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La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018


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MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL Say hello to Nigel. Nigel is 10 years old and a pupil at Jose Maria Manressa San Fulgencio. He has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem glioma.

Nigel has a tumour in his brain stem which means that not only is an operation not possible, chemotherapy is also out of the question and radiotherapy is the only treatment on offer which is by no means a cure for this terminal illness . However, Nigel and his family are determined to fight and his mother Jackie, owner of Bianco’s bar on Consum Square, has discovered a clinic in America which has had amazing success with not just treating this but totally curing it. We know that finances can be a struggle... Continued page 3

Nigel needs our help and the community comes to gether for this amazing lad

Was your flight delayed or cancelled completely? If your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours or cancelled then you are most likely eligible for a compensation of up to Euro 600 per person.

Let us help you get the compensation you‘re entitled to.


SECOND HAND VEHICLE SPECIALISTS At either end of the petrol stn At the entrance to the Urb. La Marina - Tel. 96 618 006

+45 30 488 488  

You are entitled to compensation 3 years back.

No risk or cost for you – YOU ONLY PAY IF WE WIN

La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018

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Aquagest 966794383 Ambulancia Amigos Euro’ 966794453 ( San Fulgencio ) 696465481 Ayuntamiento 966794201 Ayuntamiento (pueblo) 965419174 Bomberos Urgencias 085 Centro de Salud 965729500 Centro de Salud (pueblo) 965419489 Consultorio Medico 966794231 San Fulgencio ( Mañanas ) Consultorio Medico 966796281 ( Urb.La Marina ) Correos 902197197 Cruz Roja ( San Fulgencio ) 966794111 Escuela Infantil 966794496 Farmacia Pueblo 965419053 Farmacia ( San Fulgencio ) 966794381 Farmacia ( Urb.La Marina ) 966796912

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LOCAL WEATHER - Your fortnightly forecast


13.457 - house price index Annual change 7.19% (Q4 2017) 144,688 - total house sales Annual change 14.32% (Q4 2017) 16.78% - sales to international buyers


Annual change 0.15% (Q4 2017)

Route Switzerland Austria Poland Hungary Spain UK Netherlands Italy Norway

€ 0.95 € 1.10 € 1.10 € 1.15 € 1.22 € 1.26 € 1.45 € 1.55 € 1.65

€ 0.96 € 1.05 € 1.08 € 1.14 € 1.12 € 1.31 € 1.17 € 1.45 € 1.45


May Rise 18 06:46 19 06:45 20 06:44 21 06:44 22 06:43 23 06:42 24 06:42 25 06:41 26 06:41 27 06:40 28 06:40 29 06:39 30 06:39 31 06:38

Set 21:10 21:11 21:12 21:12 21:13 21:14 21:15 21:16 21:16 21:17 21:18 21:19 21:19 21:20



in Alicante

Cost of Unleaded 95 in Europe

Your horoscope

Monday to Friday

Urb.La Marina - Elche 7.15 / 10.45 / 12.40 / 5.35 / 18.15 Urb.La Marina - San Fulgencio 09.45 / 14.oo / 19.30 Urb.La Marina - Rojales 09.45 / 14.00 / 19.30 Urb.La Marina - Guardamar 09.45 / 12.00 / 19.30 Urb.La Marina - Dolores 10.15 Urb.La Marina - Almoradí 10.15 Urb.La Marina - Torrevieja 10.15

Saturday 07.15 / 10.45 / 15.35 NO NO 09.45 / 13.30 / 19.00 NO NO NO

Elche - Urb.La Marina 09.15 / 11.30 / 13.30 / 19.00 09.15 / 13.30 / 19.00 San Fulgencio - Urb.La Marina 10.00 / 12.40 / 15.30 NO Guardamar - Urb.La Marina 07.00 / 10.30 / 12.30 / 15.15 / 18.00 NO Rojales - Urb.La Marina 15.30 NO Dolores - Urb.La Marina 14.15 NO Almoradí - Urb.La Marina 14.15 NO Torrevieja - Urb.La Marina 14.15 NO Earthquakes Alicante has had: (M1.5 or greater)

The largest earthquake in Alicante:

