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Vol. 57 No. 12 December 2017

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Darlington Review - November 2017

Editorial From Chris Durrant, Guest Editor

this mean that politics is either about defending entrenched positions or rushing desperately to catch up with changes, but not about making steady, deliberate progress? Well, no, probably not.

Just when you thought things had returned to normal, here I am again! Family crisis has drawn Trea back to the Land of the Long White Clod (no, I am not referring to that charming little country across the ditch with whose inhabitants we have so much in common – perhaps too much, eh, Barnaby? – but that other more-or-less-English-speaking nation much further north whose electoral system apparently allows them to choose an ignorant bigot to rule the place) so you have to put up with me for another month.

Chips with everything We’re all fond of whinging about the Shire – some might see providing a target towards which ratepayers may direct cathartic abuse as an important function of Council – but let us also give credit where it is due. From time to time the Shire holds sessions at the pound where rate-payers can have their pets micro-chipped for free. The main purpose of these is to provide training for people from the Northam TAFE studying to become Authorised Implanters, but of course it also benefits those who would like to have non-human companions electronically identified. Obviously most of the animals chipped are cats and dogs (I’m sure we all know that under the relevant laws our feline and canine mates are required to be fitted with microchips) but other pets implanted have included snakes, rabbits, and ferrets.

Council matters (oh yes! It does!) The recent local government elections have certainly rung some changes up at the Shire of Mundaring, with no less than 4 of the 5 sitting councillors who had to face the people losing their seats. Councillors Bertola, Clark, Cuccaro and Perks are now in a position to find something else to do on Tuesday evenings. In South Ward, of which Darlington is part, change was minimal, with David Lavell being returned and former Councillor Darrell Jones being elected to replace the retiring Trish Cook. They join James Martin as our ward representatives. Following the elections, Council met briefly to elect its own leaders. Long-serving Councillor John Daw was voted in as the new Shire President and his Deputy will be another very experienced Councillor, Lynn Fisher. It will be interesting to see what effect, if any, the changes will have on the dynamics of our Council and its attitude to the community. While we are on the subject of Council affairs, doggophiles will have to wait a little longer to know whether the railway reserve is to be an unrestricted DEA (Dog Exercise Area – remember?) between the hours of 4.00 p.m. and 10.00 a.m. as proposed at the September Council meeting. The item on the November agenda on dog licensing does NOT, it has been emphasized, have anything to do with DEAs and that particular issue will be presented to Council, together with public submissions made during the consultation period, at Council’s December meeting. So, hang in there hounds!

The star of October’s chipping was apparently ‘Lady’, a sulphurcrested cockatoo pictured above. The Shire holds 2-4 of these sessions each year, the next being planned for March 2018, so if a furry, scaly or feathered friend has an identity problem and you can wait that long, put it in your diary!

Just a couple of final thoughts on the Council elections. Some might see it as a rather sad reflection on the community’s level of interest in local government that the voter turnout – 34% in South Ward, the best in the Shire – could be described as unusually high! And has it ever occurred to you that, while you can stand or run for public office, you cannot walk for it? Does

The other Shire initiative that really appealed to me, as one who seriously hates throwing away stuff simply because we don’t personally need it any more, is the Grab & Go recycling programme at its Mathieson Road Transfer Station, Chidlow, which has apparently been going since June 2016 but which perhaps you, like me, did not know about. The deal is that you can take in anything you don’t need – old appliances, bikes, kitchen or garden equipment, re-usable building materials, clothing, even toys and books or magazines – and it will (at the Transfer Station’s manager’s discretion) be added to their recycling store in which you are free to rootle around and find some treasures that someone else has finished with but might have a new lease of life with you! According to Station Manager Neil, one very popular item is old bath-tubs which people collect for use in their veggie garden or as watering troughs for horses.

Left to right: Councillors David Lavell, James Martin and Darrell Jones 3

Darlington Review - December 2017 So, if you have stuff sitting in the yard or the garage that you have been meaning to get rid of, or if you’d like to look for some really cheap Christmas presents, a trip with the trailer out to Mathieson Road might be the answer. It’s open from 8.00 to 4.00 Thursday to Sunday.

for literally millions of years, and were only driven to extinction by a cataclysmic asteroid impact entirely beyond their control, whereas we pathetic humans have only ruled the world for a few millennia and seem to be arranging our own extinction (and everybody else’s) without any interplanetary assistance.

She’s a winner!

What are the true vax? The whole question of obligatory vaccination against common childhood diseases such as measles and whooping cough is certainly one that raises temperatures on both sides of the debate. The ‘antis’ uphold their freedom of choice and their right not to have to subject themselves and their family to the risk of undesirable side-effects of vaccination. The ‘pros’, while conceding that a small minority might suffer disagreeable sideeffects, claim that the number in this category is tiny, and that their suffering is an insignificant price to pay for the benefits to the community as a whole of comprehensive vaccination. A refusal by some of us to become immunized, they say, can jeopardize the health of the whole community, especially those who, for one reason or another cannot be vaccinated.

It’s always great when one of our own is honoured in some way, and that happened recently at the WA Media Awards when Darlington journalist Sarah Brookes was adjudged the joint winner of the ‘Suburban – Best three stories or feature’ Award. Sarah’s stories were a series she did last year when at the ‘Echo’ (she currently plugs in her lap-top at the ‘Hills Gazette’) about the spike in diseases such as measles and whooping cough at local schools, probably a result of low immunization numbers. Her cowinner was highly-respected local journalist Bret Christian for a series he did on the inside story of the police investigation into the Claremont serial killer. The judges’ comments are worth repeating in full: “The Suburban category attracted a large field of high-quality entries. The judges were impressed with the breadth of coverage of suburban news reporting and the high degree of relevance the reporting of all entrants, and particularly the finalists, would have had on their local communities. It also became clear that there were two standout entrants in this category who could not be separated because they both excelled at addressing the Suburban category, albeit from different angles. Sarah Brookes submitted an excellent body of work of grassroots suburban reporting. Her dogged pursuit of answers to health incidents affecting a local school displayed local community reporting at its best, and would have generated widespread public interest in her newspaper’s catchment area.” ‘Widespread public interest’ could be something of an understatement: at the time of the original publication of her stories, Sarah was subjected to an absolute torrent of abuse on social media, much of it vitriolic, most of it anonymous, from the ‘anti-vaccination’ lobby in our community. This must, you would think, render this award even sweeter to her! It certainly reinforces my own resolve not to become involved in any shape or form in social media, despite the good-humoured chiding of my near and dear that this makes me a dinosaur! I would simply point out to them that the dinosaurs were an astonishingly successful life form that dominated our planet

As Dr Toni Law of the Glen Forrest Medical Centre told the Review, though immunization against whooping cough will not necessarily prevent you becoming infected, it will certainly reduce the severity of your symptoms. Measles infection, on the other hand, is extremely unlikely following immunization and she reminds us that measles is not a disease to be taken lightly, having claimed 134,000 lives worldwide in 2015, mostly children under 5. It seems to me that we have managed, over the past few decades, by rigorous vaccination programmes, to drive to the brink of extinction diseases like smallpox and polio which used to kill and maim thousands or even millions. To refuse to follow the same path where we can with other communicable diseases, seems short-sighted and foolish. Oh, and no use trying to get stuck into me about this view on social media, for reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph!

Festive times! By the time you read this you will very probably already be engaged in the round of celebrations and ceremonies that leads up to what, as far as I know in these times of ever-more-rigorous political correctness, we are still allowed to call Christmas. Looking back over the past few weeks, though, we can also rejoice in some notable festivities. The Bonfire on the last weekend in October was a blazing success and Trish Cook and her band of helpers deserve bounteous bouquets. A fun afternoon of skateboarding, music, and the construction of some amazing brushwood sculptures, culminated in a splendid conflagration, which of course began with the immolation of the aforesaid sculptures, kept within control by our vigilant fireys! I can’t remember when I last saw so many small children having so much fun! It was a delightful reminder of what a vibrant and dynamic young community we


Darlington Review - November 2017

entry was a lino cut collage entitled ‘Roebourne Wittenoom Rd’. Vanessa says “This artwork is inspired by a drive through the remote Pilbara, where cattle roam free, all is coated by red dust and Spinifex are precious plants to be mindful of. This is a truly wide open land full of beauty in the least likely places”.

have here, not just people of a certain age with an interesting past, although there are still plenty of them! See Trish’s letter of thanks for more information and pictures. Then a week later we had the Arts Festival and what a great weekend that was! Some wonderful art, plenty of engaging craft and performances, large and appreciative crowds, pretty decent weather, who could ask for more? (Well, perhaps more cheery service at the bouncy castle? But, shucks, you can’t have everything!) The happy buzz of conversation from a packed wine tent, the small children grabbing their parents by the hand and dragging them to the Junior Art tent so that they could see their painting, Geoff Barker braving the heat all day in that amazing brick suit, there was much to revel in and convince Peter Nicholls and his devoted team that they had done a truly wonderful job!

A little footnote before I leave the Arts Festival. It isn’t often that you have a performer contacting the media to complain that they have been given undue coverage. Last month’s Review described Marcus Sturrock, whom you may well have had a chance to listen to during the weekend, an as international musician who has played with the likes of Pink Floyd. Marcus contacted us as soon as he saw the published article to say that, although he does indeed perform internationally, he is a local boy, a hills resident of many years’ standing and, though he has performed with musicians who have provided support to Pink Floyd, he has never actually himself played with the supergroup. He was keen we should correct the record; I promised I would; and now I have. But if Pink Floyd want to argue the toss further, they are going to have to wait until February!

In the frame

Up a level

As many will know, this year’s top art prize at DAF, the Open Reserve Prize (curious name! Isn’t a Reserve award given to someone who comes runner-up, as in Reserve Champion? Ah! Well! Never mind!) anyway, this great prize, worth $10,000 to the winner, was funded this year by an anonymous donation. The winner was Vanessa Curley (pictured below with her artwork), an exhibitor at the Festival for many years, starting in the Junior Art Section in the early 1990s. Vanessa is a mother of two, and a long-term employee of The Framing Factory in Midvale, which has been a great supporter of DAF for quite a while. Her winning

For me one of the highlights of the Festival was the exhibition of Youth Art in the Mezzanine Gallery at the back of the Hall. There were some astonishingly accomplished, beautiful, and imaginative works of very differing types although, as more than one person said to me “our youth do seem to have a very dark view of life!” Apart from its use at the Festival, the gallery is an ideal place at a very affordable price for an emerging artist or a small group with a body of work to show. My thanks to Trea (before she left) for the following piece on the Mezzanine Gallery. Catering for emerging artists was the original intention of the gallery although, over the years it has also accommodated works by leading artists such as the late Bob Juniper, Nigel Hewitt and Ben Joel.


Darlington Review - December 2017

Wot? No Hall? Mention of wheelchair access, by the way, reminds me that the Shire, at its latest meeting, approved a tender for the refurbishment works at the Hall which will therefore begin in January. The main focus of these is disability access and you will be glad to hear that the plans will include all the modifications to the original scheme that were suggested by the DRRA’s panel of experts. The good news is that, by the middle of next year, we will have an updated, you-beaut, hall with even better facilities available to everybody. The bad news is that, if you were planning on holding a wedding, funeral, birthday party or concert some time between January and May (or even possibly June) you aren’t going to be able to hold it in the Hall. The initiative to reinstate the mezzanine level (that existed a century ago when the Lesser Hall was a wine cellar) came from local sculptor Mark Alderson, who (with help from the late David Gregson and architect George Grayston) completed the transformation of the space. The work was completed in 1996. The community raised the money and the Shire matched what was raised locally on a dollar for dollar basis. Fittingly, the restored space was opened with an exhibition of invited artists who were asked to complete a painting on a chosen piece of a wine barrel. Mark also launched his Mezzanine Art initiative that now sees exhibitions by established artists at 2 Montrose helping to fund smaller-scale shows at the Darlington Hall space. For example, local artist Dimity Gregson recently successfully exhibited at The Mezzanine Gallery and would love to see it more utilized. She tells us that the space (managed by the Shire of Mundaring through Bookings) cost approximately $380 for all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with a bond if you want to serve alcohol at the opening. “I used the Friday to hang the show and held the opening that evening,” says Dimity. “There was room for 31 small paintings utilizing screens available from the Main Hall storage cupboard. Trestle tables and chairs are also there. The space has hanging rails and gallery lighting, and the rear verandah is ideal for serving refreshments. Easy parking is also available, the only downside is a lack of wheelchair access. It was great to hear so many visitors commenting over the weekend about the beautiful historic building and the lovely gallery space.” So, up-and–coming artists looking for lovely place to stage the exhibition that will launch your career, at a price you can afford? Look no further than the Mezzanine!

