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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018


Gran Alacant News



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SUMMER! The beaches and pools will soon be full of holidaymakers – and we can’t wait!

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018


Emergencies – 112 Fire Station – 085 Local Police (Gran Alacant) - 96 669 7749 Local Police (Santa Pola) - 96 541 11 03 Guardia Civil - 96 541 12 90 Red Cross – 96 541 69 36 Town Hall 96 669 77 49 Hidraqua - 900 210 100 Hidraqua (Leaks/Problems) 900 101 270 Iberdrola - 901 202 020 Airport - 96 691 9000 Library - 96 669 7110 Sports Centre - 96 667 8152 Health Centre - 96 691 2360 Health Centre Santa Pola - 96 691 5300 Tourist Office - 96 669 6052 SUMA - 96 529 2036 Taxis - 96 541 11 11 - 96 541 2525

Gran Alacant News

LOCAL WEATHER - Your fortnightly forecast

Your horoscope


(On the hour at the market half past the hour at Commercial Centre)

FROM 16/SEPTEMBER TO 15/OCTOBER Monday to Sundays 10:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 22:00h FROM 16/OCTOBER TO 31/MARCH Tuesday to Saturday 11:00h to 14:00h


No service on Sundays or Mondays.

Overnight stays 25,309,572 % Change -8.13

FROM 01/APRIL TO 31/MAY Monday to Saturday 10:00h to 14:00h and from 16:00h to 20:00h

Average stay (number of days) 2.97 % Change -0.57 Occupancy rate bedplaces (%) 56.51 % Change -7.59 Average room rate (euros) 80.59 % Change -0.24 105.59

Hotel price (index) % Change -0.89

Average room rate (Annual) 108.34€ Variation: percentage compared to the previous year


June Rise 15 06:49 16 06:50 17 06:50 18 06:51 19 06:52 20 06:53 21 06:53 22 06:54 23 06:55 24 06:56 25 06:57 26 06:58 27 06:58 28 06:59

Set 21:26 21:26 21:25 21:24 21:24 21:23 21:22 21:22 21:21 21:20 21:19 21:18 21:18 21:17


Sundays 11:00h to 14:00h

BUS TIMES Gran Alacant: Same as Santa Pola + 5 SANTA POLA - ALICANTE

Monday to Friday Santa Pola: 6.00am. 6.45. 7.10. 8.05. 8.25. 9.00. 9.30. 10.30. 11.00. 12.00. 13.00. 13.30. 14.30. 15.30. 16.00. 17.00. 18.00. 19.00. 20.00. 21.15. (10.00 - Only Mondays)


Gran Alacant: 6.05. 6.55. 7.20. 8.35. 9.30. 10.40. 11.30. 12.10. 13.10. 13.40. 14.40. 15.40. 17.00. 18.10. 19.10. 20.10. 21.25.

Monday to Friday Santa Pola: 7.00. 7.30. 8.00. 8.30. 9.00. 10.00 11.00 12.00. 13.00 14.00. 15.00. 16.30. 17.30. 18.30. 19.30. 21.00

Arenales del Sol: Same as Gran Alacant + 5 minutes

Weekends & Fiestas Santa Pola: 7.00. 8.30. 10.00. 11.00 (Only Saturdays) 11.30. 13.00. 14.30. 16.00. 17.30. 19.00 20.30. 22.00. (Only Saturdays)

Weekends & Fiestas Santa Pola: 7.05. 8.05. 9.05. 9.30. 10.05. 11.05. 12.05. 13.05. 14.05. 15.05. 16.05. 17.05. 18.05. 19.05. 20.05. 21.05. 22.05 (Sundays & Fiestas in bold)

Los Arenales: Same as Gran Alacant Pola + 5 minutes (Except 9.30. 11.05. 12.05.)


Stop for annual maintenance From 07/January to 31/January.


Saturdays & Evening prayer: 18.00. Sundays & Fiestas 12.00. DUTY PHARMACY Monte De Santa Pola, 32 Urb. Don Pueblo Gran Alacant. Tel. 96 669 74 71 JUNE FESTIVAL CALENDAR June 24: Festival of St. John the Baptist (closures in Catalunya) June 28–July 8: Madrid Orgullo pride festival (big parade on last Saturday) June 29: Battle of Wine, La Rioja (La Batalla del Vino -Feast of San Pedro)

AIRPORT - ALICANTE Every 20 mins (Bus C6)

Spain Tourist Arrivals 1995-2018 The number of tourist arrivals in Spain fell 4.4 percent year-on-year to 6.77 million in April of 2018, following a 9.6 percent rise in March. Differences in the timing of the Easter holidays accounted for the decline: in 2018 Easter fell in March but in 2017 it fell in April. Considering March and April together, the number of tourist arrivals went up 1.3 percent over the same two months in 2017. In April of 2018, most tourists came from the UK (21.1 percent share) although the number of British visitors declined 5.2 percent year-on-year. Tourists from France went down 5.5 percent and from Germany 19.7 percent.


GRAN ALACANT NEWS Editor: Dave Bull Sales: 606

540 408

or: Deadlines: 7 days before publication date Next issue: 29th June 2018 Images/Graphics: 300DPI


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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News

g n i m a e r d #alicante

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Not long now and we will be feeling the full effect of a Spanish summer and that doesn’t just mean lots of sunshine but also a doubling of the population in Gran Alacant with people arriving for the hot months and filling the terraces, beaches, bars and restaurants. And who can blame them? This place has an awful lot to offer, especially in summer, and is one of the best locations to be on the Costa Blanca. Let’s look at what we have. A major airport within fifteen minutes, two wonderful and historical (not to mention cultural) cities within twenty minutes driving, and some of the best beaches on the Costa Blanca. Then there’s a nature park, El Clot, a sierra that is enjoyed by hikers, cyclists walkers and nature enthusiasts and not far away the unique town of Benidorm with all its ‘charms’ and mountains and inland lakes a short drive away. Some residents may complain that they can’t find a parking space or there is too much noise from bars in the summer however, Gran Alacant is a tourist destination and with that comes a certain amount of increased activity and quite frankly if we didn’t have the numbers of people we do coming here in the

The GA Centre

summer then there would be very few businesses for residents to enjoy at other times of the year. So what brings people to Gran Alacant time and time again? Well, apart from the aforementioned landscape and location, how about the wonderfully diverse range of bars, restaurants, shops and businesses in general we have in Gran Alacant. A cosmopolitan rainbow of commerce aimed at giving people what they want. Gran Alacant is a place where you can have an English breakfast, a Dutch lunch and an Indian dinner if you wished. Or Spanish, Italian, French...I could go on. The terraces of the commercial centres and the pavements will soon be throbbing away to brightly coloured foreigners who are almost turning pink beneath the hot sun before our very eyes. SO if you are a resident in Gran Alacant try and embrace the visitors, who after all are here to enjoy themselves, and appreciate what they bring to our community. These days we have well over 150 businesses open to the public in Gran Alacant and that’s all because of what we have here for them. Let’s keep welcoming them back! Alicante from the castle

Carabasi beach

Alicante bay


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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

THE LOST POST? Resident takes to social media after letters are dumped A Facebook post on the 7th of June about the Correos service in Gran Alacant with residents agreeing with the Spanish lady who authored it. She wrote. ‘Hi, I’m a resident of Gran Alacant, I live on Calle Creta, and I think it is necessary to write this. Yesterday, at about 11 o’clock at night I went to check my post and what a surprise when I saw that on the wall next to the post boxes there was a big pile of letters getting wet. I’m talking about more than 70 letters. Today I called the post office and the first thing they told me was that I have to take it to the post office, and then they tell me that it is impossible for a worker to have left the letters in that location. There are letters from Avenida Carabassi, Calle Luxembourg, Creta 80 and Creta 74. I do not know what happened or who did it, but I find it shameful that these things happen. After insisting that I could not get up to the Correos, I managed to get a worker to come to my house today or tomorrow. What do you think? It is clear that Gran Alacant does not have a decent postal system, it is time for them to do something …’ A flood of responses agreed and went on to complain about the often poor postal service in Gran Alacant, and the short opening hours of the small office in Avenida Escandinavia. Oth-

ers went on to complain about the mountains of flyers and brochures that fill their post boxes and those of people who are clearly not here and have a post box stuffed with colourful paper. What’s your experience of the Correos service in Gran Alacant? Do you think the office should be open for longer hours? Let us know here at

