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PANIC AT NO DISCO The Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN kicks off this Friday and will run for nine days with plenty of music and fun stuf for kids of all ages. Saturday night’s headliner is Widespread Panic the legendary Athens jam band with ties to the Tennessee Valley.


Grammy award winning vocalist Bruno Mars is headed south. The former child Elvis impersonator and hit at this past Super Bowl halftime show, Mars comes to Birmingham, AL where he will perform Wednesday night at the BJCC Arena.

Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of Toni Braxton is a singer in her own right. The lovely and talented vocalist will be in Chattanooga on Monday as she performs at Track 29. ENIGMA




Political Gumbo It’s been a while since I whipped up a batch of political gumbo. So, despite the warm weather, here are some assorted political items… all tossed into a pot and stewed… ...Last Saturday’s release of captured U.S. Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl by his Taliban captors wasn’t a political event, per se, but it has sparked a political backlash. Obama opponents say the president broke the law by exchanging five captured Taliban prisoners for a disgruntled soldier who may have deserted his post. Others say that prisoner exchanges have been commonplace in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless, one has to wonder why Obama would risk such heavy political fallout over the “rescue.” As many as eight U.S. soldiers may have been killed in the search and rescue efforts after Bergdahl left (or was taken from) his base in June 2009. There will be much debate

over this one… and there’s still a possibility that Bergdahl will face a court martial. This story is far from over… and may take a while to spin out… …November’s midterm elections are going to be interesting. Many political observers predict that the Republicans will gain the six seats they need to take control of the Senate. The unpopularity of Obamacare (and its incredibly clumsy rollout) will be a factor, as will the president’s low popularity overall. The Democrats’ other problem is constitutional mathematics. Because Senators are elected in six-year cycles, the seats up for grabs this year were last in contention back in 2008… when the Democrats were stronger than usual. GOP control of the House and Senate, combined with two “lame duck” years of the Obama presidency, could lead to gridlock, numerous presidential vetoes, and a flurry of “executive orders.” It could


get cray-cray…

“likability” factor. There’s no doubt that Hillary has the experience and skill set to be president. I’m just not sure that voters “like” her enough. I still think the Democratic nominee could be a female. But it could be Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren is a no-nonsense populist who has shaken things up considerably since her Senate election…

…Looking ahead to the presidential race in 2016 isn’t quite as premature as it seems. There have already been some casualties. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie looks like he’s lost about 70 pounds… along with any hope of winning the Republican nomination. The “Bridgegate” scandal revealed him to be either personally vindictive or unable to control his vindictive underlings. …Here in Tennessee, Governor He used to be the toast of the Bill Haslam has predictably GOP. Now he’s just… toast… announced his campaign for reelection. Despite some ongoing … I’m increasingly convinced scandals in Nashville, Haslam that Hillary Clinton won’t be the will probably cruise to another Democratic presidential nomi- term. Tennessee’s Democratic nee in 2016. Rumors about her party is cluelessly chasing the health persist, despite denials GOP these days and I don’t think and counterattacks. She just they’ll be able to come up with a doesn’t look healthy. Despite serious challenger… ideological differences, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and - Mark Bedford Barack Obama all entered office as relatively young, healthylooking men. Then there’s the

JUNE 5 2014



JUNE 5 2014



FIVE COMMON SITUATIONS WHERE AUTO TITLE LOAN SAVES THE DAY All of us will experience a bad moment, especially financial ones. Not every one of us are lucky enough to be spared from emergency cash situations, even the rich ones are also experiencing money problems. For whatever reasons cash shortfall exist, the natural instinct for people is to secure a loan to solve the problem. But not all banks and other financial assistance destinations can accommodate everybody. Lucky for those who were not entertained, as there is always an alternative such as auto title loans companies. Thus, thousands of people can be relieved of common financial troubles such as the following: Being cut off from usual services - regretfully, some people do forget to monitor their bills and when time comes that these are overdue and need to be paid to avoid being cut off

from utility bills as well as WiFi or cable connections, and being served with notice of eviction for overdue rent. If you own a car, then you have something to exchange for so that you can get extra cash to pay for these overdue bills and accounts. Saving lives of family members and relatives - we all know that health is volatile and we do not know when it will temporarily deteriorate and require medication and hospitalization in the same manner that accidents cannot be predicted. If you surrender your car title to auto title loan companies, you can ask for a higher amount of loan. With that, you are able to add to pay for expenses related to these inevitable health and accident situations. Out of work and looking for next job - with the economy


having its unpredictable mood swings, one is not secured when it comes to their jobs. Thus, when you find yourself jobless at the moment, car title loan is one of the logical choices to secure money and tide things over while waiting for the next job. Why? This is because one can secure a loan for as short as a 15 days term to even 36 months installment payment. What is even more beneficial is you still get to use the car.

and other school fees.

Adjust to new situations - life is a constant moving on process and it involves money. But how can one move on to the next job, to new places, status (from married to divorcee), house, and so on and so forth, if one lacks the necessary cash to adjust to a new environment or condition. Thus, auto title loan is very logical as you can negotiate for terms and conditions. With thousands of these spreading Paying for school fees - they around your location, there is say that education is the best always higher chances of getinheritance that you can give ting the best bargain. to your children. Thus, parents are working hard to pay for When you face any of the their children’s education. You above situations in the future, can just imagine how difficult do not hesitate to ask for it is to maintain schooling financial assistance from any expenses especially if there are auto title loans company. more children involved. Thus, lots of parents are relying on - Maria Marilyn Madrid loans to help them with tuition

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ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Educational pursuits should help you develop your hobbies. Take care of any pressing medical problems that you or one of your parents may be suffering from. If boredom has set in, find new and unique directions that offer interesting friendships. Difficulties at an emotional level may be likely. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday. TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21) Delve into your work if you can’t make amends at home. You may have more people on your domestic scene than anticipated. Social events held in your home will be successful and entertaining for those who attend. Be prepared to deal with groups and organizations of greater magnitude. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Do not overspend on entertainment. You could find that children will be a handful. You need to distance yourself from the situation for a little while first. Children may pose a problem if they don’t like suggestions. Don’t hesitate to sign up for lectures or seminars that will enlighten you.

prepared to fall short of your expectations. Take care of your own responsibilities before you help others.

You can’t win and they won’t listen. You can make financial gains if you are prepared to take a risk. Curb or cut out that bad habit you’ve been meaning to do someYour luckiest events this month thing about. To avoid any minor will occur on a Monday. health problems, don’t get too stressed. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Your luckiest events this month Take the time to close deals that will occur on a Sunday. have been up in the air. You will easily charm members of the oppo- SAGITTARIUS site sex. Your partner may make (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) you feel jealous and unloved. You Focus on using your creative abilimight get behind if you spend too ties in other ways. You can win much time debating senseless points with children if you take the issues. time to show interest in their accomplishments. Don’t be too Your luckiest events this month confident that coworkers are on will occur on a Saturday. your side. Try to channel your energy into professional endeavVIRGO ors. (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) You can expect to feel confused Your luckiest events this month about your personal prospects. Put will occur on a Friday. your thoughts on paper. You need to make your lover feel wanted, CAPRICORN not like a piece of the furniture. (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Don’t reveal anything about your Travel could bring you the advenpersonal life that could be used ture and excitement you require. adversely. You’ll find it difficult to control your emotions. Close deals that Your luckiest events this month have been up in the air and move will occur on a Friday.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) Don’t let jealous friends put you down, making you insecure about your capabilities. Difficulties will result if you have to deal with conYour luckiest events this month troversial groups this month. Don’t hold back. Be aware of any emowill occur on a Saturday. tional deception. Do not sign legal contracts or documents this month. CANCER (June 22-July 22) Try not to lose your cool, and make Your luckiest events this month your point known. Entertainment will occur on a Thursday. should include sports events or physical activities. You will have to SCORPIO do a lot of running around, so be (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) ENIGMA

JUNE 5 2014


on to new ones that appear to be profitable. Your emotional partner will push the right buttons this month. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You are in a high cycle where travel, education, and creative endeavors are concerned. Restrictions may be difficult for you to live with, but try to do things by the book. Try to slow down, and take another look. Your tendency to vacillate will drive everyone crazy. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) This is a great day for a trip. Sign up for courses that will help you understand yourself better. You should be able to tie up loose ends this month. Your confidence will stabilize your position. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

Is Feminism DEAD? Is Feminism Dead? Have Western women regressed? Is the feminist movement dead? Is any progress made slipping away? Have relationships slipped back in time to the traditional patriarchal definition? Are women too obsessed about physical beauty? Are both men and women neglecting personal growth? News stories with headlines akin to, "Major Pop Star Beaten By Major Boyfriend" or "Child Missing; Mother Found Murdered," leave little doubt that there's a long way to go before women are seen as equal. And that's just in the United States. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced in 27 countries globally, meaning 90 percent of women in those countries suffer or die from ritualistic circumcising. At the time of this writing, a reported half-million women are missing in India. Stories of missing, abused, and dead women are seemingly endless. It's challenging to stifle my urge to provide statistics from the socalled evolved countries, such as America, where 25-35% of all

women will be abused by their domestic partners. It's a greater challenge to hold back the statistic that for every abuse reported, it is estimated ten times that actually happens. Statistics though, are not as important as is the human element. If (working from the statistics above), more than half of all women are abused in their respective life times, it figures into the equation that someone you know -a mother, daughter, sister, friend, maybe you perhaps, will be beaten or murdered in the name of "love." At much greater risk, is an adolescent in love. An adolescent in love feels emotions with an intensity that often leads to suicide when things go sideways. Suicide and Homicide are opposite sides and are the same emotion. Either action is preceded by uncontrolled impetuous emotion. And both have deadly outcomes. Men and women have battered each other since time immemorial. And cave men reported dragged women by their hair, but that


doesn't make it right. Nor does it putting myself back together, I make it healthy. wrote a book that evolved into an adolescent suicide prevention corThe scenarios are endless, but the poration. But getting support is theme is similar. A lack of self- ridiculously difficult because no esteem allows the abuse to contin- one wants to admit that suicide ue. Once the abuse begins, it will teeters as America's #2-3 cause of continue. death of adolescents. And remember above when I said if we includWhy do they stay? In the majority ed reckless driving deaths, drug of cases, women stay in deadly over-doses, and other deaths relationships for the following rea- attributed to "suicidal" activities sons: the numbers would shock? Many of those numbers are directly 1. Financial. Often women lack linked to domestic violence. financial resources. 2. Support. Often women lack a As a mother of a suicide, I want to support network. see age-appropriate education in 3. Brainwashing. The battered our schools. Kids need to be given woman syndrome defense. the tools to handle stress and to be 4. Self-Esteem. Lack of a healthy taught alternatives for coping. self-esteem creates the anchors Domestic abuse, suicide and homithat bind. cide need to NOT be part of our 5. Great sex. Yep, that physical children's tool boxes! They need to emotion can go either way! And receive information and outlets sex is a definite addiction. for that emotion that may otherwise be directed either outward at My query as to whether or not their loved-ones, or inwards feminism is dead is because I've against themselves. We must eduwitnessed magnificent growth take cate our children in ways which place in my life, and I would like build self-esteem, clarify what us to not return to repression. Far healthy relationships to be emulattoo many youth are acting out and ed look like, and guide them taking their lives for little cause. towards safer naturally mood Statistics of suicide are not includ- enhanced activities. ed in the stats along with the domestic abuse, by the way, so if Is feminism dead? I think the we add those numbers to the sta- newest generation of women take tistics above, prepare to be horri- for granted several equalities they fied. And let's be real here: A huge would have missed only a few number of flagrantly dangerous decades ago. There is a positive behaviors lead to death. There are angle to this: Perhaps everyone drug over-doses and automobile will eventually take for granted crashes that are categorized as the right to live peacefully, fear"accidental" when by their very lessly, not be afraid to say what nature the actions leading to death they feel, or fear retribution from are suicidal. Include all those domestic partners. deaths and add them to the domestic violence deaths and let's look It is my endeavor that we lay down at how really wicked the statistics our arms globally, and unclench are! our fists. Anger management for the masses may be the next big Forgive me if this sounds as if I am movement. Forget "feminism." blowing my own horn. My son died Instead, how about some "humanfrom a self-inflicted gunshot ism" progress towards peace and wound to the head. That's what the love? Those old hippies were right. coroner's report claimed. As his But this time, let's try it without mother, I'm saying he died as a the hallucinogenics. result of domestic abuse. He discovered his girlfriend with another - Jan Deelstra guy and things reportedly went downhill from there. After years of