Jiminy cricket! As I write, we are about to begin the battle for the Ashes, with S. Smith and his troops hoping to be able to put the Poms back in their box. The ladies have already shown their male counterparts the way with victory in the women’s Ashes series which will have been concluded by the time you read this. The higher profile of the women’s game these days has been reflected locally in that the Darlington Junior Cricket Club has for the first time entered a team in the Midland-Guildford Girls Under-13 League. See their article elsewhere in this edition. Perhaps one of these lasses may go on in a few years to wear the baggy green!

The times they are a’changin’ I can remember 1952 very well. It was the first year I was aware of as a date and it seemed to go on for ever. To be fair, there was quite a bit happening where we lived. The Governor of Kenya Colony declared a state of emergency in response to the Mau Mau uprising; we moved house; I went to school for the first time; Princess Elizabeth and her husband, that rather tactless, though handsome, Greek chap, visited us (well, not actually us but the particular part of the British Empire in which we were residing) and while she was there her father died and she became QE II. Even allowing for all that, it was a very long year. Every year since then appears to have slipped by a little faster, until now it seems only a few weeks ago that we were recovering from the excesses of Christmas and trying to rationalize our non-compliance with unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. But there it is! We’re looking down the barrel at Santa again! There will be the usual round of parties and services, miscellaneous jollification, and carol singing great and small, including, of course the amazing Carols by Candlelight in front of the Hall ( see page 14 for details), possibly our Hall’s last ‘gig’ before the scaffolding goes up. And a couple of late notices, one for this year, one for next. If you’re free on 15th December, get along to 2 Montrose Avenue and listen to Tim Newhouse, a young Perth musician, composer and arranger who plays with jazz, classical, electroacoustic and experimental music. Tickets only $15 from the dentist’s surgery at 9299 6084 and the usual delicious coffee and cakes will be available from 2 Café. And next year (never let it be said we don’t think ahead!) put aside the afternoon and evening of Saturday February 3rd for a community function at the new pavilion – music, food, drinks and general merriment! Further details will be found on the Darlington Hub Facebook page.


Darlington Review - November 2017 One of the things you may well be doing in the coming weeks is Christmas shopping, and I would take the opportunity of suggesting that you could do much worse in this regard than have a look locally before plunging into the horrendous maelstrom that is Midland (we won’t even talk about venturing down to the Perth CBD, surely a fate worse than death). The Nest near the Post Office, the PO itself, the Pines, and Colour me Kate above 2 Café all have a range of charming and unusual gift ideas, not all of them expensive, or you could purchase one of the locally produced books – the updated edition of ‘Walk Trails and Circuits’, the new history of the ‘Darlington Pines General Store’, or the Rottnest Fish Book mentioned a couple of months back. The Mundaring Weir Gallery and Mundaring Arts Centre are packed with great gift ideas, or you could get a bottle of really nice wine from the Darlington Liquor Store to help someone you love enjoy their Christmas and a giftcard for some sort of session at the Darlington Secret Day Spa to help them recover from it! In any case, on behalf of all at the Review, may I wish everyone a safe and joyful festive season. Chris Durrant

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Darlington Review - December 2017

My Place: ABC State Political Reporter Jessica Strutt city, and brought the opportunity for training in journalism. A job offer from The West Australian followed even before she’d completed her cadetship. At The West, she gained invaluable insights during several years as Indigenous Affairs and Social Justice reporter — an experience that saw her travelling through the Kimberley to report on social conditions and the youth suicides that plagued the region. “That experience of travelling with the coroner changed me, because I think it’s easy for us living in our comfortable homes in Perth to play the blame game,” she says. "Until you’ve seen the living conditions first hand, it’s hard to get a true perspective on what’s going on. The thing that struck me most was that you have this amazingly beautiful place contrasted with the squalid and sometimes very confronting conditions some people find themselves in.

Jessica Strutt’s place is on our TV screens nightly, giving us a rundown on the days’ events in our State Parliament. We talked with this highprofile journalist about that rite of passage moment of leaving high school for the “big wide world”. Jessica was a Darlington Primary/Eastern Hills graduate who grew up in Darlington and still makes fortnightly visits to the Hills to walk — and shed the pressures of her job as ABC TV’s State political reporter. “Strutty” to her mates, Jess admits that, like many a high school graduate, she approached this time of transition with a good deal of trepidation. “I certainly remember a lot of uncertainty and being full of self-doubt,” she tells the Review. “I don’t think I performed particularly well at high school and, even though I knew I could do pretty much anything, I didn’t appreciate how important education was at that time. I also didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, although I loved the idea of politics and law, and knew I wanted to work with people because I was good at communicating.” She studied Law at Notre Dame for three years, then — striking financial hardship — took a year off to earn, managing the Darlington Estate restaurant under previous owners. That gave her time for reflection, to talk to people in different professions, and to chart the way ahead — and that included a decision to change course in studies and to major in politics and history for an Arts degree at UWA. “At the time I remember talking to Darlington’s Chris Gregson who worked in the media and he encouraged me to think about journalism — and that made sense because it combined my interest in politics with communication. So I launched myself full-time into making that happen!” (Former resident Chris Gregson is today the Network Creative Director/Head of Production at Radio 2GB. He’s another Darlington success story – but that’s another tale!) While studying at UWA, Jess made it her business to pursue media internships (basically work experience without pay) and gave up uni breaks to work for the ABC in Bunbury and for News Limited in Perth. “Internships are important, because they prove you’re dead-keen,” she says. Her determination to get a foot in the door led to an offer from Rural Press to work as the solo journalist on the Merredin Mercury. “I was thrown in at the deep end, covering eight shires and everything to do with farming, knowing nothing about headers or tractors or harvesting — talk about a fish out of water!” she recalls. “It was good experience, forcing me to chase stories to fill the paper, so I learnt very quickly how to operate — and, in the process, met someone who was also new to the job: the young local MP Brendon Grylls, just starting out in politics.”

“Indigenous affairs needs to be on the front page. It’s incumbent on us as reporters to give a voice to people because often we’re their last avenue of resort, after they’ve been through every MP’s office, every Government agency. We can’t always help but we can give it a damned good shot.” Head-hunted to join Channel 9’s news team was a different sort of challenge for the no-frills reporter who, confronted by a make-up artist, admitted she didn’t even know what foundation was. “I’ve never worn make-up so I was not the readymade telly princess, far from it! However, although initially I wasn’t that comfortable on camera, I like the way you can tell a story on TV – it provides another dimension. And I believe it’s a smart decision to take on new challenges, even if they are terrifying and take you out of your comfort zone. That’s been my maxim and my advice to someone starting out is always – if someone gives you an opportunity, give it a go.” Exposure on TV also brought her to the attention of a wider audience and a job offer to become a senior media advisor to Premier Colin Barnett in 2011 — moving her from the media pack to media advisor on the other side of the barrage of media queries. “It was a 24/7 job, very demanding and high stress, but extremely interesting, because I was discovering how government works and what happens when your media enquiry falls into the hands of the spin doctors, and how the media can be manipulated. It also taught me that being a journalist is a privileged position and gave me more respect for media advisers. “I probably wasn’t the best spin doctor but I did my best to sell the government’s message, but essentially it reinforced my love of journalism as opposed to being involved in polish and spin. And I learnt a lot from Colin Barnett because he’s such an experienced politician who has overcome some very daunting obstacles to get where he has. We had a good working relationship. The experience helped to hone my skills of being able to cut through to the core of an issue and, as a political reporter, that is handy." Meanwhile the ABC was trying to lure her to join their TV News team, so after the last election she took up her current job as ABC State Political reporter. “I am certainly in my element now. This is probably my dream job and I feel very privileged to be covering politics in a State that I love. My advice to kids coming out of high school is to set yourself a goal. You may have setbacks, but that will only make you more dogged to seize any opportunity that comes your way. “If you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll make it. And don’t ever forget you’ve had an amazing start in life, living in a special place and in a fantastic community. I now appreciate that Hills people are different, we’re a different breed, we look at things a little bit differently. Every couple of weeks I come and walk in the Hills to escape the tough media environment and it helps to put things in perspective.”

The offer of a cadetship from the Sunday Times drew her back to the


Darlington Review - November 2017

TIM NEWHOUSE Friday 15th December 7:30 pm BYO

Coffee and cakes from 2 Cafe Tickets $15

Tim Newhouse is a twenty-two year old composer, musician and arranger based in, and from, Perth. At eighteen, Tim became the 2014 Associate Composer-in-Residence for the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra. Tim uses inßuences from jazz, classical, electroacoustic and experimental music to, as the Independent Theatre Association of WA puts it, “effectively complement the setting and provide the audience with a ‘window’ into the production.”

reception @

9299 6084

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Darlington Review - December 2017

Letters to the Review Edna Cable writes re the Darlington Community Pavilion: I was totally shocked at the article in the Darlington Review on the Community Pavilion. I understand that total money raised was $625,393 to build a shed. Maybe it has a kitchen and a shower but for that amount of money a person can get a double story brick and steel house and land package. The price of this place doesn’t, I understand, even include the land and I know a lot of the planning work was done for free and yet your article states that more donations are necessary. For what? It seems to me a classic case of bureaucracy gone mad and scant regard for the ratepayers who will have to pick up the bill.

DaSRA Chairman Geoff Barker writes in reply: PAVILION UPDATE NOVEMBER 2017 We have just participated in a hugely successful 2017 Darlington Arts Festival and we sincerely thank the efforts of all our supporters and especially Volunteers who made a huge contribution to the Success of the Wine Tent and associated fund-raising activities. The Pavilion was opened for inspection and many people saw where their Buy-a-Brick sponsorship is going to be formally recognised on the Foundation Members Wall. We confirm, and are pleased to advise, that through the untiring commitment of the current committee over the last 3 years, the project will, in early December, be handed over to the Darlington Sports and Recreation Association (WA) Inc. [DaSRA] who have a 12 year lease over the building and associated grounds. This has been possible through the focused commitment of the DaSRA Committee and its skilled and professionally experienced local Darlington team [the majority of whose time has been probono] who have worked through a comprehensive planning, design and community consultation process. The support of the community [past and present] and the financial support of Lotterywest [$302,500 incl GST], WA Govt/MLA Matthew Hughes [$110,000 incl. GST], Local Organisations and fund raising [$165,500 Incl GST], and the generous community member who has underwritten a Loan [Value as needed] as well as the in-kind site works by the Shire of Mundaring are all acknowledged. The total Budget for this Shire quality project, including all professional expertise and approvals is in the order of $625,000 [including GST]. This is not excessive for the type and quality of such a building and its surrounding development. The selection of a Builder went through a transparent public Tender process with the successful Builder being the lowest of three prices received, whom, after a detailed interview, the independent Quantity Surveyor advised was eminently reasonable and acceptable. It is now nearing a fully cash funded status and with further community support of the Buy-a-Brick campaign and some additional local financial support, the project will achieve a practical, sustainable and successful outcome at a value-formoney cost. It is an exemplar of what can be achieved through a partnership between Community and local organisations, State Government and Local Government. We thank everyone who have made it a reality. More information is available on the Pavilion Website In addition DaSRA Chairman Geoff Barker welcomes personal communications. If interested please contact him at

Val Shiell, Chair of the Darlington History Group writes: Again the Darlington Arts Festival has bought great excitement showing its artistic talents, community connectedness and vibrancy. It has demonstrated that with enthusiasm and a collective goal, the community has successfully tapped into the energy of volunteers, schools, groups, dancers, performers, emerging art forms and writers, to build a festival inclusive of all age groups and abilities. It is significant for the Darlington History Group as it will be the last time the Group will occupy the Community Tent, so generously provided by the Darlington Review. We have had that privilege for seven years. Seven years that gave us the capacity to get started, develop a Constitution and pull together a band of people that work together to research and tell the stories of Darlington’s people and its history. Our heartfelt thanks goes to the Darlington Review for making the Tent available and helping us to realise our mission “ Sharing our Heritage”. Our Bric a Brac and Book Sale has developed a following at DAF and we feel very much part of the Festival, people look to our historic photographic display of the houses and people as well as bags of books. However this year Reg our wonderful collector and storer of books and Bric a-Brac called an end to this duty, bedsides which Ernie the Ute needed a radiator transplant and other interventions. This year was our best result ever and I pay thanks to our dedicated team and community members Sue and Fiona who took the book supply from Reg to, categorised them in readiness for the Festival and bring them down and put them on the tables. Storing the books was our big dilemma as they could not be housed at Reg’s and at the last moment Kate McConigley was approached to take all the books that were left. She was able to do this so a big thank you to Kate. The History Group has a certain supply of books for next year, we just need to think of ways to have a presence in Darlington that will continue to help us maintain our operational funds and to be part of the events that celebrate Darlington’s community connectedness.