HUNTING BAN CALLED FOR Santa Pola Town Council asks for the declaration of a safe zone for the Sierra The Department of Sustainability for Santa Pola, led by Alejandro Escalada, has asked the Regional Ministry to declare ​​the Sierra a safe area, and therefore not allow the continuity of the existing hunting that goes on there. The Sierra de Santa Pola has become, especially in recent years, a large recreation area for all and with the expansion of the municipality to the borders of the Sierra it has meant that there are many activities that take place throughout the year in this historical environment, a natural area that is well loved by the people of the area as well as the many visitors. The number and quality of the activities are perhaps surprising: walks on foot, educational observation of nature, flora and fauna, school sports practices, bicycle tours, cultural visits to the Escaletes and Atalaiola towers -the

Gran Alacant News

Faro- and the anti-aircraft batteries of the Civil War, sports competitions: Nordic walking, orientation races, part of the Triathlon test, the list goes on. This expansion of leisure, sports, cultural or environmental activities, has had to coexist with another activity that has been taking place in this nature area for decades, such as hunting. For many years now, this coexistence has been problematic and now there is the growing danger of accidents, and the problems of hunting being possible in the area grow year after year. The Department of Sustainability has been found that the existence of the current hunting activities can endanger safety and and it is an impossibility to have hunting use compatible with the rest of human and animal uses that occur in the area. They are working with Ministry of Environment to declare the Sierra a safe area, a change in the current Hunting Law to prevent any hunting activity in a place like this; somewhere that is in the process of becoming a Municipal Natural Area.


A retired lady had her bag snatch from the rear seat of her car in the Mercadona car park on Tuesday 5th of June. In what was a typical sting, one person distracted the lady at the front of the vehicle while an accomplice sneaked into the car using the rear door and grabbed her handbag while she was kept occupied by the other person. Her handbag containing her purse including cash and cards and a brand new mobile phone were taken. Fortunately she managed to remember the registration of the car the thieves drove off in and reported it to the police. Later she identified the thief using police photos as he was already known to them and had only been released from prison that same day! A lack of evidence meant that the police were unable to take the matter any further but they do warn residents and holiday makers to always be vigilant, especially at this time of year when the opportunist criminals have more people to prey on. If you see or experience a robbery or crime contact the police immediately and lets stop this happening in our town.

OPEN: Every Day-

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Small Platters & Sharers Nachos, Home Made Wings, Fish Finger Sandwich,Shooter’s Sharer


Steak & Guinness pie, Lasagne, Chilli con carne, Chicken New Yorker, Vegetarian options & more


Irish Angus beefburger, Chicken burger, Peri Peri Chicken, Spicy beanburgers, Nachos, Beef & Chicken Kebab Wraps


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June 14th - July 15th


Also Prize raffle Free raffle ticket for each drink purchased during every game 1st Prize 2 night hotel break for 2 at a location in Europe 2nd Prize 1 night hotel break for 2 in Europe 3rd Prize Meal for 2 voucher RUGBY 2018 mid-year rugby union internationals showing in June


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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018


SSSSSnn Exxxrriinn

es: Includ ks rin Soft D ruits F Fresh ks Snac ment equip e! l e k r or Sno uch m m d n a

Tabarca Island All included. 6h. 69€/adult.

Sail & Coast 39€/adult. 3h.

Sunset Cruise 29€/adult. 2h.

Boat Party 49€/adult. 3h.

+34 60 643 443

New concessions for the nine beach bars in Santa Pola have been providing documentation to install the removable wooden kiosks. From now on, they will have sixty days to set up the facilities and everything will depend on each business as to when they open their doors for business. The heat is here now and people who enjoy the beaches appreciate having somewhere to buy a bottle of water or get an ice cream or something to eat without having to go to restaurants. One thing is for sure and that is Santa Pola no longer lives off fishing, it needs tourism and this is not helping. Many locals say they miss the popular kiosks such as Peña Grande, which, after expiration of the concession after thirty years which will now become public toilets before it is taken down at the end of summer. Not far away will be a removable chiringuito, run by Parres Center Club, who will run several other concessions too. The bars are very late opening this year and are already missing out on trade, while tourists are clear in their disappointment at the loss of so many beach bars, many of which were popular all year round.

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Neighbours and tourists complain that at the start of the summer season the beach bars are closed



Gran Alacant News

Thanks to the collaboration between the Valencian Meteorological Association (AVAMET) and the Department of Sustainability, a meteorological station has been installed in Santa Pola Town Hall with publicly accessible data. Simply go to www.avamet. org or try the AVAMET app on your phone. A station will soon be installed in the municipal building of Gran Alacant too so anyone interested can see very accurate data of which there is an abundance.

Avda Finlandia, 21 CC Gran Alacant Loc 10

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Tour with beach hotels + Safaris From 2,716€

From 02/05/2018 Flight from Madrid 7 nightsd from 125€

May to September


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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 12 - Friday June 1st 2018

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Gran Alacant News Issue You no.Local 5 - News Friday- February Friday June 16th 15th 20182018


As the summer builds up so does the litter on the beaches of the area Locals and visitors will have noticed the amount of rubbish left behind on our beaches, especially in summer when people spend the whole day and bring food in wrappings and plastic bottles. Soon the rubbish bins fill up and the rubbish is left next to it and if it is not cleared up swiftly it can be blown all over the beach. One reader complained on Facebook that as they dug down in the sand a little they found rubbish that had been left behind and buried beneath the surface. We've all seen the recent news about the incredible amount of plastic and

Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDI Sport, FSH, Every extra 7 Seater 10995€

waste in our seas and the damage it does to the environment goes without saying. But another effect of this habit of leaving rubbish behind is that it is not only unsightly and bad for the wildlife and nature but also unhealthy for other people. Discarded food, either on its own or in wrappers, and even things such as used nappies have been found on our beautiful beaches and you wonder for the mindset of someone who thinks it is OK to leave things like that behind. Let's hope this summer there are enough bins, or enough people with the common sense to take rubbish with them if the bins are full, to reduce the problem.


A woman was robbed as she shopped in La Marina market last Thursday. The woman,in her 40's, didn't realise anything was missing until she tried to pay for some items at a stall but found that her purse was missing from her bag. On further inspection she also discovered that her mobile phone was gone along with her car keys. After going to where she had parked the car she found that it was still there and waited next to it while a friend called the police who asked her to go to the police station to make a report. According to the woman her bag was zipped closed and hung over her shoulder and, she said, the items could only been stolen at the market because she had used her phone as she had arrived and replaced it in her handbag. Police ask shoppers to be extra vigilant in these places and reminded people to make sure valuables are sealed in a safe place and somewhere where you can keep a close eye on them.


Investigators have discovered a new phishing campaign that tries to impersonate the Carrefour Pass card. If you receive an email in which they ask you to update personal information, do not click on it. It is a fraudulent email that will redirect you to a website where they will ask you for your credit card information so that you can validate your card but without knowing it it will take a payment for a fake purchase.

