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About the COVER

Cover concept by Jonas A. Capute, Jr. Credit to Fairy Amber R. Agustin

The cover reminds us of our responsibilities in securing water supply for the future. The future of mankind represented by the infant and the future of the Earth are held in protection by the giant hands which stand for the present generation. The security that the hands offer depict the efforts exerted by DCWD to meet the challenges of providing potable and affordable water to the people of Davao City at the most reasonable cost while ensuring water resource sustainability.


Best water and wastewater service provider with utmost care for the people and the environment.


We commit to supply potable and affordable water 24 hours a day, provide wastewater treatment services, operate efficiently, take a proactive role in environmental concerns and keep a competent workforce.


- Achieve an improved quality of water in Cabantian and Panacan service areas in accordance with PNSDW. - Attain a 98% Employee Satisfaction Rating. - Exceed by 50% the projected water demand covered by our available resources. - Increase availability of water to all customers from 90% to 100%. - Fully implement Phase 1 of the Septage Management Program.

Core strateGy

Efficient and effective management of all resources for water security in Davao City.



Corporate philosophy Service with Dignity and Honor



JEANNETTE CARLOTA M. DELINO Electronic Data Processing


15 DCWD, Fuji Oil Japan donate

to Yolanda victims...and they 3 Editor’s note give more 4 From the GM’s desk 16 More respond to DCWD 5 DCWD adopts new vision and mission Adopt-a-Site project statements, goals and core strategy 17 Eagles’ 11th ride supports 6 SC affirms DCWD’s levy on commercial Lunhaw Dabaw and Leyte and industrial ground water use 18 DCWD, USEP do “May Bukas 7 Lifeline water rate implemented ka Bata Project” 8 DCWD adjusts NSC fee and change of Young upland environmentalists account name requirements attend eco day camp 9 Pay your water bill thru LBP’s iAccess 19 Students and farmers get help and WeAccess Upland senior citizens benefit 10 DCWD holds Customers Appreciation from DCWD eye care Day 20 Employees attend basic 11 November: 2013 Davao Citywide plumbing seminar Water Consciousness Month 21 Legally Speaking 12 Celebrating 40 years of Service with 22 Are you Wolverine? Dignity and Honor 23 Fun and Games 14 Personnel 24 Did you know that...


T he o ffi c i a l p u b l i c a ti o n o f D a v ao C i ty Water D i stri ct Your contributions are welcome at the DCWD Public Information / Relations Division Office. No part or whole of this newsletter will be printed without prior approval.


September - December 2013

PAQUITO C. EBERO Commercial IMELDA T. MAGSUCI Community Relations & External Affairs/ Official Spokesperson ENGR. NOEL C. MONTAÑA Production ARIEL L. NOBLE Corporate Planning ROBERTO S. DELOS REYES General Services ATTY. RICHARD D. TUMANDA Legal ENGR. ROSANNA VICENTA T. CABANAG OIC, Operation & Maintenance Head, Non-Revenue Water Management Office ENGR. OSCAR C. DELA CRUZ OIC, Engineering & Construction HILTON P. HUSAIN OIC, Accounting & Budget RUTH G. JABINES OIC, Human Resource ENGR. ARNOLD P. SARABIA OIC, Systems & Internal Audit

Crystalflow Vol. XXI No. 3


Editorial Board editor-in-chief MARIA EDITHA C. MONJE associate editor MADONNA C. LLAGUNO news editor Jovana cresta t. duhaylungsod copy editor Engr. reynaldo m. PETALCORIN features editor RUTH G. JABINES circulation chief JERELL J. LEONIDA artist JONAS A. CAPUTE, JR. adviser IMELDA T. MAGSUCI

editor’s note

Moving Forward Among many things, this yearend issue highlights the different activities for the last quarter in celebration of DCWD’s 40th founding anniversary. Featured are Davao City Water Consciousness month celebration, Customer’s Appreciation Day, “Super Palagsik” and its attraction of cheer dance, sports tournament and “Dekada Pakwela” that showcased various talents of the employees during the simple anniversary program. But in a rather unfortunate coincidence, typhoon Yolanda made landfall in the Visayas region in the morning of November 8 when the DCWD anniversary program was on-going. The utility looks back to this fateful day with bittersweet feelings. While our hearts brimmed with pride and gratitude for the 40-year milestone, they also grieved for the victims of the typhoon. DCWD did not hesitate to extend help in the aftermath of Yolanda. Everyone chose to forego the annual Christmas party to give the budget together with various in-kind assistance to the people of Tanauan town in Leyte. Most especially, we joined them in prayers in these trying times. May this issue share with you, readers, DCWD’s joy in the celebration of our ruby year along with the hope that our brothers and sisters in the Visayas recover from the loss. As 2013 bows out into the confines of history, may we learn from its lessons and capitalize on its blessings. We look forward to 2014 with deeper faith and anticipation of better and brighter events as if we are moving forward with new beginnings. To brighter days ahead! S


September - December 2013


from the gm’s desk

Fortified at 40


he last quarter of 2013 draws to its close and we continue celebrating DCWD’s 40th anniversary.

40. This number carries with it our success story. In a nutshell, our journey began in 1921 when the Sales Waterworks System started operation to 1950 when it was placed under the administration of NAWASA or the National Waterworks and Sewerage Authority to the 1960s when the local government gained control and renamed it Davao Metropolitan Waterworks to 1973 when PD 198 was issued and created what we know up to the present day, the Davao City Water District. In terms of tangible accomplishments, our 40 years of operation may be summed up by the numbers: almost 200,000 and growing service connections, nine water source systems and 53 production wells, among others. But more than the figures that speak for our small and big achievements, what we have reaped over the years are valuable lessons of humility and hard work that will steer us towards the next 40 and counting years. With the great pride borne out of the feats we have accomplished and as we marvel on our hard-earned reputation as one of the biggest water providers in the country, more than ever, now is the high time to look back at our beginnings with humble eyes. And let such humility propel each one of us to strive harder and work extra miles for DCWD to continually get things done, efficiently and effectively amidst the rapid urbanization growth of Davao City. The men and women of the District are no stranger to hard work but lest we fall unknowingly into the traps of complacency, allow this celebration of a milestone renew our commitment to excellence. Together let’s say, “We are fortified at 40!” S

ENGR. EDWIN V. REGALADO Acting General Manager


September - December 2013

water news

DCWD adopts new vision and mission statements, goals and core strategy


he men and women of Davao City Water District have embraced the new vision and mission statements as well as goals and core strategies of the utility. The new vision and mission statements set the utility’s future direction to include wastewater management as a priority agendum in addition to its top commitment of providing potable and affordable water in Davao City.

Acting general manager Edwin V. Regalado said DCWD must step up on its role as water service provider by addressing wastewater. “Everyone produces wastewater so we cannot keep on neglecting this concern. Apart from it being a mandate, wastewater management is synonymous to the thrust of DCWD to take a proactive role in caring for the environment,” he added. DCWD set five goals which include achieving improved quality of water

in Cabantian and Panacan areas and a core strategy to efficiently and effectively manage the city’s water resources. DCWD management is cascading the new vision and mission, goals and core strategy down the ranks and crafting specific plans and programs to realize the same. With its new directional statements, DCWD retained its corporate philosophy. (Jamae R. Garcia) S

Vision Best water and wastewater service provider with utmost care for the people and the environment.