Annette writes: Collective Punishment? No way! Most were ok!!! I am writing to voice my disappointment of a few teenage boys, who came around last night to knock on our door in Orange Road, Darlington for Trick or Treat on Halloween. They knocked over my pot plants, broke the cat food bowl and stole the offering money from a Buddha statue after receiving lollies and gifts!! None of them seemed overly fussed about that fact. They laughed in my face and said that I can complain to Mazenod College in Lesmurdie where they go to school. Two lovely dressed up for the occasion girls with their Mum who saw the whole event were shocked and apologised though they had nothing to apologise for. Most kids were great and very well behaved. So were their parents. Love to have them around but no teenage boys who do not even make an afford to dress up or to say thanks and have no respect for other peoples properties!! Stay in your own suburbs!




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Darlington Review - December 2017

Community Notice We would like to thank everyone involved with Darlington Bonfire 2017 which has been a lovely success attracting around 400 people. ( I counted the photograph). It was a great day with the clubs working hard in the WoodArt competition, 43 kids of all ages (mainly 6-18 year olds) competing in the Scootering and Skateboarding, young musicians demonstrating their talents, culminating in the Bonfire safely managed by the Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade. A sincere THANK YOU to: Bendigo Community Bank Mundaring for $500 prize money for the WoodArt Competition which was won by the Darlington Tennis Club. The Darlington Junior Football Club, Darlington Netball Club and Darlington Junior Cricket Club and all their members and parents for joining in the fun of the WoodArt comp. Bendigo Bank for prizes of $50 each to 8 talented skateboarders and scooters and also $250 for the event insurance. Will Kitely for ably running the competitions and giving lessons and demonstrations to the kids, along with Alushia Wilson & Torres Skene for helping Will and Jasper Wilson for his scootering demonstration and assistance with judging. Donny Fraser at Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative for providing insurance and online registration. Helena College for supplying the one and only Diane Parker (teacher) who organised all students and lots of other stuff! 30 Year 9 students to collect wood on Friday and a small group that helped with set up / clear up on the day. For their donation of $500 towards the event, shade shelters, sound and PA equipment, Tom Belger, the sound guy for setting up and packing up sound equipment , Sherene Strachan and Julie Carlton for photos and support

Young musicians: Intolerance, Amplifeara, Lizzy Zardins Hannah Brown and Lily Farrant. Plus all their parents who assisted with setup/ packup Community People: Geoff Barker, Pavillion, for their electricity and support. Simon the Pavillion tradie for providing bricks and planks for parents to sit and watch the kids. David Shimmel & Chris Pemberton Darlington Residents and Ratepayers Association DRRA - for use of their bank accounts and topping up the issurance cost. Liz Dumont - for painting the signs David Earnshaw for free legal advice and support. Kieran Thompson, community electrician for Shire Electrical Certificate Firies Colin James for preparation of the bonfire and direction of wood collection, Rick Harvey communications and liaison, Nigel Morgan -issuing the permit, Eric Baldock - Fire Captain, Gerry Starr - Burn Leader for the bonfire. And all the Darlington Volunteers Bushfire Brigade who did a great burn and kept us all delighted and safe. Shire of Mundaring Shane Purdy and the team for chopping the heavy wood along the Heritage Trail and cleaning up the left overs thereafter, Colleen Redmond and Martin Sherlock - for ensuring we provided a safe venue and Cathy O’Brien for food vendor information Food Alison Atkinson - organising and liaison with food vendors and Shire. Sue and David Lavell and their team from Darlington Club for the sausage sizzle. Vincenzo Velletri from mobile wood fired pizza oven - Il Paiolo Pizza, Mr Whippy, Coffee Van, The Pines


Advertising Josephine Jones, Kirsty Carslaw, Chris Durrant & Trea Wilshire of the Darlington Review for assisting with the $500 Shire Bond requirement. Sarah Brooks from the Hills Gazette Councillors Stephen Fox, Lynn Fisher, Ian Green, Tony Brennan, David Lavell, James Martin for coming on the day and judging the WoodArt crowd roar! The Honourable Matthew Hughes MP for funding and supporting future works to the skatepark/dirt jumps as part of his pre-election promise. Bella Skene - who has agreed to help with the organising of this event next year and, To the local families of Darlington and surrounds who joined in the fun and spirit of the day. Thank you everyone for being so generous with your time, services, support and superpowers that going into making such a happy event. Lots more photos on the Facebook Darlington Hub page. Please pass on our thanks to members of your teams.

Event Organisers Trish Cook, Diane Parker, Alison Atkinson, Will Kitely

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Darlington Arts Festival Many called it “the best ever” - the art exhibitions, the performing arts, the workshops, the food and market stalls, the grounds layout and so much more - all produced by DAF and the people who make it happen: Executive President Peter Nicholls Treasurer Len Nielsen Ron Stuurstraat Secretary Chris Pemberton Art exhibitions coordinators Principal Coordinator Cathy Day Reserve Art Prize Alison Lindsay Open Art Cathy Day Youth Art Megan Fraser assisted by Connie Kennedy Junior Art Amanda Moore Volunteers Julie Stuurstraat Publicity & Marketing Chris Pemberton Website Colette Murray Adrian Eastwell

Festival coordinators Events Gabrielle Morris assisted by Tania Whisson & Sophie Makse Grants & Sponsorships Geoff & Margaret Barker Raffle & Donations Joe Houldsworth Stalls & Grounds Claire Armstrong Simon Dempster Brendon Thompson Jay Armstrong Performing Arts and Entertainment Graham Jeffery Art Workshops Junior Pippa Windsor Adult Cathryn Cann

To join the team go to: The weather was kind and ensured a steady stream of visitors over the weekend - no idea how many thousands turned up but they had a great time. The only concern was the strong easterlies on Saturday night which found their way into the Junior Art tent and trashed it. Not a happy sight for Amanda and her team on Sunday morning - they worked hard and fast to restore the display. Congratulations to Vanessa Curley for winning the Reserve Art Prize for her beautiful lino cut collage Roebourne Wittenoom Rd. All the winning and Highly Commended works in the Reserve Art Prize, Open and Youth exhibitions plus Best in Show and first prize winners in Junior Art will be on the website soon.

Community Notice - Carols by Candlelight 2017 MERRY CHRISTMAS! CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT FROM 6.30PM F0R CHRISTMAS EVE DARLINGTON OVAL Hello Everyone! It’s that special time of year again. Time to brush up your vocals start humming the tunes and setting plans to celebrate the gift of LIFE AT CHRISTMAS by letting those who make your world a better place know you care! Carols and by candlelight is a joy not to be missed Bring a blanket or chairs, pack a picnic invite friends, relies, grannies and pops. Faces painted for free – sponsored by EARNSHAWS. Elf will be there to play, sing and dance with you and the children. Santa will come if he is not too busy (if anyone can assist here please contact me ASAP 0402236917) Candles sparklers & songbooks are available each for a gold coin donation. Ice creams and coffee are for sale.

7.30 START

Whether you believe in creation, stand by evolution or think you must be from some far flung planet. Whether you are sad, mad, bad, glad or simply indifferent. Life and all its complexities is yours at this time. I think we owe it to all those who lost their lives too early, abruptly or simply past their expiry date to celebrate the gift of life especially at Christmas and if so inclined give thanks or at least show kindness and compassion to our fellow man. We respect all denominations and non-denominations in our celebration and invite you to share our evening celebrating the GIFT OF LIFE AT CHRISTMAS. If you can assist with singing or setting decorations at 3pm or packing away at 9.30 pm please contact me 0402 236 917 Joy Peace and Happiness to you all, Pauline Clark




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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Junior Cricket Club Team Manager Joanne Betti writes: An enthusiastic group of local girls are trailblazing the cricket scene this summer, with Darlington Junior Cricket Club recruiting enough players to register its first U13 team in this year’s Midland-Guildford Perth Scorchers Girls League. It’s the second season for all-girls’ cricket within the Midland-Guildford district, now comprising eight teams competing on Sundays across a range of regional venues. With over 60 young cricketers participating, the atmosphere each week is entertaining, energetic and lots of fun. Already into Round 5, the season is gaining momentum and the vibrant T20 format means the games are fast paced, offering plenty of opportunities to broaden player skills whilst keeping teams, and spectators, engaged. Cricket Australia and the WACA strongly support the competition by providing local Clubs, including Darlington, with grants to help ensure teams have all the necessary equipment. Other Clubs playing in the Midland-Guildford League this season include Ellenbrook, Eastern Hills and Swan Athletic and each of them demonstrate great commitment and passion for the game with parent

helpers and volunteers assisting with umpiring, scoring, setting up and packing away each week. Local U17’s DJCC cricketer (and big brother to Ella), Taj Kuchel has generously offered to coach the Darlington girls team this season - a terrific example of how cricket can really bring family’s together. Taj has been busy developing his team’s abilities and getting to know individual strengths of each player. He’s certainly looking forward to taking the Darlington girls to their first win, as each week they build their knowledge of the game, proficiency and strength. It’s a great time for girls of all ages to get involved in cricket and here in Darlington, and the wider Midland-Guildford region, girls cricket is certainly looking strong. Good luck for the rest of the summer season girls! You can check out all the action on the “Midland Guildford Perth Scorchers U13’s Girls League” facebook page; and if your children are bugging you to play cricket beyond your own back yard, contact Leah Agnew – DJCC Club Registrar,

Picture Left: Back (left to right) Evie O’Reilley, Ella Kuchel, Coach Taj Kuchel, Alice Baker, Jana Watkins, Olivia Kalin. Front left to right: Nikki Foskett, Kelsi Brennan, Luca Waumsley. Picture Right: Back (left to right) Ella Kuchel (kneeling), Charlotte Nelson, Olivia Kalin, Alice Baker, Luca Waumsley (kneeling). Front (left-right) Kelsi Brennan (sitting), Jana Watkins (sitting), Evie O’Reilley (kneeling), Nikki Foskett (kneeling).

Darlington Ratepayers & Residents Association The final meeting for 2017 combined the AGM and general meeting. There was no change to the committee except we welcome Grant Butler to the position of Vice President. President Allan McAuliffe Vice President

Grant Butler

Treasurer David Shimell Secretary Chris Pemberton General committee

Michael Jones and Pip Windsor

In talking of the future, Allan spoke of the development of ideas for engaging the community - watch this space. DRRA’s operating costs are around $1200 p.a. and although we have survived financially through fund raising and the generous support of the Review, David Shimell advised that we will be reintroducing membership fees ($10 per household) as a means of generating at least some of the income needed to run the organisation. The Shire is seeking DRRA’s input capital works requests. A paved pathway from the playground to the oval was identified as an urgent need but if you have ideas for other new projects, let us know.

And talking of capital works, it looks likely that the long awaited access upgrade to Darlington Hall will go ahead with tenders being considered by Council soon. A DRRA sub committee led by Poul Dahl had extensive negotiations with the Shire to modify the plans so they meet Darlington’s concerns that as much of the hall’s much loved features as possible be retained. All of Darlington will watch the development with great interest. The Optus tower saga continues with yet another deferral of the State Administrative Tribunal hearing - there is cautious optimism that extensive resident opposition to the proposed site on Victor Rd may pay off - which just goes to show yet again that people power can be really effective. The ongoing concern about speeding, particularly on Darlington and Coulston Rds may at last be moving forward with Shire plans to acquire speed display signs. Not only do they reduce travel speed but also record the data - valuable evidence to support a submission to Main Roads for additional speed limit signs. Next meeting: Tuesday 6th February 2018 - venue t.b.a.


