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Vol. 57 No. 11 November 2017

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Darlington Review - November 2017

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Darlington Review - November 2017

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Darlington Review - November 2017


If you could package the essence of our annual Spring festival, a major ingredient would have to be JOY writ large – at the exuberance of a big brass band bringing the music of New Orleans’ streets; at earning your first busker’s dollar, parading your costume on the WOWA catwalk, puzzling over the construction of wooden boat or creating your first piece of pottery. (see opposite) Whether reveling in a new brand of music or finding of a hidden talent at a “having-a-go” workshop, the Darlington Arts Festival is all about discovery and – if you’re a child with a pack of pals – having the sort of fun that only a festival can offer. Children growing up in Darlington invariably remember our festivals as “the best time ever!” – and when they move on, it’s the Festival that draws them back for rendezvous with family and friends. So, block out the first weekend in November because DAF 2017 promises to be a winner. In the sphere of entertainment, coordinator Graham Jeffery has brought together a great blend of acts, from magicians and musicians, to a pirate guaranteed to keep the kids in order. There will be a string of our favourite home-grown talents, including the Award-winning teens of Farraday’s Cage – Helena College student Calvin Bennett and Farraday Tween – on opening night, and lyrical songstress Tania Martin winding down the event on Sunday. For international musician Marcus Sturrock (who blends folk, funk and jazz with ease) this will be a return visit, because he loves playing the Festival. “I get more out of it than playing the big ticketed venues of Europe, the major festivals and, in fact, the entire tour I’ve just finished!” says the musician who has played with the likes of Pink Floyd. Of course, countless hours of volunteering lie behind what has become the biggest event of its kind in Mundaring and in this issue, we talk to DAF President Pete Nicholls about the behind-the-scenes story of DAF 2017 as he prepares for what he says will be his last stint at the helm.


Darlington Review - November 2017

Left to right: Festival attractions Farradays Cage (photo Daniela De Giosa), Tania Martin,Marcus Sturrock

More than roads,rates and rubbish… While there is generally no shortage of flak directed at the third tier of government, what is perennially in short supply is interest in voting for those who put up their hands to represent us.

While the two other candidates — John Harris who lives locally and Simon Vito who is building in Darlington — weren’t familiar faces, both put forward good ideas that reflected their commitments to creating better communities.

The problem has much to do with the belief that councils are only concerned with what David Lavell describes as “the triage of roads, rates and rubbish”.

Let’s hope they continue to be involved with DRRA and locals, because our community always benefits from the infusion of new ideas and energy. In fact, anyone with bright ideas and a commitment to Darlington is invited to DRRA’s AGM on November 7 at 7.30 at Darlington Dental — and to join the newly-elected committee for refreshments after the serious stuff is over. See DRRA notes for details.

As the South Ward councillor pointed out at the October Darlington Residents and Ratepayers Association (DRRA) meeting — where four candidates made their pitch for our votes — Mundaring Shire is involved in much more, particularly given the State Government’s shifting of additional responsibilities onto Local Government.

Still in the arena of local government, this community has been lamenting the loss of the very active, always responsive former councillor Trish Cook who gave so much during her four years in office.

Election apathy is widespread, but we always expect Darlington to buck the trend and perhaps it will in terms of voting – the Review went to print before results were out – but attendance at the DRRA meeting must have been a tad dispiriting for those vying to represent the South Ward.

Fortunately, Trish remains engaged with the community and, as we went to print, is busy organizing the Community Bonfire – with the help of Helena College students and teacher Di Parker, the brigade, the Darlington Social Club and others. Trish was determined this annual community event (that also delivers important fire safety messages) should not die – it just needed the infusion of youthful enthusiasm that the students and local youth will give it.

Of course, another way to look at the numbers was that people had already decided whom to vote for. Two of the candidates, David Lavell (who has served as Shire President) and Darrell Jones (who was deputy president before losing his seat to current councillor James Martin) were known to locals through involvement with initiatives like the Boya Community Centre and the Darlington Community Pavilion.


Darlington Review - November 2017

Funding our ‘social capital’

Rescue required on this mountain please! MLA Matthew Hughes and locals at the turning-the-sod ceremony

Above: Former parliamentarian John Day presented many Lotterywest cheques to fund the Darlington Arts Festival and the Darlington Community Pavilion. In this photo Sue Lavell accepts on behalf of the Darlington Arts Festival (2013). One good idea South Ward candidate John Harris spruiked at the candidates’ meeting was to encourage the Shire to focuse more on exploiting the extensive range of Federal/State/ corporate grants on offer for community initiatives, and to assist local groups in the daunting task of preparing grant submissions. Several local groups that contribute enormously to our ‘social capital’ – the Darlington Arts Festival, the Darlington Community Pavilion and the Darlington History Group – have all benefitted from generous Lotterywest grants, but shaping those all-important submissions in the most strategic way is a huge challenge, so the Review applauds this idea. We also need to fly the flag for an organisation that ploughs millions of dollars into WA communities. We’re told Lotterywest faces shrinking revenue ($60m down last financial year) as the organisation – reputed to be the best of its kind in Australia – deals with the impact of Lottoland and others. Premier Mark McGowan is considering following South Australia’s lead in banning organisations that “suck money out of here, send it elsewhere and don’t give anything back…” Says Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt, “What needs to remain top of mind is that every time you play with Lotterywest you’re supporting the WA community. In 2016/17, the State’s health, sports and arts sectors received Lotterywest support totally $151.1 million. This is in addition to the $114.2 million provided to over 764 different not-forprofit organisations and local government authorities. When Lotterywest does well, the community does well.” So, put your money where your community lives and help Lotterywest to thrive again!

It’s hard to believe that, a few short months ago the first sod was turned and the Darlington Community Pavilion – so many years in the planning – was about to become a bricks and mortar reality. When you’re climbing a mountain, have just passed the half way mark but the way ahead seems daunting, you’ve no alternative but to rally your resources and put one foot in front of the other, keeping your eye on the summit. That’s a bit how those fund-raising for the Darlington Community Pavilion Project are feeling right now. Part I of the $1m project, the first community-built project of its kind in Mundaring Shire, is growing daily and that’s reason enough for celebration. But we’re only half way there. There’s still Part 2 ($400,000) to go, and if you talk to the stalwarts at the core of the fundraising – locals who’ve already given untold hours – you get the feeling they’d REALLY appreciate more hands on deck, more locals dipping hands into pockets to purchase bricks, more offers of in-kind and other help so we can scale that peak and see the job done. And the good news is that donations are now tax deductible. “Essentially, the last two quiz nights were organised by four people (and one doesn’t even live in Darlington!) although others did help on the night,” says Lindsay Earnshaw. “Right now, we’d really like more people to chip in and help. We’d love two or three more people on the committee. They don’t have to be as passionate as we are, but they need to have a desire to see this finished. “We’d also love someone, for instance, who has experience in seeking corporate sponsorship, writing grants and fund-raising. What we don’t want to see is the good people involved getting so exhausted they burn out before it’s finished. We can’t let that happen. “There are so many ways people can help – for instance one local has given us an interest free loan. Sure, it has to be repaid, but at least we can start using the funds while factoring in that we’ll repay it from three quiz nights.


Darlington Review - November 2017

DAF 2017

“We need to reroof the old part of the pavilion in steel – perhaps there’s a roofer out there who’d donate their time, or someone who could provide skills or equipment for the remodelling of the change rooms, showers and toilets.”

When approaching his fourth Darlington Arts Festival as a committee member and his third at the helm, DAF President Pete Nicholls hoped that 2017 would see some new initiatives fly – like the poster competition and more of the busking/street theatre he’d like see.

Lindsay explains that, to make the whole project less daunting, it was broken up into two stages. Stage 1 has seen the new meeting room, office, public toilets (universal access), storage space, paving and parking facilities taking shape. Part 2 will be broken down into smaller projects and involves upgrading the old pavilion building and joining the two buildings, reroofing, building a new storage area behind the current change rooms, decommissioning existing toilets, expanding the canteen, refurbishing the change rooms and upgrading change room wet areas.

However, with most key positions in the hands of enthusiastic new recruits (mentored by tried and tested volunteers) the practicalities of transitioning has meant they’re on hold for next year – but Pete is not complaining. He’s hugely impressed with the calibre of the new volunteers.

The completed facility will be managed by the Shire and will cater for far more than the sporting clubs that are obvious beneficiaries. The facilities will be available to local groups for meetings, yoga classes, whatever, and the Darlington Arts Festival, that will acquire storage space for equipment, is already eyeing potential performance/display spaces.

“We have an amazing group of clear thinkers who look at things in a different way and without too much emotion,” says the chap who came to the Festival from business and was determined to introduce managerial systems that were efficient and effective. “Initially I thought I’d be able to run the festival like a board of directors,” he admits, “and when I’d say that to my wife Sue, she’d just roll her eyes! And, of course, it proved to be radically different. However, my attitude has always been that I have certain skills that I’ve been able to bring into the system.

DaSRA’s Geoff Barker who has done so much to pull the project together has actually been persuaded to don a brick costume to promote DaSRA’s Buy-a-Brick campaign during the Festival. Picutred below Colin James, Geoff Barker, Paul MacDonald, Matthew Hughes and Lindsay Earnshaw

“Of course, next year’s president will bring their own ideas about how things should be done. I think it’s important there’s a rotation at the top. Stay too long and you risk losing people and talent. However, I’ll certainly remain on the committee because one of the rewards of working with the festival is dealing with such a variety of people doing good things for the community. “Darlington has always had the strategic advantage of having so many people willing to volunteer. However – with more working families – the reality is that finding enough volunteers is always a problem, and generally it’s a case of ‘if you need something done, ask a busy person…’ Fortunately, Darlington is blessed with some residents who just keep on giving…” However, when no one put up their hands to organise the Friday opening, Pete has taken it on, with culinary whiz Sue handling the catering, and committee members on board to help serving. And the president has streamlined the event.

Says committee member Gabby Houldsworth (super-efficient former DRRA Secretary who joined the DaSRA Committee when she suspected some long-serving members were getting jaded) is bowled over by the commitment she’s witnessed. “I am constantly amazed at the time and effort that has gone into this project over such a long time. It was so good to see Matthew Hughes MLA acknowledging this when providing a letter of support to the State Government in relation to Stage 2.”

As opposed to the invitation-only openings of the past, the event will happen in the entertainment tent where patron Ben Joel will welcome prize winners and anyone wishing to participate. MP Matthew Hughes (representing Lotterywest) and a representative from Mundaring Shire (also a major sponsor) will give brief addresses. There will be entertainment, the awards will be presented and the wine tent will be open, and for a very good cause: the pavilion will benefit from every glass of champagne you enjoy!

The parliamentarian’s letter is worth quoting because he observes the project is being run by an “experienced team comprising architects, engineers, surveyors and planners resident in the community who have committed themselves to continuing to offer pro-bono services and in-kind support to facilitate the project and bring it to completion”. He adds that the Shire of Mundaring “is supportive of this team and sees this approach as a model that might be replicated elsewhere in the Shire.”

The Festival’s art scene Festival art is always a drawcard and this year visitors will stream into the Main Hall to see the Open Art, the Lesser Hall for the Reserve Art Prize Exhibition, into the Mezzanine Gallery for the Youth Art, and a nearby marquee for the Junior Art.

Mr Hughes’ support for Stage 1 of the project resulted in the State Government providing $100,000 of funding. Darlington is blessed by these stalwart souls who invest so much in our community. Let’s help them finish the job. Have a think about how you could help those who have got us half way up the mountain and contact Lindsay Earnshaw (0405 146 251), Cambell Giles (0418 936 544) or Geoff Barker (0418 953 176). There’s more info in DaSRA Notes and on their website.