MISSION We commit to supply potable and affordable water 24 hours a day, provide wastewater treatment services, operate efficiently, take a proactive role in environmental concerns and keep a competent workforce.

GOALS • Achieve an improved quality of water in Cabantian and Panacan service areas in accordance with Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water • Attain a 98% Employee Satisfaction Rating

• Exceed by 50% the projected water demand covered by our available resources • Increase availability of water to all customers from 90% to 100% and fully implement Phase I of the Septage Management Program

CORE STRATEGY Efficient and effective management of all resources for water security in Davao City.

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY Service with Dignity and Honor. September - December 2013


water news

SC affirms DCWD’s levy on

commercial and industrial ground water use


et it be known to all of a resolution issued on November 26, 2012 by the Supreme Court (SC) declaring with finality Davao City Water District’s authority to collect production assessment and / or royalty fee from any entity that extracts ground water for commercial and industrial use. Said resolution also affirms that DCWD was able to comply with all requirements needed to impose production assessment as stated in Section 39 of P.D. 198 or the Provincial Water Utilities Act, namely, the notice and hearing and the proof that it experienced injury or reduction from the private entities’ ground water production as opposed to the claims made by the Beverage Industry Association of the Philippines (BIAP), “a corporation of companies engaged in the manufacturing, packaging and bottling quality beverages and soft drinks, received notices to said public hearing.” With this decision, DCWD will be collecting the accumulated production assessment from BIAP members over the years that the case had ran. The case started in 1992 after BIAP filed a complaint with the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) asking to nullify DCWD’s collection of Php .689 per cubic meter of ground water drawn within Davao City even after DCWD conducted a public hearing on June 5, 1991 and a series of hearings from July 12 to August 30, 1991. The Local Water Utilities Administration approved said imposition which took effect November 19, 1991. NWRB’s decision dated February 25, 2003 sided with the BIAP’s claims but later made some changes after DCWD filed a motion for reconsideration. NWRB acknowledged DCWD’s right to impose production assessment, however, it still questioned the validity of DCWD’s levy as the water utility purportedly had not complied with the needed conditions. Discontented with NWRB’s verdict, both DCWD and BIAP appealed before the Regional Trial Court, Davao City.


However, on February 27, 2009, RTC Branch 10 rendered a decision favouring DCWD. RTC Branch 10 denied BIAP’s claim that DCWD’s levy imposition is unlawful because contrary to BIAP’s contention, Articles 83 and 85 of PD 1067 or the Water Code of the Philippines which gives the NWRB the sole right to collect fees for water resources development do not repeal Section 39 of P.D. 198. In fact, there have been many instances when NWRB deputized DCWD for certain functions which show that NWRB acknowledged DCWD’s power and existence such as on February 2, 2000 when DCWD was empowered to accept, process, investigate and make recommendations on water permit application; and on April 11, 1978 when NWRB recognized DCWD’s authority to collect production assessment.

September - December 2013

On the grounds that DCWD was not able to comply with the requirements, RTC Branch 10 ruled that DCWD was able to conduct notice and hearing which some BIAP members had actively participated. Also, the water utility, through the manager of its then Engineering and Construction Division, discussed the loss that DCWD suffered when private entities drill ground water for commercial and industrial use during the August 30, 1991 public hearing. After the RTC Branch 10 ruling, BIAP appealed to the Court of Appeals (CA) which likewise favoured DCWD in a CA Decision dated June 19, 2012 and Resolution dated September 18, 2012 in CA-G.R. SP 03398. BIAP then appealed the case to the Supreme Court which also denied its petition and affirmed the CA’s decision. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

water news

Lifeline water rate implemented


avao City Water District has started implementing the Lifeline Water Rate beginning November this year, reflecting October billing consumption. In this scheme, residential customers installed with one-half inch (½”) meter service connections can enjoy a Php 25.80 savings in their water bill if they consume 0 to 10 cubic meters (cu.m.) in a month. Acting GM Edwin V. Regalado explained that instead of paying the Php 125.80 commodity charge for 0 to 10 cu. m. water consumption, customers who qualify for the Lifeline Water Rate scheme will only have to pay Php 100.00. “This is DCWD’s way of helping our customers cope with the cost of basic commodities nowadays,” he said. However, acting GM Regalado also noted that the new scheme is only applicable for residential connections and does not cover those classified as commercial which include rented houses and apartments. Further, he emphasized that the rate will depend on the monthly billing consumption of the customers. “If, for example, they have exceeded beyond the 10 cu.m. limit, the water bill computation will be based on the Php 125.80 rate. However, if in the next billing period their consumption is less than 10 cu. m., then they automatically avail of the Lifeline Water Rate,” he added. The new scheme will help encourage the public to conserve water. “Aside from saving money, the public will also be able to help DCWD in its campaign for water resource sustainability. We, in DCWD, are hopeful that the new scheme will motivate them to be more prudent in using water,” the acting GM explained. Said lifeline water rate is made possible through resolution no. 13-383 issued by the DCWD Board of Directors last October 11, 2013. (Jamae R. Garcia) S

September - December 2013


water news

DCWD adjusts NSC fee and change of account name requirements


djustment in the new service connection (NSC) fee for one-half inch (½”) diameter water meter residential connections through Board Resolution No. 13 - 418 and requirements for change of account name requests per Board Resolution No. 13 – 417 have been implemented by Davao City Water District effective December 1, 2013. The resolution about the NSC fee still gives customers the option to pay either in full or on installment basis. Those who choose to settle in full their new service connection fee will only have to pay Php 3,000. However, those who opt to pay in installment must pay three hundred pesos more or Php 3,300.00 in all. A down payment of Php 1,500.00 is required upon payment of service fee and the remaining balance will be paid in equal terms of Php 600.00 per month for three months to be added to the customer’s monthly billing. This amendment repeals Board Resolution No. 09 – 155 issued March 28, 2009 stipulating Php 3,000.00 as the new service connection fee whether paid in full or on installment basis. It also states the initial partial payment of Php 1,200 with the remaining balance payable in 12 months at Php 150.00 per month. The new scheme for NSC fee encourages customers to pay in full in order to avail of the Php 300.00 savings incentive. DCWD sees the new scheme as an effective means to hasten payment completion of those who choose the installment option.