0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours

This week: 2.8 in Bigastro, Valencia

1 earthquake in the past 7 days

This month: 2.8 in Bigastro, Valencia

1 earthquake in the past 30 days

This year: 3.9 in Mula, Murcia, Spain

All clergy are FEREDE card holders which gives authorisation to perform wedding blessings, baptisms, and funerals. For other Associated groups such as Mother’s Union see website. For further details contact the Chaplaincy Wardens or visit Chaplaincy website: The Chaplaincy Church Centre Services are: La Siesta - 1st and 3rd Sunday in the month at 11.15am. 5th Sunday – Evensong at 6.30 pm. Tel. Bruce Heath - 966 786 079. Los Balcones - Every Sunday at 10.30am Tel. Rosalind Gough – 966 720 351. Lago Jardin - Every Saturday at 6pm (closed August). Tel. Liz Shouksmith - 966 799 238. LA MARINA in the RC Church at San Fulgencio - Every Sunday at 10.15am Tel: Rita Bryan - 966 795 535 Campoverde - Every Sunday at 6pm. Tel. Jill Dorsett - 966 762 715. La Zenia Cristo Resucitado Centro Ecumenic. Every Thursday at 11am - Holy Communion (Said) La Manga Club, St Teresa’s - 2nd Sunday of the month at 6pm. Tel. Hugh James – 630 877 887 Hondón de las Nieves - 2nd Monday of the month - at 11.30 am. Tel. Chaplaincy Warden for details. All denominations are welcome to attend our Services DUTY PHARMACY Check on the doors of your local pharmacy or at the health centre UPCOMING FESTIVALS May 20–21: Pentecost and Whit Monday (closures in Barcelona) May 21: El Rocío pilgrimage (Romería de El Rocío), Andalucía May 30: Canary Islands Day (closures) May 30–June 3: La Patum de Berga, near Barcelona

LA MARINA NEWS Editor: Dave Bull Sales: 643

274 845

or: Deadlines:

2 earthquakes in the past 365 days

MOON PHASES FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS - New Moon was on May 15th.

7 days before publication date Next issue: 01 June 2018 Images/Graphics: 300DPI

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La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018

La MarinaNews

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g n i m a e r d #alicante

Wanna sell your home? Call us at 441 +34 966 699

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from page 3 all donate SOMETHING, even if it’s just the change we have in our pockets, maybe we can give this cheeky, lively, amazing little boy a chance. TEN YEARS OLD. To the world he might just be a little boy but to his family and friends this little boy is the world. Any donations gratefully received no matter how small at Biancos bar. On behalf of Jackie, Nigel and family, thank you. Nigel’s mums story: In middle to late February 2018 my family and I noticed some changes in Nigel’s eyes, the left eye starting to twitch and the right eye was turning inwards, as well Nigel’s school in San Fulgencio had called me in for a meeting about Nigel and the changes that they had noticed, being his left hand going numb and him drop-

Centro Comercial de Carabassi, Avenida de Noruega, 214, Local Nº7, 03130 Santa Pola,

ping his pens and pencils. They also noticed that he was unsteady on his feet and when his teacher questioned him about it Nigel told them he was seeing double. This prompted us to make an appointment with his doctor who then got him an appointment with an eye specialist for the following week. So that day Friday 2nd of march we took Nigel to out patients for the appointment, they done the eye tests but could not find anything and referred us that same day to paediatrics (children’s ward) to see if they could find anything with more tests, they sent Nigel down for a head scan and with in a hour the result was back. A doctor and the nurse took me into a room away from Nigel, to sit me down and tell me that they had found a tumour My eyes filled with tears, I couldn’t speak. All I could think was how could I face my little boy and tell him that everything was OK! my parents were in the hospital cafe wait-

+34 966 699 441 ing to hear if Nigel was OK. When I told them, the look of fright and tears in their faces. The doctor told us that Nigel needed to be transferred to Alicante general University Hospital where he would get specialist help. When we got to Alicante via ambulance we were taken to his room for the weekend so they could give him different medications. On the following Monday after doctors had studied the c.d. from the scan, another doctor took me to a side room to tell me that Nigel had a Brainstem Tumor glioma (malignant) I cried, I could not speak for the whole day. Nigel at the moment is getting radiotherapy every day for 6 weeks then a rest period. I have read about proton beam therapy and antineoplaston treatment in Houston Texas and Quebec in Canada and we are currently waiting for them to get back to us with information and cost of treatment and the length of time there for those treatments. Nigel at the moment is quite happy and alert, as it was only diagnosed a few weeks

ago. But he is aided with a wheelchair as he has double vision and unsteady on his feet and has lost the use in his left hand due to the tumour pressing on the nerves in the Brainstem.... so please I am asking everybody to help me fundraise for my little boy do anything you can my family and i’s hearts are breaking, devastated beyond belief Nigel is only 10. I need to get him some treatment to help him maybe even prolong his life. Please anything to help. Fiesta, coffee morning raffle. What ever you can do to save my little boy. Cracks under the wall have let the rain soak through

