Donor Report: 2022

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WDuring the past year -- my first as Dean, I had the privilege of meeting many members of our American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) community: engaged alumni, excellent students, exceptional faculty, talented staff, and generous friends. It has made me realize just how strong we are.

The engagement of that community has enabled AUWCL to push forward on its five priorities, building a momentum that is reaping tangible results. I want to update you on our exciting news.

Scholarship and Teaching. An institution with faculty recognized among the Top 50 law faculties for scholarly impact, we continue to attract amazing faculty. This fall, we added four extraordinary tenure-line faculty members with outstanding credentials, expertise, and teaching and scholarly reach. In addition, we expanded our curricular offerings through innovative programs - launching new initiatives in areas such as ESG and Sport and Society.

Reputation and Impact. U.S. News & World Report ranked three of our programs - #3 Clinical Program, #3 Trial Advocacy, #5 Part-Time JD - among the Top 5 in the country, five of our programs in the Top 10, and seven programs ranked among the Top 25. We also moved up eight slots in the overall ranking. WCL is in the Top 75 for the first time in seven years, and our peer reputation ranking is even higher, in the Top 50. Furthermore, AUWCL just welcomed a diverse and accomplished J.D. first-year class with the strongest admissions metrics index in our history.

Diversity, Community, Civility, and Respect. We deepened our commitment to these important values through events organized by our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, including a fireside chat with Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt and community discussions on lawyers’ roles in combating hate. Our Pence Law Library organized online resources that are useful in countering hate and intolerance. And our Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Affinity Relations sponsored initiatives throughout the year

aimed at greater inclusion and sense of belonging among our students.

World-Class Student and Alumni Experience. We made investments in bar passage and job placement and have seen significant gains in both of these important measures of student outcomes. We also invested in financial aid, student wellness, mental health, and academic excellence, and recently launched an exciting new Dean’s Professionalism Certificate initiative which will support the personal and professional success of our students. In addition, we are engaging alumni around the world, and are creating opportunities for our graduates to benefit from professional network and career development resources within the vibrant AUWCL alumni community.

Financial Resources and Sustainability. To maintain our standing as a leading law school, we are committed to the continual and responsible stewardship of our financial resources while adding exciting initiatives to attract new donors and investment that supports our mission to prepare lawyers and professionals who lead with conviction and champion what matters.

Much of what we accomplish is possible because of alumni like you. Thank you to all of our faculty, staff, alumni and friends who contributed to our community last year. I hope you will join me in congratulating, and recognizing, all of these amazing supporters. I look forward to what we will accomplish together in our shared future.

With gratitude,

ROGER A. FAIRFAX JR. Dean and Professor of Law American University Washington College of Law


GIFTS OF $100,000 and ABOVE William I. Jacobs

GIFTS OF $50,000 to $99,999

The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley Jasper C. Kwoh

GIFTS OF $25,000 to $49,999

Kathy Aneta Lieberman

Jeany Mark Caroline Schaefer & David Schaefer

GIFTS OF $10,000 to $24,999

Hassan Alaghband Catherine Futter

Barbara E. Futter Eric J. Gertler Robert K. Goldman

Sally J. Hartman

Gerald Lee & Edna Ruth Vincent

Adam Katz & Yvonne Metcalfe Sharon L. Menaker

John Nadolenco & Nicole Nadolenco Richard M. Pollak

Marty Jay Schwartz Ed Smith D. Timothy Webb

GIFTS OF $5,000 to $9,999

Louise Battist & Gerald Battist

Jennifer Bonanno & Peter Bonanno II Milton Cerny & Patricia Cerny Eugene Conley Jr. & Stephanie Conley C. Deese & Pamela Deese Brian Egan William E. Gaylor III

Behzad Gohari & Sybil Gohari

Donna Henry & Bruce Henry James Tilghman Holmes

Michael Lubowitz

Jacqueline L. Jackson

John R Jacob

Katherine Johnson

Byungsik Jung

Philip H. Oettinger

Loren C. Ponds

Jason D. Schwartz

Ann C. Shalleck

Kyle Walker

GIFTS OF $2,500 to $4,999

Nancy Abramowitz & Mark Ellenberg

Nancy Lynn Alper

Benjamin M. Azoff

Sean Barry & Amber Barry Sara Berman

Debbie Betts & Kirk Betts

Justin Cohen & Rachel Weiner Cohen E. Coles & John Karl

Anthony W. Crowell

Monica D. Cunningham

Maureen Duignan

Roger Goldman & Fern Portnoy

Jeffrey Neil Greenblatt

Claudio Grossman & Irene Klinger

Eric Huang & Adilene Nunez

Harold Krauthamer & Joan Krauthamer

Amanda Cohen Leiter

Susan S. Luse

Melissa Maalouf & Khalil Maalouf

Bryan MacPherson & Pamela Van Hine George Marcou & Karen Marcou

Deborah Starr Meland Elliott S. Milstein

Anthony Noble Leslye Orloff & James Roby

Robert Pincus & Kathryn Pincus

William Pollinger & Helen Pollinger

Adeen Postar & Michael Postar

Ella Rappoport & Stephen Rappoport

Sara Razi & Benjamin Razi

Marc Roberts & Linda Roberts

Sambhav Sankar

Onkar N. Sharma

Lewis Shrensky & Barbara Shrensky

William Snape

Robert G. Vaughn

Jonathan C. White Natalia C. Wilson

Frederic Keith Wine

GIFTS OF $1,000 to $2,599

Tracey Bass & Ronald Bass

Michael Bassik & Alexandra Bassik Candace N. Beck

John Bess & Brenda Smith

Eric Biel & Dana Rosenfeld

William M. Bloss

Wallace Boston Jr. & Sharon Boston

Margaret Bowman & David Hunter

Vanessa K. Burrows

Susan Carle & Henry Friedman

Peggy Casey-Friedman & Martin Friedman

Jennifer E. Cassell

J. Michael Cavanaugh

Devin Chin-Lee & W. Chin-Lee

David Michael Cobb

Bonnie R. Cohen

David Curtiss & Erin Curtiss

Jivan B. Datta

Robert Dinerstein & Joan Fread

Peter Lance Dwares

A. Eckert & Stanley Lipshultz

Brian E. Foont

Oron Gan & Rebeccah Gan

Linnette Garber & Randall Garber

Albin Gess & Brenda Gess

Gail C. Ginsberg

Ellen Gleberman & David Laufer

Elizabeth Grae & Seth Grae

Samuel Halpern & Marsha Halpern Patricia G. Hammes

Erica & Marc Hankin

Jason C. Hegt

James K. Hickel

Deborah P. Kelly Andrew Kim

Rick Anthony Lazio Lynne Lerner & Mark Lerner

Jesse E. Levine

Richard A. Levy

Leona Libman & George Libman Stacy R. Linden

Sandy Liss & Elliot Liss Jeffrey S. Lubbers

James May & Mary Mintz

Eileen R.F. McCall Rebecca McCay & R. McCay Mary M. McLeroy

Silvia Mendez & Juan Mendez

Daniel Metzmaier & Lisa Phelan Hurmayonne W. Morgan

Braden M. Murphy

Lisbeth Oliver & Augustus Oliver

Tonja M. Orr

Corrine Parver & Leonard Parver Rodney D. Peele

James W. Perkins

Ernest Posner & Gretel Posner

Benjamin Powell Steven P. Ragland

Anita Horn Rizek

T. Ryan & Judith Ryan

Susan E. Schechter

Rhonda Schwartz & Stephen Wermiel Anjali Shah & Rahul Shah

Fredric Sosnick

Ann R. Sparrough

David Alan Splitt

David Edward Springer Michael A. Stephens Michael Alan Stern† Lisa Stern & Robert Stern Christopher Stock Colleen Stoltz & Michael Stoltz

† Deceased The donor listing recognizes donors who made cash contributions of $500 and above.

