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Vol. 58 No. 1 February 2018

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Darlington Review - February 2018

Editorial From Sarah Brookes And with direct flights from London on the horizon reaching WA is easier than ever before.

Guest Editor

What the Hills needs now is some promotion before we have the world knocking on our door and discovering our little patch of heaven. And it seems the Shire of Mundaring is on the case. The Visitor Centre in Mundaring is showcasing some of the lesser-known attractions and experiences of the region, with the aim of becoming a top visitor destination. Darlington-based Skyworks WA captured aerial and street footage in a series of 30-second themed videos titled The Perth Hills Mundaring – Naturally. The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail features throughout the series to provide a connection between tourism experiences, outdoor activities, arts and entertainment, and places to wine and dine. The City of Kalamunda also has international tourists in its sights with one of its key priorities to market the Hills as a tourist destination to help drive economic growth in the area. Mayor John Giardina said with a focus on product development, destination marketing and destination management, the region could grow into a popular destination for local, national and international visitors.

Fear no moor Growing up in this part of the world lends itself to a love of putting on your boots and going for a decent ramble in the bush. The winter creeks and hilly terrain is an idyllic gym-free playground that is good for the heart and soul. So when my Darlington-dwelling mother suggested walking the breadth of northern England, a 309km saunter from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, it sounded like a walking pub crawl. A few kilometres in the legs each day and a cosy bed and breakfast to stay in each night. Brochures featuring sanguine seniors hiking the trail (mapped out by walking legend Alfred Wainwright) made it look like a walk in the park. I underestimated it. It was a serious trudge. Atrocious weather even in the height of summer, kilometres of soul-destroying peat bogs that could swallow you up to your armpits, poor signposting, misty mountain tops that had you so waylaid you considered calling Mountain Rescue, trench foot, soggy fields of cranky bulls and stallions and horrendous ‘paths’. Most nights sleep took precedence over food, let alone a glass of wine or two. We met many walkers whose ideal holiday was not Bali but heading overseas and going for a rather long walk. We passed through many small villages with quaint BnBs, restaurants and pubs reliant on this new walking tourist economy.

Dogs’ reign on the bridle trail is over While on the subject of our beloved bridle trail, at the last council meeting for 2017 Mundaring councillors voted 7-4 in favour of maintaining the scenic trail used by walkers, riders and cyclists an on-leash area for dogs at all times.

This got me thinking. Our bridle trail, or Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, is ripe for the picking for such a venture. The trail could easily be extended to other nearby trails in Kalamunda to be a truly great long distance Great Australian Bush Walk that passes through charming towns with a rich history.

Deputy Shire president Lynn Fisher moved an amendment that would have allowed dog owners to exercise dogs off-leash on the trail between 4pm and 10am. The motion was supported by Darlington councillor James Martin but ultimately defeated.

And it seems the timing is perfect with Perth starting to be recognised in must-visit lists around the globe and we’ve even been dubbed Australia’s Capital of Cool by US travel writer Chris Dwyer. 3

Darlington Review - February 2018 Mundaring lifestyle — its brand — from that of the burbs. How sad is that.” While the Shire said the potential for congestion at Darlington Oval was not considered significant the next question is how and will rangers police the new law? Shire president John Daw said rangers will take disciplinary action against dog owners who are witnessed walking their dogs off-leash on the RRHT including issuing a $200 fine. But he conceded due to the vast length of the trail and the need for rangers across all areas of the Shire, rangers won’t be continually patrolling the trail to make sure dog owners are complying with the Dog Act.

Putting pen to paper Darlington Review editor-in-chief Trea Wiltshire, who is enjoying a break on the island of Sri Lanka, said with just two incidents a year along this 60km track – compared with some 118 elsewhere in the Shire last year — this is clearly not a problem requiring the sort of prohibition councillors and officers have now put in place. “Thank you Cr Fisher for suggesting an eminently sensible compromise that would have allowed residents to walk their dogs off leash on the heritage trail, and to councillors James Martin, Doug Jeans and Ian Green for supporting the motion,” she wrote. “In doing so, you reflected the passionate views of residents from across the Shire who filled the public gallery of the council last year to plead that this 60km track be made a dog exercise area under the new regulations. “Sadly, the remaining councillors preferred to reflect the risk averse option suggested by Shire officers. “Sadly, their decision now means that in designated dog exercise areas such as Darlington Oval the numbers of dogs will multiply — on an oval that sees junior and senior sports seven days a week, and has an adjacent children’s playground. “The lack of logic is breathtaking given we have an uncongested walking trail on our doorstep. “The heritage trail is a symbol of the freedoms we enjoy in Mundaring. People came here so pets weren’t penned in toosmall back yards, so our kids could climb trees, scale rocky outcrops, take risks. “By voting to make the heritage trail on-leash at all times, councillors have diluted the freedoms that differentiate the

While Cr Daw encouraged the public to call rangers to report off-leash dogs in public places I suspect most local dog walkers will continue to exercise the same commonsense and courteous approach they’ve always adopted along the trail.

Suspicious white utes Is Darlington in the midst of a crime wave with seemingly daily social media reports of another house break in or a suspicious white ute hanging about in our hood? Or is our paranoia being fed by the fact we have never been more digitally connected to our community? In the old days we may have heard of a break in or two from a friend or neighbour when we stopped for a chinwag at the post office or shops. But 21st century technology brings us more information than ever through Facebook pages such as the Darlington Hub, Perth Hills Chat Forum, Perth Hills Crimes Alerts & Discussions and Darlington Community Watch WA allowing us to report criminal activity and potential dodgy buggers hanging around suspiciously. I put this theory to the test and asked WA Police for the low down on what the crime stats were for Darlington over the past 10 years. In a nutshell musings that our sleepy village is becoming a hotbed of criminal activity isn’t reflected in the stats. Home burglaries peaked in 2008-09 with 59 reported break-ins and has continued to decline year on year since then. Car thefts have remained steady at less than 10 each financial year for past decade. While the days of leaving our doors unlocked are likely behind us, it could be argued social media (yes I’m looking at you Facebook) is contributing to us catastrophising our village ain’t as safe as it used to be.

Darlington Offences per Year - See table below Type of Offence

Dwelling Burglary Stealing of Motor Vehicle Total of Selected Offences
















































Darlington Review - February 2018

So what plans are in place should such a fire ever (and many say it is not a matter of if, but when) quickly threaten Darlington. With limited roads in and out it is a problem worth thinking about.

While Darlington is policed by the Midland team it is worth mentioning a tweet from Mundaring Police last month. Officers say they are disappointed by social media comments that crime in the Hills is ‘out of control’. They said this isn’t true and crime is actually down 19 per cent on the last financial year and we’re currently more than 15 per cent down on the previous reporting period. Officers say, “Just because you’re more aware of what’s happening, doesn’t mean there is more crime.”

Bush Fire Ready Group coordinator Colin James’ notes this month is a must read this summer. Colin gets Wintonesque and asks us to imagine a fire raging towards you, feel the immense radiant heat, and your eyes and lungs are burning from the smoke.

While a few of the posts tracking these suspicious white utes are bordering on farcical, it is reassuring that we have so many eyes on our Darlington streets keeping watch for any dubious behaviour. Because certainly any piece of information that leads to possible arrests is going to keep our community safer. Let’s be alert, not alarmed!

You might be confused, unsure of what to do next, and scrambling to pack some essential belongings, find your terrified pets and get out. But you have left it too late and when you try to leave, the only way out is blocked by a wall of flames.

Are you ready?

Read it. It might just save your life.

There was a gentleman in Glen Forrest who many would remember ran the popular local video store in the days before Netflix. This salt-of-the-earth chap was rather fond of calling us Darlington residents ‘Woofers’.

Hello, you’ve called Suttons City. How may I help you? The Shire of Mundaring has been left red-faced after residents worried about the ominous Sawyers Valley bushfire pulled out their fire and burning information booklet only to find the wrong number printed for the DFES public information line.

No not because there seems to be a large hound population here, but rather one day he said with certainty our suburb would go ‘woof’, up in flames, in a bushfire. While as I touch wood and touch type Darlington has yet to be impacted by a major bushfire this season, the firestorms in California and out of control bushfire in Sawyers Valley last month have highlighted the logistical nightmare in evacuating large numbers of residents quickly.

Rather than getting through to DFES residents were left perplexed when they instead reached Suttons City, a car dealership based in Sydney.


Darlington Review - February 2018 The booklet, mailed out to all households with the rates notice, incorrectly lists the contact number for the public information line as 13 13 37 rather than the correct number 13 33 37, or 13 DFES. The Shire says it is working quickly to rectify the misprint and has apologised to the community and assured us it takes the safety of residents very seriously, particularly where a bushfire is concerned. The fact no one noticed until now suggests the 16 page booklet isn’t widely read by residents, but just in case you ever need it perhaps change the number on the back of your fire booklet. And if you haven’t already, check out the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade’s Facebook page and give them a like. The page has a wealth of information including links to official pages of DFES, Bureau of Meteorology and Shire of Mundaring, published Fire Danger Ratings, fire weather warnings, community updates and bushfire mitigation information.

Hold on tight, hall works are underway

With the upgrade underway, the Shire is well aware that Darlington is watching with great interest to make sure our hall’s special features are preserved. Darlington Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association president Allan McAuliffe said it was a credit to the council for making sure the second round of tenders enabled a better cost outcome than the first time. “The finished upgrade works will make it easier for the facility to be accessed with those in a wheelchair which is an essential functional aspect of public building design,” he said. “The upgrade was inevitable, so I look forward to seeing the finished product”.

From little things, big things grow Gather round people I’ll tell you’re a story. Except this isn’t an eight year long story but an epic 13 year one. It was back in 2005 when concerns were raised about the facilities at Darlington Oval, in particular the poor state of the changerooms. This prompted the Darlington Social Cricket Club, Darlington Club, Darlington Junior Football Club and Darlington Junior Cricket Club to go cap in hand to the Shire outlining a wish list of what needed to be done to improve the facilities at the oval. The following year the Shire of Mundaring estimated a cost of $480,000 for the project including parking and demolition of the existing building but advised it had no money to contribute.

Celebrations, community meetings, clubs and classes using the Darlington Hall are going to have to hold on tight with the hall fenced off last month as mandatory accessibility works get underway. Rugrats and adults are going to have to hold on too, with the toilets also off limits until at least May.