La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018 height and behind balastraills. We work with the latest traditional window cleaning tools, updated methods and pure water technology. More info on these techniques is available on https://www. (alternativley, in youtube; just type in mrsqueegees spain). You will see some of our more challenging work including some of the commercial work we are carrying out in the GA centre. We take pride in providing an excellent clean and  very friendly professional on time! reliable service. We also use the latest equipment to carry out our service as quickly as possible leaving our clients to carry on with their day. Vision statement To provide an excellent clean; professionally, quickly and economically..

Brothers putting a shine on things!

Mr Squeegee based in Gran Alacant, Alicante, Spain tel. 604257094 is run by brothers Matt and Joe. Formed in Spain 2016 but with over 20 years experience in commercial cleaning and maintenance industry, we are a small window cleaning company providing a service to domestic and commercial properties in the Alicante area of Spain. We use the latest tools and techniques, designed to meet the demands of the Spanish weather and challenging situations such as

La MarinaNews Mission Statement  Using the latest equipment, technology and techniques through constant market research and training to provide an efficient, reliable, reasonably priced window cleaning service unparalleled in the Alicante area, with customer service and quality always being our main focus as well as passing on savings from efficient work practices to our customers.

Gran Alacant News Issue You no.Local 5 - News Friday -February Friday May 16th18th 20182018



By Alison Wynne-Ryder


As many of you will have seen the magical full moon here in Spain in May, I thought I would write an article about its many phases and how its attributed to the cycle of life, healing, love and fertility. I hope you enjoy it. “And then the moon like to a silver bow new-bent in heaven, shall behold the night of our solemnities”. William Shakespeare By the light of the silvery moon The moon definitely makes people feel happy. It is our friend, lighting the way when we are lost by sharing its silvery light with us to guide us home. It is the second brightest object in the sky. The moon’s gleaming radiance has inspired people to worship it, walk on it, and paint it. The moon is also closely linked to love. Think Romeo and Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Cycle of Life Believe it or not, the moon is one of the most consistent events in our lives. It is always there, each evening no matter what’s happening on earth. It waxes larger, shines when it is full, and wanes to a fingernail sliver before starting the sequence all over again. The moon was worshiped by primitive man, and the monthly cycle of the moon denotes human fertility as well as thousands of years ago being the measure of all time. So the moon is, quite literally, indicative of the Cycle of Life. Angels of the Moon The Angels of the Moon are - Archangel Haniel, and Archangel Gabriel. Men on the Moon The most famous astronauts were ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins known as The Apollo 11 Crew. In 1969 the moon mission was televised around the world and people surrounding the Kennedy Space Centre watched with anticipation as the clocked ticked towards zero hour. They

Gran Alacant News


approached the moon 3 hours after takeoff. Moon Goddesses The Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the moon was female, mainly due to her monthly cycles. They revered their Moon Goddesses - Selene, who was the sister of the Sun, and the Dawn, and Hecate who was the Goddess of the not yet risen Moon. Hecate was of ‘the dark side’ - the realm of ghosts, ghouls and witches. Moon Child Moon Child is the title of a movie, a novel, an album and at least 6 songs! and throughout history, the moon has inspired millions of people whether they worship the moon, walk on it, write about it, cast spells under it, or ‘moon about’ (in love!). Crystals The crystal that is named after the moon is Moonstone which is silvery blue. It is said to shine with captured moonbeams. In India, it is known as being sacred, representing the third eye (the all Seeing Eye) bringing wisdom and good fortune to all who wear it. During the full moon, I put all my crystals out under the moonbeams in order to charge them and to make them even more magical. Magic of the Moon So there you have it. The moon closely linked to love, but also having a dark side, too. It will rise in the sky every night within our lifetime - casting its mysterious glow, being ever present, and ever so magical. Alison Wynne-Ryder International Clairvoyant Medium & Co-Host on TV Show Rescue Mediums. Follow her on Twitter @ rescuemediumali Or read about her on her website