JUNE 5 2014


what my problem was NOW. I told her in no uncertain terms to stop emailing me, but she continues. Receiving her emails disturbs me. I really want an apology for all the trouble that she has caused me. It hasn’t interfered with my marriage but it is a difficult situation for my husband. How do I make the point that I really don’t want to have anything to do with her right now. How do I deal with this situation? NW

Dear Rocco, If America is such a great country why does it have so many problems with addictions and vices? VP

DDeeaarr VVPP TThhee pprroo bblleem mw wiitthh AAm meerriiccaa iiss tt hhee AAm m eerriiccaann ttrraaiinn ooff tthhoouugg hhtt.. W W ee hhaavvee ttoo hhaavv ee tthhee bbiigggg eesstt aanndd bbeesstt ooff eevv eerryytt hhiinngg .. UUnnffoorrttuunn aatt eellyy,, yy oouu hhaavv ee ttoo ttaakkee tthhee gg oooodd w wiitthh tt hhee bbaadd .. TThh ee bbeesstt ddrruuggss == w woorrsstt aadddd iicc ttss..

Dear Rocco, Why is it okay for some people to say racist remarks and not okay for others? It seems like we’re living in a world of contradictions with no uniform code of conduct. What do you think? DS

DDeeaarr DDSS II ddoonn ’’tt tt hhiinn kk iitt’’ss ookkaayy ffoorr aannyy oonnee ttoo ssaayy rraacciisstt rreem m aarrkkss.. II tthhiinnkk ssoom mee pp eeoopp llee m maakkee aa bbiigg ddeeaall ddeeppeenn ddiinngg oonn w whh oo m maakkeess tthhee ccoom mm meennttss.. TThhee bbeesstt tthhiinngg ttoo ddoo iiss iigg nnoorree tthhee iiggnn oorraanntt rraacciisstt rreem m aarrkkss m m aadd ee bbyy tthhoossee w whhoo sseeeekk ttoo ssttaarrtt sshhiitt..

DDeeaarr SSBB TThhaatt’’ss ff uucckkeedd uupp.. YYoouu m maarrrriieedd yy oouurr eexx --bbrrootthheerr iinn llaaw w?? DDiidd yyoo uu ttaakkee yy oouurr ccoouu ssiinn ttoo tt hhee pprroom m?? II dd oonn’’ tt tthh iinn kk yy oouurr ffaam m iillyy w wiillll cc oom mee aarroouunn dd ttoo yy oouu aanndd yy oouurr Deeaarr NNW D W nn eew w hhuubb bbyy aannyy ttiim mee ssoooonn .. YYoo uu Whhyy aarree yy oouu lleettttiinngg aa ddrruunnkk w W whhoo m m aayy hhaavvee aa rreeaalliittyy TTVV sshhoow w ooffffeerr maadd ee aann aassss oo ff hheerrsseellff aatt yy oouurr iiff nneew m wss ooff tt hhiiss ssttrraanngg ee m maarrrriiaaggee weeddddiinngg bboo tthheerr yyoo uu?? YYoouu ccaann gg eettss oouutt tt hhoouugghh.. w maarrkk hh eerr eem m maaiill ttoo ssppaam m oo rr ggeett tthhee IITT gg uuyyss ttoo bblloocc kk hheerr eem maaiillss Rocco is a common sense, tell-itccoom m pplleetteellyy .. RReem m eem mbbeerr,, sshhee like-it-is, no-nonsense kind of maadd ee tthhee aassss oo ff hheerrsseellff,, yy oouu ddiidd-- guy offering real advice on any m nn’’tt.. subject put before him. Why pay thousands of dollars on a highDear Rocco, priced therapist when he’ll I am involved with my sister’s straighten you out for free. If ex-husband. We are in love and you’d like advice from Rocco ehave bought a house together. mail him at How can our relationship be or drop accepted by our families? I am him a line at Ask Rocco c/o worried about hurting my sis- Enigma P.O. Box 825 ter’s feelings. We found out Chattanooga, TN 37401. that it is legal to marry each

Dear Rocco, My husband and I married a month ago. At the reception my mother-in-law became drunk and said many crude and uncalled for remarks. She and my husband got into a screaming match. She included me in their fight and criticized my family. I was very hurt. I am upset and my husband and I agreed not to contact her but my husband has been emailing her behind my back. She has started emailing me too and acts as if nothing happened. I asked her to stop emailing me especially since this was at my job and quite frankly I didn’t want to be bothered by her. Then she proceeded to ask ENIGMA

other here. He has asked and I want to. I guess what I’ve been looking for is someone’s blessing. My sister left the marriage and I cannot help that things worked out this way. Is there any way I can overcome our family issues? SB

JUNE 5 2014


GRANTS PASS, Ore. (UPI) - An Oregon man who had been burned with hot oil ran into a 7Eleven in Grants Pass and used some Hawaiian Punch Slurpees to treat his burns and cool himself off. According to the Grants Pass Daily Courier, the man entered the store while being chased by two other people, one of them possibly armed with a bat. Store clerk Charlie Bentley kept the individuals who were

chasing the man out of the store so he could fill his shirt with Slurpee goodness without being disturbed. The man soothed his skin with the icy beverage before being taken to a Medford medical center. An investigation revealed that the chase likely began during a dispute between two neighbors that ended with two people being burned with hot oil. The other burn victim, a woman, did not require medical treatment.


KANSAS CITY, Miss. (UPI) - A US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City after a service dog started pooping in the aisle and the flight crew was unable to contain the mess. The passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 could only sit back and watch while a big dog defecated in the aisle not once, but twice. After the dog went to the bathroom for the first time about an hour into the flight, the crew did

JUNE 5 2014


their best to deal with the mess but they were unable to contain the smell. “An hour later, it still smelled bad, and after they cleaned it all up, it pooped again,” Passenger Steve McCall told INSIDE EDITION. “A couple of people started dry-heaving, a couple of people were throwing up.” The flight had initially been delayed for two hours because of a fuel spill on the tarmac, so it’s quite possible that caused

the dog to get a little bit backed up. The dog’s owner did apologize. “She said, ‘Hey, so sorry, I want to get all your addresses so I can give you a Starbucks gift card,’” McCall said. ATLANTA, GA. - Everybody who is familiar with babies know they can be fussy. Heck, sometimes even downright ornery, but rarely is it necessary to grenade them. Unless you are a SWAT officer in Georgia. Alecia Phonesavanh said she had been staying with her sister-in-law in Habersham County after her family’s home burned down when a SWAT team burst into the home as part of a drug investigation. One of the officers tossed a stun grenade that Phonesavanh said landed in her 19-month-old son’s playpen and exploded on his pillow, right in his face, causing serious burns, cuts, and other injuries. Now, there have been a lot of stories in the news lately about the “militarization” of police in this country, but grenading a baby is a little extreme. “He’s only a baby,” Phonesavanh said, “He didn’t deserve any of this.” Police said they had a no-knock warrant to arrest a man at that address known to have drugs and weapons. The raid occurred at just before 3 a.m. “There was no clothes, no toys, nothing to

indicate that there was children present in the home,” Cornelia Police Chief Rick Darby said. “If there had been, then we’d have done something different.” However Phonesavanh said, “The cops threw that grenade in the door without looking first, and it landed right in the playpen.” Police did not say whether the toddler was being cooperative with police, but Chief Darby did say the officers involved in the raid felt badly about the boy’s injuries. So he’s got that going for him. The boy has been taken to a burn unit for treatment and placed in a medically induced coma. CEBU CITY, Philippines (UPI) - A zoo in the Philippines has started offering visitors the chance to receive a relaxing 15-minute massage from its four Burmese pythons that it currently has in captivity. The Cebu City Zoo’s pythons - Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel – are supposedly fed 10 or more chickens before giving out the massages so they won’t be tempted to snack on the guests. During the “therapeutic and calming” massages, zookeepers keep watch as the snakes slither back and forth across a bamboo bed. Once the snakes are put on, it’s virtually impossible to escape because they weigh about 550 pounds


combined. “I had to lie on my back on a bamboo daybed in the open air. I was briefed on what to do and what not to do during the massage,” volunteer Ian Maclean told the Daily Mail. “These instructions are crucial, as you can imagine. They tell you not to blow air on the snake, because this is like being pinched on the bum, apparently. You can’t shout for help as the snake can feel your vibrations and thinks you’re prey or a predator, depending on the environment.” MANCHESTER, England (UPI) Greater Manchester Police arrested a man who put on a pig mask, toy helmet and reflective jacket in order to perform “comical parodies” about the behavior of law enforcement officials. New Moston man Steven Peers was arrested on suspicion of impersonating a police officer after he put on the costume to call attention to how GMP officers conducted themselves during anti-fracking protests. The 46-year-old was arrested after being stopped by an officer outside a police station. “My reaction to being arrested was total disbelief. I was wearing a toy hat and a pig mask and was arrested for impersonating a police officer. It’s ridiculous,” Peers told the Manchester Evening News.

JUNE 5 2014


“If they want to take it to court they will be a laughingstock because there is no substance to it whatsoever.” The father-offour also had his “Officer 666” outfit confiscated. “I don’t think it’s antagonistic. It’s just a parody making fun of GMP,” Peers said. “I’ve dressed like this at Barton Moss, in front of Swinton police station and in front of the force HQ in Newton Heath. Other officers have laughed it off.” CARTERSVILLE, GA. - Officials say an 18-year-old drowned just hours after graduating high school when he was tied to a shopping cart and pushed into a lake as part of a game with friends. A Georgia Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Melissa Cummings says the body was found early Sunday morning in about 30 feet of water and he was still tied to the cart. She says in the game Saturday night, participants sat in a shopping cart that was tied to a pole. Others pushed the cart to the end of the dock so that the person sitting in it would be flung into the water. Cummings says the cart was tied to the victim instead of a pole and it pulled him under

Rangers, Edie Brickell RRIIVVEERRFF RRO ON N TT SS TTAAG G EE (Nashville) Uncle Kracker, David Nail, Terri Clark, Glorianna, Lorrie Morgan,Pam Tillis, Colt Ford, Corey Smith, Lonestar LLPP FF IIEELLD D (Nashville) Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellium, Hunter Hayes, Thomas Rhett D && LLIIN 33RRD ND D SSLLEE YY (Nashville) LP

MO M ON ND DA AYY JJuu nnee 99 This week’s calendar covers events from Thursday, June 5, through Wednesday, June 11. We would be happy to publish your free listing in future Billboards, space permitting. Simply mail us the information so that we have it 7 days before the publication date. A photograph may be sent with the announcement. Send information to: Calendar Editor, Enigma, P.O. Box 825, Chattanooga, TN 37401 or e-mail to All dates subject to change without notice.