Open Art coordinator Cathy Day, a ceramic artist, is delighted that entries in three-dimensional art are up. “Just over a quarter of the artists have entered 3D, a big increase on previous years,” says Cathy. “If we get good sales, it will continue next year, so come and choose some pottery, glass, woodwork or even a hand-made hat.”


Darlington Review - November 2017

Left: Jenny Miller Nixon, founder of Guilford Village Potters, with her Open Art entry Right: Sarah Zel Chescoe works with Helena college students creating WOWA costumes Coordinating the Reserve Art Prize Exhibition has fallen to new and shaping their films. Entries were short listed, judged and shown Festival volunteer Alison Lindsay who moved to Darlington three at a recent event. The public will also have a chance to vote on the years ago after continent-hopping from the UK to Australia, then short-listed films at Festival showings in the Seen and Heard tent. Zambia. “Each year I’ve attended the Festival and loved seeing such The Seen and Heard staff and CREW members will also run fun fantastic work in a small village setting,” she says. “The community youth-focused activities and competitions across the two days. spirit appealed to me so this year I decided to volunteer to get to know locals while working in an area I love. I started painting in Africa four years ago and haven’t looked back, learning and developing my skills whenever I can in between kids, school, sport and work.

Pets in the picture

“This year’s Reserve Art Prize Exhibition is exciting, having a wide variety of artists with works ranging from contemporary, abstract, portraits, landscapes, 3D and much, much more. The standard of work is very high and we look forward to bringing this to what I am sure will be an amazing Festival.” The exhibition is being curated by Francis Russell, a lecturer in design and art at Curtin University who has published widely in international academic journals. The judges are Darren Jorgensen, UWA art history lecturer; author, contemporary artist Andrew Sunley-Smith; and Curtin University lecturer Dr Christina Chau.

A WOWA of a parade An amazing amount of artistry and ingenuity goes into the Worn Out Wearable Art (WOWA) parade that’s a highlight of Saturday afternoon. Now in its 13th year, the Mundaring Arts Centre works with students from local schools to produce ‘sculptures for the body’ from recycled materials – and they’re elaborate, funky and very creative.

While there’s no theme for the Open or Reserve Prize, Coordinator of Junior Art Amanda Moore opted for a great one: The Pet I dream of, wish for, already have …

This year Sarah Zel Chescoe is coordinating the workshops and has been working with local students. There are prizes for the most outstanding performance, imaginative design, construction and use of innovative materials, but it’s one of those contests where the wide smiles on contestants’ faces suggest every one is a winner just being involved.

Amanda, who has a large household of kids and pets, suspected that having a theme would make it easier for young artists faced with a blank sheet of paper – and children from local schools have responded with some amazing work. The Moore household is a great reflection of the value of pets and pictured above are Jason and Carissa with Gusty the dog (the chooks guard dog), Nobu the cat, budgies Bluey, Skye and Tropicana, and chooks Big Mamma (she always sits on the eggs), Chocolate, Baby and Vicious (she used to peck but has been tamed and could be hanging out for a new name).

More youth-centred attractions will be provided by Seen and Heard running the Quick Flicks film festival sponsored by Mundaring Community Bank. Young people aged 12 to 19 have participated in workshops with media professionals, creating story boards, editing


Darlington Review - November 2017

What’s coming up?

“The kids take good care of all in the pets in our house, and I believe it actually helps them become more confident and responsible because they learn what each pet needs in terms of feeding, walking, cuddling. We don’t have many family in WA so we call our pets our dearest family.”

We also live in very busy times, with lots of entertainment treats on the horizon. That popular local choir Swan Harmony Singers is tuning up for its final concert of the year — and musically it ranges right around the world from Ireland to California. Check out the details in Community Notices. Also coming up is Garrick Theatre’s rollicking musical Cocky’s Crossing and Marloo’s next production The Jungle Book (see front cover). For opera lovers there is Opera at Twilight in Kalamunda on the 11th of November and a Day in the Forrest Festival on the 3rd of December (See ads in this issue for details.) If you’re a bird-lover you won’t want to miss an upcoming workshop at Mundaring Shire titled Birds in Your Garden on November 4. Hosted by Rachel and Mike Green of the Darling Range Branch of the WA Naturalists Club, these experts will help you identify birds in your garden and discuss food sources, bird boxes and much more. If you would like to attend the Birds in Your Garden workshop, please register your interest by contacting the Shire on 9290 6651 by 30 October 30.

The Junior Art has been a real success story in recent years and you can see why in this work from last year’s exhibition.

D-Day for Dogs on the track

And if you’re creative, you’ll want to make a note of local artist Katrina Virgona’s November 26 workshop Jewellery with Felt and Textiles at Nest Design Studio. This is a return visit for Katrina following a workshop earlier this year. And along with pottery and sculpture workshops in the new Nest Clay studio, the busy gallery in Brook Road is also offering an organic workshop on December 2 on Fermenting and Better Living.

As we go to print, public comment submissions to the Shire on the proposed dog exercise times on the heritage trail will have closed and the Council will consider the matter at its December 12 meeting at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber. Many locals have been active on this issue, so we’re not surprised to learn one family of dog lovers sent in four submissions. They set aside their conviction that the track should be offleash at all times to support the reasonable compromise (thanks to Councillor Lynn Fisher) that would allow offleash walking from 4pm to 10am.

Above: Artist Katrina Virgona’s workshop at Nest Design Studio Finally, local artist Joanna Meredith, a winner of the Bob and Trish Juniper Art Prize (administered by Mundaring Scholarship Trust), will be exhibiting a suite of local landscapes at Juniper Studio from November 26 to December 3. The artist grew up in Darlington and says she’s been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. After completing her Fine Arts degree, she used her prize to study portraiture in Florence, to tour the galleries of Europe and the US and to further her studies. A great exhibition to follow the Festival.

During the earlier debate, we learned that Mundaring Shire considers that off-leash walkers have been breaking the law for as long as anyone could remember. We were told that under the Dog Act “under effective control” meant on a leash – yet there’s not a leash in sight on Shire signage and, despite all that law-breaking, we’ve never heard of anyone being fined. And at least one councilor confided that, even if the new regulation comes into force, rangers would be far too busy to enforce it. We live in interesting times.


Darlington Review - November 2017

Students take on Spring

The artworks above are the work of Year 1 students Ruby, Fleur and Sophie. work at Mundaring Arts Centre’s Leaf Little, habitats at our feet exhibition that runs until November 19. The winning banners will be displayed in Mundaring’s town centre, with the chosen designs being translated into large scale banners by the children working with artist Louise Cook (November 7 – 10 at MAC).

Finally, in celebration of Spring, young artists at Darlington Primary have been capturing the colour and busyness of the season in artwork being prepared for the Mundaring Environmental Art Project 2017. In fact, junior artists from all our primary schools added their creations to the record one thousand entries from across the region. So, spend an enjoyable afternoon viewing this

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We’re delighted to announce that Chris Durrant will be a more frequent guest editor in the future and he’ll be sitting in the chair for the December issue. So don’t forget to send your notes to: Enjoy the last of Spring. Trea Wiltshire, Editor

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Darlington Review - November 2017

My Place: Father Chris Bedding at St Cuthbert’s “If this was going to happen to anybody, it was good it happened to me,” says the rector, “because I’m used to standing up to bullies, to speaking the truth to powerful institutions because I am not afraid of them. Yes, of course it has taken a toll on me – I’m very tired and feel betrayed having served the church professionally for 20 years. But I have the full support of the parish, the union, the local art community and the clergy of the diocese, including people who are ideologically very different from me.” If the diocese hierarchy expected to silence their activist rector, they chose the wrong man. Chris Bedding has been arrested protesting against refugee policy, is vocally supportive of same sex marriage, and moonlights as a popular stand-up comedian who sees satirical tones of Blackadder in his Pirate Church routines. And he defends the comedy: “People who come to Pirate Church report that it is a spiritually uplifting experience. We started out to make comedy but what has happened is that it has ended up inspiring people. Had I wanted to get up the nose of the church hierarchy there would be lots of better ways to do it.

While Darlington’s small Anglican stone church – rising among gum trees and flowering native plants – has an air of perpetual tranquillity, the furore currently surrounding its rector has thrust St Cuthbert’s into the headlines, onto talkback radio and national television.

“The church is never the focus of my energy as an activist or artist. I’ve always been interested in the big issues of social justice and always relied on the support of the institutional church to back me up. And until now, it always has – so I’m genuinely shocked and it makes me question who is behind this attack.

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that the popular rector of St Cuthbert’s has been suspended pending a decision by the Perth diocese’s professional standards board that is clearly affronted by the priest’s irreverent social media posts and Pirate Church comedy routine.

“One needs to be a bit sceptical of institutions. The church I love and am committed to is represented by those little groups of local people all around the world rather than the institutional powerbrokers who control the money and the property.”

Father Chris Bedding stands accused of a complaint he’d never actually seen until very recently – and only after a petition and a legal letter were delivered to the diocese. He was initially informed of the complaint via email while he was on retreat (without a phone) at New Norcia.

So where does it go from here? Chris Bedding has the support of a pro bono legal team prepared to take the matter to the Supreme Court and to seek an injunction that would render the suspension invalid. “However, my hope is that the Bishop Kate Wilmot, who has the power to do so, will lift this suspension,” says the man at the centre of the furore.

The Perth diocese stands accused of a lack of transparency and accountability in its dealings with a priest who has the unswerving support of a congregation that has grown significantly since his arrival seven years ago. The Darlington-Bellevue parish council has formally complained about their rector’s treatment and has raised a petition on his behalf.

That is clearly also the hope of his parish as reflected by a Facebook post from a warden of the parish: “I am outraged and immeasurably sad at the treatment our priest Fr Chris Bedding is receiving from Church Office and the Administrator, Bishop Kate Wilmott. His suspension demonstrates no recognition of the unique, creative gifts he brings to ministry, the kindness and generosity of his person, the importance of his presence to the work and wellbeing of every parishioner and it reeks of political manipulation and self-preservation. The Parish Council and the people of St Cuthbert’s stand firm and united in the face of such injustice.”

As the Review went to print – and bear in mind this is a rolling story – the diocese had issued the suspension on the grounds that Father Bedding posed “an unacceptable risk of harm”. When he and the parish council sent a “please explain” as to who was at risk, there was no response from the diocese.

“ The church I love and am committed to is represented by those little groups of local people all around the world rather than the institutional powerbrokers who control the money and the property.”


Darlington Review - November 2017

BUSHFIRE READY – HELPING YOU TO HELP YOURSELF Darlington and surrounding suburbs are high risk areas for bushfire, and with summer fast approaching there is an increased chance of bushfires occurring. The reality is that in a major bushfire emergency, a fire truck or water bombing aircraft will not be available to protect every property. You are responsible for protecting your home and family from bushfire. There are several things you can do now that will make a difference. The Bushfire Ready program is about local residents working together to prepare their properties and streets for bushfires. Through Bushfire Ready, you and your neighbours can learn about the fire risks in your area and what you can do to make your home and streets safer.


Contact Phone No.

