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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17

- Friday August 10th 2018


Gran Alacant News



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pieces of plastic!

Puzzles Page 15

THE LAST RESORT Residents fear the ‘luxury’ complex is on the brink

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17

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Emergencies – 112 Fire Station – 085 Local Police (Gran Alacant) - 96 669 7749 Local Police (Santa Pola) - 96 541 11 03 Guardia Civil - 96 541 12 90 Red Cross – 96 541 69 36 Town Hall 96 669 77 49 Hidraqua - 900 210 100 Hidraqua (Leaks/Problems) 900 101 270 Iberdrola - 901 202 020 Airport - 96 691 9000 Library - 96 669 7110 Sports Centre - 96 667 8152 Health Centre - 96 691 2360 Health Centre Santa Pola - 96 691 5300 Tourist Office - 96 669 6052 SUMA - 96 529 2036 Taxis - 96 541 11 11 - 96 541 2525

- Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

LOCAL WEATHER - Your fortnightly forecast

Your horoscope


(On the hour at the municipal centre half past the hour at Commercial Centre)

SUMMER 1st June - 15th september Every hour 10am until 2pm 4pm - 12am FROM 16/SEPTEMBER TO 15/OCTOBER Monday to Sundays 10:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 22:00h FROM 16/OCTOBER TO 31/MARCH Tuesday to Saturday 11:00h to 14:00h

MARRIEDThe PEOPLE TOP 10PREVAIL, BUT NUMBER OF Best MARRIAGES Countries with the Weather GOES DOWN 1 Greece Facts & Figures 2 Spain According to the last census (2011) 3 Portugal 4more Italy than half of the adult population in Spain (56.5 %) is married. Single 5 Cyprus represent the second largest 6 people New Zealand (29.8 %) followed by widowed 7category Australia (7.9%) and divorced (5.8 %). 8 Brazil 9 Malta If we 10 Fiji compare this data with the 1981

census, a in the percentage of (Source: single and divorced people, and a drop in that of married and widowed persons can be noticed . When examining the evolution of marital status by age group it can be seen that being single has increased for people under 50 years. Divorces have spread to almost all ages, with the highest incidence between 35 and 65 years.


Day Rise 10 August 07:13 11 August 07:13 12 August 07:14 13 August 07:15 14 August 07:16 15 August 07:17 16 August 07:18 17 August 07:19 18 August 07:20 19 August 07:20 20 August 07:21 21 August 07:22 22 August 07:23 23 August 07:24

Set 21:00 20:59 20:58 20:57 20:56 20:54 20:53 20:52 20:50 20:49 20:48 20:46 20:45 20:44

Day length 13:47 13:45 13:43 13:41 13:39 13:37 13:35 13:33 13:30 13:28 13:26 13:24 13:21 13:19


No service on Sundays or Mondays. FROM 01/APRIL TO 31/MAY Monday to Saturday 10:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 20:00h


Stop for annual maintenance From 07/January to 31/January.

Monday to Friday Santa Pola: 6.00am. 6.40. 7.15. 8.00. 8.30. 9.00. 9.40. 11.00. 11.30. 12.00. 12.35. 13.00. 13.30. 14.20. 15.20. 16.00. 17.30. 18.00. 18.30. 19.00. 19.30. 20.00. 22.30.

Every half hour AM. Then 13.00. 13.30. 14.00. 15.00. 16.00. 16.30. 17.00. 18.00. 18.30. 19.00. 20.00. 21.00. 22.15.

Gran Alacant: 6.05. 6.50. 7.25. 7.40. 8.05. 8.40. 9.40. 10.00. 10.25. 10.45. 11.10. 11.40. 11.5. 12.10. 12.45. 13.40. 14.30. 15.30. 16.15. 18.00. 18.40. 19.10. 19.40. 20.40. 21.40. 22.40.

Los Arenales: Same as Gran Alacant Pola + 5 minutes

Arenales del Sol: Same as Gran Alacant + 5 minutes

Gran Alacant: Same as Santa Pola + 5 minutes


Monday to Friday Gran Alacant: 8.05. 10.10. 12.10. 16.10. 18.10. Weekends & Fiestas 7.35. 9.40. 11.40. 16.4. 18.40.


Saturdays & Evening prayer: 18.00. Sundays & Fiestas 12.00. DUTY PHARMACY Monte De Santa Pola, 32 Urb. Don Pueblo Gran Alacant. Tel. 96 669 74 71 14 DAY FESTIVAL CALENDAR August 15: Assumption Day (religious festival; closures); also Verbena de la Paloma (folk festival), Madrid August 15–20 (likely): Gràcia Festival, Barcelona August 23–24: Festival of St. Bartholomew, Sitges, with more festivities


Earthquake Tracker Europe has had: (M1.5 or greater)

Alicante has had: (M1.5 or greater)

1 earthquake in the past 24 hours 4 earthquakes in the past 7 days 27 earthquakes in the past 30 days 225 earthquakes in the past 365 days This week: 4.5 in Pýlos, Greece This month: 5.0 in Shijak, Albania This year: 5.5 in Methóni, Peloponnese

0 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 0 earthquakes in the past 7 days 0 earthquakes in the past 30 days 2 earthquakes in the past 365 days The largest earthquake in Alicante: this year: 3.9 in Mula, Murcia, Spain

Editor: Dave Bull Sales: 606

540 408

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17

- Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

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g n i m a e r d #alicante

Wanna sell your home? Call us at 441 +34 966 699

estate agent inmobiliaria fastighetsbyrå eiendom byrå

Centro Comercial de Carabassi, Avenida de Noruega, 214, Local Nº7, 03130 Santa Pola,


+34 966 699 441 one told us, “We bought our home here as it was sold to us on the promise that we would have year round facilities, shops and restaurants. Just look around there are lots of empty units and the pool is full of holiday makers!” The court battle will continue and Gran Alacant residents are hoping that the resort does not end up empty, leaving the area with their own version of the eyesore of a empty place like neighbours in Los Arenales de Sol.

