made desserts are always available with four local real ales and a great wine selection to accompany them

Come and join us for one of our famous 2in1 pies, or try one of our new seasonal dishes.

Longfords, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, GL6 9AL Tel: 01453 832520 | www.weighbridgeinn.co.uk 1320418



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AWARDS 2016 Good food, fine local ales - and a warm welcome Good food, fine local ales - and a warm welcome

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1st – 9th June –Gloucestershire Guild Crafts See the advertisement in this issue 2nd June – St Marys’ Choral Evensong Please see the article in this issue 4th June – Dolphins Hall AGM 7.30 pm at the Dolphins Hall 9th June - Avening School Fete 9th June – Rail Lands Trust Bike Ride See the advertisement in this issue 10th – 14th June Friends of Tetbury Hospital House-to-house collection & fundraising 11th June – Scam Awareness Tetbury Library drop-in; 10.00 am start 15th June – Avening Bear Hunt 11.00 am at Avening Primary School BBQ, drinks, cakes, ice-creams, bears! 15th & 16th June – Ashley Open Gardens See the advertisement in this issue 22nd June – TTC Clubs & Societies EXPO At Dolphins Hall – see the ad in this issue 24th June – WI Coffee Mornings Resume Please see the article in this issue 28th June – Feoffee Community BBQ 6.00 pm at the Millennium Green 29th June - Leighterton Village Fete See the advertisement in this issue Tetbury Footpath Group walks for June: Please see the article in this issue Cotswold Voluntary Wardens June Walks Please see the article in this issue


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Young by Name What a To-Do! As I delete the latest ‘Task Management’ app from my phone, my quest for the perfect automated to-do list resumes, in parallel with my perpetual search for the ideal handbag. When I downloaded this cutely-named app, it seemed full of promise. I imagined my days streamlined and efficient, my desk and my conscience clear by wine o’clock every day. However, I quickly went off it when it began to take over the decisionmaking process. It refused point-blank to allow me to change my mind about priorities, or even to move incomplete tasks to the next day! I really need an action-list app with a “Mañana” setting - although the ever-patient editor of this esteemed magazine may disagree.* The last straw was the app’s high-handedly adding events to my calendar that were of no relevance to me. Bank Holidays I could accept, and I don’t mind a reminder of the Queen’s birthday, but the Battle of the Boyne? Really? All that did was to make me feel inadequate that I couldn’t think of an appropriate to-do action to add to my list. “Wear orange,” suggested one waggish friend, when I protested the fact on Twitter. Which brings me to a different approach to productivity management: the ‘What NOT

to Do’ list, for logging time-wasting things to avoid. If you know of any app designers out there, tell them I think there’s a gap in the market for this. I don’t mean only for recording evergreen items such as “Don’t spend too much time on Twitter!” (Except to ‘like’ @ LionsTetbury’s wisecracks, obviously.) I formulate new ideas for my version of this app every day. This morning, for example, I’d have added: “Don’t match up the pile of odd socks that your husband has discarded on the

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bedroom rug while searching his wardrobe for a pair – he is not a toddler. He can sort his own socks.” Although to be fair a toddler would handle this task very well, if at the stage of enjoying shape-sorter toys and memory games of pairs… I must add to my action list: “Recruit affable toddler.” So, it’s back to the drawing board for me – or at least to pen and paper. A handwritten list by my keyboard will have to suffice. Sometimes old technology really is the best option, just as old wives’ tales so often prove to be founded in fact. Old-fashioned does not mean obsolete. My favourite sage old saying? “The best way to get something done is to do it.” As in writing my column for the Tetbury Advertiser. (You see what I did there?) Tick!

ry    Tetbu ear’s olm   last  y y.  Malc ck   rom   charit wi ited  f fits  to   eremy  Lod benef    J es  pro both     at an ry etbury   T on chairm riends  of   or l  Tetbu  which  d pital   choo que  f F nd S os e   a he y   H c   n   th   ar ry  a rt   tow  Tetbu suppo  presented y’s  Prim lly  in  the   o   ar ed t M nt d    St.    also nnua  prese will  be  use tal  and hat  runs  a alcolm ently     pi M ec ch r os s.   ,   hi t ie rs y  H in   0,  w ent    facilit e  aga rganise e  for  £30 Tetbur  music  ev nd nc o   a o   t   nt 9, l.   a,  a chequ  equipmen he  eve  in  201 he   Fiest  Schoo ith  a   e  of  t t ew n   return ary’s on  w y,  on  for  n icians   ke  place  o St.  M nt  will   Philb a  Dalt  mus fforts ad  of   ta ar  eve   ing  e s  and EO  Zen y,  he st  will   ts  are popul drais band oolle and  C ,”  the   r,  Tetfe ees.  Ticke Jo  W l’s  fun  local   st o   ea t ng ita y   tfe s   ivi nt Hosp  Thi attend ield  on    by  g of  “Te amou ience. hundred   ame   unity F ame   n   ll   ud   m s   a   e     g. th  new  com ive  live Worwe ar  parkin d  to  f er  the ent  to  the front  of  a ue  –   c   ite nd u en or im v f l g       m   m s  in   nt,   atin  new ertain t  eve of  roo d  at   oper talent has  a ily  ent Woo Now   lenty   their   ll-­‐ticke fest  also   rolly    has  p ing  fam showcase   ill  be  an  a  Tet ark  T le  and provid ame, th and  w k  or  M ty  to   essib ew  n .co.u rtuni  13   ily  acc the  n oppo ilbym y  the is  eas with   ay  Jul  site   y1@ph long   philb cious Saturd n  sale.  A t   pa a s y   s   dy  o  Thi  Philb alrea Road. ct  Malc @tetfest   ester   conta ook   Cirenc lease   Faceb ion  p us  on     ormat  Visit   ore  inf .com For  m tmail @ho 10 trolly     mittee st  Com Tetfe  

s nsor d spo Prou ur local of yo estival cf musi r tickets ou get y July 13th for e r s e h liner



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4 | June 2019

30a London Road Tetbury GL8 8JL - 01666 500353 (Follow us on Google and Facebook)

Quality Alterations Sew Basic All manner of alterations undertaken Basic one-to-one lessons for adults and children in your own home Michelle Motti ~ 07581 058149 contact@michellemotti.co.uk 0980318

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Lion’s Den Tetbury Lions have booked a stand at the upcoming “Get to know your Town” open day, where we will be joined by many more organisations, town council and voluntary groups. The event is aimed, primarily, at our new neighbours from the recentlybuilt developments around the town, but everyone’s welcome, so please mark the date in your diary. It’s at the Dolphins Hall on the 22nd of June, so please come along and say “Hello!” to the Lions and to many more.

I’m now in my final month as President of Tetbury Lions - I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone, and how busy it has been! May brought our eighth annual Wacky Races during the first bank-holiday weekend and the event went very well, with good crowds, exciting racing and some crashes and spills. A fun day was had by all who attended. A big “Thank You!” to my fellow Lions, our supporters and

sponsors - and especially to the growing number of local organisations who provide support on the day: without your help this event would not take place. We look forward to running it again next year. As you might imagine, following the truly Herculean efforts to get Wacky done, June tends to be a quieter month for the Tetbury Lions. Socialising, we have a canal trip from Bradford on Avon organised in the coming weeks though, when hopefully our two barge captains will keep everyone safe and dry. And we are also looking forward to our annual ‘handover’ lunch, when at the end of June I shall be passing the Lion President’s baton on to the incoming President – Lion Tony Sykes.

General Handyman Services

May was a quiet month for grant requests, but we were happy to agree to provide financial support to the Summer Show again this year. As you may remember, we chose Longfield’s Hospice as our main charity to support this year - and we presented them with a cheque for £5,000 in the spring. Once we have completed our accounts for Wacky Races it is our intention to present them with additional support. Our incoming President Tony will, I’m sure, want to advise you of the amount in his article next month. Lion Ken White continues to lead our efforts with Men in Sheds, and he and his supporters are making great progress. Congratulations to them for completing the installation of the shed! We’ve also managed to complete the dedication of the memorial bench on Millennium Green, so particular thanks to Lion Warren Hateley and to GLC & R Williams of Cherington Forge, who also attended the photography session.

Incl. Loft & Garage Clearance

‘No Job Too Small’ Contact Brian Jarvis on Tel: 01666 500244 Mob: 07837 896270 0460617

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, this year has flown by and it’s been a great privilege to serve as President of the Tetbury Lions. Thank you to all my fellow Lions for their support, input, criticism, guidance and encouragement during a busy and sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding, twelve months. I look forward to supporting incoming Lion President Tony Sykes, Vice-President Ollie North and all the officers of our club as they assume their new roles in the Lions for the coming year.

Abi Andrews Hair & Make up The Garden Room 6 Alexander Gardens, Tetbury Gloucestershire, GL8 8YZ 1130509

As ever, thank you to you, the residents and businesses of Tetbury and surrounding villages. Your continuing generosity at our events and your support for the Tetbury Advertiser each month makes the difference. Without you, Tetbury Lions could not continue to provide support to so many organisations and good causes locally, nationally and internationally.

Telephone: 01666 505466 www.abiandrews.com // info@abiandrews.com Springfields1:Layout 1 22/4/09 22:12 Page 1



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29/11/2012 17:31

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

Yours in Lionism, Bill Walsh, President, Tetbury Lions

June 2019 | 5

History of Tetbury Society The Battle of Nibley Green was the subject of Adam Dolling’s talk at HOTS on the 2nd of May. This was the last ‘private battle’ on English soil. It was fought on the 20th of March 1470 and was distinct from the Wars of the Roses that were taking place elsewhere around that time. It was the culmination of arguments and legal proceedings concerning the inheritance of the Berkeley estate under the terms of the will of Lord Thomas Berkeley, who died in 1361. His will used the legal device called ‘entail’ that left property to male heirs only, so when in 1417 the then Thomas Lord Berkeley died without a son, it was a nephew, James Berkeley, who was entitled to inherit. This was vigorously disputed by the grand-daughters - and their husbands - of the first Thomas. A long and complicated series of difficulties between James Berkeley and other noble families ensued. By 1470, James Berkeley had died and had been succeeded by his eldest son William, who had possession of Berkeley Castle and owned the Berkeley Estate except for the manors of Wotton, Cowley, Simondshall, Sages, Newleves and some other properties. These were inherited by the 22 year old Viscount Lisle from his grandmother the Duchess of Shrewsbury, who died in 1467. At the end of 1469, Lisle decided to close off the Berkeley inheritance and made an abortive attempt to bribe his way into the Castle. After that failed, he wrote to William Berkeley challenging him to a face-to-face duel or a battle. William chose the battle to be fought next day, the 20th of March, 1470. Berkeley raised about a thousand men using the castle employees and estate tenants reinforced with miners from the Forest of Dean. Lisle recruited locally, including in Tetbury, but only raised about 300 so was heavily outnumbered. Nibley Green lay between the Castle and Lisle’s properties in Wotton. Fighting began with Lisle leading a charge downhill, presuming that some Berkeley scouts were the entire opposition. The majority of Berkeley’s men, though, were concealed in the Michaelwood trees opposite. Lisle was killed by a volley of arrows almost immediately and his men began a retreat. This was the signal for carnage to ensue - and some one hundred and fifty men were cut to pieces as they retreated along the narrow Church Lane. So, the Battle of Nibley Green was all over in one day, leaving many locals nursing injuries or lamenting the loss of their husbands. Some evidence was found of

6 | June 2019

a mass burial in Nibley church and the remains were re-interred in the churchyard. Adam had a small display of armour and weapons of the period but, given the short notice of the battle, it must remain in doubt how the men were actually equipped or clothed. He showed us photos of tombs in Berkeley church and he gave us an

enjoyable meeting. Our next meeting is at South Cerney on the 6th of June. We have been asked to restrict numbers, so please get in touch with Peter Lisle-Taylor if you want to go. HOTS will have a small exhibition in the Malt House on the 8th of June, commemorating D-Day. Alan Twelvetree, Tetbury History Society

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A delightfully charming period cottage nestled within a row of cottages with a view of the Cutwell valley. Offered with no onward chain, this is being sold as a thriving holiday let business.

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Shared Ownership £134,750

49% share of this lovely three bedroom end of terrace house with adjacent parking. Close to lovely walks along the old railway track

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News from St Marys’

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I wonder, what’s your favourite hymn?

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With love and prayers, Poppy The Revd Poppy Hughes Rector, The Benefice of Tetbury, Beverston, Long Newnton and Shipton Moyne


So, on Sunday 2nd June at 6.00 pm we’ll be celebrating all of this with St Marys’ annual and traditional ‘Friends of the Choir’ Choral Evensong. Our Festival Choir is singing and it’s a beautiful service – not to be missed. Do come along – and perhaps become a Friend of Tetbury Choir if you’re not one already? Or be inspired to sing with us? The Festival Choir is trained for major festivals through the year by the talented composer and Choir Director Ian Higginson. Then, on the second and third Sunday at our 10.00 am Sunday service, we have a pop-up Congregational Choir. Arrive half an hour early for a practice, and then boost our singing. All are welcome.

01666 840060




We are so lucky to have so many wonderful hymns, both as part of our heritage and continuing to be written today. It’s a sort of shared poetry – or shared prayer. As the English fashion designer and businesswoman, Vivienne Westwood, once said: “Being part of a community with a church at its centre and singin’ hymns is a great thing to do.”

We are a family business

The Old Dairy, Pinkney Park, Near Sherston, Malmesbury


And it’s the same for other important life events – from christenings and funerals to gathering as a community on Remembrance Sunday or for Christmas celebrations; and week in, week out on Sunday mornings. Our hymns are at the heart of all our services.

Mobility assessments and tuition at home


I love discussing chatting through the choices with our couples as they prepare for their big day. It’s always a good idea to choose hymns which everyone knows, so we get some good hearty singing. And in a marriage service, I always suggest something cheerful to begin with, then something a bit gentler in the middle, before they make their marriage vows, and a good singalong to finish. So, we get lots of favourites – like ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful,’ then ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’ and ‘Jerusalem’ as a rousing finale!


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8 | June 2019

Reliable Competitive Friendly Service Contact

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk


Wacky Races

Wacky Race events, Steve Thomas in his very distinctive ’C12’ racer had a scare this time when for the first time ever he was demoted to second place by Owain Wilford in ‘Moonraker 2,’ going into the final round. Steve fought back though, and by increasing his starting line pushing crew to three, managed to win back his first place with a course record time of 28.47.

Wow, what a Wacky Race we had this year, in the eighth running of this crowd-pleasing event! Thanks to the assistance of the Rugby Club, the scouts, Sir William Romney’s School pupils and a few others, the course was set up and dismantled in record time. Not bad, considering two hundred straw bales and around a hundred and fifty crowd control barriers had to be moved.

practice session, unable to compete in the final two timed runs. Indeed, several carts lost component pieces on various parts of the course or suffered buckled wheels. Trumpton, the Fire Brigade entry, once again had problems and came to a halt before the end, having to be pushed. Emergency repairs were completed just in time to have them compete in all races though.

Back in 2012, in the inaugural event, Steve set the pace with a time of around 35 seconds - a measure of just how competitive this event has become. Just six seconds separated the three junior entries with George Jaggers in ‘Gen 3’ taking the honours with a time of 34.22, good enough to give him tenth place in the overall standings. This year any profits generated by the racing will be channelled toward Longfield Hospice - so a big thank you to those who took part, to all those attending and to all who helped to make this another great day out.

Having won each of the previous seven

Wacky Race Committee

Once again, we are very grateful for the support of the Duchy Home Farm who delivered and collected the bales, to Westonbirt Arboretum for loaning the barriers and to Eagle Plant for providing the transport and equipment to collect and return them. It should be noted that without this complimentary support it would be impossible to hold this event, as crowd safety would be compromised. For the second time running we were able to provide large television screens both in the Chipping car park and on Millennium Green. Thanks to the Feoffees for granting their kind permission to install these screens. These arrangements are a crowd favourite, limiting movements between both ends of the course and allowing everyone to relax with family members and not miss any of the thrills and spills that is Wacky Racing. The screens were also used to promote goods and services in and around Tetbury; it will be a long time before anyone attending forgets the “Arkwright” sketch, promoting Tetbury Hardware! And what of the racing? Entrants continue to come from far and wide - this year from as far afield as Dorset, London and the Midlands. Chipping Street has finally been resurfaced, so it was certain carts would be setting fast times. The jump halfway down the course again provided a highlight too, with the crowd shouting “Jump! Jump!” as each competitor came down the course. Not all of them were brave enough to respond to the challenge. The tight turn to the finish by the Royal Oak once again created several ‘casualties,’ with three competitors, after a very competitive

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June 2019 | 9


Pixie Lock Ltd

Have you ever wondered what is involved in being a volunteer with Girlguiding?