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Gran Alacant News


Embassy issues advice for drivers of British vehicles in Spain The first thing to bear in mind most UK insurers will only provide European cover for 90 days, so you’d need to make sure your insurer will cover you for longer, or get a new policy. Some Spanish insurers will cover vehicles on UK plates. The Spanish authorities apply the rules of residency when policing UK registered cars. This is where the 6 months rule comes from. The measure for determining your country of residence is where you spend 183 days. Their assumption is that if a UK car has been in Spain for six months, so must its owner have been, and therefore they are a Spanish resident. Once you become a resident in Spain you can no longer drive your car as a tourist, and so you’ll either need to switch the car to Spanish plates or sell it and buy a Spanish vehicle. Regardless of whether you live in Spain or not, after 12 months out of the country, the DVLA deems a vehicle to be permanently exported, and they need to be notified. The vehicle then needs to be registered onto Spanish number plates. This link provides more info: https://

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Gran Alacant News Issue You no.Local 5 - News Friday- February Friday June 16th 15th 20182018

Friday 15th June 2018 Egypt v Uruguay FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 BBC One Morocco v Iran FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 ITV Portugal v Spain FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC One Saturday 16th June 2018 France v Australia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 12:00 BBC One Argentina v Iceland FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 15:00 ITV Peru v Denmark FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 18:00 BBC One Croatia v Nigeria FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 21:00 ITV Sunday 17th June 2018 Costa Rica v Serbia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 ITV Germany v Mexico FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 BBC One Brazil v Switzerland FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV Monday 18th June 2018 Sweden v South Korea FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 ITV Belgium v Panama FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage


17:00 BBC One Tunisia v England FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC One

Tuesday 19th June 2018 Colombia v Japan FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 BBC One Poland v Senegal FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 ITV Russia v Egypt FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC One Wednesday 20th June 2018 Portugal v Morocco FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 BBC One Uruguay v Saudi Arabia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 BBC One Iran v Spain FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV Thursday 21st June 2018 Denmark v Australia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 ITV France v Peru FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 ITV Argentina v Croatia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC One Friday 22nd June 2018 Brazil v Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage14:00 ITV Nigeria v Iceland FIFA World Cup 2018

Gran Alacant News

Group Stage 17:00 BBC One Serbia v Switzerland FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC One

Saturday 23rd June 2018 Belgium v Tunisia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 BBC One South Korea v Mexico FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 ITV Germany v Sweden FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV

FIFA World Cup

Sunday 24th June 2018 England v Panama Tuesday 26th June 2018 Denmark v France FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 15:00ITV Australia v Peru FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 15:00ITV4 Nigeria v Argentina FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC TBC Iceland v Croatia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC TBC

Sunday 24th June 2018 England v Panama FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 14:00 BBC One Japan v Senegal FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 17:00 BBC One Poland v Colombia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV

Wednesday 27th June 2018 South Korea v Germany FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 6:00 BBC TBC Mexico v Sweden FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 6:00 BBC TBC Serbia v Brazil FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV Switzerland v Costa Rica FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV4

Monday 25th June 2018 Uruguay v Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 16:00ITV Saudi Arabia v Egypt FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 16:00 ITV4 Iran v Portugal FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC TBC Spain v Morocco FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 BBC TBC

Thursday 28th June 2018 Japan v Poland FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 16:00 BBC TBC Senegal v Colombia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 16:00 BBC TBC England v Belgium FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV Panama v Tunisia FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stage 20:00 ITV4

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

BOY ABUSED AT BUS STATION 77 year old Sentenced to nine months in prison for abusing a child at bus station A man made sexual proposals to the young man and followed him to the bathroom, where he abused him The Provincial Court of Alicante, based in Elche, yesterday sentenced a man of 77 to nine months in prison for a continued crime of sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy at the Santa Pola bus station. The events date from back to the summer of 2017, when on several occasions the defendant

harassed the young man, who often went to the bus station to use the internet through the free Wi-Fi network that is available to travellers. As stated in the indictment by the Prosecutor’s Office, the incidents were repeated several times. In some of them, the accused approached and proposed to the boy to maintain relations, while in others there was abuse at the time in the bathroom. In fact, one of the most serious episodes occurred in the toilest because the man masturbated in front of the young lad and requested oral sex.

The San Fulgencio Police and Town Council have started to implement the new rules for music and began at the fundraising Fiesta for Nigel on the 5th of June. According to the laws the sound must not exceed 55 Decibels and this is a limit set in law (according to the Council) for ALL music inside and outside bars. The police say they will be in attendance with their new machine to tell the artists when they are at their designated limit but could not confirm at what distance from the stage or artist the reading will be taken from. Many locals are wondering at what level and just how many decibels the Rock Festival will throw out when the norm for a rock festival is 120 decibels. The argument has gone on for year on the urbanisation and with confusing information and actions from the town hall and local police many have fallen foul of the authorities and had music or events stopped and equipment cancelled. Many are questioning just why the laws are so heavily enforced in what is a tourist area; somewhere visitors come to in the summer to enjoy themselves of which music can be a

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NO STOPPING IN BUS STOPS Drivers to be fined if caught in new campaign The Local Police and the Santa Pola Town Hall are to team up to try and stop drivers parking their vehicles in bus stops in Gran Alacant. With the summer upon us there are many more cars on the road, and many more buses too, and the authorities say that last summer many roads were blocked because buses could not get into the bus stops that had cars left unattended in them. You only have to watch the bus stop in


San Fulgencio authorities begin enforcing new sound limit at venues on La Marina Urbanisation

Gran Alacant News

Avenida Escandinavia for a few minutes to witness this. With the tourist train also needing the bus stop to keep the road clear the town hall points out that drivers must respect the laws and other drivers. It is an ongoing problem and the police do move people along who are parked in bus stops. But that is only when the police are there, which is not very often. The town hall says that the police presence will be increased to check on illegal parking in bus stops throughout the summer and beyond. You have been warned...

big part. For their part some residents are happy with the decision to quieten the live acts stating that a lot of bars abuse the rules and play loud music into the night. You only have to look on social media and the excellent La Marina Gossip pages which often carry complaints from either bar owners or live acts or locals who have been disturbed by loud music at some point. Many say that people shouldn’t buy a property near to bars and commercial centres if they don’t want to be affected but a good number of people have brought homes before business or commercial centres where constructed. The row will go on and it will be interesting to see if the new rules are enforced consistently by the authorities. In theory any place with live music should hold a music licence which is obtained from the town hall but the cost of installing soundproofing into a unit can run into many thousands, a cost the many cannot afford. What do you think? Should bars be able to play live music on the urbanisation so long as they stick to the rules? Or should it be only soundproofed locations that will keep the peace, so to speak? Let us know here and will print the best replies. Contact us at:

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News

U ow nde m n r an er ne ag sh w em ip en t

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Find us upstairs at the Carabasi Commercial Centre - Gran Alacant

What’s On at Saturday 19th May Royal Wedding breakfast on our big screen. English breakfast, croissants and strawberries plus a glass of Prosecco 10 euros per person. Followed by a Football Free afternoon with High Tea 10 euros per person , followed by local talent Paul Harris from 9pm 6th June. Swedish Day. 8th June. Our officIal opening party with Kim Peters and James McDonald 4 th July. American Independence Day event. American food and Frank Sinatra tribute act 14 th July. Ibiza White party

Avda Escandinavia (Next to BBVA Bank) Gran Alacant

OPEN Monday-Friday from 1pm Saturday from 4pm Sunday from 12pm

• • • • •

Open 10am to 1am every day Breakfast menu served from 10 am to 2 pm Lunch menu Evening sharing platters coming soon Beginners and conversational Spanish classes every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. • Wednesday night -Thai food and live music from No Worries. Booking early recommended Other events coming up in June, with dates to be finalised Salsa night, local salsa band and dancers and Mexican food Spanish music and paella evening Cheese and wine tasting

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Telephione: 0044 775 340 1433

STEAK SPECIAL 8oz Rump Steak, Chips, Mushrooms, Onion rings, Peas


Includes a bottle of house wine only



with Entertainment from 5pm Relax with the pianoman

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018


El Altet will be the only airport in the Community connected by train Alicante Airport, which is the busiest airport and registers the most flights and passengers in the Valencian community will be the only airport with a dedicated railway station and direct connection with a city (Alicante) and, they say, it will all be happening “in a short space of time”. At the moment, Manises is connected by the N-220 and is waiting on an extension of the metropolitan line of FGV that will arrive under the terminal, and Castelló is still waiting for the connection by motorway. The Ministry of Public Works has initiated the environmental procedures to begin looking at the construction of a new railway branch on the Alicante line to the Altet airport, “It is fulfilled, and the commitment was announced by the President of the Government (at the time), Mariano Rajoy, on February 2nd at the commemorative ceremony for the 50th anniversary of Alicante-Elx air-


Candy is a 10 week old puppy we rescued recently with her 2 other siblings. She has received her first vaccination and is a happy, healthy girl that will be small/medium size when fully grown. Call: 645 469 253.

port,” said Development sources. At present, the Alicante-Murcia railway line runs near to the Altet airport, but the nearest stop (Torrellano) is more than two kilometres from the terminal and as the transport minister said, “it does not provide an adequate service to the airport” The study of the remodelling project of the Railway Arterial Network of Alicante includes a “variant” for Torrellano, which connects Alicante with that town and includes a station at the airport. The Neighbourhood Plan of the Comunitat Valenciana, presented by the Minister of Public Works, Íñigo de la Serna in December 2017, contemplates the execution of phase I of this variant, about seven kilometres long and includes the new station in the airport and whose estimated total budget is about 85 million euros. The plan is to have it open by the end of 2019.