TAXI DRIVERS DEMAND TOWN HALLS CONTROL LICENCES The taxi drivers of Alicante consider more strikes and ask for “more clarity” from Development Minister

Since 2012 the complex in calle Monte de Santa Pola, Gran Alacant which was formerly known as the ‘Life Resort’ has been involved in an ongoing legal battle with three affected parties, neighbours and users, the town hall and the management of the complex, which changed its name two years ago to Santara Resort. This decision by the Court of Instruction notified the parties at the end of last November, In the complaint for the possible crime of prevarication, users of the complex understand that “the Town Hall and the people who are in charge of it are incurring in the abandonment of functions”, in other words it is not being used for the service that it was inteded for. It should be remembered that the 90,000-square-metre municipal plot was

sold to be used “solely and exclusively for health care use” according to the General Plan of Urban Planning (PGOU) in Santa Pola. In addition, according to the agreement established with the Town Hall, these homes were intended for people over 55 years of age or over, disabled or under 55 years of age who need specific medical and rehabilitation treatments. Nowadays it appears to be more of a hotel with all ages able to stay and enjoy the facilities which means residents who bought their homes because they thought they would have a quiet place to live all year round now feel ‘conned.’ According to a source at the complex the business is struggling to keep going and will close the swimming pool in spetember to tra and save some money. Not what many resients want nor expected and as

The taxi drivers of the city of Alicante blocked the two central lanes on the avenue heading up to Alicante train station as part of the protests during the indefinite strikes they have been holding, after stating that “ the Ministry of Development lack commitment and more clarity”. In a statement the president of Radio-Tele

Taxi Alicante, Ignacio Picó, explained that they had blocked one lane in each direction, allowing the passage of public transport and emergency vehicles, and he indicated that they expect the national associations to give instructions to continue the strikes. According to Picó, the indefinite strikes were being maintained after considering “ambiguous” the statement of the Ministry of Development released that was realeased following a meeting of the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Pedro Saura, with representatives of the taxi sector. The president of Radio-Tele Taxi Alicante has indicated that there are “agreements” that he knows were reached at the meeting, but that were not “directly reflected” in that press release, such as the demand to transfer powers over licences of vehicles for hire with driver (VTC) not only to the autonomous communities but also to the town halls. Hopefully the sides can come to some agreement and more delays and hold ups are not experienced by people coming to the area.

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17

- Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News


Local street sees numerous accidents due to unfinished work

WE’RE WATCHING! CAMPAIGN TO STOP ILLEGAL TAXIS RANKS A SUCCESS SAY COPS Local police have taken to Facebook to make sure that illegal taxi drivers are aware that they are watching them. Local Police in the region are showing that their summer campaign to rid the region of illegal taxi drivers has been a success up to now with many private cars being towed from Alicante airport after being stopped with fare paying passengers inside. The drivers are then issued with a four thousand euro fine which they muct pay to get their car returned. As we witnessed last week when we watched from the pavement as car after car was stopped and the passengers, separated from the driver, questioned. Many illegal taxis have been stooped before getting to the airport, or even leaving their town; Gran Alacant and La Marina have seen drivers stopped and fined or at the very minimum sternly warned that the Local Police know what they are up to, and are watching. The problem, say many locals is that the legal taxi companies are never around or are unreliable, however, one bar owner told us that they always use the legal companies and they always turn up.

Locals have notted that less and less people are keen to take them to the airport for fear of being stopped and fined, even when it is taking a group of friends or family. The problem of illegal taxi drivers has gone on for years a Local Police officer told us. “It’s fine when it is you friends and family because a driver may go the the airport a few times a year. What we have noticed is the amount of cars we see, heading out of Gran Alacant and possibly to the airport, with different passengers a few times each day! Those cars and drivers stand out to us and even changing the car doesn’t help as we’ve noticed the drivers face.” He went on to add that these passengers may be unaware that they are not insured when they are in these cars, which can often be old and in poor condition, he added that, if caught, following an incident the illegal taxi driver and his passengers would not be covered on any insurance on the car as it is not intended for private hire use. The legal taxi drivers also wanted to make it clear that they pany many thousands of euros for their licence and have all the correct technology on board, modern well-maintained vehicles.

Calle Orden de Corintio in the Canarias area of Gran Alacant is still waiting for road signs and white lines on its streets almost three years after it was resurfaced! Two dangerous cross roads have been the scene of a number of accidents in that time with one resident telling me that he had witnessed at least three with drivers going straight across at the crossroads due to the lack of a ‘Give Way’ sign. Why this situation is allowed to continue no one is quite sure but since the town hall took over responsibility for the road it has been left unfinished. We will write to the mayoress once again about this and let readers know their response.

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Your Local News - Friday August 10th 2018

HOROSCOPES Aries March 21-April 20 Planetary movements suggest that all that has been emotionally hidden in your social circle over the past few months will now become public knowledge. Taurus April 21-May 20 Romantic overtures will have a sultry and irresistible quality this week. Over the next few days expect lovers and to easily distract you away from important workplace duties. Gemini May 21-June 21 Important decisions in working relationships or business agreements will begin to take affect this week. Watch for subtle signs from co-workers that may indicate new policies will soon be instituted. Cancer June 22-July 22 Before mid-week intense emotions in relationships and frank, open discussions may cause your emotional and romantic future over the next 10 weeks to become obvious. This week highlights extremely powerful feelings. Leo July 22-August 22 Financial agreements, business reports and bothersome paperwork may cause boredom and restlessness this week. At the moment, others in the workplace may be heavily relying on your abilities to complete difficult office projects. . Virgo August 23-September 22 Beginning this week many Virgos will start making permanent and far reaching changes to their personal appearance, lifestyle, social or romantic lives. Key issues are finding public acceptance.