Professional Locksmith & uPVC Repair Specialist ‘Local & Independent’ 24 Hr Call Out - No Call Out Fee – Fast Reliable Service Non-Destructive Entry (Wherever Possible) Keys Cut on Site – uPVC Repairs All Work Guaranteed – Fully Insured – CRB Checked Free Consultations

We will have a table at the Expo at the Dolphin Hall on Saturday the 22nd of June, so please come and visit us and find out a bit more. You may be able to offer us weekly commitment at a meeting for Rainbows. Brownies or Guides or you may be able to offer to audit our accounts once a year – all help is welcome! Rainbows recently produced some colourful maps of the school grounds and learnt how to use a compass. They enjoyed racing to be the first to find North, South, East or West! They have tried out their map reading skills to find their way around Tetbury and identify key buildings. Tuesday Brownies have found ways to help them remember key facts such as addresses – apparently ‘Cheerios’ were a great help! They went to the imaginary museum and found new uses for old items and have had a team quiz. They have thought about what they could carry in their pockets, so that they are ready to be helpful to others. Thursday Brownies are out and about on walks and treasure hunts and they will be trying raft building. An exciting activity in preparation for their Pack Holiday is to tie dye their own T-shirts. Guides are spending as much time outside as possible. Monday Guides made, (and then ate,) edible campfires one week - and the following week tried the twomatch challenge to light a real fire outside. Although most took quite a few matches, all of them got a roaring fire going and were able to melt chocolate and toast marshmallows. Congratulations to Sophie who lit her fire with just one match – something I have never seen in all my time as a Guide leader! Wednesday Guides have practised tent pitching, ready for their overnight camp early this month.

Call Ollie on 01666 848097 – 07823881639 – info@pixielock.com www.pixielock.com 1361013

Tel: 0785 505 6769 Please ring, text or leave a message for an appointment. Specialising in Sports Injury Diagnostics, Post Operative and Post Fracture Rehabilitation with over 20 years of International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games experience.

Opening Times: Monday/Wednesday 3.00 - 7.00pm Thursday/Friday 07.45 - 11.30am Out of hours appointments are available on request. For Assessment, Treatment with Manual Therapy, Electrotherapy, Acupuncture, Biomechanics and Exercise Prescription.

Didmarton B, Priory Park, London Road, Tetbury. GL8 8HZ Web: www.kirtonphysiotherapy.co.uk Facebook: Kirton Physiotherapy

Elaine Kirton MCSP HCPC 0321118

Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Emily King DHP, HPD, RMN Move away from negative thought patterns, reduce your anxiety and feel empowered to take back control of your life.

Unfortunately, we are unable to run our annual Book Sale over the Woolsack weekend. If anyone is interested in trays of paperback fiction please let me know. We would be happy to donate some to other charities or care homes in Tetbury. If you wish to have some to sell we would ask for a donation to our funds. Sue Doidge, Girlguiding Tetbury District Commissioner girlguidingtetbury@gmail.com

10 | June 2019

Chartered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Offering Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions to individuals of all ages, including children and teenagers. www.livingalifeinspired.com 0431118

Call 07867 755 772

Email emily@livingalifeinspired.com

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We supply and install high quality uPVC, aluminium, timber, and composite windows and doors As well as replacing existing windows and doors, we can form openings for new ones using our skilled construction team

100208 KP Gardens



01666 825403 info@orchardwindowsanddoors.co.uk www.orchardwindowsanddoors.co.uk Orchard Windows & Doors is a trading name of Simon Pike Builders Ltd

720208 Nailsworth Dom Applian




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A re liable, fas t & fr iend l y s e r v i c e

Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers, Fridge-Freezers, Electric Cookers . . . N o

Cal l - out



Ch arge

- local references available -

01453 ~ 833310


CONTACT ADAM 07880772731 OR 0041118

E-MAIL adamoxi72@gmail.com

DOWDING & SON Television Electrical Repairs Sales and Repairs Televisionand

& Digital Box Sales. • Television Television Repairs. ••Television Repairs. Table & Standard lamp repairs. • NEW &TV‛sStandard • Table lamp tuned in &repairs. set up. • Replacementetcremote controls. ••NEW TV‛s etc tuned in & setup. Collection & delivery service ••Collection & delivery for in the for your repairs & sales Malmesbury your repairs.& Tetbury areas.

12, Avon Road, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 0DL

07778 354668

07778 354668 for a friendly and personal service

.....Job opportunity please call for more information.....

for a friendly and personal service 0410115

All profits distributed locally and internationally

June 2019 | 11

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engineering weaknesses, but quality problems sent customers elsewhere. Joint ventures with Honda then purchase by BMW failed to halt the sad decline. However, many illustrations of once-familiar cars brought back happy memories.

Doomed from the start? No, not Brexit but British Leyland, the ill-fated Government-favoured merger, in 1968, of Leyland Motors Corporation and British Motor Holdings (BMH), itself formed previously from the British Motor Corporation, Jaguar and Pressed Steel. The overall product range included cars, commercial and military vehicles, earthmoving equipment and refrigerators. John Macartney’s well-informed insights on the 18th of April into the history of British Leyland were excellent but sobering. BMH, with its dated car range (except for the Mini) was operating at an overall loss by 1968, masked by its profitable Parts Division. Some merged companies continued to trade successfully, but John explained how within this complex organisation successive key top executives had extreme difficulty in combating entrenched parochial attitudes resisting change and limiting inter-group co-operation. Models from merged companies continued to compete against each other, production costing techniques were poor and Government financial support insufficient. Moreover, calamitous industrial relations problems caused extensive and costly strikes. The 130,000-strong workforce,

Forty-three members and guests enjoyed our annual lunch at the Minchinhampton Golf Club on the 25th of April. Our chairman, Malcolm Lomas, thanked Ian Thomas for his major contribution in organising this, and commented that the recent tragic Notre Dame fire had made him recall Harold Porter’s excellent talk about his Fire Service career.

supported by seven to eight times as many in component manufacturers, produced one million vehicles annually. Well-known names included Austin, Jaguar, Morris, Standard, Triumph and Rover. But John said that BL was soon haemorrhaging financially and eventually had to be nationalised. Even then financial support to create new mass-market models was not forthcoming and dealer rationalisation costly. Restructuring, plant closures and divestments followed. A few good new models such as the Rover 75 emerged, admittedly with some intrinsic

Appropriately, following the enthronement of the new Emperor of Japan, Reg Bolton came on the 2nd of May bearing bonsai. Introduced to Japan by Indian Buddhists, brought to Europe in Victorian times and now world-wide, he said the term ‘bonsai’ means ‘plant in a tray’. Reg, a Chelsea exhibitioner, offered advice on starting and nurturing bonsai from seeds, cuttings and small plants, explaining his own techniques, illustrating key points with his impressive tree specimens. He stressed plants must be kept well-fed and watered, describing readily-available foodstuffs. Root control and frequent pruning of unwanted growth, retaining the embryonic buds at the bottom of leaf stems, were necessary to keep plant and leaf sizes small. Unglazed drained china trays were essential too. Above all, Reg said, there must be harmony between the size and shape of the plant and its tray. Once hardy, trees should be kept in a healthy tree environment, not indoors. As our Speaker Secretary said, could bonsai cultivation be the next step for our gardeners?

Peter O’Loughlin Ltd Painter, decorator and property maintenance services.

Professional, friendly and reliable service All aspects of the trade EST: 1986/ Free Estimates

Theo Stening, Probus

Mobile: 07745495427 Tel: 01453756742 pete.oloughlin@sky.com Fully Insured



12 | June 2019

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The People’s Pod are now thoroughly enjoying the lighter evenings… …and beginning to spend a bit more time outside on the Memorial Recreation Ground, enjoying the old pod decking for table tennis and pool and the odd game of rounders. We haven’t abandoned our cooking, of course, and have enjoyed whipping up some Birthday Brownies for one of our young people, as well as celebrating the marriage of one of our youth workers. We had a great time giving her a ‘young-person-friendly’ Hen do, too - where everyone was welcome. The toilet paper wedding gown game was a real favourite! Congratulations to Hannah and Darshan who tied the knot at the end of May.

On Friday the 10th of May we held our second youth cinema evening at the Goods Shed. In a poll taken at SWR in April, the young people chose the film Beauty and the Beast and had a great time watching it. We will be having another youth cinema evening, hopefully on Friday the 5th of July, so watch this space for the choice of film to be shown. Mentoring continues to go well as we meet some young people weekly for one-to-one sessions, to give them a safe space to talk. If you are reading this and have some time to give, please consider whether you might like to become a voluntary mentor for TAYCT, to help support young people. The challenges that young people are facing these days are huge, from exam pressure to the complications of social media and complex relationships. Sometimes having someone


A small, friendly, family-run business with over ten years experience, we’ve worked on dry stone walling projects across the Cotswolds, both large and small.

Tetbury Area Youth and Community Trust neutral to listen to them is just what a young person needs. Full training is given. We are also excited to announce that our one-to-one counselling pilot scheme has begun. Annie Evans is driving this project and works as a counsellor, as well as being a mental health specialist. Annie and I see a massive need to address children and young people’s mental health, as the threshold for statutory services is so high. Although we have started, we are currently trying to secure funding to get this properly off the ground. It feels great to be able to do something to help support those whose needs are not being met elsewhere, as we believe the young people in our town deserve to have their needs met. So please give us a big “thumbs up” for mental health for children and young people and consider supporting us somehow, however big or small that support might be.

We offer competitive rates, free advice and free quotes

For any more information and/or referrals, please contact counselling@tayct.org.uk for an enquiry form, and someone will be on touch.

For further information please contact Paul Nash on 07737 514755 or visit our website www.cotswoldstonewallers.co.uk

Jo Tancock, Project Manager www.tayct.org.uk 0060318


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 13

Chelworth Bookworms One Day in December by Josie Silver One day in December 2008, Laurie is sitting on the top deck of a bus when she looks down and makes eye contact with a young man waiting at the bus stop. A lightning bolt of connection flashes between them, but before either can act on it, the bus moves on. For the next year, Laurie replays the scene and wonders if she will ever meet ‘Bus-Boy’ and finally she does - as her best friend’s new boyfriend. Carefully guarding her feelings and assuming that he doesn’t remember her, Laurie decides to keep her friend, but lose her chance with Bus-Boy.

A small and friendly practice based in Tetbury Annual Accounts Personal Tax Corporate Tax

Bookkeeping Management Accounts Business start ups

Contact us for details on our introductory offer to save you 15% on your current fees t: 01666 238067 e: enquiry@mpnaccounts.com 0750619

TREE SERVICES LTD • Tree Surgery/reduction • Tree felling/removal • Stump grinding • Planting • Council applications completed • Fully qualified and insured

Jack does remember, but taking Laurie’s lack of response as disinterest, he plays along. And so begins a 10-year struggle, as both try to move on whilst always wondering ‘What if?’ Sampling Laurie and Jack’s lives at key points over the following years, we follow the ups and downs of their relationships and careers. Often catching up with Laurie at Christmas and New Year when she looks back on the previous twelve months and makes resolutions for the year ahead, we are aware of her struggle to find love and fulfilment. This is a sweet book, often predictable but always entertaining. Well written and referencing the films and fashions of the last 10 years, it is the ideal holiday read – perhaps for Christmas? Ghilly Vincenti, Chelworth Bookworms

Paul Carpenter Carpentry Services All aspects of carpentry, kitchens, uPVC doors and windows

Tel: 07952 931552 640513

14 | June 2019

Free quotations and advice Please contact; Ben King T: 01666 500216 M: 07976 262829 E: ben@kingstrees.co.uk W: www.kingstrees.co.uk 0510116

SHB Window Cleaning SHB uses the latest technology in reach and wash cleaning systems, offering an environmentally friendly, reliable and professional window cleaning service. We clean all windows, frames and sills leaving a spotless streak-free finish. Our water-fed poles can reach up to 35 feet, enabling access to the highest of windows. Call or email us for a free onsite quotation 07376 205788 or info@shbwindowcleaning.co.uk


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! ut s bo k A c s to U S To d lk le Ta yc


Print that doesn’t cost the earth... We don’t just talk about sustainability – we deliver. Here are just a few of the ways we minimise our impact on the world around us: • We recycle 100% of our paper waste. • We’re powered by clean, renewable energy from Ecotricity. • We use vegetable-based inks, which are kinder to the environment. • We recycle 100% of our printing plates. • We’re FSC® certified, which means we support responsible use of forest resources. • We’re certified by the Environment Agency. (registration number BLS/345108)

Miniature Folding Instructions & Leaflets


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Eco Lamination

Made from biodegradable additives that break down the film via oxygen, heat and micro organisms

Brochures & Books Perfect Bound or Stitched

NCR Pads

Carbon Copy, Receipts & Invoices


Call: 01453 731001



Long Term Care Surgeries 27th June 2019 - 10am to 4pm

SHOULD YOU BE CONCERNED ABOUT LONG TERM CARE? If you have assets exceeding £23,250, including your family home you may have to fund long term care costs by yourself. With careful financial planning, it may be possible to fund care as long as required. Please come in or call 01666 503751 to reserve a space Cotswold Wealth Chartered Financial Planners is a local Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, and is qualified to offer advice in this specialist area. Cotswold Wealth Chartered Financial Planners is a trading name of Cotswold Wealth Solutions Ltd.

Cotswold Wealth Chartered Financial Planners 13 Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DA

www.cotswoldwealth.co.uk cotswold.wealth@sjpp.co.uk

No Obligation Long Term Care Surgeries If you or a loved one are entering care or are concerned about the cost of care in the future then now is the time to explore your options.

Book Now

27th June 2019 - 10am to 4pm

The Partner Practice is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website www.sjp.co.uk/products. The title ‘Partner Practice’ is the marketing term used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.

New Patients Welcome General Family Dentistry

Dental Implants

Crowns and Veneers

Tooth Whitening

Bridges and Dentures


Six Months Smile (tooth straightening)

Nervous patients welcome

Invisalign (clear braces)

Children under six seen free of charge

Belgrave House Dental is a state of the art dental practice in the centre of Tetbury. We are currently welcoming new patients, so come and experience customer care from our highly qualified team offering a wide range of treatment in a stylish, welcoming environment. Tel: 01666 503403 Email: reception@belgravehousedental.co.uk www.belgravehousedental.co.uk

8 Market Place Tetbury Gloucestershire GL8 8DA


16 | June 2019

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The decoration and repairs at The Market Hall are now complete, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank both local businesses and residents for their patience during the process. I’m sure you will agree that the building is looking wonderful now, following this work, and once the hanging baskets are also in place it will once again be the jewel in the Town’s crown. As the summer gets underway, we will be getting busy, and this month we will be attending the Tetbury Expo at the Dolphins Hall on the 22nd June, when you can come and learn all about not only us, but other organisations in our town.

There will also be our Community BBQ at the Millennium Green at 6.00 pm on Friday the 28th June. For those of you who are new to the town or have never attended before, this is a ‘free of charge’ community event, an opportunity to meet your friends old and new and to enjoy a burger or a hotdog. Just bring a blanket, chair, drinks and yourselves! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting you all there.

Other Dates for your Diary: 7th September – Beating of the Bounds. The annual walking of the boundaries of the town, followed by the presentation of our annual accounts. 14th & 15th September – Heritage Weekend. As part of this national event, The Market Hall and The Feoffee Meeting

The Feoffees and the Thirteen Room are open for the public with historic displays I am pleased to confirm that grants approved recently have included: •

£600 to the Foodbank

• A grant towards books/equipment for a local student, who is going to University to study Psychology. If you think we may be able to help you or your group with an education or training grant, please visit our website – www. thefeoffeesoftetbury.co.uk - or speak to one of our members. Lance Vick Chairman

The homecare service where peace of mind comes as standard. We offer a wide range of services to support your care needs: • • • •

Personal Care Companionship Specialist Care Respite Care

• Nursing Care • Home from Hospital • Support with Daily Living

Contact our Gloucester branch on:

01666 503 020

gloucester@prestige-nursing.co.uk Or visit www.prestige-nursing.co.uk

Prestige Nursing + Care

0640215 1280619

McTimoney Chiropractic Clinics in Sherston, Malmesbury area & now at Tetbury Hospital


Gentle & effective treatment for back, neck & shoulder pain, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries Emma Newby BSc MMCA

07789 691479 emma@mctimoneychiro.co.uk 0690715

Hand delivered to 4,300 homes each month

Gas Safe Reg.

Oftec Reg.