September - December 2013

The DCWD management clarifies that the new scheme for NSC fee will not cover all other sizes of water meter connections, commercial accounts and rented apartments and houses and the likes. As for the change of account name requirements, customers will only have to present any proof of ownership of the property where the account is addressed and pay the service fee of Php 300.00 regardless of connection type or meter size. The requesting party will also have to assume unpaid charges or outstanding balances, if there are any. If the account has been disconnected, the customer must settle the unpaid account including the reconnection fee. In the old scheme, customers had to present a substantial proof or any legal documents to establish a link / relationship between the existing account holder and the person applying for change of account name. If said documents are not available, the request for change of account name was treated as application of new service connections wherein customers were charged with the new service connection fee of Php 3,000.00. These new amendments are among of the many actions that the DCWD management has taken in order to continuously make its services, particularly the processing of customer needs, much faster, easier and convenient for its customers. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

water news

Pay your water bill thru LBP’s

iAccess and WeAccess


ustomers of Davao City Water District with existing Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) accounts can now pay their water bills through LBP’s iAccess retail and WeAccess institutional internet banking. This after DCWD and LBP sealed partnership through a ceremonial signing of the memorandum of agreement last October 4, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center attended by LBP president and CEO Gilda E. Pico and head of East Mindanao branches group first vice president Wesley C. Magnaye and DCWD OIC – assistant general manager for administration Mildred G. Aviles. Also present during the signing were few other officers of LBP and DCWD’s treasurer Bernadette A. Dacanay and alternate treasurer Imelda T. Magsuci. LBP also presented DCWD with a plaque of appreciation for being its first local merchant on water bills payment through LBP’s internet banking facility. In behalf of DCWD Board of Directors and acting general manager Edwin V. Regalado, OIC-AGMA Aviles thanked LBP for being the water utility’s partner in addressing the demands of its customers. “As DCWD is getting bigger, our customer base is also getting wider. Our main offices which also serve as our collecting offices can no longer accommodate all our more than 188,000 customers. Thus, we would like them to avail of this new payment option,” she said. She also hopes that DCWD and LBP’s partnership will go a long way as far as servicing customers is concerned. CEO Pico expressed that Landbank is also very happy to provide this service to DCWD. “This is another mode of collection for you that we can provide. Initially, it will be through our iAccess and WeAccess but later on if we can enrol this in the Bancnet, the other cards can be

used to collect water fees,” she explained. LBP is also pursuing phone / mobile banking in the first quarter next year. She also noted that Internet banking is the future of banking. “In the future, we are looking at cashless banking already. This will do away with checks, with going to the branches and queuing so this will provide more convenience and it is a safe way of doing business,” CEO Pico continued. DCWD has also seen the convenience that online banking offers. Aside from LBP’s iAccess and WeAccess, DCWD customers can also use Banco de Oro’s online banking services to pay their water bills. However, even with these online payment options, DCWD still continues accepting payment through over-the-counter transactions in DCWD collection offices and once-amonth remote collection operations in Talomo, Mintal and Calinan. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

DCWD and Landbank partner for additional online water bills payment. (2nd and 3rd from L, seated) DCWD OIC assistant general manager for administration Mildred G. Aviles and LBP president and CEO Gilda E. Pico do ceremonial signing of the MoA. With them are (from L seated) LBP first vice president Wesly C. Magnaye and DCWD treasurer and Finance and Property Department manager Bernadette A. Dacanay and alternate treasurer Imelda T. Magsuci along with other LBP officers.

September - December 2013


water news

DCWD holds

Customers Appreciation Day


ovember 4, 2013 was Customers Appreciation Day as part of DCWD’s 40th founding anniversary celebration. Lucky customers who paid their water bills in the DCWD Bajada, Matina and Toril offices and collection center in Victoria Plaza received customized eco bags, foldable fans and umbrellas. Aside from the distribution of commemorative items, trivia about DCWD were also read by customers in order to increase their awareness of the water utility’s 40 years of operation. Acting GM Edwin V. Regalado explained that the Customers Appreciation Day is DCWD’s way of thanking its customers for the support that they have given the water utility over the years. “It is just a small token of appreciation to our customers for being with us all these years as we grow into the water utility that we are today,” he said. DCWD was created in November 3, 1973 through Presidential Decree 198. Then, it only had around 45 kilometers of pipeline and eight personnel serving approximately 3,000 service connections. Now, it serves around 189,000 service connections and growing with 1,483 kilometers of pipeline and 1,081 workforce. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S


September - December 2013

water news

NO VEM B ER : 2 0 1 3 D a v a

e Wat e d i ty w o Ci

sM iousnes c s n r Co

rve Water. S e s n ecur Co e the 1-2 - “Tubig sa Katawhan” free water in the public cemeteries of Toril, Mintal, Ulas, Wireless, Panacan, Calinan and Ma-a.

4 - Customers Appreciation Day in DCWD Bajada, Matina and Toril offices and Victoria Plaza Collection Center. Around 800 DCWD customers received customized umbrellas, eco bags and foldable fans. 8 - Rubber Tapping Workshop of DCWD’s partner people’s organization in watershed rehabilitation in Brgy. Tamugan. 9-10 - “Tulong Aral ng DCWD” Project Beneficiaries Teambuilding from Upper Tamugan Elementary School (ES) and Tawan-Tawan ES. 11, 12, 15 - 12th “DCWD Goes to School” conducted in Don Manuel Gutierrez ES, AFP Logistics Command ES and Tacunan ES, respectively. DCWD personnel served as teachers. Topics discussed: 10 water conservation tips, water cycle, water distribution to DCWD customers, rainwater harvesting, proper hand washing procedure and tree planting. 13 - Values Laden Leadership Seminar for the Youth at Villa Margarita Hotel, an annual event conducted by DCWD and Datu Bago Awardees Organization to mould better leaders from the pool of promising young people in Davao City.

Let’s make everyd ay



13 – 15 - Building Common Ground Seminar at D’Leonor Hotel, given to DCWD permanent employees re: operations of the District and their roles as public servants. 17 - Flight of the Eagles, cycling for the environment from Ramon Magsaysay Park to Malagos Park co-sponsored by DCWD. 18-19, 22 - 13th Citywide Extemporaneous Speaking Contest meant to spread awareness on issue about water, watershed and the environment; involving 47 high school students, elimination rounds at the Lispher Inn and finals at SM City Annex. Winners: Champion was Gabrielle P. Flores (Philippine Science High School – Southern Mindanao Campus), first runner-up Kassandra Danielle T. Barnes (Davao Christian HS) and second runner-up Dessa John N. Delos Santos (Precious International School of Davao). Finalists: Mikhaela Joey R. Espinosa (Ateneo de Davao University), Regina Mae O. Baguio (Christian Colleges of Southeast Asia), Therese Andrea U. Gravador (Colegio de San Ignacio, Inc.), Hannah J. Yunos (Davao Central College), Voltaire V. Casido (Davao City National HS), Cherrie Mae Andrea E. Sun (Holy Cross of Agdao), Leah Rose V. Lubiano (Pablo Lorenzo NHS), Danica Natassja

Water Cons ciou s ne s

s Da

B. Austria (Philippine Women’s College of Davao), Bryxx Clyde M. Leria (Rizal Memorial Colleges), Jeric P. Lumiguid (Talomo NHS), Elaine Cleo C. Socorro (University of Mindanao – Main) and Angelu Muriel B. Solis (University of Immaculate Conception). 23-24 - Women and Environment in the Barangay Camp, held at Gulf View involving Brgy. Lizada and Brgy. Talomo Riverside participants composed of members of the barangay council on women . 27 - 19th On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest at SM City Annex for 70 elementary students from public and private schools in the city. Winners: The best three masterpieces of Alianna Love D. Serrano (Holy Child School of Davao – Green Meadows Campus), Jun Rey Bigallera (Vedasto F. Corcuera ES) and Vincent James O. Amantiad (F. Bangoy Central ES). Finalists: Micquille Alexi P. Go (Cesario Villa-Abrille ES), Janna Alexandrea L. Ramirez (Precious International School of Davao), Addision M. Mangan (Generoso ES), Jiann Karl V. Gaas (Tacunan ES), Carl Patrick V. Delima (Anthony and Mark Cavanis ES) and Miguel Niño A. Camacho (Davao Christian Learning Center for Beginners, Inc. Main Campus). 27-28 - PhilGEPS Hands-On Training at the Ateneo de Davao University, attended by 40 participants from 20 different water districts sponsored by LWUA-DCWD Regional Training Center. S