CARREFOUR CARD CON Investigators have discovered a new phishing campaign that tries to impersonate the Carrefour Pass card. If you receive an email in which they ask you to update personal information, do not click on it. It is a fraudulent email that will redirect you to a website where they will ask you for your credit card information so that you can validate your card but without knowing it it will take a payment for a fake purchase.


Harry and Meghan are stunning 8 week old semi long haired kittens looking for new homes. Harry is ginger and white and Meghan is a ginger point Siamese. They are in excellent health and very friendly. Call: 645 469 253

Gran Alacant News

EASYJET ANNOUNCES IT WILL OPERATE FROM CORVERA AIRPORT Budget airline will start in January 2019 Easyjet has confirmed that it will operate from Corvera airport as of January 2019. The agreement was made during a meeting held by the president of Aena, Jaime García-Legaz, and Johan Lundgren, CEO of Easyjet. The meeting took place last Wednesday, in Luton. “Easyjet confirms its commitment to Corvera,” said Garcia-Legaz himself yesterday. In line with this, Easyjet will next year leave San Javier facilities in which it operates today. “He confirmed the transfer in January from San Javier to Corvera and his commitment to the new airport,” García-Legaz said. The chairman of Aena stressed that this is “good news” to further strengthen the future profitability of the facilities, which is scheduled to open in 2019. With this decision, the British company is still committed to maintaining its market share in the European Union against the possible effects that ‘brexit’ can bring. In fact, in July 2017 it announced that it would launch a new airline, Easyjet Europe, based in Vienna (Austria) for which it requested the Air Operator Certificate to Austro Control. Easyjet joins the list of other companies that will also operate at Corvera airport, such as Jet2com, another lowcost English airline. The latter will operate until March 2019 at Murcia airport and, as stated on its website, and already offers tickets to Coververa, with the flight number, day and time, with two routes to Leeds Bradford and Manchester. The companies Iberia Express and Ryanair have also shown interest to Aena

ALICANTE TAXI DRIVERS NOT HAPPY WITH NEW PHONE APP The arrival of Cabify to Alicante unleashes the alarm in the group of taxi drivers and taxi drivers insist that it is unfair competition and accuse the government of being a “necessary collaborator”.

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Cabify, the mobility technology platform created in Spain to provide transport services (similar to that done by taxis), started operating in Alicante last week with an initial fleet of 50 vehicles with driver (VTC), which will be progressively extended until the end of year. The rise of the VTC has become, in recent years, the great enemy of the taxi sector (which consists of 350 cars in Alicante), which yesterday again showed its unhappiness at the idea. Nacho Picó, president of the Asociación Radio Tele Taxi, stressed that “this and other platforms aim to supplant the identity of the taxi using tools such as customer pick up on public roads, which is exclusively intended for the public taxi service. The Government has been a necessary collaborator so far in the privatisation of public services in this country, and in this case the discretionary transport of passengers by taxi.” Taxi drivers demand that the Consell enforce the law “because the balance of 30 taxi licenses is broken by one of VTC”. Cabify offers users a fleet of vehicles that can be requested immediately through their mobile application or ton their website. Among the categories that will be available are the “lite” category with a minimum rate of 4 euros for immediate request, the “executive” and the “group” category, only allow a reservation six hours in advance.

HAVE A FINE SUMMER DRIVING Typical driving fines in Spain Driving in flip-flops-80€ Driving naked or without a t-shirt or top – 80€ Drink water (or other) while driving – 100€ Have a hand, head or arm out of the window – 80€ Eat an ice cream while driving – 100€ Driving with objects loose on the parcel shelf – 20€ Wash your vehicle on a public road – 303,000€ Passenger with feet on dashboard – 10€ Throw a cigarette out of the window – 200€ + 4 points Not carry a driving licence – 10€

Want to get YOUR business noticed? Two great new LOCAL newspapers Out every TWO weeks


Contact us on: Dave: 606 540 408 Mitch: 643 274 845


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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News


The river Algar empties into the Mediterranean at Altea. On its way there, it passes the town of Callosa d´en Sarria, located some 15kms from Benidorm and about the same distance from Altea, where it forms a series of roaring waterfalls, cascading down the rocks into natural pools. Known as Les Fonts dé l`algar, the entire area is a nature reserve and as such protected. Callosa is a centre for agriculture and growing loquat or nispera, the delicious yellow/orange fruit. Apart from the waterfalls, the nature reserve is a showcase for lush Mediterranean flora which is why it also contains a arboretum, open to visitors. Callosa itself is a medieval town with parts of the old Fortalesa de Bernia still visible and a curiosity: El Poador de la Font Mayor, a washing place built in 1786 which provided space for over 70 people. What to do at Algar Waterfalls A piece of advice first: bring a swim suit and towel (for the dip) and wear good walking shoes because it gets slippery in places. There is ample parking at the foot of the waterfalls (all well signposted), then head up to the entrance, pay your admission of € 4 for adults and € 2 for kids up to 10

years, then head along the footpath to a wooden structure which contains a souvenir shop, a small restaurant/ cafeteria and toilets, then head down wooden steps and follow the indicated path along the length of the river, leading from one cascade to the next. The entire length is 1.5km. It’s all a stone and wood boardwalk with sturdy wooden banisters to cling on to when it gets slippery. Along the way you can veer off and step on the rocks, hop around in the pools, particularly Toll de la Para at the turning point of the walkway. Head back to the exit and down wooden stairs to where you came in, or continue through a tunnel to an area further up, where you find the arbolarium, a picnic area and finally return where you have parked your car. Together with your ticket you will be given a map which clearly indicates each point of interest of the entire circle. Don´t forget to buy some of the nisperas which are on offer. Opening times: For opening times which vary according to season, please consult

insurances Since 1987 For a friendly, reliable service and competitive quotations

How to get there From Torrevieja take the AP-7 or the N-332 to Benidorm. From there take the CV-70 and the CV-715 to La Nucia. Head for Polop (signposted) and from there to Callosa d´en Sarria and follow the signs to the Algar Waterfalls. After your day trip to the Algar Waterfalls, you will be ready for another round of swimming and sunbathing on one of Torrevieja´s beautiful beaches.



TECHNICAL SERVICE Bicycle maintenance and repair workshop to ensure that your bike is always ready.

HOME INSURANCE (attached property) 90 sqm, holiday home, Building 90.000€, Contents 15.000€ Yearly Premium: 162€ HEALTH INSURANCE From 29€ month (also valid for Residencia application) CAR INSURANCE Fully comp. cover from €280 TRAVEL INSURANCE ANNUAL POLICY Incl. Courtesy car up andto Road Assistance within EUeach - Full take Couple aged 60, 90 days per trip: 72,60€ over of your no claim discount.

966 390 830 WWW.GRANALACANTINSURANCES.COM Santa Pola Life Resort c/ Monte Santa Pola, 13 - Office 11 03130 Gran Alacant (Santa Pola)

SPECIALIST STORE Your store focused on the world of cycling where you will find everything you need to go out and ride!