Christopher Tahbaz & Leah Tahbaz

Camille Thompson

Robert Urkums, Jr. Richard R. Verma

Debra Walton & Reggie Walton

Laurie Wishner & Mark Wishner Scott D. Woldow Joshua David Zarrow Carl E. Zwisler

GIFTS OF $500 to $999

Alexandros R. Aldous Alison Y. Ashe-Card

Joyce Ann Brentley Baker & Isaiah Baker† Kevin Barnett & Sheila Barnett

Jamila Beckford Maya A. Bernstein

Gina Betts & Kenneth Betts

Nadia Boyer & Mark Boyer

Robert Brewer & Constance Lohse

Aaron M. Brown

Daniel Bucca Christina Busso & Marshall Lammers

Andrew Caridas

Michael Carroll & Kristy Carroll

Joseph Cassidy & Elizabeth Cassidy Stephen G. Charkoudian

Janie Chuang & Ashley Parrish

Laurie Davis & Joseph Sellers

Todd Devorsetz & Jennifer O’Shea Charles E. DiLeva James Dolan Abigail Cleary Duggan Colleen Duncan & Kevin Duncan Sarah E. Fry Shawn L. Fultz Jane Garrido Daniel Martin Geffner Alexis L. Gilroy

John L. Goheen

Alice Hill & Peter Starr

Marcia Hochman & Joel Mitnick

Louisa Horton Goldstein Lawrence Bennett Goodwin Brian Gregory Sonali Gunawardhana

Paul E. Hagen

Jennifer Han & Ivan Han

Katherine Hayes & Mark Hayes

Richard Heller & Joan Heller

Amanda A. Hickman

Andrea S. Hirsch

Steven Isaacson & Davida Isaacson Douglas Jacobson & Emily Jacobson David Jaffe & Julianne Jaffe Scott D. Johnson Cynthia E. Jones

Elena Kaplan Sue-Jean J. Kim

Peter Kissel & Sharon Kissel

Stephanie Klein & David Landau Lindsey B. Lang

Gerard Robert Lear

Randall Lewis & Patricia Lewis

Roxanne Lindholm & Douglas Lindholm

Cheryl Lindstrom

Angie McCarthy & Roland Pratt

William A. McCue

Joel Michaels & Jennifer Russel

Charles Delane Mitchell

Severina Mladenova & Matthew Nicely

Eric Newman & Lyris Newman

Robert Jon Owen

Sanford Parnes & Lydia Parnes

Lorine Pendleton

Waldemar Pflepsen & Paula Pflepsen

Laurence F. Pulgram

Linda Ann Prasil & John Rank

Jayesh Rathod

Robert Reutershan & Susan Reutershan

Debra Sidman & Andrew Sidman

William Stohler & Johanna Stohler

James R. Sullivan, III

Susan Ugelow & Richard Ugelow

Benjamin T. Verney

Brian White

Norman White & Christine White

Sandy Wilkes & Helen Wilkes

Andrew Paul P. Zarnowiecki

Daniel L. Zelenko



Richard David Guy (JD ‘56)

Preston Carlisle (JD ‘58)

Judge Albert Stallone (JD ‘58)

Milton Cerny (JD ‘59)


Paul Kramer (JD ‘61)

Carol W. Bernstein (JD ‘63)

Thomas Zack (JD ‘63)

The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley (JD ‘64)

Ronald A. Ginsburg (JD ‘64)

Charles B. Lennahan (JD ‘64)

Jonathan Pavlo Marget (JD ‘64)

Richard Peterson (JD ‘64)

Gerald Battist (JD ‘66)

Gwendolyn Carlberg (JD ‘66)

Martin Cowen (JD ‘66)

William I. Jacobs (JD ‘66)

Ellen Carol Dove (JD ‘67)

Stuart Greenfeig (JD ‘67)

Ernest Posner (JD ‘67)

Kenneth Shapiro (JD ‘67)

Michael Weisberg (JD ‘67)

David G Ferenz (JD ‘68)

Lewis Shrensky (JD ‘68)

Richard Ugelow (JD ‘68)

Charles Wendel (JD ‘68)

Judge Sarah Barker (JD ‘69)

Peter Lance Dwares (JD ‘69)

Fredric Friedberg (JD ‘69)

Roger Goldman (JD ‘69)

Edward Fairfax Greco (JD ‘69)

Harold Krauthamer (JD ‘69)

Richard A. Levy (JD ‘69)

Stephen Lewis (JD ‘69)

William Pollinger (JD ‘69)

Ralph Ruebner (JD ‘69)

Philip Sweeney (JD ‘69)


John Kloch (JD ‘70)

Gerard Robert Lear (JD ‘70)

Stanley Lipshultz (JD ‘70)

Morton Alfred Faller (JD ‘71)

Albin Gess (JD ‘71)

Samuel Halpern (JD ‘71)

Lee Huber (JD ‘71)

Robert T. Hume (JD ‘71)

George Libman (JD ‘71)

George Margolies (JD ‘71)

Charles Joseph McClees, Jr. (JD ‘71)

Joseph Lewis Nackson (JD ‘71)

David Alan Splitt (JD ‘71)

William Stohler (JD ‘71)

Stephen Alderman (JD ‘72)

Ronald Bass (JD ‘72)

David Michael Cobb (JD ‘72)

Jason Stephen Hegy (JD ‘72)

Steven Isaacson (JD ‘72)

Peter Kissel (JD ‘72)

John Fairbanks McDermid (JD ‘72)

Lawrence Hunt Posner (JD ‘72)

Gwendolyn Reams (JD ‘72)

Marc Roberts (JD ‘72)

Ann R. Sparrough (JD ‘72)

Monica D. Cunningham (JD ‘73)

Ellen Friedell (JD ‘73)

Gail C. Ginsberg (JD ‘73)

Jeffrey Neil Greenblatt (JD ‘73)

Paul Lieberman (JD ‘73)

John O’Brien (JD ‘73)

Judith O’Neill (JD ‘73)

T. Ryan (JD ‘73)

Jay Silberman (JD ‘73)

Michael Stolbach (JD ‘73)

Maurice Burstein (JD ‘74)

Daniel Martin Geffner (JD ‘74)

Geraldine R Gennet (JD ‘74)

Jacqueline L Jackson (JD ‘74)

Lawrence Jacobs (JD ‘74)

Stephen Rappoport (JD ‘74)

† Deceased


Jacob Bedingfield was a law student in 2013, scraping through a summer with an unpaid internship at the Federal Maritime Commission. He was interested in a new hospitality law program American University Washington College of Law was about to launch, but money was tight.

A gift from a loyal supporter of AUWCL would make Bedingfield’s participation in this program possible.

D.C. lawyer David Osnos, who died in early January, a day before his 90th birthday, provided the small scholarship that allowed Bedingfield to enroll in the two-week program. This initial gift led to many other instances of support by Osnos, who believed strongly in the program and its students.

Thanks to Osnos, 40 more students took part in the symposium.

“There was a pure philanthropy involved with David, a sense of purposeful giving,” said Stephen Shapiro, who directs WCL’s Hospitality and Tourism Law Program. “He wasn’t giving a huge sum of money but he knew it would make a difference, take the edge off for students. He received something, too: It was absolutely important for him to know his students.”

It became a routine for Osnos Scholars to go out for lunch with their benefactor and Shapiro. Sometimes they attended hockey or basketball games together. Osnos’ storytelling always was the highlight.

“They were thoughtful stories about the practice of law,” Shapiro said. Osnos would have had no shortage of stories from a legal career at the front line of the District of Columbia’s evolution. As an attorney with Arent Fox for more than six decades, he was the respected dealmaker for iconic local names, among them Marriott Hotels, Clark Construction Group, property developer Conrad Cafritz and sports team owner Abe Pollin. For Pollin, Osnos worked on everything from construction contracts for the Capital One Arena to negotiations with players for the NHL Washington Capitals, NBA Washington Wizards and WNBA Washington Mystics.

Bedingfield, WCL/JD 2014, is now legal counsel at Realty Income and a former associate at Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders. What he learned at that summer hospitality law symposium has been useful in his career, but he said he gained even greater benefit from the personal interaction with Osnos, who was not a WCL alum but supported the school in a meaningful way. “His connection, his care, his continued engagement were a far greater gift than the scholarship money,” Bedingfield said. “As a law student, you have contacts with people who say they are happy to help, just send them a resume. People like David went farther than that. I don’t think I ever doubted his generosity, his desire to be supportive.”