TTH HU U RRSSD DA AYY JJuu nnee 55 BBU UD D’’ SS (Chattanooga) DJ Hammer TTRREE M MO ON NTT TT A AVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Songwriters Showcase CCA AM M PP H HO OU USSEE (Chattanooga) Open Mic ARRII’’SS H A HA ARRBBO ORR LLIIG GH H TT SS (Chattanooga) Keyz Brown RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS (Chattanooga) Agori Tribe, Canopy CCA AM M PP H HO OU USSEE (Chattanooga) Open Mic RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) World Party

EEXXIITT //II N N (Nashville) Foxy Shazam RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT SSTT A AG GEE (Nashville) Wynonna, Rig & Rich, Eric Paisley, Craig Campbell, Charlie Worsham, Cole Swindell, Dustin Lynch, Love And Theft, Cassadee Pope LLPP FFIIEE LLD D (Nashville) Tim McGraw, Rascall Flats, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert SSM MIITT H H ’’SS O O LLD D EE BBA ARR (Atlanta) Hot Club of Cowtown TTH H EE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Tracy Morgan NVV N N NII G GH H TTCC LLU UBB (Knoxville) Zomboy IIRRO ON N CC IITTYY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) Jamey Johnson

FFRRIID DA AYY JJuu nnee 66 TTH H EE CCO OM MEED D YY CCA ATT CC H H (Chattanooga) Jerry Harvey & Friends RRH HYY TT H HM M && BBRREE W WSS (Chattanooga) Copper Into Steel, Roots of A Rebellion RRA AW W (Chattanooga) DJ Reggie Reg MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A (Chattanooga) Houndmouth, Eight Knives RRIIVVEERRBBEEN ND D FFEE SSTT IIVVA ALL (Chattanooga) Gary Allan, Jeff Austin, Jon Wayne & the Pain, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, Kelly McRae, Project Illumination, The Power Players Show Band Paul Hadfield & the McCoys RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Conor Oberst, Dawes LLPP FFIIEE LLD D (Nashville) Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, The Band Perry RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT SSTT A AG GEE (Nashville) Clay Walker, Kellie Pickler, Kristian Bush, Collin Raye,


Chase Rice, Parmalee, Dan + Shay, Danielle Bradberry, Craig Morgan, Lyndsey Highlander DO D OW WN NTT O OW WN NN NAASSH H VVIILLLLEE (Nashville) Lynn Anderson VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) World Party OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTT AAIIN N AAM M PPH HTT H H EEAATT RREE (Pelham, AL) Zac Brown Band IIN NTT EERRN NAATT IIO ON NAALL (Knoxville) Whitechapel SSCCRRU U FFFFYY CC IITT YY H H AALLLL (Knoxville) Unknown Hinson

SSA ATTU U RRD DA AYY JJ uunnee 77 TTH H EE CC O OM M EED D YY CCAATT CC H H (Chattanooga) Jerry Harvey & Friends RRH H YY TTH HM M && BBRREE W WSS (Chattanooga) Soul Mechanic BBA ARRTT ’’ SS LLAAK KEE SSH HO O RREE (Chattanooga) DJ E RRA AW W (Chattanooga) DJ Reggie Reg RRII VVEE RRBBEE N ND D FFEE SSTTII VVAALL (Chattanooga) Widespread Panic, Dan + Shay, Bernie Worrell, Jennifer Daniels, Annie Selleck & the Uptown Big Band, Shark Week SSO OU UTT H H EERRN NG GRRO OU UN ND D AAM MPPH H IITT H HEE AATTRREE (Fayetteville) Gary Puckett & the Union Gap SSM MIITT H H’’ SS O O LLD DEE BBAARR (Atlanta) Stroke 9 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Zac Brown Band BBO OU UTT W WEELL LL AAU UD D IITTO O RRIIU UM M (Birmingham) Daryle Singletary LLIIN NN N PPAARRK K (Birmingham) Jessy J SSH HO O RRTT M MO OU UN NTT AAIIN ND DIISSTT IILLLLEE RRYY (Woodbury, TN) Brian Johanesen, Tristin, Mercy Bell, Caitlin Rose, Smooth Hound Smith, Robert Ellis, Marc Scibilla, Reyl & Baxter, Escondido IIN NTT EERRN NAATT IIO ON NAALL (Knoxville) Whitechapel, DevilDriver, Revocation, Carnifax, Rivers of Nihil, Fit For An Autopsy RRII VVEE RRFFRRO ON N TT SSTT AAG GEE (Nashville) Billy Ray Cyrus, Darryl Worley, Frankie Ballard, Tyler Farr, LoCash Cowboys, The Swan Brothers, Jason Michael Carroll, Maggie Rose, Lyndsey Highlander LLPP FFIIEELL D D (Nashville) Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, Chris Young AN A N TT H HEEM M (Nashville) Zomboy, Cookie Monsta CCEE N NTT EEN NN NIIAALL PPAARRK K (Nashville) Katie Herzig

SSU UN ND DA AYY JJ uunnee 88 SSK KYYZZ O OO O (Chattanooga) DJ Exphacter RRII VVEE RRBBEE N ND D FFEE SSTTII VVAALL (Chattanooga) Buddy Guy, Claire Dunn, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, Too Slim & the Taildraggers, The WannaBeatles ALLYYSS RRO A OBBIIN N SSO ON N SSTT EEPPH H EEN NSS CCEE N NTT EERR (Birmingham) Steve Martin, Steep Canyon

JUNE 5 2014


RRAAW W (Chattanooga) DJ Spicolli TT RREEM MO ON N TT TT AAVVEERRN N (Chattanooga) Trivia Night TT H HEE O OFF FFIICC EE (Chattanooga) SpeakEasy FF O OXX && H HO OU UN ND D (Chattanooga) DJ Exphacter ON O NEE --EELLEE VVEE N N (Lafayette) CSA Writers Night TT RRA ACCK K 2299 (Chattanooga) Tamar Braxton FF RRA AN NK KLLIIN N TT H HEEAATT RREE (Franklin, TN) Sheryl Crow TT H HEE M MAASS Q QU UEE RRAAD DEE (Atlanta) Andrew Jackson Jihad

TTU U EESSD DA AYY JJ uu nnee 1100 RRAAW W (Chattanooga) DJ Spicolli TT RREEM MO ON N TT TT AAVVEERRN N (Chattanooga) Open Mic w/ Mike McDade SSO OU UTT H HSS IID DEE TTAAVVEE RRN N (Chattanooga) Troy Underwood RRIIVVEERRBBEE N ND D FFEESS TTIIVVAALL (Chattanooga) TobyMac, Cody McCarver, Ten Mile, Robert Cole, Nicole Jones VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Cut Copy

WEED W DN NEESSD DAA YY JJuu nnee 1111 RRAAW W (Chattanooga) Open Jam w/ Jonathan Wimpee and friends LLA ASS M MAARRG G AARRII TTAA’’ SS (Chattanooga) Priscilla & Little Rickee ARRII’’ SS H A H AARRBBO O RR LLIIG GH HTT SS (Chattanooga) Keyz Brown TT H HEE TT AAVVEE RRN N (Soddy-Daisy) Roberts & Sims RRIIVVEERRBBEE N ND D FFEESS TTIIVVAALL (Chattanooga) Boston, The Family Stone, Allen Stone, Nikki Hill VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Cut Copy BBJJCC CC A ARREEN N AA (Birmingham) Bruno Mars, Aloe Blacc D && LLIIN 33RRD ND D SSLLEE YY (Nashville) Jackie Greene, Chris Robinson FF RRAA N NK KLLIIN N TT H HEEAATT RREE (Franklin, TN) Sheryl Crow

UPPCC O U OM M IIN NG G EEVVEEN NTTSS RRIIVVEERRBBEE N ND D FFEESS TTIIVVAALL (Chattanooga) Justin Moore, Zach Deputy, Gurufish, , Love Canon June 12 VVIIN NYY LL (Atlanta) Rich Robinson June 12 EE D DD DII EE’’ SS AATT TTIICC (Atlanta) Larkin Poe June 12 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Jake Bugg June 12 RRIIVVEERRBBEE N ND D FFEESS TTIIVVAALL (Chattanooga) Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Corey Smith, The John K Band, Jason Lee McKinney Band, Aunt Betty June 13 M IILLLLEERR PPLL AAZZAA (Chattanooga) Lydia Loveless, M Tiffany Taylor June 13 BBJJCC CC CC O ON N CCEE RRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Mike Epps June 13 TT U USSCC AALLO OO OSSAA AAM MPPH HII TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Tuscaloosa)

Fantasia, Joe June 13 TT H HEE M MEE LLTTII N NG G PPO OIIN N TT (Athens, GA) The English Beat June 13 RRIIVVEERRBBEEN ND D FF EESSTT IIVVAALL (Chattanooga) Young The Giant, Arpetrio, Pack of Wolves, Austin Nichols Band, Mike McDade, Darn Right, The Bohannons June 14 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREELLEE SSSS TT H H EEAATT RREE AATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Boston, .38 Special June 14 TT EERRM MII N NAALL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Foxy Shazam June 14 CC O OBBBB EE N NEERRG G YY PPEERRFFO O RRM MIIN NG G AARRTT SS CC EEN N TT EERR (Atlanta) Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons June 14 BBIIG G SSK KYY BBU UCC K KH HEE AAD D (Atlanta) Moon Taxi June 14 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Tamar Braxton June 14 PPU UBBLLIICC SSQ QU UAARREE PPAARRK K (Nashville) Lisa Loeb June 14 VVO ON N BBRRAAU UN N CCEE N NTT EERR (Huntsville) Martina McBride June 14 BBIISSSSEE LLLL PPA ARRK K (Oak Ridge, TN) Kix Brooks June 14 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons June 15 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Robert Earl Keen June 15 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket June 17 TT H HEE LLO OFF TT (Atlanta) Andy Grammer June 18 CC O OBBBB EE N NEERRG G YY PPEERRFFO O RRM MIIN NG G AARRTT SS CC EEN N TT EERR (Atlanta) Elvis Costello June 19 RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Xavier Rudd June 19 HAA RRRRAAH H H ’’SS CCH H EERRO OK KEEEE CC AASSIIN NO O (Cherokee) Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors June 19 MIILL LLEERR PPLLAAZZ AA (Chattanooga) Alanna Royale, M Debi D. & River City Jazz June 20 TT EEN NN NEESS SSEEEE TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Elvis Costello June 20 HEE RRIITT AAG H GEE PPAARRK K (Cullman, AL) Charlie Daniels Band, Little Big Town, Deejay Silver June 20 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Xavier Rudd June 20 FFRREE D DRRIICC K K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. AAM M PPH HIITT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Bruce Hornsby June 21 PPH HII LLIIPPSS AARREEN N AA (Atlanta) Paul McCartney June 21 EED DD DIIEE ’’SS AATTTT IICC (Atlanta) Those Darlins June 21 4400 W WAATT TT CC LLU UBB (Athens, GA) Futurebirds June 21 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Elvis Costello June 21 MEE RRCCYY LLO M OU UN NG GEE (Nashville) The Whigs June 21 TT H HEE SSH HEE D D (Maryville) Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, The Eskimo Brothers June 21 WO W O RRLLD D’’ SS FFAAIIRR PPAARRK K AAM MPPH H IITT H HEEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Indigo Girls June 21 HEE RRIITT AAG H GEE PPAARRK K (Cullman, AL) Lynyrd Skynryd, Colt Ford, Deejay Silver June 21 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Randy Houser, Leah Turner, Charlie Worsham June 22 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Counting Crows, Toad the Wet Sprocket June 22 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USS IICC W WO ORRK KSS (Atlanta) Sevendust June 23 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Jeff Tweedy June 24 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Paul McCartney June 25 CC A AN NN N EERRYY BBAALLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Theory of