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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Community Pavilion Update HIGHLIGHTS OF 2017 In our last report for the year it seems fitting to look back over milestones achieved in 2017 : February - Funding secured from Lottterywest, Fundraising events and pledges total $405,000. Turning of the first sod ceremony on site. March - Finalising Builders selection process, collaborating with Shire Mundaring on sewerage and earthworks. April - Confirmation of $100,000 grant State Government 'Local Projects Local Jobs'. May - Mundaring Shire approval, after 12 years the project is ready to proceed to construction. M & A Builders appointed. June - Start of earthworks on site. July - Concrete pad and footings complete and old verandah removed. Federal Government Solar Communities grant $11,300. Expected completion date end October early November. August - Brick and steel work almost complete. Septic tank and retaining wall complete. September - Project endorsed by Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) enabling tax deductable status and online donations. BuyA-Brick internal feature wall almost complete. Clarification of use by sporting and community groups with Mundaring Shire. Start of fundraising for Stage 2. Quiz night raised $10, 226. October - Mundaring Shire supports Stage 2 enabling a formal submission to Dept Sport & Recreation. Builders doing an excellent job. Trenching and electrical upgrade complete. Doors and windows installed and finishing trades started inside. November - Pavilion at lockup stage, meeting room open for viewing by public during the Arts Festival. Lease Agreement with Mundaring Shire finalised. Funding update $302,500 from Lotterywest, $100,000 WA Gov Local Projects Jobs, $142,893 Community Funds and $80,000 Loan from a local ($625,393 total). DAF - Thanks to Geoff Barker for wearing the 'brick' suit to raise funds for the Buy-A-Brick campaign. Thanks also to, Mick & Cath O'Reilly, Cambell Giles, Jane Rudas, Craig Harris, Emma Reid and Garrett Strange from Villa Maria and the team for running the Wine Tent which, along with brick sales and raffle, raised a staggering $22,293.97 for the Pavilion Project. Donations - thanks to Terry Giles for the Cheese board, Capilano Honey & Flynn Sharp for the amazing Cheese Knives. Special thanks to Glen Whisson and band Blue Manna for donating the entertainment which made Saturday night such a success.

THE NEW COMMITTEE FOR 2018 At the AGM on 9th November the following people were elected to the Committee : Secretary - Cambell Giles, Treasurer - Lindsay Earnshaw, Chairperson - Geoff Barker, Vice Chair - position vacant. General Committee members are Paul McDonald, Colin James, Gabby Houldsworth, Stuart Aldred and Alison Atkinson. David Earnshaw has stepped down from Vice Chair due to other commitments. Our sincere thanks to David who has been involved in the Pavilion Project from the very beginning and been an invaluable support on many issues particularly over the last few years as the project gathered speed. THANKYOU!! A big thank you to Trea Wiltshire at The Darlington Review for her support throughout the year, especially the excellent "Rescue Required on this Mountain" piece in November's editorial. As a direct result, a number of new volunteers have offered their support. Thanks also to Kirsty Carslaw and the team for ensuring our monthly report is published. Your support is invaluable in keeping the community informed of the progress of the Pavilion Project. WHAT'S IN STORE FOR 2017/2018? Official opening of Stage 1 of the Pavilion. Continuation of fundraising efforts and hopefully, the start of Stage 2 which involves a refurbishment of the existing building. Stage 2 will be broken down into smaller stages culminating in the joining of the two buildings.

Tax deductible donations can be made through the Australian Sporting Foundation (ASF) - visit the website for full details and links at au. Contact Cambell Giles on 0418 936 544 for more information on corporate donations or Geoff Barker on 0418 953 176 Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from the DaSRA Team.

The New (Stage 1 on the left) and the Old (Stage 2 on the right) buildings which will ultimately be joined to form the completed Darlington Sports Pavilion. 18




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Darlington Review - December 2017

The Darlington Club

Community Bonfire

Well its that time of year again and as we speed headlong into 2018, its time to reflect on the past year. Thank you to all that have supported the Club during 2017. Its been fun and we have again provided a great meeting place for our community which has supported many organisations and hosted many great events. Well done to my capable committee for their support, let’s do it again in 2018. Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas, Susan

The community bonfire was a great success and the Club raised $1000 via the sausage sizzle, which went towards the Pavilion Project.

Coming events Friday 8th December Sundowner Friday 15th December Christmas party, bring along a festive platter to share with members

Christmas Fair

Children’s treasure hunt commencing 5pm.

Sunday 10th December,

10am to 3pm at the Darlington Hall.

Sunday February 3rd @ 3pm till late. Music from the Pavilion featuring Ben *Organic Skin Care, Baby clothing, Mother and Smeeton and other local artists. Food Baby products, Devonshire Teas, Plants, Food, and bar facilities, all proceeds and Jewellery and much much more. Picture Club President Sue Lavell and Uma Pearcey donations to the Pavilion project. hand over a cheque for $1,000 to DaSRA Chairman Geoff Barker

Mundaring Weir Gallery Summer is nearly upon us, the Spring flowers are fading but a drive through the hills to the Gallery is very pleasant whatever the season. So, it is time to take that drive to find unique handcrafted gifts for those on your list this Christmas. This month we feature hand crafted pottery Choir Boys and some lovely beaded snowflakes, a snowman and baubles. These make great gifts or will decorate your home nicely. We have our usual huge range of items to suit all age groups, male or female. As the stock is continually changing a visit is warranted to take advantage of our well priced unique items. Give a gift not found in the shopping malls!!! If you are an Artist or Crafter and wish to join the Gallery contact the Gallery on the email below or visit the Gallery and speak to one of our volunteers. Please note; to join the Gallery you must be able to roster, as we are all volunteers, and must all share in the running of the Gallery.

Open 11.30am to 5pm. Fri, Sat, Sun and Public holidays. Please note we are closed Christmas Day. The Gallery is air conditioned for your comfort. Wheelchair accessible. Find us on the corner of Hall Rd and Weir Rd in the Mundaring Weir precinct…….. opposite the Pub. Arrangements can be made to open other days for social groups and bus tours. Bookings to the Secretary At



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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Dibbler Girl Guides The last term has flown by at Girl Guides! The Darlington Girl Guides celebrated Halloween by collecting food from the community to be donated to charity. A commendation to; Charli, Sophie, Issie, Arielle, Hannah, Jasmin, Amelie and Jocelyn for honouring their commitment and giving up their time to give service to our community, this is what Girl Guides is all about. A big thank you to all the wonderful people in Darlington who so generously donated to this cause. The girls had a great time having a go at circus skills for their end of year outing. They learnt how to juggle, spin plates and use diablo sticks but the highlight was the flying trapeze. The girls really challenged themselves and had a fantastic time. We have also celebrated the end of year at the traditional Pool Party held at Bilgoman. We have held our annual Presentation night with the Lend-a-hand Shield being awarded to Lucie Stirk-Wasley. Congratulations Lucie! This award has been donated and supported by Jan Allen and her family in memory of her daughter Karon Bethuane. The award is given to the Dibbler Girl Guide who has done her best throughout the year and always tried to live by her Promise. Lily Subramaniam has been presented with the Kinka

Community Service Award, in memory of Wendy Pittendrigh. This award is presented to the Nyaania Girl Guide who has shown outstanding commitment to community service throughout the year, well done Lily! Many girls also received badges that they have been working towards this year. A “moving on” ceremony was also held for the Dibbler Guides who are moving onto another Unit. We also farewelled some girls who have decided to leave Guiding for the time being. I would also like to express my gratitude and say a huge thank you to all the amazing women who work together to provide girls with the opportunity to participate in Girl Guides. Thank you to Claire Barber and Sasha Wasley for all that you do for Girl Guides. A big thank you to all the parents who help and support our Guide Units throughout the year in so many ways. We couldn’t do it without you!!! Special thanks go to: •

Treasurer - April Randell

Hall Committee – The Jackson, Hopkins and Milner families

We are always looking for leaders so if you’d like to know more, please ring Tracey on 9299 6636. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2018 for another great year with all that Girl Guides has to offer.

Darlington Dipsticks Once again our club was honoured to be invited by the DAF committee to display some of our vehicles at this year’s festival. A total of fourteen cars were displayed over the two days. It was lovely to see the smiles on the faces of the many people as they walked up to a particular car that they had just spied, obviously recounting a fond memory or two. Or maybe they were simply reflecting on “the good old days”. Whatever the case, judging by the steady flow of questions and comments, our display of automobiles, with design clues from the art deco and streamline era, was appreciated as being an OK fit for an arts festival We were pleased to sign up four new members over the two days of DAF. And while on the subject of members, I’d like to mention for the benefit of the some of you who may be wondering why you haven’t lately seen our most elderly member Bob Burnett. And to all readers, I’d like to say that our Bob is no ordinary Dipstick... he turned 90 years of age on 11th August this year, the day he became our club’s very first Honorary Life Member Bob is well known for taking his weekly trip to the supermarket in his “shopping trolley”, a shiny black and chrome 1966 Ford XP Coupe. Or you may have chatted to Bob as he tended the garden around his home, the magnificent and gloriously iconic white homestead “Blackwood”, which sits proudly adjacent to

WA Inc. Car Club

those historic granite stone sentinels in Dalry Road between Allestree and Hillsden (performing a role of Natures very own traffic calming device). Bob has lived at Blackwood ever since he moved to Darlington some 50 years ago Bob recently moved to Juniper Charles Jenkins Transition Care, 4 Hayman Rd, Bentley, and now his garage is empty. If you would like to visit Bob, he would be very touched. There are no strict visiting hours, but it may be a good idea to ring ahead on 6363 6710. The Darlington Dipsticks next car display will be held at the ‘Day in the Forrest’ event in Glen Forrest, which is to be held on Sunday the 3rd of December. Malcolm McNabb, Dipstick Pen Pusher.


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WA Roof Sprinklers has developed an effective, reliable and affordable sprinkler system, which can greatly reduce the risk of property damage posed by bushfires. Design is customized to every installation, which allows us to maximize effectiveness with visibly discrete components. Only the highest quality materials are utilised for our installations, which include: copper piping, brass fittings and a range of sprinklers suited to many applications. Sprinkler systems can be installed on either tin or tiled roofs, boundary fences, decking or verandas. Our range of sprinklers produce large volume droplets which minimize the effects of wind dispersion ensuring successful wetting of roofs, gutters and surrounding vegetation, enhancing the chance of survival. Our roof sprinkler systems can use a variety of water sources but generally use existing water tanks or swimming pools, matched with a petrol or diesel fuelled fire fighting pump. This provides an ideal direct source for our sprinkler systems and these can be setup with a second or third outlet for manual fire fighting hoses or parallel sprinkler systems on nearby buildings if required. When purchasing a sprinkler system from WA Roof Sprinklers you can be assured of receiving professional advice and service. All work and materials are included under our 12 month warranty as is your initial recommended annual maintenance check. System installation is more affordable than you may think, so don’t wait until summer to start preparing your home and family for the bushfire season. All of our site visits, experienced advice and quotes are obligation free. For more information please contact or visit

     


Our house is in the hills and I work away. For peace of mind, we needed a system and I thought I was going to have to build it myself. I found out about Chris by accident after buying half the parts I needed myself. One phone call and he came and designed a system based on real experience and what was actually needed. There was no fuss. The job got done and the finished product is simple (easy enough for my 12 y/o boy to be able to start it up), and done with quality parts. Chris has done an extraordinary job on our house. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. Thanks.


Martin, Bedfordale.

I had sprinklers installed on my 2 storey brick/ wood framed house in the Perth Hills by WA Roof Sprinklers last summer. I was pleased with the prompt and professional attention my enquiry received and Chris explained the system he recommended carefully, including the custom fittings he designed for my unconventional roof. Installation was careful and quick and I was tutored in the system’s operation. I recommend this company to home owners who are looking for quality and service. Diane, Darlington.

Their sprinkler system seemed to be the best set up I could find at a very reasonable price as I had researched all options available. It was designed to be discreet and built with good quality materials. Overall I’m very happy with the sprinkler system which is very easy to use. Their friendly service was first class and I would certainly recommend them to friends and neighbours in my area. Neil, Chidlow.