Off-and-on contact with Osnos continued over the years. Once, the two men even found themselves across the table from one another during negotiations over a ground lease deal for a hotel project.

Shapiro kept Osnos up to date on Osnos Scholars’ promotions or other accomplishments. “He would always respond,” Shapiro noted.

The scholarships were focused on students in the intensive two-week hospitality and tourism program, which covers legal issues related to hotels, insurance, intellectual property, reservation systems, labor, architecture and design, casinos and sports betting and other hospitality sector concerns. Architects, planners and other experts make presentations during the mornings of each symposium while afternoons and evenings are taken up with tours of hotels, casinos and other venues. In between, an Osnos Lecture spotlights high profile or emerging topics in the field.

Shapiro said Osnos wanted to see young lawyer succeed. He noted that support for the Osnos Scholars also came from Osnos’ clients.

“David’s generosity and his desire to help and bring up the young lawyers who came behind him has always stood out for me,” Bedingfield said. Help open access to WCL’s Hospitality and Tourism Law Program by continuing David Osnos’s legacy through the Osnos Scholars program.


Reggie Walton (JD ‘74)

Kenneth Watov (JD ‘74)

Benedetto Giliberti (JD ‘75)

Robert Hibbert (JD ‘75)

Sanford Kantor (JD ‘75)

Thomas McKean (JD ‘75)

Joel Michaels (JD ‘75)

Catherine Miller (JD ‘75)

Augustus Oliver (JD ‘75)

Gilbert Rothenberg (JD ‘75)

Kenneth Shutzer (JD ‘75)

Sandy Wilkes (JD ‘75)

Mark Wishner (JD ‘75)

Robert Zelnick (JD ‘75)

Paul Accettura (JD ‘76)

Bruce Aitken (JD ‘76)

Steven Casselberry (JD ‘76)

Martin Friedman (JD ‘76)

Robert Gottke (JD ‘76)

Gerald Lee, (JD ‘76)

Bryan MacPherson (JD ‘76)

Peter Mason (JD ‘76)

Gordon Andrew McKay (JD ‘76)

Tonja M. Orr (JD ‘76)

Sanford Parnes (JD ‘76)

S. Pauker (JD ‘76)

Robert Reutershan (JD ‘76)

Ian Zachary Rubinstein (JD ‘76)

Veronica Small (JD ‘76)

D. Timothy Webb (JD ‘76)

Carolyn Catherine Zollar (JD ‘76)

Francis John Biros (JD ‘77)

Maj. Bruce Brown (JD ‘77)

Michael Dallas (JD ‘77)

Terrie Gale (JD ‘77)

Louisa Horton Goldstein (JD ‘77)

Kenneth Hairston (JD ‘77)

James Tilghman Holmes (JD ‘77)

Sally Hurme (JD ‘77)

Susan S. Luse (JD ‘77)

Thomas Morante (JD ‘77)

Lydia Parnes (JD ‘77)

Waldemar Pflepsen (JD ‘77)

Margaret Pfunder (JD ‘77)

Linda Ann Prasil (JD ‘77)

Honorable Douglas Alan Seymour (JD ‘77)

Andrew Sidman (JD ‘77)

Jordan Tannenbaum (JD ‘77)

Susan Walden (JD ‘77)

Paul Roitman Bardack (JD ‘78)

William Behan Jr. (JD ‘78)

Devin Chin-Lee (JD ‘78)

Robert Alan Ganton (JD ‘78)

Joseph Hartzler (JD ‘78) & Lisa Hartzler (JD ‘78)

Joan Heller (JD ‘78)

David Landau (JD ‘78)

John Leslie (JD ‘78)

Karen McCleary Cale Lockwood (JD ‘78)

Constance Lohse (JD ‘78)

† Deceased

Ronald J. Marshall (JD ‘78)

James Murphy (JD ‘78)

Susan Reutershan (JD ‘78)

Stephen Swartz (JD ‘78)

Nancy Lynn Alper (JD ‘79)

Carol Aten (JD ‘79)

Kirk Betts (JD ‘79)

Judith S Bresler (JD ‘79)

Laurie Davis (JD ‘79)

Maureen Duignan (JD ‘79)

Barbara Giliberti (JD ‘79)

Ellen Gleberman (JD ‘79)

Lawrence Bennett Goodwin (JD ‘79)

Susan Harris (JD ‘79)

Sally J. Hartman (JD ‘79)

Richard Joseph Hirn (JD ‘79)

ames Hulme (JD ‘79)

John Karl (JD ‘79)

Stuart Kaswell (JD ‘79)

Stephen S. Kaye (JD ‘79)

Jean M. Kelleher (JD ‘79)

Judge Stephanie Klein (JD ‘79)

Mark Lerner (JD ‘79)

Susan Pettee (JD ‘79)

John Wooten Renaud (JD ‘79)

Marty Jay Schwartz (JD ‘79)

Peg Shaw (JD ‘79)

Steven G. Speil (JD ‘79)

David Edward Springer (JD ‘79)

Lucinda Swartz (JD ‘79)


Patricia Aiken-O’Neill (JD ‘80)

Ronald Carlberg (JD ‘80)

Mark Engstrom (JD ‘80)

Dr. Jeffrey A. Horn (JD ‘80)

Joseph Ingrisano (JD ‘80)

Judith Leader (JD ‘80)

Robert Pincus (JD ‘80)

Rebecca Reed (JD ‘80)

Michael Alan Stern† (JD ‘80)

Dana F. Abrahamsen (JD ‘81)

James Baldwin (JD ‘81)

Bruce Carlson (JD ‘81)

Stephanie Conley (JD ‘81)

Estelle Annette Lavoie (JD ‘81)

Lloyd Leonard (JD ‘81)

William Francis Mackey, Ph.D. (JD ‘81)

Suzanne L. Mager (JD ‘81)

R. McCay (JD ‘81)

Joel Mitnick (JD ‘81)

Helen Sigmond (JD ‘81)

Timothy Winslow (JD ‘81)

Barbara Anderson (JD ‘82)

Rhoda Barish (JD ‘82)

Joyce Ann Brentley Baker (JD ‘82)

Thomas Chapman (JD ‘82)

Trent Dickey (JD ‘82)

David Eppsteiner (JD ‘82)

Professor Stephanie T. Farrior (JD ‘82)

Rena A. Gorlin (JD ‘82)

James K. Hickel (JD ‘82)

Keith Hill (JD ‘82)

Lindsey B. Lang (JD ‘82)

Daniel Macy (JD ‘82)

William A. McCue (JD ‘82)

Le-Nhung McLeland (JD ‘82)

Corrine Parver (JD ‘82)

Melissa Rhea (JD ‘82)

John Rosenberg (JD ‘82)

Kathleen A. Scott (JD ‘82)

Dorothy Turi (JD ‘82)

Ralph Earl Watkins (JD ‘82)

Stephen Wermiel (JD ‘82)

R. Anderson (JD ‘83)

Barbara M. Behun (JD ‘83)

Elan Blutinger (JD ‘83)

Susan Chidakel (JD ‘83)

Robert Dalzell (JD ‘83)

Pamela Deese (JD ‘83)

Andrea S. Hirsch (JD ‘83)

Mark David Laponsky (JD ‘83)

Rick Anthony Lazio (JD ‘83)

Naomi Rita Levin (JD ‘83)

Stephanie Lewis (JD ‘83)

Deborah Starr Meland (JD ‘83)

Jonathan Joseph Reiss (JD ‘83)

Robert Stern (JD ‘83)

Cindy Birnbaum-Ronson (JD ‘84)

William M. Bloss (JD ‘84)

Sharon Boston (JD ‘84)

Mark Boyer (JD ‘84)

Michele Cohen (JD ‘84)

Linnette Garber (JD ‘84)

Hillary Gebler (JD ‘84)

Anton P. Giedt (JD ‘84)

Bruce Henry (JD ‘84)

Eileen R.F. McCall (JD ‘84)

Silvia Mendez (LLM ‘84)

Susan Montiel (JD ‘84)

Harvey Morrell (JD ‘84)

Andrea Lynn Pearl (JD ‘84)

Dana Rosenfeld (JD ‘84)

Frederic Keith Wine (JD ‘84)

Peter Wolk (JD ‘84)

Brenda Abrams (JD ‘85)