Open: Mon-fri 9.30-1.30 + 5-8.30pm Sat 9.30-1.30pm Sun Closed

BICYCLE RENTAL Mountain bike rental and tour service to enjoy Santa Pola and surroundings

Avda. Finlandia, 21. C.C. Gran Alacant

966 697 179 - 616 613 038

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018 from Gran Alacant Services

Dear Richard, I want to download some videos from YouTube but I can’t find a way of doing it. Can you help? Gary. Dear Gary, I’d recommend you try the free product YouTube Downloader (, a simple application which once installed (declining any free offers during the install is recommended) allows you to simply copy & paste a video url i.e. watch?v=A2uVxQG3HXE which gives you a preview of the video and various options regarding video quality/format. Just press Download to start downloading the video, downloaded videos can be found by using the My video files button. Hi, my computer is running very slow and programmes take ages to open and then do not work smoothly. Are there any steps I can take to improve the speed myself? Thanks, Jenny.


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Rocks, jumps mud and water don’t stop the guys from Riders!


Hi Jenny, Unfortunately I can’t recommend to you any program that will give you a dramatic increase in speed (although there are plenty that claim to do so, but which may do more harm than good). If you haven’t already you may wish to run a virus scan to rule out infection slowing your computer down. You could try going into Control Panel and looking at System properties to view the amount of memory the computer has installed (increasing the amount of memory can improve speed considerably sometimes. In order to upgrade the memory you should be comfortable with opening up your computer and checking and purchasing the correct type of memory to install. There could be other factors slowing down your computer i.e. hard disk drive, virus infection, etc and if in doubt about any of the above, seek the advice of a professional!

Gran Alacant News

Sunday the 10th of June saw the news team joining up with Riders Cycle Shop from Gran Alacant to see what they get up to on one of their many rides on the sierra. The shop caters for all ages and abilities on its rides and this time we were with some very serious riders

with some very serious equipment. The seven riders who had come along for the fun had bikes worth a total of 50,000€! And they certainly knew how to ride them. We fortunately were only there to take some photos and video and thankfully not try and keep up with them! Javi, the shop owner, led the ride

with Ortega (a professional mountain biker for cycle firm Mondraker) doing some spectacular stunts (see main image). We’ll join up with Javi and his rides again, maybe something a little more sedate next time so we can join in. Watch this space!



FURNITURE Second Hand Furniture

Forget the rest, we are the best!




Tel. 96 644 3370 - 625 985 491 La Marina Village



Years Experience

SOLAR PROTECTION SYSTEMS Tailor Made Products & Repairs All Types of Awnings, Sun Shades, Covers, Sail Shades, Closures.

Certification S.P.S Peñalver, S.L. C/Brea 9 (Pol. Ind Carrus) 03206 Elche

Tel. 96 543 2350 - 96 667 1629

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 12 - Friday June 1st 2018

Gran Alacant News

! E C N E R E F IF D E H T E T S A T PAELLA cooked over a wood fire

Gran Alacant’s ONLY WOOD FIRE Barbecue & Grill

All Makes & Models Call: Paul Bayley

639 260 855

Local Mechanic

HemingwayBistro International Cuisine

Passion for exotic food

• • • •

Freiduria Hispania

Avenida Noruega, 214, 4 Carabasi Commercial Centre Reservations: 96 669 8705


Starters Salads Pastas Fish

• Vegetarian • Pizzas • Steaks

Open from 2pm till late

Avda. Escandinavia 72 Local 5 Gran alacant


865 669 754 632 333 195

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

HOROSCOPES Aries March 21-April 20 Public reputation and workplace attitudes will be important this week. Early Tuesday afternoon watch for a co-worker or new manager to challenge the ideas, practices of the team. Taurus April 21-May 20 Early this week a close friend may introduce new information or ask probing social questions. Recent disruptions to group plans now encourage someone close to ask for the facts. Gemini May 21-June 21 Business managers or key officials may provide inaccurate information or misleading statements this week. Early Monday afternoon watch for unusual errors or minor power struggles on the workscene. Cancer June 22-July 22 Love affairs and long term friendships will be confusing early this week. Beginning late Monday afternoon, and continuing for the next few days, expect loved ones to easily misread romantic signals of social relationships. Leo July 22-August 22 Late Monday afternoon newly arriving family information or changed social plans may be disruptive. Pay close attention to the financial needs of loved ones: over the next two to three days both friends and relatives may need to quickly revise their daily schedules. Virgo August 23-September 22 Love relationships will be emotionally scattered and unpredictable this week. For the next few days loved ones and new romantic partners may be socially indecisive or strongly focused on past family discussions.

Libra September 23-October 23 Old friends or co-workers may now reappear in your life. Early this week watch for new colleagues to discover an unusual link to your past: mutual friends or past work records. Scorpio October 24-November 22 Stalled business routines will now work to your advantage: miscommunications from co- workers or delayed events may create an atmosphere of thoroughly examined work details. Sagittarius Nov 23-December 21 Work officials will rely heavily on your skill or social expertise this week. Late Tuesday morning watch for a recent personality clash on the workscene to escalate. Strained business relations can no longer be ignored. Capricorn December 22-January 20 Social habits and daily routines may significantly change early this week. Over the next few days a powerful wave of physical energy and/or new social demands may arrive. Aquarius January 21-February 19 Recent financial delays or business miscommunications will likely be resolved over the next three days. Early this week officials or business partners may introduce new policy information. Pisces February 20-March 20 Romantic wisdom or delicate social discussions are important this week. Before Tuesday watch for loved ones and close friends to intently listen to your thoughts, observations and ideas.

Gran Alacant News

Clubs & Associations Aircrew Association Costa Blanca Former and serving of the UK or Allied Armed Forces are very welcome to join this friendly organisation founded here in 1988. Details from the secretary on 96 640 4123 Alcoholics Anonymous Costa Blanca South 625 912 078 www. ASPETGA We are the Pet Owners Association of Santa Pola and Gran Alacant. Together we´ll have more strength to defend our rights, to fulfill our responsibilities, to live in peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and to lobby for new projects. Costa Blanca Computer Club We meet regularly every Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00pm at the Sierra Bernia School, Alicante. Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers The CBMW who get together twice a week to enjoy walking in the mountains of the Costa Blanca. Anyone is welcome to come along. Visit for info. Crime Watch Spain (Vecinos Colaborando) We try to reduce crime and vandalism in our communities. We try to look after the citizens. We also teach Spanish. Email: K9 Animal Shelter If you have spare time we would love to hear from you. 600 845 420 - 610 852 726 M.A.B.S. CANCER SUPPORT We are here for you when you need us. Call Bob Clayrton 96 679 0775 or 699 894 183

Pets in Spain - Animal Rescue - info@petsinspain. com Road Bike Riding Group in GA We are a small group who spend most of the winter here in Gran Alacant. If you are interested in joining one of our rides look us up on Facebook Gran Alacant Road Cyclist (bici Gran Alacant) Royal British Legion Gran Alacant Meets on the first Monday of the month at 6.00pm at La Taberna, next to Monte y Mar Bowls Club, Plaza Mayor. You do not need to be ex-services to join. Contact Brian 639 917 971 or Robin 96 669 5423. Email, Samaritans in Spain If you have something on your mind give us a call. Talk to us any time you like, in complete confidence. You don’t have to be suicidal to get in touch. 24 hour confidential telephone support line on Freephone: 900 525 100 - Walking Football Every Thursday. For more info: Barry at for start times, venue and weekly updates. If you live in the La Marina area, please remember that HELP Vega Baja works alongside Cruz Roja at their social centre in Calle Berna (number 6) on Tuesday mornings. This is in addition to our Helpdesk at the Hope Christian Centre (opposite the market site) on Thursday mornings. Our volunteers are there to offer advice and information on all aspects of living in Spain. As a charity our aim is support people, particularly at times of need. If you are experiencing a difficult time and need our help, please go along and talk with our volunteers or contact our San Miguel Centre on 966 723 733

Evening Set Menu

Sunday Roast 3 Courses €10.95 Served from 1-4pm Booking advised

3 Courses €13.95

PREMIUM STEAK BURGERS Home made here on the premises with real cuts of meat








Ko A E

Perfect cocktails to help make your perfect night!