Some people have never met or married a soul mate….some people are on their own all through their lives for some reason, and maybe they don’t appreciate the situation they are in. Are you on your own??Are you your own best friend?? Do you realise that you are in a position that some people would envy?? Have you ever tried to see being on your own like that? The most important relationship we have in our lives is with our selves. And even though we are the only ones who are present at every moment of our lives—from birth onward—this relationship can be the most difficult one to cultivate and to appreciate. This may be because society places such emphasis on the importance of being locked into a romantic partnership, even teaching us to set aside our own needs for the needs of another person. Until we know ourselves, however, we cannot possibly choose the right relationship to support our mutual growth toward our highest benefit. Realise that by allowing ourselves to be comfortable with being alone, we can become the kind of person with whom we want to have a relationship. Perhaps at no other time in history has it been possible for people to survive, and even thrive, while living alone. We can now support ourselves financially, socially, and emotionally without needing a spouse for survival in any of these realms. With this freedom, we can pursue our own interests and create fulfilling partnerships with friends, business partners, and neighbours.

By Violet King

It helps us to discover ourselves if we move forward. Standing still doesn’t achieve much….you can find so many things to do and really appreciate things without being dependent on someone else.. Male and female were told in the beginning to multiply and fill the earth……I don’t think we need lose any sleep over doing that now!! As we move away from tradition and fall into more natural cycles of being in the world today, we may find that there are times where being alone nourishes us . Our happiness does not depend on other people. It may assist our state of mind, but WE are responsible for the way we feel about everything. Loneliness is not the same as being alone……I have felt lonelier in a crowd than I have ever felt just enjoying my own company. Being on your own does not mean loneliness. Being willing to know and love ourselves, and to find what truly makes us feel deeply and strongly, gives us the advantage of being able to attract and choose the right people with whom to share ourselves. Choosing to enjoy being alone allows us to fully explore our most important relationship—the one with our true selves…..try to appreciate the freedom and the ability to find your own way in life……..some people never have that opportunity! Take care …. Till the Next time!!!


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Gran Alacant News Issue You no.Local 5 - News Friday -February Friday May 16th18th 20182018


Gran Alacant News


FRI 18TH MAY Football Notts County v Coventry City 20.45 League Two - Play-Offs Semi-Final, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Football

Coming to Netflix - Friday 18th May

13 Reasons Why season 2 Finally, the release date has been confirmed. This is easily one of the most important releases of the year for Netflix – but how will viewers respond? Find out much more about 13 Reasons Why season two here Cargo Martin Freeman leads this horror film about a father’s attempt to ensure his daughter’s safety in a world overrun by zombies The Social Network The biopic about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg from director David Fincher hits the internet. Isn’t it time for a sequel? The Punisher The 2004 movie version of the Marvel story sees Thomas Jane star as the brutal superhero. Note, this is not the second season of the Netflix TV series

Thursday 24th May Fauda: season 2 The Israeli political thriller returns

Cricket Durham v Yorkshire 15.00 Royal London One-Day Cup 2018, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event SAT 19TH MAY Football Celtic v Motherwell 16.00 Scottish Cup - Final, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports Main Event

Friday 25th May The Toys That Made Us: season 2 Documentary series focusing on WED 23RD MAY the history of important toy lines and their Cricket cultural impact Glamorgan v Middlesex 15.00 Steve Martin and Martin Short: Royal London One-Day Cup 2018, Sky An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event Your Life The veteran comedians team up THU 24TH MAY for a variety of musical sketches, stand-up Formula 1 and conversation Monaco Grand Prix - Practice 1 Ibiza Sky Sports F1 HD (11:00) Original film which sees three best friends hunt for a DJ in Barcelona. Stars Gillian Monaco Grand Prix - Practice 2 Jacobs and Vanessa Bayer Sky Sports F1 HD (15:00)

Cricket England v Pakistan 12.00 England v Pakistan Test Series 2018, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Cricket

Tuesday 22nd May Tig Notaro: Happy To Be Here Playful stand-up special from the US comic