Gina Betts (JD ‘85)

Kathleen Marie Dowd (JD ‘85)

John Heywood (JD ‘85)

Douglas Lindholm (JD ‘85)

Carol Meier (JD ‘85)

Louis Miron (JD ‘85)

Kimberly Anne Monti (JD ‘85)

David Rogers (JD ‘85)

Therese Salus (JD ‘85)

Susan E. Schechter (JD ‘85)

Joseph Lawrence Seidel (JD ‘85)

John Perry Servis (JD ‘85)


Carrie Lee Sutherland (JD ‘85)

Leslie Whelchel-Mathews (JD ‘85)

Beth Abramson Brier (JD ‘86)

Anna M. Bryant (JD ‘86)

Dean Lawrence Burrell (JD ‘86)

Alan Casper (JD ‘86)

Thomas J. Delaney (JD ‘86)

Daniel Ferris (JD ‘86)

Elayne Gail Gold (JD ‘86)

Adam Katz (JD ‘86)

Esther Liss (JD ‘86)

Margaret Clare McHugh (JD ‘86)

Frank Molony (JD ‘86)

Lisa Phelan (JD ‘86)

Jack M. Shanahan (JD ‘86)

Steven J. Sibner (JD ‘86)

Daniel Small (JD ‘86)

Scott Taebel (JD ‘86)

Lillian McBee Trippett (JD ‘86)

Joshua David Zarrow (JD ‘86)

Wayne T. Ault (JD ‘87)

Jesse Caplan (JD ‘87)

Martin D Dupuis (JD ‘87)

Mary Giblin (JD ‘87)

Julie Novick (JD ‘87)

James W Perkins (JD ‘87)

Judge Juliette Scales (JD ‘87)

Henry L Barton (JD ‘88)

Joel Berelson (JD ‘88)

Joseph F Bouvier (JD ‘88)

David Fishman (JD ‘88)

Seth Grae (JD ‘88)

Rochelle Hodes (JD ‘88)

Deborah P. Kelly (JD ‘88)

Masako C. Shiono (JD ‘88)

Sara Slaff (JD ‘88)

Keven Vance (JD ‘88)

Eric M Alper (JD ‘89)

Mina Sylvia Darfoor (LLM ‘89)

Janet Fishman (JD ‘89)

John Francis (JD ‘89)

Barbara E Futter (JD ‘89)

William E. Gaylor III Esq. (JD ‘89)

Jennifer L. Hall (JD ‘89)

Cynthia E. Jones (JD ‘89)

Linda Locraft (JD ‘89)

Kenneth Markowitz (JD ‘89)

Deanne M. Sobczak (JD ‘89)

Edna Ruth Vincent (JD ‘89)


Eric J. Gertler (JD ‘90)

Richard Glaser (JD ‘90)

Paul E. Hagen (JD ‘90)

Gloria C. Harper-Simon (JD ‘90)

Dr. Douglas Jacobson (JD ‘90)

Susan Livingston (JD ‘90)

Matthew D. Roberts (JD ‘90)

Fredric Sosnick (JD ‘90)

Michele Wiewall Curran (JD ‘90)

Dolly Abizeid (JD ‘91)

Esther Alpert (JD ‘91)

Howard D. Criswell (JD ‘91)

Sherry K. Gaier (JD ‘91)

Constance C. Hickey (JD ‘91)

Meredith Lee Jason (JD ‘91)

Elliot Liss (JD ‘91)

Andrew Lustigman (JD ‘91)

Melissa H McNiven (JD ‘91)

Matthew Nicely (JD ‘91)

Pamela J Rypkema (JD ‘91)

W. Sterling (JD ‘91)

John Struhs (JD ‘91)

Alvaro Aguilar (LLM ‘92)

Alison Y. Ashe-Card (JD ‘92)

Jacqueline B. Berman (JD ‘92)

Cynthia Boyle (JD ‘92)

Elizabeth Cassidy (JD ‘92)

Stephen G. Charkoudian (JD ‘92)

Daniel Chilewich (JD ‘92)

Maureen A. Delaney (JD ‘92)

Kelly Grems (JD ‘92)

Amy B. Jabloner (JD ‘92)

Kirsten Kunz (JD ‘92)

Houeida Saad (JD ‘92)

Leah Tahbaz (JD ‘92)

Mark Robert Zunich (JD ‘92)

Peter Bonanno II (JD ‘93)

Aaron M. Brown (JD ‘93)

Thomas J. Conte (JD ‘93)

Paul Edelstein (JD ‘93)

Patricia G. Hammes (JD ‘93)

John R. Jacob (JD ‘93)

David Jaffe (JD ‘93)

Diana L. Preston (JD ‘93)

Ambassador Richard R. Verma (JD ‘93)

Patricia A. Baker-Simon (JD ‘94)

Jennifer Bonanno (JD ‘94)

Jesica Elizabeth Dobbins Lindgren (JD ‘94)

Heather A. Gordon (JD ‘94)

Robert Guitteau Jr. (JD ‘94)

Nancy F. Karkowsky (JD ‘94)

Kathy Aneta Lieberman (JD ‘94)

Michael J Marcello (JD ‘94)

Jeany Mark (JD ‘94)

Laura D. Middleton (JD ‘94)

Philip H. Oettinger (JD ‘94)

Lisa M. Tittemore (JD ‘94)

Alisa A. Wilkins (JD ‘94)

Tara L. Allgood (JD ‘95)

Anne Marie M Boehler (JD ‘95)

Lesley Brovner (JD ‘95)

Steven J. Gerber (JD ‘95)

Srinivasa R. Jonnalagadda (LLM ‘95)

Susan L. Kimmel (JD ‘95)

Andrew Robert Lee (JD ‘95)

Karen Marcou (JD ‘95)

Colleen B. McCrystal, (JD ‘95)

John Nadolenco, (JD ‘95)

Frank S. Shyn, (JD ‘95)

Tori Wincup Ragen, (JD ‘95)

Shogo Asaji (JD ‘96)

David H. Brill (JD ‘96)

Jivan B. Datta (JD ‘96)

Brian E. Foont (JD ‘96)

Todd K. Helwig (JD ‘96)

Bruce R. MacNeil (JD ‘96)

Caroline Schaefer (JD ‘96)

Catherine Schreiber (JD ‘96)

Frank H. Anderson, MD (JD ‘97)

Marta Castiglione (LLM ‘97)

Anthony W. Crowell (JD ‘97)

Mark Denbo (JD ‘97) &

Amanda La Forge (JD ‘97)

Laura R. Epstein (JD ‘97)

Jasmina Kurbasic (LLM ‘97)

Rachel A. Lawrence (JD ‘97)

Scott M. Levine (JD ‘97)

Melissa Luck (JD ‘97)

Jonathan R. Ratchik (JD ‘97)

Jennifer A. Reusse (JD ‘97)

Scott D. Woldow (JD ‘97)

Daniel L. Zelenko (JD ‘97)

Julie K. Alpert (JD ‘98)

Candace Cavalier (JD ‘98)

Christopher A. Ekeocha (JD ‘98)

Michelle Ferguson (JD ‘98)

Mark Glassman (JD ‘98)

Eden M. Heard (JD ‘98)

William L. Hurlock (JD ‘98)

Elena Kaplan (JD ‘98)

Margaret Leigh Kessler (JD ‘98)

Hyunsik Lim (JD ‘98)

Stacy R. Linden (JD ‘98)

Erin Loubier (JD ‘98)

Jennifer T. Mallon (JD ‘98)

Charles Delane Mitchell (JD ‘98)

Richard M. Pollak (JD ‘98)

Christina Stock (JD ‘98)

Patrick J. Wells (JD ‘98)

Candace N. Beck, (JD ‘99)

Maya A. Bernstein (JD ‘99)

Daniel Bucca (JD ‘99)

Margaret E. Caravelli (JD ‘99)

Brian Gregory (JD ‘99)

Mary Grace A. O’Malley (JD ‘99)

Michael A. Stephens (JD ‘99)

Michael Stoltz (JD ‘99)

Cheryl L. Williams (JD ‘99)


Jamila Beckford (JD ‘00)

Cathleen D. Caron (JD ‘00)