Call Chris on 0484 609 765 23

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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade • Remember, 000 is the ONLY number to ring for all fire & smoke sightings. The ComCen will page our members who are on duty. • For general Brigade enquiries please ring 9299 7217. Station hours: Saturday 9am-10:30am. Facebook Page: Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade • Next Brigade meetings: Tuesday, December 12th 2017 and Tuesday, January 9th 2018, at the Darlington Fire Station. The 2017/2018 fire season is now well and truly upon us, and December 1st marks the official start of the Prohibited Burning Period in the Shire of Mundaring. All burning activity is now PROHIBITED until at least the end of March 2018, INCLUDING burning small piles of garden refuse after 6pm. A dry winter coupled with a prolonged spring and substantial late rainfall means more vegetation growth for this time of year, which, when it withers and dies in the coming summer heat, will provide higher fuel loads than normal. Your fire breaks must now be in place, and please continue to be proactive in maintaining your property throughout the summer, therefore reducing the potential for bush fire to impact your home. Establish your ‘asset protection zone’ of 20 metres. Take the time to have a ‘5 minute fire chat’ relevant to your property and family needs, and practice your emergency plans with your children. You should also prepare your Survival Kit and check for used and/or out of date items. Please be vigilant and report any sightings of smoke or fire immediately by calling 000. We also encourage you to note down any suspicious activity in your area, before or after a fire, and report it to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. Don’t forget our doors are always open on Saturday mornings from 9am-10.30am and you’re welcome to visit and seek information on bush fire management and mitigation. Following on from the Community Bonfire Night, the Bratwurst tent at the Darlington Arts Festival was once again a highlight of our annual social calendar, as well as an opportunity to share bush fire mitigation information with locals and visitors alike, and we thank the community for your ongoing support of the Brigade. We, as volunteers, are buoyed by the continuing physical, moral and financial support that the Darlington community gives to us year after year. Thank you also to the local businesses that are very generous in supporting their local Brigade. And to finish the year on a lighter note, we’d like to remind you of a video that Brigade members made a few years ago to promote bushfire preparation. See if you recognise a face or two and have a little giggle while getting a simple but important message. The video can be found on You Tube by searching “Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade”. We wish everyone in the Darlington community a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and a prosperous 2018. “Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.” ~ David Thomas

Cheers Ricky Harvey



Thank you for your support Happy Christmas & New Year from Harold Garden Tidy Ups Whipper Snippering, Small Chainsaw Work Rubbish Removed General Garden Work Tel: 9299 8538 Mobile: 0407 088 550 Police Clearance

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Darlington Review - December 2017

Shire of Mundaring Library Service Mundaring Library 50th Anniversary Competition Mundaring Library turns 50 on 6 December! In celebration of this milestone, the libraries are holding a competition. Tell us in 30 words or less about your favourite memory of the Mundaring Library to go in the draw to win store vouchers and book prizes. Entries can be dropped off at the libraries or emailed to Don’t forget to add your name and contact number to your entry. There will be a separate draw for children aged 12 and under. The last day for entries is Wednesday 6 December, and winners will be contacted by Monday 11 December. JP Signing Service at the Libraries Shire of Mundaring Libraries now offer a JP Signing Service on Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm, alternating between each library. The first session will be on Tuesday 28 November at Mundaring Library, and the second on Tuesday 5 December at Boya Library. For more information call the libraries, or check the “Services” page or Events Calendar on the library website. Wooroloo Prison Literacy Program Playgroup Shire of Mundaring Libraries have been working with Save the Children at Wooroloo Prison to provide a prison ‘playgroup’. The playgroup content is similar to baby rhyme time, but includes a craft activity and morning tea. Families are given an opportunity to share story and song in a child-centred way. They receive important information about the critical impact early literacy makes in the lives of their children. We also talk about access to local libraries and all that libraries have to offer. The literacy playgroup is a program which facilitates family connection through the shared enjoyment of song and story. Families have made a strong commitment to the program and have been committed to getting their children to the playgroup sessions, often driving very long distances. The program has a seven week term, consisting of two three week blocks with one week break in-between Anna Jacobs at Boya Community Centre (pictured right) Anna Jacobs treated a warm and welcoming audience to an entertaining and informative talk about her writing on Thursday 16 November. Anna Jacobs is the author of 80 published novels, and a perennial favourite amongst borrowers in libraries in Australia and internationally. Anna told the audience she is “totally addicted” to storytelling, and writes every day, apart from a few days when she travels between the UK and Australia. Although Anna divides her time between the UK and Australia, she said Western Australia is definitely “home”. Story Time and Baby Rhyme Time Story Time and Baby Rhyme Time will be in recess during the school holiday period. Shire of Mundaring Libraries Christmas Hours The libraries will be closed for the Christmas/New Year period from Monday 25 December through to Monday 1 January, re-opening on Tuesday 2 January at 9am. The after-hours chutes will be available throughout this period so items can be returned. Stay connected Follow the Shire of Mundaring Libraries on Facebook and Twitter to keep informed about what’s happening at the libraries!





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Darlington Review - December 2017

Helena Helena College College

International Baccalaureate International Baccalaureate School School According to an ancient proverb, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’. In an educational context, it takes a community to raise each student. Every child, every student, has the best chance of becoming a healthy adult if the entire community takes an active role in contributing to their development. Whilst at the Darlington Arts Festival, I was gratified to see that our students, having been raised by the ‘village’, are now taking the time to give back to the local community. It struck me that with community comes connectedness. Our students see that at Helena, the staff and the other students genuinely care about their well-being as well as their learning. We see evidence of this in the large number of Year 10 students who applied to become Peer Support Leaders this term. These young people have volunteered to take on responsibility for helping next year’s Year 6 students adjust to high school. Unfortunately, there were only 24 places in the programme but we are heartened to know that so many students have an interest in supporting and benefiting younger students. To have this attitude of service among so many students speaks volumes about the culture of community at Helena.

From a range of year groups, our students were involved in doughnut making, book selling, art exhibitions, performances and numerous other roles. I saw them working alongside parents and teachers in an atmosphere of mutual respect and agreement, an atmosphere that we work hard to cultivate at Helena College.

More evidence comes from the local business owners who express a preference for taking on Helena students as part-time or even fulltime employees. Helena students have a reputation for being reliable, respectful and resourceful. Indeed, here at the College we currently employ several Old Helenians. We are also pleased to see that there is an increasing number of Helena alumni who are choosing to send their children to the College.

As I reflected later on what I had seen over the weekend, I contemplated the ways in which we, as an educational institution, strive to model and promote a genuine, values-based way of living and being that obviously resonates with our students.

Families, schools and communities have a responsibility to work together to create environments that facilitate the healthy development of children and adolescents. This is at the core of the educational journey at Helena, and always will be. As College Principal, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Helena families for their continued support, for entrusting us with the education of your children and for being an integral part of this impressive community. I would also like to wish everyone a very safe and happy festive season, and a prosperous and healthy New Year. Ian Lyons, College Principal (K-12)

Come and see the College for yourself on a personal tour. Darlington Campus (K-5)

Glen Forrest Campus (6-12)

To book, contact our registrar.


Pre-primary, Years 1, 2 and 5, Years 6 and 7 T: 9298 9100

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Darlington Review - December 2017

Mundaring Christian College Director of Teaching and Learning at Mundaring Christian College invited to speak at World Education Conference Dr Thelma Perso, Director of Teaching and Learning, at Mundaring Christian College, has had an extensive range of experience in education over many years. In September this year, she was invited to speak on the Politics of Educational Leadership at the World Education Conference in Dalian, China. The conference, held during the September school holidays, and it was organised to mark the birth of Confucius on 28 September, 551 B.C.. – over fifteen hund red years ago. Delegates from all over the world attended the conference. Topics and forums included Leadership in Education, International Collaborations and Innovations, Higher Education, Early Childhood Education, Digital Education, and Health Education. Dr Perso led the Leadership in Education Forum, which comprised of eight speakers.

invited to be part of what was, in effect, a world symposium to discuss and hear about what is happening in education around the world was a real privilege”. Dr Perso’s invitation resulted from a paper she had written for inclusion in a book for a national and international audience, on system-wide intervention strategies for raising literacy and numeracy achievement levels of minority students. This paper came out of the work she undertook in Central and Northern Australia, and Queensland. She led curriculum for the Education Department in Queensland, and a Literacy and Numeracy Taskforce for the Northern Territory Government while based in Alice Springs and then Darwin. The paper she wrote outlined the complexities of improving the achievement of Indigenous Australians, including working with a broad range of agencies; government (State and Federal), NGOs, Human Rights Organisations, Schools, Health, and the communities that the children come from. All of this occurred under intense media scrutiny. “The audience for my presentation came from diverse countries around that world. Many of the questions asked at the end indicated that the issues and challenges of addressing educational improvements for minority children are the same, everywhere. It shouldn’t have surprised me since I researched ‘what works’ internationally to develop the strategy I developed.” Dr Perso had a calling to ‘give back’ when she finished in the Northern Territory and has been an integral part of the team at Mundaring Christian College for three years during its addition of Years 11 and 12 to the new campus in Parkerville. She will be leaving MCC at the end of the year to pursue new challenges but will continue to contribute to our school.

“It was a fascinating and rewarding experience”, Dr Perso said. “To be

Mundaring and Hills Historical Society Inc Christmas Cards As we zoom towards Christmas, we thought it timely to delve into our archives to find some examples of local Christmas cards and to research their history. The practice of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Henry Cole; an English civil servant with a flair for innovation. When looking for an efficient way to contact friends at Christmas time, Cole came up with the idea of sending a pre-printed card with a Christmas theme. He commissioned an artist friend, John Horsley, to design the card. This first card had three panels: the two outer panels showed people caring for the poor, whilst the central panel depicted a family sharing a Christmas dinner. As printing became more efficient more cards were produced and by the 1860s the idea had caught on and become an integral part of the festive season. Advertisements for Christmas cards first appear in The West Australian in December 1880, with the firm of Wilkinson, Courthope & Co. offering, at auction, a “magnificent selection of imported Christmas Cards”. By the 1890s newspaper articles were describing cards that depicted views of the colony, indicating a pride in local scenes. In November 1895, a journalist writing for the Coolgardie Miner reported that there were a number of Christmas cards showing views around Coolgardie. This was perhaps indicative of the number of Eastern States men working on the Goldfields, who would send cards ‘back home’ to family. Advertisements for Christmas cards first appear in The Swan Express in November 1916, with the newspaper offering its readers ‘Private Greeting Cards’ with a splendid assortment of new patterns – suggesting that they had stocked patterned cards in previous years. By 1917 they were offering an ‘Art Series’ that could be printed with Battalion colours, a reflection of the impact of World War 1. Mundaring & Hills Historical Society has in its collection this simple Christmas card from c.1937. The monochromatic card seems rather plain by today’s standards, but the use of local scenery was apparently not so unusual.


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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Retirement Accommodation Assoc. (Inc) “The Glen”

The grounds at Darlington Glen are looking their best after another visit by our hard working Woorooloo prisoner’s working party. The committee and residents are forever grateful for their support and hope this continues for many years to come. The administrative procedures for the new tenancy in Unit 5 are progressing well and hopefully we will be welcoming in the new residents to Darlington Glen early in the new year.

At the last DRAA AGM a question was raised regarding solar panels for the Glen. Also a suggestion was made to look at constructing a central common use pergola area to encourage and facilitate greater social interaction of the residents and provide a suitable area for Glen social functions. In response to these suggestions it was decided at the last DRAA management committee meeting that a feasibility study would

be carried out to determine the viability and/or desirability of constructing a communal pergola area and/or installation of solar panels. A working party consisting of two members of the DRAA management committee, with assistance from our local shire councillor and a Darlington resident with a background in the technical and financial aspects of solar panels will conduct this study. An on-site meeting was held in the middle of November where several issues were raised. A preliminary report is being prepared and will be presented at the next DRAA management committee meeting. President Lindsay and members of the Darlington Glen management committee would like to wish all the residents and DRAA members a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Colin Merritt

Soroptimist International of Helena

While I was taking it easy down south, the rest of the members worked on the 2018 strategic plan. I must say the New Year’s plan looks very positive. As 2017 winds down, we have taken part in the White Ribbon Day march through Midland to support the push to reduce Domestic Violence, enjoyed hearing of our inaugural SVSHS recipient about her achievements and plans for her future after graduation, and we are still hopeful that the STEM project at GSSHS will be ready for 2018 Our recent Soroptimist International of West Australia Region meeting was also very positive. It is always interesting to hear about other clubs and to catch up with old friends. Along with a number of other clubs we plan to join a sister club, S I Mandurah who have initiated a project to support Backpackers working in Australia. This followed a two part Australian Story in July, which related the murder in Queensland of Backpacker, Mia Ayliffe and an episode which happened in Geraldton whilst our region meeting was in town. S.I Mandurah was inspired to create a project. The story of exploitation was reinforced when a member came to the aid of a young Backpacker couple, who had been left penniless with a broken down car in Geraldton after working for an unscrupulous farmer. The member made arrangement for the car to be repaired and provided them with finances and food to get to Perth, where she offered them temporary accommodation The project is to be known as “ Soroptimums”.will aim to advocate on behalf of young workers and establish a support network. Authorities need to ensure the Backpackers employment conditions are within Australian standards and laws enforced. Mia’s mother Rosie has a webpage about her journey and has recently visited S I Mandurah as a guest speaker. She asked club members to contact the local Member of Parliament in relation to support for an Australian Modern Slavery Act. Photos are on their Facebook.