A Deadman June 25 IIRRO ON N CC IITTYY LLIIVVEE (Nashville) Neko Case June 25 TTII VVO O LLII TT H HEE A ATT RREE (Chattanooga) Jerry Seinfeld June 26 MEE RRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Old 97’s June 26 WIILLD W DH HO O RRSS EE SSA ALLO OO ON N (Nashville) Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6, Spacehog June 26 TTH H EE 55 SSPPO OTT (Nashville) The Paul Collins Beat, Sherbert June 26 RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT PPA ARRK K (Nashville) Will Hoge, Drake Whie & the Big Fire, Clare Dunn, Brian Collins June 26 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Vince Gill June 26 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A (Chattanooga) Seth Walker, Remembering Jeremy June 27 CCA AM M PP H HO OU USSEE (Chattanooga) David Wilcox June 27 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 27 VVO ON N BBRRA AU UN N CC EEN N TTEE RR (Huntsville) Tommy Womack, Marshall Chapman, Will Kimbrough June 27 HII-- LLO H O LL O OU UN NG GEE (Athens, GA) The Paul Collins Beat June 27 PPH HIILLII PPSS A ARREEN NA A (Atlanta) Katy Perry, Capital Cities June 28 CCH HA ASSTT A AIIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Rick Springfield, Pat Benatar & Neild Giraldo June 28 TTEE RRM MIIN NA ALL W WEESS TT (Atlanta) Throwing Muses, Tanya Donelly June 28 SSO OU U TTH H EERRN NG GRRO OU UN ND DA AM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Fayetteville) Jefferson Starship June 28 TTH H EE SS H HEED D (Maryville) Billy Joe Shaver June 28 CCO O BBBB EEN N EERRG G YY PPEE RRFFO O RRM M IIN NG GA ARRTT SS CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) “The Voice Tour” June 29 EED DD DIIEE’’ SS A ATT TT IICC (Atlanta) Lori McKenna June 29 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 (Chattanooga) Lindsey Stirling June 30 EEXXIITT //II N N (Nashville) Swans, Xiu Xiu June 30 GRRA G AN ND DO O LLEE O O PPRRYY H HO OU USSEE (Nashville) Old Crow Medicine Show July 1 MEE RRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) The Felice Brothers July 2 CCH HA ASSTT A AIIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) New Edition July 3 RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT PPA ARRK K (Nashville) The Apache Relay, Steelism, Promised Land South July 3 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A (Chattanooga) Slide Brothers, The Power Players July 4 CCO OU UN N TTRRYY TT O ON N IIG GH H TT TT H HEEA ATT RREE (Pigeon Forge) Mark Chesnutt July 4 CCH HA ASSTT A AIIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Lionel Richie, CeeLo Green July 7 AVVO A ON ND DA ALLEE BBRREE W WIIN NG G CC O OM M PPA AN NYY (Birmingham) Moe. July 10 VVO ON N BBRRA AU UN N CC EEN N TTEE RR (Huntsville) The Beach Boys July 10 HEE A H AVVEE N NA ATT TT H H EE M MA ASSQ QU U EERRA AD DEE (Atlanta) Trapt July 10 GRRA G AN ND DO O LLEE O O PPRRYY H HO OU USSEE (Nashville) Tom Wopat July 10 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A (Chattanooga) Bronze Radio Return, The Iscariots July 11 CCH HA ASSTT A AIIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Goo Goo Dolls, Daughtry, Plain White T’s July 11 TTH H EE EE A ARRLL (Atlanta) The Baseball Project July 11 VVII N NYY LL (Atlanta) Skinny Lister, Killing Kuddles, Onward July 11 TTEE N NN N EESSSSEE EE TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Knoxville) Eli Young Band July 11 FFRREED D RRIICC K K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. A AM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE


(Atlanta) The Beach Boys July 12 HEELL LL AATT TTH H H EE M MAASSQ QU UEERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) Kitten July 12 EEXXIITT //IIN N (Nashville) Blackstone Cherry, We As Human, Kyng July 12 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT AAN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Fall Out Boy, New Politics July 13 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Tim McGraw, Cassadee Pope July 13 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Beck July 14 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) The Neighborhood, White Arrows July 14 SSLLU UG GG GO O ’’SS N NO ORRTT H H (Chattanooga) Kind of Like Spitting July 15 EEXXIITT //IIN N (Nashville) Man or Astroman? July 15 GEEO G O RRG GIIAA D DO OM M EE (Atlanta) Beyonce, Jay Z July 15 MAASSQ M QU UEERRAAD D EE M MU USSIICC PPAARRK K (Atlanta) The Neighbourhood, White Arrows July 15 BBRRIID DG GEE SSTT O ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) KISS, Def Leppard July 16 MEERRCC YY LLO M OU UN NG G EE (Nashville) Hurray for the Riff Raff July 16 RRII VVEE RRFFRRO ON N TT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Hayes Carll, Rayland Baxter, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Oak Creek July 17 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLAAZZAA (Chattanooga) Lucius, M Danimal Planet July 18 TTU U SSCCAALL O OO O SSAA AAM MPPH H IITT H HEEAATT RREE (Tuscaloosa) Peter Frampton, The Doobie Brothers July 18 VVEE RRIIZZO ON NW WIIRREE LLEESS SS TT H HEEAA TTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 18 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) KISS, Def Leppard July 18 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) The Fray, Barcelona, Oh Honey July 18 BBJJ CCCC CC O ON N CCEE RRTT H HAALLLL (Birmingham) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 19 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT EEN N EELL (Whites Creek) The Fray, Barcelona, Oh Honey July 19 FFRREED D RRIICCK K BBRRO OW WN N JJRR.. AAM MPPH H IITT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Michael Bolton July 20 SSYYM M PPH HO ON NYY H HAALL LL (Atlanta) Procol Harum July 20 TTH HO OM M PPSSO ON N --BBO OLLII N NG G AARREEN NAA (Knoxville) Willie Nelson, The Wild Feathers July 20 EEXXIITT //IIN N (Nashville) Machine Head, Anti Mortem, July 21 FFO OXX TT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Beck July 22 SSCCH H EERRM M EERRH HO O RRN N SS YYM M PPH HO ON NYY CC EEN NTT EE RR (Nashville) Maxwell July 23 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTT AAIIN N AAM M PPH HIITT H H EEAATT RREE (Pelham, AL) Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, Cole Swindell July 23 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Sara Bareilles July 23 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Van’s Warped Tour July 24 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) 311 July 24 VVEE RRIIZZO ON NW WIIRREE LLEESS SS TT H HEEAA TTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) “American Idol Live” July 24 RRII VVEE RRFFRRO ON N TT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Lettuce, Space Capone, Sol Cat July 24 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLAAZZAA (Chattanooga) Function, M Roger Alan Wade & Sparkle Motion July 25 FFRRIISSTT CC EEN NTT EERR (Nashville) Marty Stuart July 25 AN A ND DRREE W W JJAACC K KSSO ON NH H AALLLL (Nashville) Lisa Lampanelli July 25 EEXXIITT //IIN N (Nashville) Diarrhea Planet July 25 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT AAN NEE LL (Whites Creek)

JUNE 5 2014


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Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade, Jenny Lewis July 25 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) 311 July 25 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREELLEE SSSS TT H H EEAATT RREE AATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Avett Brothers, Emmylou Harris July 25 VVA ARRIIEETT YY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USSEE (Atlanta) Paula Poundstone July 25 FFO O XX TT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) DMX, EPMD, Naughty By Nature, Big Daddy Kane, Black Sheep, Slick Rick, Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie July 26 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) O.A.R., Phillip Phillips July 26 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREELLEE SSSS TT H H EEAATT RREE AATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Avett Brothers, Gov’t Mule July 26 TT EERRM MII N NAALL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Bob Schneider July 26 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H H AALLLL (Atlanta) Art Garfunkel July 26 BBJJCC CC CCO ON NCC EERRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) “Americal Idol Live” July 26 AN A ND D RREEW W JJ AACCK K SSO ON NH HAALL LL (Nashville) Lisa Lampanelli July 26 TT H HEE PPU UN NCC H H LLIIN NEE (Atlanta) Christopher Titus July 27 BBJJCC CC CCO ON NCC EERRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Steely Dan July 27 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Yes July 28 TT EEN NN NEESS SSEEEE SSTT AATTEE FFAAIIRRG G RRO OU UN ND DSS (Nashville) Van’s Warped Tour July 29 RRYY M MAAN N AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Nashville) Sarah McLachlin July 29 TT EEN NN NEESS SSEEEE TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Ray LaMontagne, The Belle Brigade July 29 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) John Legend July 29 AAARRO A ON N ’’SS AAM MPPH H IITTH H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Fall Out Boy, Paramore, New Politics July 30 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Sarah McLachlin July 30 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H H AALLLL (Atlanta) Yes July 30 TT H HEE W WO OO OD DSS AATT FFO ON N TT EEN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Sara Barelilles July 30 RRIIVVEERRFFRRO ON NTT PPAARRK K (Nashville) Hard

Working Americans, The London Souls, Modoc, Turbo Fruits July 31 HA H ARRRRA AH H ’’SS CCH H EERRO OK KEEEE CCA ASS IIN NO O (Cherokee) Jennifer Nettles, Brandy Clark August 2 CCH HA ASSTT A AIIN N PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Chris Botti, Will Downing August 2 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLA M AZZA A (Chattanooga) The London Souls, Jordan Hallquist & the Outfit August 8 TTEE N NN N EESSSSEE EE PPEE RRFFO O RRM MIIN NG GA ARRTT SS CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) The Turtles feat. Flo & Eddie, Chuck Negron, Mark Farner, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Gary Lewis & the Playboys August 1 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Steely Dan August 1 MA M ASSQ QU UEE RRA AD D EE M MU USSIICC PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Michael Franti, SOJA, Brett Dennen, Trevor Hall August 1 ATTLL A A AN NTT A A BBO OTT A AN NII CCA ALL G GA ARRD DEE N N (Atlanta) Gavin DeGraw August 1 VVA ARRII EETT YY PPLL A AYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Judy Collins August 1 VVEERRIIZZO ON NW W IIRREELLEE SSSS TT H HEE A ATTRREE A ATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker August 2 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Steely Dan August 2 HA H ARRRRA AH H ’’SS CCH H EERRO OK KEEEE CCA ASS IIN NO O (Cherokee) Jennifer Nettles, Brandy Clark August 2 WO W ORRK KPPLLA AYY TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Birmingham) Shelby Lynne August 2 VVEERRIIZZO ON NW W IIRREELLEE SSSS A AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Phish August 3 MA M ARRA ATT H HO ON NM MU USSIICC W WO O RRK KSS (Nashville) Passenger August 3 VVEERRIIZZO ON NW W IIRREELLEE SSSS A AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) James Taylor August 5 SSA AM MM M YY TT ’’ SS (Huntsville) Blackstone Cherry, We As Human, Kyng August 6 TTEE RRM MIIN NA ALL W WEESS TT (Atlanta) Peter Murphy August 7 TTEE N NN N EESSSSEE EE TT H H EEA ATT RREE (Knoxville) Chris Botti August 7 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Miley