Jason Dalen (JD ‘00)

Todd Devorsetz (JD ‘00)

Stacey D. Finley (JD ‘00)

Mark A. Forand (JD ‘00)


Kez G. Gabriel (JD ‘00)

The Honorable Tanya M. Jones Bosier (JD ‘00)

Sue-Jean J. Kim (JD ‘00)

Deborah R. King (JD ‘00)

Louis M. Leibowitz (JD ‘00)

Jill M. Nusbaum (JD ‘00)

Sara Razi (JD ‘00) & Benjamin Razi (JD ‘00)

Christine White (JD ‘00)

Andrew Paul P Zarnowiecki (JD ‘00)

Jenifer Cromwell (JD ‘01)

Rodolfo A. De Leon (JD ‘01)

Rebeccah Gan (JD ‘01)

Jennifer Han (JD ‘01)

Fahryn E. Hoffman (JD ‘01)

Virginie Lecaillon (LLM ‘01)

Sandra S. Marchenko (JD ‘01)

Braden M. Murphy (JD ‘01)

Anjum K. Sikka (JD ‘01)

Cindy Squires (JD ‘01)

Sean M. Sullivan (JD ‘01)

Jamie Abrams (JD ‘02)

Dennis J. Amari (JD ‘02)

Christina Busso (JD ‘02)

Bruce H. Cork (JD ‘02)

Lori G. Galletto (JD ‘02)

Alexis L. Gilroy (JD ‘02)

Brooke B. Grandle (JD ‘02)

Katherine Hayes (JD ‘02)

Dustin T. Johnson (JD ‘02)

Steven P. Montgomery (JD ‘02)

Loren C. Ponds (JD ‘02)

Steven P. Ragland (JD ‘02)

Anita Horn Rizek (JD ‘02)

Eyal S Rosenstock (JD ‘02)

Rahul Shah (JD ‘02)

A. Catherine Sircy (JD ‘02)

Ariel Alarcon (LLM ‘03) & Virginie Lemay-Alarcon (LLM ‘03)

Benjamin M. Azoff (JD ‘03)

Rebecca R. Blitstein(JD ‘03)

Ryan W. Borho (JD ‘03)

Sonali Gunawardhana (LLM ‘03)

Virginia H. Henning (JD ‘03)

Laura K. Herr (JD ‘03)

Anna Howard (JD ‘03)

Beverly G. Hudnut (JD ‘03)

David M. Kerwin (JD ‘03)

Kirill Reznik (JD ‘03)

Elizabeth Abraham (JD ‘04)

Jeremy S. Barber (JD ‘04)

James Bernier (JD ‘04)

Louisa L. Blanchard (LLM ‘04)

Victor A. Bonett (JD ‘04)

Brian P. Egan (JD ‘04)

Jasper C. Kwoh (JD ‘04)

Marshall Lammers (JD ‘04)

Jason Maddux (JD ‘04)

Mary M. McLeroy (JD ‘04)

Victoria Molenda (JD ‘04)

Rodney D. Peele (JD ‘04)

Thomas Rees III (JD ‘04)

Justine M. Rukeba (LLM ‘04)

Jane E. Sung (JD ‘04)

Karen S. Underwood (JD ‘04)

Alexandros R. Aldous (JD ‘05)

Alan K. Boal (JD ‘05)

Erin K. Flynn (JD ‘05)

Sarah E. Fry (JD ‘05)

Erika M. Gaspar (JD ‘05)

David Kei-Kung Ho (JD ‘05)

Eric Huang (JD ‘05)

Tejal M. Jesrani (JD ‘05)

Robert M. Kahn (JD ‘05)

Michael Kraft (JD ‘05)

Janardan Kudchadkar (JD ‘05)

Christine L. Lin (JD ‘05)

Devin Langdon Mack (JD ‘05)

Megan C. Michiels (JD ‘05)

Lilian C. Tsai (JD ‘05)

Carl E. Tugberk (JD ‘05)

Daniel J. Vukelich (JD ‘05)

Hillary Webber (JD ‘05)

Natalia C. Wilson (JD ‘05)

Vanessa K. Burrows (JD ‘06)

Jennifer E. Cassell (JD ‘06)

Mark Hayes (JD ‘06)

Priscilla Huang (JD ‘06)

Kimberly D. Iden (JD ‘06)

Byungsik Jung (SJD ‘06)

Shadi Karimi (LLM ‘06)

Julia Messitte (JD ‘06)

Amelia T. Samaras (JD ‘06)

Philip Schreiber (JD ‘06) & Jamie Stulin (JD ‘06)

Fabian D. Walters (JD ‘06)

Mariam Ahmedani (JD ‘07)

B. Folake Alexander (LLM ‘07)

Michael Bassik (JD ‘07)

Candice M. Cornish (JD ‘07)

Jane Garrido (JD ‘07)

Brett S. Garson (JD ‘07)

David Greengrass (JD ‘07) & Jessica Reimelt (JD ‘07)

Forrest R. Hansen (JD ‘07)

Dr. Jeffrey C. Lee (JD ‘07)

Jacob H.F.H Lister (JD ‘07)

Melissa Maalouf (JD ‘07)

Linda Olale (LLM ‘07)

Rory L. Pred (JD ‘07)

Gavin T. Ales (JD ‘08)

Melissa D. Brach (JD ‘08)

Benjamin M. Demaria (JD ‘08)

Colleen Duncan (JD ‘08)

Ogochukwu A. Ekwuabu (JD ‘08)

Kimberly A. Gaulin (JD ‘08)

Stacy M. Jones (JD ‘08)

Erika E. Lennon (JD ‘08)

Karim D. Marshall (JD ‘08)

Patricia A. Maskew (JD ‘08)

Daniel G. McCabe (JD ‘08)

Benjamin Nussdorf (JD ‘08)

Sean P. Shecter (JD ‘08)

Andrew Strelka (JD ‘08)

Patrisha L. Tijerina (JD ‘08)

Rachel Weiner Cohen (JD ‘08)

Steven L. Bennet (JD ‘09)

David Curtiss (JD ‘09)

Michael Dreher (JD ‘09)

Jason C. Hegt (JD ‘09)

David B. Kapson (JD ‘09)

Celisse A. Pinkney (JD ‘09)

Jocelyn B. Redman (JD ‘09)

Cristina M. Richards (JD ‘09)

Daniel B. Schulson (JD ‘09)

Jillanne M. Schulte (JD ‘09)

Jason D. Schwartz (JD ‘09)

Alisa H. Tschorke (JD ‘09)


Kathryn M. Ashley (JD ‘10)

Sheila Barnett (JD ‘10) & Kevin Barnett (JD ‘10)

David J. Bergman (JD ‘10)

Meghan M. Boone (JD ‘10)

David R. Courchaine (JD ‘10)

Scott D. Johnson (JD ‘10)

Chitra M. Kalyanaraman (JD ‘10)

Jesse E. Levine (JD ‘10)

Benjamin Moss (JD ‘10)

Anne O’Neill (JD ‘10)

Timothy M. Serie (JD ‘10)

Sara C. Steele (JD ‘10)

Benjamin T. Verney (JD ‘10)

Nicholas F. Alarif (JD ‘11)

Melissa A. Blue Sky (JD ‘11)

Laura G. Drummond (JD ‘11)

Cyrus M. Geranmayeh (JD ‘11)

John L. Goheen (JD ‘11)

Paulo A. Lopes (JD ‘11)

Cody L. Smith (LLM ‘11)

Amy E. Speros (JD ‘11)

Eleanor D. Thompson (JD ‘11)

Andrew Kim (JD ‘12)

Diana Pak Yi (JD ‘12) &

David Teslicko Jr. (JD ‘12)

Emmett W. Pepper (JD ‘12)

Ann R. Slacter (JD ‘12)

Michael C. Spinnicchia (JD ‘12)

Jane D. Wetterau (JD ‘12)

Jeff J. Wurzburg (LLM ‘12)

Stephanie C. Aguirre (JD ‘13)

Xavier E. Alban (JD ‘13)

Timothy J. Callery (JD ‘13)

Yevedzo R. Chitiga (JD ‘13)

Abigail Cleary Duggan (JD ‘13)

Carolyn F. Lindley (JD ‘13)

