Annual report of DASH from 2007/2008

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Annual Report 2007 - 2008


We have just finished a year of great changes for DASh, which will lead the organisation into new and exciting areas of work. During this year we completed the Visual Arts Development Programme and this will now lead into a new programme of Visual Arts work ‘Outside IN’ which will develop partnerships with the leading art galleries across the region during 2008 to 2011. With the uplift in funding from the Arts Council and new premises, DASh’s future looks exciting.


VISUAL ARTS Visual Arts Development Programme The second year of the Visual Arts Development Programme (VADP) has been a real success. The main successes of the second year were: •Development of accessible recruitment and selection processes for our work •Development of accessible evaluation and monitoring systems •Attracting new Disabled Artists to DASh •Individual artists professional and personal development •Raising the profile of Disabled Artists and DASh •Pioneering art projects i.e. Barriers

DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 The Aims of the Visual Arts Development programme were: •To develop the skills of Shropshire based Disabled Artists •Provide career and development opportunities for Disabled Artists •To provide training and employment opportunities for Disabled Artists These aims were achieved by: •The third nine month Artists Development Team (ADT) course. •The Barriers project, 6 days in summer 2007. This involved six Disabled Artists working together to create an installation/exhibition/performance •Graphic Design Training (GDT) year 2, running from April 07 to December 07. Three trainees completed their training •SCREAM, which is a regional Artists led network, predominantly but not exclusively involving Disabled Artists

DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 Other Visual Arts projects Just Dali: Just Dali is a visual arts project where disabled people can explore the techniques and art processes adopted by artists of the 20th - 21st century in their own arts practice. A group of older people based at Helena Lane Community centre, Ludlow explored the colours, atmosphere and paint techniques of Monet and Turner and adapted these processes to create a six panel painting of the view from outside the centre. The group named the artwork: “A Town on a River”. The Artwork now hangs in the foyer of Helena Lane. Day Centre Art: Day centre art-works were commissioned from Helena Lane Day Centre Ludlow, and Abbots Wood Day Centre, Shrewsbury. The art works are a mixture of painting and photography created with day centre users and DASh. Abbots wood – Art Café: Fruit and Veg Paintings and Veg Shakers for the art café Music Makers. Helena Lane – Ludlow Old and New: photo montages of old and new Ludlow and its people, and photo’s of nature by a user of Helena Lane.


PERFORMING ARTS AND FILM Ludlow Carnival This was our sixth year of the DASh Carnival project in Ludlow and the theme for 2007 was shopoholics. 2007 had many highs, especially the great look of the carnival on the road. Unfortunately due to the bad weather this was the last Ludlow Carnival. We hope that a new Carnival committee will be formed in the future and we will be able to bring the colour and magic of our Carnival crew back to the streets of Ludlow

The Institute The Institute was a great piece of participatory theatre by Fittings Multi Media. The show was set in a day centre, where the audience are the ‘users’ of the day centre. The majority of the performers were Disabled People.

Borderlines Film Festival Due to Easter falling early in 2008, the Disability and Deaf Film Fest happened in April 2008 which is not covered by this report.

DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 Breaking the Barriers This two part project consisted of a one day symposium, ‘Smashing’, and the art project ‘Creating a Change.’

Smashing Aims •To create an exchange and partnership with Day Centres and their clients •Develop a dialogue between Day Centres •DASh to create future arts projects •Develop an interchange of ideas and perceptions of disability, disability art and art and disability SMASHING was a one day event bringing together Social Care Providers, Users/Clients and Disabled Artists to create dialogue, partnerships and projects. The day was attended by eleven Managers/ Support Workers representing Day care providers across Shropshire and nine users from these centres. SMASHING was very successful. There was extensive discussion at the end of the day about the way forward, which led to major changes in the last part of Breaking the Barriers. We then spent the next two months discussing ideas with a group of day centres in Shrewsbury and formed a new project ‘Creating a Change’.

DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 Creating a Change Aims •To challenge Attitudes, Systems and Structures, within the culture of day centres •Develop Centres working together to create an art movement •Provide support for day centres to develop funding bids for arts projects •To develop and promote day centre art As a result of ‘Smashing’ the attendees (Day Care Managers and Support Workers) were desperate to develop new strategies which would have a positive long term impact on their centres. They requested that DASh develop projects with Day Centres which would enhance their creativity and through this begin to make a change in these Centres. We worked with eight support workers and managers for one day in a Shrewsbury day centre looking at practical ways that Art can be used to change day centres.

DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 Jean A Green

DASh Website The website has a zingy new look, added functionality and usability. The site is now administered through a content management system. This allows for editorial content to be managed by any staff, and requires minimum training. The newsletter, previously in a monthly PDF version, has now become a live source, updated daily where possible and users can review articles individually. Images and files can be added to this area giving extra accessibility. The projects pages now host the images as well as information on the range of DASh projects. Previously there was a separate gallery. The Artist Forum – a brand spanking newbie to the site. The forum enables artists to share ideas, network and debate. The Artist Gallery – another brand spanking new area to the site where artists get to do their own thing. With the content managed independently, they can upload images and provide contact details for prospective buyers/clients.

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Management Board


Jean Green – Chair

Eveson Charitable Trust – Disability Film Festival 2008

Mary Hayter – Secretary

Elmley Small grants – Disability Film Festival 2008

Yvette Priestley – Treasurer

Lankelly Chase – Year two of the Visual Arts Development Programme

Jayni Anderton

Shropshire Partnership Equality and Diversity Awards – Breaking Down the Barriers

Ann Bennett Stephen Gibson

South Shropshire District Council – core funding

Maralyn Hepworth

Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough Council – core funding

Ruth Kaye

Shropshire County Council – core funding

Joy Tudor

Awards for All – Breaking down the barriers

Ian Wainwright

Lloyds TSB – Carnival 07 and Just Dali


DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES FOR THE PERIOD 27 MARCH 2007 TO 31 MARCH 2008 Period 27.3.07 to 31.3.08 £ INCOMING RESOURCES Income from charitable trading activity: Grants receivable 94,416 Charitable trading income 2,760 Bank interest receivable 845 TOTAL INCOMING RESOURCES 98,021

Year Ended 26.3.07 £ 101,307 10,061 447 111,815

RESOURCES EXPENDED Charitable expenditure: Costs in furtherance of charitable objectives 27,147 Management and administration 77,758

24,726 71,117






Balances brought forward

28,167 12,195

Balances carried forward





DASh ANNUAL REPORT 07 – 08 Performance and Exhibition figures 2007 - 2008

Visual Arts Participants 2007 - 2008

Carnival Participants 2007 - 2008