Libra September 23-October 23 This week powerful astrological transits indicate that a new romance may quickly arrive in your life and cause substantial change. Some Librans may also experience vivid revelations. Scorpio October 24-November 22 Over the coming few days emotional regrets from yesterday’s relationships will begin fading into the background. Many Scorpios will this week experience vivid insights into love relationships. Sagittarius Nov 23-December 21 Romance, sensuality and key financial decisions are the theme for most of the coming week. This week many Sagittarians will feel they are emerging from a lengthy period of misdirected energy. Capricorn December 22-January 20 Before mid-week a friend or colleague may put you in a difficult position in a social circumstance. This week public encounters and group events will have be emotionally strained. Aquarius January 21-February 19 Career risks or new employment research could pay off substantially this week. Monday through Wednesday speak clearly and openly about your needs. Pisces February 20-March 20 This week vivid emotional insights may cause important breakthroughs or decisions in relationships. Before midweek many Pisceans will encounter a rare opportunity to leave the past behind.

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Clubs & Associations Aircrew Association Costa Blanca Former and serving of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the secretary on 96 640 4123 Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Blanca South 625 912 078 www. ASPETGA We are the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant. Together we´ll have more strength to defend our rights, to fulfill our responsibilities, to live in peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and to lobby for new projects. Costa Blanca Computer Club We meet regularly every Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Sierra Bernia School, Alicante. Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers The CBMW who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for info. Crime Watch Spain (Vecinos Colaborando) We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: K9 Animal Shelter If you have spare time we would love to hear from you. 600 845 420 - 610 852 726 M.A.B.S. CANCER SUPPORT We are here for you when you need us. Call Bob Clayrton 96 679 0775 or 699 894 183

Pets in Spain - Animal Rescue - info@petsinspain. com Road Bike Riding Group in GA We are a small group who spend most of the winter here in Gran Alacant. If you are interested in joining one of our rides look us up on Facebook Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (bici Gran Alacant) Royal British Legion Gran Alacant Meets on the first Monday of the month at 6.00pm at La Taberna, next to Monte y Mar Bowls Club, Plaza Mayor. You do not need to be ex-services to join. Contact Brian 639 917 971 or Robin 96 669 5423. Email, Samaritans in Spain If you have something on your mind give us a call. Talk to us any time you like, in complete confidence. You don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch. 24 hour confidential telephone support line on Freephone: 900 525 100 - Walking Football Every Thursday. For more info: Barry at for start times, venue and weekly updates. If you live in the La Marina area, please remember that HELP Vega Baja works alongside Cruz Roja at their social centre in Calle Berna (number 6) on Tuesday mornings. This is in addition to our Helpdesk at the Hope Christian Centre (opposite the market site) on Thursday mornings. Our volunteers are there to offer advice and information on all aspects of living in Spain. As a charity our aim is support people, particularly at times of need. If you are experiencing a difficult time and need our help, please go along and talk with our volunteers or contact our San Miguel Centre on 966 723 733






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Friday 10th August Afflicted Seven people with undiagnosed chronic illnesses search for answers and relief in this new Netflix original series. All About the Washingtons Rapper and actor Rev Run and his wife Justine star as fictionalised versions of themselves in this new comedy series about a hip-hop couple’s attempts at balancing work, romance and family chaos. Insatiable The trailer for this new comedy show inspired outrage when it was first released, with viewers accusing the show of ‘fat-shaming‘. Will the series itself prove more nuanced? Zion New documentary following the story of Zion Clark, a boy born without legs and left in foster care who hopes to overcome his circumstances and become a competitive wrestler. Demetri Martin: The Overthinker The standup comic’s latest special features musings on donut holes, dogs, sports bars, and the alphabet’s most aggressive letters

Your Local News - Friday August 10th 2018


Wednesday 15th August Blackadder series 3 and 4 Complete the set of this British comedy favourite with the final two series. Friday 17th August Disenchantment Matt Groening’s brand new adult animated comedy is set in the fantasy medieval world of Dreamland, and boasts a voice cast to die for. Magic for Humans Magician/comedian Justin Willman leads Netflix’s first magic series, blending street magic, elaborate tricks and comedy. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Romance based on the 2014 teen novel by Jenny Han. Friday 24th August The Innocents This new British supernatural series could be one of the surprise hits of the summer. Young stars Sorcha Groundsell and Percell Ascott star as two teenage runaways who discover an astonishing – and terrifying – gift.

Football on TV

Friday 10th August 2018 Man Utd v Leicester City Premier League 21:00 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 13:30 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD Wolves v Everton Premier League 18:30 BT Sport 1 / BT Sport 4K UHD Sunday 12th August 2018 Liverpool v West Ham Premier League 14:30 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD Arsenal v Man City Premier League 17:00 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Wednesday 15th August 2018 Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid UEFA Super Cup 20:45 BT Sport 2 / BT Sport 4K UHD Saturday 18th August 2018 Cardiff City v Newcastle United Premier League 13:30 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Ultra Chelsea v Arsenal Premier League 18:30 BT Sport 1 / BT Sport 4K UHD

Sunday 19th August 2018 Man City v Huddersfield Town Premier League 14:30 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD Brighton & Hove Albion v Man Utd Premier League 17:00 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD Monday 20th August 2018 Crystal Palace v Liverpool Premier League 21:00 Sky Sports Premier League / Sky Sports Main Event / Sky Sports Ultra HD Tuesday 21st August 2018 TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport ESPN TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport 3 TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport 2 Wednesday 22nd August 2018 TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport 2 TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport 3 TBC UEFA Champions League Play-Off 1st Leg 20:45 BT Sport ESPN Friday 24th August 2018 Middlesbrough v West Brom Championship 20:45 Sky Sports Football / Sky Sports Main Event

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 5 - - Friday FridayFebruary August 10th 16th2018 2018


CAN I DRINK THE WATER? Hi.. can you advise me please.. do you boil bottled water or use tap water for your tea and coffee? Cheers Caz Hi Caz, we, like many others, drink the tap water whether boiled or not. It’s totally safe.