Angie McCarthy (JD ‘13)


Anne M. Schaufele (JD ‘13)

Jaimie L. Buchbinder (JD ‘14)

Danielle A. Edwards, LLM

Sara L. Falk (JD ‘14)

Elizabeth Grant (JD ‘14)

Velisima N. Guzman (JD ‘14)

Lindsay P. Holmes (LLM ‘14)

Donna Minha (LLM ‘14)

Hannah Pagan (JD ‘14)

Prianka P. Sharma-Iacobucci (JD ‘14)

Michael L. Shield (LLM ‘14)

Bjorn Arp (LLM ‘15)

Shawn L. Fultz (JD ‘15)

Nathanael J. Harsy (JD ‘15)

William B. McIntire (JD ‘15)

Hurmayonne W. Morgan (JD ‘15)

Jarrad L. Wood (JD ‘15)

Reginald A. Augustus (JD ‘16)

Raenetta L. Ellison (JD ‘16)

Mark A. Haddox (JD ‘16)

Maria C. Muskus Toro (LLM ‘16)

Daniel G. Schneider (JD ‘16)

Ebunola O. Aniyikaiye (JD ‘17)

Gina M. Colarusso (JD ‘17)

Cindy J. Garo (JD ‘17)

Parker N. Reynolds (LLM ‘17)

Andrew Caridas (LLM ‘18)

Kendall R. Pauley (JD ‘18)

Mel Francis P. Quintos (JD ‘18)

Helena B. Daniel (JD ‘19)

Lorena Guzman Diaz (JD ‘19)

Maria S. Little (JD ‘19)

Luke H. Trompeter (JD ‘19)

Stephanie E. Wald (JD ‘19)

Jonathan C. White (JD ‘19)


Timothy D. Cummings (JD ‘20)

Kira Maroz (LLM ‘20)

James R. Sullivan, III (JD ‘20)

David R. Wasserstein (JD ‘20)

Jaclyn M. Dennis (JD ‘21)

Elena Diane Gartner (JD ‘21)

Christopher A. Jannace (JD ‘21)

Philip N. Killeen (JD ‘21)

Ann Elizabeth McRitchie (JD ‘21)

Xiaomin Su (JD ‘21)



Recognizing donors who made annual contributions of $2,500 or more.

Professor Nancy Abramowitz & Mark Ellenberg

Nancy Lynn Alper

Benjamin M. Azoff

Sean Barry & Amber Barry Louise Battist & Gerald Battist

The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley

Sara Berman

Debbie Betts & Kirk Betts

Jennifer Bonanno & Peter Bonanno II Milton Cerny & Patricia Cerny

Justin Cohen & Rachel Weiner Cohen E. Coles & John Karl

Eugene Conley Jr. & Stephanie Conley Anthony W. Crowell

Monica D. Cunningham C. Deese & Pamela Deese

Maureen Duignan

Brian Egan

Catherine Futter

Barbara E. Futter

William E. Gaylor III Eric J. Gertler

Behzad Gohari & Dr. Sybil Gohari

Robert K. Goldman

Roger Goldman & Fern Portnoy

Jeffrey Neil Greenblatt Claudio Grossman & Dr. Irene Klinger Sally J. Hartman

Donna Henry & Bruce Henry James Tilghman Holmes Eric Huang & Adilene Nunez

Jacqueline L. Jackson John R. Jacob

William I. Jacobs

Katherine Johnson

Byungsik Jung

Adam Katz & Yvonne Metcalfe Harold Krauthamer & Joan Krauthamer

Jasper C. Kwoh

Gerald Lee & Edna Ruth Vincent

Amanda Cohen Leiter

Kathy Aneta Lieberman

Susan S. Luse

Melissa Maalouf & Khalil Maalouf

Bryan MacPherson & Pamela Van Hine

George Marcou & Karen Marcou

Jeany Mark Deborah Starr Meland

Sharon L. Menaker

Professor Elliott S. Milstein

John Nadolenco & Nicole Nadolenco

Anthony Noble Philip H. Oettinger

Leslye Orloff & James Roby

Robert Pincus & Kathryn Pincus

Richard M. Pollak

William Pollinger & Helen Pollinger

Loren C. Ponds

Adeen Postar & Michael Postar

Ella Rappoport & Stephen Rappoport

Sara Razi & Benjamin Razi

Marc Roberts & Linda Roberts

Sambhav Sankar

Caroline Schaefer & David Schaefer

Marty Jay Schwartz

Jason D. Schwartz

Ann C. Shalleck

Onkar N. Sharma

Lewis Shrensky & Barbara Shrensky

Ed Smith

William Snape

Professor Robert G. Vaughn Kyle Walker D. Timothy Webb Jonathan C. White Natalia C. Wilson

Frederic Keith Wine


Recognizing donors who gave for two or more consecutive years.

Elizabeth Abraham & Timothy Essam Dana F. Abrahamsen

Professor Nancy Abramowitz & Mark Ellenberg

Brenda Abrams & Dr. J. Todd Abrams

Paul Accettura & Karen Berman

Robert Adler & Terrie Gale

Mariam Ahmedani

Patricia Aiken-O’Neill & Dr. John O’Neill

Ariel Alarcon & Virginie Lemay-Alarcon Xavier E. Alban

Hilary Allen

Tara L. Allgood

Nancy Lynn Alper Eric M. Alper

R. Anderson & Margaret Anderson Barbara Anderson & Alan Anderson Shogo Asaji Alison Y. Ashe-Card

Carol Aten & James Bickley Wayne T. Ault

James Baldwin & Lesley Giles Jeremy S. Barber

Rhoda Barish & Dr. Michael Polis Kevin Barnett & Sheila Barnett

Henry L. Barton

Tracey Bass & Ronald Bass

Michael Bassik & Alexandra Bassik Louise Battist & Gerald Battist

The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley

Candace N. Beck

Margaret Behan & William Behan Jr. Barbara M. Behun

Andrew Benepe & Jenny Roberts

Steven L. Bennet

Professor Susan Bennett & John Eidleman Steven Bennett & Erin Loubier

Joel Berelson & Charles Maples

David J. Bergman

Maya A. Bernstein

John Bess & Brenda Smith Debbie Betts & Kirk Betts



Adam M. Katz (WCL 1986) wears many hats at American University (AU)—alumnus, recruiter, parent, alumni board member, and adjunct professor. He is also, with his wife Yvonne Metcalfe, a generous and strategic donor to the Washington College of Law (WCL).

As a law student, he was drawn to Washington, DC, as the seat of the federal government. When he was accepted to WCL, he thought, “This is it. This is where I see myself.” He took full advantage of living in the capital, and as a paid intern associate in the national tax office of a global accounting firm, he covered Capitol Hill hearings during the passage of the historic 1986 Tax Reform Act.

Katz went on to a 35-year career in corporate international tax planning and transfer pricing. In the early 1990s, he had a three-year assignment in London, where he met Metcalfe, a fellow tax lawyer.

“We both recently retired following relatively long and successful careers with ‘Big 4’ accounting firms,” said Metcalfe. “Now we want to contribute to causes that have been important to us in our lifetimes.” In May 2021, they established the Adam M. Katz and Yvonne Metcalfe Endowed Scholarship Fund at the Washington College of Law.

Katz said that the Change Can’t Wait campaign prompted them to think about how they could make a lasting difference. “We contribute to a lot of causes at AU where our gifts are pooled, and we wanted to do something more personal,” said Metcalfe. They chose to endow a needs-based endowment to support qualified candidates interested in business and tax law. “We do not want anyone to be barred from exceling in the field of law because of finances.”

A prudent consideration in planning their endowment was the matching gift program at Katz’s former firm. “Retired partners at PricewaterhouseCoopers continue to receive the corporate match policy for as long as they live,” said Katz. The restriction is that the recipient must be a designated strategic recruiting source. Katz was the lead relationship partner for four years and helped AU to gain that distinction within PwC. “It was great to see alums come together to create that affinity within the firm,” he said. “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.”

Around the same time, one of their twin sons enrolled at AU. “Ben, just like Adam, immediately felt comfortable at AU. He liked the diversity and inclusion,” said Metcalfe. Katz’s history and involvement also played a role. “When Ben became an undergraduate, I saw the University in a different light,” reflected Katz. “I thought about how I could take on a bigger role and applied for the Alumni Board. Being a voice for the alumni community at AU is very rewarding.”