Sunday 27th May The Break with Michelle Wolf Former The Daily Show correspondent gets her own weekly half hour series Pan Hugh Jackman leads an updated take on the Peter Pan story

Wednesday 23rd May Explained New weekly series spotlighting topical issues such as the gender wage gap

Monday 28th May Maggie’s Plan Greta Gerwig regrets getting involved with a married man (Ethan Hawke)

Live Monaco F2 - Practice Sky Sports F1 HD (12.55)

Golf BMW PGA Championship Sky Sports Golf (11:00)

Formula 1 27th May

Monaco Grand Prix Sky Sports F1 15.10pm Live Monaco F2 - Qualifying Sky Sports F1 HD (15.10) FRI 25TH MAY Live Monaco F2 - Race 1 Sky Sports F1 HD (10:25) SAT 26TH MAY Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Practice 3 Sky Sports F1 HD (12:00) Monaco Grand Prix - Qualifying 1 Sky Sports F1 HD (15:00) Monaco Grand Prix - Qualifying 2 Sky Sports F1 HD (15:22) Monaco Grand Prix - Qualifying 3 Sky Sports F1 HD (15:45) SUN 27TH MAY Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix - Track Parade Sky Sports F1 HD (14:10) Monaco Grand Prix - Race Sky Sports F1 HD (15:10) Rugby Union Englan v Barbarians 16.00 International Match, Sky Sports Action MON 28TH MAY Cricket England v Pakistan 12.00 England v Pakistan Test Series 2018, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event THU 31ST MAY Cricket West Indies v ICC World XI 19.00 West Indies v Rest of the World Twenty20 2018, Sky Sports Main Event,

La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018

HOROSCOPES Aries March 21-April 20 Established family patterns or delicate relations with authority figures may require attention before mid-week. Over the next few days Aries will find freedom from long-held beliefs. Taurus April 21-May 20 Social fun and new proposals in friendships may bring an increase in energy and optimism prior to mid-week. Monday through Wednesday expect friends to suggest unique activities. Gemini May 21-June 21 New business ideas and romantic proposals may captivate your attention before mid-week. Monday through Wednesday watch for colleagues to present quick solutions to ongoing work problems. Cancer June 22-July 22 Trust will be an important factor in relationships over the next few days. Prior to mid-week expect close friends and lovers to question your motives, habits or intentions. Leo July 22-August 22 Before mid-week subtle discussions with authority figures or colleagues may reveal important information. Listen to others for small indications of change or newly proposed business projects Virgo August 23-September 22 Romantic relationships can now be established. Over the next few days expect previously distant or isolated friends to now change their emotional focus and outlook. Key issues from the past may involve family complications .

Libra September 23-October 23 Over the next few days expect colleagues and work officials to question your methods or offer unwanted suggestions. Patiently accept a limited role in the workplace this week. Scorpio October 24-November 22 Monday through Wednesday social and business relationships may experience an odd series of power struggles or unexpected negotiations. Key areas of concern may be lost time or the allotment of duties. Sagittarius Nov 23-December 21 Romantic and social communications will be misleading before midweek. Over the next few days others are protective of their self-image or may go to great lengths to avoid change in relationships. Capricorn December 22-January 20 Avoid business or romantic risks over the next few days. At the moment lovers and work colleagues may be resistant of important facts and events. This is not a good time to blindly act. Aquarius January 21-February 19 Early this week watch for an unusual communications in a love relationship or a quick romantic proposal. Over the next few days quiet gestures of love or subtle flirtations may rapidly expand. Pisces February 20-March 20 Recent feelings of boredom or frustration in relationships will fade over the next few days. Many Pisceans will now enter an important period of social expansion and new romantic commitment.