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0419 842 362

View Terrace (1-13)

9299 8802 0418 910 239

0407 426 078

Lawrence Place

9299 6777

View Terrace (13-36)

9252 1191

9299 8986

Lawson Way

0412 555 030

9299 6129 0422 353 144 9299 6160

Lumeah Court Marnie Road

9299 7853 9299 6195

9299 7169 9299 7003 9299 6979 0407 081 421

Street Glen Road (Nth)

(Ctrl) (Sth) Hillsden Road (Nth) Hillsden Road (Sth) Homesdale Place

If you live in a street which is not listed in the above table and you wish to find out more about Bushfire Ready, please contact the following people: Facilitator Ken Parkin (9299-6365), Cedric Griffiths (9294-3442) or Coordinator Colin James (6298-0836)‌..or call down to the Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Station on any Saturday morning between 9.00-10.00am For more information about what you can do to be prepared for bushfires, contact the Department of Fire and Emergency Service (DFES) Community Engagement team on 9395 9300 or visit the DFES website on Firebreak notices and information can be accessed from the Shire of Mundaring on 9290 6666 or website on

Keep this page somewhere handy in the event you wish to contact your street contact for help or information during the fire season.


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Arts Festival

The Darlington Arts Festival is on- join us! The most important support you can provide is to let friends and family know and join us in Darlington's wonderful annual event. While you are all enjoying the festival please take a moment's thought to those wonderful volunteers, many of whom come each year to provide essential support to the DAF committee. See you there! Darlington Arts Festival Committee

Community Notices Spring Into Summer With Swan Harmony Singers Concert Date and time: 3pm, Sunday 26 November 2017. Venue: Salvation Army Citadel, 371 Morrison Road (opp. Swan View Primary School), Swan View. Tickets (including afternoon tea): adults, $20, concessions $15, groups of 10 or more $150. Children under 10 free. For more details: Anna Wright 9299 7249 Advance bookings: Mundaring Community Bank 9295 6411, or Anna on 9299 7249.

Hills Symphony Orchestra's next concert for the year, “A night at the opera”, will be held on Saturday November 4th at 7.30 pm at the Midland Town Hall. The concert will feature well-known and loved operatic pieces with performances by some of the orchestra’s talented singers. Tickets $15 adult, $5 children. Bookings 9295 6411, or 9293 4313 ah.

Darlington Bushfire Ready area and therefore all residents are encouraged to prepare their properties by reducing the on ground fuel. For information go to the Emergency WA web page or

At the preseason meeting of the street contacts, 18 attended, plus Jamie O’Neil,(CESM Shire of Mundaring); Karen Swanbrough and Edwina Ward (DFES Community Safety). Coordinator Colin James welcomed all those, on a night more like winter, than the start of the summer season. Apologies were received from Trish Cook and Phil Vile.

Karen thanked the street contacts for their participation and valued contribution to the local Bushfire Ready program. There are two new information brochures now out and excellent material to read and follow…….FIRE CHAT….is an excellent one page document outlining what YOU need to do in preparing if your home is in a bushfire danger zone…… is 5 minute chat which is at……go check it out and answer the questions. The second one is the BUSHFIRE PREPAREDNESS TOOL KIT……..again a most valuable tool to have in your home as it is the previous Prepare, Act, Survive but in a more easy module to read and comprehend. Both these brochures are available through your street contact or at the Volunteer Fire station on Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 10.00am.

Coordinator Colin James advised that some matters noted from the post season meeting in April would be dealt with by the guests. He also advised that the Shire were planning a Bushfire Ready plan web based exercise. This will now be conducted by on the Wednesday 29th of November. It is suggested that all residents go the Shire web page for the details and participate in it. It will be a very valuable tool in testing your family Emergency plan. He also expressed his thanks to the Darlington Review for printing a list of all the streets who currently have a Bushfire Ready Street contact (see page 11 - cut it and keep it handy). Normally there is an insert funded through DFES Community Safety, but they have indicated, due to lack of funds cannot now support it.

Some questions were raised and answered in relation to preparedness and role of street contacts. The Coordinator thanked everyone for attending and hoped again for a safe summer season in Darlington. Contact YOUR street person for what we are all about.

The Shire CESM spoke about the hazard reduction burns undertaken around Darlington and there are still more to happen. All weather dependent. It was noted that the various weather patterns currently happening will have an impact on the fire season. Quite damp ground now will dry quickly with fire season upon us. Darlington is classed in the VERY HIGH RISK

Colin James, Coordinator ph 6298-0836


Bilgoman Aquatic Centre The pool is open, come and cool off! HOURS

Monday - Friday 5.30am - 8pm Weekends - P/Hol 7am - 8pm (Oct/Nov 7pm close)


Adult - $5.50 Child - $4.50 Family (2 adults & 2 children) - $18.00 Season books available

VAC SWIM enrol now for Jan 2018 at SWIM SCHOOL Enrol for Series 2 at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre on Saturday 18 November from 9am to 11am. LESSONS 10 x half hour lessons – only 5 to 6 students per class. Mon/Wed OR Tue/Thurs 3.35pm, 4.10pm and 4.50pm. SQUAD and stages 10+ train Mon/Wed 4.40pm to 5.40pm (Nov). Enquiries to 9299 6597 or visit 14

A Shire of Mundaring facility

Darlington Review - November 2017

Garrick Theatre Cocky’s Crossing returns to the Garrick Theatre It’s not often that a play is performed on the stage for which it was written, but Max Harvey’s Cocky’s Crossing will return to the Garrick Theatre next month – 20 years after its opening night. Mr Harvey, a long-time Mundaring resident and veteran musician, designed it to fit on the stage which he most loved and where he has performed in more than 40 plays. Cocky’s Crossing is a rollicking musical set in the middle of a cyclone in outback Australia where a group of European tourists are stranded with an assortment of colourful

Mr Harvey wrote the words and scored the music, which ranges from Mexican, to Charleston, ballad, country and robust western, with a love song for good measure. Director Susan Vincent has gathered Pictured Left: Colleen Bradford Above: Sam Tilbrook and Megan West an enthusiastic and talented crew and cast, with Kendra Smith as musical director and choreography by Kerry Goode. She chose to do the production as a tribute to Mr Harvey, who has written seven musicals and two plays, which have been performed in theatres around WA. “Being the 85th anniversary of Garrick this year, I thought it would be great to resurrect this highly entertaining and delightful musical Max had written,” she said. “It’s an interesting story accompanied by lovely songs and lyrics. “The cast are enjoying rehearsals and I'm sure the audience will be very entertained.”

locals. It’s a story about an Englishman who thought he’d bought a pub, but got diddled because he ended up with only half of it and has no money left to go back home. “It’s seen through the vivid imagination of the Englishman’s daughter, a demure girl with an alter ego that is sexy and sensuous, proud and tempestuous,” Mr Harvey said. “She transforms herself into someone who is beautiful and brave – and if she doesn’t drive men to drink, she kills them. Every character has their moment to shine and take centre stage at some point.”

Cocky’s Crossing runs from November 23 to December 9. A $5 Cocky’s Crossing High Tea will be available at matinees on November 26 and December 9. Tickets are $27 (adults), $24 (concession) and $22 (members and children). Book by calling 9378 1990, online at or via

Darlington Ratepayers & Residents Association It was good to see the four South Ward candidates - Cr David Lavell, John Harris, Darrell Jones and Simon Vito - at the October meeting and we thank them for a sometimes lively “Meet the Candidates” session. Darlington Hall upgrade - hopefully a decision on tenders has been made, with a positive outcome for Darlington. Quite a few other things will have been decided/resolved/ concluded by now - the outcome of the local government elections, whether dogs can be exercised off leash on the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail, the success of the Bonfire Night, whether DaSRA has completed Stage 1 of the pavilion, Darlington Arts Festival close/on/over for another year and the saga of the Optus tower. It’s been a busy year.

REMINDER The Annual General Meeting will be held at Darlington Dental on Montrose Avenue on TUESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER AT 7:30PM All committee positions fall vacant each year and new committee members are always welcome. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON THE NIGHT Join us afterwards for refreshments. Next meeting - Tuesday 6th February 2018

Darlington Community Recreation Advisory Group Notice is given to all group delegates of our next meeting on Monday, 6th November at 7.30pm in the Fire Station. Members of the public are also invited to attend. Members of the DaSRA committee have also been invited to attend this meeting as a means of collaboration between the two groups. Delegates will provide updates on their current activities as well as any requests to the Shire for attention to. Colin James, DCRAG Secretary


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Darlington Review - November 2017

The Darlington Club Coming events Friday 10th November– moving club furniture back into Lesser hall. Followed by fish n chips for all the workers. Friday 17th November

- Sundowner -

Doors open at 6.30pm. BYO drinks and nibbles. The Dessert and Coffee evening was a great success and everyone particularly enjoyed Tony’s special skill at making the Affogato’s.

Friday 24th November Games eveningFriday 1st December


Friday 8th December Sundowner Friday 15th December Christmas party, bring along a festive platter to share with members

The past month we have seen two films and our latest was on Black Friday a Vincent Price old classic “House of Wax” There were a few laughs and not many screams. Special effects back then are not like they are today.

Children invited for treasure hunt early in the evening. Local Book Exchange

Community Bonfire

How does it work?

The community bonfire is back and will take place on the 28th October. The Club has been instrumental in the history of this event from inception running the barbecue from the fire station. From the beginning proceeds have gone to the Pavilion Project, and this year all proceeds will again go to the Pavilion, so please come down and support this worthy cause.

Located in the lesser hall each book has a Darlington Club sticker. Simply exchange a book of your own for a book from the Club. If you don’t have a book to exchange then a donation would be appreciated. When you have read the book, return it for other users. If you would like to contribute to the library please drop books in at the lesser hall any Friday evening or telephone Sue 9299 7420.

The Darlington Club meets at Darlington Lesser Hall. For further Club information contact Sue on 9299 7420 or Secretary Jan McMillan on 0402 152 815 Membership remains at $15/person or $30/family. Bendigo Bank BSB 633-000, Account number 124527748

Darlington Dipsticks Spring is the season that brings us Dipsticks out of our winter hibernation, and gets us on the road again. We held two car runs during October, with a couple more planned before Christmas. But the next big club event will be a display of our cars at the Darlington Arts Festival. Our ‘Form over Function’ display at last year’s festival was warmly received with much interest, and we look forward to showing our cars again this year. As well as the DAF display, our club will again be present at the “Day in the Forrest” festival, which is to be held on 3rd December at the Glen Forrest Sports Club. Whether you hold an interest in classic cars, or are just curious to compare ‘then and now’ automobile styles, we look forward to meeting you either of these upcoming events. Malcolm McNabb, Dipstick Pen Pusher.


WA Inc. Car Club



0403 543 015 REG: 8119

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Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Community Pavilion Update

IT’S TIME TO GET ON BOARD THE PAVILION PROJECT. The Pavilion is for THE WHOLE COMMUNITY, not just sporting groups, and offers a roomy, appealing place for activities, functions and events so if you haven’t already done so please give it your support. While the building is nearing completion we are also still seeking local donations and labour. Brick paving, Landscaping and turfing help would be appreciated. COME AND SEE INSIDE THE PAVILION AT THE DARLINGTON ARTS FESTIVAL. The main room at the Pavilion will be open on the weekend of the Arts Festival 4-5 November so you’ll be able to SEE the BUY-A-BRICK WALL as well as look at a display showing the development of Stage 1 of the project and what is proposed in Stage 2 which includes a larger Kiosk. WINE TENT - Support this bigger and better, major fundraiser at the Arts Festival. The Blue Manna band is playing Saturday evening and the wine tent will also be open on Friday night 3rd November. We need lots of help over the Festival weekend with the wine tent so if you are able to help please let us know. TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS THROUGH THE AUSTRALIAN SPORTING FOUNDATION - Check the website for full details and links to ASF at au. Corporate Business Donations & Supporters - being under the ASF umbrella offers potential tax deduction options (conditions apply). A company or business can nominate the Darlington Sports Pavilion Development Fund as their preferred project for allocation of funds. Contact Cambell Giles on 0418 936 544 for more information on corporate donations. The DaSRA Annual General Meeting will be held 7.00pm on 9th Nov. at the New Pavilion. New members most welcome. Contact : President Geoff Barker 0418 953 176, Secretary Cambell Giles 0418 936 544.