Bring along the little angels to enjoy good & healthy meals

HOME to the famous





Tel. 865 669 799

Avda. Escandinavia 72 Local 7

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Alicante San Juan Hogueras

Gran Alacant News

All the events! The official programme in English for this year’s Fogueres de Sant Joan or Hogueras de San Juan 2018 in Alicante finishes on the 29th June. There are twelve massive day time mascleta displays, five beautiful evenings of fireworks on the beach, an international folk parade, floral offerings and the main night of festivities, called the Crema, when the magnificent statues are burnt. The fiesta is of International Tourist Interest and well worth enjoying! Friday 15th June 23:45 Arribada del Foc, special light, sound and firework display beside the El Corte Ingles on the corner of Avda. Maissonnave and Calle Oscar Esplá. Saturday 16th June 14:00 1st session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros. 19:00 Parade of the Music Bands and the Hogueras Commissioners. Route: Plaza de los Luceros, Avenida de Alfonso X el Sabio, Rambla de Méndez Núñez and Calle Rafael Altamira finishing in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Sunday 17th June 14:00 2nd session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros Monday 18th June 14:00 3rd session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros Tuesday 19th June 14:00 4th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros Wednesday 20th June 14:00 5th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros 00:00 Planta of the Hogueras (Ninots) in the streets and the opening of the Barracas, party tents. Thursday 21st June 08:00 Despertà (early morning parade with music bands and fire crackers) in all districts. 14:00 6th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros 19:00 1st session of the Flower Procession in honour of the Vigen del Remedio. Route: Alfonso el Sabio Avenue, Rambla de Méndez Núñez, San José, Plaza of Abad Penalva finishing at the Cathedral

sion in honour of the Vigen del Remedio. Route: Plaza de los Luceros, Alfonso el Sabio, Rambla de Mendez Nunez, Calle San Jose y Plaza de Abad Penalva finishing at the Catherdral. 22:00 Partying in the barracas (areas in each neighbourhood beside their forgueres). Saturday 23rd June 08:00 Despertà (early morning parade with music bands and fire crackers) in all districts. 13:00 Giants and Big Heads Parade from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the Plaza de los Luceros. 14:00 8th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros 21:00 63rd International Folk Parade. Route: Avenida de Alfonso el Sabio, Rambla de Méndez Núñez and Calle Rafael Altamira finishing in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. 22:00 Partying in the barracas (areas in each neighbourhood beside their forgueres).

The internationally famous San Javier Jazz Festival will take place from the 30th June to the 28th July 2018. This will be the 21st year that the town of San Javier, on the shores of the Mar Menor, will be ‘swinging’ to the sounds of Jazz. The festival has been declared as being of Regional Tourist Interest and is well worth enjoying. Tickets are available to buy online or via the Festival Office in San Javier. The line up is below, along with the price of the tickets and more information can be found on the official website. A Pass for all of the concerts (except the one on the 6th July) is 120€. This year, there are four free open air concerts outside the audiorium for you to enjoy. Saturday 30th June 21:30 tickets 15€ • Pepe Bao Group • Vonda Shepard Wednesday 4th July 22:00 FREE • Domisol Sisters & Sedajazz Swing Brother in the Plaza de Espana Friday 6th July 21:30 tickets 35€ • Pat Metheny

08:00 Despertà (early morning parade with music bands and fire crackers) in all districts.

Saturday 7th July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Ludovic Beier Montmartre Quartet • Travellin Brohers Little Band E Invitados

14:00 9th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros

Thursday 12th July 21:30 30€ • The Maveriskc

20:00 Official Hogueras Mass at the Concatedral de San Nicolás.

Friday 13th July 21:30 tickets 25€ • Keyon Harrold Quintet • Maceo Parker

00:00 Monumental Palmera firework from the Santa Barbara Castle on top of the Monte Benacantil, followed by the Cremá (burning) of the Fogueres.

Saturday 14th July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Joao Bosco • Kenny Garrett Quintet

Monday 25th June 00:00 1st session of the 67th International Fireworks on the Beach Competition on Playa del Postiguet.

22:00 Partying in the barracas (areas in each neighbourhood beside their forgueres).

Tuesday 26th June 00:00 2nd session of the 67th International Fireworks on the Beach Competition on Playa del Postiguet.

Friday 22nd June 08:00 Despertà (early morning parade with music bands and fire crackers) in all districts.

Wednesday 27th June 00:00 3rd session of the 67th International Fireworks on the Beach Competition on Playa del Postiguet.

11:00 Awards Parade and Prize Giving. Route: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Rafael Altamira and Rambla, finishing at the Tribune of Portal de Elche.

Thursday 28th June 00:00 4th session of the 67th International Fireworks on the Beach Competition on Playa del Postiguet.

14:00 7th session of the 30th Mascelta Competition in the Plaza de los Luceros

Friday 29th June 00:00 5th session of the 67th International Fireworks on the Beach Competition on Playa del Postiguet.

19:00 2nd session of the Flower Proces-

Your complete guide

Wednesday 18th July 22:00 FREE • Mike Sanchez & Band in Santiago de la Ribera Friday 20th July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Sarah Mckenzie • Nine Below Zero Big Band Saturday 21st July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Ignasi Terraza & Antonio Serrano • Walter Wolfman Washington Sunday 22nd July 21:30 tickets 20€ • Kurt Elling Quintet Tuesday 24th July 22:00 FREE • Los Bluesfalos in Santiago de la Ribera Wednesday 25th July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Kyle Eastwood Quintet • Big Sam’s Funky Nation Thursday 26th July 22:00 FREE • Tricia Evy Quintet & Roland Bakrt in La Manga Friday 27th July 21:30 tickets 15€ • Luis & Juan Salinas Acustico • Luis Salinas Quinteto Saturday 28th July 21:30 tickets 35€ • The Chick Corea Akoustic Band • Bruce Barth Trio & Rene Marie

You Local News - Friday June 1st 2018

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AT THE BELFRY ON THE SQUARE A message from Lisa and James Over the last few months, we’ve been nurturing our dreams and passion for food as we prepare to build on the success of The Belfry restaurant.

Coming soon!

Breakfast Full Breakfast Service Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 11.30am Sunday 8.30am to 11.00am

Lunch Lunch Service Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 5.00pm Sunday Carvery 1.30pm to 6.30pm

While we’ll retain the restaurant’s food, service and ambience that we know customers have grown to love, we want to introduce fresh ideas to enhance your dining experience as we move onwards and upwards into the future.

Sunday Carvery 1.30pm to 6.30pm (1 course 10,95€) (2 courses 12,95€) (3 courses 14,95€) Booking Advisable

Wednesday Carvery 6.00pm to 9.30pm (3 courses) 10,95€

Check website for details

Gift Vouchers

A la carte

Now available for that extra special surprise present

A la Carte Service Tues,Thurs, Fri & Sat 6.00pm to 9.30pm


We’ve thought long and hard about how to tell you about the changes we’re making, and we kept coming back to one thing – just let our patrons see and taste the changes for themselves! We – Lisa, James and the team – are therefore inviting you to come on over and experience The Belfry’s unique experience, whether you’re renewing a previous acquaintance or saying hello for the first time. We’re extending our service to include breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will introduce new menus to match the changing seasons. We’re also making the restaurant available for private functions. So, step out of the hustle and bustle of weekday life and come and enjoy our modern European dishes with a Mediterranean influence. There’s plenty to tempt every palate; our range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes – all enhanced with herbs and spices – create a unique combination of flavours. And freshly-prepared salads and ‘to-die-for’ desserts are key features of our menu. Alternatively, why not unwind on a Sunday afternoon by sampling our delicious carvery whilst enjoying the view overlooking the square. Whether you want a lunch à deux or a family get together, The Belfry’s beautiful dining areas are perfect for relaxing while you and your partner, or your family and friends, enjoy fantastic food. Our carvery features roasted topside of beef, gammon, pork or vegetarian options, all served with the classic Sunday roast trimmings! And not forgetting Ruth’s famous Yorkshire puddings!

