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Providing More Visibility into IP Network Performance - As radio broadcasters transition to IP networks and add more services, new software and hardware solutions simplify matters from start to finish As more broadcasters shift from legacy TDM (E1/T1) connections to IP networks, broadcasters are seeking more efficient ways to manage bandwidth and analyze network performance. At the same time, cost reduction as it relates to engineering labor and maintenance remains a concern, while at the same time taking advantage of modern network

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architectures to introduce new on-air services. GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, is helping customers better understand how their IP networks handle data traffic, especially as new services are added to the network. Intraplex LiveLook software was built specifically to solve this problem, giving users enhanced visibility into network performance through advanced network analytics, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. Intraplex LiveLook is an off-board network analytics and monitoring software for IP Link codecs. It provides a graphical analysis of both real-time and historical

network performance data as well as the monitoring of audio streams’ state changes and optional email notification capability. The LiveLook software provides a single management application to analyze and monitor all the audio streams of the network. In addition, the tool incorporates report generation capability which analyzes the selected network performance data and recommends the best error protection technique of the IP Link codec to use. For example, LiveLook uses a burst packet loss model to evaluate IP traffic performance, and provides statistics around round-trip data packet delay. The information gathered from burst packet loss modeling

TM Broadcast International 45, May 2017  

In this issue: more than 80 pages with the best NAB's info, and we test Mobile Viewpoint Agile LiveLink. Also, read about the new Sennheiser...

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