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Darlington Review - November 2017

Friends of Darlington Station Reserve (FODS) It’s That Time of the Year Again!


I mean the Darlington Arts Festival of course. We FODS have been working hard to get the Station Reserve looking its best, and that means weeding. Fat chance I hear you say, but we try hard and hope that visitors to the the festival appreciate the show of wildflowers as they walk through the reserve. Please feel free to pull the odd weed as you use the reserve; we really will not mind!

If Sunday is not possible for you but you would like to help, maybe the Thursday group would work for you. This group meets from 8am to 10am on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month during winter and spring.


Perhaps an area near your home looks unloved and needs attention? This might even be your verge? Contact us to see if we can help in any way. Gill Scott is a good person to approach; her details are listed above.

Contact Stacey on 0400 247 526 or Stacey.august64@gmail. com. ADOPT-A-SPOT FODS

We meet from 8am to 10am every second Sunday during the winter and spring months. Contact Gill Scott on 9299 7297 or

As always gloves, tools and bags are provided at no cost so no need to bring your own. As we move into summer we now begin our rostered watering activities. Say hello if you meet us on the reserve.

Thanks to our New Members for all their hard work !!!!

Darlington Dibbler Girl Guides We also had a stargazing night, with Mark from Earthside Astronomy, and got to see the rings of Saturn through a high powered telescope. We continued work on the Guide Your Money badge learning to be awesome with finances. We celebrated Father’s Day with our Dads or dad-figures at Glen Forrest Bowls Club, and finished the term with a G party. Everyone dressed up as something starting with G, and Mackenzie amazed us with her Limbo skills, even while dressed as a bunch of grapes!

We have had the most amazing time at Guides recently, learning through fun and adventure! In Term 3, we did lots of cool stuff, like going on a camp in York with the theme ‘Pioneers’. We dressed up in pioneering clothes, did panning for gold, followed maps, baked scones outdoors (that got messy!), made writing quills, and even made our own candles. We had a quiz night, learnt a convict song, and heard an Aboriginal Dreaming story. We also did a night walk through the town. Some of the Guides had their first experiences of washing dishes and cleaning toilets!

This term, we will have fun with Guiding Traditions, circus skills, mental wellbeing, and our Junior Leader Joey will teach us about Indonesia. We are all looking forward to finishing the year with our annual Pool Party at Bilgoman Pool. We are always seeking women to join us as Leaders or Helpers. Contact us through


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Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade • Remember, 000 is the ONLY number to ring for all fire & smoke sightings. The ComCen will page our members who are on duty. • For general Brigade enquiries please ring 9299 7217. Station hours: Saturday 9am-10:30am. Facebook Page: Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade • Next Brigade meeting: Tuesday, November 14th 2017, at the Darlington Fire Station.

As the fire season approaches you can help us protect the community by looking out for both accidental and deliberately lit fires. Report any sightings of unattended flames or smoke immediately to 000. Be aware of unfamiliar vehicles and people in or near bushland, note down as many details as you can and report suspicious behaviour to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

We would like to remind you that fire breaks on your property must now be in place (from November 1st). All landowners and residents within the Shire of Mundaring are required to maintain fire breaks to assist in the control of bush fires, and to help minimise the possible spread of bush fires. Fire breaks must be at least 3m in width and 4m in height. Detailed fire break regulations can be found in the Shire of Mundaring’s Fire & Burning Information Booklet, the Shire’s Firebreak and Fuel Load Notice or on their website. The fine for failing to comply with a Fire Break Notice is up to $5000.

Brigade members have started ramping up their training over the last few weeks as we prepare for the coming fire season. Our volunteer fire fighters are required to undergo annual skills refresher training to make sure everyone is up-to-date with current procedures, and familiar and capable with the appliances and equipment we use. And despite the late finish to the wintery weather, our hazard reduction burn programme is now in full swing, providing another valuable training ground for new members.

The recent devastating fires in the USA, Canada and Portugal should serve as a solemn reminder that NOW is the time for you, the community, to take action. You should have your bush fire Action Plan prepared (have your 5 minute fire chat), and practice it with your family. All the contents of your emergency evacuation kit should be checked and replaced as required, and your Asset Protection Zone (APZ) of 20 metre clearance of flammable materials around your home should also be established. The Shire of Mundaring and DFES websites have information sheets about these, and other important strategies for the coming fire season.

On top of our recent visit to Clayton View Primary school, for their community open day (pictured), some of our volunteers have been involved in lots of community activities in recent weeks, such as the Oxfam Trail Walk, the Rural Urban Interface exercise in Chidlow, a Bunning sausage sizzle and information day, and the community Bonfire Night. We hope you will join us again this year at our bratwurst and sauerkraut tent at the Darlington Arts Festival on November 4th & 5th, to talk with members of the Brigade about what we do, how you can help us help you in the event of a bush fire, and what you need to know ahead of the approaching fire season.

Please note that we are still in the Restricted Burning period and permits to burn are still required, until the end of November. The Shire of Mundaring will advertise any changes to the Restricted and Prohibited burning periods, due to changes in environmental conditions. If you are unsure about what restrictions are in place, please contact the Shire. If you are planning a burn on your property and have obtained a permit, remember; ALL burning is prohibited on days of Very High or above Fire Danger Rating, or when a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban has been declared.

“Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety.” ~ William Shakespeare (Henry IV, Part 1) Cheers, Ricky Harvey



presents the premi er exhibition

WEST Local landscapes by local artist

JO MEREDITH Bob & Trish Juniper Art Prize winner

26 November – 3 December Doors open 2pm November 26 Exhibition opening at 2.30pm by Marlene Stafford Foundation Chair of AGWA Studio at rear of 43 Dalry Road Darlington Parking advised along Dalry road, for disabled parking please phone prior 9299 6064. Viewing of Robert Juniper works in Juniper Gallery on request. RSVP via email or text


m: 0439 918 010 ADVERTISEMENT



Here to help! Donna

6170 Great Eastern Highway, Mundaring, WA 6073


0419 918 692 (08) 9295 2815


jp mlc

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Recognised by Health Funds & Veteran Affairs

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Ground Floor, 108 Swan Street Guildford 6055 9379 0840 | Authorised by D.Faragher, 108 Swan Street, Guildford WA 6055.


Darlington Review - November 2017


A Montessori and International Baccalaureate School the future to problem solve, work independently, think creatively and individually, and come up with solutions that are outside the box. FYA has the belief that “young people are ambitious, creative and capable of rethinking the world and solving tomorrow’s problems today”. Interestingly, by looking especially at how the brain develops and at optimal learning times and methodologies, Maria Montessori came to the same conclusion 100 years ago. It was the basis of her approach and is still the basis of the Montessori schools’ approach today. FYA says “By 2030, automation, globalisation and flexibility will change what we do in every job. We urgently need to prepare young people with the work smart skills they will need most.” So what are these skills? Based on the article I have summarized them in the table below and looked at how we are meeting them at Treetops, following the Montessori ethos.

ARE WE EDUCATING FOR THE FUTURE? Based on ‘THE NEW WORK SMARTS, Thriving in the New Work Order’, Foundation of Young Australians (FYA)

Education in the US, and increasingly here, has become very data and assessment driven. While this should lead to improvement in standards, what happens ultimately is teachers may feel so oppressed, struggling to produce increasingly good data, that they spoon feed students, enabling them to score in tests, but not encouraging individual skill building, analysis, or advanced thinking skills. There is a genuine and great danger in smothering the very attributes that will enable people in

‘Traditional’ stance

Attribute required for future

Treetops skill development via Montessori and IB ethos

Linear careers

Portfolio Careers of possibly 17 different jobs in 5 different careers over a working lifetime.

Students follow individualised personal programmes, with less whole class teaching. Year 11 and 12 offers choice of International Baccalaureate Diploma or Careers related Portfolio style courses.

Routine manual tasks being completed by large section of working population

Replacement by technology so new focus on people skills, solving strategic problems and thinking creatively

Management lead workforce – people doing as they are told to do

Predicted that there will be less: management, organisational coordination, and workforce teaching.

Students are treated as ‘learning adults’ as opposed to ‘children who need to be controlled’. Opinions, questions, analysis are actively encouraged. Management of behavior is through teaching restitution skills rather than suppressing through giving punishments. Students are actively encouraged to debate, analyse, and ask questions. We never chastise a child for questioning why they are doing something (or why the teacher is doing something!) if the question is genuine. Since we have small high school classes, more time is able to be spent on meaningful, authentic and relevant engagement with less keeping students ‘busy’ while other students are being attended to. The IB subject of Theory of Knowledge has a specific Critical Analysis Thinking subject. Montessori maths approach is world renowned. Students work using hands-on specialist Montessori materials throughout PreKindy to Year 4 and continue to use manipulatives in later years more than in most educational settings. The IB Diploma requires students to take maths and a science subject. Computers are rarely used in lower primary since the emphasis for their use will be as a ‘tool’, not as entertainment. Focus then becomes using them to work ‘smarter’, publish better, communicate wider. Examples from recent graduates’ employment includes a student from 2016 employed by Apple, one 2015 student acquiring a Disney marketing scholarship and another setting up his own business producing digital music in his ‘gap’ year prior to then studying game development at University. Through the Pamoja system our IB students also have the opportunity of studying online subjects that might otherwise not have been able to have been offered. A popular example of this has been Information Technology in a Global Society.

Double the time at work solving problems. 41% more time on critical thinking More entrepreneurial mindset.

Equal focus on traditional ‘English’ and ‘Maths’

77% more time on maths and science skills

Computers mainly used for research

High level of digital literacy


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     

Darlington Review - November 2017

Shire of Mundaring Library Service

Upcoming Anna Jacobs event Bookings for Anna Jacobs’ author talk at Boya Community Centre on 16 November will be available from 6 November. Anna Jacobs is an international best-selling author, and one of Australia’s most popular authors (and most borrowed – her books that is). She has had 80 books published, and we are very pleased for this rare opportunity to hear Anna Jacobs speak. Keep an eye for our e-newsletter and social media pages for more information. An event not to be missed!

100% Shire of Mundaring Schools Signed up for Kindy Packs Every school in the Shire of Mundaring has signed up for the Better Beginnings Kindy Packs – the second year in a row. It is wonderful to see our schools so committed to promoting literacy and taking part in the Better Beginnings Program which is a State Library of WA initiative which supports parents as their child’s first teacher. It works through strong partnerships with public libraries, local governments, health professionals and schools, and we can proudly say it is working very well in our Shire! By the end of 2017 547 Kindy Packs and 114 Sing with Me packs have been delivered. School Holiday Event with Harald the Irish Storyteller Around 70 children (and accompanying adults) were entertained by larger-than-life Harald the Irish Storyteller, who is also German! We were treated to stories, and magic tricks, as well as some music from the handpan and Irish drum, the bodhràn. A highlight was everyone joining in for some communal singing; there is always something very special about voices, young and old, singing together. The Greatest Gift by Rachael Johns book launch

Did you know Mundaring Library turns 50 this year! Mundaring Library first opened to the public on 6 December 1967. The library was declared open by Mr Sharr, the State Librarian who said “He would like to see the young people make good use of it”. It cost a whole $23,000, and opened with 5000 books. The Eastern Hills Gazette reported that, after the opening ceremony, “People were then free to move round and inspect the books before enjoying a very nice afternoon tea catered for by the local C.W.A. ladies”. More information about activities to mark this special anniversary will be available soon.