Issue 017 Dear Ed. Although no attribution is attached to last times Brexit article, I feel I would like to comment on it. Maybe these so-called leaders have changed their stance on Brexit, but we are all allowed to do that if we think it’s the right thing to do, but is it? If they call for another referendum, I am sure most of the leavers in Britain would change their vote to remain after seeing the god-awful cock-up they are making of it, it’s like a kiddies game, and they all want to take the ball home when things don’t go their way. The government overestimated the intelligence of the general British public. As for those living in Spain and holding UK passports, well again, they must be the empire builders that cannot and will not let go of the once perceived Great British Empire, it is gone, long gone, say goodbye and accept the world is a community not individual little islands all thinking they are the best. Yes, we won the war, but we gave everything back, don’t expect gratitude, it won’t happen, everybody is out for what they can get and will kick anyone down that gets in their way, a bit like a football match really. Staunch remainer, Patrick B Braithwaite.

Dear Sir, is Malcolm Palmer in any position to tell us who wish to leave the EU,

Readers Letters but live in Spain, that we are wrong? I believe I still have a say in my home country even though I haven’t lived there for seven years. Just get used to the fact you lost a democratic referendum sir! Dave Greeham Democratic? Ha! The narrowest of majorities based on disinformation provided by since-discredited xenophobes like Nigel Farage and the lovely Boris, not to mention the changeling Teresa May. I shall say no more on the matter. Malcolm Palmer


STREET NAMES Hi Dave, here’s a question to ask the council at Santa Pola, why has the road behind the school which must be 500m long not got a separate name. This is very confusing for delivery drivers and tourists and I’ve seen vans driving round and round looking for addresses on many occasions, and just seems pure laziness on the part of the council. Some sat nav apps show it as Ave De Noruega which is even more confusing, Regards BRB.

Pets in Spain

CAPTION COMPETITION We asked our Facebook followers to put a funny caption to the image below

Julie Lewis Your biscuits or your life!!! Avril Judge Bitch better give me my money!! Sonja Martinet I warned you. This is MY cushion!

Dear GAN, as you can see this car is not roadworthy and hasn’t been for years, it is left in a neighbour´s car park space that’s the white one. The blue one and scooter are in his place and haven’t moved in 10 years. His other car that does work, he parks wherever he

Carina Hurn I WARNED YOU LEAVE MY PUSSY ALONE ... Gary Kershaw Give me a treat or the dog gets it! Harley is around 5 months old, he is a happy, playful little boy, good with other dogs, cats and children. Harley is vaccinated and will be small/medium size when fully grown. Call: 645 469 253.

Jennie Hood CATnapping Mandy Tams Who’s man’s best friend then? Paul Dunning Paul Dunning I’m just Cat the Knife Alan Frith Honestly human, I thought you said a dog is for knife, my bad.

wants in others car park spaces that do not belong to him so the owners cannot park in them. Fed Up in GA


es: Includ ks rin Soft D ruits F Fresh ks Snac ent quipm ! e l e k ore Snor uch m m d an

Gran GranAlacant AlacantNews News

Tabarca Island All included. 6h. 69€/adult.

Sail & Coast 39€/adult. 3h.

Sunset Cruise 29€/adult. 2h.

Boat Party 49€/adult. 3h.

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Timmy is a 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier mix and weighs just 3.7 kilos. He is a delightful happy little dog, good with other dogs and is negative for Mediterranean diseases. Call: 645 469 253.

Gill Ayriss If you don’t get this bell off my neck so I can kill birds, the dog gets it!!! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FUN! Facebook: La Marina News

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

U ow nde m n r an er ne ag sh w em ip en t

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

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Gran Alacant News

Differences Between Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal

Technology, Uses and Advantages of These Two Solar Energy Based Methods The Sun is the ultimate energy provider. The development of the renewable energy market is, to a large extent, based on that fact. Most of the green technologies currently operating harvest solar energy, directly or indirectly. Among indirect solar energy sources, wind, low grade geothermal (used in ground source heat pump systems), tidal and wave are either being largely employed and (wind) well established (low grade geothermal) or under development (tidal and wave). Direct solar energy source consist of solar rays reaching the atmosphere. They can be collected by two different technologies: solar photovoltaics (also known as solar PV) and solar thermal systems. Let’s see how they work and what are the differences between them.

systems is far less sophisticated, but as useful for the generation of consumable energy as the photovoltaic effect. It consists on the direct heating of water (or other fluids) by sunlight. That energy conversion takes place at different devices depending on the range of temperatures at which the working fluid is being heated.

Residential PV installations produce DC electricity directly from solar energy.

There are two types of residential PV systems: grid-connected and “off grid” or “standalone”. The first ones offer the possibility of feed the grid through an inverter. The latter ones are completely dedicated to selfconsumption (lighting, heating, water heating, etc.) and require the use of battery banks to separate consumption from generation.


The core difference between solar PV and solar thermal can be found in their working principles. Solar PV is based on the photovoltaic effect, by which a photon (the basic unit of light) impacting a surface made of a special material generates the release of an electron. Solar thermal, on the other hand, uses sunlight to heat a fluid (depending on the particular application, it can be water or other fluid). The photovoltaic effect only takes place in a reduced number of materials, called semiconductors (such as silicon -monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous- and cadmium telluride), that, after specific chemical procedures , allow the generation of an electric current when exposed to light. Those semiconductors are shaped into thin layers that conform the core element of solar cells, the basic element of a solar PV system, that produce a direct current.

Solar Energy

Solar cells are integrated into larger structures known as solar panels, where the desired values of current and voltage can be achieved. For grid- connected systems (that account for a large portion of the market), the use of an inverter is necessary (to convert DC generated by cells into AC, used in the grid). The working principle of solar thermal

Residential solar thermal systems’ main use is water heating. They

usually work combined with central heating systems (gas or fuel) oil, that start working when temperature in the water tank fall below a certain value. Thus, this systems can provide hot water all year round even in cool climates.