Cyrus August 7 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE AATT RREE (Atlanta) Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Death Corps August 8 MAAIIN M N SSTTRREE EETT (Albertville, AL) The Bellamy Brothers August 8 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Rodrigo y Gabriela August 8 MAAIIN M N SSTTRREE EETT (Albertville, AL) Jo Dee Messina, Gin Blossoms August 9 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) David Gray August 9 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) David Gray August 12 ZZYYD D EECC O O (Birmingham) Blessthefall, Chiodos, I Killed the Prom Queen, Capture the Crown August 12 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley August 14 VVA ARRIIEE TTYY PPLLAAYY H HO OU USS EE (Atlanta) Dark Star Orchestra August 14 MIILLLLEE RR PPLLAAZZAA (Chattanooga) Clap Your M Hands Ssay Yeah, SoCo August 15 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 (Chattanooga) Abbey Road Live August 15 OAAK O KM MO OU UN NTT AAIIN N AAM M PPH HIITT H H EEAATT RREE (Pelham, AL) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper August 15 IIRRO ON N CCIITT YY LLIIVVEE (Birmingham) The Lacs August 15 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Gipsey Kings August 15 VVEE RRIIZZO ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH H IITT H HEEAATT RREE AATT EEN NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper August 16 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Dave Koz, Mindi Abair, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot August 16 TTH H EE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT AAN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Boston August 16 CCH H AASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Panic! At the Disco, Walk the Moon, Youngblood Hawke August 17 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Tori Amos August 18 LLPP FFIIEELL D D (Nashville) One Direction August 19

JUNE 5 2014


CC H HAASS TTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) OneRepublic August 19 CC O OBBBB EE N NEE RRG GYY PPEERRFF O ORRM MIIN NG GA ARRTTSS CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Tori Amos August 19 M AASSQ M QU U EERRAAD DEE M MU U SSIICC PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) The Offspring, Bad Religion, Pennywise August 20 M IILLLLEERR PPLL AAZZAA (Chattanooga) Johnnyswim, M Decibella August 22 FF O OXX TT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Michael McDonald, Toto August 22 CC H HAASS TTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Boyz II Men, En Vogue August 22 BBJJCC CC CC O ON N CCEE RRTT H H AALLLL (Birmingham) Crosby, Stills and Nash August 22 O AAK O KM MO OU UN N TTAAII N N AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE A ATT RREE (Pelham) Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldridge August 23 H AAVVEEN 1122TT H NU U EE N NO ORRTT H H (Nashville) Big Gigantic, Diplo, Griz, Zed’s Dead August 23 TT H HEE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT A AN NEE LL (Whites Creek) Shovels & Rope, Old Crow Medicine Show August 23 FF O OU URR PPO O IIN N TTSS SSH HEE RRAATTO ON N (Brentwood, TN) Kellie Pickler August 23 TT EEN NN NEE SSSSEEEE TT H HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Corey Smith August 23 SSO OU UTT H HEE RRN N BBRREE W WEERRSS FF EESSTT IIVVA ALL (Chattanooga) Galactic, Corey Glover, Robert Randolph& the Family Band, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, North Mississippi Allstars, Yarn August 24 CC H HAASS TTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (( Atlanta) Chicago, REO Speedwagon August 24 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH HII TTH H EEA ATT RREE A ATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Keith Urban, Jerrod Niemann, Brett Eldridge August 24 WO W OO OD D RRU UFFFF AARRTT SS CC EEN NTT EERR (Atlanta) Paula Deen August 26 AN A ND DRREEW W JJAACC K KSSO ON NH H AALLLL (Nashville) Paula Deen August 27 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Aerosmith, Slash August 28 M IILLLLEERR PPLL AAZZAA (Chattanooga) Gabe Dixon, M Stereo Dig August 29 ATT LLAAN A N TTAA BBO O TT AAN NIICC AALL G GA ARRD DEEN N (Atlanta) Lyle Lovett August 29 ZZ YYD D EECC O O (Birmingham) Kevin Gates, Chevy Woods August 30 BBO OU UTT W WEELLLL AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Birmingham) Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes, Alex Angelo September 2 FF RREED DRRIICC K K BBRRO OW WN N JJ RR.. A AM MPPH H IITTH H EEA ATT RREE (Atlanta) Bret Michaels September 6 VVEERRIIZZ O ON NW WIIRREE LLEESSSS AAM MPPH HII TTH H EEA ATT RREE A ATT EE N NCC O ORREE PPAARRK K (Atlanta) ZZ Top, Jeff Beck September 6 WO W O LLFF CCRREE EEK K AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE A ATTRE (Atlanta) Lyfe Jennings September 6 TT H HEE W WO OO OD D SS AATT FFO ON NTT EEN N EELL (Whites Creek) Austin Mahone, Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes September 6 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Kings of Leon September 9 TT H HEE TT AABBEERRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) 3 Doors Down, Acousitc – Songs From the Attic September 10 O AAK O KM MO OU UN N TTAAII N N AAM M PPH HIITT H HEE A ATT RREE (Pelham, AL) Kings of Leon September 10 AAARRO A ON N’’ SS AAM MPPH H IITT H HEE AATTRREE (Atlanta) Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Glorianna September 11 CC H HAASS TTAAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Tedeschi Trucks, John Hiatt September 12 ARREE N A NAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Ed Sheeran September 12

SSCC H HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CC EE N NTT EERR (Nashville) The Four Tops September 12 TT H HO OM MPPSSO ON N--BBO O LLIIN NG G AARREEN N AA (Knoxville) Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Farr September 12 CC H HAASSTT AAIIN N PPAARRK K (Atlanta) Charlie Wilson September 13 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Ed Sheeran September 13 TT H HEE W WO OO OD DSS AATT FFO ON N TT AAN NEELL (Whites Creek) Bob Weir & Ratdog, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood September 14 SSCC H HEE RRM MEERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CC EE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Johnny Mathis September 14 CC A AN NN N EERRYY BBAALLLLRRO OO OM M (Nashville) Nick Carter & Jordan Knight September 15 HEE AAVVEEN H N AATT TTH H EE M M AASSQ QU UEERRAAD D EE (Atlanta) The Pretty Reckless, Adelita’s Way September 15 TT H HEE TTAABBEE RRN NAACC LLEE (Atlanta) Lily Allen September 17 SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY H H AALLLL (Atlanta) Erasure September 17 TT U USSCC AALLO OO OSSAA AAM M PPH HIITT H H EEAATT RREE (Tuscaloosa) Darius Rucker, Chase Rice September 18 CC O OU UN NTT RRYY TT O ON NIITT EE TT H H EEAATT RREE (Pigeon Forge) Bobby Bare, John Anderson, Daryl Worley September 19 ATT LLAAN A NTT AA BBO O TTAAN N IICC AALL G GAARRD D EEN N (Atlanta) Keb’ Mo’, Mavis Staples September 19 CC EEN NTT EE RR SSTT AAG GEE (Atlanta) The Afghan Whigs September 19 TT H HEE LLO OFF TT (Atlanta) Hawthorne Heights, The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, New Empire, Famous Last Words, The Ongoing Concept, Everybody Run September 19 IIRRO ON N CC IITT YY LL IIVVEE (Birmingham) Twenty One Pilots September 19 MAARRAATT H M HO ON NM MU USS IICC W WO ORRK KSS (Nashville) Twenty One Pilots September 21 GRRAAN G ND DO O LLEE O OPPRRYY H HO OU USSEE (Nashville) Lorde September 22 TT EERRM MII N NAALL W WEE SSTT (Atlanta) Snarky Puppy, Banda Magda September 23 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON NEE AARREE N NAA (Nashville) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Steve Winwood

September 23 D && LLII N 33RRD ND DSS LLEEYY (Nashville) Terry Bozio September 24 ATTLL A A AN NTT A AM MO O TT O ORR SSPPEE EED DW WA AYY (Hampton) A Flock of Seagulls September 26 TTH H EE EE A ARRLL (Atlanta) The Dream Syndicate September 27 552299 (Atlanta) Shonen Knife September 27 GEE O G ORRG G IIA AD DO OM MEE (Atlanta) One Direction October 1 RRYYM MA AN NA AU UD DIITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Ian Anderson October 1 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) Yo-Yo Ma October 1 TTH H EE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) Coheed & Cambria October 7 WA W ARR M MEE M MO O RRIIA ALL A AU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Erasure October 8 ARREEN A NA A@ @G GW W IIN NN N EETT TT CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Hellyeah, Nuthing More October 11 VVEERRIIZZO ON NW W IIRREELLEE SSSS A AM M PPH H IITT H HEE A ATTRREE AATT EEN N CCO O RREE PPA ARRK K (Atlanta) Widespread Panic October 11 VVA ARRII EETT YY PPLL A AYYH HO OU U SSEE (Atlanta) Miranda Sings October 12 KN K NO O XXVVIILLLLEE CC O O LLIISSEEII U UM M (Knoxville) Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Hellyeah, Nuthing More October 12 BBRRIID DG G EESSTT O ON N EE A ARREE N NA A (Nashville) Motley Crue, Alice Cooper October 15 CCA AN NN NEE RRYY BBA ALLLL RRO OO OM M (Nashville) Dan + Shay October 15 TTII VVO O LLII TT H HEE A ATT RREE (Chattanooga) Kip Moore, Skeletonwitch October 16 TTH H EE TTA ABBEERRN NA ACCLL EE (Atlanta) The War On Drugs October 16 WH W HO OTT EELL-- M MIID DTT O OW WN N (Atlanta) Sandra Bernhardt October 18 FFO O XX TTH H EEA ATT RREE (Atlanta) Jason Isbell October 18 SSCC H HEERRM M EERRH HO ORRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON NYY CC EEN N TTEE RR (Nashville) REO Speedwagon October 19 ARREEN A NA A@ @G GW W IIN NN N EETT TT CCEE N NTT EERR (Atlanta) Enrique Igelisias, Pitbull October 22