Telephone/Fax: TETBURY (01666) 502287


June 2019 | 17

Letters to the Editor…

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

also t cover and ertiser fron dv A for ly ay al M ci e used on th them – espe d a use for was lsack images un it oo fo W u ed e cr yo th at no I took delighted th ointed that little disapp y-four. I am ough I’m a on page fort th al for me? – e is ag th t si ly seller’ im ough to revi have recent en nd the ‘balloon ki be y work, I s you would phers more of m ap ra y rh og an ot Pe ng ph n! ei r give ed in se invite othe n. are interest y aim is to es are my ow And if you orks.org M tw ar al e all the imag it ag ig st .d w is w th w at d he gh is ou establ e site, alth tists onto th and digital ar ishes, e With best w whence thos knowing from nwood t ee ly ou Gr gh ith r w ou ge or th Ro th mon d that the to press last ur all’s well an y, we went Roger – yo eased that . pl es Ed: Daringl rv ry se ve de I’m he so it r e, ed he m cr ot ca e an s , photograph now gets th r John Ross Greenwood it too to M r ed ge Cr Ro e! l fu us delight r shot. good NOT to month’s cove s were too provided this photograph ho w er ph ra cal photog generous lo


o Dear Edit

I would like to formally thank both Eagle plant and Valley Trading for sponsoring Wacky Races this year. They were both very generous indeed, both with their resources and their time. Valley Trading were not only generous but also wise, supplying us with a sixyard skip, larger than the one we had expected. We managed to fill it though - albeit with a little help from our own “Men In Sheds” group who contributed a bath, and a member of the general public, who fly-tipped a mattress!

The Dolphins Dramatic Society has recently had to say farewell to the lovely George Dowson, a member since 2000, who passed away on the 18th March. He directed two plays for us – “Blythe Spirit” and “The Cemetery Club,” could sing, dance and play the guitar and gave us some memorable acting as Professor Chester Marvel in “The Wizard of Oz” and as Friar Tuck in “Robin Hood The Panto,” among other roles.

Very many thanks again, Lion Robin Levin

Dear Editor,

the Advertiser. printing and general quality of team on the standard of paper. I’d like to compliment you and your miss it.? ” last month I noticed. Or did I Yet there was no “Unsung Hero r. If I may, I done by Tetbury in Bloom, eithe for the flower beds and borders nts lime comp a really any ting; seen n’t plan And I have . They provide some beautiful too, perhaps via your letters page it. should like to congratulate them in g well as those livin ng into and through the town, as Abi Andrews Hair nice thing to see for those drivi

Even when George’s health began to suffer, he still supported the Dolphins by helping with front of house, & Make up with set building and by coming to see backstage, productions. He was much loved by the Society and will The Garden Room be sorely missed by us all. 6 Alexander Gardens, Tetbury

Thank you, Hazel Redding

e who contribute to it, GL8 Terri 8YZ White collaboration between thosGloucestershire, The Advertiser’s always been a ’t lucky though, aren team Ed: Dear Hazel – many thanks, TiB Dolphins Dramatic Society The s! year nt rece mble it. We’ve been very lucky in ?” 01666 505466 as an “Unsung Hero advertise in it, distribute it and asse numberTelephone: their of one teer volun to like hard. Perhaps you’d you’re right – they simply work very www.abiandrews.com // info@abiandrews.com of late. ons inati nom r fewe been E There HAV 0020218

Business Cards.indd 1

29/11/2012 17:31


18 | June 2019

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Pub of the Year 2019


The Cat & Custard Pot Inn is a traditional pub with eight lovely en-suite bedrooms. It is a stone’s throw from Tetbury, Malmesbury, the Beaufort polo club and the Westonbirt Arboretum. Sitting in the centre of a lovely village, Shipton Moyne, the Cat has a bustling bar which serves great local beers as well as classic pub food with a modern twist. Relax and unwind next to the cosy log burner or keep up to date with the latest sport, the Cat caters for all!

The Cat & Custard Pot Inn The Street . Shipton Moyne Tetbury . GL8 8PN

To book a room or table call us 01666 880249 or email cat@catandcustard.co.uk


Holiday at Home

TETBURY’S LOCAL CLEANING COMPANY Professional and Reliable Cleaning

The Holiday@Home project is organised and run by Churches Together in Tetbury (TACT) and is now in its fifteenth year. It’s a simple idea, to provide a one-day holiday for those more elderly members of our town unlikely to have a main holiday, or for those who just don’t get out as much they used to, because of age or disability. The project is run over two days in August, so nearly thirty guests on each day will have the chance for a ‘day out’ – in Tetbury! This year Holiday@Home will be on Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd of August. Transport is provided if needed, and following a welcome drink, the day begins with activities and table games, or just a chance to chat. Photo displays of times past provide the start of plenty of conversations. We usually have a good sing-song at some point; the old songs are never forgotten! Various other entertainments and ‘Time for Thought’ carry on through the day, until guests are taken home (with a ‘goody’ bag) at the end of the afternoon. What have we missed out? Of course, a holiday is not the same without some good food! A hot threecourse lunch is provided in the middle of the day, with a traditional ‘tea’ later in the afternoon. No one goes home hungry! Our theme for this year will be “Down on the Farm.” We’re already well in advance with the planning. The project is staffed by over forty volunteers and the whole day is provided FREE to all our sixty guests. Once again this is due largely to the generous sponsorship of the project by Tetbury Feoffees – Thank you!

Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Conservatory Cleaning Patio Cleaning Domestic Cleaning Commerical Cleaning

01666 504717

Call us on: or email: www.gilescleaningservices.co.uk 0420319

Town & Country News Providing a local delivery service of newspapers and magazines to Tetbury and surrounding areas. Please be aware that Tetbury Hardware accept payments and vouchers in an envelope only. Many thanks!

We thank all our customers for their valued continued custom.

Tel: 01666 502398

Email: sarah.townandcountrynews@btinternet.com 720310 ET Lumley:Layout 1 19/2/10 20:37 Page 1

E.T. Lumley Garden & Pet Supplies Stainsbridge Mill, Gloucester Road, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0AJ

Tel: 01666 822325 E-mail: etlumley@googlemail.com www.lumleypetsupplies.com

The invitations for this year’s event are going out at the beginning of July. If you know of a friend, neighbour, or anyone in or new to Tetbury that does not manage to get out much and who you feel would enjoy a one-day ‘holiday’ in our beautiful Cotswold town, please contact us (see below) as soon as possible, with the details. We could provide you with an invitation to pass on if necessary. Please contact Allan or Jenny Norwood 01666 504075, e-mail: aandj@mailcan.co.uk who are compiling the Invitation list. For other details, contact: Brian and Sue Cook - 54 The Street, Didmarton, Glos. GL9 1DS - 01454 238222, or e-mail bacwoodb@aol.com.

20 | June 2019


❊ Top Leading Brands of Food & Treats ❊ ❊ Our Own Label Premium Dog Food ❊ ❊ Bowls, Toys & Accessories ❊ ❊ Beds & Cushions ❊ ❊ Wild Bird Food & Products inc. Live Food ❊

for you and your pet’s every need.


Delivery Service Available

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

House Cleaned Washing up done Clothes washed & ironed Beds made ....making life easier

We know how difficult it is to fit housework into your busy life.

Our services include: • Regular cleaning

• Washing up

The Housekeeper has been created to offer a truly bespoke service to deal with any chores that take up too much of your valuable time.

• One-off cleaning • Vacuuming

• Kitchen & bathroom cleaning

We’ll do what you need, when you need it... we’re here to make your life easier.

• Dusting

• Bed making

• Window cleaning

• Washing & Ironing

Call us today on

01666 460128

bookthehousekeeper.co.uk 1281017

140208 Classic Windows



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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 21

Tetbury Camera Club For keen camera enthusiasts one of the best ways to spend an evening is sharing it with like-minded photographers, either shooting new pictures or looking at recent ones, so it isn’t surprising then that many of us voted a night we recently hosted with guests from Sodbury and Yate camera club as twice as good as normal! It’s always illuminating to learn what other clubs are doing, to hear their views on different facets of our hobby and see what photographic styles and techniques they are adopting. On this occasion we were treated to a couple of hours of very professional presentations. These covered a wide variety of photography styles, from still-life to a humorous audio visual, stunning landscape shots to a very interesting demonstration of the work done by a recent Sodbury

member whose work is so admired she has been awarded a licentiate by the Royal Photographic Society. They were all inspirational and convinced us we are going to have a hard task in the autumn when Tetbury has now been invited to make a return trip down the A46

to one of Sodbury and Yate’s evenings. More recently we had some of our own work to be proud of when one of our members, Charles Rymer, discovered that he had been asked to display one of his pictures at an exhibition being staged in Cheltenham by Andoversford point-topoint. Earlier in the year the racecourse teamed up with Cheltenham Camera Club and launched a search for the best images capturing the character of the Cotswolds. Entries were invited from all parts of the county and the best pictures submitted were then used for a display at the April point to point meeting. The one that Charles submitted, ‘Hidden Valley Near Oxbury Upton.’ underlined the value of the advice we have given here in the past – always taking your camera with you is the one way to ensure you never miss a great shot! Charles had his and saw the ideal picture opportunity by chance when out for a weekend walk. “It wasn’t a planned picture, just one I spotted when out on a walk” he said. “I took it a few days before the announcement of the ‘Capture an image of the Cotswolds’ competition was announced. There were lots of entries, but only twenty selected and I’m delighted with the reaction. If it’s held again next year, I’ll be keen to try and repeat my success.” If you’d like to try your hand doing the same thing keep shooting in the country and join any local camera club, (preferably ours!) - as being a member of a club was one of the main requirements for entry to the competition. We meet at Tetbury’s Priory Inn on Tuesday evenings and are always ready to welcome new members. On June the 22nd we will be manning a stand in the Dolphins Hall, where there will be a day of displays to introduce newcomers to what goes on in the town. Come along and meet some of our members - we’d be happy to tell you more.


22 | June 2019

Iain Smith, Tetbury Camera Club

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk



Your local stockist 0230519

Units 2 & 3 Hampton Street Industrial Estate, Hampton Street, Tetbury GL8 8LD Tel:Â 01666 331600 Email: sales@countytetbury.co.uk


Avening Primary School

NORTH WILTS OVEN CLEANING Local – Professional – Affordable

Ready, Steady … Go! We are always so proud of our pupils here at Avening School but even more so this half term, when children in years two and six undertook their SAT’s. We are bursting with pride for them all, not only for their academic focus but also for being the respectful, engaged, aspiring, collaborative and hopeful characters they are. They have so many talents and qualities, only a fraction of which can be measured in an SAT’s test. Soon our y6 pupils will be ready to fly on to great things, as they embark on their new adventures in secondary school. Also making us proud this term were the Hawks class (y3/4) who took part in a ‘Quadkids’ athletics event at SWR, showcasing their athletic skills as well as perseverance, resilience and positivity.

Let me do the dirty work! I promise a thorough clean of your oven, hob, range, Aga, microwave or barbecue, using eco-friendly and non-caustic materials.

Call Dave Now, on 07706 084107 or 07703 667036

e-mail: northwiltsovencleanining5@gmail.com 0800619

Our nature experts took part in the next round of the Gloucestershire schools nature quiz, having won the first stage of the competition. They performed amazingly well with incredibly challenging questions and although they didn’t make it to the next stage this time, they came away feeling very proud of their efforts. After many months of being out of action, the surface in our top playground has finally been replaced, with the essential work being funded by Sports England. The whole school will take part in the school sponsored walk on the last day before half term, raising money for the school as well as enjoying being in the outdoors. In the last half of the summer term, the children have so much to look forward to with a huge variety of sports matches and tournaments in cricket, rounders, tennis and athletics. We also have ‘Chance to ! Shine’ cricket coaches coming into school, to give all children the opportunity to have a go at the sport. And we have our ! school sports morning, where the children compete in their school houses at events which include running, the sack! race, javelin and the steeplechase. For further information about our busy place of learning please see our school website: www.avening.gloucs.sch.uk 1110609 Jo Gale:Layout 1 19/5/09


By Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales P & S Timbrell Decorators Painters and Decorators


Avening Primary School

Jo Gale (as mentioned in)

Cotswold Life

Painting, Decorating & any odd jobs Mobile: 07742 916044 Home: 01666 503872 1110609

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While just 22 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 47 degrees within an hour! 0440619





TICKETS: UNDER 12s FREE / 12 - 16 yrs £5 OVER 16 yrs £15 / FAMILY TICKET £30


https://www.thelittleboxoffice.com/tetfest Or TETBURY HARDWARE LONDON RD


All profits distributed locally and internationally

June 2019 | 25

SJS is a trusted local company with over 30 years experience offering high quality, on spec home & garden renovations and improvements.



PLEASE GIVE US A CALL OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE m: 0777 55 61638 e: info@sjstetbury.co.uk w: sjstetbury.co.uk



SUMMER VIBES PARTY Friday 21st June 2019 7.00pm - Midnight Amazing BBQ Food Paella & Hog Roast Dancing to the best Summer Anthems £25 per person Book now on 01453 833449 www.egyptmill.com

Soak up the sunshine and join us at our waterside terrace for chilled drinks, BBQ and pizzas. Fridays and Saturdays 4pm-9pm throughout the summer.


EGYPT MILL HOTEL & RESTAURANT Nailsworth GL6 0AE 01453 833449 • www.egyptmill.com 26 | June 2019

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Tetbury Bowls Club occasion. Of course, we cheered on our members, ‘The Parry Gang’s, annual entry, this year starring Jerry as a dinosaur. Sadly they didn’t win “fastest cart” but again had great fun.* Fridays are still Social Nights, so there’s always someone there from around 7.00 pm and it’s a good time to catch us if you want to know anything more about the club – you’d be very welcome. Jan Yates, Secretary, Tetbury Bowls Club

The bowling season is well under way… …and right now we are enjoying the lovely weather with both players and spectators enjoying a drink from the bar while they watch. Our Opening Gala marked the start of the season, bringing together summer players with those who continued to play indoors over winter. We began with a minute’s silence for those we had lost since the end of last season, then straight into a round of ‘Spider’ to raise funds for the charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow,’ followed by a couple of hours refreshing our bowling skills ready for our first matches. It was great to be back together again! It seems ages ago since we had our Easter

meal but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Bev outdid herself with a three course meal enjoyed by everyone and the Easter Bonnet competition saw some ‘interesting’ entries. Lots of fun was had by all. Our taster session at the end of April attracted lots of people to come and try bowls for themselves and we have since welcomed several new members. The new players have received some coaching and are already enjoying playing in friendly and senior matches. If you missed our session and still want to have a go that’s great - just contact any of us and we’ll arrange to meet you at the club for a ‘roll up.’ As usual Tetbury Bowls Club had a Tombola stall at the Wacky Races, raising muchneeded funds for the club and enjoying the atmosphere and excitement of the

* Ed: I took my first sabbatical from Wacky in eight years, but I believe the Parry’s marvellous “Jurassic Park” jeep, (complete with the push crew dressed as Dinosaurs,) won “Wackiest 530212 Pat testing:Layout 1 17/1/12 Cart. ”

Tetbury Area

Portable Appliance Testing for Holiday Cottages, B&B’s and let Accomodation. Please phone for details on

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Whether you are experiencing distress with one particular issue or a combination of different issues, I can help. Counselling is not about giving advice or me telling you what to do. It is about exploring thoughts and feelings around the issues or concerns you have in your life and discovering how to move forward in the best possible way for you.

Contact Libbet on: cotswoldscounselling.co.uk 07957 934168 info@cotswoldscounselling.co.uk 0640419


Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 27

Shots from a Lawyer’s Gun Mr Gauke’s proposals to end divorce petitions based on fault or conduct are welcome, although from a personal point of view, drafting of some of the petitions was a useful guide to me to some of the behaviour one must avoid in one’s own marriage. The removal of ‘conduct’ will not, however, remove the trauma and instability which results from the breakup of a relationship into which so much emotional energy will have been invested over what may be many years. If you don’t care, why bother?

will, but can be set aside by a matrimonial court order - although the courts would be more inclined to follow them if each party is separately represented; there is a clause stating that the deed is intended to be binding and there is a schedule of the assets, liabilities and income of the parties. If the parties employ the same lawyer, then it should still be binding on the parties’ descendants.

issue of pensions are more appropriately dealt with in the jurisdiction of the courts; if in place, they make the whole divorce process less expensive. If the parties have not thought about their long-term finances until the marriage has broken down irretrievably, the costs are likely to multiply extensively into thousands of pounds. The problem is that solicitors have to protect themselves as well as their clients - and the pace of each party’s financial disclosure can be long-winded and uneven, while the administration of the courts has cracked up completely due to cuts.

A separation agreement can form the basis of a future divorce settlement and be less stressful and costly. A fully comprehensive separation agreement can deal with most of130208 the assets the family, 22/2/08 although the GLCofWilliams 22:03Michael PageHodge, 1 Lansdowne Legal

G. L. C. & R. Williams The breakup of a marriage - or cohabitation arrangement - will in most cases involve the redistribution of property and in particular the matrimonial home. This can involve trust deeds, prenuptial and post nuptial agreements, separation agreements and final court orders, all of which can be concluded without the involvement of a court appearance - except in the latter case, when a judge has to approve the arrangements.