September - December 2013



avao City Water District conducted several activities for the whole year of 2013 to commemorate its 40th founding anniversary, a milestone. Highlights for the fourth quarter included the Super Palagsik 2013 in-house sportsfest among the three team colors composed of the different departments of the water utility: the Yellow Pipers – Production (PD), Finance and Property (FPD), Engineering and Construction (ECD), Human Resource (HRD) Departments, and Pollution Control and Safety Office; the Red Fitters – Commercial (CD), Electronic and Data Processing, Community Relations and External Affairs, Legal and Public Relations, Corporate Planning Departments, and Project Monitoring Office; and the Green Wrenchers – Operations and Maintenance (OMD), General Services (GSD), Accounting and Budget, Systems and Internal Audit Departments, and Offices of the General Manager (OGM) and the Board. The teams vied in the cheerdance competition and


September - December 2013

various sports events which were basketball, volleyball, badminton, lawn tennis and bowling. The sports fest aimed to develop physical fitness and promote camaraderie, sportsmanship and healthy competition among employees. Overall winner was the Green Wrenchers followed by the Red Fitters and then by the Yellow Pipers. The water utility also conducted the 5K Fun-Run “Running Water – Year 3” last October 26 attended by 469 DCWD employees. The 5k route started from DCWD Matina Office to Sandawa Road, Quimpo Boulevard, Tulip Drive, Mc Arthur Highway and back to DCWD Matina. Winner for the 40 years old and below women’s category was Roxanne Sayago of HRD and for the men’s category was Romeo Masuela of ECD. For the 41 years old and above women’s category was Elisa Madrazo also of HRD and for the men’s category Jessie Bautista of FPD. Also given were special prizes: Early Bird No. 1 and 2 to Fred Garado and Adonis Torres,

the Biggest Runner to Vivencio Daug-Daug and the Blue Runner to Ramil Ascares, all from OMD; 40th placer to Eula Tricia Mines of OGM; lifetime achievement award or the recognition for 60 years old and above employees who actively participated in the run to Hipolito Robillo of FPD, Rolando Largo and Edelino Lanurias of GSD and Romulo Dela Cruz of CD. As November opened, DCWD greeted its customers on November 4 with its Customers Appreciation Day conducted at its Bajada, Matina and Toril offices and Victoria Plaza collection center. Eight hundred lucky customers received customized eco bags, foldable fans and umbrellas as the water utility’s simple way of thanking its customers for its continuous support in its 40 years of operation. And on November 8, a simple celebration was held at the motorpool of DCWD’s Bajada office. The whole day affair started

with a holy mass presided by Fr. Diony Torrentera of the Society of Divine Vocations followed by a special employees convocation wherein the loyalty awardees for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years in-service were honoured. The Human Resource Department also launched the “Galing Tsuper” contest which is the search for the best driver in the water utility. Then, all employees shared a salusalo lunch. The afternoon program featured the following: “Dekada Pakwela” or dance competition among the three sports teams of the employees; presentation of the employees who joined the utility’s “Timbang Kalembang” or weight loss challenge which will end in March next year; awarding of the recently held inter-departmental sports fest; community Zumba dance craze; and piñata surprise for all employees. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

September - December 2013



Congratulations TO THE Newly Appointed Permanent Employees!

Romelin S. Alcantara Utility Worker B Operation and Maintenance Dept.

Roy F. Elorde Utility Worker B Operation and Maintenance Dept.

Eduardo P. Mara単on, Junior Senior Data Encoder - Controller Electronic Data Processing Dept.

Marchessa Corazon H. Sanchez Secretary B Human Resource Dept.

Newly Promoted Permanent Employees

Jordan C. Bermejo Storekeeper A Finance and Property Dept.

Raymond B. Sunga Sr. Computer Services Programmer Electronic Data Processing Dept.

PRAISE Awardee

Certificate of Recognition conferred to Arvin O. Marabiles award given under PRAISE (Career and Self-Development Incentive) Last December 13, 2013, the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency presented the National Outstanding Volunteer Award (Adult Category) to Arvin O. Marabiles, in recognition of his exemplary dedication and commitment as a volunteer emergency responder, forming and leading the Saint Francis Xavier Tibungco Mountaineering Club Search and Rescue Group that provides emergency assistance to calamity and accident victims and free trainings on first aid treatment and basic survival techniques. He is also involved in search, rescue and emergency relief assistance to communities in Northern Davao.


September - December 2013

water news

DCWD, Fuji Oil Japan

donate to Yolanda victims...


avao City Water District and Fuji Oil Japan donated Php 2 million worth of goods to the typhoon Yolanda victims in Tanauan Municipality in Leyte. This mission was made possible through the assistance of the city government of Davao for security and also of private individuals for additional vehicles and manpower. The convoy of trucks loaded with donation manned by Davao City police escorts and volunteers departed last November 27, 2013. It reached Tanauan two days later on November 29. DCWD donated one million pesos worth of food and water while Fuji Oil Japan’s one million peso donation comprised of various household items, personal effects and baby foods. The employees of the water utility have unanimously agreed to forego their Christmas party and instead use the budget to send goods to the affected victims. It can be recalled that also in the previous years when typhoons Ondoy and Pablo hit the country in 2009 and 2012, respectively, the water utility also did the same to extend help to the victims. S


...and they give more

week after Davao City Water District led relief operations in Tanauan, Leyte, it once again spearheaded the second round of donation delivery in the same town. The convoy of trucks brought with them donations from DCWD, friends of the water utility, Itochu Corporation and Fuji Oil Japan. The convoy left Davao City December 5 and came back December 9. Mayor Pelagio R. Tecson, Jr. of Tanauan and employees of New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation received the donations on December 7 and 6, respectively.