SOLAR@BSCB.ES 602.244.221 965.022.266

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News

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The Pub Susie’s Free Entry Quiz 4pm

Santa Pola Market

Voices Karaoke 2pm

Santa Pola Market

Voices Karaoke 2pm

The Pub Family Fortunes & Blockbusters 5pm

Gran Alacant Market


The Pub 7-80’s Disco 9pm Websters Quiz & Karaoke 9.30pm Molly Malone’s 9.30pm Karaoke with Tony Hall American rock Live Music 10pm


Voices Karaoke 2pm



The Pub Mr Bojangles 4pm

Websters Karaoke 9.30pm

The Pub Live music 6pm

Bar Sioux Karaoke 9.30pm

The Pub Kev’s Karaoke 8pm

Tablao Lunares Dinner & Flamenco Show 10pm

Voices Karaoke 2pm Lounge D Quiz 8pm


Brothers Karaoke 9pm Websters Quiz 9.30pm Bar Sioux Eyes Down 9.30pm


Voices Wed-Fri 6pm karaoke

Brothers Bar Thai food & live music


American rock Live Music 10pm

Sports Centre


19th August

Live music and more


Molly Malone’s Line dancing 4.30pm Bar Sioux Quiz 9.30pm American rock Live Music 10pm Walking Football Contact: laneinspain@









The Pub Susie’s Free Entry Quiz 4pm

Santa Pola Market

Voices Karaoke 2pm

Santa Pola Market

Brothers Karaoke 9pm

The Pub Family Fortunes & Blockbusters 5pm

Gran Alacant Market


The Pub 7-80’s Disco 9pm


Voices Karaoke 2pm Shooters Bar Karaoke 9.30pm

Websters Quiz & Karaoke 9.30pm

Bar Sioux Karaoke 9.30pm

Molly Malone’s 9.30pm Karaoke with Tony Hall

Tablao Lunares Dinner & Flamenco Show 10pm

American rock Live Music 10pm

American rock Live Music 10pm



The Pub Mr Bojangles 4pm

Voices Karaoke 2pm Lounge D Quiz 8pm

The Pub Live music 6pm The Pub Kev’s Karaoke 8pm


Websters Quiz 9.30pm Bar Sioux Eyes Down 9.30pm

Got something on? Get it in!


Voices Wed-Fri 6pm karaoke Brothers Bar Thai food & live music


Molly Malone’s Line dancing 4.30pm Bar Sioux Quiz 9.30pm American rock Live Music 10pm Walking Football Contact: laneinspain@

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News All Makes & Models Call: Paul Bayley

639 260 855

Local Mechanic


HemingwayBistro International Cuisine

Passion for exotic food






• • • •

Starters Salads Pastas Fish

• Vegetarian • Pizzas • Steaks

Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 2.00pm C/Mayor, 4 La Marina Village Tel. 96 541 95 94 - 96 541 94 32

Open from 2pm till late

Avda. Escandinavia 72 Local 5 Gran alacant


865 669 754 632 333 195

Your Local News - Friday August 10th 2018

DOWN 1 Altered (8) 2 Group of eight performers (5) 4 Without shoes (6) 5 Hurl (5) 6 Foolishly sentimental (7) 7 Regretted (4) 8 Chess piece (6) 13 School holiday (4-4) 15 Feeling, sentiment (7) 17 Cricket referee (6) 18 Bowman (6) 20 Lobby (5) 22 Aroma (5) 23 Elegantly stylish (4) Across 1 Natural satellite (4) 3 Client (8) 9 Simple songs (7) 10 Itinerary (5) 11 Command to a dog (5) 12 Animal Farm author (6) 14 Not liable (6)

16 Obsolete gold coin (6) 19 Idler (6) 21 Trial copy of printed text (5) 24 Hirsute (5) 25 Moorhen (anag) (7) 26 Opposite (8) 27 Small amount of whisky (4)

DOWN 1 Competent (7) 2 Hazards (5) 3 Foot-operated lever (7) 4 Strong and sturdy (6) 5 Take an oath (5) 6 Ungainly (7) 7 In good time (5) 13 Move like a snake (7) 15 Rower (7) 16 Discern (anag) (7) 17 Attach (6) 18 Worth (5) 19 Young eel (5) 21 Separated (5)


1 Custodian of a museum (7) 5 Flavoured milk drink (5) 8 Adhesive (5) 9 Large wave (7) 10 In addition (7) 11 Poised for action (5) 12 Less burdensome (6) 14 Edge (6)

Answers below

Test yourself or take on someone!

General Knowledge Food


1) The culinary name calamari indicates a dish made from which food? 2) What type of food is paneer? 3) Which type of food interests a mycophagist? 4) Name the traditional Louisiana rice dish seasoned and highly flavoured with sausage, ham, seafood, and pork or chicken? 5) Which one of the five basic tastes starts with the letter ‘u’? 6) What are coeliacs allergic to? 7) What name is given to Irish potato pancakes that contain a mixture of mashed and grated potatoes? 8) Which musician would often sign his letters ‘Red Beans and Ricely Yours’? 9) What type of food is a Laura, Melody, and Kerr’s Pink? 10) What is the more common name for the flatbread also known as roti? 11) Which Canadian dish is made with French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy? 12) Which simple kitchen tool, used since ancient times, is used to crush and grind ingredients into a fine powder or paste? 13) What type of soup is made with a calf’s head, seasonings and Madeira wine? 14) Agar-agar is a jelly obtained by boiling several kinds of what edible food stuff together? 15) Fondue is a national dish of which country?

Sudoku - Easy

Sudoku - Hard

Funny stuff... 1. The Ugliest Baby A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The driver says, “Ugh! That’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.” The woman stalks off to the rear of the bus and sits down. She turns to the man sitting next to her and says, “The driver just insulted me!” The man says, “You go and give him a telling off. I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

18 Put into words (5) 20 Maybe (7) 22 French port (2,5) 23 Florida resort (5) 24 Mistake (5) 25 Signified (7)

2. The Zoo ”I went to the zoo the other day, there was only one dog in it, it was a shitzu.”

Q: Tuesday, Sam and Peter went to a restaurant to eat lunch. After eating lunch, they paid the bill. But Sam and Peter did not pay the bill, so who did?

3. Bar Stories ”Dyslexic man walks into a bra”

Q: What gets broken without being held?

