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MEDIA KIT 2017 ItaliaImballaggio is the leading paper and web based magazine dedicated to packaging and bottling. Since 1994 it is the only sector magazine to publish all its content - feature articles, columns, technological updates - in both Italian and English Every one of its covers is designed by artists of international renown, capable of interpreting the contemporary spirit of packaging.

Edizioni Dativo S.r.l. Via Benigno Crespi 30/2, 20159 Milano n Tel. +39 02 69007733 n Fax +39 02 69007664 n ItaliaImballaggio Media Kit valid until December 2017

Issue Number - month 2017 editorial contents and distribution at the fairs 1/2 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 3 MARCH 4 APRIL FOCUS ON FOOD & BEVERAGE COSMETICS INTERPACK TREND Active and intelligent packaging Packaging Oscar entries Packaging Oscar winners Packaging design: concepts and projects Co-packing Sustainable packaging MATERIALS AND PACKAGING The packaging market (1) Beauty packaging Wood packaging MACHINES Labeling, coding and marking, Primary and secondary packaging Packaging Made in Italy AUTOMATION Motion control Pick & place Components and systems UPDATES FROM Luxe Pack, All4Pack, Cibus Tec DISTRIBUTION Cosmopack - 16-19/3/2017, Bologna (I) Interpack - 4-10/5/2017, Düsseldorf (D) Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Macfrut - 10-12/5/2017, Rimini (I) 17-20/3/2017, Bologna (I) MCT/Save - 20-4/2017, Milano (I) 5 MAY 6 JUNE 7/8 JULY/AUGUST FOCUS ON AUTOMATION PHARMACEUTICALS DRINKTEC - SIMEI TREND Fresh-cut convenience produce Nutraceuticals products Beverage packaging Packaging design: concepts e projects Co-packing Packaging design: concepts e projects MATERIALS AND PACKAGING Bioplastics Flexible packaging Metal packaging Closures and dispensers The packaging market (2) MACHINES Vision, inspection and control systems, etc.. Manufacture, printing and converting of packaging Indoor handling End of line, palletizers, robots AUTOMATION Motion control Pick & place Components and systems UPDATES FROM Cosmopack Interpack SPS IPC Drives Italia DISTRIBUTION SPS IPC Drives Italia - 23-25/5/2017, Parma (I) Drinktec - 11-15/9/2017, Monaco (D) Packaging Première - 16-18/5/2017, Milano (I) Simei -11-15/9/2017, Monaco (D) 9 SEPTEMBER 10 OCTOBER 11/12 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER FOCUS ON COSMETICS TRACKING FOOD & BEVERAGE TREND Luxury packaging Coffee packaging Liquid Food Household products Packaging in the store MATERIALS AND PACKAGING Cellulose packaging Report on the state of packaging Glass packaging Labels, decorations and consumables Rigid plastic packaging MACHINES Vision, inspection and control systems, etc.. Labeling, coding and marking Primary and secondary packaging Manufacture, printing and converting of packaging Recovery and disposal technologies Indoor handling AUTOMATION Motion control Pick & place Components and systems UPDATES FROM Drinktec-Simei, Labelexpo DISTRIBUTION Labelexpo Europe - 25-28/9/2017, Bruxelles (B) Host - 20 -24/10/2017, Milano (I) Luxe Pack - 2-4/10/2017, Monte Carlo (MC) Ecomondo - 7-10/11/2017, Rimini (I) M&MT - 4-6/10/2017, Milano (I) ItaliaImballaggio Media Kit valid until December 2017

Price list and services 2017 TARIFFS AND FORMATS (PER ISSUE) Euro Full page, 4 colors 2.880 1/2 page 4 colors 1.800 1/3 page, horizontal, 4 colors 1.030 SPECIAL POSITIONS Inside front cover (facing editorial) 4.120 Inside back cover 3.500 Back cover 4.630 First right-hand page (page 3) 3.340 Facing contents (page 4) 3.240 Second right-hand page (page 7) 3.190 Infotorial page 3.200 Inserts* 2.880 Right-hand position +5% Key positions +10% * This price is valid for an unbound two-page insert, max. magazine format, paper not to weigh more than 150 g/m2. Price to be defined for other types, formats and weights. N.B. Creation of the materials for printing at the customer’s expense

SPECIAL COVER WITH LOGOS** 3 March: Cosmopack (1 logo + text on inside front cover) 500 4 April: Inerpack (1 logo + text on inside front cover) 700 5 May: SPS (1 logo + text on inside front cover) 500 7/8 July/August: Drinktec (1 logo + text on inside front cover) 500 ItaliaImballaggio’s advertisers have the opportunity of reaching an even greater number of sector operators: the magazine is in fact published both on paper and digitally on the web (with browsable full version), and html version.

**Dust and Bach Cover for the copies distributed at the show

Regularity Monthly (9 issues)

EDITORIAL SERVICE (paper+web)*** News (max 1,000 strokes + 1 photo Short article (max 2,500 strokes + 2 photos) Article (max 7,500 strokes + 4 photos) Interview at customer’s/user’s

330 1.000 2.200 on demand

*** The price includes the writing of the piece on material provided by the customer, translation into English, paging and space. The material will be published in Italian and in English both in the paper and in the digital edition, and in the webmagazine Packmedia “HIGHLIGHTS (

Text Italian and English Circulation • Paper edition: 7500 copies • On the web edition: >80.000 unique readers/ month • Profiled readers, subscribers and qualified circulation: 80% Italy, 20% abroad Sectors of circulation 60% Food and drink industry 14% Chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry 9% Packaging industry (materials and machinery) 7% Other industries 3% Converters 4% Broadscale distribution 1% Packaging designers 2% Public administration, universities and research institutes


1 full page Framed 217x291 mm Plus margins 245x325 mm

Digital edition Full version of the magazine published on the website italiaimballaggio

1/2 horizontal page Framed 217x140 mm Plus margins 245x162 mm

1/3 horizontal page Framed 217x93 mm

1/2 vertical page Framed 106x291 mm Plus margins 121x325 mm

Paper edition Format: 245x325 mm Flat offset Cross thread stitch binding

Date of publication The first week of the month Reservations and Orders • Space reservation: 40 days prior to publication date Leila Cobianchi Tel. +39 0269007733 (int. 54), Fax +39 0269007664 Advertising material • Delivery of material: 30 days prior the publication date • Advertising material: open PDF files, 300 DPI fonts included, saved in 4 colors (CMYK). RGB format not admitted. • To guarantee print result, send digital color proof of file ADV material office

ItaliaImballaggio Media Kit valid until December 2017

Mediakit italiaimballaggio 2017 eng  

ItaliaImballaggio magazine: editorial program and ADV price list 2017

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