Again, the operation was made possible with the help of the city government of Davao for security and public individuals for additional vehicles and manpower. In all, approximately Php 6.3 million worth of donation was given. Tanauan Mayor Pelagio and the employees of New Leyte Edible Oil Manufacturing Corporation were very grateful for the donations and thanked all the benefactors as well as the people of Davao City. The town is among the hardest hit municipalities in Leyte by typhoon Yolanda last November 8. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S September - December 2013


water news

More respond to DCWD


Adopt-a-Site project

t the close of 2013, Davao City Water District’s Adopt-aSite project has received overpouring support as various stakeholders inked, continued, completed and renewed their commitments to help reforest Mt. Talomo-Lipadas watershed. In this project, adopters pledged to donate Php 6,000 every year for five years to defray the rehabilitation cost of one hectare of land which include seedlings, fertilizer and labor for hauling, planting and maintenance. Three more groups have been added to the growing list of adopters as the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP) Laboratory School alumni 4-1 batch 1999, National Conciliation and Mediation Board Region XI of the Department of Labor and Employment (NCMB XI - DOLE) and Couples for Christ - Handmaids of the Lord (CFC - HOLD) each signed a memorandum of agreement with DCWD on separate occasions. The USEP Lab School alumni reps headed by the principal signatory and president Anji Laura Grecia sealed the agreement with Environment and Watershed Protection Division manager

University of Southeastern Philippines Laboratory School alumni 4-1 batch 1999 give support. USEP Lab School alumni reps headed by the principal signatory and president Anji Laura Grecia (2nd from R) signed the agreement with Environment and Watershed Protection Division manager Anthony D. Miranda.

Two city coops complete commitment. (from R) DCWD spokesperson Imelda T. Magsuci pose for posterity with Agdao Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMPC) director Ernesto Catubig and Davao City Cooperative and Development Council chairperson Agripino L. Torres and department head Marcelino P. Escalada Jr. as the water utility presents the certificates of sponsorship to AMPC and L-Five Cooperative in completing their pledges to help rehab Mt. Talomo-Lipadas watershed. With them is city councilor and chairperson of the Committee on Cooperative Development and People’s Participation April Marie C. Dayap.


September - December 2013

Anthony D. Miranda last October 22, 2013. NCMB Mindanao Cluster head Florido J. Akut and NCMB XI OIC director Paciano L. Murro Jr. inked their commitment last October 18 with official spokesperson Imelda T. Magsuci. Lastly, CFC - Building Church of the Poor (CFC - BCOP) South Eastern Mindanao coordinator Nelia Partoza, CFC - HOLD coordinator Concepcion Yulo and CFC - BCOP head Irwin Pagdalian signed the memorandum of agreement with acting GM Edwin V. Regalado last December 4. All these took place at the DCWD Matina office. Adopters with on-going pledges also turned over their annual contribution for the year. Spokesperson Magsuci received the Php 6,000 donations from Davao International Airport Cooperative, Department of Agriculture Regional Employees Cooperative, Agriculturist Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Jesus Christ Workers Cooperative, Manuel Guianga Sirib Growers and Employees Cooperative and Toril Community Cooperative last October 5 during the launching program of the month-long celebration of the Cooperative Month at the Davao City Recreation Center. Each city coop has one hectare of adopted land. Then, on October 10 at the Grand Men Seng Hotel, the Rotary Club of Waling-Waling Davao also gave Php 12,000 to DCWD during the club’s 15th regular meeting to continue the rehabilitation of the two hectares of land they have adopted. Three adopters were also recognized for having been able to complete their pledges. Also during the launching program of the Cooperative Month celebration, DCWD awarded certificates of sponsorship to Agdao Multi-Purpose Cooperative for their four hectares adopted land and L-Five Cooperative one hectare. DCWD also recognized the United Architects of the Philippines Mount Apo Chapter during the second day program of the threeday 5th Davao Construction and Building Expo last October 12 for completing their one-hectare pledge. Committed to continue helping protect the environment, UAP Mount Apo Chapter please turn to page 20

CFC – Handmaids of the Lord backs DCWD’s environmental protection efforts. Acting general manager Edwin V. Regalado (first row, 3rd from R) receives the first Php 6,000.00 donation from (first row, from L) CFC – HOLD coordinator Concepcion Yulo, CFC – Building Church of the Poor (CFC – BCOP) Southern Mindanao coordinator Nelia Partoza and CFC - BCOP head Irwin Pagdalian for DCWD’s Adopt-a-Site project.

water news

Eagles’ 11th ride supports Lunhaw Dabaw and Leyte D

avao City Water District was pleased with the success of the 11th Flight of the Eagles held on November 17, 2013. It was themed “Padyak! Lunhaw Dabaw. Padyak Alang sa Leyte” and participated in by around 380 cyclists. The Flight was conducted not only in support of environmental protection but also to raise funds for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in Eastern Visayas. The bikers, led by Councilor Leo Avila III who gave a short message shortly before the ride kicked-off, offered a moment of silence and prayer for the typhoon victims for them to be able to overcome the tragedy, have rebirth and better lives. Part of the proceeds, he said, will go to the relief operations in Leyte and nearby areas considered as Yolanda’s ground zero. Meanwhile, the other part will benefit the Lunhaw Dabaw Awards, which recognizes Davao-based groups doing something for the environment. Councilor Avila also commended the efforts of Interface Development Interventions (IDIS) Inc. as the co-organizer of said awards. DCWD extends its gratitude to all biker participants; fellow organizers Office of Councilor Leo Avila III, Watershed and Environmental Protection Coalition of Davao, IDIS, Federation of Offload Cycling Enthusiasts, Watershed Management Youth Council, Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines and Cycle for Life; and fellow sponsors San Miguel Brewery Corp., DC Tech Micro Services Inc., Emcor Inc., Filipino Banana Growers Exporters Association, Mr. Outsource, Oceanic Shipping Lines, ALSONS Properties, Edzalde Bike Shop, Julo Enterprises, Sagres, Uraya Land Development Corp., Kisan Lu, Stanfilco, Grand Men Seng Hotel, Kim Guan Trading, Hon. Bernard E. Al-ag, Hon. Louie John J. Bonguyan and Hon. Isidro T. Ungab.

Special prizes and corresponding winners were: Biggest Delegation – TC611 with 43 riders, Youngest Rider – eightyear-old Gian Aldwyn Pilongo, Oldest Rider – 77-year-old Norberto delos Cientos, Heaviest Bike owner – Norbeng Ursal with a 41-lbs. bicycle. For the bike race special event, winners were Mark Darrel Echavez in first place, Nikko Tapao in second slot and Aldrin Awit in third place for the junior’s category. For the senior’s category, Roderick Donillo finished first, followed by Melvin Awit in second and Eric Dhave Apinar in third. The winners for the master’s category were: Joel Rojo, Eusebio Codilla and John Choi Peserla placing first, second and third, respectively. Eric Pastrana placed first in the Fat Boy’s category, followed by second and third placers, Lito Pabenal and Sarie Ayco while Angelica Acedo placed first and Pam Chua, second in the Ladies’ category. Raffle and special prizes were also given out to the participants during the program in the Malagos Park amphitheater. Closing remarks was given by IDIS executive director Mary Ann Furtes who thanked the bikers, volunteers and organizers. She also reiterated that the event will greatly help the fund raising drive for the Yolanda victims, Lunhaw Dabaw awards and the DCWD adopt-a-site project in the Talomo-Lipadas and Tamugan watershed areas. Flight of the Eagles was first held in 2002 with Councilor Avila as one of the prime movers. Since then, it has turned into Davao City’s traditional annual cycling event advocating for environmental protection. Save for the 10th Flight of the Eagles last 2011 that had cyclists ride through the city’s transportation routes in support of the full implementation of the Bicycle Ordinance, Flight of the Eagles is a 40-kilometer fun ride from Magsaysay Park to Malagos Park. (Jamae R. Garcia) S

September - December 2013


water news


“May Bukas ka Bata Project” DCWD funds project. Community relations officer Ellanena J. Gabuya officially turnover financial counterpart to USEP, represented by Dr. Romel V. Gador.


he Davao City Water District and the University of Southeastern Philippines joined hands in the “May Bukas ka Bata Project”, a training on basic plumbing which aims to develop vocational skills of the target 20 out-of-school youth beneficiaries in lieu of the lack of formal education. The opening program was conducted last September 27, 2013 at the USEP main campus in Obrero. Motivating the participants to maximize the available opportunity to acquire technical know-how were Mr. Orvil M. Basug, USEP extension coordinator who gave the welcome remarks and Dr. Romel V. Gador, dean of USEP’s College of Technology, who delivered an inspirational message. The training class, scheduled on weekends, started the following day and ended on October 30, 2013.