Tea Break Fun



Riddles :A: Their friend, Tuesday. A: A promise. ANSWERS 1) Squid 2) A fresh cheese common in South Asian cuisine 3) Mushrooms 4) Jambalaya 5) Umami (five basic tastes are sourness, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and umami) 6) Gluten 7) Boxty 8) Louis Armstrong 9) Potato 10) Chapati 11) Poutine 12) Pestle and mortar 13) Mock Turtle soup 14) Seaweed 15) Switzerland



Hard Easy

Your Local News - Friday August 10th 2018

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Normal Service Resumes With the World Cup at an end, it has been time for Britain to get back to normal; politics, Brexit and a visit by controversial President of the United States, Donald Trump were all high on the list of peoples concerns this past month. Working behind the bar in a local public house, I am fortunate to talk to real people with real concerns, At the grass roots level, President Trump is popular, in complete contrast to the media’s preconceived ideas about this plain talking man. His off the cuff comments and tweets seem to appeal to average working class people; he has caught the imagination of many who wouldn’t otherwise be energised by politics.

Donald Trump won the Presidency because he listened to peoples concerns about immigration and employment. In the United States he has managed the seemingly impossible; the US economy is booming, growth is up and unemployment is falling, all indicators of a successful President. The Commander in Chief is also seen as a man of the people. A self made billionaire who has no links to the political elite in Washington. When Donald makes an election promise he sticks to his word, acting on his own instinct, dealing with issues that are important to those who put him in power. Mr Trump has been on a whirl wind tour of Europe, visiting NATO, the United Kingdom and President Putin of Russia, at a summit arranged in Helsinki. For the purpose of the article I want to concentrate on his

time in Britain. This was always going to be a controversial meeting, with many thousands of people mobilised up and down the Country, demonstrating against the American President. Whether you love or hate this man, he stimulates debate and engages the masses; equally he polarises views across the World, hated as much as he is respected. I am personally no Trump fan but I am concerned about the way this visiting Head of State has been treated by the British public. Many leaders, of less desirable nations, with terrible records on human rights have been accorded a State visit to the UK; including President Xi Jinping of China. There were very few demonstrations, as Britain’s Liberal elite ignored his presence. This was a man responsible for some truly dreadful acts against his own people. Presi-

dent Trump has encountered a barrage of abuse from politicians and the public alike, yet he is our most important ally. This is not the way to conduct ourselves; he was democratically elected by American voters, we have to accept the will of the United States electorate and deal with the man in charge, courteously, without conditions! My feelings about Donald Trump are well known; I dislike his politics, racism, misogyny and the way he conducts himself. He is probably a liar and makes unsubstantiated claims that can not be backed up. As a person he is rude and overbearing, who doesn’t care what he says, frequently upsetting those around him, friend or foe. I find his politics objectionable and his views dangerous, but unlike the man himself, we have to act in a dignified manner, granting him the recognition we give to all visiting heads of state. In the end we will have to work with America with or without him. President Trump is no diplomat; we have to rise above the fray and act in a way that he personally finds difficult; after all he wont be in his current position forever. All of us have to deal with personalities we don’t like, it is a fact of life, President or pauper; our judgement may not be the judgement of others; accept our different opinions and we can all move forwards; only history can offer a truly non bias assessment of the man that is Donald Trump!

insurances Since 1987 For a friendly, reliable service and competitive quotations


QUOTE EXAMPLES HOME INSURANCE (attached property) 90 sqm, holiday home, Building 90.000€, Contents 15.000€ Yearly Premium: 162€ HEALTH INSURANCE From 29€ month (also valid for Residencia application)

TECHNICAL SERVICE Bicycle maintenance and repair workshop to ensure that your bike is always ready.

CAR INSURANCE Fully comp. cover from €280 TRAVEL INSURANCE ANNUAL POLICY Incl. Courtesy car and Road Assistance EUeach - Full take Couple aged 60, up to 90 days per trip:within 72,60€ over of your no claim discount.

966 390 830 WWW.GRANALACANTINSURANCES.COM Santa Pola Life Resort c/ Monte Santa Pola, 13 - Office 11 03130 Gran Alacant (Santa Pola)

SPECIALIST STORE Your store focused on the world of cycling where you will find everything you need to go out and ride!

Open: Mon-fri 9.30-1.30 + 5-8.30pm Sat 9.30-1.30pm Sun Closed

BICYCLE RENTAL Mountain bike rental and tour service to enjoy Santa Pola and surroundings

Avda. Finlandia, 21. C.C. Gran Alacant

966 697 179 - 616 613 038

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i n m o b i l i a r i a real estate – eiendomsmegler

Buying or selling? w w w. i n m o a t h o m e . c o m

Te l .

Avda. Mediterraneo 68 – Urb. Sueño Azul - GRAN ALACANT 03130

Scooter Hire The best way to explore the Costa Blanca!



Tel. 643 695 758 CC Gran Alacant - -


Stationery Supplies Gift ideas Fax & Photocopy service School & Office materials Laminating & Framing

Results last between 1 and 2 years Normal price €200 - Now only €160 Including re-touch after 4 weeks - This offer ends soon GRAN ALACANT