EED DD D IIEE’’ SS AATT TT IICC (Atlanta) Andy McKee October 22 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Jason Isbell, Amanda Shires October 24 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Jason Isbell, St. Paul & the Broken Bones October 25 RRII A ALLTTO O CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Los Lobos October 25 TTEE RRM MIIN NAALL W WEESSTT (Atlanta) Of Montreal, Pillar Point October 25 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson October 26 TTH HO OM M PPSSO ON N --BBO OLLII N NG G AARREEN NAA (Knoxville) Eric Church, Dwight Yoakum, Halestorm October 30 D && LLIIN 33RRD ND DSSLLEE YY (Nashville) Rachel Yamagata November 5 WO W ORRK KPPLLAAYY TT H HEE AATTRREE (Birmingham) Rachel Yamagata November 6 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 (Chattanooga) Kansas November 7 BBIIJJ O OU U TTH H EEAATT RREE (Knoxville) Dave Mason November 9 TTH H EE LLO O FFTT (Atlanta) Aaron Carter November 14 RRYY M MAA N N AAU UD D IITT O ORRIIU UM M (Nashville) Straight No Chaser November 12 ALLAABBAA M A MAA TT H HEE AATTRREE (Birmingham) Straight No Chaser November 15 FFO OXX TT H H EEAATT RREE (Atlanta) Mannhein Steamroller November 22 TTRRA ACC K K 2299 (Chattanooga) The 1975 November 28 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) Blackberry Smoke November 28 TTH H EE TT AABBEERRN N AACCLLEE (Atlanta) The 1975 November 29 SSCCH H EERRM M EERRH HO O RRN N SS YYM M PPH HO ON NYY CC EEN NTT EE RR (Nashville) The Manhattan Transfer December 5 MEEM M MO ORRIIAALL AAU UD DIITT O O RRIIU UM M (Chattanooga) Joe Bonamassa December 9

JUNE 5 2014


AARREE N NAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Eric Church, Dwight Yaokum, Halestorm December 11 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) The Black Keys, St. Vincent December 11 BBJJCC CC A ARREEN N AA (Birmingham) Eric Church, Dwight Yaokum, Halestorm December 13 PPH H IILLIIPPSS AARREE N NAA (Atlanta) Fleetwood Mac December 17 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Justin Timberlake December 19 ARREE N A NAA @ @G GW WIIN NN NEETT TT CC EEN N TTEE RR (Atlanta) Justin Timberlake December 20 TT EEN NN NEE SSSSEEEE TT H HEE AATTRREE (Knoxville) Mannheim Steamroller December 22 BBRRIID DG GEESS TTO ON NEE AARREEN N AA (Nashville) Bassnectar December 31 SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CCEE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Kenny Rogers January 15-17 SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CCEE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Styx February 19-21 EE D DD DII EE’’ SS AATT TTIICC (Atlanta) John Hammond February 22 SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CCEE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Boyz II Men March 19-21 SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CCEE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Bernadette Peters April 9-11 SSCC H H EERRM MEE RRH HO O RRN N SSYY M MPPH HO ON N YY CCEE N NTT EERR (Nashville) Kenny G May 7-9

CCO ON NTTIIN NU UII N NG G FF IIRRSSTT CCEE N NTT EEN N AARRYY U UN NIITT EE D DM M EETT H HO OD DIISSTT CC H HU U RRCCH H (Chattanooga) Singles One Mondays @ 6 PM G RREEAATT EERR CC H G H AATTTT AAN NO OO OG GA AA ASSPPIIEE SS (Chattanooga) Third Tuesday of each month, 6-8 pm D EEVVEELLO D O PPM MEE N NTT RREESSO OU URRCC EE BBU U IILLD DIIN NG G (Chattanooga) Chattanooga Alliance for Animals First Wednesday of the month

O PEN IN G T HI S WE EK Edge of Tomorrow The story unfolds in a near future in which a hive-like alien race, called Mimics, have hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, shredding great cities to rubble and leaving millions of human casualties in their wake. No army in the world can match the speed, brutality or seeming prescience of the weaponized Mimic fighters or their telepathic commanders. But now the world’s armies have joined forces for a last stand offensive against the alien horde, with no second chances.

The Fault In Our Stars PG-13 Hazel and Gus are two extraordinary teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them — and us – on an unforgettable journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they met and fell in love at a cancer support group. NO W SH O WI NG A Million Ways to Die In the West R Tom Cruise in Warner Brothers Pictures’ “Edge of Tomorrow”. Albert Stark is a soft man in hard times who is trying to figure out kill him-and everyone else in it-at shapes Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice to end slavery in how to escape this godforsaken every turn. England. frontier that seems to be trying to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PG-13 It’s great to be Spider-Man. For Blended PG-13 Peter Parker, there’s no feeling After a disastrous blind date, single quite like swinging between sky- parents Lauren and Jim agree on scrapers, embracing being the only one thing: they never want to hero, and spending time with see each other again. But when Gwen. But being Spider-Man comes they each sign up separately for a at a price: only Spider-Man can fabulous family vacation with their protect his fellow New Yorkers kids, they’re all stuck sharing a from the formidable villains that suite at a luxurious African safari threaten the city. With the emer- resort for a week. gence of Electro, Peter must confront a foe far more powerful than Captain America: The Winter he. And as his old friend, Harry Soldier PG-13 Osborn, returns, Peter comes to Steve Rogers struggles to embrace realize that all of his enemies have his role in the modern world and one thing in common: OsCorp. teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powBelle PG erful yet shadowy enemy in presThis is the true story of Dido ent-day Washington, D.C. Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of a Royal Chef R Navy Admiral. Raised by her aristo- When Chef Carl Casper suddenly cratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield quits his job at a prominent Los and his wife, Belle’s lineage affords Angeles restaurant after refusing to her certain privileges, yet the color compromise his creative integrity of her skin prevents her from fully for its controlling owner, he is left participating in the traditions of to figure out what’s next. Finding her social standing. Left to wonder himself in Miami, he teams up with if she will ever find love, Belle falls his ex-wife, his friend and his son for an idealistic young vicar’s son to launch a food truck. Taking to bent on change who, with her help, the road, Chef Carl goes back to his ENIGMA

JUNE 5 2014


roots to reignite his passion for the Maleficent realizes that Aurora kitchen — and zest for life and holds the key to peace in the kinglove. dom-and perhaps to Maleficent’s true happiness as well. God’s Not Dead PG College freshman and devout Million Dollar Arm PG Christian Josh Wheaton finds his Follows an American sports agent faith challenged on his first day of who discovered Indian teenagers Philosophy class by the dogmatic Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, winProfessor Radisson. Radisson ners of a reality TV series called begins class by informing students “The Million Dollar Arm,” aimed at that they will need to disavow, in finding a person who could throw a writing, the existence of God on baseball the fastest. He brought that first day, or face a failing them back to the US, moved in with grade. As other students in the them, taught them English, and, of class begin scribbling the words course, the game of baseball with “God Is Dead” on pieces of paper, the hopes of getting them major Josh find himself at a crossroads, league contracts. having to choose between his faith and his future. Josh offers a nerv- Mom’s Night Out PG ous refusal, provoking an irate All Allyson and her friends want is reaction from his smug professor. a peaceful, grown-up evening of Radisson assigns him a daunting dinner and conversation - a longtask: to prove God’s existence by needed moms’ night out. But in presenting well-researched, intel- order to enjoy high heels, adult lectual arguments and evidence conversation and food not served over the course of the semester, in a paper bag, they need their husand engage Radisson in a head-to- bands to watch the kids for three head debate in front of the class. hours. What could go wrong? Godzilla PG-13 The world’s most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures that threaten mankind. Heaven Is For Real PG Todd Burpo and Sonja Burpo are the real-life couple whose son Colton claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks matter-offactly about things that happened before his birth ... things he couldn’t possibly know. Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event.

It’s been five years since Hiccup and Toothless successfully united dragons and vikings on the island of Berk. While Astrid, Snoutlout and the rest of the gang are challenging each other to dragon races (the island’s new favorite contact sport), the now inseparable pair journey through the skies, charting unmapped territories and exploring new worlds. When one of their adventures leads to the discovery of a secret ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace. Now, Hiccup and Toothless must unite to stand up for what they believe while recognizing that

only together do they have the power to change the future of both men and dragons. Jersey Boys R The story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who came together to form the iconic 1960s rock group The Four Seasons. Think Like Å Man Too PG-13 All the couples are back for a wedding in Las Vegas. But plans for a romantic weekend go awry when their various misadventures get them into some compromising situations that threaten to derail the big event.

Neighbors R A couple with a newborn baby face unexpected difficulties after they are forced to live next to a fraternity house. X-Men: Days of Future Past PG-13 The beloved characters from the original “X-Men” film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from “X-Men: First Class,” in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future. C OMIN G SO ON 22 Jump Street After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college. But when Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the football team, and Schmidt infiltrates the bohemian art major scene, they begin to question their partnership. Now they don’t have to just crack the case - they have to figure out if they can have a mature relationship. If these two overgrown adolescents can grow from freshmen into real men, college might be the best thing that ever happened to them.

Maleficent PG A beautiful, pure-hearted young woman, Maleficent has an idyllic life growing up in a peaceable forest kingdom, until one day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the land. Maleficent rises to be the land’s fiercest protector, but she ultimately suffers a ruthless betrayal-an act that begins to turn her pure heart to stone. Bent on revenge, Maleficent faces an epic battle with the invading king’s successor and, as a result, places a curse upon his newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, How To Train Your Dragon 2 PG ENIGMA

Across 2. Worn to protect the clothing 6. Fermented grape juices 11. Lady's-finger 13. State resident 15. English princess 17. Fixes 18. Ogles 19. Underground part of a plant 20. Deuces 21. Thin glutinous mud 22. Authentic 23. Finish first 25. Biddies 26. Person whose religion is Judaism 30. Devote 32. Modify 36. Complete change 37. Shooting sport 38. Sealing compound 40. Purchase

JUNE 5 2014

12. Flightless bird 14. Small dam 16. Part of speech 24. Rich and fashionable travellers 26. Trash 27. Spouse 28. Group of tents 29. Genus of vermin 30. Step in ballet 31. Short letter 33. Paint unskillfully 34. Be sorry for 35. Plaything 39. Highest 42. Public exhibition Down 43. Judges 1. Florida city 2. Inert elemental gas 44. Metal fastener 45. Mathematics 3. Move past 46. Raised platform 4. Lubricates 47. Evade work 5. Yuletide 6. Of moderate tem- 48. Unwieldy ship 51. Career golfers perature 52. Unpleasant smell 7. Insert 53. Salver 8. Planet 54. Stylish 9. Breathe noisily 10. Hates intensely 41. Places to sleep 47. Shaft horsepower 49. Executive Officer 50. Away 54. Pal 55. Imitator 56. Tester 57. Hawaiian port 58. Draw near 59. Book of the Bible 60. Annoys 61. Native of Switzerland 62. Type of packsack


($12.07) for the session. 11996633 Four weeks after it entered the Billboard chart, 17-year-old Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party” hit the number one spot. It was a song that was chosen for her by Quincy Jones, then a staff producer for Mercury Records, who had seen Leslie sing for the first time just a few weeks earlier.