Garden & Agricultural Gates & Fencing Rose Arches & Gazebos Field Shelters & Stables Wrought Iron Work Large Stock of Timber, Steel, Nuts & Bolts, Gate Fittings and Garden Tools CHERINGTON LANE FORGE, CHERINGTON LANE, TETBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE GL8 8SE TELEPHONE: (01666) 505040 130208

All of the above can be binding, although subject to review by the court, but a prerequisite is that each of the parties must make full financial disclosure - otherwise the whole agreement can be set aside at a future date. The major problem here is expense, because the act of getting divorced is a minor exercise compared with the financial part which is time consuming. This is why it is useful to have trust deeds and separation agreements that can form a basis for the future whether you stay living together or not. A trust deed is generally established to record unequal contributions to a property and how they will be dealt with on sale or death. In some cases they can cover grandparents living in an annexe. They should not cost much more than a

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L ANSDOWNE LEGAL Choose our professional and friendly practice on your doorstep for all your legal needs, including:-

• • • • • •




APPOINTMENTS BY ARRANGEMENT - OR HOME VISITS www.lansdownelegal.com Tel: 01666 504005 Fax: 01672 563898 Email: info@lansdownelegal.com

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24/7 ONLINE BOOKING | Never miss a viewing appointment HUMBERTS LIVING | Our Home management concierge service EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE | 4.7/5 Independent Feefo rating from our clients LOCAL EXPERTS | Team of local experts who know the area inside out

Hillesley | Guide Price £1,650,000 A unique opportunity to acquire a traditional Cotswolds farmhouse with circa 35.9 acres of land and outbuildings. The farm offers a multitude of interesting development options subject to the necessary approvals. Nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with panoramic views of the open countryside across the Berkely Vale to the Severn Estuary and located less than ½ a mile from the picturesque village of Hillesley and close to the Cotswold Way. EPC: Exempt 0470619

Humberts Cotswolds 01285 650955 cotswolds@humberts.com

humberts.com MOVING YOU SINCE 1842

Tetbury in Bloom With June arriving, we now begin our busiest time of the year. Every Tuesday and Thursday this month we’ll be out both morning and evening, preparing and then planting all the beds and troughs throughout the town. In addition, at the beginning of the month, we’ll also be taking delivery of one hundred and fifty-five hanging baskets. Twenty five of those will be used to decorate the town centre lampposts, complimenting those on the Market House which are supplied and erected by the Feoffees. The remaining one hundred and thirty will be delivered by us to the different shops and residents that have supported us by buying them as one of our fundraising initiatives. The profit raised from the sale of these will go directly into Tetbury in Bloom funds and will allow us to continue our

work of making the town look as attractive as possible, all year long. Over one thousand bedding plants will be added to the different beds and containers, to give that extra splash of colour

throughout the summer months - and we’ll be using our usual vibrant colour schemes, which compliment the shrubs and perennials used in the different locations. Very early on during our fourteen years of existence, we learnt that with municipal planting the aim is to create a BIG impact - something that people will notice from a distance, even if they’re driving past at 30 miles an hour! We also learnt the need to use plants that are reliable, easy to maintain and are happy to withstand a certain amount of ‘neglect,’ bearing in mind that we can’t nurture them all on a daily or even weekly basis, as we would in our own gardens. Above all else, they need to be droughtresistant and not wilt or collapse on the first occasion of having insufficient water. All the different types of plants that we use now have been tried and tested over time and have ticked all the right boxes! Sue Hirst, Team Leader, Tetbury in Bloom


Your local friendly cleaner Domestic services include:• Weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleans • Spring/one off cleans • End of tenancy and move in move out cleans • Builders cleans • Domestic Care A trustworthy family business Est. 2006

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Men in Sheds reason have some time on their hands and want to join a project that will be beneficial on many levels. The hand of friendship is outstretched to all. There is no age limit, no annual subscription and no joining fee. For more details please visit www.tetburycares.org Lion Ken White

According to a survey by Age UK, more than one million people over 65 in the UK are often (or always,) lonely. An increase of 38% on the previous year. Forty percent of survey respondents said that their main form of company is the television. We know there are very good day club facilities for the elderly in Tetbury, but they are not well attended by older men, who seem to be more comfortable in the company of other men and a programme of more practical activities. In Tetbury, Men in Sheds is a new venture for the town, and it is being promoted by Tetbury Lions, knowing that it has the potential to be extremely beneficial for an often-neglected section of the community.

It is accepted that garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature – but ‘Men’s Sheds’ are the opposite! In the UK over four hundred ‘Men in Sheds’ sites have been established, offering community spaces for men to use to connect, converse and create. They offer a place for men to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice current skills and to enjoy making and mending. They are about social connections and friendship-building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. As a by-product of all of that, it is recognised that they reduce isolation and feelings of loneliness, they allow men to deal with mental health challenges more easily and remain independent, and they help rebuild communities. Tetbury Men in Sheds welcomes men from diverse backgrounds who for whatever

Sean Truby electrical

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Part P Registered

L E. Perry Independent Funeral Directors

Philip Horgan Funeral Director

Ridgeway Coach House 13 Hampton Street Tetbury Glos GL8 8JN

T: 01666 502295 E: tetburyfunerals@gmail.com


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June 2019 | 31

Mayor’s Report

the Town Council website - http://tetbury. gov.uk/ - and we look forward to hearing from you. Alongside these elections were those for positions on the District Council, and I am pleased to confirm for you that your three District Councillors are: Stephen Hirst – Tetbury Town, Richard Norris – Tetbury with Upton and myself – Tetbury East and Rural.

Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am to have been elected by my Town Council colleagues as the Town Mayor, at the Annual Town Council Meeting of Monday the 13th of May. This followed a very successful election campaign, where we saw twenty-three candidates contest the fifteen available places. It has resulted in a new-look Town Council, with nine brand-new Councillors joining six previous Councillors. My congratulations to them all. I am now

looking forward to a busy year of working with them, and I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rob McCorkell, on his election as Deputy Mayor. If you have any ideas or concerns regarding our town, please don’t hesitate to contact any Councillor – our contact details are on

This month there are a couple of events which the Council have been co-ordinating, so please check out the ‘Visit Tetbury’ website www.visittetbury.co.uk for further details and for information about other events taking place. On Saturday the 8th of June as part of our town D-Day celebrations there will be a Cadet Parade, an historic exhibition in The Malthouse, and a 1940’s “Sweetheart Ball” in The Dolphins Hall at 7.30 pm. Advanced tickets are available at the Town Council Office, the Visitor Information Centre, or online at https://www.southwestlive.co.uk where booking fees apply. On Saturday the 22nd of June the “Tetbury Expo” will be held in The Dolphins Hall, where you can come and learn about many of the groups and organisations in the town. I am looking forward to working both with you and for you as Mayor in the coming year - and as a Town and District Councillor over the next four years. Please come and say “Hello!” if you see me out and about. With best wishes, Cllr Nikki Ind, Mayor of Tetbury







! Tetbury Motor Centre

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Your main dealer alternative •

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32 | June 2019

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SHOWCASE EVENT This popular one-day exhibition will see the Dolphins Hall come to life on Saturday 22nd June 10.00 am - 4.00 pm with a host of charities and community groups showcasing their unique services, programmes and upcoming events. Groups who will be attending on the day who you can meet and find out more information about are:

• Tetbury Air Cadets • Girlguiding Tetbury • Tetbury Model Railway Club • Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust (Tetbury Goods Shed) • Tetbury Badminton Club • Tetbury Theatre Group • History of Tetbury Society • TAYCT (Tetbury Area Youth and Community Trust) We continue to deliver over 95% of our services on behalf of the NHS! • Tetbury Hospital Guide of Consultants for patients who wish to selfͲpay or use their private medical insurance   • Feoffees and Thirteen • Dolphins Dramatic Society   • Tetbury & District Footpath Group We are a self-help organisation for retired • U3A Tetbury or semi-retired people providing educational, creative and leisure activities • Club 77 for the Disabled  • Tetbury Police Museum TETBURY BO THE U3A WOULD LIKE TO • Westonbirt School COME TO TETBURY! • Gloucestershire Constabulary OPEN “GET TO KNOW YOU” • Tetbury Bowls Club MEETING • Tetbury Art Society Come And Giv 10.30 am 8 MAY • Tetbury Camera Club THE GOODS SHED, TETBURY Sunday 22 • Tetbury Lions (Free entry and light refreshments) • Community Connexions Come along, find out more and tell us what 10:00 am • Tetbury Fire Station you want! Cannot come? More info: Delivering the best in care for NHS and Private Patients

Mr Philip Kaloo Consultant Gynaecologist

Mr Richard Caesar Consultant Ophthalmologist

Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be available throughout the day. Event organisers – Tara, Georgina & Barry Barnes

Dr Paul Dunckley Consultant Gastroenterologist  

Dr Tom Millard Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Mrinal Saha Consultant Cardiologist

Mr Mark Whittaker Consultant Gynaecologist

Mr John Ferris Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Jerry Farrier Consultant Maxillofacial  Surgeon

Mr Rob Gleeson Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon  (knee & hip)

Dr Farhad Golestani Consultant Neurologist

Mr Nitin Anand  Consultant Ophthalmologist 

Dr Anwen Whitham Mr Richard jeremy@jeremynorth.com orWilson 502974

Mr Rathnam Sundarum Consultant  Orthopaedic Surgeon (Spinal)

Clinical Psychologist

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Interested in taking u

 AND LIVE! LEARN, LAUGHLooking to join a new s 

Private GP Service Ͳ 01666 501773 Dr Victoria Blackburn MBBS (Lond) DRCOG DFFP All Aspects of Family Health Weight Management Family Planning Menopause 

Mr Shameen Jaunoo Consultant General & Upper GI Surgeon 

Mr Steve Hornby Consultant  General & Upper GI Surgeon

Dr Richard Probert MB BS BSc MRCGP All Aspects of General Medicine Men’s Health 

We look forward to seeing you there!

The relaxing game, with

Claire Rigby ThenDrcome along and give us MB BS DRCOG DFFP

Women's Coaching &Health equipment provid Contraception Carpal Tunnel Surgery (NHS) Nutrition Weight Management

Please wear flat sho

Everyone Welcome, All A

For Further Information Call:

Read about all of our Consultants and Private GPs on our website www.tetburyhospital.co.uk

Hunter French Tetbury is celebrating its first birthday in June! I a m over the moon to be celebrating Hunter French’s first birthday in Tetbury, this June. I’ve been very encouraged by the welcome we’ve received into the town as a new business, and I would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to all the residents, local businesses and clients, to date. I really appreciate their wonderful support. We have secured and ‘g uided through’ some very lovely property sales in this first year, and of course, I should be delighted to hear from anyone else who is thinking of selling, who is looking to purchase, or would just like to discuss how we might help you along the way.

Background design created by Freepix

Sa m

Sam Kidner, Director

t. 01666 505068 e. tetbury@hunterfrench.co.uk w. www.hunterfrench.co.uk 2 London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8JL

A taste of our first year... t

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Oaksey OIEO £650,000


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Shipton Moyne £385,000



Tetbury Scout Group Tetbury Beavers opened the term by looking at what it means to be a Beaver - working on trust and friendship. We are now completing badges about ‘Flight and Communication,’ so we’re researching aeroplane design, making giant bubbles and holding a paper plane competition. We have also learnt some useful knots, which have allowed us to build our own bubble wands. We can also now say our names in sign language, semaphore and the phonetic alphabet. We also have lots going on ‘out and about,’ this term. We are helping the community with our annual litter pick in the Memorial Recreation Ground, using maps to explore Preston park and Woodchester park - and we are really pleased to be visiting the fire station after half term, to see the work of our Tetbury fire heroes.

Since the Scouts returned after the Easter break, they have been busy enjoying the lighter nights and the great outdoors. So far, they have made cars out of vegetables which were then tried out in a race down the top of the Chipping Steps. Working towards their ‘Global Challenge’ badge the scouts have also been playing

a trading game where they were divided into five sections and had to work out what proportion of the cost of producing a banana they thought their job was worth. It led to some very interesting thought processes, and it also showed them the difference between our values and the values encountered in a third world country. This week saw us take to the water on the Stroud Navigation at Ryeford in Katakanus.* Great fun was had by all, trying to knock plastic ducks off the oppositions boat and then trying to be the first team to rescue them. There was much splashing and the Scouts were certainly a lot wetter when they finished! Finally, we represented the group at the District St Georges Day Parade in Stroud on the 28th of April. About four hundred Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from across the Stroud and Tetbury District paraded through Stratford Park in Stroud to the St Roses School, where they took part in a selection of fun activities to give them some disability awareness. Jean Buxton, Tetbury Scout Group * Ed: A “Katakanu” is essentially a combination of a canoe and a catamaran, so has twin hulls. It’s a very stable small craft, usually formed from moulded polyethylene, making it very buoyant even when the seating areas are flooded. As youTuition probably knew… 340208 Piano 22/2/08 22:24

Piano Tuition Jonathan Adkins Piano Tutor, Accompanist, Organist. 1240619

Competitive Rates, Home Visits, Beginners Welcome email:jon.adkins@longfurlong.co.uk 340208

36 | June 2019

Tel: 01666 505692

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Tetbury Rail Lands Trust

It has been a busy and energetic time down at The Shed recently, starting with the four-day Big Book Weekend over the first May Bank Holiday. Run in partnership with the Yellow Lighted Book Shop, the Shed played host to an amazing selection of authors, playwrights, poets and academics sharing insights to their world, as well as the inspirations for their work. It was a lot of hard work both for Hereward and his team and for our unstinting group of Volunteers, but we have received a lot of positive feedback and hope to be able to make this an annual event. Woolsack’s now come and gone – again made possible by the efforts of volunteers throughout the Town. Tetbury is extremely lucky to have people prepared to work hard for the benefit of others. We thank you all!

May saw the start of a Saturday parkrun using the Shed as the start and finishing point. Organised by Eileen Hodgson, working in conjunction with parkrun UK, these 5k runs are open to everyone whatever their ability, are easy to take part in and designed to take place in pleasant parkland surroundings. Plus, runners and supporters alike can treat themselves to a tasty reward at our Whistle Stop Café! Also, in May, we enjoyed a memorable evening with local musician and composer Richard George. Together with four outstanding singer he premiered ‘Colour is Life,’ his new album, performed by Rosie Tuck with Richard at the piano. The audience went home humming tunes ranging from the traditional to the contemporary from the world of musical theatre and opera. June sees the Community Bike Ride on Sunday the 9th raising money for local community projects by involving as many people in Tetbury as possible. It also aims to raise awareness about the different charities involved and improve fitness by encouraging people to cycle. For more information and to download a sponsorship form please visit our website: www.shed-arts.co.uk Many of you have enjoyed our Wednesday afternoon tea concerts. Organised and run by Will Cook, Will’s done a magnificent job of encouraging some wonderful performers to come along and play to a most appreciative audience enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and maybe a piece of delicious cake at the Whistle Stop Café. It has been decided to take a short break over the summer, but we promise these popular afternoon concerts will return in the Autumn. None of these musical events centred around the piano would have been possible without the generous support and encouragement of so many people helping us to raise the funds necessary to keep our beautiful Steinway down at the Shed.

9th June Community Bike Ride 12th June Charity Bridge Evening 2 William Howard Masterclass. Informal day with leading classical pianist William Howard, open to all piano enthusiasts. Tickets from £20 5 Afternoon Tea Concert 2.30-4 pm. Tickets £2.50 8 Faeland 7.30 pm. Original uplifting folk/pop music & a touch of the mystical. Tickets from £9 15 Swing From Paris 7.30 pm. Stylish Gypsy Jazz & Vintage Swing to present day. Tickets from £14 16 Open Mic Sunday 7.30 pm. Musicians, Singers & Poets are welcome to our regular open mic. £5 22 Rautio Piano Trio. 7.30 pm. Play Beethoven, Haydn, Turina & Ravel. Tickets from £16.50 6 Mary Queen of Scots (15) 7.30pm. Her attempt to overthrow Elizabeth I & subsequent years of imprisonment before facing execution. 13 The Mule (15) 7.30 pm. A 90-year-old Korean War Veteran & Horticulturist turns drug mule for a Mexican cartel. 20 Stan and Ollie (PG) 7.30 pm. The world-famous comedy duo embark on their swan song - a gruelling theatre tour of post-war Britain. 27 All is True (PG) 7.30 pm. The final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare. 26 Oliver Everett. Oliver takes you on a tour of the Royal Art Collection 7.30 pm Tickets £5 - £8 1 Creative Garden Design 10 am – 4.00 pm. £150 19 Writers at the Goods Shed 7.00 pm. Tickets £4 22 Great Cotswold Sewing Bee. Roman Blinds. 10.00 am - 4.00 pm. £120 Café Open 10 am – 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday

We are thrilled and delighted to be able to report that we have made it – we have raised the money and look forward to putting on many more events for a wide audience, young and old, whatever your musical leanings. Tetbury Goods Shed Team

Hand delivered to 4,300 homes each month


June 2019 | 37

Avening WI We have had our usual busy calendar since the report last month. Our Quiz team achieved second place in the first round of the Gloucester Federation Quiz held at Chedworth. Well done to Gill A, Gill T, Penny and Gwyneth. The final is in the Autumn.