La MarinaNews

Clubs & Associations Aircrew Association Costa Blanca Former and serving of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the secretary on 96 640 4123 Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Blanca South 625 912 078 www. ASPETGA We are the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant. Together we´ll have more strength to defend our rights, to fulfill our responsibilities, to live in peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and to lobby for new projects. Costa Blanca Computer Club We meet regularly every Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Sierra Bernia School, Alicante. Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers The CBMW who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for info. Crime Watch Spain (Vecinos Colaborando) We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: K9 Animal Shelter If you have spare time we would love to hear from you. 600 845 420 - 610 852 726

M.A.B.S. CANCER SUPPORT We are here for you when you need us. Call Bob Clayrton 96 679 0775 or 699 894 183 Pets in Spain - Animal Rescue - info@petsinspain. com Road Bike Riding Group in GA We are a small group who spend most of the winter here in Gran Alacant. If you are interested in joining one of our rides look us up on Facebook Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (bici Gran Alacant) Royal British Legion Gran Alacant Meets on the first Monday of the month at 6.00pm at La Taberna, next to Monte y Mar Bowls Club, Plaza Mayor. You do not need to be ex-services to join. Contact Brian 639 917 971 or Robin 96 669 5423. Email, Samaritans in Spain If you have something on your mind give us a call. Talk to us any time you like, in complete confidence. You don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch. 24 hour confidential telephone support line on Freephone: 900 525 100 - Walking Football Any creaking oldies out there who would like to move about a bit more? How about getting together for VERY SLOWLY walking football? (No walking sticks allowed) - Every Thursday. For more info: Barry at for start times, venue and weekly updates.

You Local News - Friday May 18th 2018

THE CAVERN CLUB • LIVE MUSIC • KARAOKE • SPORTS • AIR CONDITIONING Come and enjoy something different and new for Gran Alacant! The Cavern Club will be bringing you live music every week as well as Karaoke and all the football from around the sporting world. Join them inside in the air conditioned comfort of the fully refurbished bar or enjoy the sunshine outside on the ample terrace. Under new management and with a brand new concept for GA, The Cavern Club is ready to welcome you warmly. Come along and find out what we’re all about!

TEA BREAK FUN DOWN 1 Look after children (4-3) 2 Twilled fabric (5) 3 Oval shape (7) 4 Athens (anag) (6) 5 Breadth (5) 6 Give in (7) 7 Carefree lively outing (5) 13 Daydream (7) 15 All together (2,5) 16 Vexed (7) 17 In the vicinity (6) 18 Hidden store (5) 19 Antechamber (5) 21 Pub game (5)

Across 1 Entreat (7) 5 Stinging insects (5) 8 Precious stone (5) 9 Motorcycle attachment (7) 10 Church spire (7) 11 Accommodate (5) 12 Something to aim for (6)

14 Country formerly part of Yugoslavia (6) 18 Polite (5) 20 Islamic fast (7) 22 American reindeer (7) 23 Atomiser (5) 24 Mournful poem (5) 25 Clad (7)

DOWN 1. Card suit (6) 2. Bounce back (7) 3. Sacked (5) 5. Origin (7) 6. Major blood vessel (5) 7. Sharp hooked claws (6) 9. Triple (9) 13. Become shrunken and wrinkled (7) 14. Make louder (7) 15. Material (6) 16. Amalgamated (6) 18. The Three Musketeers author (5) 20. Cast, shed (5)


1. Conflict (6) 4. Appalled (6) 8. Fossil resin used for jewellery (5) 9. Clinging part of a plant (7) 10. South American country (7) 11. Frogs’ eggs (5)

PUB QUIZ Answers & Solutions below


Sudoku - Easy

Sudoku - Hard

12. Indigestion (9) 17. Tree related to the birch (5) 19. Couplet (anag) (7) 21. Taken away (7) 22. Regretting (5) 23. Expensive (6) 24. Influenced (6)

Q: A horse is on a 24 foot chain and wants an apple that is 26 feet away. How can the horse get to the apple? Q: If a blue house is made out of blue bricks, a yellow house is made out of yellow bricks and a pink house is made out of pink bricks, what is a green house made of?

Test yourself or take on someone!