Contact us: T: +34 865669797 633832982 Email: Plaza Mayor, Gran Alacant

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You Local News - Friday June 1st 2018


Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

TEA BREAK FUN DOWN 1 Threaten (6) 2 Nine-sided figure (7) 3 Aromatic herb (5) 5 Appropriate (7) 6 Regions (5) 7 Become less severe (6) 9 Perceptive (9) 13 Cautious (7) 14 Fashionable (1,2,4) 15 Rickety (6) 16 Reaping tool (6) 18 Pacific Ocean monarchy (5) 20 Demand as a right (5)

Across 1 Extremely small (6) 4 Raffia (anag) (6) 8 Female goat (5) 9 Porridge ingredient (7) 10 Young swans (7) 11 Norwegian dramatist (5) 12 Country of Central America (9)

17 Exterior (5) 19 Antiquated (7) 21 Advantage (7) 22 In the air (5) 23 Annually (6) 24 Hinder (6)

DOWN 1 Wizard (8) 2 Small cuts (5) 4 Horrible smell (6) 5 Desert haven (5) 6 Paint solvent (7) 7 Barmy (4) 8 Aromatic spice (6) 13 Pursued by the police (2,3,3) 15 More fortunate (7) 17 Brusque (6) 18 Small (6) 20 King with the golden touch (5) 22 Mixture of metals (5) 23 A long, long time (4)


1 Compos mentis (4) 3 Mixed (8) 9 Hermit (7) 10 Inflexible (5) 11 Derby venue (5) 12 Trig ratio (6) 14 Panegyric (6) 16 Infertile (6)

19 Large prawns (6) 21 Freshwater fish of the carp family (5) 24 Steady, dull and laborious routine (5) 25 Drinker (7) 26 Emphasised (8) 27 Religious song (4)

I stopped at a friend’s house the other day and found him stalking around with a fly-swatter. When I asked if he was getting any flies, he answered: ‘Yeah, three males and two females.’ Curious, I asked how he could tell the difference. He said: ‘Three were on a beer can and two were on the phone.’


Sudoku - Easy

Gran Alacant News

Page 19

PUB QUIZ Answers & Solutions Page 22

Test yourself or take on someone!

General Knowledge 1) What do we call a piece of debris from a comet or asteroid that impacts with the Earth’s surface? 2) What sort of revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in early Victorian times? 3) Meaning smartly dressed, complete the phrase: ‘suited and...’? 4) TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson was born in which country? 5) Which TV character is associated with the phrase, ‘I don’t believe it!’? 6) Which theory describes how the universe expanded? 7) What word can come before income, inheritance and council? 8) What name is given to the the fat of sea mammals, especially seals and whales? 9) What is a poinsettia? 10) Dallas is a city in which American state? 11) Name the Dutch exotic dancer who was convicted of being a spy for Germany in World War I? 12) In August 55 B.C., which Roman general invaded Britain? 13) What name is traditionally given to the section of Westminster Abbey where writers and playwrights are buried? 14) What name is given to the German bombing offensive against Great Britain in 1940 and 1941? 15) Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of which American state?

Sudoku - Hard

Funny stuff... A duck walks into a post office and asks the man behind the counter: ‘Do you have any corn?’ The man answers politely: ‘No, we don’t have any corn here.’ The next day, the duck enters again and asks: ‘Do you have any corn?’ Annoyed, the man answers: ‘No! We don’t have any corn.’ This goes on for a couple of days until finally, when the duck asks ‘Do you have any corn?’, the man gets so upset he yells: ‘NO! For the last time we don’t have any corn, and if you ask again I’ll nail your beak to the counter!’ The next day, the duck returns and asks: ‘Do you have any nails?’ The man answers: ‘No.’ Then the duck asks: ‘Do you have any corn?’

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News


Not many changes, except that they

ting on the grassy track, under low-

were obliged to leave out the in-

ering skies wasn’t easy. Until, that is,

jured Ben Stokes, and play Woakes,

along came Joss Buttler, whose 80 not

debutant Sam Curran stepped up to

out was a classic case of a player who

replace Mark Wood, and Keaton Jen-

has proved he can convert from being

nings came in to open in place of the

a white-ball ‘pinch-hitter’ to a proper

out-of-form Stoneman. Pakistan won

test batsman. England made enough

the toss and elected to bat, never a

to ensure that they wouldn’t have

risk-free strategy on the first morning

to bat again, and young off-spinner

at Headingley – and so it proved, as

Dominic Bess took three as Pakistan

the England seamers took on board

were bowled out well short of the re-

the lessons of Lords and bowled much

quired total, with some fine catches

fuller length, restricting the visitors to

going to hand, and skipper Joe Root

174. When England batted, just about

looking a great deal happier than he

everybody ‘got in’ – but failed to get

had at Lords.

past 50, probably showing that bat-

Experience an unforgettable adventure!





• DEATH Open: Monday to Friday 9.00am - 2.00pm C/Mayor, 4 La Marina Village Tel. 96 541 95 94 - 96 541 94 32

More than 35 activities available!

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018



This year’s MABS cancer support charity pantomime SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS The show will take place from Monday 5th- Thursday 8th November. Pre- book tickets now by contacting Sue 966699804 or Jean 966841276.


All Electrical Work Undertaken

CCW Electrical Services


Jávea from June 14 to June 24 Bonfires of San Juan 2018

LOCAL MARKETS Monday Callosa d’En Sarria, Dénia, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep), Ibi, Monovar, Petrer, SANTA POLA, La Nucia

Free Estimates

Tuesday Altea (farm produce), Aspe, Benidorm (farm produce), Elda. Jijona, Orihuela, Pilar de Horardada (Mil Palmeras).

Contact Clive or Wendy on: 617 872 405


Wednesday Alcoy, Banereres, Benejama, Benidorm, Callosa de Segura, Campello, Guardamar del Segura, Muchamiel, Novelda, Ondara, Petrer, Sax, Teulada, Polop de la Marina (farm produce).

Bake House Fresh loaves - Pies - Pastrys Breakfast - Cakes + much more

Thursday Alicante, Agost, Albatera, Castilla, Cocentania, EL ALTET (4-8/pm), GRAN ALACANT, Jávea, LA MARINA, Pego, Rojales, Villajoyosa, Villena. Friday Alfaz del Pi, Azafara, Crevillente, Dénia (Rastro), Delores, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos, Moraira, Muro de Alcoy, Monforte del Cid, Pilar de Horadada, La Nucia, Onil, Vergel and Torrevieja.

Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 62, Benijófar

Tel. 96 507 0418



Inc. FREE professional advert design Call Dave:

606 540 408

Saturday Alcoy, Alicante, Almoradí, Benejuzar, Benejama, Benissa, Calpe, Castalla, Cocentaina, Elche (Plaza de la fruta, Plaza de Barcelona and Plaza de Sant Josep, Elda, LA MARINA, Novelda, Pinoso, Pedreguer, San Juan, San Vincente, Sax, SANTA POLA and Jálon (Rastro). Sunday Elche (Plaza del Raval handicrafts market), Elche Football Stadium, La Alguena, La Matanza, La Murada de los Vicentes, La Nucia (Rastro), Pedreguer (Rastro) and Torremanzanas.

Marian’s Bar

Selection of beers

Sierra Mar Square

• The family friendly bar • Good fun!

Sunny terrace

• Great company • Open Every day till late

Come & join us!



Gran Alacant News

Benidoleig June 16 Verbena de San Juan 2018 San Juan de Alicante from June 19 to June 24 Bonfires of San Juan 2018 Alicante from June 20 to June 24 San Juan’s bonfires Guardamar del Segura June 21 the Plantá de la Foguera Benissa June 23 (Approx.) San Juans night Pilar de la Horadada June 23 (Approx.) San Juan’s bonfires Albatera June 24 (Approx.) San Juan Alcalalí June 24 (Approx.) Pego June 24 (Approx.) Parties of Pego San Juan de la Cometa June 24 (Approx.) San Juan Tabarca from June 28 to July 2 San Pedro 2018

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The Rock 'n' Pola Festival will take place in Santa Pola on Friday the 15th and Saturday 16th June 2018. The concerts will start at 20:00 in the auditorium in the Palmeral Park and entrance is free. The line up is: Friday 15th June from 20:00 Largo Viaje, Real Dreams, Ebony Code and the Titular Mads Saturday 16th June from 20:00 Shurprimoh Squad, Liqua, Astromántica, Éxipis, Lord Byron and the Ambassadors

Benejuzar Moors & Christians

Saturday 16th June Fiesta Zone at the La Pilarica Park with activities for the children, giant paella, music and more Sunday 17th June 09:30 Motoalmuerzo at the La Pilarica Park

Torrevieja Free Guided Visits

Free guided visits of their museums. There are tours every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the tours will be guided in Spanish and English. Places must be reserved in advance at the Tourist Office on the Vista Alegre. Included is visits to the Museo del Mar y de la Sal, the Eras de la Sal, the Casino and a payment of 2€ to the submarine S-61 Delfin and the boat Patrullero Albatros.