Per memorandum of agreement signed by both parties last June 19, USEP was tasked to oversee the conduct of the training including the provision of trainer, venue and certificates to would-be graduates while DCWD shoulders training cost amounting Php 35,000. USEP and DCWD jointly conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation activities. The 20 participants came from the seven barangays of Tambobong, Dalaion Plantation, Malagos, Lapu-Lapu, Pampanga, Buhangin and Dumoy serving as partner agencies of this project. DCWD recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building and thus commits itself to the success of “May Bukas ka Bata”, taken as part of the utility’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) under the college scholarship programs. It is hopeful that through this undertaking, access to employment and other opportunities will open up to the youth beneficiaries. (Jamae R. Garcia) S

Young upland


attend eco day camp


day-camp themed “A Tribute to Nature” renewed the commitment of 82 students from Upper Tamugan Elementary School, Lower Tamugan National High School and Tawan-Tawan HS to care for and protect the environment. Said event conducted last September 21, 2013 at Lower Tamugan NHS was sponsored by Davao City Water District and facilitated by the Watershed Management Youth Council (WMYC) Tamugan Chapter.

Youths attend DCWD day camp. Ms. Gabuya lectures on the Green Ordinance as the day campers listen.

Lower Tamugan National High School wins the Recyclaband contest using recycled materials as musical instruments and singing their own environmentthemed composition.


To achieve the activity goal of educating the participants of their roles in protecting the environment particularly the water and watersheds, invited speakers imparted their knowledge on environmental issues. DCWD community relations officer Ellanena J. Gabuya and WMYC members Aaron Joel Crozco, Jessa Lynne Cañazares and Emy-mhar Concon shared valuable insights on the Green Ordinance, Blue Environment and Upland Ecosystem. Daniel Mediante discussed the role of the youth to inspire and empower the young environmentalists to pursue their environmental protection advocacy. The campers also held their version of a Recyclaband competition wherein they formed their own band instruments using recycled materials as musical instruments and sang their own environment-themed compositions. Inspired by the accomplishments of the WMYC Davao City chapter particularly the success of its Eco Camp last April and the Tugtugan at Rampahan sa Kalikasan or Recyclaband contest last June, WMYC Tamugan chapter organized its barangay level environmental activities in order to also motivate the students in the uplands who mostly reside inside the watershed areas in the city to become more active in protecting the environment. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

September - December 2013

water news

Students and farmers get help


hrough its Community Relations Unit, Davao City Water District conducted various community outreaches benefitting students and farmers in the uplands on separate occasions in 2013.

Slippers were distributed to 100 day care students in Gumalang Day Care Center (DCC) and Kanacan DCC as continuation of the water utility’s wellness project conducted in August. Kanacan DCC also received another two sacks of rice while six sacks of rice were given to the scholars of Tahanan ng Pag-asa of Lower Tamugan National High School for the Nutrition Project and Alay sa Kabataan at Kalikasan Project, respectively. These donations conducted last August 15 were under the Adopt-aSchool Program of DCWD which focuses on giving educational assistance to and promoting nutrition and wellness among day care, elementary and high school students in the uplands. In another development, DCWD in coordination with the Josefa Segovia Foundation gave free training to upland farmers on organic agriculture demo technology training, Diversified Integrated Farming System and Trainor’s training on entrepreneurship / enterprise development last August 18, June 15 and May 15. Benefitting were 127 participants coming from the barangays of Baguio, Balite, Calinan, Dacudao, Gumalang, Lacson, Marilog, Riverside, Sirib, Tagan, Talomo River, Tamayong, Tamugan, Tawan-Tawan and Wangan. These trainings prepared farmers living in watershed areas and adjacent communities for sustainable organic farming by introducing alternative organic technologies and new techniques in propagating

Children in the uplands benefit from wellness project. Gumalang Day Care Center students are thrilled to fit the slippers.

and developing open pollinated crops and integration of livestock at the organic agriculture demo farming and learning centers. DCWD conducts various community extension programs to help improve the living conditions of the communities in the uplands. This along with other approaches has helped the utility successfully implement programs for environmental protection in the three watersheds of Davao City, namely, Malagos, Mt. Talomo-Lipadas and Mt. Tipolog-Tamugan. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

D’s eye ca r citizens ben W o i C D n e m o s r f re efit nd a l p U Senior citizens in Brgy. Tamugan get free eye care. Ideal Vision Center specialists conduct eye checkup to the recipients.


enior citizens living inside the watershed areas received free reading glasses last October 17, 2013 at the barangay hall in Brgy. Tamugan through Davao City Water District’s Eye Care project under its health and care program. Before the distribution, free eye check-up and consultation were given to the recipients as well as to nearby residents last October 9 conducted by specialists from Ideal Vision Center. The recipients were very happy to have availed of the free eye care from DCWD especially because some of them found out that they have more serious eye conditions such as cataract aside from the usual vision problems associated with ageing. DCWD, thru the Community Relations Unit, initiated the

Optometrist Dr. Xaja Grace Managase conducts reading tests to check eye vision of elderlies.

activity to give elderlies living in the uplands an opportunity to avail of free eye care especially that they experience many problems caused by poor vision. With their new glasses, they will be able to conduct some of their day-to-day activities such as sewing and reading without difficulty. Ideal Vision Center also helped by subsidizing the costs of the reading glasses so more elderlies can benefit from the project. DCWD believes that it is also important to take care of the people living in communities inside the watershed areas as they are its main partners in its environmental protection programs. This is the reason why for 20 years now, the water utility has been conducting corporate social responsibility projects alongside its watershed rehabilitation activities. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S September - December 2013


water news

Employees attend

basic plumbing seminar


wenty-nine employees of Davao City Water District attended the Basic Household Plumbing for NonPlumbers seminar last October 29, 2013 at the Episcopal Mission and Training Center in Matina. The whole day seminar was designed to help employees understand the basic plumbing concepts; identify fixtures, fittings and tools used for plumbing and apply basic household plumbing techniques. Employee tries basic household plumbing. Precision instrument repair and maintenance services chief Auberto P. Ebero evaluates Alan B. Pasa’s demonstration of nipple threading.

Public Information/Relations Division manager Maria Editha C. Monje and Rjin Adele R. Dacanay identify the fittings.