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

TABARCA A local treasure

Tabarca is one island yet many at the same time. It is both bustling and quiet, with beaches and coves in which to lose yourself. It is just a stone’s throw from Alicante, yet comfortably cut off from the outside world. And it attracts both those who savour ancient history and a younger generation who are wowed by what the island has to offer. You go to Tabarca yearning for the sea, and leave with a hundred reasons to return. The island’s greatest attractions are its beaches and coves and those tucked-away places that its lovers know so well. Visitors come to soak up the sea in all its glory, to bask in the sunshine, explore the rocky shore and wallow in clear and bountiful waters. To buy a t-shirt proclaiming you were there. To try the typical dishes rustled up in its restaurants. To explore its fortified walls, which whisper of pirates and make us smile today yet made us tremble in days of yore. To rest and relax, far from the madding crowd. To hear the seagulls and watch them fly. Also known as Isla Plana or “Flat Island”, as it is flat and long, the island of Tabarca comes alive in high season, its small harbour welcoming boatloads of sea-loving visitors every half hour, from Alicante, Santa Pola, Guardamar, Torrevieja and even Benidorm. Just the arrival is quite a show in itself, with the sea stretching out all turquoise and transparent, suggestive of what awaits visitors to this magical place. Fish teem alongside the



boats, free from the fear of fishermen, as fishing is prohibited on the island. First thought upon arrival: where to swim? If beach and only beach is your thing, then head for the central stretch of coastline, just along from the jetty. Here, your maritime experience, which began when you stepped on the boat, will continue until you head home, with the scheduled passenger transport boats often joined by visiting yachts, many of which drop anchor opposite the beach. On terra firma, parasols and sun loungers, beach bars and restaurants are all at your service, catering to your every need. The water is calm, and so limpid that you can see your feet clearly beneath the surface. Overlooking the beach is the Tabarca Museum. Take a moment to drop in and learn about the island: its geography, flora and fauna, culture and history. Then step back into the present, as embodied in its streets and its souvenir and craft shops. Tabarca became Spain’s first National Marine Reserve in 1986. Thanks to this official status, created for the protection, regeneration and development of fishing resources and to protect the underwater flora and fauna, it enjoys a rich marine life, with popular diving spots hinting at the sub-aquatic paradise that lies hidden within its depths. Visitors to the island fall into two camps: those who stay on the beach and those who seek out the best cove in which to settle down and swim to their heart’s content. Throughout practically the entire island, you can find a spot to lay down your towel and head for the water. Suitable footwear is, however, highly advisable, as the entrances to the coves are rocky. If you fancy a stroll around the town, you will find it to your right as you arrive. The gateway to the town is a portico, which welcomes you into the inhabited part of the island and onto Calle d’Enmig or Middle Street. Tabarca has very recently undergone a process of paving, which has greatly improved the appearance of its streets and made them very comfortable to walk on. Calle d’Enmig is festooned with gift shops and souvenir shops, with a sprinkling of bars and restaurants. Keep walking and you will reach the town square, where a festival in honour of the local patron saints is heartily celebrated towards the end of June, and where the patron saint of sailors, the Virgin del Carmen, is honoured with music into the wee small hours and with a curious maritime procession. Ferries to tabarca leave Santa Pola port every 30 minutes from 10.00am with the last ferry leaving the island at 8.00pm. Adults are 15€ and kids 10€ with under 4's going free.

PHOENIX CARPENTRY Kitchen fitting & bespoke fitted furniture Over 25 years experience

• Kitchen fits & Refurbishment

Sierra Mar Square

• Doors, Locks & Furniture

For a family-friendly atmosphere!

ALL MAJOR SPORTS SHOWN! 4 Screens-4 Channels Rugby Golf Football GAA + Sports on request Prosecco on draught!

Drinks PROMOTIONS 1-4pm Daily! (Ask at bar)

Cocktails 2€ a glass


or 2 for 8€

Gran Alacant News

• Custom Fitted Wardrobes • Bespoke Storage Cupboards Tel. (0034) 675

016 238

Email: Facebook: Phoenix Carpentry & Kitchens


FURNITURE Second Hand Furniture

Forget the rest, we are the best!

CRIBBAGE Fridays 2pm All welcome

Open every day from 12pm-1am





96 644 3370 - 625 985 491 La Marina Village

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018

Gran Alacant News


22:00 Play ‘La Vinguda de la Mare de Dèu de Loreto’ in the Patio de Armas del Castillo, ticket

Saturday 11th August 22:00 Fiesta and Concert by Musica Festera in Palm Park, free


All Electrical Work Undertaken

CCW Electrical Services


LOCAL MARKETS Monday Callosa d’En Sarria, Dénia, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep), Ibi, Monovar, Petrer, SANTA POLA, La Nucia

Free Estimates

Tuesday Altea (farm produce), Aspe, Benidorm (farm produce), Elda. Jijona, Orihuela, Pilar de Horardada (Mil Palmeras).

Contact Clive or Wendy on: 617 872 405


Wednesday Alcoy, Banereres, Benejama, Benidorm, Callosa de Segura, Campello, Guardamar del Segura, Muchamiel, Novelda, Ondara, Petrer, Sax, Teulada, Polop de la Marina (farm produce).

Bake House Fresh loaves - Pies - Pastrys Breakfast - Cakes + much more

Thursday Alicante, Agost, Albatera, Castilla, Cocentania, EL ALTET (4-8/pm), GRAN ALACANT, Jávea, LA MARINA, Pego, Rojales, Villajoyosa, Villena. Friday Alfaz del Pi, Azafara, Crevillente, Dénia (Rastro), Delores, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos, Moraira, Muro de Alcoy, Monforte del Cid, Pilar de Horadada, La Nucia, Onil, Vergel and Torrevieja.

Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 62, Benijófar

Tel. 96 507 0418

GENERAL BUILDER Clive Coomber Fully legal Basements/Damp Int. Ext. Plastering Extensions


Tiling/Painting Double Glazing Electrical Plumbing

669 593 212

clive _

Saturday Alcoy, Alicante, Almoradí, Benejuzar, Benejama, Benissa, Calpe, Castalla, Cocentaina, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep, Elda, LA MARINA, Novelda, Pinoso, Pedreguer, San Juan, San Vincente, Sax, SANTA POLA and Jálon (Rastro). Sunday Elche (Plaza del Raval handicrafts market), Elche Football Stadium, La Alguena, La Matanza, La Murada de los Vicentes, La Nucia (Rastro), Pedreguer (Rastro) and Torremanzanas.

Marian’s Bar

Selection of beers

Sierra Mar Square

• The family friendly bar • Good fun!

Sunny terrace

• Great company • Open Every day till late

Know of an event? Let us know!