E. stevefloydpestcontrol@gmail.com www.stevefloydpestcontrol.co.uk Fully qualified (25 years experience) Fully Insured T: 01285 643750 M: 07933 357373


The Skittling ladies also had first round success against Upton St Leonards WI. It was a very friendly evening, despite being a tight match; touch and go until the last ball! We next play against Tibberton and Taynton WI at the end of May. Several ladies enjoyed a day in Oxford, attending a matinee to see the highly acclaimed production of the musical ‘Calendar Girls’. We got exceptionally wet on our May walk! We walked along the canal from Chalford to the Daneway, where we had the opportunity to dry out over lunch before returning in the afternoon when the rain had stopped. The dogs enjoyed the mud! We shall be visiting Miserden for our June walk. We were fortunate to get a speaker for our May meeting after two cancellations, one on the morning of the meeting! Sue Osborne managed to contact Ian Caskie who happened to be in our area that day. He spoke to us first thing at the meeting and gave a very polished illustrated talk about the history of the SS Great Britain. He brought us up-to-date with all the latest developments to make a visit to the ship more rewarding, including information about the newly-installed Museum nearby. We have members “trained” to collect their small change for the Cobalt appeal! It’s amazing how it mounts up each month. Last month the amount was £21.00. We have lots to look forward to in June. Tetbury WI are hosting the Group Meeting at the Goods Shed. On Wednesday the 19th of June we have our summer trip to the wonderful Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey. We shall be busy on the 9th of June, providing cream teas for the Avening Church Fete as usual.

We look forward to bringing colour and cleanliness back to your favourite floor coverings. Contemporary or traditional, large or small, piled or flat woven, hand knotted or tufted, shaggy or sheepskin, wool or silk – your rug will be cleaned using the right tools and techniques for the job. You can drop off or we can collect by appointment and either way you're very welcome to visit, discuss your requirements, and see us in action. 01453 836400 mail@rugcleaningworks.co.uk www.rugcleaningworks.co.uk Unit 11 Nailsworth Mills Estate Avening Road Nailsworth Stroud GL6 0BS


Our speaker in June has entitled her talk “What’s in the Hedgerow.” Quite a change of subject! Visitors are always very welcome. Shirley Hand, Avening WI

38 | June 2019


The Home of Specialist Rug Cleaning in the Cotswolds 0990516

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 39

Eating Out Our first few visits to The Vine Tree out at Foxley were characterised by one thing: our inability to remember how to get there each time! However, those journeys were very helpful in getting to know the surrounding lanes between here and Malmesbury and beyond, so it wasn’t time wasted. These days, of course, the place is popular enough to have brown signs pointing the way, which makes getting there a little easier – but less of an exciting and mysterious cross-country safari! True to form, the place was very busy (though this was in large part due to it being Badminton weekend) but they found us a table readily enough when I called in advance. It has to be said that the décor where we sat - whilst being a wonderful deep crimson - combined with the small windows, made it quite dark, so reading the splendid menus was a bit tricky at times. I say ‘menus’ because something which was different from our last visit was that they had two: one for their ‘regular’ dishes (which previous experiences suggest are generally very good) and one,

new ‘Seasonal Market Menu’. Neither is particularly extensive, so previously voiced concerns over too many choices meaning too little quality were allayed. There are several vegetarian options, plus customers are at liberty to mix and match, so the range of combinations was very good. And another addition new to us was a little amuse-bouche of a few breadsticks with a smooth and garlicky cream cheese – very nice; it’s always good to have an appetising nibble for free! For starters, Flossy’s sea-salty and more-ish fresh Port Isaac crispy squid with harissa mayo was the target of some food envy on my part (though, fortunately, there was a little too much for her!), even though my seafood ‘duo’ of a big, succulent scallop and huge shell-on tiger prawn in chilli butter was also delicious. Next up was hake on warm potato and spinach salad with chive cream sauce for Flossy, and another duo for me – this time, beautifully pink lamb rump with a crispy leg/shoulder croquette served with new potatoes, watercress and – the deciding factor - samphire. The fish was very well cooked, though Flossy felt it was a bit small and possibly not ‘bright-eyed’ fresh, and she couldn’t shake off the feeling that her potatoes were sautéed roasties from a previous sitting. However, it all tasted good. My lamb was tender and deeply tasty, and the addition of

the croquette gave a very pleasant contrast in both texture and flavour. With lashings of butter on the veg, this was a delight. Accompanied by a beer and a glass of wine, it came in at just under £60, so it’s not what you’d call cheap – but then we did choose some of the most expensive dishes on the menus. That said, it’s a lovely out-of-theway pub with a big, child-friendly, sunny garden and consistently good food, so we reckon it’s well worth your time and money. Fill

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in Tetbury HHHH

Fish & Chips

Every Tuesday - fish and chips for 2 and a bottle of wine for £35


Every Thursday - Sirloin steak for 2 and a bottle of wine for £40 or Fillet steak for 2 and a bottle of wine for £55 The Close Hotel, Long Street, Tetbury Book online or call 01666 502272

www.cotswold-inns-hotels.co.uk 0211118

40 | June 2019

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Tetbury Art Society

It has been a busy period since our last report. Firstly, Barry Barnes arranged a silk painting workshop at the library for the afternoon of Saturday the 27th of April, tutored by librarian Sophie, who is also a talented artist. Nine of our members attended and were shown the techniques for painting on silk. Everyone came away with at least two completed paintings. With tea, coffee and cake available it was a successful and enjoyable afternoon and we would like to thank Sophie for her enthusiasm and encouragement. On Wednesday the 1st of May we were visited by Beth Jenkins, a member of the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative, for an evening on Contemporary Relief Printmaking. After a talk and demonstration, we were invited to have

T 01666 825198 | E sales@ryallsbs.com ryallsdecoratingandbuildingsupplies.co.uk Connect with us

ryallsltd ryallsmalmesbury

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a go ourselves with the materials that she had brought along. From Saturday the 4th until Monday the 6th of May, we held our Spring Exhibition in the Market Hall. There were a few problems setting it up due to reduced access to the hall, because of the work being carried out; this resulted in our being unable to hold a preview this year - but Feoffee David Hicks did his very best for us, and we were able to open the exhibition to the public at 10.00 am on the Saturday morning as usual. The exhibition went well and over the three days we were able to sell seventeen paintings. On Wednesday the 5th of June Irene Stuttard will give a demonstration of portraiture in pastels. Then, for July and August, we will be working outdoors on Monday afternoons, weather permitting. We hold our August exhibition in the Market Hall from Saturday the 24th until Monday the 26th of August - then we shall be into September and the start of our Autumn Programme! More information on the Society’s activities can be found on our website www.tetburyartsociety.org.uk - or you can phone me on 01666-502909 or Barry Barnes on 01666-503926. We meet on the first Wednesday of most months in St Michael’s Hall, Silver Street, Tetbury at 7.30 pm. Visitors are welcome, (there is a charge of £3 per visitor,) and you will find that we are a friendly group welcoming all those interested in art, at whatever level they may personally have reached. Michael Kingham, Tetbury Art Society





Your small, local nursery for home-grown hardy perennials, cottage garden plants, herbs, alpines and roses • The nursery is based on our farm in the South Cotswolds with walled kitchen garden and mixed herbaceous borders • Open for visitors Saturday 10 to 5 April until September • Telephone: 07799 738710 Walnut Farm, Bagpath, Tetbury GL8 8YQ

Stockists of: and many more fine brands BRANCHES


*Based on a radius of 20 miles from GL8 8HW or 0880218

SN16 0BX and a minimum order value of £25. ** Terms and conditions apply.

Unit 1 Park Road Centre Park Road, Malmesbury SN16 0BX


Priory Industrial Estate London Road, Tetbury GL8 8HW

@ Walnut Farm Tetbury


Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm | Saturday 8am - 1pm

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June 2019 | 41

Tetbury Cricket Club Good day fellow athletes. May has come and gone and we are now into full swing of the cricket season. Both our senior teams started the season by registering home wins against Chipping Sodbury 2nds and Stroud 4ths, respectively. An impressive start from the 1’s, given that Chipping Sodbury were relegated from Division 2 at the end of last season. Our 2’s also completed a stunning victory in their first game, bowling out the opposition for just 38 runs and knocking it off inside 8 overs. Both are encouraging results, but nowhere near as pleasing as the first couple of games for our girls’ team. In their first competitive game away at Cam on the 1st of May, they narrowly missed out against a team

containing many players an age group older than them. In their second game however, and their first at home against Frampton,

Green Angels Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Service

We only use natural, non-toxic products and methods Better for you, better for the environment Regular house cleans – weekly, fortnightly, monthly One off blitzes Moving in/moving out cleans Office cleaning Call or email:

Tel: 01666 505365 Mobile: 07714 210766 jill@greenangelsecocleaning.co.uk www.greenangelsecocleaning.co.uk 0460419

in front of a crowd of over sixty eager fans, they produced an emphatic 63-run victory, again against a team containing a number of players from an older age group. I can’t quite voice how big an achievement this is for this group of girls, who only started training with a hard ball about 8 weeks ago. They are already holding their own against established teams! These girls certainly ‘can,’ and I look forward to watching their remaining games this season. A great start to the playing season for all our teams, then - and one which we hope will lead on to an excellent season. We’re always on the lookout for new players though, so anyone interested is always welcome. Pop along to one of our outdoor training sessions or drop us an email at tetburycricketclub@gmail.com to meet the team and join in the fun. Another thing I’m delighted to announce is the launch of both a ‘Mini Masters’ programme, (aimed at both boys and girls,) and a Boys Cricket programme. Supported by five Level 2 coaches, these programmes will run for nine weeks on Saturdays from the 1st of June, starting at 9.00 am. If you’re interested, just drop us an email or turn up on one of the Saturdays and we’ll get you signed up. We’re delivering these programmes following the numerous expressions of interest we’ve received from local parents, and the guys are giving up their own free time to run the programmes, so please do make sure you support them and take advantage of this offering. On a final note, with both my cricket cap on, and my hat as a trustee of the Dolphins Hall and Memorial Recreation Ground firmly in place, the amount of litter appearing on The Rec is growing. As we now approach summer, the usage of the facility will only increase. That doesn’t mean the litter should too! Whether you are playing for one of the sports clubs, using the skatepark, playing in the playground or just enjoying the use of the facilities, if you make rubbish while you are there, please remember to pick it up and dispose of it. That’s enough from me. Speak soon, PJ, Tetbury Cricket Club

42 | June 2019

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Westonbirt Golf GOLF

A picturesque 9 hole golf course set in the grounds of Westonbirt House. Pay and play is ÂŁ10, available all day, every day. Membership options also available. Westonbirt Golf, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8QG 01666 881404 www.westonbirt.org


Tetbury Theatre Group Our April trip was to the Playhouse at Oxford A day trip which gave us ample time to also have a walk around this wonderful city, to lunch, or to shop. The coach dropped us outside the theatre which is opposite the Ashmolean Museum and another great place to visit and have lunch. We went to see a play called “The Remains of the Day,” based on the 1989 novel by the Nobel Prize-winning British author Kazuo Ishiguro. A literary masterpiece of undeclared love which entranced generations as a novel and film, it made for a brilliant production - the scenery and effects also really good. During May we went to see “Calendar Girls” at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, which is another super venue; the theatre is a very impressive building on Cardiff Bay. This was another day trip, which meant we had time for a walk around the waterfront where there are lots of interesting buildings. We had lunch in the Norwegian Church which is now an art centre, although originally consecrated in 1868. In the development of Cardiff bay in 1980, the church was dismantled. moved and then rebuilt in its

new location near the Millennium Centre in 1992. it is a delightful building.

off to Malvern Theatre to see Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Mindgame.’

“Calendar Girls” is really good a musical by Gary Barlow and Tim Firth, based on the true story of a group of ordinary WI ladies who achieved something extraordinary by posing “au naturale” for a fundraising calendar. I found the theatre production even more moving than the film – and, needless to say, the music had a real ‘feelgood’ factor.

In July it is our annual outing and this year we are off to Bristol for a trip around the harbour then on to Avon Valley Railway. In August we are off to the Mill at Sunning to see “Private Lives,” so lots of exciting and varied trips to come. If you would like more information, please see www.tetburytheatregroup.co.uk or if you would like to use the coach or have any other queries phone Diana Challis on 01666 502768.

Our next trip is this month, when we are

Celia Bayes, Tetbury Theatre Group

Warm • Friendly • Atmospheric • Local

Lunch & Dinner

Homemade Cakes

Pizzas, Eat In Or Take Away

Breakfast 8-11am

Sandwiches and Ciabattas

Cream Teas

Coffee, Newspapers, Magazines

Sunday Roasts 12-3pm Beautiful Courtyard Cocktails




23 Long Street, Tetbury, GL8 8AA | T. 01666 505 690 | E. info@theormond.co.uk | www.theormond.co.uk

44 | June 2019

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Leighterton Primary School fence so the children can see through it into the pond area. Over the next few weeks we will be working on the area inside the fence too, so that it can be used by groups of children to support their learning. At the beginning of this term we launched new clubs for the children, and there is a wide range of activities. Teachers and parents have kindly volunteered to run them, and they have been extremely popular with all our children. “We are really lucky to have lots of amazing clubs to choose from, like Gardening Club, Printing, Dodge Ball, Rounders, Cricket, Story Telling, Fun and Games, Athletics and Cookery,” Imogen told me.

The children at Leighterton Primary School were delighted to return from… …their Easter break to find a lovely new outdoor classroom was under construction on our school field. More and more of it was built during the week, and during the second week back at school it was finished, and the children were able to use it right away.


At Leighterton, we use the splendid site we have for learning outside, and this wonderful new addition means that we can use the outside space for learning in all weathers. Already, the children have taken musical instruments to the outdoor classroom and have composed and performed to each other. They have also used it as a base for recording information too, when they find things in the grounds.

If you would like to find out more, or to come and look around Leighterton Primary School, you are very welcome to contact the school office on (01666) 890273. We would be delighted to show you around at a convenient time. Further information about school is also available on our website - www.leighterton.com

We have also replaced the fencing around our pond; it is now a much higher picket

Meryl Hatfield, Leighterton Primary School


Our wonderful new outdoor classroom… and our lovely new pond fence.




Design and installation of bespoke handcrafted wooden shutters Based in Wotton-under-Edge 07975 835292 www.dappleddaylightshutters.co.uk Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 45

Tetbury WI

Monday June the 24th at 10.30 am. These coffee mornings offer a chance for a casual natter over a cup of coffee. Come and meet us there! Tetbury WI welcomes members from Tetbury and the surrounding villages and we always welcome new members.

The Early May Bank Holiday weekend saw the Wacky Races come to Tetbury…

Our next Institute meeting will be at The Goods Shed on June the 10th at 7.30 pm, Jacky Robinson will give us an insight into life after breast cancer with her talk “Bald, 1 Breast and 50.” We’d love to see you there.

…and the ladies of Tetbury WI were on hand to support this Lion’s Club event with a stall filled with sweet and savoury baked goods. The town was out in force for this fun-filled event too - and our ladies raised over £280 for our funds. Tetbury WI members proved very successful in the 2020 WI calendar competition, with three photos included in the calendar for next year. Well done to Jan and Pauline for representing us all so well. At our May meeting, Ian Caskie gave a very informative talk on the “SS Great Britain, Launch to Relaunch.” Ian, a volunteer for the past twelve years, told us how Brunel introduced wrought iron and screw propellers to create the biggest and fastest ship in the world. After its launch in 1843 the ship sailed trans-Atlantic for only four times before it eventually ended up transporting over 16,000 people to their new lives in Australia. She was rescued from abandonment in the Falkland Islands and returned to Bristol in the 1970’s, where extensive restoration was carried out. As

Jennifer Walsh, Tetbury WI


a follow-up to this talk, Jan has cleverly organised our next visit to Bristol in June to include a guided tour of the SS Great Britain. The trip is fully booked and very much looked forward to. In June, we will welcome members from Avening, Kemble and Ewen WI to the Goods Shed, where we will host the annual Group meeting. Our three WI’s are grouped together and annually we take turns to host a very special night with a special speaker and supper. The supper club also has an outing planned with a lunch in the Trouble House. This venue always proves popular with our ladies. Our informal coffee mornings resume in June, with coffee at the Snooty Fox on

Garden Services Creative Garden Projects

Plant Management and Placement Informal approach

07549 901920

stevehaynes303@outlook.com BA DipRHS Cert.Arb Cert.OrganicHort 0260519

David & Philippa would like to welcome you to Quayles Cornerhouse.... A delicious, elegant, family owned bar, cafe & bistro. Come sit and sip champagne, savour our delicious food, and watch the world go by...