General Knowledge 1. What is Rob Cross’s occupation? 2. Which construction services company went into compulsory liquidation on 15 January 2018? 3. Which British comedy actress sadly passed away on January 12 at the age of 80? 4. Politician Anna Soubry continues her anti-Brexit campaign, but in which TV program did she present ‘Soap Suds’, with updates on the week’s soap operas? 5. Which American state gave out a false alarm warning of an incoming ballistic missile attack, causing widespread panic? 6. Actor Peter Wyngarde died in January 2018 at the age of 90, he was best known for playing the role of which sleuth? 7. On January 25th, Google showed a doodle celebrating which English writer’s 136th birthday? 8. In February, the 2018 Winter Olympics were held in which district of South Korea? 9. On February 6, 2018, which space services company successfully launched the Falcon Heavy, the fourth-highest capacity rocket ever built? 10. Jacob Zuma resigns as President of which country, after nine years in power? 11. Which company had to close down 600 branches due to supply problems? 12. Comedy actress Emma Chambers sadly passed away, can you give the first name of the lovable character she played in The Vicar Of Dibley? 13. In early March, which storm met the ‘Beast from the East’, causing the UK’s worst weather in years? 14. Who stepped down from two charities set up in memory of his wife, due to allegations of sexual misconduct? 15. Which 1952 Olympian, sadly passed away on March the 3rd? 16. Sadly Ken Dodd passed away, in which suburb of Liverpool did he live all his life? 17. A former Russian spy and his daughter were found unconscious on a shopping center bench in which English city? 18. On March 15, 2018, which company announced it is officially going out of business and selling all its worldwide stores? 19. Which data firm company got into trouble by using personal information acquired from Facebook? 20. Which TV household name died on the same day as professor Stephen Hawking?


1. Professional darts player (became PDC World Darts Champion, following win over Phil Taylor) 2. Carillion 3. Bella Emberg 4. This Morning 5. Hawaii 6. Jason King 7. Virginia Woolf’s 8. Pyeongchang 9. SpaceX 10. South Africa 11. KFC 12. Alice 13. Storm Emma 14. Brendan Cox 15. Roger Bannister 16. Knotty Ash 17. Salisbury 18. Toys “R” Us 19. Cambridge Analytica 20. Jim Bowen Riddles A: The chain is not attached to anything. A: Glass



Tea Break Fun Solutions

La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018


The tremor has also been felt in Torrevieja, Orihuela and other towns in the south of Alicante The National Geographic Institute of Seismology last week recorded a seismic movement of magnitude 3.4, with an epicenter in the town of Pilar de la Horadada, which was felt in several towns in Alicante and Murcia.


According to the agency, the earthquake occurred at 19.26 hours this Friday11th at 12 kilometrer deep. In Alicante, the tremor was felt in Algorfa, Torrevieja, Rojales, Orihuela, Los Montesinos, San Miguel de Salinas, Almoradi, Guardamar del Segura, Elche and Alicante capital.

SPECIALIST STORE Your store focused on the world of cycling where you will find everything you need to go out and ride! TECHNICAL SERVICE Bicycle maintenance and repair workshop to ensure that your bike is always ready.

Open: Mon-fri 9.30-1.30 + 5-8.30pm Sat 9.30-1.30pm Sun Closed

BICYCLE RENTAL Mountain bike rental and tour service to enjoy Santa Pola and surroundings

Avda. Finlandia, 21. C.C. Gran Alacant

966 697 179 - 616 613 038

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Alicante April ends with record numbers in tourism


The hotels reach 80% occupancy, the highest record in the history The employer APHA attributes it to the good figures of all markets in May bank holidays The city expects to receive nine cruises in May too The degree of occupancy by rooms of hotel establishments in the city of Alicante has risen to 79.8% in April, which means that it has reached its highest level in current times, which began in 2005, according to the statistics of the Provincial Association of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation of Alicante (APHA). The figures of hotel occupancy consolidate with this data “the progressive recovery of the activity after twelve years of consecutive year-on-year growth in April,” said employers in a statement, who stated that “the advance noted last month, although slight, represents a new impulse for the sector. For its part, for the group of hotel establishments integrated in APHA throughout the province of Alicante there has also been an “improvement” in the average occupancy rate, which has been reaching 76.8% in April, one percentage point higher than in the same period of the previous year. By geographic zones, the occupancy rate was 79.8% in the city of Alicante, 77.1% in the coast (Playa de San Juan, El Campello, Santa Pola and Xàbia), 56% in Sant Joan d’Alacant, Mutxamel and Orihuela, and 71.1% in the municipality of Elche. In all of them there were increases in occupancy, except in the interior, where there was a slight drop of 0.4 points, according to APHA.