So a dedicated group of people decided to build it themselves. And now the wait is over and It’s time to celebrate with stage one now complete. The official opening will be on February 3 where the Foundation members’ wall will be unveiled and the official handover of the pavilion to the Darlington Sports and Recreation Association and the Shire will take place. After this momentous moment it will be time for the community to celebrate with a free music event showcasing local music talent organised by the Darlington Club and Self Sewn Events from 6.30pm to 10pm.

The works, costing $419, 602, follow a complaint several years ago by a Darlington Arts Festival patron about the steep gradient of the ramp and the inadequacy of the existing disability toilet. This prompted a move to upgrade the toilets, but also sparked an audit of the entire building by the Shire which found our century-old hall was, not surprisingly, lacking in the accessibility department. Major works to be carried out include construction of two universal accessible toilets, fixing up the rather dilapidated existing toilets, extending the verandah area to allow access from the lesser hall to the toilets without passing through main hall, installing ramps around the building to provide universal access and installing a lift platform in the main hall to allow access to the stage.


Lindsay Earnshaw, Geoff Barker and Matthew Hughes MLA

Darlington Review - February 2018 shouldn’t crack open the champagne just yet with the telco still eyeing Darlington as location for a tower as part of their network expansion and improvements to their coverage. So expect another location, sure to have its pitfalls, to be announced in due course.

DaSRA Chairman Geoff Barker said the achievement would not have been possible without the untiring commitment of the committee over the past three years. Geoff said the fully funded facility will be handed over to DaSRA who have a 12 year lease with the Shire over the building.

DAF Recruiting - For the Darlington Arts Festival to survive they are again recruiting in 2018. Both old and new positions must be filled this year and include festival open night organiser, sponsorships and donations coordinator, chairperson/ president, business development coordinator, performing arts coordinator, social media person and new activities coordinator. You won’t be thrown in the deep end with new members mentored into their chosen roles. Those interested are being urged to come to their AGM on Monday, February 12 at 7.30 at the Darlington Dental, Montrose Avenue. Meet a great bunch of community minded people, become a member and keep our festival vibrant and viable.

“The people who have committed their voluntary time and energy over the long term are large in number, many of them have moved on but still express an interest in the idea and more importantly the fact that it has actually happened.” DaSRA is encouraging community members and supporters to get behind the second stage of the project which will see the much-needed upgrade and extension of the current changerooms and canteen.

Review AGM - And on the topic of AGMs, the Darlington Review AGM will be held at 6A Brook Rd, Darlington at 7pm on Monday, March 26. Further information will be in the mail. All subscribing organisations are invited to send a representative to attend. Please submit a proxy vote if no one from your organisation can attend. It will be a speedy affair followed by a celebratory glass of something.

Set for life And now over to some good news. Locals Ron and Julie Stuurstraat who run the Helena Valley Pharmacy and News sold a division one winning ticket to two long time friends from Guildford who are sharing the $1.42 million prize. One of the Guildford duo, only a few weeks prior had a crystal clear dream that they were going to win Lotto. Ron and Julie have been great stalwarts of the Darlington Arts Festivals for years where Ron has taken on the role of Treasurer and Julie has been steering the volunteers’ roster. Julie has been operating the lotto outlet for 15 months and since selling the lucky ticket has had a steady stream of customers coming to the shop hoping to share in that winning feeling.

Vale Maggie McKay And sadly Darlington has lost another one of its own with Margaret (Maggie) McKay passing away after a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease two days after Christmas. Maggie was a resident of Darlington for many years and was a member of a number of organisations including the Darlington Theatre Players & Soroptimists. Family and friends are invited to celebrate Maggie’s life at a memorial afternoon tea at Boya Hall on Sunday, February 4. If you plan to attend RSVP via John Bath on 9299 7169. A farewell remembering Maggie’s marvellous contribution to the community is later in this edition.

And finally a thank you is in order to Lynn Dullard for supplying pictures for this edition. Trea will be back on deck for the March edition of the Review. She would welcome hearing from locals with some writing or journalism experience who’d like to try the guest editors chair for size. If you would like to put pen to paper contact Trea on 9299 6080, Josephine Jones on 9299 8802 or Kirsty Carslaw on 9299 6316.

In brief Optus Win - Locals opposed to the construction of a 35-metre tall mobile phone tower on 320 Victor Road have had a win with Optus withdrawing its development application. But residents

That’s all folks, Sarah Brookes 7

Bilgoman Aquatic Centre February & March opening times: Monday - Friday Weekends - Public Hols

5.30am - 8pm 7am - 8pm

SWIM SCHOOL Enrol for Series 4 at Bilgoman Aquatic Centre on Saturday 3 February from 9am to 11am. Monday & Wednesday classes from Mon 26 Feb to Wed 28 Mar. Tuesday & Thursday classes from Tue 27 Feb to Thurs 29 Mar. SQUAD and stages 10+ train Monday & Wednesday 4.40pm to 5.40pm. CARNIVALS Term 1, 2018 (refer to Shire website for school bookings) Carnivals held in School Week 4, Monday 19 to Friday 23 February, and School Week 7, Monday 12 to Friday 16 March. Please note that the Centre is closed to the public during School Carnivals. For more information phone 9299 6597 or visit

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Darlington Review - February 2018

Vale: Maggie McKay

The community is mourning the loss of long time Darlington resident, Maggie McKay, who finally lost her battle with Parkinson’s Disease on December 27, 2017.

She held a variety of jobs, mainly in sales, starting with Avon then Yves Rocher, running her own haberdashery shops in Midland and Koongamia, her own cosmetics shop in Perth and recycled clothing shops in Bassendean and Glen Forest.

Maggie was born in Walcha, New South Wales on December 22, 1938. Her father was a postman who delivered on horseback. The family later moved to Quarantine Station at North Head which they managed. It was here that Maggie and her mother and siblings were extras in the movie The Overlanders with Quarantine Station filling in as the meat packing plant for the film.

Maggie was an excellent cook, working for a while at the Rosehill Country Club, then later getting into catering. In her “spare” time, Maggie bred and showed miniature poodles. Eventually Maggie became a celebrant, something she really enjoyed, especially if it involved dressing-up for a wedding with a difference (though she drew the line at nudity by wearing a sarong)!

Leaving school at the age of 15, Maggie completed a secretarial course then nursing. She married Graham McKay in 1961 before leaving immediately for Malaysia where her husband was stationed in the Airforce. Maggie worked at the Penang School for the Blind until her first child Lisa was born in 1962.

Maggie was also regularly employed by both the WA Electoral Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission as a polling place manager for about 25 years and officiated at citizenship ceremonies for the shires of Mundaring and Gosnells.

The couple returned to Australia where they built their home by themselves in Torquay. They had two more children, Wesley in 1964 and Tina in 1966, and ran a hobby shop while Graham worked for MMA after leaving the Airforce.

Another passion of Maggie’s was the Save The Children Fund for which she helped raise funds through the Darlington Pub Nights she compared for more than 20 years. Maggie also joined the Soroptimists International of Helena – apparently she amazed them with her ability to come up with interesting prizes for raffles or donations for the various causes they supported.

In 1967 deciding to escape the cold weather, Maggie and her family drove across the Nullarbor in a Combi Van and settled in Darlington.

Never one to sit idle Maggie also organised the Darlington Antique Fairs, helped with the Devonshire teas at the Darlington Arts Festival and supplied morning tea for Probus at the Glen Forest Sporting Centre once a month. On top of all this, she managed the Greenmount and Boya Halls for the Shire and was a volunteer driver for the Hills Community Support Group (now RISE) until her own declining health intervened.

Maggie quickly made friends through the Darlington Theatre Players, where she could occasionally be seen on stage, but usually preferred to be behind the scenes creating the costumes, props and set designs. Over the years, she also held various positions of office including taking on the roles of treasurer, publicity manager and fundraising manager.

In 2007, she was recognised for all her service with a Premier’s Australia Day Active Citizenship Award presented by then Shire president Helen Dullard.

The children started attending Helena School (as Helena College was named then) and Maggie ran the uniform shop, making the girls’ dresses and boys’ shirts. She was a dab hand at anything creative whether it be crochet, embroidery, knitting, sewing, upholstery, decorating, painting, renovating or even building.

Maggie is survived by her three children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Family and friends are invited to celebrate Maggie’s life at a memorial afternoon tea at the Boya Community Centre on Sunday, February 4 at 2pm.

She wasn’t afraid to try a new skill or improve her mind either, by taking evening classes at Midland TAFE in pottery and studying English and Psychology at UWA. When her youngest daughter got into horse riding, Maggie also took up riding and they both joined the Darlington Pony Club.

If anyone would like to come along and reminisce about Maggie, please RSVP to Lisa (0412 578 858) or Tina (0417 095 527)


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Darlington Dental Office 2 Montrose Ave, Darlington 0408916799 Medicare and private health rebates apply

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Darlington Review - February 2018

Community Notice Through your own lens

An exciting list of speakers already include local experts such as Ross Mars, sharing information on grey water systems, Jenny Currell on the solar scheme for pensioners, Travis Hargraves on battery storage technology, Rohan Caboon on fire mitigation and Jeff Thierfelder will be addressing discussing local food security.

Four Perth photographers, including Darlington’s own awardwinning picture taker Lynn Dullard and Paul Bastian have joined forces to produce an exhibition of work showcasing their own unique views of life and the world through their own individual interpretation. The works leave viewers to interpret through their own lens. The exhibition runs from February 6 to 28 at Houghton Winery Moondyne Gallery in Middle Swan.

There will be music, food vans and fun activities for all the family, including a locally built tiny house on wheels to explore.

Blue Sky Festival

Swan Harmony Singers

The inaugural Blue Sky Festival is being held on Saturday, March 17 from 10 am to 4pm in the Sculpture Park in Mundaring. It provides an opportunity for hills’ residents to celebrate and understand how they can ensure a sustainable future through living responsibly and with care in their local community and natural environment.

Thinking of trying something quite new this year – something that won’t just be fun but will also benefit your body and your mind? The good news is that choir singing does all that. This year Swan Harmony Singers are celebrating their 21st anniversary of making music together, and they warmly invite new members to join their friendly group. The choir meets at the Salvation Army Church Hall, 371 Morrison Rd, Swan View, on Wednesdays, 7-9pm, to sing music ranging across the spectrum from jazz to classical. Enquiries: call Anna on 9299 7249.