1 Long Street, Tetbury GL8 8AA. 01666 505151 Open 7 days a week and for dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturday. www.quaylescornerhouse.com 0950619

46 | June 2019

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PET CARE PLAN DISCOUNT SCHEME Our pet care plan allows you to budget for your pet’s routine healthcare costs.

By setting up a monthly Direct Debit you can spread the costs and save money on your pet’s routine vaccinations etc. Our plan includes: Full annual booster vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs), A year’s flea, tick and worm control, 6 monthly health checks 10% OFF ALL OTHER COSTS at the practice Prices start from just £15.50 per month. Please call for more information or see our website.


01666 500853

www.ashcroftvets.org.uk 0080318

Making and sticking to your 2015 fitness goals South Cotswold Bridge Club

Spade (vulnerable.) Your partner doubles: SOUTH (Partner) SOUTH (Partner) SOUTH (Partner)

the goal and completion date firmly set in – the chance for a fresh start, the 6 A K 9 8 your mind. Q 10 6 2 K Q 10 9 Write it down! ce to reignite your fitness, lose those 6 A K 9 8 Q 10 6 2 K Q 10 9 Making one big target is great, as this is ds, run that race and break that ‘Doubling. ’ NORTH (You) what you really want to achieve – for onal best! On a recent course about doubling it was NORTH (You) stressed thatgreat we do use the double NORTH (You) example, running a marathon or losing five this looks and sounds onnot paper, enough. I think we are all aware of the first stone. But these targets take considerable when the inkround has“take driedout” and it comes double of an opponent`s time and K 9 5 4 it’s easy to lose A 7 sight. Creating n to it (inevitably after the Christmas K 10 7 6 10 7 3 suit call, when you have a hand with K 10 7 6 10 7 3 K 9 5 4 A 7 points, do notever), have a suit with shorter-term goals aimed at the main goal k it is harderopening and sweatier than wish to overcall is beneficial, and these must also be goal seemswhich muchyou further from yourand have a shortage in the suit bid by your opponents. to stick to ‘SMART’. A monthly objective might start p. Even if you’ve managed West clearly has few HCP and passes. As North you have a decision to make It is usually played as forcing for one round on taking them down by at least two tricks, contact jimedwards811@gmail.com West clearly has few HCP and passes. As North you have a decision to make goals for a unless few weeks, resultsre-bid. aren’t with simply going to the gym three times the opponents especially as there will be few entries into spades. You know your partner is short of spades but has an opening hand a spades. You know your partner is short of spades but has an opening hand a Jeremy North, ys seen straight away, and we are all per week. dummy and East will have to lead mainly Another reason for you to double a suit bid suit. You have at least 22 points between you (actually 24 HCP,) – so should South Cotswold Bridge Club suit. You have at least 22 points between you (actually 24 HCP,) – so should from his or her hand. tient even atbythe best of times. your opponents on the first round would As we are all habitual creatures we fall place? place? be if you have a very strong hand cking to your targets requires a of 19-plus * Ed: Theroutines only ‘Noor Trump’ bidwhich that doesn’t into certain habits, can be you agree? Do HCP points. You may well have a good suit mean a ‘balanced hand,’ ‘One No Trump’ tured approach and an inner belief in good or bad. Creating an exercise habit can as well, but by doubling before bidding it Well you have no five-card suit to bid, so it`s two diamonds or two NT, (one South Cotswolds Bridge play “gentle shows a low point count, saying: ‘I don’t ability to reach you set.you Youhave must Well you have no five-card suit to bid, so it`s two diamonds or two NT, (one youwhat are showing a very strong be vital helping your haveinfour cards inyou yourachieve suit, a suit of goal. my duplicate” in Tetbury at 1.45 pm on Tuesdays or pass. If you can get your opponent’s down two then that’s 500 points. W ble to visualise theOn process and round the end hand. the second you would bid own ofan foureasy cardshabit at thethat one level, or enough and or pass. If you can get your opponent’s down two then that’s 500 points. W Thursdays at Christchurch, in the with will be easy to Start game in your own right? Actually, three NT is on, (300 points,) but personall 2NT fantasise! with a balanced hand or a jump bid in Chipping. There is assisted play for those that points to bid two.’ It’s called a ‘Dustbin Bid’ – but don’t just game in your own right? Actually, three NT is on, (300 points,) but personall stick to, and make sure you are consistent suit. This has the advantage of keeping the needthem down by at least two tricks, especially as there will be few entries into it and you are guaranteed a partner. as it encompasses rubbish hands with 6 to 9 aking ‘SMART’abidding objectives with the help them down by at least two tricks, especially as there will be few entries into and points. perform this habit for at least two low whilst you explore a fit. But I expect you already knew that… £3.00 per person per session. Just turn up, or to lead mainly from his or her hand. rainer or by yourself is a great way of beat is vital, otherwise to lead mainly from his or her hand. weeks. For example, perform 30 minutes you lack the ability When your partner has a strong hand too, loping exercises and regimes that are to which of exercise on a Monday, Wednesday and they could leave the double in place, track improvement. Do you agree? these steps to plan a Consider for you. Follow converts it into a penalty double. Friday. Once you have been doing this for Do you agree? r fitness goal. these two hands. You are North - ATTAINABLE and East 4-6 weeks, change it – maybe increase the (non -vulnerable,) has opened one Spade A goal should be achievable for you – are South Cotswolds Bridge play “gentle duplicate” in Tetbury at 1.45 pm on Tu length of your workout or switch exercises. CIFIC South Cotswolds Bridge play “gentle duplicate” in Tetbury at 1.45 pm on Tu (vulnerable.) Your partner doubles: you in the right place and have the right FOR ALL YOUR CAR BODY REPAIRS Christchurch, in the Chipping. There is assisted play for those that need it an This will keep your body and brain al must be individual to has you,fewaiming at passes. West clearly HCP and accessAs for theChristchurch, in the Chipping. There is assisted play for those that need it an objective you have set? guessing, and help lead you TRADE to your 2015 partner. £3.00 per person per session. Just turn up, or contact jimedwards8 what you a decision want to OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE CAR BODY REPAIR North you have to make with partner. £3.00 per person per session. Just turn up, or contact jimedwards8 Setting smaller ones can help you develop goal – you canRICHARD do it! ON 10 HCP and four spades. You know your accomplish. General FOR A FREE,end NOgoal. OBLIGATIONfitness QUOTATION, CALL a bigger partner is short of spades butand has work an towards Jeremy North, targets lead to Jeremy North, opening hand and probably no five card 01453 834 355 or 07976 779 130 South Cotswold Bridge Club REALISTIC reduced focus and too suit. You have at least 22 points between South Cotswold Bridge Club To be realistic you must be able to visualize much wiggle you (actually 24 HCP,)room. – so should you leave ALL WORK FULLY * Ed: The only ‘No Trump’ bid that doesn’t mean a ‘balanced hand,’ ‘One No the double in place? yourself achieving the objective. Too high a * Ed: The only ‘No Trump’ bid that doesn’t mean a ‘balanced hand,’ ‘One No MEASURABLE goalso it`s INSthe URend, ED & GUARANTEED count, saying: ‘I don’t have four cards in your suit, a suit of my own of four c and you may struggle to see Well you have no five-card suit to bid, count, saying: ‘I don’t have four cards in your suit, a suit of my own of four c A goal must be NTtoowould two diamonds or two NT, (one low and enough points to bid two.’ It’s called a ‘Dustbin Bid’ as it encompasses rubb you will find yourself less NO VAT enough points to bid two.’ It’s called a ‘Dustbin Bid’ as it encompasses rubb able be a dustbin* bid,) ortopass.be If you can get motivated. But I expect you already knew that… your opponent’s down two then measured – that’s 500 But I expect you already knew that… points. Worth a gamble? Or go forTIMED a game PRIVATE & INSURANCE WORK UNDERTAKEN whether on in your own right? Actually, three NT is on, FREE VEHICLE COLLECTION & DELIVERY SERVICE scalesbut personally or on I would a Having (300 points,) gamblea time frame for a goal is important, as this is what you must work towards. This stopwatch, having a time or weight to will give you a sense of urgency and keeps




Tetbury Chiropractic, 2 Silk Mill studios, 2 Charlton road, Tetbury GL8 8DY

48 | June 2019


Just symptoms some of the symptoms• that st some of the Migraine Acute• low back pain hat can be helped treatment: • Neck can be by helped by treatment: • Chronic lowpain back pain • • Acute/subacute neck pain Tennis elbow all now forCall free consultation now for a consultation! • Chronic neck pain • Low back pain etbury Chiropractic Commitment-free 15-minute • Migraine • Knee osteoarthritis cinity Health and Wellbeing Centre assessment available • Acute• whiplash-associated Shoulder girdle pain disorders ermaCo House Foot and ankle joint problems Telephone 07469 187004 • Tennis• elbow Charlton Road • Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) Acute whiplash-associated disorders • JwalaGurung Gurung etbury Jwala info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk • Knee •osteoarthritis Doctor of Chiropractic, Hip osteoarthritis (hip wear and tear) loucestershirewww.tetburychiropractic.co.uk Doctor of Chiropractic, Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. L8 8 DY info@tetburychiropractic.co.uk Telephone 07469 187004 Mchiro, CCEP, LRCC. Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

The Dolphins Hall AGM is being held on the 4th of June at 7:30 pm, at the Dolphins Hall. The meeting will be used to present a report on the work of the trust between April 2018 and March 2019 - and to present the accounts from the same period. The meeting will also be responsible for appointing up to six resident trustees to

the Dolphins Hall board of trustees. Any resident of Tetbury or Tetbury Upton may stand for election as a trustee. Any attendee at the meeting can vote. If you would like to stand for election to the role of resident trustee, please contact me on chair@dolphinshalltetbury.co.uk. It will also be possible for people to put themselves forward at the meeting, but the process will be smoother if people can express their interest in advance. Anybody standing for election will be

Dolphins Hall asked to make a short statement to the meeting explaining why they would like to be a trustee and what they feel they can bring to the board. We would love to see as many members of the public at the AGM as possible. This is your chance to affect who looks after your community space and its future for the next twelve months. I find it amazing that it is June already. It’s hard to believe how fast this year is going. For the Memorial Recreation Ground the football and rugby seasons are over, and the cricket season is now in full swing. Keeping the ground in good enough condition to play sport all year round is very challenging, so I would like to acknowledge and thank those who spend a lot of time trying to ensure the grounds remain suitable for our sports teams.

Foot Health Services in your own home Call for an appointment or information on 0775 1129552

This month I will offer just a brief report on the new build project. Building projects seem to eat up time and move at a slow pace but the new plan is moving forward, and we are hoping to be in a position soon to come back to the public for another round of consultation very soon.

Miriam Thomas MCFHP Nail cutting, treatment of corns, verrucas & other foot conditions in the comfort of your own home

Steve Scott, Dolphins Hall Committee


Ma y n ers Alison and Jo are delighted to welcome Karen Forster to Mayners hair salon on London Road, Tetbury. Karen is our new senior stylist and has recently relocated from Malmesbury. She brings with her years of experience and specialises in colour and cutting styles to suit you. Te l e p h o n e 01 6 6 6 5 0 3 2 6 1 f o r a n appointment or free consultation. 1 2 L O N D O N R O A D , T E T B U RY, G L O U C E S T E R S H I R E G L 8 8 J L


All profits distributed locally and internationally

June 2019 | 49

Phoenix Surgery All our staff undergo refresher training on Basic Life Support every year. This year the trainer, Paul Blench, also set up an exercise on immediate trauma management skills using haemostats and tourniquets, giving practical experience which could be used when dealing with knife or puncture wounds. The picture shows some of our doctors and nurses looking happy and relaxed having saved the life of the dummy on the table.*

Prescribing and “Over-thecounter” Medicines:

therapies and healthy lifestyle activities not covered under the NHS.

The NHS has published new prescribing guidance, covering thirty-five minor shortterm health conditions, which are either ‘self-limited’ or suitable for self-care. A selflimiting condition does not require any medical advice or treatment as it will clear up on its own, such as sore throats, coughs, colds and viruses.

Established in 1992, the charity has actively supported patients in Cirencester and district to access gym memberships, osteopathy, counselling, and more. The Phoenix Charitable Trust currently works with CHYP, Everyone Active, and Cotswold Counselling to deliver social prescriptions to those in need.

A minor illness that is suitable for selfcare can be treated with items that can be purchased over-the-counter from a pharmacy. These conditions would include, for example, indigestion, mouth ulcers, warts and verrucae.

The Trust’s funds are derived from the generous donations of the local community and accessed through GP referral, so if you are interested in making a donation or other contribution to The Phoenix Charitable Trust, please get in touch with the Trust Manager at: psct.manager@gmail. com or send a message though Facebook @ThePhoenixCharitableTrust

By following these guidelines, the NHS can save millions of pounds. Some people may be surprised by the things that were prescribed, such as sunscreen and dandruff treatments. Patients are advised to seek advice in the first instance from a pharmacy. Advice on minor ailments suitable for selftreatment is available from:

More information on what the Trust supports can be found on their website: www.phoenixcharitabletrust.org.uk

Computer System: You may remember in April we advised that we were completing the upgrade to our computer systems. This was a large project and there were some glitches that caused some difficulties for some patients in re-registering their accounts. We would like to thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience suffered while this was going on. We hope that all the problems have been solved now. Judy Sharp, Practice Manager * Ed: Although, unhappily, it seems they’ve had to sacrifice one of its feet…

Stuart Forrest Accredited CBT Therapist

BABCP Accredited CBT Therapists

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is an effective talking therapy for:

Patient: ww.patient.co.uk


NHS Choices: www.nhs.uk Self-Care Forum: www.selfcareforum.org

Anxiety Depression Addiction Bereavement Phobias Insomnia For confidential advice or to arrange an assessment contact: stuart@tetburycbt.co.uk Tel. 07791161827

There is also a useful leaflet available from the Dispensary on request. Please note that the pharmacies in Tetbury are completely independent from the surgery, even though one of them is situated inside the surgery building.



Travel Medicine: If you are planning to go somewhere that requires special medication or vaccinations, please book your travel appointment with a nurse well in advance and attend at least six to eight weeks before departure. For further information go to our website and click on ‘Travel Room.’

The Phoenix Charitable Trust: As the Tetbury Surgery is now part of The Phoenix Health Group, the affiliated Charity, The Phoenix Charitable Trust wants to offer opportunities to those served by this surgery to access reduced cost

50 | June 2019


Nail-trimming including thickened nails Corn and hard skin removal Diabetic foot care Montgomery Foot Health Tetbury Osteopaths Foot clinics every Monday andaton the first Saturday 22 every London Road (opposite the Priory Inn). of month at Tetbury Euphoria Osteopathic Clinic, 12a Church Street, Tetbury, GlosMonday. GL8 8JG Ground floor clinics every Catherine Montgomery


0797 0550 076

t: e: feet@catherinemontgomery.co.uk info@catherinemontgomery.co.uk www.montgomeryfoothealth.co.uk

MFH_0004 Tetbury Ad 11.4 x 5cm.indd 1


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk 12/07/2015 16:51

St Mary’s Playgroup arm and shoulder muscles ready for when they begin to learn writing skills. They have been spending more time in our newlyrenovated outside space at playgroup too, with lots of enjoyment in turning the mud kitchen into a ‘mud café’, using herbs and spices to create wonderful dishes for their friends!

The ‘Secret Garden’ is officially no longer a secret! What a fantastic turn out we had at our joint open day with HC-One’s Ilsom house last month. We introduced our Forest School, ‘The Secret Garden’, to so many lovely local residents, families and friends. The open day provided an opportunity for members of the public to visit both the care home and the forest school - and to gain an insight into what’s available for both local children and the elderly in such a ‘hidden local gem’. The day was a great success for everyone, and we are so proud of the partnership we have built with the team at

Ilsom house – we look forward to the future as we continue to work closely with them to develop positive relationships between the children, staff and residents. Alongside the run up to our open day playgroup, staff have also been busy completing their forest school level two and three training. All staff have now been trained or are completing training and will continue to provide the highest quality forest school experiences to our children. Back at playgroup, our children have been using their physical skills to throw bean bags and balls, as well as experimenting with small items such a buttons and gems and making play dough! These are all really important skills to help develop their hand,

bathrooms & kitchens

M: 07879 233173 T: 01666 502053 e: info@rs-bathrooms.co.uk



Sage Payroll Self-Assessment Tax Returns Accounts - VAT Returns - CIS Over 38 years of experience


Based in Tetbury susie.neal@btinternet.com


COMPLETE BATHROOM AND KITCHEN INSTALLATION Bathroom installs Kitchen installs Wet rooms Disability bathrooms All aspects of tiling Free estimates


Over the coming months we are looking forward to welcoming more new children, as well as supporting our preschool children with their transition to school. I can’t believe our older ones will be ‘flying the nest’ in a matter of a few months now! We are focusing on building their confidence ready to move to a new setting, as well as savouring as many memories with them as we can.