11889966 Guglielmo Marconi was granted a patent for his electro-magnetic wave communication system, later to be called radio. 11994422 Capitol Records opens for business, becoming the first major record label based on the US West coast. The company had been established earlier in the year by singer Johnny Mercer and investor Buddy De Sylva as Liberty Records. It was Capitol’s manager, Glenn Wallichs, who invented the art of record promotion by sending free copies of new releases to disc jockeys. 11995544 With Big Joe Turner’s “Shake, Rattle and Roll” riding high on the Billboard R&B chart, Bill Haley And His Comets enter Decca Records’ New York studio to record the same number. Haley’s version will enter the Pop chart next August for an amazing 27 week run and rise to #7, becoming the first Rock and Roll tune to sell a million copies. 11995566 Gene Vincent’s “Be-Bop-A-Lula” is released in America where it will reach #5 and sell over a million copies. Although he never quite matched that success, his 1957 releases, “Lotta Lovin’” reached #13 and “Dance to the Bop” climbed to #23. Vincent died in 1971 at the age of 36 of a seizure brought on by a bleeding ulcer. 11995577 Sam Cooke records “You Send Me” at Radio Recorders Studio in Los Angeles. The song will rise to the top of the US chart next December and become the first of Cooke’s 29 Billboard Top 40 hits. The song reached #29 in the UK. 11995588 The L.P. “Johnny Mathis’ Greatest Hits” went to number 1 in the US. It stayed on the charts for 490 weeks, setting a longevity record that would not be broken until the 1980s by Pink Floyd’s, “Dark Side of the Moon”. 11995599 “The Battle Of New Orleans” by Johnny Horton hits the top of both the Country and Pop charts in the US, where it will stay for an amazing two months straight. The song was originally a poem written by high school teacher James Morriss in 1936, which he put to the music of an old fiddle tune known as “The Eighth Of January”. Horton’s version would become one of the largest selling records of the year and later won a Grammy Award.

Bob Zimmerman graduated from high school in Hibbing, Minnesota. Zimmerman was known as a greaser to classmates in the remote rural community because of his long sideburns and leather jacket. Soon, Zimmerman would be performing at coffee houses at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and later in Greenwich Village in New York City. He would also change his name to Bob Dylan. 11996600 The Platters’ lead singer Tony Williams leaves the group to embark on a solo career. Williams sang lead on Platters classics such as “Only You”, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and “The Great Pretender”, but was unable to crack the Top 40 on his own. Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely” was released in the US where it would go on to reach number two on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, it would top the chart next October. Bing Crosby was presented with a Platinum disc to commemorate his 200 millionth record sold. The sales figures were a combined total of 2,600 recorded singles and 125 albums. Crosby’s global lifetime sales on 179 labels in 28 countries totaled 400 million records. 11996611 Roy Orbison had his first US number 1 hit with “Running Scared”. Earlier, he had placed “Only the Lonely” and “Blue Angel” into the Top 10. Orbison had to be coaxed into the soaring vocal climax at the end of the song because he was being drowned out by the instrumental buildup. Roy and his songwriting partner Joe Melson would later say that they wrote the song in about five minutes. 11 996622 Ray Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You” sat on top of the Billboard Pop chart, making believers out those who told him he would lose his fan base if he recorded Country and Western songs. The album it came from sold over a million copies, becoming the first Gold record for ABCParamount. After an unsuccessful audition for Decca Records, The Beatles perform for producer George Martin at EMI Records in London. Martin was later quoted as saying “They were pretty awful. I understand why other record companies turned them down,” but signed them to a contract the following month. John, Paul, George and Pete Best were each paid 7.10 pounds


Decca Records releases “Come On”, The Rolling Stones’ first single. It would go on to peak at #21 in the UK. That same night, the group makes their TV debut on the BBC’s Thank Your Lucky Stars. After the show, its producer is reported to have told Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham to get rid of “that vile looking singer with the tire-tread lips.” 11996644 Ringo Starr was hospitalized after he collapsed during a photo session for the Saturday Evening Post. He was treated for tonsillitis and pharyngitis and rested for a couple of weeks. During his ten day absence, Jimmy Nicol sat in on drums for eight shows in Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong and Australia.

David Jones And The King Bees released their first record, “Liza Jane” in the UK. Jones later became David Bowie to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of The Monkees. The Dixie Cups became the first American group to top the Billboard chart in 1964 when “Chapel of Love” went to number one. Up until then, the year had been dominated by The Beatles and US solo performers. The song reached #22 in the UK. 11996677 David Bowie released his first album, which contained the single, “Love You ‘Til Tuesday”. Although the LP got positive reviews, neither it or the single sold well. The Doors’ “Light My Fire” is released. Two months later, it will be number one in the US. A 31-year-old singer born Arnold George Dorsey was the talk of the music industry when he reached the number one spot in the UK and number four in the US with “Release Me”. No one had paid much attention to him until his manager, Gordon Mills, changed his stage name to Englebert Humperdinck, the name of the Austrian composer who wrote Hansel and Gretel. Aretha Franklin scored her only solo, US #1 hit on the Billboard Pop chart with Otis Redding’s “Respect”. Redding reached #35 with it in 1965. Aretha’s rendition, on which she played piano, earned her two Grammy Awards in 1968 for Best Rhythm & Blues Recording and Best Rhythm & Blues Solo Vocal Performance, Female. She and George Michael would team up for a second number one in 1987 with “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”. The Monkees won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. 11996688 Simon And Garfunkel reached the top of the US charts with “Mrs. Robinson”, which

JUNE 5 2014


was featured in the soundtrack of the film The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft. The song went on to win a Grammy Award for the Best Contemporary Pop Performance by a Vocal Duo or Group. 11996699 Rod Stewart, lead singer of the Jeff Beck Group, signs a solo recording contract with Mercury Records. 11997700 The Kinks’ Ray Davies flies 11,000 Km round trip to England from America to rerecord the words “cherry cola” in the song “Lola” after the BBC refuses to air the song with the original words, “CocaCola”. 11997711 Gladys Knight is the last musical guest to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, which was canceled the next day after 23 years on the air. It was TV’s longest running variety show and was a springboard for nearly every major music act in the ‘60s. Sullivan was so angry about the cancellation that he refused to do a final show, although he would return for several TV specials and a 25th-anniversary show in 1973. Ed Sullivan died of esophageal cancer at age 73 on October 13th, 1974. James Taylor’s “You’ve Got A Friend” is released. Of the 14 US Top 40 hits he will achieve, this will be his only chart topper. A song called “Want Ads” hit the top of the Cashbox chart in the US. The tune had first been recorded for the Hot Wax label by the group Glass House, then by Freda Payne, but producers weren’t satisfied with either version and had a three piece

girl group called Honey Cone give it a try. The result was a smash and was followed by three more Top 30 hits for the Los Angeles based trio. Carole King’s album “Tapestry” is awarded a Gold record. The album was number one in the US for fifteen straight weeks and would remain on the charts for three years, producing her biggest selling single, “It’s Too Late”. On July 17, 1995 the LP was certified Diamond in the United States by the RIAA for 10 million copies sold in the US and has sold over 25 million copies worldwide 11997722 The Eagles’ “Take It Easy” is released by Asylum Records. It will crack the Billboard chart three weeks later and become their first hit single, reaching #12. Jethro Tull started a two week run at #1 on the US album chart with “Thick As A Brick”. Maureen McGovern quit her job as a secretary for a new career as a singer. She was part of a trio before recording as a solo artist in July 1973. Her first song, “The Morning After”, from the movie, The Poseidon Adventure, would be a millionseller. 11997733 Paul McCartney, backed by his new group Wings, was back on top of the Billboard Hot 100 with a song he wrote for his wife Linda, “My Love”. Barry White was awarded a Gold record for “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby”. It was the first of his five, US number one, million-sellers. 11997755 Guitarist Ron Wood joins The Rolling Stones on tour for first time, replacing Mick Taylor as The Stones kick off their latest tour of the US in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Elton John saw his album, “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” go straight to number 1 in the US in its first week of release. It was the first time any artist had achieved this feat. Elton would do it again later in the year with “Rock of the Westies”. 11997777 KC And The Sunshine Band top the Cashbox Best Sellers chart with “I’m Your Boogie Man”. In the UK, the record could only manage to climb to #41. Alice Cooper lost one of his most famous stage props when a rat being served as dinner to Cooper’s boa constrictor, bit the snake and killed it. In a novel publicity stunt, Cooper held public auditions to replace the snake. 11997788 It had been over 20 years since Johnny Mathis had a US number one single with “Chances Are”, but now he was back on top with “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late”, a duet he shared with Deniece Williams. The song was a #3 hit in the UK. 11997799 Donna Summer attains the sixth of her thirteen US Top Ten hits and the second of her four Billboard Pop chart number

one singles with “Hot Stuff”. The song was a #11 hit in the UK. 11 998822 Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion is opened to the public for the first time. It has since become the second most-visited private home in America with over 600,000 visitors a year. Only the White House has more. 11998844 Bruce Springsteen releases the album “Born In The USA”, which will top the Billboard Hot 200 chart for seven weeks and spawn seven Top-10 singles. The LP went on to sell over 15 million copies in the US alone. 11 998877 Among the acts featured at the fifth annual Prince’s Trust Rock Gala at Wembley Arena in London are George Harrison and Eric Clapton performing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and Jeff Lynne backing Ringo Starr on “A Little Help From My Friends”. Elton John and Ben E. King also appear. Kim Wilde took the Holland-DozierHolland classic “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” to the top of the Billboard Pop chart. It was the third time that the song made it into the Top Ten, following the original version by The Supremes in 1966 and a remake by Vanilla Fudge in 1968. 11998888 Adrienne Brown’s lawyer, Allen W. Johnson, introduced a novel defense at her trial where she was answering to charges of driving under the influence of drugs, speeding and criminal trespass. Johnson claimed that Adrienne’s status as the wife of James Brown, the “ambassador of Soul”, gave her diplomatic immunity. Johnson reconsidered and withdrew the motion the next day. 11998899 Benny Mardones accomplished the rare feat of having a song re-enter the US chart long after it had fallen off. “Into the Night” went to number 11 when it was originally released in 1980 and a newly recorded version cracked the Top 20 nine years later. Some other records that have returned to the charts are “The Twist” by Chubby Checker, “The Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and “Wipe Out” by The Surfaris. The Doobie Brothers reformed their original hit making line-up and hit the concert trail to promote the newly released, “Cycles” album. The first single from the album, “The Doctor”, made it into the US Top 10, while the follow-up, “Need a Little Taste of Love” reached number 45. Other members of the group performed live vocals on songs previously sung by Michael McDonald, who wasn’t invited to re-join the group. 11999911 50-year-old David Ruffin, formerly of The Temptations, died of an overdose of crack cocaine. Ruffin sang lead vocal on some of the Temps biggest hits, “My Girl” and “Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg”. As a solo artist, he had hits with “My Whole World Ended The Moment You Left Me” and “Walk Away From Love”, as well as “The Way You Do the Things You Do / My Girl medley” with Hall And Oates.


To help pay off his $16 million tax bill, Willie Nelson releases an album of tunes seized by federal agents. The disc was called “Who’ll Buy My Memories - The IRS Tapes”.

22000088 Rock legend Bo Diddley died of heart failure at the age of 79. He had recently suffered a stroke and a heart attack from which he never fully recovered.

11999933 The Who’s Pete Townshend and Chuck Berry are among those present for the ground breaking ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, seven years after the city won the right to host the building. Guests stood on a guitar shaped stage at the construction site on the shore of Lake Erie.

22001100 Hundreds of fans walked out of Whitney Houston’s show in Denmark after her voice continually faltered. Music critic Thomas Soie Hansen, of the Berlingske Tidende newspaper, wrote: “She looked and sounded like a person who doesn’t have many years left to live. At the end of the show she looked like she was ready to explode.”