Katz also became an adjunct professor. “In planning the second chapter of my career, I knew I wanted to take my work experience into the classroom. An important step was to become accredited through the AACSB Bridge Program for accounting, business and legal practitioners wanting to transition to the classroom.” In 2019, he began teaching international business taxation at WCL, and this past year, he taught undergraduate business law. “I have been involved with students as a mentor, coach, and professor,” said Katz, “and scholarship aid is an area where the law school can advance. Being able to alleviate debt to help students meet their potential motivates us.”

Now they get to see their philanthropy in action. “I look at this gift as a foundation which can grow over time,” Katz said. “When our son Ben graduated Kogod in 2021, it reinforced that our decision to endow a scholarship was the right thing to do, at the right time, to continue our family’s AU legacy.”


Eric Biel & Dana Rosenfeld

Laura Biemel & Jason Maddux

Cindy Birnbaum-Ronson & Charles Ronson

Francis John Biros

Louisa L. Blanchard

William M. Bloss

Melissa A. Blue Sky

Jennifer Bonanno & Peter Bonanno II Ryan W. Borho

Hannah L. Bossert

Dr. Wallace Boston Jr. & Sharon Boston

Joseph F. Bouvier

Margaret Bowman & Professor David Hunter Nadia Boyer & Mark Boyer

Cynthia Boyle & Daniel Naatz

Dr. Kathleen Boyle Dalen & Jason Dalen Melissa D. Brach

Joyce Ann Brentley Baker

Robert Brewer & Constance Lohse

Lesley Brovner & Michael Brovner

Anna M. Bryant

Dr. Daniel Bucca

Dean Lawrence Burrell

Vanessa K. Burrows

Christina Busso & Marshall Lammers

Timothy J. Callery

Robert Campe Bob Campe

Jesse Caplan & Valerie Kerxhalli Andrew Caridas

Gwendolyn Carlberg & Ronald Carlberg

Professor Susan Carle & Henry Friedman

Joan Carlisle & Preston Carlisle Cathleen D. Caron

Michael Carroll & Kristy Carroll Peggy Casey-Friedman & Martin Friedman Christine Casper & Alan Casper Jennifer E. Cassell

Joseph Cassidy & Elizabeth Cassidy Marta Castiglione & Robert Guitteau Jr.

Thomas Chapman & Mary O’Connell

Chilewich & Daniel Chilewich

Devin Chin-Lee & W Chin-Lee

Janie Chuang & Ashley Parrish Cynthia Clancy & Douglas Ovian Barbara Clarke & John Leslie

David Michael Cobb

Bonnie R Cohen

Justin Cohen & Rachel Weiner Cohen Michele Cohen & Marc Prizer

Jimmie Coleman & Llezlie Green

Maya Coleman & Binny Miller

E. Coles & John Karl Donna Collins & Dennis Collins Eugene Conley Jr. & Stephanie Conley David R. Courchaine Howard D. Criswell

Jenifer Cromwell & Brian Reed Anthony W. Crowell

Timothy D. Cummings

Monica D. Cunningham

David Curtiss & Erin Curtiss

Michael Dallas & Kerry Dallas

Robert Dalzell & Eileen Dalzell

Howard Davis & Professor Angela Davis

Laurie Davis & Joseph Sellers

C. Deese & Pamela Deese

Melissa Del Aguila & Dev Talvadkar

Benjamin M Demaria

Todd Devorsetz & Jennifer O’Shea

Inna Dexter & Benjamin Nussdorf

Trent Dickey & N. Dickey

Charles E. DiLeva

Professor Robert Dinerstein & Joan Fread

Jesica Elizabeth Dobbins Lindgren

Kathleen Marie Dowd

Michael Dreher & Amanda Dreher

Laura G. Drummond

Abigail Cleary Duggan

Maureen Duignan

Paul Edelstein & Sharon Edelstein

Danielle A. Edwards

Raenetta L Ellison

Nina Engstrom & Mark Engstrom

Cheryl Eppsteiner & David Eppsteiner

Laura R. Epstein

Dean Roger Fairfax, Jr. Morton Alfred Faller

Dr. Susan H. Farnsworth

Professor Stephanie T. Farrior

David G. Ferenz

Michelle Ferguson & James Ferguson

Paul Figley & Martha Figley

David Fishman & Janet Fishman

Erin K. Flynn

Brian E Foont

Mark A. Forand

John Peter Fracasso

Ellen Friedell & Steven Friedell

Amanda Frost & Richard Marble

Sarah E. Fry

Shawn L. Fultz

Catherine Futter Barbara E Futter

Mimi Games & Laura Merrill

Robert Alan Ganton

Linnette Garber & Randall Garber Jane Garrido

William E. Gaylor III Esq.

Tom Gebler & Hillary Gebler

Geraldine R Gennet

Steven J. Gerber

Philip Gerson & Keven Vance

Barbara Giliberti & Benedetto Giliberti

Gail C. Ginsberg

Ronald A. Ginsburg

Sandy Ginsburg† Richard Glaser & Sheryl Gross-Glaser

Ellen Gleberman & David Laufer

Behzad Gohari & Dr. Sybil Gohari

John L Goheen

Robert K. Goldman

Roger Goldman & Fern Portnoy

Heather A. Gordon

Rena A. Gorlin

Michelle Gottke & Robert Gottke Elizabeth Grae & Seth Grae Brooke B. Grandle

Elizabeth Grant Edward Fairfax Greco Jeffrey Neil Greenblatt

David Greengrass & Jessica Reimelt Brian Gregory

Claudio Grossman & Dr. Irene Klinger

Professor Lewis Grossman & Lisa Rabin

Sonali Gunawardhana

Velisima N. Guzman

Mark A. Haddox

Paul E. Hagen

Paula Hairston & Kenneth Hairston

Jennifer L. Hall

Morton Halperin & Diane Orentlicher

Samuel Halpern & Marsha Halpern Patricia G. Hammes

Lisa Hartzler & Joseph Hartzler Katherine Hayes & Mark Hayes Todd K. Helwig

Donna Henry & Bruce Henry Laura K. Herr

John Heywood & Kirsten Kunz Cynthia Hibbert & Robert Hibbert Amanda A. Hickman

Hon. Alice Hill & Dr. Peter Starr Ira Hillman

Richard Joseph Hirn Scott Hodes & Rochelle Hodes

Jessica A. Hodgdon James Tilghman Holmes Dr. Jeffrey A Horn

Anna Howard & Andrew Howard

Eric Huang & Adilene Nunez

Beverly G. Hudnut

Heather L. Hughes

James Hulme & Carol Hulme

William L. Hurlock

Sally Hurme & Arthur Hurme Kimberly D. Iden

Erin Ingrisano & Joseph Ingrisano Jacqueline L Jackson John R. Jacob

William I. Jacobs

Dr. Douglas Jacobson & Emily Jacobson David Jaffe & Julianne Jaffe

Meredith Lee Jason Scott D. Johnson Cynthia E Jones

The Honorable Tanya M. Jones Bosier

DONOR REPORT 202213 † Deceased

Chitra M. Kalyanaraman

Nancy Kantor & Sanford Kantor

Elena Kaplan

David B. Kapson

Stuart Kaswell & Sherry Kaswell

Adam Katz & Yvonne Metcalfe

Deborah A. Kaye† Stephen S. Kaye Jean M. Kelleher Dr. Deborah P Kelly David W. Kerman David M. Kerwin Sue-Jean J. Kim Susan L. Kimmel John Kloch & Donna Kloch