During the last couple of months, we have hosted an Easter craft fair, run an Easter Egg hunt around the town and held a bottle tombola at the Wacky Races, which again proved to be a real success this year. We would like to thank everyone who supported us in these events, along with those who have organised, donated prizes and helped on the day. We couldn’t have done it all without you! Please keep a look out for us at our next fundraiser during the summer show on the 11th of August. Each week we continue to see lots of new and lovely faces at our Seedlings ‘baby and toddler’ group - but for those who haven’t ventured along yet, we would welcome you to come and join us at our friendly sessions on Monday mornings from 9.00 am at Christchurch. You can see what we’re all about, chat with staff and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whilst your children enjoy the lovely activities on offer. We also have some exciting new sessions from September so please keep a look out for more details of this over the summer term! For more details please visit our Facebook page or call us on 01666 503777 to arrange a visit to see what we do.

Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

St Mary’s Playgroup

June 2019 | 51

St Mary’s Primary School St Mary’s Primary School is continuing to expand, and we now have close to three hundred and fifty children enrolled. Unfortunately, despite intense lobbying of the Government and the Department for education, the situation around school funding across the country remains extremely challenging. Schools are still not being provided with adequate funding and resources to deliver the level of provision and support that is expected - and that our families and children deserve. The Governors of St. Mary’s have worked hard to ensure that we maintain a high standard of education for our pupils and we will continue to do so, however it is often the most vulnerable children in our school - those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with special educational needs - who bear the brunt of cuts. Schools across the county are struggling to provide the levels of support to which these children are entitled. We are very fortunate that we have the support of community groups in Tetbury such as The Feoffees, the Tetbury Lions, Tetbury Town Council, Tetfest, The Rotary, Tetbury Relief in Need, the Adam Philby Trust, the Church and other organisations who have made donations to help us maintain our good standards. We have also been fortunate to benefit from Tesco grants in recent years and other grants that our hard-working governors have managed to access. We have also been well supported by the Diocese who have used capital funding to make repairs to the school and enhance the learning environment. This summer the Diocese will be making repairs to the school roof and the PTfA are helping us fund improvements to the outside learning and play area for our four- and five-year-olds. Governors, however, have to find 10% of the cost of the capital projects carried out by the Diocese - and this can prove challenging when they have no income to speak of. We feel very fortunate to be so well supported by the parents and members of the community and we thank you for your continued support in difficult times. Jo Woolley, Headteacher


30 years experience, specialising in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Extensions and Renovations

chris@elliottbrothers.net 07786 085928 or 01666 505110


Oriel Singers  

7:30pm Sat  29th  June     Malmesbury  Abbey   with  a  programme  of  songs  of  love     inspired  by  the  John  Donne  poem   The  Good  Morrow

LEE COOPER (TETBURY) LTD The Forge, Trull Farm, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8SQ Telephone (01285) 841773 Specialise in Custom Made Metalwork For Industrial & Domestic Use Please Call: Martin or Jon or email: enquiries@lee-cooper.co.uk

Information and Tickets - £18 (£5 students) mamsmusic.co.uk , Abbey bookshop 0650619

52 | June 2019

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Guild Crafts



Extension Before

Anne James

Landscaping Before

New Build Before

Opening times: Saturday 1 June – Saturday 8 June, 10am – 6pm daily Sunday 9 June , 10am – 5pm

Tetbury Market House, Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DA

www.guildcrafts.org.uk Landscaping After

Extension After


Tetbury advertiser1.indd 1

dscaping Before

New Build Before

Extension Before


New Build After

Extensions Loft Conversions Barn Conversions Extension After Landscaping After Listed Building Refurbishment Groundworks and Landscaping Natural Stone Walling Roofing Fascias & Guttering New Build After Kitchens & Bathrooms sions Roofing Carpentry onversions Fascias & Guttering Conversions Kitchens & Bathrooms Property Maintenance Building Refurbishment Carpentry

dworks and Landscaping l Stone Walling

Property Maintenance

T: 01666 824980 M: 07788 416875 www.danbaileybuilding.co.uk 640413

54 | June 2019

13/05/2019 20:32




THURSDAY 20TH JUNE 2019 (from 10am – 1pm) • • • • • • •

Silver and Jewellery Ceramics and Glass Medals and Militaria Toys, Dolls and Models Paintings and Prints Books and Collectables Photos of Furniture

Please phone 01666 504418 for an appointment www.cotswoldauction.co.uk

Charles II London delft armorial mug sold for £82,000


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Cotswold Voluntary Wardens each year the church at Cam organises a group to carry a cross up the hill, as part of the “Procession of Witness.” Whitminster – installing a new gate for the path adjacent to Frome Bridge Mill on the River Frome. Here, we are just outside the ‘Area of National Beauty,’ looking up at the Cotswolds. The mill is picturesque and is now a very pleasant restaurant and bar, accessible from the nearby A38 roundabout. Hawkesbury Upton – installing a new gate on the Cotswold Way long-distance path on the Cotswold escarpment, looking down across the Severn Vale.

Hearing the Birdsong:

Fantastic Footpaths! ‘Yellow-Lighted Bookshop’ owner Hereward Corbett was recently asked by Cotswold Life magazine “What’s the most underrated thing about the Cotswolds?” and he replied, “We have the most fantastic network of footpaths, that lead to innumerable secret places. I can’t think of anywhere else with such a variety.” The Warden’s work party certainly gets me to many spectacular places I would not otherwise see. Why don’t you see for

yourself, by joining one of the Warden’s walks listed below, or one of the Tuesday walks conducted by the Tetbury Footpath Group?

Footpaths Work: Some of the fantastic locations the Wardens have worked at in the last few weeks are: Cam Peak – installing a new kissing gate for the footpath on the lower slopes. This coneshaped hill brings to mind Cecil Frances Alexander’s lyrics for the hymn “There Is A Green Hill Far Away,” so on Good Friday

One of the many pleasures of our work in the countryside at this time of year has been hearing the return of Spring’s migratory birds. Some are now not as common as they were, but at Hawkesbury we heard a Yellowhammer singing its characteristic “a little bit of bread but no cheese” song, and a Skylark, high above us. We’ve seen the Swallow’s return and had them zoom around us, but I have not as yet heard the Swifts this year – which I usually hear in Tetbury. Have you? I heard a Cuckoo in Tetbury this April though, for the first time in many years. “The Cuckoo comes in April, he sings his song in May. In the middle of June he whistles a tune – in July he flies away.” Heard but seldom seen, I’ve personally only seen Cuckoos once, on the top of Robinswood Hill on the outskirts of Gloucester. A pair had just arrived and were circling around excitedly, delivering their familiar call.

Local Walks in June: Local circular walks lead by the Wardens in June are: - Wednesday the 5th of June at 10.00 am from Newark Park (the National trust Car Park,) for 6 miles via Alderley and Tresham. - Tuesday the 11th of June at 10.00 am from Coaley Peak picnic site car park on the B4066 for 3 miles through meadows to see the wildflowers. - Monday the 17th of June at 10.00 am from the Hare and Hounds, Westonbirt on the A433 for 5 miles. - Sunday the 23rd of June at 10.00 am from the clock tower by the roundabout in the centre of Nailsworth for 8 miles via Kingscote. Bring a packed lunch.


- Wednesday the 26th of June at 10.00 am for coffee at the Vasta Café at the Prema Arts Centre, Uley, departing at 10.30 am for 5.5 miles via Uley Bury, Cam Long Down and Cam Peak. Richard Glanville, Cotswold Voluntary Wardens

Hand delivered to 4,300 homes each month

June 2019 | 55

Tetbury Footpath Group The 2109 season of walks with the Tetbury Footpath Group is now well under way. So far, we have enjoyed generally good dry weather, and good numbers of walkers have turned out. They’ve mainly been existing members of the group, but with a very welcome new members and visitors have also joined us. As always, our walks have varied in length and difficulty At the end of April the group organised the second Tetbury Walks Festival, with nine different walks spread over the three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In general, the Festival is thought to have been a success with more participants than in 2018, possibly due in part to better weather than last year. However, some walks were much better supported than others and we will try to learn from this for the future. If any readers of this article participated in any of these walks and have any comments to make, or ideas to share, please let the group know via our email address or via the website. New for the group, we are going to try organising a few walks at weekends in addition to the weekly one on Tuesday in


56 | June 2019

our usual program. A few comments have been received suggesting that there are people who would like to be part of a group walk, but who cannot come on Tuesdays, or during other weekdays. The first of these Weekend Walks is to be on Sunday the 30th of June at 2.00 pm, starting from the Goods Shed. Others are planned, so if you are interested please check the group’s website and watch for further notices.

For all information about the group, see our website: www.tetburywalkers. co.uk or contact the group by email on tetburydfootgp@gmail.com

Walks Program for June 2019: Levels: A = easy to D = hilly 04/06/19 Cars needed. Start 10.00 am. Enjoy magnificent views as we climb steep and


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

ancient Uley Bury and return across fields and along quiet country lanes. Length 5m, 8km. Level B/C. Leader Sallie 503712. 11/06/19 Cars needed. Start 10.00 am. We shall be crossing Minchinhampton Common to Amberley and (optional) ice creams at Winstones and then enjoy the panoramic views over the Golden Valley as we return via Burleigh. Optional Lunch at Kitchen Tea Rooms or the Woefuldane Dairy in the village centre. Numbers needed for the Kitchen. Length 4.m, 6.5km. Level A. Leaders Chris and Shirley – 502164. 19/06/19 (Wednesday) Cars needed. Start 9.30 am. An early start to this walk which takes in open views and picturesque valleys. Optional lunch at The Fleece pub. Length 6.5m, 10.5km. Level B. Leader Julian – 504022. 25/06/19 Cars needed. Start 10.00 am. From the Nailsworth C/P we will be climbing, quite steeply, to enjoy the lovely Cotswold countryside before dropping down towards Horsley and return via Ruskin Mill. Length 4.5m, 7km. Level B/C. Leaders Jane and Catherine – 07708 441548.

David Sheppard

Building Contractor

• New Builds • Extensions

Mobile: 07885 397986 Tel: 01666 502940 Email: d-sheppard2@sky.com www.davidsheppardbricklaying.co.uk 0240318

Tetbury Counselling Service

Weekend Walk:

Graham Hackney Dip HIC (BCPC) MBACP

30/06/19 (Sunday) Start: 2:00 pm, from Tetbury Goods Shed, Walk and discover the River Avon, a Roman Road and an Arab stud Farm, Length 5 m, 8 km, Grade: A/B, Leaders: Maggie and David – 505869. Tetbury Footpath Group

• Dry Stone Walls • Patios

T: 07833 993249 www.tetburycounselling.co.uk E-mail: tcsenquiry@outlook.com 1200917

Visit our website for more information: www.daveylaw.co.uk

Residential Property Wills & Probate Lasting Powers of Attorney Family & Divorce Commercial Property Employment Law Dispute Resolution Inheritance Tax Planning Clinical Negligence


Personal Injury


Davey Law @Davey_Law @DaveyLawSolicitors All profits distributed locally and internationally

01285 654875 enquiries@daveylaw.co.uk 10-12 Dollar Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AL June 2019 | 57

Open Evening Tuesday 18th June 5-7pm Cherish invites you to the launch party for our new treatments The CryoGlo Facial and Henna Brows. There will also be new treatments launched by Dr Jessica Prior and Luisa Krayem Aesthetics. • Live demonstration of the CryoGlo Facial. (exclusive offers/discounts available on the night) • Live demonstration of Henna Brow Treatment (exclusive offers/discounts available on the night) • Dr Jessica Prior will be showing her new hyaluronic acid skin treatment and talking about how wrinkle relaxing injections and chemical peels can improve the signs of ageing. (10% discount for treatments booked on the night!) • Live demonstration of cosmetic brow tattooing with Luisa Krayem Aesthetics. • Hand & arm massages and a raffle to raise money for charity Tommy’s • Goody bag on arrival

Join us for a glass of fizz and nibbles. Everyone welcome - bring a friend!


Call/Text: 01666 504222 Email: info@cherishsalon.com


Opening Hours Monday Closed Tuesday to Friday 9am - 7pm Saturday 9am - 3pm

Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did. Sarah Caldwell On Tuesday the 11th of June we are hosting a fraud/scam awareness drop-in between 10.00 am and 12 mid-day. Linda from the

Coventry Building Society will be here, to offer advice on the different types of scams, and to provide useful information on how to protect yourselves against fraud. So if you are unsure about how to keep safe, would like some more information, or are just curious then why not pop along to the library to be enlightened? While we are on the topic of learning, the Open University teamed up with the BBC to conduct a study into how taking part in a creative activity can help our wellbeing and emotions. So, with the summer on its way, surely now is a great time to start a

Tetbury Library new hobby or creative activity? The library has a range of books of topics such as sewing, gardening, woodwork, pottery, photography, drawing, bird watching, jewellery-making, book-binding, cakedecorating, poetry, writing and many more to grab your creative attention. If you would prefer a more subtle way to be creative, then we also have a good section of health and wellbeing books, to guide you to a more positive state of wellbeing such as mindfulness, meditation and sleeplessness. We also have books on stress, depression and anxiety, to help you focus your mind and give you a start if being creative seems a little too daunting at the moment. Library members can also use our computers to draw and design, so if your creativity is more linear then we may be able to help there too. Our ‘Code Club’ has now started and is off to a roaring start, so if this is your way to express your creativity then please register your interest with us, as we are hoping to run another course in September. Have fun in being creative, learning new skills and improving your wellbeing! Linda, Sophie and Liz, Tetbury Library



MOT Testing Vehicle Repairs Servicing Diagnostics





Free loan cars are available





Call us on 01454 238 700 or visit www.mottetbury.co.uk

Yoga specially designed for the over 40’s 10.30am most Mondays at Tetbury Malthouse Improve your flexibility, stability, balance and range of motion.

Call 01453 452739 or 07768 791653





Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

June 2019 | 59

Tetbury Town Football Club Another season has passed at Tetbury Town Football Club, but preparation is already underway for next year!

with the u7’s, u8’s, u9’s and u11’s all earning runners up medals in their games: another fantastic effort by all! Finally, once we’ve all had a well-deserved break, pre-season training will be starting again on Wednesday June the 26th at 6.30 pm at the Memorial Recreation ground.

We welcome players of all abilities, so please contact Joel on 07773 287 894 should you have any queries. If you’d like to get involved in the football club in any capacity, please get in touch. See you in the new season! Tetbury Town Football Club



With all three teams comfortably sitting in mid-table in their respective divisions, we look forward to our presentation evening with ambitions of a promotion charge next season.

Many satisfied customers and references available Interior and Exterior decorations Curtain, blind and picture hanging Shelf fixing Flat-pack assembley Indemnity insured, contact me for a realistic quotation 01666 502648 or 07961 392493 info@andykinseydecorating.co.uk www.andykinseydecorating.co.uk 0080319


FIVE MILE PICTURE FRAMING After a superb County Cup run, our first team travelled to Glevum Park, home of Tuffley Rovers, to face Hardwicke reserves in the final. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be for the Oranges who were soundly beaten by a very good Hardwicke. However, disappointing though the result was, it certainly wasn’t down to the lack of support. It seemed like the whole of the town were in Tuffley lending their voices - and it was fantastic to see and hear. Youth coaches, youth players, committee members, players and coaches from the other senior teams all made the journey, and the club would like to thank all those who attended for their incredible support.

Mobile bespoke picture framing within a five mile radius of Tetbury including : - Avening, Cherington, Malmesbury, Sherston, Nailsworth, Minchinhampton)

So – you want something framed – it couldn't be more simple. • You call to make a half hour appointment for me to visit you on a no charge, no obligation basis • I bring sample picture moulding and mount board to your home • You receive professional advice and a quotation for framing prints, oil paintings, fabric, memorabilia and also for updating existing 'tired' frames • I take away your artwork, frame it and redeliver at the agreed price within an agreed time scale

Please telephone me on 07764 302 683 for more information. 0490215

It’s been another busy month for the TTFC youth section, with our big fundraising “Fun Run” held at the SWR pitches. Children from the ‘Tiny Tigers’ all the way up to the under 10’s ran around a long course that featured skills stations where they had to take footballing challenges, under the watchful eye of the coaches and the under-11 kids. The children, along with numerous parent helpers manning the BBQ and the café, managed to raise over £550 towards club funds: a great effort by all! TTFC also played host to the Cotswold Youth League cup finals this month and were hugely proud to have a team from every age group between u7 and u11 competing for a trophy. A great reflection on the kids who play and the progress we are making as a club. After a lot of very close and hard-fought matches, the u10’s emerged as winners of the John Baker Cup,

60 | June 2019

Tetbury Sports Massage Sports, Remedial & Holistic Massage     

Stiff & sore, neck, shoulder, back, knee pain? Have you injured yourself either through sport or everyday life? Is it putting you off sport/exercise or affecting your work? Eliminate aches & pains, increase your flexibility, improve your performance Sports massage can detect problems, prevent injuries occurring & speed recovery.