There will be workshops, information stalls and talks on a range of issues including local food, water, waste and transport.

Darlington Arts Festival The Darlington Arts Festival AGM is nearly here! It will be held on Monday 12th February, starting at 7.30pm at Darlington Dental, Montrose Ave. We Need You !! 2017 turned out to be both an excellent year for the festival and an excellent year for ‘nextgen’ members taking on roles in the committee. The transition from the superb but weary old guard to the new, began in earnest with some excellent recruitment to a number of senior roles within DAF. The resultant change to a more diverse mix of talented people from both older and younger generations of different backgrounds was a pleasing outcome and essential to DAF’s evolving future.

For DAF to survive, strong recruitment is again required in 2018. Both old a new positions must be filled this year and include • festival open night organizer, • sponsorships and donations • coordinator, • chairperson/president, • business development coordinator, • performing arts coordinator, • social media person and new activities coordinator. New members are mentored into their chosen roles until support is no longer required. You will always have help. No being “thrown in at the deep end here” Come to our AGM, meet a great bunch of community minded people, become a member and keep our festival vibrant and viable. Our unique festival with a proud long history will not survive without strong community support!


SALE - massive, classy sale of collectables, fashion, household goods and other on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of February from 8.00am on both days. Sale to be held in Studio at rear of 43 Dalry Road. For more info call 0481 062 614.


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  

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Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Bushfire Ready Imagine your life, your loved ones and your home under threat from bushfire. You can see the fire raging towards you, feel the immense radiant heat, and your eyes and lungs are burning from the smoke.

Professor Morrison said that when you’re under stress, elevated levels of alertness can lead people to focus on the wrong things and treat different sources of information as equally valid when in fact their usefulness for survival can be very different.

You might be confused, unsure of what to do next, and scrambling to pack some essential belongings, find your terrified pets and get out. But you have left it too late and when you try to leave, the only way out is blocked by a wall of flames.

During a bushfire it could cost you your life. The key, according to Professor Morrison is to prepare, not just your property but emotionally and intellectually as well. Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Deputy Commissioner Lloyd Bailey emphasised that understanding the different bushfire Advice, Watch and Act and Emergency warning alerts issued by DFES is also vital.

More than 90 percent of Western Australia is bushfire prone, and not just in regional environments but urban areas as well. Every year an average of 5,500 bushfires burn throughout the State, making it a commonplace reality.

“We do everything we can to combat bushfires, but people also need to recognise their own risk and act accordingly – it’s a shared responsibility.

Making smart decisions and managing your stress during those circumstances could very well save your life. Organisational Psychologist and Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation at Murdoch University Professor David Morrison, has spent much of his career looking at how people make decisions under conditions of uncertainty.

“If you see smoke and flames act immediately – don’t wait for a warning, follow your bushfire plan,” he said. Visit EmergencyWA for information on how to prepare for and respond to bushfires and the DFES website for information about the different warning levels.

“Some don’t make the decision to get out until it’s too late. That’s when they get themselves into scary situations because their decision making capabilities are compromised. As we know, this can have tragic consequences.”

Colin James, Coordinator PH 0419969223

Councillor’s Column add that the free concert after is a Darlington Club initiative and will feature many local musicians, so please come along and support your community. The Club will provide a barbecue food stall on the evening.

Now that the dust has settled after the local government elections last October, Council will soon commence budgetary considerations for 18/19. As per previous years and with escalating utility costs, it will again be an exercise of attempting to do more with less.

The Darlington Hall upgrade will provide improved disability access, new internal and external public toilets, paved parking area and increased front verandah area to cater for DAF functions, Christmas carols and much more.

As you may be aware I am no longer Shire President but unlike my counterparts in adjacent local governments I did retain my seat on Council, thanks to all who supported me in the election. I must add that it was indeed a privilege and an honour to serve the community as Shire President for the two year term. I must also add that in that role I was able to work more closely with Shire staff and in doing so learned to appreciate more fully the dedication to duty of our hard working shire staff.

Pine Terrace upgrade is now underway, and the small inconvenience created by the temporary detour will be more than compensated for with improved safety and controlled stormwater drainage. Best wishes to all for a safe and happy 2018.

Down to business and 2018 is again shaping up to be a very good year for the Darlington community. The official opening of Stage 1 of the Pavilion will occur on February 3rd. No doubt there will be more information on this in the Review but I must

Cr David Lavell

Darlington Ratepayers & Residents Association With the Darlington Hall upgrade underway, the Shire is well aware that Darlington is watching with great interest. Two years ago, a DRRA subcommittee led by Poul Dahl, negotiated extensively with the Shire to ensure the hall’s special features, such as the specially made doors, the commemoration stone in the verandah, the granite facing on the verandah wall etc. were preserved/re-used/ re-installed. The Shire Infrastructure Manager, Shane Purdy, has been very co-operative and has assured DRRA that the upgrade will be in accordance with the amended plans. Until the work is completed, DRRA like so many groups who regularly use the hall, needs to relocate its meetings. Once the new pavilion is available for use by community groups, we will meet there but the first meeting for 2018 will be held at Darlington Dental, Montrose Ave - 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th February. We look forward to seeing you then. March meeting - Tuesday 6th.




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Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Community Pavilion Update In 2007 I wrote to the CEO of the Mundaring Shire asking if the Shire would support an application to build a new oval pavilion on the basis that there would be no capital expenditure other than the annual recurring operational cost. Mundaring Shire responded in March 2008 that they were not opposed to the idea and by the end of 2009 the committee became more focussed and commenced specific Darlington Community Pavilion meetings and .... one would say, the rest is now history. All the amazing work Architects Paul McDonald and Leonie Matthews undertook with models, designs and public meetings and the deliverance by Geoff Barker and Cambell Giles to drive this project forward, with assistance from Lindsay Earnshaw in fund raising and David Earnshaw who was a very strong mover in getting us to where we are today - attending meetings with the Shire; chairing DCRMC/DCRAG meetings and administering legal advice. Also, support from Stuart Aldred, Darren Walsh, Mick O'Reilly, the local community and sporting groups. Where did those 13 years go!"

BEFORE "Conceived by many, a community Pavilion we can all be very proud of .... and one everlasting" . These words, from Colin James sum up the Darlington Community Pavilion project. Colin was the Secretary on the Darlington Community Recreation Management Committee (DCRMC) in 2005 when concerns were raised about the oval facilities, in particular the poor state of the change-rooms. Still involved 13 years later, he recalls how the decision to build a community Pavilion came about :

Onward to Stage 2 Fundraising has already begun and includes a new kitchen, kiosk, storage and change-rooms. Stage 2 will be broken down into smaller components culminating in the joining of the two buildings.

"In September 2005 a combined meeting of Darlington Social Cricket Club; Darlington Club; Darlington Junior Football Club and Darlington Junior Cricket Club presented a report on what needed to be done to improve the facilities on Darlington Oval.

Formal Opening Stage 1 & Foundation Members Wall The Formal Opening of Stage 1 is planned for 3rd February. There is still time to get your name on the Foundation Members Wall inside the Pavilion and tax deductible donations can be made through the Australian Sporting Foundation (ASF).

In May 2006 the Shire of Mundaring estimated a cost of $480,000 for the project including parking and demolition of the existing building but advised the Shire had no money to contribute at that time. In late 2006 all clubs and delegates from the DCRMC again raised concerns about the lack of room and poor condition of the change-rooms.

Visit for further details or contact Cambell Giles on 0418 936 544 or Geoff Barker on 0418 953 176.


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Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Dibbler Girl Guides “Helping girls and young women grow into confident, self-respecting and responsible community members.” We are currently looking for new leaders, if you have ever thought about volunteering for an incredible organisation, making amazing new friends and having loads of fun, then Girl, Guides is the answer. Tracey Jenkin has been a Leader for 20 years and will be stepping back from Girl Guides in 2018. She will still be around to assist and mentor new leaders so no need to think you would be on your own. Claire will still be running the Unit but needs your support to continue to offer an amazing program. Please font be shy! It’s not as hard as it looks and it really is a lot of fun.

Girl Guides is a worldwide voluntary organisation for girls and women with over ten million members in 136 countries. The new Australian Girl Guide Program introduced in 1995 is exciting, different, and designed for today’s girls! All the activities the girls do, from weekly meetings, to camps, expeditions and hikes, are driven by the girls themselves with input and assistance from their leaders, and planned to match the girls’ abilities. Girls experience FUN and enjoyment through a group oriented, non-competitive, girl focused program that they plan and put into action. The girl is the central focus of the Program. By encouraging the girls to be fully involved in the decision making, planning, implementation and evaluation of their activities, it helps them grow into confident, self-respecting and responsible community members.

Batteries – Girl Guides are collecting batteries from cars, boats, planes, etc. as a fundraising project. These can be dropped to the Kathleen Skipsey Hall or directly to Girl Guides in Burswood. Dibbler Girl Guides (7-10 years) meet on Tuesdays from 6.00 -7.30pm in the Kathleen Skipsey Guide/Scout Hall in Glen Rd Darlington.

Mundaring Bahá’í Community 'Bridges to Peace' multi-faith gathering, co-hosted with St Cuthbert's Anglican Church is a family-friendly hour of inspiring prayer, quotes, stories and song followed by afternoon tea. Meet a wide cross section of the community from different backgrounds and faiths in an inclusive, welcoming space.

At the start of 2018 many of us may have been wished a 'peaceful New Year'. We all aspire to this but peace can often seem like a distant, unreachable dream. What can one person do to promote peace? Perhaps the answer is as simple as strengthening our communities. It's to our community that we turn when there's a crisis, from a lost dog to a bush fire. And we lament the loss of our community when we feel distance and a loss of connection to the people in our neighbourhood. Since our communities can make such a huge difference, not only for individuals but for the world, the Baha’i teachings have a powerful emphasis on building community. Baha’is believe that forging human unity and togetherness has become the chief challenge and opportunity of our modern age.

