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Family Flowery, citrusy, woody Head: Bitter orange, pink pepper, red currants Heart: Green tea, jasmine, peony, violet Base: Cedar wood, amber, musk notes The ironic and whimsical character which has always distinguished the Moschino brand is expressed in the packaging of the new fragrance. Funny! recalls the sheer amusement with which its bottle was designed. The silver heart-shaped stopper is the main feature, towering over the blue, transparent glass, encircled by a pretty deep pink ribbon. The light blue and delicate box, like a spring sky, is enhanced by a pearly background and the radiant touch of the silvery logo. The same scintillating freshness is found in the head notes of the fragrance, which opens with the vibrant notes of bitter orange brightened by a touch of pink pepper. An astonishing note, gladdened by delicious red currants, giving it an irresistible and curious appeal.

Perfume of love J’AIME LA PERLA Morris Profumi

Nose: Françoise Caron Essence: Givaudan Packaging: Open Mind/Artestudio Family Fruity chypre Head: Pepper, bergamot, lychee Heart: Egyptian jasmine, raspberry, water flowers Base: Patchouli, amber, musk, caramel As soft as a whisper, as strong as a yell, the emotional strength of the trademark La Perla pervades the pack, bottle and fragrance, The diamond shaped bottle with its various facets and rose puff embodies elegance and femininity. The bottle proudly exhibits the richness of the glass and the purity of the design, demanding the role of diva, emphasised by the black tulle bag with satin ribbon religiously containing the whole. The pink and black box, inspired by a love letter, just like the fragrance it contains, rich in charm and femininity, has as powerful visual impact. A surprising mixture of a sophisticated flowery bouquet and an

extremely sensual chypre base of woods and amber: head notes exalted by the freshness of the bergamot blended with pepper and lychee and, to finish, musk and caramel blended with precious patchouli.

Timeless elegance KELLY CALÈCHE HERMES Monarimport - Gruppo Clarins

Nose: Jean-Claude Ellena Essence: Hermès Parfums Packaging: Philippe Mouquet Family Leathery flowery Symphony of notes Sarmentosa rose, tuberose, mimosa, iris A wonderful fragrance, an extremely elegant and intense floral perfume generated by the encounter between two symbols of the famous maison: the famous Kelly bag, inspired by Princess Grace Kelly and dated 1958 and Calèche, Hermès first female fragrance, launched in 1961 and now in the annals of five star cosmetic products. Only a star could be born of this union of status symbols, as the bottle tells us in clear letters. Belts, a

pin and metal plates recall the bag while the shape of the glass reflects the original Calèche which, with its slender and soft contours and thick glass base, is inspired by carriage lamps. The ergonomic stopper is also quite extraordinary. It now has an opening mechanism which works by sliding the metal pin, inspired by the zip of the bag. It is a highly accurate device which adds a surprisingly poetic touch to its practical function.

Once upon a time in the night … MIDNIGHT POISON DIOR LVMH, Italia

Nose: François Demachy Essence: Parfums Christian Dior Packaging: Parfums Christian Dior Family Flowery oriental Head: Rose Heart: Amber Base: Patchouli Using rose, patchouli and amber Dior has created Midnight Poison, a new version of the famous elixir in vogue in the eighties. A fairy-tale gift for a

Italia Imballaggio 03_08  

ItaliaImballaggio: rivista per gli utlizzatori e produttori di materiali, macchine, attrezzature e componenti per l'imballaggio (Marzo 2008)