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Part-Transcript of Coroner Court Proceedings Mr Frank Smith, deceased Fri, 20/08/09, from 1500h onwards (Coroner Speaking) “Ladies and Gentlemen, thank-you for patiently waiting for me. I have sought advice and clarification from various agencies and have decided to proceed with this inquest... (Mr King, QC) “Sir, may I interrupt? My client feels so strongly that Sergeant Long should be present to give evidence that we will make an application at The High Court later today for a writ of Habeas Corpus... (General noise for some seconds) (Coroner) “Mr King, do you have some evidence that this official is being detained by the state? What is your ground for this outlandish claim?” (Mr King) “We will present our evidence at High Court, Sir.” (Coroner) “I would value your cooperation Mr King, please?” (Mr King) “Sir, with due respect to the authority of this court, it is our firm belief that Sergeant Long is being positively prevented from attending...”

Internal Memo, SECRET Cabinet Office Secretariat to “The Project” Management Team Sat, 21/08/09, 1200h Further to our telephone discussion earlier, you insisted on a formal request for disclosure of the whereabouts of Ms Long. On the direction of the Lord Chancellor and Prime Minister you are to reveal, by immediate return of email, what you know of the current, precise location of Ms Long and why she is in “protective custody”. This is to provide factual background for the Official Solicitor's reply to the Habeas Corpus application. Reply within 2 hours. Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only Sat,21/08/09, 1430h 1. All recipients are to be aware of the attached communication. 2. Action “The Complex” Closure plan as per Operational Protocol. 3. Confirm completion of specific functions by return of signal.

Copy of Memorandum under SECRET classification “The Project” Management Team to Cabinet Office Secretatriat Original Sat, 21/08/09, 1345h Further to your email of 1200h today. Ms Long was deemed to require private seclusion for evaluation of her mental health. She had become agitated and over-concerned about the case of Mr Damien Donald, whose death at “The Complex” she was preparing for inquest. She has been found to be mentally stable and will be assisted to appear at The High Court whenever required. Extracts from BBC Radio News Item Sun, 22/08/09, 1550h “... today's High Court hearing to consider granting a writ of Habeas Corpus. The named individual, Sergeant Lisa Long, Coroner's Officer, was brought to the court in the company of a civil service welfare officer. They were interviewed in private by the Duty High Court judge who returned to chambers to dismiss the application. Ms Long is believed to have left with her escort and is reported to be attending the adjourned Frank Smith inquest, for which she has been subpoenaed to attend and due to recommence next Friday 27 August.”

Part-Transcript of Coroner Court Proceedings Mr Frank Smith, deceased Fri, 27/08/09, from 0915h onwards (Coroner Speaking) “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. You are to put aside any impression you may have gained from the media speculation this week about the death of Mr Frank Smith. Your conclusion is to be determined by the facts as presented to this court and that alone...” (Routine victim identification is made and post-mortem results given) (Mr King, QC to Pathologist) “May I just confirm that no noxious substances, either legal or illegal, were detected by your team in the blood of my client's son?” (Pathologist to Mr King) “That is correct sir!” (Mr King to Pathologist) “But that does not mean that Frank Smith had not been exposed to any such agents more than a week before his demise?” (Pathologist to Mr King) “With a few rare and notable exceptions, the vast majority of any such chemicals would have been cleared from the blood by 7 days. Residues may be stored for longer in certain body organs such as the liver and brain.”

(Mr King to Pathologist) “And have you tested these organs for such deposits?” (Pathologist to Mr King) “No as we did not know what to look for. Specific agents need individual tests, there is no one generic test that does for all possible substances” (Following another jury adjournment for legal arguments, the Coroner calls Sgt. Lisa Long, to the witness box) (Mr King to Sgt. Long) “My question to you is very simple. You saw the original post-mortem report on another person who attended The Complex, Damien Donald who, tragically, collapsed and died there on 10 June this year. Did that report mention any unusual substances in the blood of Damien?” (Sgt. Long to Mr King) “Yes, sir, it did. I cannot be accurate as to exactly what the chemical was as that report was subsequently withdrawn and replaced. But to the best of my recall it was a very high level of a cannabis or cocaine based compound.” (Following another jury adjournment for legal arguments, the Coroner calls Watch Officer 2426 Paul Noble to the witness box). (Coroner to Mr Noble) “Have you been given special coaching as to how to answer questions put to you in this court?” (Mr Noble to Coroner) “Yes, Sir, that is correct.” (Coroner to Mr Noble) “Are you willing to perjure yourself?” (Prolonged Silence then Mr Noble replied) “No, Sir, I am not!” (Coroner to Mr Noble) “What specifically have you been told to deny?” (Prolonged Silence then Mr Noble replied) “That attendees were given a doctored drink to see the effect...” (General noise and clamour in court before Coroner speaks loudly...) “Clearly facts potentially of the greatest relevance are not being disclosed. I adjourn this hearing until a date to be confirmed for further evidence to be gained, as I will now direct.”

PART EXTRACT FROM MINUTES OF CABINET MEETING 10 DOWNING STREET LONDON Thu, 03/09/09, 0930h onwards ANY OTHER BUSINESS, ITEM #7, DEATHS RELATED TO “THE COMPLEX” Three briefing papers had been circulated and the contents were discussed at some length along with a recommendation from the Lord Chancellor. The following statement will be made in both chambers of Parliament at 1600h today, 3 September 2009; “Her Majesty's Government has authorised the immediate release of files and documents concerning “The Project” to the coroner investigating the death of Mr Frank Smith. His court will now take the lead in adjudicating on the four regrettable deaths amongst young people who have attended “The Complex” earlier this year. Depending on the outcome of these four inquests, an enquiry will be held into the circumstances that seemingly allowed the administration of substances without the fully informed consent of the recipients.”