Joseph Kolar & Kathryn Sullivan Kolar Harold Krauthamer & Joan Krauthamer

Anya R Kreider

Janardan Kudchadkar & Sapna Kudchadkar

Jasmina Kurbasic

Kate Laguarda & Professor Fernando Laguarda Lindsey B. Lang

Estelle Annette Lavoie Rick Anthony Lazio

Martin Leader & Judith Leader Dr. Jeffrey C. Lee

Gerald Lee & Edna Ruth Vincent Benjamin Leff & Dr. Lisa Leff Louis M. Leibowitz

Amanda Cohen Leiter Charles B. Lennahan Erika E. Lennon

Lloyd Leonard & Elizabeth Wiener Lynne Lerner & Mark Lerner Naomi Rita Levin

Stephen Lewis

Dr. Randall Lewis & Patricia Lewis

Craig Lewis & Stephanie Lewis

Leona Libman & George Libman

Carolyn F. Lindley

Susan Livingston & Andrew Livingston Gregory Locraft & Linda Locraft

Paulo A. Lopes

Jeffrey S. Lubbers

Paulina Lucio Maymon

Susan S. Luse

Devin Langdon Mack

William Francis Mackey, Ph.D. Bryan MacPherson & Pamela Van Hine

Jennifer T. Mallon

Sandra S Marchenko

George Marcou & Karen Marcou

Jonathan Pavlo Marget

Roberta Margolies & George Margolies

Marcy Markowitz & Kenneth Markowitz

Kira Maroz

Patricia A. Maskew

Peter Mason & Ann Mason

Dennis Mathews Sr. & Leslie Whelchel-Mathews

Professor James May & Mary Mintz

Daniel G. McCabe

Angie McCarthy & Roland Pratt

Rebecca McCay & R. McCay

Charles Joseph McClees, Jr., C.L.U. William A. McCue

John Fairbanks McDermid

Margaret Clare McHugh

William B. McIntire

Gordon Andrew McKay

Le-Nhung McLeland

Mary M. McLeroy

Carol Meier & Gary Meier

Deborah Starr Meland Sharon L. Menaker

Silvia Mendez & Juan Mendez

Joel Michaels & Jennifer Russel

Megan C. Michiels

Laura D. Middleton

Catherine Miller & James Ukockis

Doreen Miller & Alfred Miller

Professor Elliott S. Milstein

Donna Minha

Carolyn Miron & Louis Miron

Severina Mladenova & Matthew Nicely

Victoria Molenda & John Molenda

Frank Molony & Carroll Saussy

Steven P. Montgomery

Kimberly Anne Monti

Thomas Morante & Marianne Morante

Hurmayonne W. Morgan

Benjamin Moss & Rachael Moss

Clare Murphy & James Murphy

Braden M. Murphy

John Nadolenco & Nicole Nadolenco Kency E. Nittler

John O’Brien & Phyllis O’Brien

Philip H. Oettinger

Lisbeth Oliver & Augustus Oliver

Anne O’Neill & Nathan O’Neill

Howard Oppenheim & Therese Salus

Izaak Orlansky

Leslye Orloff & James Roby

Robert Jon Owen

Hannah Pagan & Eric Pagan

Sanford Parnes & Lydia Parnes

Corrine Parver & Dr. Leonard Parver

Berna Pauker & S Pauker

Andrea Lynn Pearl

Rodney D. Peele James W. Perkins

Susan Pettee & Michael Wise

Waldemar Pflepsen & Paula Pflepsen

Malcolm Pfunder & Margaret Pfunder

Robert Pincus & Kathryn Pincus

Loren C. Ponds

Lawrence Hunt Posner

Ernest Posner & Gretel Posner

Adeen Postar & Michael Postar

Linda Ann Prasil & John Rank

Cameron Ragen & Tori Wincup Ragen

Steven P. Ragland

Bryan L. Rapp, Jr.

Ella Rappoport & Stephen Rappoport Professor Jayesh Rathod

Sara Razi & Benjamin Razi

Gwendolyn Reams & Anthony Reams

Jocelyn B Redman

Thomas Rees III & Laxmi Rees

Jonathan Joseph Reiss

John Wooten Renaud Melissa Rhea

Cristina M. Richards

Patrick W Riley

Anita Horn Rizek

Marc Roberts & Linda Roberts

Casto F Rodriguez

David Rogers & Mary Rogers

Eyal S. Rosenstock

Ian Zachary Rubinstein

Ralph Ruebner & Evelyn Ruebner

Pamela J Rypkema

Houeida Saad Amelia T. Samaras Brooke W Sandoval Sambhav Sankar

Caroline Schaefer & David Schaefer Anne M. Schaufele Susan E. Schechter

Philip Schreiber & Jamie Stulin

Peter Schreiber & Catherine Schreiber Marty Jay Schwartz

Rhonda Schwartz & Stephen Wermiel Jason D. Schwartz

Kathleen A Scott

Honorable Douglas Alan Seymour Anjali Shah & Rahul Shah

Ann C. Shalleck

Stephen Shapiro & Susana Shapiro

Kenneth Shapiro & Nancy Shapiro

Prianka P. Sharma-Iacobucci

Peg Shaw & Gary Sikora

Lewis Shrensky & Barbara Shrensky

Steven J. Sibner

Debra Sidman & Andrew Sidman

Jay Silberman & Judith Silberman Anita Sinha

A. Catherine Sircy

Julia Small & Daniel Small Veronica Small Cody L. Smith William Snape Deanne M Sobczak

Ann R. Sparrough Steven G. Speil Michael A. Stephens

DONOR REPORT 2022 14 †

Rayette Sterling & W. Sterling

Robert Stern & Lisa Stern

William Stohler & Johanna Stohler

Colleen Stoltz & Michael Stoltz

Andrew Strelka & Liza Strelka

John Struhs & Rosanna Mangone

James R Sullivan, III

Lucinda Swartz & Stephen Swartz

Scott Taebel & Paula Taebel

Christopher Tahbaz & Leah Tahbaz

Isabel Tapanes

Lisa Taylor

Patrisha L. Tijerina

Lilian C. Tsai

Alisa H Tschorke

Maya R Tsukazaki

Carl E. Tugberk

John Turi & Dorothy Turi Susan Ugelow & Richard Ugelow Karen S. Underwood

Ambassador Richard R. Verma

Benjamin T. Verney

Daniel J Vukelich

Susan Walden & John Walden

Kyle Walker David R Wasserstein

Ralph Earl Watkins Hillary Webber & Richard Webber Diane Weinroth

Michael Weisberg & Sylvia Weisberg

Patrick J Wells

Helen Wendel & Charles Wendel Jane D Wetterau

Norman White & Christine White Jonathan C White Caroline J. Wick Cheryl L Williams Natalia C. Wilson

Frederic Keith Wine Marie Winslow & Timothy Winslow Joni Wiredu

Laurie Wishner & Mark Wishner Peter Wolk & Beth Janoff Randy Woolridge Thomas Zack Joshua David Zarrow Karen Zelnick & Robert Zelnick

Mark Zivin

Margie Zivin

Carolyn Catherine Zollar Mark Robert Zunich

Carl E Zwisler


Recognizing donors who make gifts of $100,000 annually or $500,000 over their lifetime.

The Honorable Dorothy T. Beasley Benjamin R. Jacobs & Gail Lipman Jacobs

William I. Jacobs Herbert N. Morgan

Ambassador Robert Pence & Susan Pence Stephen Saul Weinstein


Chevy Chase Trust Chicago Community Foundation Comcast

Community Foundation of Greater Washington

Debevoise & Plimpton

Dell Technologies Dentons Us Llp

DXC Technology Facebook, Inc.

Global Payments Inc Google Google Inc

Greater Horizons

Henry E. & Consuelo S. Wenger Foundation Inc.

Henway Hard Cider Hewlett Packard Company HQR Express LLC

Impactassets Inc

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati Jewish Federation of Delaware

Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts

Kauffman Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Law Office of Peter C Wolk Law Office of Robert H. Plotkin, LLC

Louis P. Levitt Memorial Trust

LPL Financial

Marschall Santoro Family Charitable Fund

Mayer Brown LLP

Morgan Stanley

National Philanthropic Trust NewGen Worldwide, LLC

Open Society Foundations

Pershing LLC

Peter L. Dwares Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Matching Gifts

Schwab Charitable Fund

Simpson Thatcher Bartlett

Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP

State Street Matching Gift


The American Endowment Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County

The Ronald And Tracy Bass Fund

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

The Wolpoff Family Foundation,Inc

United Way Of Greater Atlanta Us Charitable Gift Trust Vanguard

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz

Wells Fargo Advisors

William J. Pollinger, P.A. Workday Inc.

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