Rachael Johns’ new book, The Greatest Gift, is out on Monday 23 October. Shire of Mundaring Libraries in collaboration with Dymocks is hosting “A Conversation with Rachael Johns” on Friday 3 November at Boya Community Centre. Tabetha Rogers Beggs from KSP Writers’ Centre will be “in conversation” with Rachael. Rachael Johns is well-known for her rural romance, however her new book centres on themes which touch to the very core and will provoke discussion and reflection. For more information and to book for the event go to 27




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Garden Maintenance Tree pruning Landscape designs Specialising in native plants

and low-maintenance gardens For all your plumbing & gas needs. Blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water system replacement and repairs Servicing All Hills, Gidgegannup to Kalamunda, Midland and Surrounding Areas.



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Alec Levet

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Darlington Review - November 2017

Helena College College Helena

International Baccalaureate BaccalaureateSchool School International For our Year 12 students, the past month has been filled with final moments – the final class with teachers, final study sessions, their final assembly and the final day of school. Each year, the whole school comes together to acknowledge the achievements of our graduating students, and to wish them luck for their future beyond school. On Thursday, 19 October our Darlington Campus students, from Pre-primary to Year 5, came up to the senior campus for the Cross Country events followed by the very special Helena Walk. This much-loved Helena tradition sees Year 12 students in fancy dress completed a lap of the College grounds, hand in hand with students from Pre-primary to Year 2. The Helena Walk represents the partnerships that are such a strong component of our educational approach. For the departing older students, the walk represents the end of thirteen years of schooling, while the youngest imagine themselves in the same role many years ahead.

Year 9 students had their first taste of hiking with a three day at Dwellingup, while Year 10 students chose either to go north to Kalbarri to hike along the Murchison River or south to tackle the Cape to Cape track. The Year 10 camps provide students with the opportunity to complete the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Bronze), Adventurous Journey. Music students from Years 7-12 enjoyed the beautiful weather and surrounds in the Swan Valley on the three day Music Camp. Eleven Year 6s joined them for one day and then took part in the Saturday morning concert for family and friends. Finally, Thirteen students from Years 10-11 and two teachers have just returned from a three week study tour of France. First stop was Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and Arc de Triomphe to name a few. The group then travelled to Aix-les-Bains, for two weeks with host families and time spent visiting Lyon and Geneva. It was a whirlwind of sights, culture, food, language and new experiences enjoyed by everyone. Students in residence

Camps programme Camps are an integral part of the learning experience at Helena College and over the past month, many students have enjoyed the chance to challenge themselves in a range of settings. The Pre-primary children had their first College ‘camp’ with a sleepover in Helena House Hall. They made fruit kebabs and enjoyed dinner and play time together before exploring in the dark and settling down to sleep. Year 2s had their overnight camp at Fairbridge and Year 1s will head to Point Peron this month.

Welcome to Tatwa and Meri, our Balinese Students-in-Residence for Term Four. Tatwa and Meri are being hosted by two Helena families and while at the College will attend classes to boost their English and computing skills. They’ll also work with our Indonesian Language students at both campuses, to help with their appreciation and understanding of the language and culture of our nearest neighbour.

See Helena College yourself

The best way to learn more about Helena is to see it for yourself, on one of our scheduled tours (see below) or on a personal tour. Call us on 9298 9100 or email Sherene Strahan, Community Relations Manager

College Tours Darlington Campus (K-5) –11am on Thursday, 9 November and 30 November Glen Forrest Campus (6-12) –9.30am on Tuesday, 31 October and 28 November To book, contact our registrar or visit the Tour and Event Bookings page on our website. T: 9298 9100 E: W: 29

Design is customized to every installation, which allows us to maximize effectiveness with visibly discrete components. Only the highest quality materials are utilised for our installations, which include: copper piping, brass fittings and a range of sprinklers suited to many applications. Sprinkler systems can be installed on either tin or tiled roofs, boundary fences, decking or verandas. Our range of sprinklers produce large volume droplets which minimize the effects of wind dispersion ensuring successful wetting of roofs, gutters and surrounding vegetation, enhancing the chance of survival. Our roof sprinkler systems can use a variety of water sources but generally use existing water tanks or swimming pools, matched with a petrol or diesel fuelled fire fighting pump. This provides an ideal direct source for our sprinkler systems and these can be setup with a second or third outlet for manual fire fighting hoses or parallel sprinkler systems on nearby buildings if required. When purchasing a sprinkler system from WA Roof Sprinklers you can be assured of receiving professional advice and service. All work and materials are included under our 12 month warranty as is your initial recommended annual maintenance check. System installation is more affordable than you may think, so don’t wait until summer to start preparing your home and family for the bushfire season. All of our site visits, experienced advice and quotes are obligation free. For more information please contact or visit


Our house is in the hills and I work away. For peace of mind, we needed a system and I thought I was going to have to build it myself. I found out about Chris by accident after buying half the parts I needed myself. One phone call and he came and designed a system based on real experience and what was actually needed. There was no fuss. The job got done and the finished product is simple (easy enough for my 12 y/o boy to be able to start it up), and done with quality parts. Chris has done an extraordinary job on our house. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. Thanks.


Martin, Bedfordale.

I had sprinklers installed on my 2 storey brick/ wood framed house in the Perth Hills by WA Roof Sprinklers last summer. I was pleased with the prompt and professional attention my enquiry received and Chris explained the system he recommended carefully, including the custom fittings he designed for my unconventional roof. Installation was careful and quick and I was tutored in the system’s operation. I recommend this company to home owners who are looking for quality and service. Diane, Darlington.

Their sprinkler system seemed to be the best set up I could find at a very reasonable price as I had researched all options available. It was designed to be discreet and built with good quality materials. Overall I’m very happy with the sprinkler system which is very easy to use. Their friendly service was first class and I would certainly recommend them to friends and neighbours in my area. Neil, Chidlow.

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WA Roof Sprinklers has developed an effective, reliable and affordable sprinkler system, which can greatly reduce the risk of property damage posed by bushfires.

Darlington Review - November 2017

Mundaring Bahá’í Community As part of the global celebrations of the 200th birthday of Bahá’u’lláh we will be hosting several screenings during November of ‘Light to the World’, a film about the life and teachings of Bahá’u’lláh released this month for the bicentenary commemoration. This moving documentary tells the story of Bahá’u’lláh’s remarkable life, the extraordinary hardship He endured and the impact of His teachings on millions of people in diverse communities around the world. Call or email for more details.

We warmly invite you to join us at our upcoming events:

At the end of October we sadly farewelled a much loved member of our community, Mr Dean Todd. Dean was born in Bombay but made Darlington his home for many years and together with his wife, Jeru, was one of the first Baha’is to reside in Darlington. He was a steadfast and dedicated servant of Bahá’u’lláh and his wisdom and humour will be greatly missed.

11 November 2017 ‘Bridges to Peace’, multifaith gathering co-hosted with St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church, Darlington, 3pm, afternoon tea provided, all welcome. Throughout November ‘Light to the World’ film screenings, various locations, Mundaring Shire. For more details please contact Susheel: 9295 2839 or Sue: 9252 1010 or email: Further information on what Bahá’ís believe can be found at

Love is the greatest law in this vast universe of God! ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Donna Faragher JP MLC Member for East Metropolitan Region Shadow Minister for Education; Training; Women’s Interests

and community projects. Annually, the centre presents the work of over 400 artists including 150 Western Australian artists of which 75 percent are based in the outer metropolitan area. It has also recently taken up the management of the Midland Junction Arts Centre. One of the centre’s most popular projects is their annual Mundaring Environmental Art Project which provides primary school students in the Shire an opportunity to submit creative artwork based around a particular environmental theme. Winning students are then invited to paint their designs on large banners which are displayed for one year around the town centre. This year, a record number of entries, over 1000, were received and they are proudly on display at the centre until 19 November 2017. Visitors are encouraged to visit the free exhibition and vote for their favourite artwork, putting the student in the running to win the 2017 People’s Choice Award.

Visit to the Mundaring Arts Centre The Mundaring Arts Centre is a wonderful asset to the Hills’ community.

Take the time to visit the Mundaring Arts Centre and their wonderful shop soon.

I recently visited the centre with Chairperson Jude Van Der Merwe and Director Jennifer Haynes to hear more about the centre’s various activities from their public exhibitions to workshops 31

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Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Retirement Accommodation Assoc. (Inc) “The Glen”

The Darlington Glen AGM was held in late September and well attended by the Glen management committee, the Glen residents, members of the association and Shire President David Lavell. President Lindsay presented his report and summarised all the activities and management issues over the last year. A new member of the Darlington Glen committee (Mike Tooby) was proposed and unanimously elected. Mike is a long-term well respected Darlington resident who will be an asset to the DRAA management committee. Existing committee member Colin Merritt was reelected for another 3-year term.

the lawns and cleaning the gutters in addition to its previous garden tidy up activities. This results in a significant cost saving for the Glen. An offer, which is currently being processed, has been made for the tenancy of the refurbished Unit 5. This tends to be a lengthy and arduous process to ensure all legal and compliance issues are satisfied but hopefully the new occupants will take up residence prior to Christmas. The Darlington Glen is well managed by a committee of volunteers and continues to be an asset and a benefit to the Darlington community. DRAA (Inc) welcomes new members at a cost of $10 per annum. Please contact secretary Carolyn Earnshaw at email address: for further information.

At the October DRAA committee meeting all existing office bearers were reaffirmed and Helena Hercik was elected Vice President. New committee member Mike Tooby was welcomed and has already committed to providing his expertise for a special project. The Wooroloo prisoner working party has now committed to mowing

Colin Merritt

Community Connect : Hub of the Hills Speaker’s Circle This month the speakers Circle features Owen Catto speaking on the lost art of communication Come and listen and then enjoy refreshments. Date: 2 November Time: 2pm-4pm Price: Free RSVP: Phone 9290 6683 or email cso4@ This is an Active Ageing Project proudly sponsored by Shire of Mundaring and hosted by Mundaring Community Men’s Shed

Look what’s on at the Hub of the Hills Book Café Come along to the Book café and find yourself a great read (huge selection of pre-loved books) All funds raised will be donated to the Smith Family Date: 14 November Time: 9am-11am Price: $2 morning tea and Donation for pre-loved books Coffee Morning Come and enjoy catching up or meeting new friends at the Hub of the Hills Every Tuesday from 9.30 – 11am Free tea and coffee homemade goodies only $2.00

Active Aging Network The Active Ageing Network is a group of volunteers at The Hub of the Hills in Mundaring who help plan events and activities for seniors in the local community, such as the Hub Coffee Morning, Book café and Christmas Lunch. The Network is currently looking for new volunteer members and invites you to join them. Please call the Hub on 9290 6683 if you are interested

Need to know more……. All welcome. Please pop in to find out more Customer Service officer available Tuesday: 8.30am-11.30am, Wednesday: 10am 1pm, Thursday: 10am-2pm Or ring on 92906683 or email









Phone Geoff 9299 7489 TWO BRIDGES DARLINGTON Two Bridges offers boutique self-contained, short stay accommodation beside Nyaania Brook. Please visit our website at or email ARCHTECTURAL DRAFTING/DESIGN work. House additions – renovations. Ph 0438 906 200




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Matthew Hughes MLA JP Member for Kalamunda HOW TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP Email: Office Address: 1/16 Mead Street, Kalamunda 6076, Western Australia Post: PO BOx779 Kalamunda WA 6926 Phone: (08) 9293 4747 Mon-Fri 9am– 5pm. Closed 1pm-2pm each day. Or Facebook: @MatthewHughesMLA


Darlington Review - November 2017

Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre Writing the Heroine Workshop

10 rounds of themed quiz questions where teams of six to eight people will compete for pride and prizes aplenty. It is a test of general knowledge and is suitable for ages 12+. BYO nibbles. Make sure to book by Halloween for the early-bird discount; table cost is only $100! After 31 October, all tables are $120.

