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Spring/Summer 2013 Volume 23, Number 1



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President’s Message Page 2 Look for Darley’s New Ads Page 2 Featured Product - Key Fire Hose Page 2 Darley is “Pumping Out” the LE600 for the USMC Page 3 Injection Packing Reformulated Page 3 Smart Panel Brings Controls to Your Fingertips Page 3 Lockheed Martin First in Line to Purchase the UHP-HV™ System Page 3 Darley Divisions Page 4 Just Ask Engineering Page 5 NZ Deploys Darley Stinger Drones Page 5 Darley Invests in CFD Page 5 From the Office of Peter Darley Page 6 JD Edwards Software Up & Running Page 6 Employee Profile: Mark Baker Page 6 Darley Pump School & CAFS Academy Page 7 A Look at a Next Generation Darley: Charlie Long Page 7 Darley Demander Spotlight Page 7 Monthly Inside Darley Video Series Page 8 Win Up To 20% Off at Page 8 Industry Calendar Page 8

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A Newsletter For Our Customers, Employees & Friends

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Darley Acquires STS - Manufacturer of Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems W.S. Darley & Co. is pleased to announce it has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Self Testing Systems (STS) of Albuquerque, NM. STS is a premier manufacturer of packaged residential fire sprinkler pump systems featuring patent-pending technology with the potential to forever change the residential market. Their marquee system, the STS, offers the only self-calibrating and self-testing system. It makes installation as easy a pushing a button and ownership as easy as looking for the Green Check. The STS Panel shows According to Jeremy Taylor, President of STS, "The acquisition that the system is tested by Darley was very synergistic. Darley has a first-rate and ready to operate. reputation in the fire and emergency markets built upon their decades of emphasis on quality products and long-lasting relationships with their customers. It is a unique, family-held company and being a part of it is an honor. I am confident they will The Standard Darley Residential Fire Sprinkler system is reliable and economical. emerge as a leader in this new market." Paul Darley, CEO of W.S. Darley & Co. feels this addition complements the emerging Darley presence in the residential market. “We recognize the value that fire sprinkler systems add to saving lives. We also see the growth potential of this market as states pass laws mandating residential fire sprinkler systems in new residential construction.” To learn more visit us at CALIBRATED - TESTED - READY

Darley Awarded Major Contract for Lagos, Nigeria W.S. Darley & Co. was recently awarded an equipment and services project for Lagos State in the African country of Nigeria. The contract also includes maintenance and training in firefighting operations for the Fire Service. Darley brings its expertise not only with the supply of these vehicles and equipment, but also with our proficiency and experience in providing specialized equipment, service and training. The first group of 32 fire vehicles and equipment packages are almost ready for shipment. In a recent Ex-Im Bank press release, COO Peter Darley was quoted as saying PolyBilt bodies and tanks and Darley AutoCAFS are featured with “Darley is excited to have the pumpers and aerials as well as fully opportunity to work with the equipped maintenance vehicles. Lagos Nigeria Fire Service on this important contract.” According to Ex-Im Bank Chairman and President Fred P. Hochberg, “This transaction reflects our continued commitment to increasing exports to sub-Saharan Africa while supporting American small-business jobs.” In 2012, Darley sold products into 106 countries around Lagos Fire Service Officers with Darley the globe. training director, Edward Wright.

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From the Office of

PAUL DARLEY Reboot, Reinvent and Recharge By the time you read this article, you’ll probably have at least one new email bounce into your inbox. Regardless of whether you’re a fire chief, warfighter or manager, in this fast-paced world, it’s critical that you step back occasionally and assess your current situation and plan for the road ahead. In short, work on your business, not in your business. At a recent management meeting, we had a great session on strategic planning. We went through the typical steps of reviewing our mission and vision statements, analyzing changes taking place in our markets and company, as well as looking at our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We asked ourselves, “What business are we really in? And where are we headed?” Historically, Darley was solely in the firefighting equipment industry. We realized about 10 years ago that we needed to reinvent ourselves and avoid having all our eggs in the shrinking USA fire service market. Today, we are casting a “wide net” with a variety of new initiatives from special operations equipment and fuel transfer pumps to mini-drones and residential fire sprinklers. Last year, more than 50% of our business came from sales to the Department of Defense and another 25% came from export sales. Pursuing these new markets is exhilarating and has recharged our entire business. We are not forgetting our core markets. Thanks to you, we are also growing our business domestically, as arguably the fastest growing fire pump manufacturer in the USA, and perhaps the world. We take great pride that all our products are still built in America by an incredible workforce that is passionately committed to excellence and customer service. I was recently captivated by a History Channel special called The Men Who Built America. This documentary featured the likes of JP Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Edison and Ford. Each was an incredible entrepreneur with great vision. I was moved by their ability to adapt their strategy based on changes that took place in their respective markets. When faced with market changes that looked to threaten their empires, these industrialists reinvented themselves and came out stronger. At Darley, we are going to continue to reinvent ourselves, but we will remain passionately committed to our loyal customer base, as we seek to grow and find new markets and deliver new innovative products for you. Just wait until you see what’s around the corner…