A US insurer agrees to purchase the hospitals of Torrevieja and Vinalopó in 2019 Centene Corporation closes the acquisition of the shareholding of Banco Sabadell, which amounts to 50% of Ribera Salud The merchant was already made bought the other 50% in 2014 The agreement between Centene Corporation and Banco Sabadell, which will take place in 2019, will allow the first to take over all the shares of Ribera Salud, which is managed by both health centres. Something that will place the main decisions of health management of Ribera Salud in the American city. 7,400 kilometers from the province. The North American group, specialises in medical insurance, and Banco Sabadell, according to sources close to the concessionaire, have an agreement whereby Centene Corporation, will buy 50% of the shares held by Sabadell in Ribera Salud (the insurance company controls the other 50%, which belonged to Bankia, since 2014). In the case of the Torrevieja and Elche-Vinalopó hospitals, this purchase option means that 100% of the centres will be in the hands of Centene. Ribera Salud also has a 35% stake in the Dénia Hospital (the rest is still under the control of the insurance company DKV, although it is also under Centene’s focus).

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La Marina News Issue no. 1 - Friday May 18th 2018

La MarinaNews



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Pilgrimage of San Isidro 2018 Daya Vieja from May 19 to May 20 May Ibi19 Pilgrimage to San Pascual 2018 Salinas20 May

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La Marina News Issue no.1 - Friday May 18th 2018

La Marina News




By Malcolm Palmer


That’s Real Madrid and Liverpool, after their thrilling semi-finals. Some dodgy goalkeeping helped both successful finalists to get there, as first Bayern’s Ullreich made a pig’s ear of gathering a simple ball and let Karim Benzema in to score his second goal. Then Liverpool were gifted a goal by Roma’s much-heralded Brazilian ‘keeper. Refereeing decisions also played their part, as both Real Madrid and Liverpool benefited from apparent errors. Keylor Navas was something of a hero between the sticks for the Madrid club, as Bayern surged forward again and again, taking advantage of the absence of the injured Carvajal, who might have checked the flying Ribery, so they go to Kiev in search of their thirteenth title. In what my brother disparagingly calls ‘the losers’ league’ semi-final, ( Europa League) Real’s neighbours Atletico were as defensively mean as ever, their superb goalkeeper Oblak denying Arsenal in the return leg, after the draw at the Emirates. They will face Olympic Marseilles, who

had a struggle to beat Salzburg in the other match after extra time.nd women - that have been consulted.


Manchester City just made it to the ton! Not a bad show, you may think – 100 points – but it does point to the paucity of opposition in general, when only they and Liverpool could begin to cope with European competition. Chelsea and Manchester United flattered to deceive, and Arsenal were unable to give Arsene Wenger the send-off he richly deserved after so long striving with often-unheard-of young players. Burnley were the surprise packet of the season, getting a lot of scalps, and a visit to Turf Moor was no walk in the park for any side, Watford, Leicester and Bournemouth were all unfancied clubs that held their own, and Huddersfield Town managed to stay up somehow. West Ham seemed unhappy in their palatial new headquarters, many old Hammers’ fans yearning for the old family atmosphere of Upton Park. As Spurs consider

their move to a new home, it may be worth contem-plating the unhappy outcome of such a move in the cases of Bolton and Sunderland, to name but two. Progress comes at a price!

has shown that the first leg will be played on May 19/20 at the Nueva Condomina stadium and the return on May 26/27 at Martínez Valero. The team finished the regular season in third place in Group IV with 67 points. The ‘King of the Second’ faces their fourth attempt to return to professional football, which they last left for non-sports reasons.



Real Murcia will be the rivals for Elche in the first round of the playoff for promotion to the Second Division. Both teams finished the regular season in third position of their respective group. The draw

Real Murcia and Elche CF have already reached an agreement for their respective visiting fans wishing to attend the playoff matches. The price is 10€ for Elche fans attending the Nueva Condomina and the same for Murcia fans coming to the return fixture. In addition, Elche CF have also confirmed prices for the game at the Martínez Valero. Season ticket holders, depending on where they choose to sit, can expecttopay5€,10€or15€(Fondo/Preferencia/Tribuna). The same tickets for the general public will be on sale at 12€, 25€ and 35€. Everyone, season ticket holders included, must buy their tickets at the taquillas.

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La Marina News 001 18th May 2018  

Local newspaper covering La Marina on the Costa Blanca

La Marina News 001 18th May 2018  

Local newspaper covering La Marina on the Costa Blanca