Saturday 24 February, 3pm, St Cuthbert's Anglican Church. We warmly invite you to join us at our upcoming events: Saturday 24 February 'Bridges to Peace', multifaith gathering co-hosted with St Cuthbert's Anglican Church, Darlington, 3pm, afternoon tea provided, all welcome. Thursday Mornings Coffee and Soulful Conversation, 9:30-11:30am, Mahogany Creek Saturday Evenings Monthly inter-faith gatherings to share food, friendship, music and uplifting readings. Darlington, Mahogany Creek, Glen Forrest For more details please contact Susheel: 9295 2839 or Sue: 9252 1010 or email: Further information on what Bahá'ís believe can be found at

I ask you, is not fellowship and brotherhood preferable to enmity and hatred in society and community? The answer is self-evident. Love and fellowship are absolutely needful … We must be united. We must love each other. Work for the day of Universal Peace. Strive always that you may be united. Kindness and love in the path of service must be your means. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


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Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Volunteer Bushfire Brigade • Remember, 000 is the ONLY number to ring for all fire & smoke sightings. The ComCen will page our members who are on duty. • For general Brigade enquiries please ring 9299 7217. Station hours: Saturday 9am-10:30am. Facebook Page: Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade • Next Brigade meeting: Tuesday, February 13th 2018, at the Darlington Fire Station.

Firstly, a slightly belated “Happy New Year” for 2018. On behalf of the members of the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, I’d like to wish all of our community members a safe, happy and prosperous year ahead. During the summer months our volunteer fire fighters have continued their training to serve the community. Whether at Saturday morning scheds, monthly meetings, skills refresher training sessions, appliance familiarisations, hazard reduction burns, driver training or fire school training courses; our members have volunteered many hours behind the scenes in recent months to be ready to help the community this summer. With so much unseasonal rain in the past few months vegetation growth has been plentiful. This means fuel loads will be higher once this material dries in the heat of coming weeks. We urge you all to report any sighting of smoke or fire immediately to 000, and take note of any suspicious activity and/or vehicles in and around bushland and report it to Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. Maintain your firebreaks and keep a 20 metre clearance zone around buildings.

Sawyers Valley Fire -January 18th 2018

Thank you to the residents and community members in the Darlington area for your vigilance and for being pro-active so far this summer. Whilst the Darlington district has had only a few fires so far this season, there is no reason to become complacent about the risks of fire, and the fire hazards present in our community. Over recent months the Darlington Brigade has assisted with incidents in Boya, Swan View, Darlington, Greenmount and at the recent, large Sawyers Valley/Malmalling fire.. For lots of information, tips and hints on preparing yourselves and your property during the fire season, have a look at the DFES website ( It’s a great information resource for such things as alerts & warnings, Total Fire Ban information, Five Minute Fire Chat materials and other bush fire preparation resources. Our simple little on-line video also offers some tips for maintaining your property and preparing for emergencies. It can be found on the YouTube website by searching “Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade”.

If you haven’t already, check out the brigade’s Facebook page and give us a ‘like’. The page can provide the community with information including; links to official pages of DFES, PaWS, Bureau of Meteorology and Shire of Mundaring, published Fire Danger Ratings, notifications of Total Fire Bans and Harvest & Vehicle Movement Bans, fire weather warnings, community engagement messages and bushfire mitigation information. If you have a Facebook account, search Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, and see if you can spot anyone you know in the pictures. “Firemen never die, they just burn forever in the hearts of the people whose lives they saved.” ~ Susan Dianne Murphree Cheers Ricky Harvey


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Darlington Review - February 2018

Shire of Mundaring Library Service Free Film Streaming with Kanopy Kanopy is an on-demand free film streaming platform for public library members –think Netflix or something similar. Your library membership now gives you access to over 30,000 movies, documentaries and television series which can be streamed on a number of devices and platforms including Apple, Windows, and Android. More information can be found on the Shire of Mundaring Library website on the eResources page. You will need to create an with Kanopy the first time you use it. You will also need to have your library membership barcode details and PIN in order to stream content. Children’s School Holiday Events Over 155 children attended school holiday events before and after Christmas. Two different activities were held with two sessions at each library. The Christmas activity involved making a design using textas on tissue paper, then melting the tissue paper design onto a candle. This is a great craft which several parents said they would be trying at home. If you ‘google’ tissue paper wax candle craft, you will be amazed at what can be created as gifts or for use at home! The second activity involved creating a design using porcelain markers on a mug, and then cooking a ‘cake-in-a-cup’. It proved to be loads of fun, with lots of chocolatey smiles to be seen after the cakes were enthusiastically consumed. Story Time and Baby Rhyme Time Baby Rhyme Time and Story Time recommence at 9.30am and 10.30am respectively on Friday 2 February at Boya Library. Story Time at Mundaring Library will begin at 10.30am on Monday 5 February, and Baby Rhyme Time at Mundaring Library at 10am on Tuesday 6 February. Boya Celebration Book Sale Tuesday 6 February marks the first anniversary of the Boya Library opening its doors to the public! Visit the library on this special day and celebrate with us. The library will be holding a Big Book Sale on the day from 1.30pm to 4.30pm with lots of pre-loved items for sale (cash only) including DVDs, magazines and books for children and adults. Lots of New Borrowers! In 2017, the Shire of Mundaring Libraries welcomed 3506 new borrowers! An increase of 48% compared to 2016, with both libraries increasing their membership bases. The libraries also had: 134,168 visitors (22% increase from 2016), 8228 WiFi sessions (193% increase from 2016), and 8219 computer bookings.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT PLANS DRAWN FOR HOME ADDITIONS AND NEW BUILDS ~ Design Draftsman ~ William Hall ~ Trade Background ~ 35 years experience ~ Highly Qualified in Building & Construction ~ Detailed plans for owner builders and custom registered builders ~ BAL construction detailing as required ~ Engineering & Energy Assessment incorporated into the final plans ~ p 6394 2392 ~ m 0415 032 766 ~ PO Box 28 Darlington WA 6070 ~ email







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Darlington Review - February 2018

Helena College

International Baccalaureate School Helena College wishes everyone a great 2018 school year especially those starting in Kindy and Pre-primary. How exciting to be making friends and learning something new every day. We are an independent school, non-faith based and coeducational from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our students learn the content of the Western Australian curriculum through the inquiry based approach of the International Baccalaureate. We believe it’s the best way to prepare the citizens of tomorrow to achieve their personal best while also making a positive contribution to the world. As our Director of Middle School, Cathy Light often says, our students are at the centre of everything we do. Indonesian Study Tour This will be an exciting year for many of our Indonesian language students, who will undertake a study tour to the city of Yogyakarta in April. They will attend language classes at the university most days as well as immerse themselves in the local culture through temple and village trips, and attending a Gamelan workshop. Almost all the Indonesian students from Years 11-12 will be on the tour, as well as some Years 9-10 students. Indonesian teacher, Pak Jeremy spent part of his holiday break visiting Yogyakarta to prepare for the trip. He also spent time in Bali where he caught up with the 2016 and 2017 Students in Residence. In Term Four each year, Helena College hosts two students from an underprivileged background in Bali. Whilst at the school, they improve their English and computing skills as well as enjoy a taste of Australian life. Tanzania Expedition

Once overseas, the expedition was primarily student-led, supervised by two teachers and an experienced World Challenge leader. Part of the expedition involves contributing to the local community and this year our students worked on the construction of a second classroom at the Waruma Primary School in Machame. Last year’s group helped build the first classroom. The students also climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru then finished with a safari, spotting lions, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and zebras. The World Challenge expeditions offer our students opportunities to become global citizens and are a perfect complement to the College’s inquiry based learning, implemented through the International Baccalaureate. Insert photo 2, 3, 4 Places available We still have places available in Pre-primary, Years 1,2,5 at Darlington (K-5) and limited places in all Years 6-12 at Glen Forrest. We are also accepting registrations for 2019 and beyond. Is Helena College the right school for your child? Learn more about what we offer by visiting our website or coming on a campus tour. Upcoming dates are: Darlington (K-5) – 11am on Thursday, 15 February or Thursday 15 March

Last December, another College group set off on a month-long World Challenge expedition to Tanzania. Prior to going overseas, the students had undertaken the World Challenge programme to develop the life and leadership skills needed to largely run their own expedition. They worked as a team to fundraise for a community project, as well as to plan their own itinerary within the set guidelines.

Darlington (K-5)

Glen Forrest (6-12) – 9.30am on Tuesday 20 February or Tuesday 20 March To book or to learn more, please contact our registrar on 9298 9100 or email

Glen Forrest (6-12)

Bilgoman Road Glen Forrest WA 6071 (08) 9298 9100

Ryecroft Road, Darlington WA 6070 (08) 9299 6626


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Darlington Review - February 2018

Mundaring and Hills Historical Society Inc Hello 2018! The Mundaring & Hills Historical Society is currently compiling a calendar of events for 2018; there will be new exhibitions at the Mundaring District Museum as well as displays, talks, and tours relating to different aspects of the history of the Shire of Mundaring. You can keep up with ‘what’s on’ by; checking our website (, visiting our Facebook page, or by ensuring you read about our activities in the Darlington Review! Our current museum exhibition, ‘Hoofprints in the Hills’, explores the many ways horses, both past and present, have contributed to the local community. If you have not yet visited the exhibition, get your boots on as it closes on the 22nd of February. While you’re visiting the Museum (located in the same building as the Mundaring Visitor Centre), try our ‘Bits & Bridles Quiz’ - you could win a horse trail-ride at Forge Farm in Chidlow. There is also a new quiz available for adults and children, all the answers can be found in the Exhibition, and all correct quiz sheets will go into a draw to win a prize. For a clue as to our next museum exhibition, have a look at the attached photograph - right. Can you identify what this instrument is? Here are some hints; 1. This instrument was located in a vault close to the Mundaring Weir. 2. It was installed in 1962 and used through to the late 1980s. 3. It was one of six identical instruments located in the vault. 4. This instrument was especially important on the 14 October 1968. If you know the name of this instrument and where it was used, please email us at or phone us on 9295 0540. Its identity will be revealed in March’s Darlington Review.

Friends of Darlington Station Reserve (FODS) SUMMER RESERVE



Would you like to join our group?


The New Year brings opportunities to us all and at the Station Reserve we are already thinking ahead to the 2018 working season starting after Easter. We are ready to welcome new members anytime but mostly this happens after Easter once work starts. You can talk to us anytime by using the following contact details:

We FODS love to socialise and our Christmas BBQ was enjoyed by all; we missed those of you who could not make it. We were happy to have our Catering FODS, Liz, back from sick leave and even making her excellent muffins for the occasion.

Gill 9299 7297 Stacey 0400 247 526 (Thursday FODS)

Have you noticed how smart the planted area on Owen Road near the tennis courts is looking? This is the work of our Thursday FODS group who recently weeded, pruned and mulched these beds. Thank you, people.

