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Challenging stereotypes through



t’s completely home grown,” comments Mariam Majid, referring to her theatre and film company, ‘Wagging Tongues Productions Ltd’ (WTP), created by the husband and wife duo, Mariam and Abid Majid. “We engage professional cast and crew and execute everything else ourselves.” Mariam relives her passion as a trained sculptor through the props and sets she creates with a team of designers. Her home, in a quiet cul-de-sac of Kingston, transforms into a full fledged set and props workshop in the run up to a major production. She is also the writer and director of the Jungly Jadoogar series. The great success of last year’s debut show ‘Jungly Jadoogar’, (Crazy Sorceress), paved the way to two sold out shows this year, ‘Jungly Jadoogar 2 - JJ Spoils the Party’ at Lon-don Olympia and ‘Jungly Jadoogar 3 - Story Time with Dadi’ at Southbank Centre. Dedicated to create performing arts projects that promote their community as a progressive and a contributing factor of British society, WTP is the only production company showcasing children’s theatre plays amalgamating South Asian culture with British. In keeping with the ethos of the company to promote unity through diversity, WTP work in collaboration with other companies and individuals to put together an engaging and entertaining show. The dancing robots of Street Styles 4 Us and ‘Multani Mimes’ by Mime the Gap were a visual spectacle in JJ Spoils the Party. Story Time with Dadi at Southbank centre was an immersive theatre piece that used animation by Nicky Francis and origami inspired puppet design by Louie Whitemore to retell a famous South Asian folktale. Through her writing Majid aims to challenge stereotypes and gender norms, in the Jungly Jadoogar series the swashbuckling Princess Gulfam always helps save the day with the kung fu trained granny ‘Dadi’. “Stories all over the world have the same soul, it is the one place where we all meet. We are at crossroads where boundaries have blurred and while the world is growing smaller, distances are increasing. It has never been more paramount to celebrate diversity. Our times urge us to realise our larger reality as one human family.”



Photography by Asma Salman Saleem

web: twitter: @jungly_jadoogar facebook: @junglyjadoogar

Profile for darling magazine

Darling Magazine Kingston Autumn 2017  

inspiring women in Kingston

Darling Magazine Kingston Autumn 2017  

inspiring women in Kingston