Experienced Professional

B.Smith BUILDING • Bricklaying • Tiling • Patios

• Terraces • Solariums • Painting & much more

Free Estimates All Work Guaranteed 0034 677 665 224




Tuesdays EYES DOWN Saturdays KARAOKE Sundays QUIZ NIGHT

Full Menu 10am-3pm Breakfast from 3.50€ Parties catered for 2 for



Hair & Beauty

from 5€

Avda. Escandinavia (Next to Quicksave) Gran Alacant Open every day from 10am till late

Avda. Mediterranea 72 (Behind Centro Optica)

Tel. 966

695 031

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Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News

i n m o b i l i a r i a real estate – eiendomsmegler

Buying or selling? w w w. i n m o a t h o m e . c o m

Te l .

Avda. Mediterraneo 68 – Urb. Sueño Azul - GRAN ALACANT 03130


Oh dear...

A man left for work one Friday afternoon. Instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend hunting with the boys and spending all his wages. When he finally got home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his very angry wife. After two hours, she stopped nagging and said: ‘How would you like it if you didn’t see me for two or three days?’ He replied: ‘That would be fine with me.’ Monday went by and he didn’t see his wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same results. Thursday, the swelling went down just enough for him to see her a little out of the corner of his left eye

Stationery Supplies Gift ideas Fax & Photocopy service School & Office materials Laminating & Framing

Tea Break Fun Solutions From page 12

ANSWERS 11) Meteorite 2) Industrial Revolution 3) Booted 4) Sweden 5) Victor Meldrew 6) The Big Bang Theory 7) Tax 8) Blubber 9) It’s a plant associated with Christmas 10) Texas 11) Mata Hari 12) Julius Caesar 13) Poet’s Corner 14) The Blitz 15) California

Hard Easy

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018

Gran Alacant News

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The Pub Susie’s Free Entry Quiz 4pm

Santa Pola Market

Voices Karaoke 2pm

Santa Pola Market

Shaker Maker 2 Tone Tuesdays 2pm

The Pub Family Fortunes & Blockbusters 5pm

Gran Alacant Market


The Pub 7-80’s Disco 9pm Shooters Bar Karaoke 9.30pm Websters Quiz & Karaoke 9.30pm Molly Malone’s 9.30pm Karaoke with Tony Hall American rock Live Music 10pm


Voices Karaoke 2pm Shooters Bar Karaoke 9.30pm Websters Karaoke 9.30pm Bar Sioux Karaoke 9.30pm Tablao Lunares Dinner & Flamenco Show 10pm American rock Live Music 10pm


The Pub Mr Bojangles 4pm The Pub Live music 6pm


Voices Karaoke 2pm Lounge D Quiz 8pm

The Pub Kev’s Karaoke 8pm

BEACH BONFIRES Hogueras 23rd June


Voices Karaoke 2pm Bar Sioux Eyes Down 9.30pm



Shaker Maker Thirsty Thursdays 2pm

Voices Wed-Fri 6pm karaoke

Molly Malone’s Line dancing 4.30pm Bar Sioux Quiz 9.30pm

Brothers Bar Thai food & live music

American rock Live Music 10pm Walking Football Contact: laneinspain@

Gran Alacant Flea Market Sunday 17th June Next to Sports Centre



The Pub Susie’s Free Entry Quiz 4pm

Santa Pola Market



Voices Karaoke 2pm

The Pub 7-80’s Disco 9pm

Shooters Bar Karaoke 9.30pm

Shooters Bar Karaoke 9.30pm

Websters Karaoke 9.30pm

Websters Quiz & Karaoke 9.30pm

Bar Sioux Karaoke 9.30pm

Molly Malone’s 9.30pm Karaoke with Tony Hall

Tablao Lunares Dinner & Flamenco Show 10pm

American rock Live Music 10pm

American rock Live Music 10pm



Voices Karaoke 2pm

Santa Pola Market



Voices Karaoke 2pm

The Pub Mr Bojangles 4pm

Lounge D Quiz 8pm

The Pub Live music 6pm The Pub Kev’s Karaoke 8pm



Shaker Maker 2 Tone Tuesdays 2pm

The Pub Family Fortunes & Blockbusters 5pm



Voices Karaoke 2pm Bar Sioux Eyes Down 9.30pm

Voices Wed-Fri 6pm karaoke Brothers Bar Thai food & live music


Gran Alacant Market Molly Malone’s Line dancing 4.30pm Bar Sioux Quiz 9.30pm

American rock Live Music 10pm Walking Football Contact: laneinspain@

Gran Alacant News Issue no. 13 - Friday June 15th 2018


Gran Alacant News




Who will win the World Cup? The favourites, outsiders, underdogs & latest odds The top challengers are usually understood, but there are always a few dark horses in the running for every major tournament The 21st edition of the World Cup kicks off in a month and some of the best players in world football will grace the stage in Russia. With 32 teams taking part it can be difficult to predict a winner, but some teams are inevitably better equipped than others when it comes to personnel. However, at every major tournament there is always room for a dark horse to upset the established order. So who’s the favourite to win the 2018 World Cup? Goal takes a look at the contenders for the highest prize in football. Favourites to win the 2018 World Cup Given the fact that they are the holders and recently won the Confederations Cup - with a second-string team, no less - Ger-

many are considered one of the favourites to win the World Cup according to dabblebet. Joachim Low’s side are rated 9/2 to emerge triumphant in Moscow on July 15. They will have to overcome Mexico, Sweden and South Korea to get out of their group and into the knock-out stage, but Low’s men have consistently shown over the years that they have the nous to go deep into major tournaments.

However, the Germans have been overtaken in the odds by Brazil as favourites to win the tournament with odds of 4/1 attached to the South American giants, despite doubts lingering over the fitness of their talisman Neymar. Tite’s side finished comfortably top of the CONMEBOL qualification series, 10 points ahead of second-place Uruguay. It must be said that they have been handed a tough group to navigate first though. Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica are all hard-working and capable sides, so Brazil will not be expected to breeze through to the knock-out stage. The 2010 world champions Spain are not the same Furia Roja that dominated international football from 2008 to 2012, but, with players such as Sergio Ramos, Isco and Andres Iniesta at their disposal, they remain one of the most fearsome teams in the world. They may have crashed out at the group stage in 2014, but they are considered 11/2 bets to win in 2018. Spain have a fascinating group that will see them come up against Iberian rivals Portugal as well as Morocco and Iran, but they should have enough in the tank to finish in the top two.

S.F. COSTA COBRAS The newly formed S.F. Costa Cobras are a rugby club based in the town of San Fulgencio, Alicante and are looking for Juniors and Senior players to get involved. It doesn’t matter if you have never played before or if you have experience in the game, they want you to come and join the fun. They train every Monday and Wednesday, please see our Training page on our website: for more details. Newcomers are always welcome, irrespective of your level of rugby experience or knowledge.If you are interested come check us out at the Estadio Cañaveral, San Fulgencio. We train every Monday & Wednesday, from 8:30pm until 10pm. With the Juniors on Monday & Wednesday 06:00pm until 07:30pm Afterwards, why not come for a drink at our club house, the Power Pub (CV 895, Calle Reina Sofía, 03177 San Fulgencio)? If you want to be a part of the team please feel free to turn up or contact us. 2018 AGM The 2018 AGM for Costa Cobras will be on Thurs 21st June, 19:00, in the Hog’s Head

Gran Alacant News 013 15th June 2018  

Newspaper in English for the Gran Alacant area on the Costa Blanca

Gran Alacant News 013 15th June 2018  

Newspaper in English for the Gran Alacant area on the Costa Blanca