We meet fortnightly on Sunday mornings during winter and spring. Our members need no special skills nor a particular level of fitness or strength! Say Hi if you see us down on the reserve. Diane


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“Intelligent Use of Glass” Shower Screens & Mirrors Glass Repairs / Splashbacks Double Glazing

Call Sean or Maureen Tel/Fax: 9299 6879 Mob: 0427 474 252 E: “The Enthusiastic Yorkshireman”

RP 27



Federal Member for Hasluck

Shop 10-12 Forrestfield Marketplace, 80 Hale Road Forrestfield WA 6058 08 9359 0322


Authorised by Ken Wyatt MP, Shop 10-12 Forrestfield Marketplace, 80 Hale Road Forrestfield WA 6058.


Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Retirement Accommodation Assoc. (Inc) “The Glen”

To ensure the solar panels can operate at maximum efficiency it will be necessary to trim some of the overhanging trees. It is hoped that the Shire can assist in this matter and negotiations are currently under way.

As the New Year gathers momentum, activity in Darlington Glen is keeping pace with several significant changes planned.

Darlington Glen management committee and residents welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Hall into their new home in Unit 5 at the Glen just after Christmas. We trust they have settled in to their new residence and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association.

Concurrently a DRAA working party consisting of President Lindsay and two members of the DRAA management committee, together with assistance from our local shire councillor is addressing the basic planning for the Darlington Glen communal pergola in terms of size, cost, funding and design. Meetings will be arranged with the appropriate shire officers to ensure all planning issues are complied with.

At the December meeting of the DRAA management committee we endorsed a proposal to install solar panels on individual units and construct a pergola to be utilized as a shared interactive space for Darlington Glen residents.

President Lindsay and members of the Darlington Glen management committee would like to wish all the residents and DRAA members a happy and healthy New Year.

To get the first of these projects under way President Lindsay is currently consulting with the residents to ascertain their views on the proposed solar panel initiative. Once the consultation period is completed it is hoped that the installation of these panels can be completed quickly to enable the residents to make significant savings on their power bills.

Colin Merritt

Soroptimist International of Helena

2011. Her clinic provides free pre-natal care, birthing services and medical aid to prevent Indonesia’s high maternal and infant mortality rate. We are planning an afternoon tea on13th May We look forward to an interesting afternoon and hope that anyone interested will contact our club, or, of course myself, so that an indication of numbers will help in deciding on a venue.

Our year will commence on February 6th, when we conduct the Annual General Meeting and first business meeting. The evening will be a festive occasion with dinner and the induction of another new member. We are looking forward to another productive and interesting year with plans to further our liaison with sister club, SI Mandurah’s “Soroptimums” project. This is planned to support young backpackers working in Australia who may need assistance., which I mentioned in the December Review notes.

A visit to Swan View Senior High School to present the scholarships to the student going into transition to High School, and the Dance and Drama recipients will be our start to the year.

We have invited Robin Lim the founder of Yayasani Bumi Sehat, who will be in Perth in May. We have supported Bumi Sehat for many years, when a previous President’s son was injured in the Bali bombing 2002 and wanted to do something to help the people of Bali

The club welcomes new members and hope that any ladies who wish to make a difference to the lives of women and girls please contact Robyn Cain 08 92988593 or 0417 179 761. Or check on our website: or follow us on Facebook at Soroptimist International of Helena.

Robin is a midwife and founder of Yayasanj Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) and was named CNN Hero of the Year

Rosalie Gordon

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT IRONING SERVICES - $30 per hour (approximately 10 business shirts and 2 trousers). We are reliable and efficient, and can pick up and drop off in the Darlington area for free. My daughter and I are raising money to help send her on tour with her brass band next year. Please phone Alex on 9299 6699 or email


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A great Martial Art for the whole family Grandmaster Linda Low 9th Dan Chief Instructor/International Examiner Justin Low 5th Dan World Medallist/Aust Coach Jesse Low 4th Dan Instructor

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Located in Denmark SCANDINAVIA (Now available in AUSTRALIA) the Green House company has for many years delivered premanufactured modular timber homes. All work is carried out and performed to the highest quality and at the right price! The raw material comes from Sweden where the worlds finest timber is sustainably harvested. Construction is performed with your choice of horizontal planed logs or with sawn vertical/ horizontal timber cladding. All houses are delivered with double glazed low energy windows. PUT YOUR OWN MARK ON YOUR NEW TIMBER HOME Custom design your home in consultation with Green House designers OR choose from a large range of Green House standard designs

Green House All enquiries to Green House Exclusive Representative for Australia, Northern Bay Pty Ltd

John Sorensen: 0427 388 392 email: 28

Darlington Review - February 2018

Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre February Fun at KSP Writers’ Centre WA Poet-in-Residence Maddie Godfrey and SA Writer-in-Residence Emily Palmer, whose contemporary work features ‘bad-ass female protagonists’. BYO drinks. Optional Fancy Dress: Tropical. Dietary requirements catered for with notice. Tickets from $35.

Young Writers Group: Scribe Tribe for ages 10-16 Weekly during school term on Wed afternoons beginning 7 Feb, 4.00-5.30pm

Workshop: So You Want To … Perform Poetry

KSP’s Scribe Tribe offers games, exercises, encouragement and mentoring, as well as insights into publishing and instruction on writing across all forms. Members of the Scribe Tribe are also offered publication in a professionally printed end-of-year youth anthology. Costs from $10 per class; FREE first class trial.

Saturday 17 February, 3.00-5.00pm In this workshop, KSP’s 2018 NextGen Writer-in-Residence Maddie Godfrey will use poetry to explore how the places we come from are woven deeply into our storytelling practices. Come along to polish your performance skills from a dynamic young poet who has performed sold-out shows at Perth Fringe Festival and stormed the stages of the Sydney Opera House and Royal Albert Hall. Suitable for those aged 12+. Tickets from $20.

Workshop: So You Want To … Be a Writer Saturday 10 February, 1.00-4.00pm This interactive workshop from WA Premier’s Award local author Annabel Smith will provide an array of tips and tricks to get you started and keep you writing, as well as editing your own work. It will cover such issues as: making time for writing; getting started; to plan or not to plan; overcoming self-doubt; self-editing and feedback; developing your skills; seeking publication; and support networks. Tickets from $35.

KSP Sundowner Session featuring Open Mic Friday 23 February, 6.30-8.00pm At KSP’s bi-monthly Sundowner Sessions guests can take the mic and perform a short piece of poetry or fiction at the Balcony Bar, or sit back with friends and enjoy the readings. Glass of complimentary wine on arrival thanks to our friends at Lion Mill Winery. BYO nibbles. Tickets from $5.

Literary Dinner – Summer Luau Tuesday 13 February, 6.00-9.30pm

For more details please visit the KSP website or phone the office 08 9294 1872.

Enjoy Hawaiian tunes from 6.00-7.00pm while sipping cocktails on the verandah, followed by three summery courses and readings from

WA Youth Published in KSP Anthology rich and entertaining read, structured across the transition from tragedy to hope.’

On Saturday 16 December 2017 the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre hosted a book launch to celebrate the work of over 30 young writers from Western Australia.

Essential funding for production was provided by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries with additional support from the Shire of Mundaring. ‘Publication is not just a platform to showcase work, it is also a booster for self-esteem. Grants like these allow us to nurture and motivate young writers by giving them a creative goal and a product to be proud of,’ says director of KSP Writers’ Centre Shannon Coyle.

From the Darkness, a comprehensive anthology published by Wild Weeds Press featuring work from the Centre’s 2017 activities for young writers, was praised by Westerly magazine editor Catherine Noske: ‘Not only does it showcase the immense talent coming through with the next generation of Western Australian writers, but it also demonstrates the passion of a group of people who are dedicated to fostering these writers. The number of pieces in the collection which are opened with the by-line “ This story is brought to you by…” shows the wonderful range of programmes that KSP Writers’ Centre offer young writers. The collection holds writing from prize winners across different competitions and categories, writing from different groups, from home-school students and KSP’s famous Press Club, from the Story Horse to Ghost Story writing. It is a

Local author Meg Caddy, whose first novel Waer was partially developed at the Centre through its residency program and published in 2016 by Text Publishing, officially launched the book in front of a raptured audience. This was followed by readings from a selection of the young writers. For more information on KSP’s programs for youth, visit 29


Your own local Plumber All General & Emergency Plumbing, Drainage, HWS, Sanitary, Bathroom & Kitchen, Pools & Pumps, Retic, Backflow, Septic tanks NO JOB TOO SMALL REASONABLE RATES Chris Tanneau Glen Forrest 6071 WA Mobile 04 98 475 033 04 99 168 191

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Darlington Review - February 2018

1st Darlington Scout Group

As a non-formal educational movement, Scouting strives: “… TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN ACHIEVING THEIR FULL PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL AND SPIRITUAL POTENTIALS AS INDIVIDUALS … – extract from the Purpose of Scouting.In other good news we were advised by the Shire of Mundaring in late November that our group on behalf of the other Scout groups in the Shire of Mundaring have been successful in receiving a $500 quick grant in the latest round of grants. These funds will be specifically used to run our district Cub Leadership Course in semester one, where 9 & 10 year old Cub Scouts develop skills in teamwork and leadership. Thanks again to the Shire of Mundaring!

It only seems like last week that we held our group windup under the veranda of the Darlington Hall on a wet December evening! This was a wonderful end to the year with many significant awards presented with our district and regional chief commissioners in attendance. Congratulations to Michael Holmes who received the highest Scout award of the Australian Scout Medallion. Well done also to Ashton who received his Blue Cord and Alex who received his Green Cord (and has subsequently qualified for his Australian Scout medallion also). Congratulations to Elise who received the highest Cub Scout award being the Grey Wolf. It is also wonderful to report that following this event 2 of our parents stepped forward to train as Joey leader and a Venturer leader in 2018. (Now we are only looking for an additional 2 Cub Leaders and 2 Scout leaders)

In some disappointing news – Scouts WA were informed just before Christmas that the State Government will be changing the eligibility criteria for the Kids sport program in 2018. The changes proposed by, the Hon Mick Murray, Minister for Seniors and Ageing; Volunteering; Sport and Recreation will directly affect 750 young people who are currently using the Kidsport funding to pay for their scouting fees in WA (It will affect at least 5 of our youth members in Darlington). Specifically excluding “Scouting” from the definition of sport is highly discriminatory as Scouting not only allows youth to develop sporting and competitive skills, it also gives youth leadership skills and a sense of community involvement which they will use throughout their life. We have written to our local member, Matthew Hughes to outline our concerns and would encourage local families to do the same.