Interesting Events


CONCERTS Friday 17th August Friday 10th August 20:30 Family Show ‘Pim, Pam Plum’ in the 22:00 Concert by Coral Levantina Antonio Plaza de la Glorieta Espinosa and Associació Musical Mare in Palm Park, free Saturday 25th August

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Friday 10th August 09:00 Diana, early morning parade from the Cábilas and Cuartelillos along various streets. 20:30 Christians Entrance Parade. Route: calle Reina Victoria, Plaça i Baix, Corredora to Puente Ortices. Saturday 11th August 09:00 Diana, early morning parade from the Cábilas and Cuartelillos along various streets. 19:45 Flower Offering Procession by the Moors and Christians Fiesta Association. Route; Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, Alfonso XII, Plaza de Baix, Corredora, Carrer Ample finshing in Plaza de Santa María at the Cathedral. Sunday 13th August 20:30 Batalla de Flores along Calle Maestro Albeniz Monday 13th August 2018 Nit de l’Alba 23:15 Numerous fireworks from the bridges, buildings, balconies and terraces of the city in an offering to the Virgin of the Assumption, Patron Saint of Elche. At midnight the street lights are turned off and the most famous song from the Mystery play is broadcast throughout the city. The display finishes with a special firework from the roof of the cathedral. Tuesday 14th August 2018 Nit de la Roà 20:00 Flower offering to Mary the mother of Jesus. Route: Plaza de España, Marqués de Asprillas, Reina Victoria, Plaça i Baix, Corredora, Puente Ortices, Capitán Lagier, Plaza del Congreso Eucarístico to the Cathedral where the flower offering takes place. 00:00 Grand Fiesta Nit de la Roà starts during which people parade through the streets of the old town with candles and attend parts of the continuous ceremony which takes place at the Antigua Villa Medieval Ilicitana. Wednesday 15th August 2018 Dia de Virgen Mary 10:00 Procession of the Burial of Mary. 12:00 Extraordinary Concert by the Banda Sinfonica de Musica Ciudad de Elche in the Municipal Palm Park 00:00 Spectacular firework display from the Puente del Ferrocarril.


BRISA MAR FIESTAS 17th, 18th, 19th August Fun for all the family!


Music, Dancing, Bar and


Food Plus lots more!

Come & join us!






Tuesdays EYES DOWN Thursdays QUIZ NIGHT Saturdays LIVE MUSIC

Full Menu 10am-3pm Breakfast from 3.50€ Parties catered for 2 for



Hair & Beauty

from 5€

Avda. Escandinavia (Next to Quicksave) Gran Alacant Open every day from 10am till late

Avda. Mediterranea 72 (Behind Centro Optica)

Tel. 966

695 031

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 17 - Friday August 10th 2018


Gran Alacant News

Plaza Mayor Gran Alacant


Open Every Day! Tel. 96 669 8098 or 622 070 098


SERENA SAYS IT'S OK TO MAKE MISTAKES AS A MUM Serena Williams has revealed that

Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDI Sport, FSH, Every extra 7 Seater 10995€

her struggles with “postpartum emotions” led to her withdrawal from this week’s Rogers Cup in Canada. The 36-year-old gave birth to her first child, daughter Alexis Olympia, in September 2017 and returned to the tennis court earlier this year. The BBC reports that the American, a 23-time Grand Slam singles win-

ner, cited “personal reasons” for not playing in Canada. After suffering the heaviest defeat of her career last week Williams explained on social media that she felt “in a funk” and was “not a good mom”. She wrote on Instagram: “Last week was not easy for me. Not only was I accepting some tough personal stuff, but I just was in a funk. Mostly, I felt like I was not a good mom. “I read several articles that said postpartum emotions can last up to three years if not dealt with. I like communication best. Talking things through with my mom, my sisters, my friends let me know that my feelings are totally normal. “It’s totally normal to feel like I’m not doing enough for my baby. Most of you moms deal with the same thing. I’m here to say: if you are having a rough day or week - it’s OK - I am, too!”

Ford Fiesta 1.4 Titanium 3 Door, 1 owner, 48,000km Top spec 5995€

Ford Fusion 1.4TDCi Diesel Automatic, 2 owners Low Km’s 4995€

Cricket’s ‘DNA’ under threat from cheating, ball tampering and sledging The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) chief executive David Richardson has called on the sport to clean up its act. Following the ball-tampering scandal that marred Australia’s tour of South Africa earlier this year and the rise in on-field sledging, Richardson says the behaviour of some players and teams is putting the sport’s reputation in “jeopardy”. Delivering the 2018 MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s yesterday, Richardson said: “Cricket’s DNA is based on integrity. But we have seen too much behaviour of late that puts that in jeopardy and this has to stop. “Sledging that amounts to no more than personal abuse.”

Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 HDi Diesel Automatic Top spec 8995€

Ford Fiesta 1.2s 5 door, 1 owner 23,000kms, like new 9495€

Ford Tourneo Connect LWB 7 Seater, Auto Diesel 2016, 1 owner

Ford Tourneo Connect LWB One owner, Many extras 9995€

Petrol Station - La Marina Urb.

Tel. 96 Honda CRV 1.6 5 Door SUV Many Extras 2 owners 3995€

Peugeot 1007 1.4 HDi Low km’s Many extras 5995€


1 min from N332

618 0006 - 696 868 864 Our stock of vehicles

Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDI 7 seater Sportpack, fully loaded

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Ford Ka 1.3 Collect 2 owners. 69,000km Superb cond. 2995€

Sites at both ends of forecourt

11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€

11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€ 11995€


Visit www.Clubcars.Co for more information on our cars

Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 LTD Fully loaded Low km’s 3995€

Jaguar S-Type 3.0 Manula, Low km’s Superb for year 3995€

Cars UK & Spanish always purchased for cash.

Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi Titanium Top spec 10995€ FINANCE AVAILABLE SUBJECT TO STATUS

Ford Tourneo Connect 1.5 TDCi V.G.C. High km’s Low price 3995€

Ford S-Max Turbo Diesel 2 owners, Many extras FSH 11995€

VW Eos 2.0 TDi Coupe/Cabrio, One owner Top spec inc leather 9995€