11999944 Grace Slick is sentenced to 200 hours of community service and four Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings a week for three months, after being convicted of pointing a gun at police the previous March. 11999999 Napster, the file sharing program invented by 18 year-old Northeastern University drop-out Shawn Fanning, becomes available on the internet. 22 000022 Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone (real name: Douglas Glenn Colvin) was found dead in his Hollywood, California home. He was 50 years old. Ramone was found unconscious by his wife Barbara at approximately 8:25 p.m. and was pronounced dead at the scene by fire department paramedics approximately 15 minutes later. Robbin Crosby, guitarist for the L.A. group Ratt, who reached the Top 40 twice with “Round And Round” (#12 in 1984) and “Lay It Down” (#40 in 1985), died after a long illness, two months prior to his 43rd birthday. 22000033 A judge in London, England ruled that Rap lyrics should be treated as a foreign language after admitting that he was unsure of the meaning of ‘shizzle my nizzle’ and ‘mish mish man’. The court battle was over a copyright issue between the Ant’ill Mob and the Heartless Crew, who had used the lyrics on a remix. 22 000044 Debbie Harry of Blondie caused a stir when she insisted on having the scheduled opening act go on after her at a show in Amsterdam. It turns out that the lead singer of the band M.A.S.S. also has blonde hair, a direct violation of Blondie’s contract, which states that no show performer can have blonde hair except Debbie. 22000066 Vince Welnick, keyboard player for The Tubes and later The Grateful Dead, committed suicide. The 55-year-old musician stood on a hillside behind his Forestville home and drew a knife across his throat in front of his wife. Billy Preston, the keyboardist who had a series of hit singles in the 1970s, including “Will It Go ‘Round In Circles” and “Nothing From Nothing”, passed away at the age of 59. Billy was the only backing musician to ever be credited on a Beatles single when his name appeared on “Get Back”.

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Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was granted a restraining order against an elderly neighbor who allegedly threatened to kill him. The man was also ordered to pay more than $1,500 in legal fees. 22001111 Andrew Gold, who reached #7 in the U.S. in 1977 with “Lonely Boy” and #25 a year later with “Thank You For Being A Friend”, died of cancer at the age of 59. Along with his solo career, he also arranged songs for and performed on several Linda Rondstadt albums, including “Heart Like a Wheel” and did session work for James Taylor and Carly Simon. 220011 22 Bob Welch, a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974, died of an apparent suicide at the age of 66. After his time with the band, he went on to enjoy a successful solo career with hits such as “Sentimental Lady” and “Ebony Eyes”. 2200 1133 Drummer Joey Covington, who played with Jefferson Airplane from 1970-72 and later in the offshoot band Hot Tuna, died in a car crash in Palm Springs. He was 67 years old.

muthaf*ckin show is over.” The promoter, Da Ja Blue, told a Little Rock news staRRU UM MOOUURR HHAASS IITT … … tion that the hat was retrieved but he was upset …One of R&B’s rising with the R&B singer because stars, A Auugguu sstt AAllssiinnaa, abruptly an audience member got ended a show after a hat that hurt. apparently held sentimental value was snatched from his …Ticketmaster has head in Little Rock, Ark., May agreed to a tentative settleAllssiinnaa, known for the ment of a protracted class30. A song “I Love This” and for action lawsuit that, if having a beef with fellow approved, would give $400 crooner TTrr eeyy SSoonnggzz , was million in credit to 50 million singing on top of his body- ticket buyers. The lawsuit, guard’s shoulders while in the filed in 2003, centers on TM’s crowd, according to sources, add-on fees of order processwhen his hat either fell off or ing and UPS delivery, which was yanked from his head. were actually profitable to Either way, the hat – appar- the company. The fees were ently a gift from his late on top of convenience and Meellvviinn – was not brother M facility fees, which were immediately returned and understood by the five plainAAllssiinnaa stopped the song to tiffs to be profit centers, voice his displeasure. “I according to the Wall Street came out here to f*ck with Journal. If the plaintiffs had y’all so if you got it, ain’t known the first two fees were nobody leaving out this b*tch also “secret profit generauntil I get it back,” he said. tors,” they might not have “Are we gonna cause a purchased tickets at all, muthaf*ckin riot or what?” according to the lawsuit. Live After he and security guards moved through the crowd, AAllssiinnaa said, “I’m sorry but the


Nation Entertainment, which merged with TM in 2009, declined to comment. Ticketmaster was a subsidiary of IAC/InterActiveCorp when the lawsuit was filed. As part of the settlement process, Ticketmaster changed the language on its website to clarify that order-processing and delivery fees may include a profit for the company. If the settlement is approved, 50 million patrons of the website from Oct. 21, 1999, to Feb. 27, 2013 will receive $386 million in discounts on future purchases, the paper said.

NN aaiillss leader would not follow Beats founders JJiim mm myy IIoovviinnee and D Drr.. D Drree to Apple as the company is absorbed. He wrote “YES I am still CCO of Beats Music and looking forward to what lies ahead with Apple” on Twitter. A spokeswoman with Beats confirms that RReezz nnoorr remains CCO and that role will not change. …Some 17-year-olds spend the summer working at the local ice cream shop or movie theater. As for LLoorrddee, she’ll be busy touring Australia and playing a handful of North American festivals like Lollapalooza and Osheaga. Plus, she’s got a new round of gigs booked through October.

…Pioneering progressive group K Kiinngg CCrriim mssoonn will end its six-year absence from the concert stage with a 17-show run beginning in early September. Stops for RRoobbeerrtt FFrriipppp & Co. include …Your last chance to Philadelphia, Boston, All llm maann BBrroott hh eerrss see TT hhee A Chicago, Los Angeles and BBaanndd will in New York in late Seattle. October as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group schedules …TT rree nntt RRee zznnoorr and the final shows to close an officials at Beats By Dre illustrious career. agree: RReezznnoorr is still with the company. RRee zznnoorr tweeted …Everybody expects Monday afternoon that he the Spanish Inquisition. And remains the company’s chief Moonntt yy as with all things M creative officer. Apple Inc. PPyytthh oonn, fans need to expect bought the headphones and the unexpected, too. Next streaming music company Moonntt yy month the surviving M last week in a $3 billion deal. Pyytt hh oonn members reunite P Early reports last week speconstage for the first time in ulated that the N Nii nnee II nncchh

MAY 29 2014


almost 35 years – and, they say, the last time ever. Fans understandably want to see the anarchic comedy troupe’s classic skits. They’re hoping for Spam, lumberjacks, dead parrots and of course the red-robed cardinals who burst in to proclaim: “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Troupe member EErriicc IIddllee assures fans they will get the old favorites – but they are also in for surprises. “I’ve got one or two up my sleeve that will absolutely freak people out,” said IIddllee, who has taken the lead on assembling the 10 performances at London’s O2 Arena. The “Monty Python Live (mostly)” shows will take place between July 1 and July 20, with the final performance beamed live into movie theaters worldwide – including hundreds in the United States. More screenings are planned on July 23, 24 and Aug. 6. Tickets for the U.S. screenings were going on sale Monday.

Whh iitt ee has …JJ aacckk W issued a written apology to TT hhee BBllaacckk K Keeyyss, his former bandmate M Meegg W Whh iitt ee and others over comments he made in a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview. Last year, his personal opinKeeyyss ions about TT hhee BBllaacckk K were revealed when his wife included a message from him in their divorce case. He was asked again about the band during the recent interview, and he told Rolling Stone he felt TT hhee BBllaacckk K Keeyyss were capitalizing on a sound he Whh iittee helped make popular. W

explains in a letter dated Saturday on his website that he thought it would have seemed petty if he had declined to discuss the issue with the magazine. In his letter, he spoke positively of the BBllaacckk KKee yyss, who are also based in Nashville and got their start as a bluesy two Whh iittee’’ ss own W Whh iittee piece like W SStt rriippee ss.

Roswell/RCA, according to a press release. The as-yetuntitled effort will follow 2011’s “Wasting Light,” which was nominated for album of the year at the Grammy Awards. The first snippet of new FFoooo FFiigghhttee rrss music can be heard in the teaser trailer to the upcoming HBO documentary series “Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways.” The clip premiered on HBO over the …Five years after her weekend, during the TV airmusical breakthrough, SSuussaann ing of the Rock and Roll Hall BBooyyllee says she’s feeling confi- of Fame Induction Ceremony. dent and comfortable – and Swim ready to launch her first U.S. …Adult tour. The 53-year-old will hit announces the lineup for the the road in October on a 21- 2014 installment of their date trek. BBooyyllee said she had- acclaimed Singles Program. n’t been ready to take on the Returning for the 5th year, tour after her pop culture the Singles Program is Adult moment in 2009, but now Swim’s series in which they she’s more relaxed and ready offer a brand new song from a variety of artists across the to perform. musical spectrum for free …The Virginia med- download each Monday ical examiner’s office says throughout the summer. This DDaavvee BBrroocckkiiee, the frontman year’s program launches next for the heavy metal band week (Monday, June 9th) with GGw w aarr, died of an accidental a new song from G Giioorrggiioo Moorrooddeerr, his first new solo heroin overdose. BBrroocckk iiee — M who went by the stage name track in 22 years, and runs OOddeerruu ss UUrruu nngguu ss — was found through September 22nd. This dead in his Richmond home year’s lineup includes contrion March 23. He was 50. butions from stoner rock AArrkkuu iiee W W iilllliiaam m ss, administra- luminaries SSlleeeepp (their first tor at the chief medical exam- new track in 19 years), D eeaaff hheeaavvee nn, CCaapp ttaaiinn iner’s office, said Tuesday FFuu ttuu rree, D Muu rrpp hhyy, M Maass ttaaddoonn , RRuu nn tthh ee that BBrroocckk iiee’’ss cause of death M J J e e w w e e l l s s and more. was acute heroin toxicity. The Grammy-nominated band GGw w aarr was founded in 1984 If you know any truths, halfand is known for its comical- truths or outright lies about ly grotesque costumes, stage the music and club scene antics and vulgar lyrics. send it to Sissy Vance c/o rumoursmill@enigmaonline.c …FFoooo FFiigghhtt eerrss’’ eighth om. studio album will be released in November through - Sissy Vance ENIGMA

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1. The Black Keys 2. Conor Oberst 3. Tori Amos 4. Old 97’s 5. Pixies 6. Moe. 7. Damon Albarn 8. First Aid Kit 9. Phox 10. Passenger 11. The String Cheese Incident 12. O.A.R. 13. The Bamboos 14. Sarah McLachlan 15. Young the Giant 16. Morrissey 17. Kenny Wayne Shepherd 18. Jack White 19. The Afghan Whigs 20. Coldplay

ADVENTURE PICKS 1. Camper Van Beethoven 2. Imelda May 3. John Mayer

KRAFTWERK ok computer In today’s digital age there no one artist or band that can claim to have a much influence on popular music as Kraftwerk. On tour now Kraftwerk is the inspiration behind everything from synth pop, to techno, dance and today’s electronic music. Founded 44 years ago the

German electronic artists remain quite the enigma as almost five decades ago haven’t missed a beat and have remained active since their inception.

more recently performed at Moogfest recently in Ashville, North Carolina. And if you are lucky they might come to a town near you. After all, they are the godfathers of all things The band has been showing up electronic when it comes to And while they don’t tour as more and more lately as they music. often as they once did they performed a few years back at still manage to put on a show. Ultra Music Fest in Miami and - Chris Eason ENIGMA


More and more bands going back 40 years have called Kraftwerk inspiration – everyone from Depeche Mode to Coldplay to be exact.























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