2018 is going to be a very exciting year for our group. Out of all the Scout groups in Western Australia, we are only one of ten that will be implementing the new youth program in the 2nd half of the year. Work on the new youth program started over 3 years ago with extensive research into the current scouting program to determine if it was still relevant for 21st Century Australia. Now we have taken a new perspective on Scouting, incorporating core fundamentals that stem from both the new, contemporary ideas of our members as well as the original ethos of Scouting – getting outdoors, being adventurous and becoming a global citizen. This sees a shift in focus to be a youth led, adult supported organisation. Scouting will provide programs that are ADVENTUROUS, FUN, CHALLENGING & INCLUSIVE!

To enquire about joining our group either as a youth member, leader or adult supporter please email Scouts is open to both boys and girls with 4 x different aged sections. Joey Scouts ages 6 to 8; Cub Scouts ages 8 to 11; Scouts aged 11 to 14 and Ventures aged 15 to 18.





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M ob: 0438 906 335








EC 12595

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Your local Darlington electrician -

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For a free visit to discuss your electrical needs, contact:

Aaron Hearne Electrician

M 0408 930 458 E W (coming soon)



Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Tennis Club Darlington Tennis Club Court Weekly Bookings February-March 2018 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunday Monday Friday Saturday Time From Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 Ct1 Ct2 Ct3 Ct4 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 school 20:00 terms 21:00 only

school terms only

school terms only





Mon morning social tennis from 8.30am.

Faye Jackson

0487 277 288

Thurs morning social tennis from 8.30am.

Trevor Folley

9252 1697

Mon, Tues, Wed nights 7-9.30pm mixed social comp Paula Wood (Mon)

0430 022 047

(These comps do not usually run in school hols)

Tim Nicholas (Tues)

0434 322 139

Players assigned to a team for duration of comp.

Brendon (Wed)

0427 250 566

Cardio Tennis Mon 6-7pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Pennants training session Thursday 5-7.30pm

Zane Moran

0417 177 679

Pennants training session Friday 6-7.15pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Social Tennis - Friday 7.15-9pm

Lee Oliver

9252 0209

Coaching Mon 5-7pm


Coaching (adults): Thurs 7.45-8.45pm

Lee Oliver 9252 0209

Coaching (kids): Tues 4-6pm; Fri 4-6pm; Sat 8.30-11amLee Oliver 9253 0209 see website for team contacts Pennants

Sunday night social 8-9pm

Richard Powell

0417 809 026

Wheelchair tennis Monday 6-7pm

Lee Oliver

9254 0209

At other times courts may be hired through Pines shop across the road ($20 key deposit; $5 an hour for non-members, $7 for lights)

After hours court bookings: Brendon 9252 1392/0427 250 566. General enquiries Alex Hoschke 0439 976 672

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISENTS HOUSE FOR RENT. 3 bedrooms, nice area, good neighbours â&#x20AC;&#x201C; large rooms/high ceilings/built in robes all bedrooms. $260 per week. References required. Please call Peter on 0450 415 947 or email DARLINGTON HOUSE BnB - great for a getaway or when family are visiting. We also offer custom designed gift vouchers with dinner and spa treatments. Please call Belinda on 0439391048 or email


Matthew Hughes MLA JP Member for Kalamunda HOW TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP Email: Office Address: 1/16 Mead Street, Kalamunda 6076, Western Australia Post: PO BOx779 Kalamunda WA 6926 Phone: (08) 9293 4747 Mon-Fri 9am– 5pm. Closed 1pm-2pm each day. Or Facebook: @MatthewHughesMLA

Tel 92520629

We have the keys to health beauty & relaxation

Valentines Day Bookings Available

Reg No 6328

New Homes Pole & Stumped Homes


Timber Homes Over 25 years experience

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Ken Wyatt

Minister for Aged Care, Minister for Indigenous Health - Federal Member for Hasluck The Government is working to deliver a stronger economy, to help secure a better future for you and your family. This includes backing small business, making record investments in infrastructure, pursuing export opportunities and ensuring reliable and affordable electricity. There is more to be done, but these jobs figures are good news. They show our economic plan is working.

I hope that all of the Darlington Review readers and their families have had a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous start to 2018. I hope you enjoyed the festive season with your loved ones and are looking forward to another year of adventures, new successes and milestones. The Coalition Government is currently overhauling the child care system to provide better support for hardworking families in Hasluck. We’re better targeting subsidies, introducing our hourly fee cap to put downward pressure on prices and removing the annual rebate cap. Nearly one million families will benefit as a result of our Government’s child care reforms and we’ll provide the greatest subsidy and financial support to the families who earn the least. Find out more: au/childcare

Thank you to all the wonderful students who took the time to create artwork for my 2017 Christmas Card Competition with the theme of ‘Christmas at my ABOVE: Ken Wyatt MP with Sarah, the house’ and congratulations to the winner of the overall upper primary winners! There were many fantastic entries and I was so pleased to once category in Ken’s Christmas Card again see the amount of talent we Competition. have in Hasluck!

The latest jobs figures show 403,100 more Australians found jobs in 2017. That’s the most jobs created in a calendar year on record! Of these 403,100 new jobs, over three-quarters (303,400) were full time jobs. There has now been 15 consecutive months of jobs growth. The last time that happened was in 1994.

It is an absolute honour for me to continue serving our Hasluck community and I encourage you to keep in touch via email at or by calling my office on 9359 0322.

Mundaring Arts Centre LANDSCAPES OF THE MIND | SHIRE OF MUNDARING INVITED ART ACQUISITION EXHIBITION 9 Feb – 1 Apr 2019 | Mundaring Arts Centre Curated by Jenny Kerr The annual Shire of Mundaring Art Acquisition Exhibition celebrates the Perth Hills community’s outstanding creative talents. 2018 invited artists Sarah Elson, Bec Juniper, Andre Lipscombe (his Paint Warming #1 pictured left), Desmond Woodley and Yvonne Zago express a connection to the land, either through their cultural background, the textural nature of the materials they work with, or their connection to the nature of being.

While landscape is at the heart of the Shire of Mundaring collection - and the reason people are drawn to live in the area - this exhibition explores the nature of being and the landscape of the mind. In conjunction with Landscapes of the Mind, Mundaring Arts Centre will present a selection of rarely seen artworks from the Shire of Mundaring collection. Also curated by Jenny Kerr, the Gallery 2 exhibition, At the Heart, explores our connection to this place as it has been artistically recorded through the Shire’s collection since 1986, with works that parallel the ideas explored by the artists in Gallery 1.

Every year, since acquiring its first artwork back in 1986, the Shire of Mundaring has collected the works of artists and craftspeople who live, or have lived, in this region. The Shire of Mundaring Art Acquisition Exhibition, held in partnership with the Mundaring Arts Centre, is an annual event and provides an opportunity for local artists and audiences to come together in recognition and appreciation of the creativity in our local community. The five invited artists taking part in this year’s instalment of the exhibition, Landscapes of the Mind, express a deep connection to their environment in distinctive ways.

Above: Yvonne Zago, Diuris-brumalis in Arnauds stoneware vase, 2017 For more information please visit


Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington History Group THEN - 2017 Saturday 9th December VENUE Cliff and Sharron Burns’ residence in Pine Terrace After a warm day, a typically balmy Hills evening descended as we imbibed, nibbled, chatted and relaxed in the Burns’ lovely garden surroundings. It was great to see some members who, for one reason or another, had been unable to attend as many meetings as they would have liked during the year. As the evening progressed, hunger set in and an amazing spread of dishes appeared on the table. If nothing else, we can boast some talented chefs among our ranks! Hunger satisfied and thirst slaked, the socialising continued until ………… a man in red with a snowy beard appeared in our midst!

Much hilarity ensued as each guest sat on Santa’s knee to receive their gift from the sack. One important part of the evening’s celebrations was the presentation to Reg Kelly of the “ERNIE AWARD” in recognition of his and his ute’s amazing efforts over the years to collect the books and bric-a-brac so generously donated by so many of you. 2018 will see us setting our minds to work to devise alternative methods of fund-raising. We have already discussed some ideas which we feel will be popular and planning will continue throughout the year. Make sure that you check our page in each monthly Review. NOW - 2018 Our first General Meeting of the year will be held on WEDNESDAY 14TH MARCH AT 7:30PM, BUT NOT IN THE LESSER HALL, INSTEAD AT THE BOYA MEETING PLACE IN SCOTT STREET, HELENA VALLEY. At this meeting it is planned to have a second edition of the “Why Darlington?” series which will feature a noted Darlingtonian being interviewed as to what our village’s attraction was in which to settle. More information in the March Review – don’t miss it! PLEASE NOTE :• There are still copies of Cliff Burns’ latest publication, “The Darlington Pines General Store” available. Please refer to the ad below. • While renovations take place at the Darlington Halls we will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Boya Meeting Place (plenty of parking available and a warm welcome assured). Cheers for now! Judi Bracks Publicity Officer

A new edition to Darlington’s history books The Darlington History Group is proud to launch a new 74 page history book about the Darlington Pines General Store. It includes many old photos, stories and information not seen or read before.

Copies available at: The Pines (Owen Rd) 2Cafe (2 Montrose Ave) Nest (20 Brook Rd) or

Cliff Burns 9299 6696


All proceeds support the Darlington History Group



A Montessori and International Baccalaureate School STOP PRESS! Another Treetops IB Diploma graduate, Kieran Ball, has returned this week from Florida after completing a six-month scholarship with Disney. He was thrilled to achieve this muchsought-after scholarship and upon his return I asked him about his experience and whether the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) had been an asset to him. He states: - “I applied for the college program at Disney World, seeking to experience a new culture and be a part of the Disney Magic. Disney was a great platform for me to learn more about myself, experience how a large organisation operates and make memories to last a life time. Whilst working for Disney was both strenuous and demanding at times, I knew that it would open up long-term opportunities, and that is exactly how I also feel about the IB Diploma Programme. The IBDP required a lot of hard work and perseverance and I know that a lot of my opportunities such as being able to work in America came down to this education. I say this because it was often a point of conversation there and allowed me to stand out from the competition. I would recommend anyone with the opportunity to do so to complete the IBDP, as it promotes diversity, wellrounded education and self-development, which are all highly regarded in the work force. My IBDP opened so many doorways that in Year 12 I would not have imagined possible!”