Workshop: Writing the Heroine, Saturday 11 November 2017, 1.00-4.00pm Tickets: $35 KSP and WAWU members, $50 others

Advance bookings are essential for all events. For more details or to book, please phone 08 9294 1872 or visit the KSP website on .

Beginning with Joseph Campbell’s classic approach to the hero’s journey, KSP’s Emerging Writer-in-Residence for November, Dr Sarah Nicholson, will be looking at the hero and the heroine in classic literature. We will be exploring the issues for the mythic heroine on her inner and outer journeys. Finally, we will be looking at contemporary examples of heroines whose journey’s have been remembered, rewritten or reinvented. Along the way we will be doing writing exercises that respond to various aspects of the heroine’s journey. This workshop is targeted towards emerging writers but is suitable for any level. Sarah Nicholson is the author of The Evolutionary Journey of Woman: From the Goddess to Integral Feminism. She has a doctorate in feminist philosophy and teaches writing, and studies in literature, and religion at the universities of Newcastle, Wollongong and Western Sydney.

Come One, Come All to the KSP Big Quiz KSP Big Quiz Fundraiser, Friday 17 November 2017, from 6.30pm Tickets: $120 for table of eight, or $15 per orphan ticket – book online (advance bookings essential) KSP is hosting another BIG QUIZ to help raise money for replacement linens in their three writing studios, to ensure they can stay open to the public. Fun and warm fuzzies guaranteed! A cash bar will be on hand and games will be played in between

Soroptimist International of Helena Juniper Gardens on Thursday 23rd November 11.3Oam with the march through the streets starting at 12.noon. Lots of activities, guest speakers and a sausage sizzle provided after the march. We are looking forward to hearing how our bursary winner at SVSHS has enjoyed and benefited through the drama class when she attends our dinner meeting in November. She has just completed year 12 and we wish her well for her future.

Can we believe it! November is upon us and planning for 2018 is in progress. Our plan to support the STEM project at Governor Stirling Senior High School has not been finalized and hopefully we will be able to have a working relationship by the beginning of 2018.

Our Christmas function will be at the King and I , in Guildford on the 5th December when we expect to present a cheque to a representative from Royal Flying Doctor Service. She will give a short talk on the activities of the RFDS. We are hoping that our money will go toward the purchase of an inflatable stretcher.

We have been` preparing bags for the Dignity Bags charity and Essentials for Women to be distributed to refuges and homeless at Christmas. We have lots of fun sharing our ideas, some of them very innovative, with the hope that we can contribute to making someone happy, that may be in an unfortunate situation.

We are pleased that a Darlington lady has shown an interest in joining us and we welcome her. The club welcomes new members and hope that any ladies who wish to make a difference to the lives of women and girls please contact Robyn Cain 08 92988593 or 0417 179 761. Or check on our website: www. or follow us on Facebook at Soroptimist International of Helena.

In support of the White Ribbon Day march against violence against women, we have been making the white ribbons and intend marching and displaying our banner on the day. There has been advertising about this event which will be held at

Rosalie Gordon


g Plumbin 80 9 since 1

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Darlington Review - November 2017

1st Darlington Scout Group for parents to step into these roles – as we all started as parent helpers too!

Term 4 has commenced with a successful fundraising event with a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on the 29th of October. Thank you to Bunnings Midland and to all of the parents and Scouts that helped on the day. Special thanks to Taryn Tarkka for your hard work coordinating the whole event. Our Scouts will be back at Bunnings Midland in late November to participate in a DIY night to build some billy carts.

Some of the special activities this term include Joey Splash at Maylands Water playground; Cubilee at Kelmscott SHS for our Cubs – a whole day of activities with over 1000 other cubs from across WA; Cub survival camp in the Avon Valley national park and a Scout & Venturer Fishing camp at Milligans camping node in Greenhead. These camps will be a great opportunity to use some of our new camping equipment that we recently took delivery of – thanks again to Scouts WA & Lotterywest and to Tentworld Midland for giving us such a great deal! inally the countdown to the next Australian Scouting Jamboree has commenced! AJ2019 will be held in Adelaide from 4th to 14th of January 2019. Eligible Scouts who will be aged between 11 & 14.5 are invited to apply to attend. There will be a range of fundraising activities undertaken over the next 9 months to provide as much support as possible for those youth and leaders who would like to attend (The Jamboree costs $2,450 for WA youth and $1,685 for WA leaders). Should you have any garden or yard clean-ups we can supply a team of willing workers for a few hours for your donation, please contact our group leader Glen Stenton – 0403 8019 226;

It has been wonderful to welcome some additional members this term across all of our sections – particularly with some of our long time Cubs linking to the older Scout section. Our Joey section (for boys and girls aged 6 to 7.5) has received some additional assistance thanks to Hannah and 2 of our Venturers who will be assisting this term. Additional leaders are still needed across every section of the group, to build upon a great team of leaders that have been working together over a number of years. Several of our leaders will be stepping down next year which presents a great opportunity



Your own local Plumber All General & Emergency Plumbing, Drainage, HWS, Sanitary, Bathroom & Kitchen, Pools & Pumps, Retic, Backflow, Septic tanks NO JOB TOO SMALL REASONABLE RATES Chris Tanneau Mahogany Creek Mobile 04 98 475 033 04 99 168 191 Email: ABN 70830121878 PL9260


Tae Kwon Do Academy

In the Spirit of the Peaceful Warrior Senior Master Linda Low 8th Dan ITF International Instructor/Examiner Justin Low 4th Dan, National Champion


Darlington – Guildford

Self Defence, Fitness, Confidence A great Martial Art for the whole family Adults - Teens - Kids Little Warriors 5yrs – 9yrs

Ph. 9299 7061


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Family Playgroup Our year is drawing to a close and here at DFPG, we’re getting organised for the next one – spring cleans, little fundraising projects and a look at what great new toys are out there that may be a welcome addition to our lovely little set up here in the hills. The spring sunshine is well and truly here and our children have been enjoying lots of water play! Watering cans, buckets, tea cups, you name it, it’s out. Our new craft supplies have arrived too, perfect for embracing this term’s theme, ‘Magic’. We’re all very excited to start creating!! Our little ones (and the big ones!) love to get together, whether it be to set up bike tracks, paint a masterpiece or generally enjoy eachother’s company. It’s also a lovely chance to spend some one to one time with your child/children too. With so much at your fingertips, the question is where to play first?! We eat morning tea on the custom made table and chairs outside. There are always friends who’re happy to listen at playgroup, share your week with, ask advice from or just hang out with! If you’re local with a little one who isn’t yet at school, why not come along and have a quick tour of the playgroup and check us out. Guests can enjoy two complimentary sessions. We run every weekday morning 9:30-11.30am and some afternoons. You can always enquire about any day that suits and I’m sure we can accommodate you!

For more information please call 9299 6396 or email We’re on facebook too: darlingtonfamilyplaygroup.

Ken Wyatt

Minister for Aged Care, Minister for Indigenous Health - Federal Member for Hasluck October 20 was World Osteoporosis Day and I want to take this opportunity to urge the Darlington Review readers of all ages to complete a simple, online bone health check, to prevent potentially crippling conditions as they grow older. This year’s World Osteoporosis Day them is ‘Love Your Bones’, a timely reminder of the importance of prevention, with estimates that more than one million Australians may already be suffering from osteoporosis. To use the online self-assessment tool please head to

The PC found that over time the HFE was less able to deal with economic shocks that have an uneven impact across the states, producing unforeseen and unfair outcomes. This is described as ‘unfair equity’ in the draft report.

Last month I was very pleased to see the draft report released by the Productivity Commission (PC) on horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE). This draft report paves the way to a good outcome for WA as it formally recognises that the GST issue needs to be addressed.

Lastly, I would like to encourage locals to check if they have any lost or unclaimed superannuation, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently announcing its latest figures.

The PC acknowledged the $1.2 billion provided in top up payments to WA by the Federal Government and that those payments effectively stopped WA’s relativity falling below 37c. Top up payments and GST floors are however not considered by the PC as viable longer term solutions. I am looking forward to the Productivity Commission’s full report due by 31 January 2018.

There are 5950 unclaimed accounts in Hasluck worth $32,524,047.94, this is a great reminder for people to check their superannuation accounts.

The draft report provides a breakdown of how GST revenue is distributed to the States and Territories, assessing the impact of the current method on our nation, the system’s efficiency and how improvements can be made.

I encourage everyone to log onto the ATO website to check if they have any unclaimed superannuation 39

Residential settlements Conveyance Preparation Free Settlement Advice Private Sales Subdivisions Name change | Family Transfers Deceased Estate Transfers Strata Title Title Search In-house legal advice Be sure, choose Sure Settlements 3 Brockman Road, Midland, WA 6056 | T: 08 9274 0044 | F: 08 9274 0544


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington History Group Done and dusted! That was the Group’s AGM last month – over before we knew it and painless into the bargain! Positions on the Committee remained the same as for 2016/17. After the election matters had been finalised Val produced the Annual Report and what a glowing account it was as to what has been experienced and achieved, also what is on-going and will be for some time. We’re a small group, but make a big impact on our Village, recording its history and bringing it to the attention of the Darlington and extended community. Who knew in school just how interesting and absorbing a study of history could be. Methinks the speedy rate at which the formalities were concluded may have had something to do with the array of wines and edibles that awaited our attention. Certainly all who attended enjoyed the chance to quaff, taste and chatter. Even

the furry ring-in seemed to be enjoying himself as Val thanked Arlene and Pam for the part they played in organising our trip to York! At our NEXT GENERAL MEETING in the LESSER HALL on WEDNESDAY 8TH NOVEMBER at 7:30PM we will once again welcome Dr Fiona Bush as our Guest Speaker, her topic being the development of John Forrest National Park and the role of sustenance workers in carrying out this task. Fiona has acted as a speaker for us on two previous occasions and her expertise in sharing her wealth of knowledge makes for an entertaining and informative evening. DAF is upon again and, sadly, this will be the last year that the DHG will have their books and bric-a-brac for sale in the Community Tent, so please ensure that you visit us to buy up big because ALL stock must go – just make an offer and pick up a bargain to take home with you Cheers for now Judi Bracks Publicity Officer

The perfect Christmas gift for all Darlington residents The Darlington History Group is proud to launch a new 74 page history book about the Darlington Pines General Store. It includes many old photos and historical information not seen or read before.

$12 Copies available at:

The Pines (Owen Rd) 2Cafe (2 Montrose Ave) Nest (20 Brook Rd)

or Cliff Burns 9299 6696 All proceeds support the Darlington History Group

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISMENT PLANS DRAWN FOR HOME ADDITIONS AND NEW BUILDS ~ Design Draftsman ~ William Hall ~ Trade Background ~ 35 years experience ~ Highly Qualified in Building & Construction ~ Detailed plans for owner builders and custom registered builders ~ BAL construction detailing as required ~ Engineering & Energy Assessment incorporated into the final plans ~ p 6394 2392 ~ m 0415 032 766 ~ PO Box 28 Darlington WA 6070 ~ email 41

Stylish Scandinavian Homes


Located in Denmark SCANDINAVIA (Now available in AUSTRALIA) the Green House company has for many years delivered premanufactured modular timber homes. All work is carried out and performed to the highest quality and at the right price! The raw material comes from Sweden where the worlds finest timber is sustainably harvested. Construction is performed with your choice of horizontal planed logs or with sawn vertical/ horizontal timber cladding. All houses are delivered with double glazed low energy windows. PUT YOUR OWN MARK ON YOUR NEW TIMBER HOME Custom design your home in consultation with Green House designers OR choose from a large range of Green House standard designs

Green House All enquiries to Green House Exclusive Representative for Australia, Northern Bay Pty Ltd

John Sorensen: 0427 388 392 email: ADVERTISEMENT


Federal Member for Hasluck

Shop 10-12 Forrestfield Marketplace, 80 Hale Road Forrestfield WA 6058 08 9359 0322


Authorised by Ken Wyatt MP, Shop 10-12 Forrestfield Marketplace, 80 Hale Road Forrestfield WA 6058.