International President, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen, has chosen “Women, Water and Leadership” for the 2017-2019 appeal. The appeal coincides with Human Rights Day, December 10th. Soroptimists have been asked to make a donation to the S I Presidents Appeal since 1981. This appeal has addressed a variety of social and health issues including trafficking of women and children, landmine eradication and HIV-AIDS . It has helped women towards economic independence in Paraguay, India, Bangledesh, Tokelayu, Lesotho and Malaysia. This year the appeal supports projects that educate, empower and enable women and girls to have the capacity, education and experience to manage water resources and gain careers in water related professions. One avenue in the water area which our club supports is Water Aid. We do this by collecting old mobile phones. If anyone has such mobile phones, please call me on 9299 6230 to arrange delivery or pick up. Only two more presentations to take place before the year end. The Christmas function will be at the King and I in Guildford on the 5th December when we will present a cheque to a representative from Royal Flying Doctor Service who will give a short talk on the activities of the RFDS. We are hoping that our money will go toward the purchase of another inflatable stretcher. We will be inducting a new member to our group to celebrate. On December 6th we will present a bursary to a girl transitioning to High School next year. Later in early February we will be presenting Bursaries to two girls who will be joining the drama/ dance course. On behalf of all members, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and stay safe. We want to see you next year. The club welcomes new members and hope that any ladies who wish to make a difference to the lives of women and girls please contact Robyn Cain 08 92988593 or 0417 179 761. Or check on our website: or follow us on Facebook at Soroptimist International of Helena. Rosalie Gordon


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Darlington Review - December 2017

Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre COME VISIT THE KSP CAFÉ THIS DECEMBER The Katharine Susannah Prichard (KSP) Writers’ Centre in the Perth Hills is throwing open the doors of its charitable KSP Café as part of a free community event on Sunday 3 December from 10.30am. This annual open day event, known as Katharine’s Birthday, invites guests to learn more about the Centre while commemorating the birth of Katharine. First built in 1910, the Centre was formerly the home of successful novelist Katharine Susannah Prichard and her husband Captain Hugo Throssell VC, who was the first WA soldier to win a Victoria Cross in World War I. Prichard herself was the first Australian author to gain international recognition by winning the Hodder and Stoughton Literature Prize in 1915. Over the next fifty years, her most successful works were completed at her Greenmount home, now known as the KSP Writers’ Centre, in a beautiful writing studio built by her ANZAC hero husband. Today the Centre is maintained and run by a dedicated group of volunteers with the united vision to support writers of all ages and abilities, with long-term financial support from the Shire of Mundaring. All income from food and drinks purchased at the KSP Café goes towards covering ongoing overhead costs. In addition to the warm feeling gained by supporting a non-profit organisation, guests to this event can enjoy jazz tunes on the verandah, join free guided tours of the historic property, enjoy a sausage sizzle lunch, listen to poetry and short story readings, grab a 2018 event calendar, browse information on KSP’s many services and activities, and attend the award ceremonies of KSP’s 2017 writing competitions. A full schedule of the day’s events is listed on the KSP Writers’ Centre website. For more information please phone 08 9294 1872 or visit

Community Connect : Hub of the Hills Look what’s on at the Hub of the Hills

Speaker’s Circle This month the speakers Circle features Dee Potts speaking on the Pearls of Wisdom – project for caring for vulnerable and orphaned children. Come and listen and then enjoy refreshments. Date: 7 December Time: 2pm-4pm Price: Free RSVP: Phone 9290 6683 or email cso4@ This is an Active Ageing Project proudly sponsored by Shire of Mundaring and hosted by Mundaring Community Men’s Shed

Christmas Lunch at the Hub Delicious two course lunch includes nibbles, tea and coffee, BYO drinks Entertainment by Local Duo ‘Perfect Storm’ Date: 9 December Time: 12pm-2pm Price: $20 tickets Bookings are essential please contact Rachael Bacon on 9290 6683 for further information. Coffee Morning Come and enjoy catching up or meeting new friends at the Hub of the Hills Every Tuesday from 9.30 – 11am Free tea and coffee homemade goodies only $2.00

Active Aging Network The Active Ageing Network is a group of volunteers at The Hub of the Hills in Mundaring who help plan events and activities for seniors in the local community, such as the Hub Coffee Morning, Book café and Christmas Lunch. The Network is currently looking for new volunteer members and invites you to join them. Please call the Hub on 9290 6683 if you are interested

Need to know more……. All welcome. Please pop in to find out more Customer Service officer available Tuesday: 8.30am-11.30am, Wednesday: 10am 1pm, Thursday: 10am-2pm Or ring on 92906683 or email

CLASSSIFIED ADVERTISENTS IRONING SERVICES - $30 per hour (approximately 10 business shirts and 2 trousers). We are reliable and efficient, and can pick up and drop off in the Darlington area for free. My daughter and I are raising money to help send her on tour with her brass band next year. Please phone Alex on 9299 6699 or email DARLINGTON HOUSE BnB - great for a getaway or when family are visiting. We also offer custom designed gift vouchers with dinner and spa treatments. Please call Belinda on 0439391048 or email




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Authorised by Ken Wyatt MP, Shop 10-12 Forrestfield Marketplace, 80 Hale Road Forrestfield WA 6058.


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Self Defence, Fitness, Confidence A great Martial Art for the whole family Adults - Teens - Kids Little Warriors 5yrs – 9yrs

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Darlington Review - December 2017

1st Darlington Scout Group

Another successful year is coming to an end for the Darlington Scout Group. We have maintained strong numbers throughout the year and managed to deliver a great program with an interesting mix of outdoor skills, adventurous activities, camps, fellowship, games and lot of personal growth. We currently have 12 Joey Scouts (age 6-8); 30 Cub Scouts (age 8-11); 16 Scouts (ages 11-15) and 2 Venturers (Age 15-17). These numbers and the range of great programming are only possible with a team of dedicated leaders. Thanks to Vandra (Tawny), Hannah, Mike (Boomer), Mike (Kaa) Anthony (Kooyar); Kylie (Sparky) and Brian (Yapangu) for their hard work during the year. Thanks also to those leaders who have hung up their scarves during the year â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jamie (Baloo) and Russell (Squirrel). Thank you also to our regular parent helpers and group support committee. During the year 2 of our leaders Mike (Boomer) and Brian (Yapangu) received adult recognition awards from Scouts WA and most recently our Scout leader Kylie (Sparky) received recognition from the Shire of Mundaring recognising her service to the community. Recently one of our senior scouts and patrol leader Michael Holmes completed all the requirements for their Scout medallion. This level of achievement has not been achieved in our group for nearly 10 years, well done Michael. Over the last 4 weeks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 major activities have been attended by the various age sections in our group. Cubilee was held with 1000 other Cubs at Kelmscott High School; 16 Scouts and venturers braved the strong sea breeze with a fishing camp near Greenhead; 23 cubs attended a bush survival camp in the Avon Valley National Park and 8 Joeys attended Joey Splash with 300

other Joey Scouts at Maylands Waterland. To round out the year there is our district rafting regatta at Lake Leschenaultia, a Scout Lazer tag night and billy cart construction at Midland Bunnings. During their recent Cub camp within the Avon Valley National Park, our Cubs had a great adventure in sometimes challenging weather conditions. Fortunately, the weather was kind on the first evening putting up our brand-new tents by torchlight. On Saturday morning after a hearty Boomer breakfast the Cubs participated in a series of practical navigational exercises utilising compasses, the sun and trail signals to navigate around the national park. As the morning went on the clouds got darker and darker and when they were all out in the middle of the bush down came the rain and for a while down came the hail! Fortunately, everyone remained safe all be it a little wet. Following a brief recovery period over lunch the Cubs designed and made flags for their 3 groups. In the afternoon the Cubs went on a long bushwalk all the way into the gorge with spectacular views and natural surrounds. There were some very tired Cubs on the way back. All this and it was only Saturday afternoon! As we enter the Christmas holidays we will all take a well-earned rest until the start of the school term in 2018. In 2018 we will be in serious need of new leaders to be trained to continue to provide a challenging and rewarding program for our local young people. There are some many amazing opportunities available from becoming a leader in scouting and I look forward to discussing these with you. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year - Glen Stenton (Kingfisher) Group Leader 0403 809 226



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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington Family Playgroup The festive season is in full swing at DFPG as our little ones look forward to The Christmas Party with some fun from the entertainer! This time of year lends itself to amazing crafts, going wild with the glitter and generally having a jolly good time! If you’re simply looking forward to the summer time for some R&R, or time out from the school run if you have older children too, then playgroup also offers a fun, friendly relaxing sanctuary where you can simply catch up with other like-minded friends. The coffee is always fresh, the friends always there to chat to and the kids are just delighted to visit their much loved familiar space. Wandering around our nature based playground in the coming weeks, you’ll see strawberries, cherry tomatoes, capsicums and sugar snap peas. The peas are usually served up at morning tea time – if there are any left after the kids have finished snapping them off as they scoot past! We all enjoy a delicious morning tea together at the outside seating area, mid-morning followed by more play and exploration.

If you’re local with a little one who isn’t yet at school, why not come along and have a quick tour of the playgroup and find out a bit more. Guests can enjoy two complimentary sessions. It’s great to get out and have a different safe environment in which to play and chat. They run every weekday mornings 9:30-11.30am and some afternoons.

For current session availability please call 9299 6396 or email We’re on facebook too: darlingtonfamilyplaygroup.

Darlington Theatre Players Inc. The Darlington Theatre Players would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This year would not have been so successful without the dedication of not only our actors and support crew but also our wonderful patrons. Thank you for joining us as we shared our talent and amazing productions with you. With the year drawing to a close and a new year just around the corner we endeavour to bring you enjoyable entertainment for the years to come. Stay tuned for our exciting 2018 season.

Ken Wyatt

Minister for Aged Care, Minister for Indigenous Health - Federal Member for Hasluck I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Darlington Review readers and their families a merry Christmas and a safe, happy and prosperous 2018. During this season I would like to encourage you to look out for those around you and to go out of your way to show some kindness to members of our community who may be lonely. Most of us are fortunate enough to spend Christmas with our loved ones, but there are some in our community that will be alone this festive season. Sadly, many of those will be elderly people in aged care. As the Minister for Aged Care I visit many aged care facilities not only in Hasluck, but across the nation, and the stories I hear about loneliness are very similar. I have heard that up to 40 per cent of people in residential aged care have no visitors 365 days of the year. It’s a confronting and sad fact. With this in mind I encourage you to make

sure you visit elderly relatives this festive season, hold their hands and spend some quality time listening and talking to them. I want us to remember that when we are born we are held and we are loved unconditionally and we feel connected with those around us. As we grow we fall in love and we hold each other and we feel the power of touch. With our partners we give our hands to each other and we feel the intensity of the love that we share. The need for holding, love and touch remains a strong reminder of the people in our lives and we keep that love - but what dismays me is that when we become old and life is busy we neglect each other too often and are left on our own without family contact. Our love should not be conditional on a point in age, or because we drift away from those who once gave of themselves to care for us. For those of you reading this, I want you to cast your mind to the last time you told your mother, father, husband, wife or partner that you still love them and gave them a hug. The essence of who we are is shaped by our culture, our heritage and our family.


Fun Creative Dance for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Come and join the fun!

Gusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gates

Kindy Dance Time is a unique dance programme specifically designed for 2 - 5 year old girls and boys. It encourages them to freely explore their unlimited imaginations through dance and music. Children enjoy a fantastic sense of achievement, promoting strong self esteem. Children who enjoy the programme benefit immensely from the elite international training and performance experience of local resident, and Kindy Dance Timeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creator and director Lara Gandini. Her expertise, passion and life long experience in dance is the back bone to the nation wide success of Kindy Dance Time. Children of the hills community have the opportunity to participate in classes at the local Darlington Hall. Classes at Darlington Hall on Friday and Saturday mornings



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VAC SWIM Late enrolments for Series 1 on Tue 2 January from 11am to 1pm. Series 1 Lessons from Wed 3 to Fri 12 January 2018. Late enrolments for Series 2 on Sun 14 January from 11am to 1pm. Series 2 Lessons from Mon 15 to Thur 25 January 2018. SWIM SCHOOL Enrol for Series 3 at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre on Saturday 6 January from 9am to 11am. Lessons Mon/Wed OR Tue/Thurs 3.35pm, 4.10pm and 4.50pm. SQUAD and stages 10+ train Mon/Wed 4.40pm to 5.40pm Enquiries to 9299 6597 or visit


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Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington History Group 3 2 0 0 + !!!

In dollar terms this is the amount raised by the Group at the Darlington Arts Festival last month – a most fitting finale to the years we have had the privilege of displaying in the Community Tent courtesy of the Darlington Review. We must say a sincere thank you to Trea Wiltshire and all at the Review for the opportunity to publicise the Group’s existence and the work our members do to locate, preserve and publicise the fascinating history of our little village in the Hills. DAF 2017 was a wonderful weekend with clement weather and so many of the crowds pausing to browse through our preloved books and bric-a-brac. We are now actively planning what we can do to raise similar funds next year with the idea afloat for a Grand Garden Party in the spring/summer – a popular notion. More information on this issue in 2018. At our last General Meeting for the year, on 14th November, we were once again fortunate to have as our Guest Speaker Dr Fiona Bush, a noted historian and always an engaging orator. Her talk was centred around the work done by sustenance workers as part of the construction of rock walls, pathways and timber huts in John Forrest National Park, so many of which are still standing decades later – a testament to the standard of the work carried out which provided these men with a welcome income when times were tough during the Depression.

We look forward now to our Christmas celebrations at Sharron and Cliff’s residence on Pine Terrace on Saturday 9th December at 5pm. Members, watch out for the reminder flyer about this event. In closing, all in the DHG wish you joyous and loving Christmas celebrations and a happy 2018 to all Darlingtonians, near and far. Cheers for now! Judi Bracks, Publicity Officer

The perfect Christmas gift for all Darlington residents The Darlington History Group is proud to launch a new 74 page history book about the Darlington Pines General Store. It includes many old photos and historical information not seen or read before.

$12 Copies available at:

The Pines (Owen Rd) 2Cafe (2 Montrose Ave) Nest (20 Brook Rd)

or Cliff Burns 9299 6696 All proceeds support the Darlington History Group



A Montessori and International Baccalaureate School

ART AND THE ART OF HAVING FUN! Congratulations to the DAF committee and all those involved in another highly successful Arts Festival. My own children will always look back on the DAF over the years as being the truly unique first place where they were able to experience, at a relatively young age, the opportunity to freely wander, with a small amount of cash in hand, without needing constant parent supervision. Again that sense that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’. With this in mind our new, cool (in both meanings of the word!) Treetops tent aimed to again be a ‘haven’ in which all children could find fun and engaging things to do, could find food and drink at children’s prices, and where parents could relax and chat for a while out of the heat. Judging by the constant crowd of happy and focused faces in the tent this was achieved! From plant pot painting to pet rocks and playdough, it takes a lot of preparation, and dedication from all of our hard working staff and many parents on the day, but we all enjoyed ourselves too! We are also proud of the achievements of our student artists who, as a relatively small cohort, were well represented in the prizes from our juniors right through to one of our IBDP student, Madi. She managed to put together her entry and win the Youth Art Photography/Digital Art category prize, despite being right in the middle of exams that we expect will lead her to University entry not to study art, but medicine! Sadly, the most important event on the village calendar is over for another year. Next stop Christmas - and the added excitement for Treetops’ students of painting the Shire Christmas tree! Jayne Simpson Deputy Principal/Director of Enrichment Programs


Darlington Review - December 2017

Darlington United Church

Cnr Darlington Rd and Allestree Rd, Darlington

“Angels we have heard on high” Angels are part of the Christmas decorations, my wife has quite a collection of Christmas angels. Jesus would have learnt about angels from His Mother Mary

Luke 1:26 – 38 Christ’s Birth Announced to Mary 26 Now in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent by God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, 27 to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David. The virgin’s name was Mary. 28 And having come in, the angel said to her, “Rejoice, highly favored one, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!” 29 But when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying, and considered what manner of greeting this was. Jesus would have learned from Mary to believe in angels. Both Matthew and Luke tell us that angels were very involved in the first Christmas – either in a dream or by their physical presence. They appeared to the shepherds, to the wise men in a dream, and they saved Him from Herod’s massacre of little boys. They were special messengers sent to minister to Him after the temptations in the wilderness. Matt 4:11 11 Then the devil left Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him. In the garden at the Mount of Olives, during that agonizing night of prayer an angel appears from heaven to strengthen Him. Luke 22:43 43 Then an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him. 44 And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

They were there at the ascension Acts 1:10 10 And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel, … They will be there when Jesus comes to gather believers 1 Thess 4:16,17 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God…. And Matt 16:27 27 For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, … The reality of the ministry of these invisible beings from another dimension are very much a part of the life of Jesus. For the believer Jesus certainly taught that we have angels assigned to our care.

Matt 18:10 10 “Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven. The celebrations of Christmas have been a reality for 2000 years, and a time of great joy for all believers. Luke 2:10 10 Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. 11 For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. We want to share with you the good news that the baby born 2000 years ago is Jesus Christ the Lord. Our Carols singing service is on Sunday December 10th at 6pm and our Christmas service is at 9:30 am on Sunday 25th December. We would love to chat about it with you. Pastor Rob Merrells Darlington United Church Cnr Darlington Rd and Allestree Rd ,

They were present at the resurrection with great power. Matt 28:2 2 And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door…

Weekly Service time 9.30am Sunday For more information Ph 08 61530364 or 0403790380

Donna Faragher JP MLC Member for East Metropolitan Region Shadow Minister for Education; Training; Women’s Interests

Across the East Metropolitan Region there are many volunteer organisations and community groups making a real and positive difference every day. Over the past few months, I have met with a range of organisations to hear more about the great work that they do to support our community.

Finally, with the festive season upon us, I wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas and a very happy 2018.

The Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is one such organisation and is a wonderful example of a volunteer-based organisation dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. For more than 35 years, the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Lesmurdie has been providing care for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife. Kanyana also supports vital research and specialist breeding programmes for woylies and bilbies. On-site and out-reach education programmes accessed by thousands of school students and community groups also form part of Kanyana’s invaluable work throughout the year. I also congratulate all those involved in this year’s Darlington Arts Festival. It was a great community event for the whole family to enjoy and I was pleased to sponsor the ‘Youth Art First Prize in Drawing & Print Media’. I look forward to next year’s Festival!


Darlington Review - November 2017

St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church

cnr Darlington Rd and Hillsden Rd, Darlington

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols - Sunday 10 December, 7.00pm A traditional feast of music and readings from scripture, with choir and organ Children’s Christingle and Nativity – Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve) 5pm Come and enjoy making a traditional Christingle and remembering the story of the Nativity with Carols. Children are invited to come dressed as an angel or a shepherd. Midnight Mass – Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve) 11.30pm A sung Eucharist with Christmas Carols and candles. Please try to come early, as this service usually fills the church. Christmas Day Eucharist – Monday 25 December (Christmas Day), 9.00am Holy Communion and Christmas Carols. A Eucharist with classic Christmas carols. A great way to start Christmas Day.

Find out more at


Darlington Review - December 2017

Matthew Hughes MLA JP - Member for Kalamunda I was very pleased to be able to spend the Friday opening night and two full days at the Darlington Arts Festival. Setting up my mobile office provided me with a great opportunity to meet informally with a broad cross section of the immediate Darlington community and visitors to the Festival from across the Electorate of Kalamunda and beyond.

The opening night was a fabulous affair and the quality of the artwork was mightily impressive and provided a great opportunity to savour the impressive talent of our local artists. It was also my great privilege to present the Organising Committee with a Lotteries West cheque of $24 000 towards the cost of the Festival and in doing so to acknowledge the significant sponsorships provided by the many individuals and businesses who from year to year support the Festival; a community event that celebrated its 54 unbroken years of existence. I would like to offer my congratulations, thanks and appreciation, as a Darlington resident, to the myriad of willing volunteers that have helped in the months of planning and over the weekend to make the Festival yet another great success. I remain determined to maintain a central role in ensuring that a range of aged care residential options are available to each of the communities across the Electorate and in the Eastern Region as a whole sufficient to meet estimated current and future needs. I am working with Ministers to develop a planned and co-ordinated approach that will involve Local, State and

Commonwealth Governments to address our long-term aged care needs. I will provide more information about the progress made in the New Year. There are other local issues identified during the course of the election campaign that are firmly on my agenda. I am particularly concerned about what I see as less than adequate public transport available across the hills. It is especially very the difficult and time consuming for students from the Mahogany Creek, Glen Forrest, Darlington and Boya and who attend Kalamunda Senior High School to get to and from school by existing bus services. I have taken up this matter with the Minister for Transport on behalf of concerned parents in the hope we can get a favourable response from the PTA to find a solution. On a broader front, if we are to have a fully integrated public transport system based of METRONET rail services, and to encourage less reliance on private motor vehicles, then it is important that this is linked to adequate bus services from our hills communities to link with rail. Readers may be aware of my strong interest in education of children disabilities. I was very fortunate to attend the very informative Family Advocacy Symposium on Inclusive Education held in Sydney on 13 November and to learn of the inclusive education policy implemented by the Provincial Government of New Brunswick, Canada. This provided me with opportunity to network with Australian and international advocates in this area of important public policy. I was particularly pleased to meet with Catia Malaquias and Dr Robert Jackson co-founders of â&#x20AC;&#x153;allmeansallâ&#x20AC;?, both from Western Australia and I look forward to engaging with them on the issue of inclusive education in the Western Australian context. I trust you find this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s report to you interesting and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact my office on 92934747 if you consider I might be of assistance to you on any matter. In the meantime I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Darlington Tennis Club Congratulations to the tennis crew who did an awesome job designing and constructing a huge tennis racquet, player, net and ball out of wood and won the Darlington 2017 Wood Art Competition as part of the annual bonfire at the skate park (Izzy Oliver, Ruby, Eleanor & Harley Kelso, Callam & Lukey Paxman, Eric Rasmussen and Aron Sonnekus, also Dave Kelso, Lee Oliver, Paul Sonnekus, John Rasmussen, Brendan Thompson & Gus Skeane). Thanks also to the event organisers (Trish Cook, Diane Parker, Alison Atkinson, Will Kitely) and the Bendigo Bank for the $500 prize, which the club is putting towards a ball machine. Tennis court hire is available through the Pines Shop opposite the courts or contact Brendon (0427 250 566) for after-hours bookings. For any other details see the website ( or follow us on Facebook (DarlingtonTennisClub). 44

Silver Tree Steiner School

Music Program at Silver Tree Steiner School

“The person that hath no music in him, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treason, stratagems and spoils.” William Shakespeare As you walk through the beautiful grounds of Silver Tree Steiner School, you can hear the sound of music most afternoons. It may be the sounds of singing voices permeating through the trees, the entwining melodies of the violins or viola’s, the deep vibration of the cellos or the upbeat sound of the ukuleles. At Silver Tree, the intention is that the child’s musicality goes beyond melody, harmony and rhythm; that music instruction is presented in such a way as to encourage musical living. The dedicated integrated music program flows through the curriculum. Each child in the primary school makes and participates in music every day; with their class teacher, either as part of a production, as part of the academic curriculum, in strings or in choir. They are gaining not only musical skills and knowledge, but also a strong sense of musicality. Over time, the Music Program evolves so that older students are all performing in ensembles. • In Kindergarten, children are introduced to seasonal songs and music which ties in with the rhythm of the day. • In Class 1, children are introduced to the Pentatonic Recorder. • In Class 3, children are introduced to the Diatonic Recorder. • In Class 4 the formal Strings Program begins. Children choose between the Violin, Viola and Cello. • In Class 5 and 6, the class continue in the Strings Program, play the Ukulele and experience other instruments such as the Xylophone. If you are interested in finding out more about Steiner Education, call us now on 9295 4787.