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA SUCCESSES You know that you live in a village when you receive half a dozen emails wishing you luck with your exams from people who just happen to live in the same street as you! This was the experience of Madi Lamb, another Treetops International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma success, who now has a sheaf of options open to her, and will enrol in the University of WA to study for a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, double majoring also in International Relations and Political Science. Madi’s commitment to community has been equal to the commitment that the community of Darlington has shown her. The IB Diploma includes Community, Action and Service. Some of you will remember Madi’s table set up at the Mother’s Day Craft Fair outside Nest and the Post Office after she worked hard creating craft items to sell towards the Kiva project, a non-profit organisation that allows people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 80 countries. Madi led this, among other projects, at Treetops, enabling the entire High School to be involved in the fundraising and in the choosing of the recipients for the loans. In Maya, at Nest, Madi found a wonderful mentor, who encouraged both her art and her social contact with other art students. An IB Diploma score, once achieved, is converted to an ATAR score for Australian University entry. Having an IB Diploma has given Madi a wide range of options. It is a globally recognised qualification and so she was able to consider Biomedicine at University in Canada. She continued to sing publicly throughout her broad course and could have applied to WAAPA. The art studies led to being chosen two years in a row for the META Design and Art Awards in WA and she also won the Darlington Arts Festival Youth Art Photography and Digital Art Award so could have pursued a career in this area. Of course, she still might – one of the great things about the many and varied Tertiary educational pathways of today, especially with an IB Diploma behind you, is that you are free and well equipped to change your mind!

To learn more about the IB Diploma Programme, visit To find out more about the education offered at Treetops Montessori and IB School, contact our school office on 9299 6725 or Jayne Simpson Deputy Principal/Director of Enrichment Programs


Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington United Church

Cnr Darlington Rd and Allestree Rd, Darlington



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Having been a Maths teacher for 46 years I cannot get it out of my system. Firstly, those who read the Bible must observe that God invented Maths. In Genesis we read that man was created on the sixth day. So, God had already invented the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 to make that statement. The second observation with Maths is that there is a Truth which is beyond debate. 2 + 2 = 4. This will not change with mood or politics. In life there are those special moments when we know we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and we just have to do and say the right thing. This precision is a component of providence and it is intricately wrapped up in Truth. It resonates not just with our mind and environment, but more deeply, with our soul and spirit. We are given jig-saws to play with, so we can catch a glimpse of what it feels like to fit. To exactly fit. To be the piece that fits. To be the person we were created to be. The Bible teaches that God has crafted us and prepared a life for us to relate to Him. Eph 2:10 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Another observation from Maths is that two parallel universes can co-exist. I am talking of about the set of rational numbers and the set

of irrational numbers. Rational numbers are all numbers that can be expressed as a ratio like 22/7. Irrational numbers are numbers that cannot be expressed as a ratio, like √2 . When Pythagoras declared his very famous theorem, it shocked the Mathematical world that a right triangle with sides 1 , 1 and √2, could actually have the hypotenuse which could not be expressed exactly as a rational number. Pythagoras had stated that all numbers were rational. So, one story goes that when a Mathematician Hipassus stated that there were other numbers like √2 that were not rational, he was thrown overboard and drowned at sea. It was ridiculous for that world to think that there were rational numbers infinitely close to any irrational number – yet not equal to it. In our life there is a physical and a spiritual dimension. Jesus says in John 3:3 3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Many people do not believe there is a spiritual dimension to life because they cannot see it. Some of these people believe there is a God, but they still miss it. The Bible teaches that to begin this insight we need to be born again. This starts with humbly admitting that we have been wrong, we make mistakes and we want a real relationship with a loving Father, Creator, God. Bill Muehlenberg in Culturewatch comments: In terms of coming to Christ, C. S. Lewis put it this way, “Fallen man is not simply an imperfect creature who needs improvement: he is a rebel who must lay down his arms.” And again, “Nothing that has not died will be resurrected.” It is only after we are born again, that we converse with God’s Spirit in the mundane events of our life. This spiritual dimension of being corrected, taught, and nudged through the right doors in life is the most exciting adventure a person can possibly have. If you want to discuss this further feel free to visit Darlington United Church. I’d love to discuss this with you. Our services are at 9:30 each Sunday. Rob Merrells Ph 61530364

Darlington Community Recreation Advisory Group Meeting of community and club delegates was held on Monday , 6th November. Following a request to the Shire by Junior cricket for a review of the practice wickets next to the pavilion, the Shire have indicated that they are looking at increasing the side fence closest to the new pavilion as balls currently can be hit out there, and possibly hitting someone. They have also advised that a possible extension of the two wickets further back will be listed for consideration in the capital works programme for 2018/2019. The tennis club are experiencing numerous light failures with the current globe system, but a request to install all LEDs is still too expensive to undertake. Noted that the Shire planting of three trees on an area marked out for the 5th court, will now see them removed appropriately and re-planted elsewhere.

the Government has allocated $25k to the Shire to assist with the upkeep of the BMX mounds, which badly need reetopping. This track is well used and with the new materials available to resurface them it is expected extra life will be obtained. Hopefully some funds may also be available to increase the Skate park facility, making it more ‘younger’ friendly. Local boarding champion, Will Kietly, will be asked for his assistance with these improvements. Finally what a great community effort with the bonfire on Saturday 28th. Our sincere thanks to Trish Cook, Di Parker and Alison Atkinson, whom organised everything---the skate board competition; the bands; the food stalls; the wood art and wood collection by students at Helena College and Treetops Montessori. To the volunteer fire brigade members for light up and extinguishment. Even the weather this time was quite kind to us. Our next meeting is to be held on MONDAY, 6th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm in the new Community pavilion meeting room. Colin James

Through the support of our local member, Mathew Hughes MLA,

Secretary DCRAG


ph 62980836

Darlington Review - February 2018

The Darlington Club Happy New Year everyone. Usage of the hall has been suspended whilst the upgrade is being carried out. We are uncertain how long the work will take, but one thing is certain and that is the Club will have improved facilities for us to enjoy. Whilst this is happening we are planning activities in the park such as barbecue and bocce as well as external activities such as movies and bowling at Glen Forrest Sports Club. We will keep you informed of events via the Club News emails. Best wishes for a great Club year ahead, Susan

Pavilion Stage 1 Official Opening Saturday 3rd February, an initiative of The Darlington Club Commencing 5pm. Speeches at 5.30 and music commencing 6.30pm. Music from local musicians featuring Ben Smeeton, talented Blue Manna and other local artists. Gourmet barbecue and soft drinks available. This is a free event with musicians giving of their valuable time and talents, so please donate generously to the Pavilion Stage 2.

Mundaring Weir Gallery Open 11.30am to 5pm. Fri, Sat, Sun and Public holidays.

Happy New Year to all!!!

by local artists and crafters.

The Gallery is air conditioned for your comfort. Wheelchair accessible.

For a unique gift or just a little something for yourself or your home take a drive to the Gallery, for a handcrafted item, produced

Find us on the corner of Hall Rd and Weir Rd in the Mundaring Weir precinctâ&#x20AC;Śâ&#x20AC;Ś.. opposite the Pub. Arrangements can be made to open other days for social groups and bus tours. Bookings to the Secretary At

This time our photo features a selection of cushions, made by one of our newer members. Dog coats, toys, and embroidered towels. We also have a small Antique and Collectables area which has many varied pieces. Come in now to select from these or many other items on display. If you are an Artist or Crafter and wish to join the Gallery contact the Gallery on the email below or visit the Gallery and speak to one of our volunteers. Please note; to join the Gallery you must be able to roster, as we are all volunteers, and must all share in the running of the Gallery.


Darlington Review - February 2018

Matthew Hughes MLA JP - Member for Kalamunda

foothold onto bigger things?

Much has been written recently on the rise of the entrepreneur. The small business that starts up with a great idea, one that can change how we conduct some aspect of our lives. Some examples of these range from Uber, American-founded the ride sharing service, to Nearmap the mapping and aerial photography portal that grew out of Perth to become a worldwide leader in the provision of visual data on population centres. But what entrepreneurs are there in the Perth hills and how do they get a

A recent hills success story is SpacetoCo, which grew from the idea of a couple of young hills residents who say that wherever there are people, there is a need for space. From their start in 2015, they were named one of the top 10 up and coming companies across Australia in 2017. Their website allows people with spaces, and people needing spaces, to connect. This in turn is a great boon to small businesses or events, seeking locations

or with spaces that they would like to promote and hire. With spaces ranging from verandahs with a great view, to themed dining rooms, SpacetoCo may be the Uber of the location sharing scene. Even as an MLA, this service is useful, and my new pop up office in Mundaring is a space that is listed with SpacetoCo. The Treehouse Business Centre is an initiative of the Mundaring Community Bank, providing space, and office facilities to small businesses in the area. I am happy to say that I will be hanging my shingle there every second Friday from the 16th of February, to be closer to residents in the northern part of the electorate including Darlington, Glen Forrest, Hovea, Mahogany Creek, Mundaring, Parkerville and Stoneville. Please contact my office to make an appointment, and I look forward to meeting up with many of you at the Treehouse. I would also like to thank the many of you who have contacted me with your concerns about the proposed closure of the School of the Air, and I welcome the news that the Government has listened to this feedback and decided not to proceed with this. It is heartening to know that this government is prepared to acknowledge community concerns and take corrective action, and I promise to bring the concerns of this electorate forward at every opportunity.

Garrick Theatre in association with RDO Productions Presents

The Garrick Theatre


wrote for the stage. The Great Fire of London razed the city in 1666 and the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral rose from its ashes. Everywhere was the promise of things to come.



But some matters remained the same. In this pre-industrial age, wealth was entirely in the control of property holders and the means of acquiring it was almost entirely through the marriage contract.

the quintessence of Restoration comedy ... Stage: Western Australia - The Way of The World

Acclaimed director Ray Omodei will make his debut at the Garrick Theatre with one of the greatest plays in the English Directed byCongreve’s RAYMOND OMODEI language, William The Way of the World. It will the fourth time that Omodei, 81, directs this quintessential Restoration comedy of manners full of treachery, trickery, lust, revenge, adultery and jealousy.