Commander, Spec Op Dir; FLASH SIGNAL FAO Operation PsyCoChemManip; alpha list only Fri,04/09/09, 1955h

1. The above operation has been terminated. 2. All Code Ochre documentation has been centralised within my directorate and selected contents ONLY will be released in accordance with the Cabinet Statement of yesterday in response to any further requests from relevant legal authorities. 3. All supplies of the modified energy drinks have been returned to secure storage, pending developments. Part-Copy of Letter Norton & Co Solicitor's to Coroner Court Re “The Complex” Tue, 15/09/09 … please note the content of the following request from Dr M Ridge, our medical adviser... “Within the extensive reams of documents supplied from The Project are references to unspecified additives coded IC 36 and IC 69. I formally request the full chemical names of these substances.”

PART EXTRACT FROM MINUTES OF CABINET MEETING 10 DOWNING STREET LONDON Thu, 24/09/09, 0930h onwards FULL AGENDA ITEM #2, DEATHS RELATED TO “THE COMPLEX” … A decision by the Lord Chancellor was approved. The full chemical composition of IC36 and IC69 will be disclosed...

Note in handwritten diary Commander, Spec Op Dir Thu, 24/09/09 Oh are we fucked!

Part-Copy of Report Dr M Ridge to Norton & Co Solicitors Thu, 01/10/09 “... the chemicals within the “energy drink” are both novel compounds about which very little is known within the public domain... having features of cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine... the effect on an individual is difficult to predict... I will be re-interviewing the family and close friends of Debs, Johnno and Frank to detail any psychological changes observed after they had been to The Complex... I draw attention to the fact that Debs was attempting to run across a four-lane dual carriageway when she was hit and killed... according to the newly sworn statement of Mr Paul Noble, various unusual behavioural occurrences were observed at The Complex in youths given either of the substances... including a major brawl involving Frank Smith, female homosexual activity...and a probable male sexual proposition provoked the fight in the shower in which Johnno Brown was assaulted...”

Part-Transcript of Coroner Court Proceedings Mr Frank Smith, deceased Thu, 15/10/09, from 0915h onwards (Coroner to Dr M Ridge) “You were originally instructed to advise the legal team of Frank Smith's mother but are now acting as sole-joint-expertwitness to all parties, is that correct?” (Dr M Ridge) “That is correct, Sir. May I outline my findings to you?... Some 120 young people attended The Complex as part of The Project between early April and mid-July 2009. All were given a specially prepared, not commercial, energy milk shake drink on the Tuesday and Wednesday night... Four of them died... Damien Donald whilst there of HOCM and his death may or may not be secondary to the drink... The Complex had total audiovisual surveillance of all areas, including staff residences... The covert monitoring was at least partly to observe the youths for behavioural changes... in addition to the overt repeated testing of both physical and psychological performance during the day... Secreted within the special drink was one of two different, both previously unknown chemicals... they were changed around 15 June after the death of Mr Donald... all four deaths before this court occurred after the individuals were given the first substance, known as IC36... Both chemicals have significant positive effects on performance as well as behavioural consequences that seem undesirable. From their chemical composition, I anticipate that IC36 had a mixture of effects on the brain similar to cannabis and amphetamine, both of which are known to be long-lasting... up to a few weeks on occasions... The brains of humans continue to develop until about the age of 21-22 years... predicting the action of chemicals on under-developed brains is fraught with inaccuracy. Deborah, the aspiring tennis player was killed attempting to cross a major highway... there is no evidence that she was depressed and attempting suicide, rather totally irrational, out-of-character risk taking... Johnno Brown, the long-term, unemployed and sadly unrecognised illiterate young man had previous spells of depression but had never attempted suicide before doing so by hanging, not a method known to be associated with “crying for help”...

Frank Smith, the original subject for this Coroner's Court, became very irritable after his time at The Complex culminating in his attempt at an armed robbery, refusal to disarm and then being shot by the police to protect other members of the public... In my opinion, the deaths of Debs, Johnno and Frank were secondary to indirect effect of drugs they were given at The Complex... that of Damien may have been...

Note in handwritten diary Commander, Spec Op Dir Sat, 31/10/09 Cabinet have directed a private and confidential enquiry into The Complex after being told the Yanks want to “investigate� IC36 as a potential warfare agent... The Project will reopen in some other format, without Code Ochre involvement... Operation PsyCoChemManip is now limited to detainees in Afghanistan... the bitch that caused all the hassle, Aileen Blaze died of septicaemia last week, without any further action by ourselves...

AND NOW FOR THE BORING STUFF 1. This work, which will be published over four parts in issuu format, has previously been posted at my blog; 2. The content, be it character names, places or the events described are all the product of my small brain; they do not exist. Nor should they be assumed to represent anywhere else; real or fictional. 3. As the content has been published on a blog it is free to copy for personal use. 4. However, if I find some arse-hole passing this off as their own work in any format or medium, without having obtained my written permission to so do, they will regret their temerity. 5. The images used are from my private collection and are not for copying without my wife's permission; she took the originals and tolerates cheats less well than I do.




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