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Bushwalking Series Contact Details Phone: 9299 6696 Email:

As guide and organiser what I wish to say is; it has been a pleasure to have such a wonderful group of people all participating in something that we thoroughly enjoy, and if everyone enjoyed the activities half as much as I did then that makes it all worthwhile and an organiser very happy. So, no doubt we will present another bushwalk programme during 2018. Interested residents wishing to receive information can simply read the next report in the April 2018 edition of the Darlington Review or send their email address to Cliff and he will email the “Bushwalk News” as the new season’s information becomes available. A Funny Thing Happened…… Who needs a friend? A group of friends went bushwalking one day. For safety reasons they decided to pair off in twos for the afternoon. That evening one of them returned alone, staggering under the weight of two heavy backpacks. “Where’s Fred?” the other bushwalkers asked. Fred’s partner, Brian, replied, “Fred had a heart attack and died a couple of miles back.” The other bushwalkers gasped and then one of them asked, “Why did you leave Fred out there and carry his backpack back?” “It was a difficult decision”, nodded Brian, “but I thought nobody would steal Fred.” “Walk Trails and Circuits” Book – NEW 2nd Edition Now available, the book includes almost every trail or track in the Darlington surrounds. Since the first edition, 9 years ago, some old tracks have disappeared and many new ones created. All the maps/trails/tracks have been revised using GPS technology. For copies contact Cliff and Sharron. See you on the track in 2018. Cliff Burns (Organizer and Guide) 9299 6696

It’s all over until season 2018 The final 2017 bushwalk: Wandoo Heights Nature Reserve in Millendon (Swan Valley) was a wonderful treat. If anyone thought that the wildflowers were fantastic on previous bushwalks then they were in for a bigger surprise. If you love our natural flora then don’t miss spending a spring morning or afternoon at this 22 hectare natural “garden” property which was never farmed. It is administered by the City of Swan, where you can acquire a key. Phone their office first for permission to obtain access. Celebration BBQ and Wrap-up It was a great way to end the bushwalking season when almost 40 people attended. The 2017 report card and summary was read: • This was the 10th year the Bushwalk Series has been presented. So far we have conducted 80 local bushwalks. Who said it wouldn’t survive? • This season, there were 10 local bushwalks with an excellent average attendance of 27 people on each walk. Overall 79 different people participated during the year and we welcomed several new participants. • 2 Cape to Cape Track Adventure weekends gave 43 people the opportunity to complete Part A of the Track. The weekends were outstanding successes. Part B and C will be conducted in 2018 and 2019. Congratulations to those who complete the 50 kms in the 3 days. • “Bushwalk News” continued to be a good way of making sure everyone was kept informed regarding the coming events. People who wish to receive the emailed News can ask to be included on the emailing list. • The Group’s introduction to a page in The Darlington Review was an excellent way to let village residents know what we are about. Superwalker Awards The winners of this season’s Superwalkers Awards were Carl Bentley, Alwyn Burgess, Wynne Jones, Elfrieda Jones, Alf Leaver and Romyka Van Duin. Each of these Superwalkers were appropriately asked to kneel, be dubbed with the holy walking stick and presented with their Superwalker pendants. It was a hilarious event and no doubt we will do it all again next year. Conclusion and 2018 On behalf of those attending, local treasure Mich Lee suitably embarrassed the guide/organiser as she presented him with floral head-dress in appreciation for the year’s activities. This was all accepted with the utmost grace and thanks.


Incredible Cape to Cape coastline


Property picks of the month.

17 Allpike Road

Darlington 4x



Designer Log Octagonal Character

Split Level Hills Character .

Contact Agent

Contact Agent

23 Cecil Street

Glen Forrest 3x


2x 3/1 Owen Rd, Darlington WA 6070 | Ph: 08 9299 6533 | Fax: 08 9299 6473 | Email:


Property picks of the month.

17 Allpike Road

Darlington 4x



In home cleaning of: Ovens, Microwaves, Speech Pathology services for children and adults Cooktops, Grills, Late talking BBQs & Extractors/ Designer Log SplitExpressive Level and receptive language 23 Cecil Street Octagonal Character Hoods Hills Character . Articulation Glen Forrest Stuttering

Auditory processing/early literacy Agent Contact Agent Contact Autism diagnosis and treatment Social communication skills Communication difficulties following stroke, brain injury or degenerative disease Simone Dempster Speech Pathologist

BSc (Speech & Hearing) CPSP Member Speech Pathology Australia Member Private Speech Pathology Association of WA

Darlington Dental Office 2 Montrose Ave, Darlington 0408916799 Medicare and private health rebates apply

Let me put the 3x sparkle 2x back in2xyour kitchen!

Jan French 0488 004 103 I use only non-caustic fume free eco friendly solutions

3/1 Owen Rd, Darlington WA 6070 | Ph: 08 9299 6533 | Fax: 08 9299 6473 | Email: connecting with the world 44

Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Primary School Goodbye Term 3 and Hello Term 4 an explosive chemistry display on the oval, which included the launching of some spectacular rockets. On a literary front, we celebrated Book Week in true Darlington Primary School style with our traditional book character parade. The BFG, Goldilocks, the Boy in a Dress, The Cat in the Hat, and even a Wally or two descended upon us. The amazing costumes demonstrated the dedication and ingenuity of our community. On a very special note, not every school has the opportunity to celebrate the 80th Birthday of one of its staff members. Last term we were in that fortunate position. A special morning tea was held to mark the birthday of one of our gardeners, Phil Jackson. Phil is a sprightly, energetic figure around the school, tending the beautiful, natural environment of the school grounds. We feel proud and privileged to have our own Octogenarian staff member! And so a new term is upon us. There’s never a dull moment here - we are back with a vengeance for our final quarter of 2017 and it looks set to be jam packed, as usual, with a multitude of inspiring and invigorating activities. We’ll catch you up on all our endeavours next time.

Greetings Darlingtonites - so much has happened since last we conversed. We had a bustling and fun filled final few weeks of Term 3. It all started with fruitful interschool forays on both the academic and athletic fronts. The Darlington Primary School Cross Country team put in a wonderful effort, which resulted in our winning the Hills Education Community (HEC) Sports Association Interschool Carnival. And the team of students who competed in the HEC Science Quiz received the same accolades. They worked collaboratively and efficiently to retain the trophy that was won by Darlington last year. Speaking of science, we marked Science Week with a bang (literally) and many other exciting demonstrations during our Sensational Science Activity Day. The day began with the Scitech Discovery Centre demonstrations of physical science. This was followed by a range of activities from freezing marshmallows with dry ice, blowing smoke rings from a rubbish bin, balloons that deflated and inflated in response to temperature changes and even a teacher who appeared to set herself on fire (please note: no teachers were harmed during our science celebrations). And the bang I hear you ask… the culmination of the day was

Mundaring and Hills Historical Society Inc Mundaring District Museum Celebrates 20 years Over twenty years ago, the original Mundaring School classrooms were saved from demolition or relocation through the efforts of the then recently formed Mundaring & Hills Historical Society (MHHS). Built in 1908, and one of the earliest remaining buildings in the area, the school originally consisted of one classroom. In 1913, with more families moving to the area, a second classroom was added. When the Mundaring Primary School moved to its current location in 1990, the old school site was sold to a property developer for a shopping centre. From 1989 onwards, members of the MHHS worked relentlessly to ensure the original two classrooms, as well as the adjacent War Memorial and Memorial Garden, were retained in situ. On ONE day in June 1991, the MHHS collected 400 signatures from local shoppers, requesting that the old schoolrooms be retained as a museum, to be operated by the MHHS. This wider community interest in conserving local heritage places was assisted by the introduction in 1990 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act. In 1993, after years of lobbying by the MHHS of the various stakeholders, the Shire of Mundaring excised the land on which the classrooms sat from the shopping centre site, thus ensuring their preservation. Following even more letter-writing and grant applications the dilapidated building was restored with funds from both the Shire and the Heritage Council of WA. On 27 October 1997, the Old School museum was officially opened, sharing the building with the Mundaring Tourism Association (now the Mundaring Visitor Centre). This month the MHHS celebrates the Museum’s twentieth anniversary. During this time, the Museum has presented a myriad of local stories through exhibitions, talks and tours. These histories play a vital role in maintaining and reiterating the unique local identity of the area. To mark this important milestone Jeff Murray, first President of the MHHS, is recalling the battle to ‘Save the School’ in a talk at the Museum/Visitor Centre at 2.30pm on Saturday 18 November. The public is welcome to attend.

Left Mundaring District Museum in its early days and right the Museum and Visitors Centre today


Darlington Review - November 2017

Creative Design & Practical Solutions Hills & Surrounding Areas

• Additions and Renovation specialists with 30 years’ experience • Individual New Homes • Design Development to Build Registered Builder 12660

0447 740 908



Darlington Review - November 2017

Silver Tree Steiner School

Vegetable Gardens This season, potatoes, broad beans, carrots, parsnips, silverbeet and rainbow chard are in abundance and the children will soon be planting prolific amounts of corn, beans, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchini, capsicum, basil and watermelons. Wildlife Our resident Goulds Goanna has come out with the warm weather and the bandicoots had a wonderful time over the holidays picking up cake crumbs dropped from staff meetings! The Kangaroos continue to delight in any greenery they can get hold of and we hope to spot a bobtail again this year. What a delight it is to be at Silver Tree in the Spring! Discover the joy of academics through art by joining us on a tour. Book through our website or by calling Hayley on 9295 4787.

Celebrating Spring at Silver Tree Spring Festival The celebration of the seasonal festivals is an enriching part of the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cultural and community life. Through art, music, story and poetry, the children are helped to identify and recognise the changing rhythms of the earth. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Spring Festival was filled with maypole dancing, seasonal songs and beautiful flowers. Around the school The wildflowers in our native gardens at Silver Tree are putting on a beautiful display this year! The school gardens continue to grow with over 200 tube-stocks planted by the primary students last term. All three Kindergartens as well as Acacia Playgroup received trees last term, including full size apple tree in Marri Kindy.

CLASSSIFIED ADVERTISENTS IRONING SERVICES - $30 per hour (approximately 10 business shirts and 2 trousers). We are reliable and efficient, and can pick up and drop off in the Darlington area for free. My daughter and I are raising money to help send her on tour with her brass band next year. Please phone Alex on 9299 6699 or email DARLINGTON HOUSE BnB - great for a getaway or when family are visiting. We also offer custom designed gift vouchers with dinner and spa treatments. Please call Belinda on 0439391048 or email


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington United Church

Cnr Darlington Rd and Allestree Rd, Darlington

Hi, my name is Rob Merrells and in November I will soon to take on the position as pastor of Darlington United Church. I have been happily married to Sue for over 45 years. We met at an ISCF camp on 1965.

‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

I have been a Maths teacher for 46 years with over half of that time at Swan Christian College. I would have taught a few thousand students in those years, so it is quite likely that I have taught someone you know.