The Way of the World’s characters are the idle and titled rich, liberated by the Restoration of the monarchy and charged by its creative exuberance. They live in a new world in which prodigality is the manifestation of generosity. And it’s especially a new world for women.

TheTheScheming, Blackmail century whichThe led toGossip, Congreve’sThe masterpiece, which ... premiered in the theatreThe in Lincoln Fun!Inn’s Fields in London in In a metaphor for the play’s intricate plotting, the first scene March 1700, was a time of immense political, religious and takes place at the gambling table, where fortunes are regularly

social turmoil in England. Puritanism closed the theatres in won and lost. Mirabell, the play’s hero, wants to marry BOOK NOWI was Season starts March 2018civil Millamant, but her aunt, Lady Wishfort opposes the match. And 1642. King Charles beheaded in 1649 and1st a chaotic war and Bookings: republicanism dominated the1990 decadeor that followed so, the intricate scheming begins. Ph. 9378 until the restoration of the monarchy in 1661. www.trybooking.comThe Way of the World runs from March 1-18. Bookings The world rapidly changed. Not only did theatres re-open but, on 9378 1990, or for the first time, women on stage – and See Garrick Theatre noticeappeared inside this edition forwomen more details 40

Darlington Review - February 2018

St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church

cnrDarlington DarlingtonRd Rdand andHillsden HillsdenRd, Rd,Darlington Darlington cnr

New Year’s Eve at St Cuthbert’s

Mainly Music

Easter Services HOLY WEEK Sunday 24 March, 9.00am - Palm Sunday Eucharist with Procession of Palms THE TRIDUUM (THE GREAT THREE DAYS) Thursday 29 March, 7.30pm - Maundy Thursday Eucharist with Foot Washing and Stripping of the Altar Thursday 29 March, 9pm – Friday 30 March 9am Vigil before the Blessed Sacrament Friday 30 March, 9am – Good Friday Liturgy of the Passion Saturday 31 March, 7pm - The Great Vigil of Easter Eucharist with Lighting of the New Fire. Followed by a Champagne Supper. Sunday 1 April, 9am - Easter Day Holy Communion

Taizé Service

Mainly Music finished 2017 in an exciting flurry of Christmas celebrations and rubber duckies. In amongst all the festivities, we were sad to farewell some of our “big kids” who are off to Kindy in 2018 after three years of singing and dancing on Tuesday mornings. If you have a pre-schooler who loves music, instruments and movement AND you are a mum, nan or care-giver who enjoys a chat over a lavish morning tea, then Mainly Music could be just your cup of tea. Come along to the St Cuthbert’s Parish Centre at 9.30 on Tuesday mornings - you’ll probably find some familiar faces. Mainly Music resumes on 13 February 2018


On the first Sunday of every month at St Cuthbert’s, the darkened building is lit by dozens of candles. We sing simple chants, enjoy silence and hear a short reading from the scriptures. The next Taizé-style service happens on Sunday 4 February at 6.30pm

Darlington Review - February 2018

Silver Tree Steiner School

The Silver Tree Journey As is the case in Finland, which routinely tops rankings of global education systems, children at a Steiner School have the benefit of a protected childhood, staying in Kindergarten until age 6 and beginning formal academics only in the year they turn 7. When a child enters Class 1, they meet the teacher they will stay with for the next 6 years. Over the years, the teacher gets to know the child and understands how best to meet him or her in their academic, social and physical growth. It is a beautiful relationship filled with respect and commitment and the teacher becomes an extended member of the family. Each year when the Class 6 children are ready to move on, either to the Steiner High School or locally, all of us at Silver Tree are filled with pride and delight at the well-rounded individuals they have grown into. I would like to share some of the words expressed from the year 6 parents last year to their teacher: “You didn’t just teach (our child), you saw him. You allowed his individuality, held his weakness, encouraged his best and fostered his strengths. Children need to be surrounded by adults who believe in them and that has been your greatest gift to him.” “Thank you for teaching (my child) that school can be safe, fun and wonderous.”

And from a child who moved to Silver Tree part way through Primary School: “Anna is clearly the best teacher I have ever had. I am able to stand up in front of the whole class or school and be Julius Caesar, Odin, Patroclus, Siddhartha, Snow White and Mark Anthony, all because of the confidence she has given me.” We wish all our graduates a wonderful experience into High School and beyond. The photographs accompanying this article are of the welcoming ceremony for Class 1 children and the farewell ceremony for the Class 6 children. At the beginning of Class 1, each child is guided by his or her Kindy teacher through a tunnel of parents, to be introduced to their new teacher and hand him or her a gift of a flower. On the last day of Class 6, the teacher says his/her final goodbye by returning the gift of a flower before the child makes their way through a tunnel of parents, ready for the next leg of their journey. You are welcome to visit our school on of our regular tour days. Please call Hayley on 9295 4787 or e-mail


Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Social Cricket Club Inc “Slips, Stumpings Appeals & Silly Points”

DSCC versus Darlington Junior Football Club (“DJFC” Inaugural win for Skipper)

The Masochist Tim Bates was severely mauled while bowling in the Slater Gartrell match. Not content to suffer the public humiliation at the BBQ, where his atrocious bowling figures were mentioned, he went down to the oval later in the week with a GPS,a laser thingyagig and a theodolite and measured the distance from the pitch to the base of a gum tree alongside the tennis courts. This was where Clancy Pearce hit one of Tim’s deliveries into its upper branches! The distance was 92 metres to the base. Using Euclidean geometry principles it was calculated the ball would have travelled some 120+ metres if it had not collected the tree. This equates to about twenty rows back at the MCG at cow corner.

Under warm, blue, spring skies the DJFC took on the “A” team of DSCC. Tired of bearing the brunt of losing the first THREE matches of the season Matt Ellis called up all his big guns for the match. Matt won the toss and elected to bat. Chris Rickard and Steve Warriner opened for DSCC and were going along nicely until Warriner decided to run Chris out. Warriner followed one run later and DSCC were 2 for 25. Cliff Williams (34) and pinch hitter Craig “Flash” Gordon took the score to 104 before Flash retired for 54 off 10 overs. Stephen Jones came in next under the threat of the Sheppard’s Crook and scratched around for a few overs like an old chook for a very unconvincing one run. Tim Bates produced a lovely picket fence of 6 runs before succumbing.

Bonding with Offspring

Matt Ellis came in and smashed a thumping 55 runs retired and Rob Zardins produced a longer picket fence than Bates of 13.

Recently our esteemed president had some quality bonding time with offspring Hannah. They went shopping in the biggest shopping precinct in Melbourne. The reason for the shop was to buy shoes to match Hannah’s handbag. After six hours and going to every handbag shop they could find, the pair settled on the second handbag they saw that day. Ian commented it was a lovely day.

Cliff Burns tried to run out Graham “GA GA” Eckert for not much. Eckert got his revenge a couple a balls later, running Cliffy out for a miserly 1 run. DSCC survived until the last ball of their 40 over allotment with Al “Al Mal” Mallaby being caught off the last ball. Eckert made a nice little cameo of 29 not out. DSCC made 263.

IT Training

Jude Scrimshaw helped the DSCC cause by plying the DJFC team with an array of filling goodies for afternoon tea.

An esteemed elder statesman of the club has recently taken up computer lessons. He is tutored by two very bright 15 year olds. During one session the elder statesman was told to look for the “square” symbol on his keyboard with four little “squares” inside. After 10 minutes or so the elder statesman gave up and asked for help to locate the “square” symbol. When shown said symbol, an animated debate ensued about the difference between a “square” and a “trapezoid”, a “rhombus” or an “uneven parallelogram”. Further debate followed about Euclidean geometry in general and the need for tutors to be precise in their instructions

When it came to field, the DSCC side was minus a wicketkeeper. The captain forgot to nominate anyone to keep. The opening bowlers of Zardins, Mallaby, Eckert and Burns reduced the top order of DJFC to ruin with the score after 10 overs reading 5 for 35. The batting order for the footy club was decided by each team member selecting a blind number from a hat! Even the old custard pie tosser Jones got amongst the wickets with 2 for 20 off his four overs. Tim Bates overcame his psychological scars inflicted on him a fortnight ago to bowl four tidy overs for 14. Only Paxton’s 68 saved DJFC from complete annihilation. Paxton was final out to a blinding catch by Chris Rickard in the deep. DJFC got to a respectable score of 190 after their 40 overs in their run chase. Old “whatishisname” has done it again Being of the old school, Kevin Gartrell gave the club a cheque (yea cheque, you know one of those paper things) for the Slater Gartrell match fees. Rob Zardins immediately misplaced it. Lots of telephone calls, frantic searching of the kitchen at the grounds and gnashing of teeth. It eventually turned up. Then “Dobber” Zardins had the audacity to tell the committee, while the Treasurer Mark Lucas was not around, that he gave the cheque to Mark and that is how it became lost. A Tiger does not change its spots.



20 Helena College Senior visit day 9.30



DVBB Meeting at Fire Sta-

13 Mainly Music resumes @ St Cuthbert’s KSPWC Literary Dinner 6-9

Boya Library first anniversary—Book Sale etc. 1.304.30

Baby Rhyme Time @ Mundaring Library 10 am

Darlington Ratepayers Meeting 7.30 @ Darlington Dental


12 DAF AGM @ Darlington Dental 7.30—all welcome!

6 Comm Rec Advisory Group Meeting 6 pm @ New Pavilion!

5 Story Time @ Mundaring Library

Soroptimist’s AGM








1 Opening Night @ The Garrick—see ad and notes


15 Helena Junior College visit day 11am





23 KSPWC Open Mic night— 6.30-8

16 Matthew Hughes MLA @ Treehouse Business Centre Mundaring —every second Friday—SEE NOTES

9 New Art Exhibit @ MAC

2 Baby Rhyme Time @ Boya Library 9.30-10.30

February 2018

24 Bridges to Peace @ St Cuthbert’s 3 pm

17 KSPWC workshop 3-5

10 KSPWC workshop 1-4

3 Darlington Pavilion Stage 1 Official Opening





4 Taize Service @ St Cuthbert’s 6.30 pm


Darlington Review - February 2018

Darlington Review February 2018  

The Darlington Review is published monthly by and for the community of Darlington, Western Australia

Darlington Review February 2018  

The Darlington Review is published monthly by and for the community of Darlington, Western Australia