According to the Human Resource Development Division manager Lulyn C. Saniel, the seminar will better equip the employees to answer customer queries pertaining or relating to basic household plumbing. DCWD’s New Service Connection Unit supervisor Rogel O. Deduyo discussed the basic plumbing principles to give the participants a background of what plumbing is and how the plumbing system works. He also enumerated the different plumbing standards and regulations that should be followed in the installation of household plumbing. Information on the different water types, unit of measurements and water pressure calculation, which are

all important in plumbing, was also given. Engr. Deduyo, who is also a master plumber by profession, also identified the common plumbing fixtures with their corresponding fixture units and the different types of pipes, fitting and valves. In passing, he showed the different kinds of plumbing symbols used in the drafting of plans. In the afternoon, precision instrument repair and maintenance services chief Auberto P. Ebero of the Water Meter Maintenance Division gave insights on the proper installation of provision for household water supply system. He showed how each tool in a plumbing tool kit is used and its purpose. He also discussed how to troubleshoot domestic water supply problems such as dripping faucets and valves, leaking toilet tank, clogged shower head and water hammer. Finally, he reminded the participants how to care for water meters and detect visible leaks. All participants received a certificate of completion making them eligible for a more advance hands-on plumbing seminar. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S

More response to Davao City... from page 16

president Arch. Charlito N. Dy, past president Arch. Clyde Eric C. Verga and incoming president Arch. Jeanette F. Buenagua signed another memorandum of agreement with DCWD to add one more hectare under its care. On behalf of the DCWD management, acting GM Regalado thanked all adopters for their continued support to DCWD’s watershed and environment protection program. He also hopes that more groups, individuals and organizations will also join the cause of helping rehabilitate the water sources of Davao City. At the close of the year and with the addition of new adopters, DCWD’s Adopt-a-Site Project already has 87 adopters helping finance the rehabilitation of 139 hectares of land inside Mt. Talomo-Lipadas watershed since it was launched in 2001 to encourage multi-sectoral participation in the rehabilitation and protection of Davao City’s water sources. In fact, the combined efforts of DCWD together with the help of the adopters were very instrumental in the complete and successful rehabilitation of 530 hectares of land inside Mt. Talomo-Lipadas watershed in 2010. This positive development encouraged DCWD to add another 470 hectares in 2011 of which 285.5 hectares have already been rehabilitated. (Jovana T. Duhaylungsod) S


September - December 2013

United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Mount Apo Chapter adopts one more hectare. Arch. Charlito N. Dy (2nd from R) hands the Php 6,000 donation to Environment and Watershed Protection staff Elven S. Apor and Crispina B. Virador

National Conciliation and Mediation Board Region XI cluster head Florido J. Akut (middle) explains why they decided to help rehabilitate Mt. Talomo-Lipadas watershed as spokesperson Imelda T. Magsusi (R) listens.

legally speaking


A Taxpayer’s Lesson by Atty. Charmaine P. Valentin


here are realities that humans cannot escape – death and tax. Tax is part of our existence; we pay tax from the alarm clock we purchased which wake us up in the morning to the lamp we bought which we turn-off when we go to sleep. Tax is indeed part of our being.


Recently, we have been bugged by the news that world champ Manny Pacquiao was sued by the state through the Bureau of Internal Revenue for understating his income for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 and failure to pay the proper tax. His tax liabilities reached Php 2.2 Billion.


Tax is the lifeblood of the society. One of the inherent powers of the government is the power of taxation. Taxation is defined as a power by which an independent state, through its law making body, raises and accumulates revenue from its inhabitants to pay the necessary expenses of the government (5) Am. Jur 341, 1 Cooley 72-93.

The issue at hand is the understatement Pacquiao has made from his winnings abroad and the non-payment of corresponding taxes. Pacquiao contested that he has paid the proper taxes from his winnings abroad. For tax purposes, Pacquiao is considered as a resident citizen. A Resident Citizen is a Filipino citizen who stays permanently in the Philippines or stays outside the Philippines for less than 183 days during the taxable year. A citizen of the Philippines residing therein is taxable for all income derived from sources within and outside the Philippines (Sec. 23A, NIRC). As a resident citizen, Pacquiao must declare all his income within and outside the Philippines. He contested that he has paid the corresponding tax for his winnings abroad while BIR alleged that documents which prove payment were not properly filed. He might have paid the tax from his winnings abroad but the same must be declared in his Income Tax Return in the Philippines. Tax paid abroad for winnings abroad is subject to tax credit or tax deduction. At the option of the taxpayer, the income tax paid by resident citizen to any foreign country may be treated as an item of deduction or tax credit [Section 34C (3), National Internal Revenue Code]. As a limitation, Section 24C (4b) NIRC provides that “the total amount of the credit shall not exceed the same proportion of the tax against which such credit is taken, which the taxpayer’s taxable income from sources without the Philippines taxable

under this Title bears to his entire taxable income for the same taxable year. A lot has been said about Pacquiao’s tax case. Many have aired their views and opinions. The case has been subject to much publicity. Despite all these, the case is now before the Court of Tax Appeals and all we can do as vigilant citizens is to wait and believe in the sound discretion of the Honorable Court. The Pacquiao tax case teaches us lessons which as taxpayers, must be learned by heart. As taxpayers, we must: 1. pay our taxes properly, 2. pay our taxes on time, and 3. file the proper documents. Learning the tax law is not only for lawyers and accountants. As citizens, we cannot escape tax, hence, we cannot escape learning our tax law. This is a lesson learned. S September - December 2013



Are you wolverine? by Madonna C. Llaguno


am 38 years old and I’m not that old yet! And honestly, I do not limit myself from appreciating cartoon characters. I love watching this kind of stuff because they can simply do impossible things that human beings cannot. In fact, even in my workplace, I have miniature toys whom my officemate, Jonas A. Capute, also an avid fan of these kind of characters, lent me.

is popular for his animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities and powerful healing factor that allows him to recover from any wound, disease or toxin at an accelerated rate. These are just a few of his superhuman characteristics that always make me astonished everytime I watch him on tv or movie. How I wish everybody is Wolverine.

One day, while on a break, my attention got caught by the toys infront of me, which always serve as my “super” reminders whenever I feel “bad” in my work. Everytime I feel like sleeping during my lackluster hours at work I always gaze at Spiderman who is sitting on the upper right side of my monitor. He is seriously staring at me and is ready to unleash his spider web or even unveil his mask to give me that upside down kiss to keep me awake. At times when after eating a heavy meal, Vallera Sangvinar from the World of Warcraft always makes me self-conscious. She possesses a perfect sexy muscled figure of a strong woman except for her ears. I don’t dream of having a dwarf-like ears anyway! When boredome strikes me in the afternoon or when I cannot think of creative ideas in what I’m doing, I feel like Incredible Hulk is ready to punch me! He is standing on the upper part of my CPU with his muscled green body and fierce looking face. Lastly, of my favorites..when worst case scenario that I sometimes darn get lazy, Wolverine who is sitting beside Incredible Hulk is there to remind me to move around and let my blood circulate. Despite his sexy pose on top of the external disk, he simply illustrates a tough personality. He is ready to show his six retractable one-foot-long bone claws just to keep me going. To give you a little background of Wolverine, he is one of the American team mutant members of X-men. This fictional character is named James Howlett and commonly known as Logan. Wolverine 22