Relating to Jesus demands humility. We have to first admit we do wrong. This, at the most superficial level is an admission that we constantly make mistakes, but as we deepen that relationship we realise that we actually choose to do evil. This realisation must birth the question: then why doesn’t God wipe us out? The answer is that He loves us and wants a real relationship with us. So God sent Jesus to die for our sins, so that we can enter into His presence.

I have lived in the area from 1982 to 2015 when we moved from Lesmurdie to Helena Valley to enjoy a semirural life style. Our family of six children were brought up with sheep and cows and chooks and several chores, but they enjoyed the lifestyle on the 4 acre property. Coming to DUC as a pastor will be an exciting and challenging new field for me – but not entirely new. I did serve as a part-time pastor at Chidlow for a few years.

To be in a real relationship with God and to experience the presence of God in worship is unique. I invite you to Darlington United Church to worship with us and to engage with people who believe that Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins. Rob Merrells Special Event: Church Garage Sale – Saturday 11th 8.30am – 3pm Sunday Service: 9.30am every Sunday Enquiries: Ray Hockley Church President

We live in a time of huge deception where the truth is hidden. One of the huge deceptions in Western society is that people will think that knowing about God is the same as knowing God. Think about it – there are several people who know about you but only a few who really know you. The assumption that just knowing facts about God constitutes a relationship with Him is unreasonable.

Ph 0403790380

Jesus teaches us that in Matthew 7 21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day,


Darlington Review - November 2017

Mundaring Arts Centre NOVEMBER AT MAC This November is very special for MAC. Not only are we presenting our favourite community projects – Mundaring Environmental Art Project and the WOWA Wearable Art Parade at DAF – but we are also presenting a survey of works by a local artist who was integral to the MAC arts and greater hills community, Peggy Lyon. A highlight of the Darlington Arts Festival program is the Worn Out Worn Art (WOWA) Wearable Art Parade. Every year for the past 13 years, MAC invites young people from the eastern region to create extravagant ‘sculptures for the body’ from recycled materials. In the months leading up to the parade, artists work with community groups and local schools - including Helena College - in a series of themed in-school and holiday workshops. The workshops allow reflection and discussion of topics such as peer group pressure, environmental and social issues relevant to the participant’s age group. Featuring elaborate costumes, local students and independent entrants will parade on the catwalk at Darlington Arts Festival on Saturday 4 November from 5.15pm - 6.15pm. Prizes are awarded for most outstanding performance, imaginative design, construction and use of innovative materials. Don’t miss it!

natural environment. She was an extraordinary supporter of the arts, as a teacher, curator and someone who was always willing to share her skills with her community. Peggy quietly built up a stunning range of works, many of which are held in private and public collections, including the Shire of Mundaring Art Collection. Never previously shown as an autonomous body of work, this survey is on show until Sunday 19 November 2017. To support ABOUT TURN: A Quiet Interrupted Art Life, artists Denise Brown, Peter Dailey, Stuart Elliott, Bev Iles, David Small, Sue Starcken, Catherine Swioklo and Tricia Tarrant have generously donated artworks for silent auction throughout the exhibition. Funds raised will go towards the presentation of this exhibition which has been made possible due to the unfailing support and respect for Peggy held throughout her community. In line with Peggy’s love of the environment, Gallery 2 features over 1,000 entries for this year’s Mundaring Environmental Art Project. Primary school children from across the eastern region – including Darlington Primary School, Treetops Montessori and Helena College Junior School - have immersed themselves in a world of environmental discovery to come up with designs for the 2017 Mundaring Environmental Art Banners, to be displayed in the Mundaring town centre. This year’s theme is Leaf Litter – Habitats at our Feet. Stay glued to our website for more exciting workshops and happenings at Midland Junction Arts Centre (MJAC) too. The workshop program is constantly evolving and we are currently calling out to anyone interested in exhibiting, workshopping or working in residence in 2018 to work with us as we work out ways this amazing space can work. Expressions of Interest are due by COB 17 November 2017. MAC is in the heart of Mundaring at 7190 Great Eastern Hwy (corner Nichol St). Entry is free and the Gallery and Shop are open Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm (closed Mondays and Public Holidays). MJAC is in the heart of Midland at 276 Great Eastern Hwy (corner Cale St). For further information please call 9295 3991 (MAC) or 9250 8062 (MJAC) or visit – you can also find us on Face Book and Instagram.

Back at the Centre, ABOUT TURN: A Quiet Interrupted Art Life celebrates over 35 years of arts practice by dedicated artist, environmentalist, teacher and volunteer Peggy Lyon (1945 – 2017). Peggy was an artist of exceptional conceptual and technical talent. Her works utilise a diversity of mediums and talk about our connections to place, family and belonging; her love of the Perth Hills and her concern and affinity for the

Top: Helena College students with WOWA coordinator Sarah Zel Chescoe Below: Event 5 by Peggy Lyon, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, 2008 Top right: Peggy Lyon installing Canopy Into the Forest in 2014 at MAC 49

Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Tennis Club Darlington Tennis Club Court Weekly Bookings November 2017

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday From Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 school 20:00 terms 21:00 only

school terms only

school terms only





Mon morning social tennis from 8.30am.

Faye Jackson

0487 277 288

Thurs morning social tennis from 8.30am.

Trevor Folley

9252 1697

Mon, Tues, Wed nights 7-9.30pm mixed social comp Paula Wood (Mon)

0430 022 047

(These comps do not usually run in school hols)

0434 322 139

Tim Nicholas (Tues)

Players assigned to a team for duration of comp.

Brendon (Wed)

0427 250 566

Cardio Tennis Mon 6-7pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Pennants training session Thursday 5-7.30pm

Zane Moran

0417 177 679

Pennants training session Friday 6-7.15pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Social Tennis - Friday 7.15-9pm

Lee Oliver/Zane Moran 0417 177 679 (Zane)

Coaching (adults): Thurs 7.45-8.45pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Coaching (kids): Tues 4-6pm; Fri 4-6pm; Sat 8.30-11amLee Oliver 9253 0209 see website for team contacts Pennants

Sunday night social 8-9pm

Richard Powell

0417 809 026

Wheelchair tennis Monday 6-7pm

Lee Oliver

9254 0209

At other times courts may be hired through Pines shop across the road ($20 key deposit; $5 an hour for non-members, $7 for lights)

After hours court bookings: Brendon 9252 1392/0427 250 566. General enquiries Alex Hoschke 0439 976 672

Darlington Theatre Players Inc. The Darlington Theatre Players present The Jungle Book by Andrew Strachan based on the stories by Rudyard Kipling directed by Shelly Miller Synopsis This musical journey takes you into the fantasy realm of Rudyard Kipling as his beloved characters spring from the page to the stage in this musical romp through the jungles of India. Join the man-cub Mowgli on his journey to becoming a man as he faces off against the dreaded Tiger Shere Khan, advised by his noble and eccentric friends, Baloo and Bagheera and his wolf pack family. Be amazed by crazy monkey business, in awe of the giant python Kaa and learn with Mowgli about the Law of the Jungle. This fun filled comedy is sure to please audiences of the young and young at heart, but beware of the Tiger's Tirade!

This delightful production, directed by Shelly Miller, is sure to entertain all family members; It has all the intrigue of Rudyard Kiplingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original stories and the exuberance of contemporary musicals with a huge and excellent cast of all ages. Book early to avoid disappointment. Dates: 17 November â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9 December 2017 Venue: Marloo Theatre, Marloo Road, Greenmount Bookings: Gwyne, 9255 1783 or Tickets: adults $22, Concession $20, Children/members $18, Family 2ad+2ch $70


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Social Cricket Club Inc “Slips, Stumpings Appeals & Silly Points”

The DSCC Dossier Vol I- issue 1

Breaking News A very popular playing member from the past has come back as a social member. A very good wicketkeeper and punishing middle order batsman, the one and only John Farrant!

Injuries Update The other Chris (Rickard that is) also has tendonitis in his right arm / hand and is unavailable for a couple of games. Too many Chris’s in the club, it confuses the secretary.

John joined the club in 1986/87 and his playing details are / were:

Personnel Column To all the urgers, helpful hinters, ear whisperers and good advise people out there:

Club member of the year 1988/89 Best All Rounder 1990/91 Club record 2nd wicket partnership

“Don’t give advice to a batsmen while he is going in to bat or worse while he is batting: If he is inexperienced or an average batter, it will only make his more nervous; if he is a good batter or an old hand, it is wasted breath. Give him credit and the opportunity to use his own judgement. If he doesn’t do so at first, he soon will”


Captain 1993/94 He played 112 matches (not out 26 times) at an average of 21.05 with 159 fours and 7 sixes. John was last seen waxing lyrically around the BBQ at the Glen Forest Sports Club on Saturday night. Hope to see a lot more of John and Wendy on the hill and at the BBQs.

Gilbert Jessop –1929 “I have found batting or bowling and umpiring at the same time is very tiring”

Please welcome a few new members into the fold

Stephen Jones – 2017

Jason O’Reilly has joined as a playing member. Please hold no prejudices because he is a relation of Mick O’Reilly. Judge him on his own merits. I am sure the club will make Jason and Tamelia feel at ease in their first tender steps into the club.

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Travels and adventures

Chris and Lorraine Wilson have joined as social members. They have attended a few BBQs as guests of Lindsay and Kendal Earnshaw, liked what they saw and heard, so they will not need a lot hand holding.

Dobbing in a wife, husband, partner, mate, acquaintance or enemy

Additions to the family lineage

Exploits other than cricket

Player profiles to put on the app.

Wanted – any snippets of news.

Steve Warrinner slipped under the radar we think. Steve had/ has played a few games last year. However, now Steve and Abi are bon a fide fully paid up members. Judging by his batting performance and non-catching during the season starter he should slide effortlessly and seamlessly into the club.

Advise or email them to any committee member

International Duties


The club’s Bazil Roberts recently umpired an International match between New Zealand and someone else. Good to see people putting back into the sport.



Darlington Review - November 2017

November 2017 Mon


Wed 1 Are your Fire Breaks done?

6 Comm Rec Advisory Group Meeting 7.30 @ Fire Station

7 DRRA AGM 7.30 pm @ Darlington Dental

8 Darlington History Group meeting 7.30 Lesser Hall



2 The Hub Speaker’s Circle 2-4

3 Boya Library writers talk


10 Darlington Club move back in

Sat 4 Darlington Arts Festival

Sun 5 Darlington Arts Festival

Hills Symphony Orchestra concert 7.30 Midland Town Hall 11 Bridges to Peace @ St Cuthberts 3. pm


KSPWC Workshop 1-4 Opera At Twilight— Kalamunda


14 DVBB Meeting @ Fire Station


16 Boya Library author’s talk

The Hub Book Café 9-11

17 Opening Night of Junkgle Book @ Marloo

18 Museum of Mundaring Talk 2.30



26 Swan Harmony Singers Concert 3 pm Salvation Army Citadel

Darlington Club — Sundowner KSPWC Quiz Night from 6.30 pm




23 Opening Night at the Garrick of Cocky’s Crossing

24 Darlington Club—Games Night

White Ribbon Day – see Soroptimist’s Notes



29 30 Shire online Bushfire Ready Plan—See Shire website for details

Art Workshop @ NEST Joanna Meredith Art show @ Juniper Studios 1 Darlington Club Sundowner


Darlington Campus P&F

Christmas Market and

Carols Evening Friday, 24 November 2017 5pm - 8.15pm Food and drink stalls, entertainment and market stalls

Christmas carols from 6.30pm Flameless candle and carol book available for $2 Limted onsite parking

Ryecroft Road, Darlington

Darlington Review November 2017  
Darlington Review November 2017  

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