Darlington Review - December 2017

Mundaring Arts Centre DECEMBER AT MAC December already and still so much to happen at MAC. A huge congrats to everyone on the Darlington Arts Fest committee for another terrific festival – and a shout out to all involved in the WOWA parade on Saturday evening. In true fashion, there were some fabulous costumes and performances. Well done to all the budding fashion designers out there and all the helpers. Now showing at MAC are the final two exhibitions of the year, DRAWN and GIFTED. In Gallery 1, mixed media artist Karen Frankel’s exhibition DRAWN is a reference to the inevitable marks and lines Left: Steam Punk costume created and worn by C Daljac at WOWA, Darlington Arts Fest 2017 that appear in her ever-present sketch book, thumbnail sketches Right: Flower Power themed costumes from Helena College students at WOWA, Darlington Arts Fest 2017 (photographer Josh Wells) and final works. Jane Button grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the Born in Zimbabwe, Frankel grew up surrounded and influenced by Perth hills. She considers herself a collector and is fascinated by the the art of her father, artist Eli Zagoria. Moving to Western Australia assemblage of objects. Button explains, “Sometimes the most fragile in 1984, she was captivated by the rugged beauty of the landscape. objects in nature are the most powerful. My works are not big and full As a largely self-taught artist, Frankel broadened her arts practice of grandeur, but made of small, seemingly insignificant components by taking part in intensive workshops with many renowned artists that all come together to form a story.” Her ‘match box’ works treasure around Australia. Attracted to the shapes of colour, dark and light, captured moments in time, while her ‘boats’ evoke the fragility of texture and the spaces created between and around subjects, life’s journey. Button is in residence on Thursdays and will present Frankel’s mixed media process involves using a variety of paper, workshops for all ages throughout GIFTED. inks and acrylic to form rich layers which she then draws onto. This There will also be a change of banners in the Mundaring Memorial produces vibrant, intense works which illustrate her overriding Rose garden early this month with the latest Environmental Art philosophy - both as an artist and teacher - that the pleasure is in Banners being launched on 7 December – be sure to look up next the process, regardless of the end result. time you are in town and marvel at the amazing talent of our young Frankel has exhibited extensively across WA, developing a following artists. of devoted workshop participants and collectors. She is renowned Midland Junction Arts Centre (MJAC) has a fascinating textile for her ability to teach beginners in a fun and relaxing way. On exhibition on show until 14 December. ‘Eco Echo’ by the Fibrant Sunday’s throughout the exhibition, Frankel will present talks and group sees their interpretations of their love of the environment workshops at MAC. presented through a range of contemporary two- and threeLeading into the festive season and the tradition of gift-giving, dimensional textile and mixed media works. ‘gifted’ artists Sue Cotton and Jane Button offer an insight into their Don’t forget the Shop is chokka block with Christmas gift idea’s all creative practices through exhibition, residency and workshops in hand crafted by WA designers and craft folk. Get on in before we Gallery 2. close for Christmas and a well deserved break on 23 December. We Sue Cotton has created art all her life. With pen and paper ever would like to wish everyone a very merry festive season and thank ready, Cotton finds drawing allows her to think, ideas flowing along you for your support in 2017. with the pen. For GIFTED, her body of work is a distillation of all her MAC is in the heart of Mundaring at 7190 Great Eastern Hwy (corner years of drawing, sparked by a phrase or a statement from a friend, Nichol St). Entry is free and the Gallery and Shop are open Tuesday a family member, or eaves dropped from a stranger on a train. She – Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm (closed makes these snatches of conversation visible not so much through Mondays and Public Holidays). MJAC is in the heart of Midland her intricately drawn lines but through the negative spaces created at 276 Great Eastern Hwy (corner Cale St). For further information between these lines. These gaps or negative spaces form a language please call 9295 3991 (MAC) or 9250 8062 (MJAC) or visit www. of their own as Cotton draws on and on. – you can also find us on Face Book and Instagram.

Left to right: ‘Untitled’ by Jane Button, mixed media, found objects on board, ‘Please Help Me Out Here’ by Sue Cotton, ink on Arches paper, Banksias’ (detail) by Karen Frankel, mixed media on canvas, Karen Frankel in her studio


Darlington Review - November 2017

Darlington Social Cricket Club Inc “Slips, Stumpings Appeals & Silly Points”

KOOKS Victory

The Trials of Modern Technology

DSCC batted first and were well contained with some brilliant bowling and fielding. Jason O’Reilly took a blinder at second slip, Campbell Giles took a specie behind the stumps and Brodie Della pouched a goodun’. Cambell Giles kept all innings and did not concede a bye.

A member of the club this week called into the Placid Ark BP roadhouse (just south of Pinjarra) to get a couple of beef sausages. He had trouble getting the door to the road house to open. He flapped his arms up and down, walked sideways back and forth, and walked backward and forward. Nothing worked. Then a local walked past him, slid the door open and said to the stranded DSCC bloke with a wry smile “It is a manual”

The bowlers were well marshalled by their KOOKS captain Graeme Crow. The fear of wearing Dunce hat appeared to work.

Quotable Quotes

Unfortunately one of the KOOKS strike bowlers went down with a calf injury during his first over and had to retire from the field. No problems for the KOOKS because 13 came to play and Jarrod Miller absence was covered.

“I watched cricket for three hours waiting for it to start” “A criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation”

Only two blemishes in the field, Brodie Della copped a real scorcher at cover that really singed his hand. Mitch Cork fielding at fine leg dropped a sitter by helping the ball over the boundary for six. It was the first of three incidents for Mitch on the day.

“No one ever forgets where he/she buried the hatchet”

Slater- Gartrell Match 29th October DSCC won the toss and elected to bat. They started well with Tim Bates and Mark Lucas putting on a half century first wicket stand before Bates fell for a nicely compiled 34. Glen Farrant joined Lucas and they took the score to 120 before Farrant was caught behind for 45. Then there was a middle order collapse with Lucas caught & bowled by Pivac for a tidy 24 with the addition of only one run. Scrimshaw and Harvey came and went for one run apiece. Bazil Roberts soon followed and DSCC were six down for 129. Captain Courageous Matt Ellis hit a swashbuckling 51 while the tail failed to wag. DSCC were all out in the 39th over for reasonable 206. All the SlaterGartrell bowlers contributed with Chris Pivac, Todd Banfield, Clancy Pearce and the “Weapon” collecting two wickets apiece.

Glen Farrant with a measured and controlled 54, defending the good balls and punishing the loose deliveries was the only other DSCC batsman to post a reasonable score other than Anthony Ryan who is becoming a playing member of the club. DSSC were bowled out for 153 off thirty overs. The pick of the bowlers were Adam Whitehorn with 4 overs, 2 maidens, 1-2, Jason O’Reilly 3 overs for 3–24, Mitch Cork 3 overs for 2-17 and Jarrod Ryan 5 balls (yes 5 balls) 2 wickets for 1 run. After a scrumptious afternoon tea provided by pinch hitters Terry and Patti Giles, the KOOKS turn to bat came along. Adam Whitethorn went for very little, trying the old agricultural slog to be cleaned bowled. Aaron Jacobs was run out at the non-strikers end when the DSSC team bludgeoned poor old Mitch, the umpire into giving Aaron out (the second of Mitch’s indiscretions).

With the strong, young, fit and obviously talented line up, this total was never really going to be enough. The toll taken on the bowlers was simply carnage. The worst were Tim Bates with 2 overs 0 for 40, Bazil Roberts with 4 overs 0 for 45 and Matt Guscott 2 overs 0 for 23. Slater-Gartrell cruised home in the 23rd over with one solitary wicket falling. The Slater–Gartrell batters to get amongst the runs were Chris Pivac not out 61, Cam Sermon not out 50 and Clancy Pearce not out 60. Andrew Cox survived on 0 not out without facing a cherry. The solitary wicket taker was El Presindente who caught and bowled the Darlington Junior Cricket Club player, Conor Jenkins, who filled in for Slater- Gartrell’s. Nice One Prez!

Captain Crowe was caught at cover off Wendy “aka Imran Khan” Kozak’s wily bowling. Wendy will dine out on that wicket for quite a while. The KOOKS secret weapon Andrea held one end up keeping everything out while wickets tumbled around her and the KOOKS were teetering at 5 for 50. However Jacob and Jason O’Reilly steadied the ship and guided the KOOKS home nearly (Jacob fell to a brilliant diving catch by DSSC skipper Matt Ellis in the dying overs, it would do anybody proud!) Jason went on the make a steady 50 and saw the KOOKS home.

With such a pasting it would be cruel to mention the dropped catches of Mark Lucas (2), Chris Brennan-Jones, Steve Warrinner and Bazil Roberts.

The day finished with a BBQ and sit around at the oval on a calm, balmy spring evening. (Salads were provided by the Millers’, courtesy of their secret purveyor of fine foods. The meal was finished off with some lipsmacking cupcakes (made not bought!!) courtesy of Emma Lucas.

There was only one incident of vile glove punching centre pitch, which was between Cam and Clancy of Slater-Gartrell. The Slater’s captain Chris Pivac was livid. He has successfully stamped out this insidious practice in the Darlington under 11s team he coaches

The oval will make a wonderful setting for some more BBQs once the pavilion is complete.

The Robert’s (sorry Holly Roberts) provided a sensational afternoon tea with the chocolate cake one of many top plates.

Good to see Stephen Beasley at the match and was he proud of his Mighty Blues.

The BBQ at the home of Chris and Mitch Cork was a great success. The garlic bread was to die for and the array of sides were great even by Chris and Mitch’s’ lofty standards.

Worst Pun Award (his third indiscretion)

Mark Lucas added to his war chest with the fines and Steve Warrinner provided a merry and amusing magic moments.

Standing around the BBQ, members and guests were chortling over Mitch Cork’s dropped catch and the subsequent six being awarded. Mitch looked up from his cooking duties with a pained face and said “Come on you guys, you are hurting my FIELDING’S”

Out the back the ping pong championships were going hammer and tong. The front runner Clancy Pearce looked a certainty until he came up against the Hawk. Hawk had him for dinner.

All the Gear

The patriarch of Slater-Gartrell, Kevin Gartrell was holding court to anyone bothering to listen.

Wendy “aka Imran Khan” Kozak answered the call of the Captain who was struggling for players. Wendy arrived at the ground with Pepin and Chloe in tow, an Artic approved igloo tent, bicycles, a herd of “My Little Ponies”, IPads, blankets, miscellaneous other stuff and of course , Harry the dog. It took Wendy together with Matt Ellis, Sam Scrimshaw and Stephen Jones to cart it all back up to the car at match end.

Bazil Roberts was nursing a very sun burnt bonce for not wearing a hat all day. Bazil blamed Holly for not bringing a hat to the game. An incident around the BBQs with John Gartrell spraying all the meats with his secret herbs and spices brought howls of laughter from people who did not have any meat cooking on the BBQs.

The Bell Boys The Bell boys, Cormack, Declan, Lachlan, Archer and Caellum were at the grounds proudly showing all and sundry their new possession. A broken half of an old skateboard with no wheels on it! It was their pride and joy.

Ian Scrimshaw’s Thai Chicken rissoles, that is what Ian said rissoles they were, did not go down that well with Sam.





25 CHRISTMAS DAY United Chuirch Service @ 9.30 am

JP Signing Service @ Boya Library5-7


St Cuthbert’s Christmas Service 9am


5 Soroptimists Christmas Function




December 2017





6 Mundaring Library’s 50th Birthday





7 The Hub Speakers Circle 2-4




Tim Newhouse @ 2 Montrose Ave

15 Darlington Club Christmas Party

8 Darlington Club Sundowner

1 Prohibited Burn Period Starts





Darlington History Group Christmas Party

9 Christmas lunch @ The Hub 12-2




24 St Cuthbert’s Children’s Nativity Service 5pm Midnight mass 11.30pm


United Church Christmas Carols Service 6pm

St Cuthbert’s Nine Lessons and Carols Service 7pm

Darlington Club Christmas Fair @ Darlington Hall 10-3

10 Human Rights Day

Day in The Forrest—Glen Forrest

3 KSPWC Birthday Open Day from 10.30am


Darlington Review - December 2017

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year If I can be of any assistance do not hesitate to contact me Office Address: 1/16 Mead Street, KALAMUNDA 6076, Western Australia Postal Address: PO BOX 779 KALAMUNDA 6926 Phone: (08) 9293 4747 Facebook: @MatthewHughesMLA


Darlington Review December 2017  

The Darlington Review is published each month by and for the community of Darlington, Western Australia.

Darlington Review December 2017  

The Darlington Review is published each month by and for the community of Darlington, Western Australia.