September - December 2013

This was what I wished when earthquake struck Cebu and Bohol and when Typhoon Yolanda devastated and drowned thousands of lives in Eastern Visayas. A victim myself of a flash flood in Matina Pangi last 2010, my experience was incomparable to the Leyteños. I know how it feels when all the things in the house is soaked, when there is no electricity, when trapped and isolated and help is difficult. The first two nights of the aftermath of the typhoon reported in the local and national news in television were still bearable to watch but the succeeding ones were too much a burden to see. I avoided to watch the developments until November came, during DCWD’s Water Consciousness Month activities. One night during preparations, it struck me to make an audio visual presentation for invocation for the contests which DCWD was holding before huge crowds at SM City Davao. I made up my mind that it would be about water, its destruction and I searched the net for pictures and totally the entire production was torture for me. I was deeply disturbed. I cried. And I wished all the typhoon Yolanda victims were death. But they were not. They were humans, cannot recover right away from any wound or disease and cannot heal themselves and refrain from dying. I, they have to face the truth. Eventually, we have to move on and continue life’s journey. S

fun and games A. SCRAMBLED WORDS. Unscramble the words below and discover the body parts.


LOONC _____________________

RSIWT _______________________

BELOW _____________________



ANBIR _______________________



ETCSH ______________________



GUSLN ______________________

NAELK ______________________

EARHT ______________________

HMUOT _____________________

EDKYIN _____________________



AIWST _______________________



HIGHT _______________________

C. Christmas Time! Find the words that go with Christmas celebration hidden below. CHRISTMAS EGGNOG MERRY GIFTS DECEMBER ELF SNOWMAN TREE PRESENTS

B. ADD IT UP. The basic idea of the magic square puzzle is very simple: Use all the numbers from 1 to 9. Put these numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 in the 3 x 3 square so that every row, column, and diagonal adds up to the same number.



ANSWERS: A. thumb, wrist, head, back, liver, ankle, mouth, shin, palm, colon, elbow, brain, chest, lungs, heart, kidney, waist, thigh ; B. 4   9   2, 3   5   7, 8   1   6 or 8  3  4, 1  5  9, 6  7  2 or 6  1  8, 7  5  3, 2  9  4 or 2  7  6, 9  5  1, 4  3  8 or 2  9  4, 7  5  3, 6  1  8 or 6  7  2, 1  5  9, 8  3  4 or 8  1  6, 3  5  7, 4  9  2 or 4  3  8, 9  5  1, 2  7  6; D. Joseph, Mary, Angel, Shepherd, Bethlehem, Jesus, Baby and Manger

September - December 2013


DID YOU KNOW THAT... compiled by Madonna C. Llaguno

with her victory, Megan Young became the first woman from the Philippines to win the Miss World title? It took Cory Quirino, the national director of the Miss World Philippines, only three years to win the highest place in the pageant. Cory Quirino is one of the most successful franchise holders in pageantry. In just three years, she bagged a winner, a runner-up, and a top 15 finalist.

Katniss, t h e character n a m e portrayed byJennifer Lawrence, means a plant in the genus the word “MassKara” was coined by the late artist Ely Santiago? From Sagittaria, which means the word “mass” meaning “many or a multitude of the people”, and ‘Archer’ in Latin? It’s the Spanish word “cara” meaning “face”. MassKara thus means commonly known as the a multitude of smiling faces. Masskara was to creatively ‘arrowhead,’ and Katniss organize a street dance parade thus getting away from a is a boss archer. All three “meaningless” civic-military parade. It was also meant to major Hunger Games  stars changed hair color for the movies. hide the tears and sorrows of how Negros suffered Jennifer Lawrence and Liam from the sugar crisis and the “Don Juan” sea Hemsworth went from brown to blonde, mishap killing hundreds of Negrenses. The while natural brunette Josh Hutcherson did festival first began in 1980 during a period the opposite. of crisis. At that time, Negros Occidental relied on sugar cane as its primary agricultural crop, and the price of sugar was at an all-time low.

Android was actually developed by the company Android, Inc. in Palo Alto, California? The company was established in October 2003 by founders Andy Rubin, Chris White, Nick Sears, and Rich Miner. Their reason for starting the company and developing Android was to create a smart mobile device that was more aware of the user’s wants, preferences, and location. However, despite the accomplishments of the founders and employees, they ran out of money for development. On August 17, 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc. and its employees causing many people to think Google was going to try their hand at the mobile market. The assumptions were true and in September 2007 Google reported a patent for mobile technology.

the “higante” tradition began last century, when Angono was a Spanish hacienda?The hacienda owners concerned about costs prohibited all celebrations except for one annual fiesta. The townspeople concerned about enjoyment decided to make the best of a bad situation. Using an art form brought from Mexico by Spanish priests, they created the Tagalog word Pasko was derived from the Spanish word Pascua? Although the word larger-than-life caricatures of their Spanish landlords. Pascua means Easter, Pascua de Navidad refers to Christmas. If Mexico has piñatas, Celebrated early the 23rd of November, are the “Higantes”, the Philippines has its parol. Of course, a parol is not something to hit with a stick. It paper mache giants measuring four to five feet in diameter is a Christmas lantern, most commonly in the shape of a five-pointed star. The and ten to twelve feet in height. Philippine Rizal Angono’s bamboo or rattan frame is covered with rice paper, tissue or cellophane. joyous major festival in honor of San Clemente (patron saint of Almost every family either builds or buys one to hang by the window fishermen). or door.


Rizal remained calm during execution? On the day of his death, Rizal was described as “serene,” according to Ocampo. He was pale but it was not because of his forthcoming execution, but because he did not have any breakfast. In jail, he was served three hard-boiled eggs, which he dismissed as “for rats.” During the trip to Bagumbayan, he recounted stories about the places they’d pass— “I used to take walks here with my sweetheart”; “Is that the Ateneo? I spent many happy years there. “The latter scene was even depicted in the 1998 Jose Rizal film starring Cesar Montano. When the Spanish military doctor felt Rizal’s pulse right before the execution, he was surprised to find that it was normal.

Despicable Movie 2 we are introduced to a new minion called the “evil minion” which is purple in color? They have frizzled hair with misshapen teeth, though they also share the love for banana and mischief. They are basically minions injected with the mutagen PXa really tempting fact about Android is that every update version is named 41 which turns in an alphabetic order? The first 2 versions were Pre-Google’s acquisition them into an named Astro, and 1.1 Bender. Post Google’s acquisition the alphabetic order continued but in a tastier way. They named every following update after a dessert indestructible or to be more specific pastry-based names, here they are: CupCake (1.5), Donut k i l l i n g (1.6), Eclair (2.0), Froyo (2.2.), Gingerbread (2.3), Honeycomb (3.0), the ground machine. breaking Icecream Sandwich (4.0), Jelly bean (4.1) and the much awaited key lime pie (5.0). Sources:, html,,, Holiday-Celebrations/filipino-christmas-traditions.html,,, http://inspiredm. com/android-facts/

Crystal Flow 2013 September - December  

Crystal Flow is the official publication of the Davao City Water District.

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