All treatments include a consultation, postural assessment and a tailored massage to suit your individual needs. Christina Ticehurst BTEC ITEC MFHT 07738 597436 www.tetburysportsmassage.co.uk info@tetburysportsmassage.co.uk


Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk

Think you don’t need a water softener?



Children in hard water areas are 54% more likely to suffer from eczema. Hair washed in hard water is duller and rougher.

Utility bills


Washing clothes in hard water makes the texture rougher and colour duller. Clothing life is reduced by up to 40%.

It’s hard to get a lather up in hard water and this can mean up to 50% more soaps, shampoos and detergents used.

Hot water

Limescale build up in pipes can increase your energy bills by up to 25%.


Heating a tank of water can take twice or even three times as long as in a soft water area.

Water flow through a shower head can reduce by 75% in just 18 months of untreated hard water.

The Cotswolds lie in a hard water area where the minerals in water create limescale deposits when heated. The most visible sign of limescale in your home is furred up kettles and hazy glassware, but the hidden problems are costing your household hundreds of pounds a year. Can you afford to ignore your hard water? Contact us at The Tetbury Soft Water Company for a FREE survey and we can help. Our water softeners are ‘fit and forget’ and come with a 10 year Warranty.

01666 500 028 • 07578 191 418 • www.tetburysoftwater.com 1121118

The Cotswolds’ independent water softener specialist

Products: Water Softeners • Water Filtration • Salt Blocks

Services: Sales • Installation • Repairs • Survey

U3A Over 125 people crowded into the Goods Shed… …on the 8th of May for the U3A ‘Launch Event’ – and to listen to talks on the objectives, organisation and ethos of the University of the Third Age by regional volunteers. This was followed by a talk from the ex-chair of Malmesbury U3A, Sara Gray, who presented the huge benefits which her town has gained from the organisation.





The audience was asked to nominate the activities they would most like to see the new U3A offer in Tetbury. On-the-spot analysis suggested that the hot favourites would be “Bimbling” (taking short walks,) the study of Historic Buildings, Local and Family history, French, Quiz nights, Creative Writing, Computer Workshops, Table Tennis, Play Reading, and Art-related activities. When asked whether Tetbury should launch its own U3A, there was a rousing “Yes!”


Servicing • Repairs • Diagnostics

01666 505010 Martin@springfieldsvm.co.uk



Care:Layout 1 22/6/09 21:38 Page 1

HANSEN TREE CARE LTD For a professional and efficient service

As the local U3A representative I told the including felling, pruning and hedging audience afterward that an inauguration is planned for July the 10th in the Goods contact Piers Hansen (B Eng Hons) on Shed. The huge variety of interests suggested by the audience – ninety-five in 01453 836207, 07770 745642, piers.hansen@btinternet.com total number - points to our having thirty or more interest groups up and running Fully insured and NPTC qualified within the next few years. 150208 Maths & English 22/2/08 22:05 Page 1 830709 0480615 Jeremy North, U3A


AGW Howell (Builder) Ltd




General Builder Specialising in Stonework and Renovations

Small local contractor for your building projects and property maintenance

Teacher experienced with learning difficulties in children and adults up to GCSE/Key Skills


Call us on: 01666 860875 or 07786 938189 Email: howell.george@sky.com

Call Jane Fraser 01666 500260


Local company undertaking all types of building work including: Extensions

Call fo ra free qu o te Call 07939 890891 • SCHOOL RUN from Tetbury to Malmesbury Barn Conversions • spaces Sporting Events available from September • Airport connections Tel: 01666 860875 or 07786 938189 • • Sporting Events Nightclubs Cotswold Tours www.agwhowellbuilderltd.co.uk • •• Airport Connections Advert Size - DC3 0221213 Parties • School run from Tetbury-Malmesbury • Cotswold Tours Tetbury Minibus Fully licensed and insured for up to 16 passengers Autumn/Winter Day Trips • Parties

New Build

Bicester Shopping Trip

For a quotation please call 07939 890891 or visit www.tetburyminibus.co.uk • Saturday 17th November from Tetbury

Fully licensed and insured for up to 16 passengers •

Full day

Adult £20, Child/OAP £15

Bucks Fizz & pastries included

For a free quotation please call 07939 890891 or visit our website www.tetburyminibus.co.uk Burford Winter Market


Saturday 1st December from Tetbury

4 hours

Adult £13, Child/OAP £10

62 | June 2019

Also available for private hire

Read online at www.tetburyadvertiser.co.uk •

For• further details, please call 07939 890891 or visit www.tetburyminibus.co.uk

See our new website for competition and day schedules: cheringtonshow.com Follow us on Facebook: Cheringtonshow

The Cherington Show Sunday 21st July 2019 Save the date for our village show from 1.30pm!

Crafts, horticulture, rare breeds, Rudi the TV Otter, BBQ, Pimms, Kid’s Zone, fab raffle prizes, tea tent, morris dancers, cakes, plant stall, vintage tractors, designer clothes, art show, Cherington produce stall, jams, books, fancy dress and more! 

Cherington, GL8 8SN. 75 years young!


The village will be closed

to through traffic. £2 per car entry 0160619



Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June – 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Gardens open at EIGHT properties in a delightful small rural village near Tetbury Extensive variety of gardens and plantings: Manor house, barn, cottages, farmhouse, formal, wild, old, new, small, large, prairie, vegetable. Church open both days, with organ recitals. Entry by ticket:

To benefit:

Adults £6 - Children Free

The National Garden Scheme

Well behaved dogs on leads will be very welcome. Teas: beautiful tent at Park Cottage with a selection of homemade cakes & scones Plant Stall: located at Ashley Manor Barn

and St James Church Ashley Parking: Ashley GL8 8SX


All profits distributed locally and internationally

June 2019 | 63

Gift Vouchers Available Hair Salon Hot Stone Massage Bespoke Facials Manicures Pedicures Waxing Threading Make Up Hair Up Bridal Hair

TRIO GetTHE YourDREAMY January Treatment 45Half MinPrice* Facial When You Book Delux Gel Pedicure Your Nov/Dec Express Gel Shape & Polish Treatment! £99

Gift Vouchers Aveda Miller Harris Neom L'Occitane Dr Hauschka Caudalie Neal's Yard Jane Iredale and more


TV PROBLEMS? POOR PICTURE? Let Aardvark Installations take care of your Digital TV system, CCTV or Data Networking requirements • • • • • • • •

New TV aerials & satellite dishes Extra TV points fitted TVs wall mounted Set-up and installation Catch-up TV problems Broadband, Wifi and Networking Improved WiFi coverage & home office optimisation CCTV Installations

Fully designed and installed home and office network installations. Consumer unit changes from £299 +VAT fully certified. We provide a full electrical testing, inspection and fault-finding service.

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64 | June 2019

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Tetbury Hospital

Are you suffering from problems with passing water? This could include a slow flow, dribbling and incontinence, urinary tract infections, getting up at night or feeling like you need to go all the time? These symptoms may have a major impact on your life, and you might need to know where each toilet is before leaving the house. Tetbury Hospital’s new Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr John Henderson, can help with these issues. If your GP feels that you need to be referred for a urology appointment, as an NHS patient it is your right to choose which hospital you attend for an appointment. The current wait time at Tetbury Hospital for a urology appointment is four weeks.

The Trustees have approved a major redevelopment of our hospital, which is now well underway. So now seems a good opportunity to give you an update on what the upgraded department will mean to our patients. Firstly, we will have two refurbished consulting rooms, one of which will lead directly into our brand new procedure room, affording increased privacy for patients undergoing procedures. There will be a further new consulting room in our day surgery unit and new toilet facilities. On top of that, the day surgery unit will be split into singlegender bays, which will ensure a higher level of privacy and dignity. Read about Mr Henderson on our website www.tetburyhospital.co.uk.

Monika’s Health & Wellbeing Classes Look after your Heart Every Wednesday morning in the Dolphin Hall there are two types of classes to choose from

Tai Chi - 10am to 11am and Gentle Postural Stability training - 11.15am to 12.15pm Both classes gently strengthen the body, releasing the stress of everyday life.

The large new procedure room will enable our consultants to carry out many more procedures, one of which is called a flexible cystoscopy, a diagnostic procedure for urology conditions, which will be carried out by Mr Henderson. The ability to offer cystoscopies is a particularly exciting development for us and will mean patients will not have to travel further afield for this procedure. With this in mind, the Friends of Tetbury Hospital, our fundraisers, will be running their annual house-to-house collection from Monday the 10th to Friday the 14th of June, and are aiming to raise £11,000 to buy the flexible cystoscopy system.

For more details call Monika on 07840 826306 Cost per person £6.00 Free parking available. 0710318

Tetbury Hospital

Get spring cleaned by Tetbury’s professionals Wash & Fold • Wash & Iron • Ironing • Drying • Duvets

We can clean all your bedding and curtains – you’ll love our service!

Complete Miele laundry service

5★ service with modern equipment

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Providing the forum for the local community to share its latest news and events

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Interior and exterior work, Decorating, Tiling, Coving, Specialist wall coverings, wallpapering, damp proofing, furniture reconditioning FOR FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE CALL

01666 826521 07979363224 or 07736326269 1360314

www.thornburyandpearce.co.uk thornburyandpearce@yahoo.co.uk 0910419

open evening Thursday 27th June 2019 5pm to 8pm

For an exceptional choice of courses visit Cirencester Sixth Form College 0180619

A Levels • Vocational & Technical Diplomas • Apprenticeships • University Level Qualifications Business & Professional Courses • Subsidised Transport

also NEW Adult Courses!

Learn something new, try out a leisure course or update your skills Register online now at www.cirencester.ac.uk 66 | June 2019

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Tetbury Cares



Help for people caring for an adult with a life-limiting illness.


National Carers Week, 2019

4,500 people in Gloucestershire are looking after someone in the last twelve months of their life. Whilst supporting someone with a life-limiting illness often involves the same things as other carers, (for example practical tasks such as housework, help with getting to appointments, personal care such as washing and dressing,) these demands become much more difficult when the person’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs become more complex and/or demanding, as their condition deteriorates. In addition, families must often think about and discuss ongoing care and planning for the future, whilst also dealing with their own feelings of loss and change. Longfield is Tetbury’s nearest hospice, (based just outside Minchinhampton,) caring for adults in Gloucestershire with a life-limiting diagnosis, (for example Cancer, Neurological conditions such as Parkinsons and Motor Neurone Disease, COPD, Heart Failure and other end stage organ failure.)

The 10th through to the 16th of June is National Carers Week. Did you know that there are 6.5 million people in the UK caring for somebody? A family member or friend who has a disability, mental or physical illness, life-limiting illness, or who just needs extra help as they grow older.

caring role and to help them look after their own health and wellbeing are being missed.

A ‘carer’ is anyone who gives unpaid support to look after someone who is unable to look after themselves. Without their support, the person they care for could not manage.

In Gloucestershire alone there are around 63,000 ‘carers,’ and this number is growing. Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience, but it is often challenging to take care of your own wellbeing whilst caring. Its impact on all aspects of life from relationships and health to finances and work should not be underestimated. Without the right information and support, it can be tough.

Whilst providing end-of-life care for patients who choose to die at home, Longfield’s ‘Hospice at Home’ looks after the patient’s family too. Family carers also have free access to counselling and bereavement support, complementary therapies, and an ongoing programme of practical support, including Benefits Guidance, workshops on Nutrition, Future Planning, Moving and Handling, Incontinence and ‘Positive Caring for End of Life’ courses.

Where can you get help?

For more information visit our website at www.longfield.org.uk or call 01453 886868.

Carers UK ‘State of Caring’ Survey, 2017: 72% said they had ‘suffered mental ill health’ as a result of caring. 42% have missed out on financial support as a result of not getting the right information and advice. 42% are men. 12% are also still in employment. For these last two groups in particular, opportunities to be better supported in their Front

Are you caring for someone or do you know someone who is?

The Carers Week website provides a wealth of information: www.carersweek.org

Longfield also supports family and friends:

Locally, carers can find out about support through the Gloucestershire Carers Hub: www.gloucestershirecarershub.co.uk

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Tetbury’sTetbury’s PremierPremier Independent Garage Garage Independent

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Established in 1974, we Tetbury's Established inare 1974, we are premier Tetbury'sindependent premier independent garage offering dedicated and experienced team of team of garagea offering a dedicated and experienced mechanics. We were voted Independent Garage ofGarage the Yearof the Year mechanics. We were voted Independent 2012 by both Trader andTrader the Motor Industry of Code of 2012Motor by both Motor and the MotorCode Industry Practice. Practice.

OUR ABOUT US Established in 1974, we are Tetbury’s premier independent garage SERVICES offering a dedicated and We specialise in BMW, Mini, VAG (Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda) and We specialise in BMW, Mini, VAG (Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda) and experienced team of mechanics. We were voted Independent Garage of the Year 2012 by Land Rover. WeRover. have 8We courtesy available a or offer As offer an independent BMW, Established in 1974, we areY Tetbury's Land have 8cars courtesy carsor available a Mini, VAG (Audi, written N A both Motor Trader and the Motor Industry Code of Practice. We specialise in BMW, Mini, VAG t a collection collection service. service. be VW, SEAT, Skoda) and Land Rover specialist premier independent garage offering a willus FollowWus Follow @carcaretetbury e@carcaretetbury di of (Audi, VW, SEAT, Skoda), Land Rover and Mercedes. We have 9 courtesy carsofavailable or offer y we invest in state the art dealer-level dedicatedy andaexperienced n Auteam b e t o Skoda Car Care satisfaction is ourdiagnostic topisis priority sopriority o AtTetbury Car At Care Tetbury customer so you offer asfull range equipment to ofrservices t aAtcollection service. Carcustomer Care Tetbury customersatisfaction satisfaction ourour toptop priority soprovide please do with a qu mechanics. Wee a e nfour wheel drives and please do please a call or visit ourorwebsite. wagof cars, us a call today visit our website. full range of service options with 8 free Volforkallsmakes give us a callgive todayusordo visitgive ourtoday website. s. courtesy cars or collection.



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AUTO GEARBOX FLUSH AND OIL REFILL NOW AVAILABLE Units 1-3, Priory Industrial-Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucester We now have the latest auto gearbox flushing machine, this removes all the old oil from the gearbox (draining doesn’t remove all old oil from gearbox). The gearbox is then flushed through to remove any dirt/debris, new oil is filled and conditioning fluid added, this maintains any oil seals, valves etc.


Most manufactures have a service schedule for this at set mileage, others say the gearbox is sealed Experiencing uneven tyre wear, MOT alland Class 4 cars and light vans Weafter provide fulldiagnostics, dealer level diagnostics, forprovide life, but 100,000 miles or more the gearbox oil is tyre often well past besttoand issues We full dealer level Experiencing uneven wear, pulling to itspulling MOT gives testing on alltesting Class 4on cars light vans service and repairs using Autologic ™ the left or right, an uncentred steering with a free re-test included if needed. All service and repairs using Autologic ™ the left or right, an uncentred steering with a free re-test included if needed. All such as jurking gearchange and slow to change from one gear to the other, cold gear change issues equipment which the full level of wheel or poorwheel or poor handling? bulbs and adjustments free of equipment which offers the fulloffers level of handling? If so, contact Ifusso, tocontact us to bulbs and adjustments are included are freeincluded of etc. functionality available to main dealers. book our fourbook our fouralignment wheel laser alignment service. charge!excluded) (headlamp excluded) functionality available to main dealers. wheel laser service. charge! (headlamp your at Car Care Laser alignment willl transform vehicles PRICES FOR FULL FLUSH ANDwillOIL START FROM £145 +vat Servicing yourServicing car at Car Carecar Tetbury will Tetbury Laser CHANGE alignment willl transform your vehiclesyour notmanufacturers affect your manufacturers handling characteristics, not affect your warranty andwarranty and handling characteristics, tyre wear andtyre wear and will save you money. fuel efficiency. will save you money. fuel efficiency.

www.carcaretetbury.co.uk www.carcaretetbury.co.uk Land Rover g for a N n i t i u r c Units 1-3,Industrial Priory Industrial Estate, Discovery London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 Units 1-3, Priory Estate, London Road, Tetbury, Gloucestershire GL8 8HZ ICIA Re8HZ e are ECHN 6 Complete flush and oil change

£265+vat 0190516

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Produced by The Tetbury Advertiser Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetbury Lions Trust : Charity Number 1152090 www.tetburyadvertiser....

Tetbury Advertiser June 2019  

Produced by The Tetbury Advertiser Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tetbury Lions Trust : Charity Number 1152090 www.tetburyadvertiser....