Paul C. Darley President & Chief Executive Officer


Darley® Times


Look for Darley’s New Ads Darley is releasing a new series of ad campaigns in 2013 that have a bold new look and feel. The ads are based on the campaign… think Darley! According to Marketing Director, Amanda Dombrowski, “With our six Divisions, Darley currently offers so many different products. We wanted to bring one common look to our ads whether we were advertising our pumps, equipment or defense division nationally and internationally.” “While many believe that print advertising is going away, Darley remains a strong advocate of it in our marketing mix, along with a strong web presence, tradeshow attendance and, of course, our catalog and literature,” Amanda Dombrowski, says Amanda.

See Darley’s new ads in publications such as Asia Pacific Fire, Fire Chief and Fire Apparatus.

Marketing Director

FEATURED PRODUCT Darley Partner Spotlight - Key Fire Hose One of Darley’s most successful product lines over the years has been fire hose. Whether it’s Double-Jacket, Rubber Attack, Hi-Rise, LDH, Rack, Forestry or Booster, Darley sells it all. In fact, we ship several hundred miles of hose every year. A longtime partner has been Key Fire Hose which was established in 1988 in Miami, Florida, by Charlie Genthner. Charlie began with 16 used circular weaving looms purchased from Europe. He transformed Key Hose into the world’s largest manufacturer of fire hose and related products. Key specializes in the design and manufacture of hose related to the following industries: Municipal Firefighting, Industrial, Military, Marine, Mining, Agricultural, Irrigation, Forestry, and hydraulic fracturing applications. Darley ships several hundred miles of hose every year and keeps a large supply Key produces hose to meet NFPA, UL, MSHA, in stock for immediate delivery. FM, FDA, and MIL-H-24606 standards. In 2010, Key Hose relocated all manufacturing from Miami, Florida, to Dothan, Alabama. This new facility has more than 250,000 sq. ft. of space for the design and manufacturing of fire hose. A state-of-theart testing facility ensures that all fire hose is manufactured to meet current NFPA and Underwriters Laboratories standards. Darley keeps a huge supply of hose in stock on most models for immediate shipment to our customers. Tom Darley, Vice President of Sales, adds “Due to our volume purchasing, we can offer our customers exceptional value from quality, Key Fire Hose has a state-of-the-art testing facility ensuring hose meets current standards. delivery and price standpoints.” •

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Darley is “Pumping Out” the LE600 for the USMC In 2012 the United States Marine Corps (USMC) awarded Darley an $85.1 million contract to provide over 1500 trailer mounted pumps to protect our troops. Darley delivered the first of those units in January and has planned production to ship 40 trailer mounted pumps per month. Under the 8 units shipping to Aberdeen contract, Darley will deliver the LE600 pump systems to the Proving Ground for testing. USMC over the next five years. In December 2012, a team of USMC personnel visited Darley and were very impressed with our operation and roll-out production plan. According to Jeff Darley, Chief Operating Officer who overseas our Chippewa Falls, Wisonsin operations, “To meet the aggressive delivery requirements of the USMC and not disrupt our deliveries to our OEM customers, the production of these units will be a joint effort between our team in Chippewa Falls and our Ohler team in Janesville, Iowa. We are manufacturing the pump and they are performing final assembly and testing.” To facilitate the order, Darley has invested in another expansion at our plant in Iowa. (Yes, our third expansion in four years for those who are counting). This new 12,000 square foot plant is specifically designed for the The Darley LE600 team shown with USMC personnel LE600 complete with testing and CARC painting during a visit to Chippewa Falls in December 2012. capabilities.

Smart Panel Brings Controls to Your Fingertips Our international customers have been asking us for a “European Style” control panel for complete pump operation and Darley now delivers with our new Smart Panel. The Smart Panel is being provided on the USMC LE600 refueling pumps (above). The Smart Panel features high-resolution controls that can easily be read in sunlight with a Functional Panel Controls Include: WVGA 800 x 480 panel. J1939 connector for easy installation It displays info such as and accurate readings engine data including Acts as pressure regulator or can battery voltage, oil control engine speed pressure, temperature Rotary knob for setting pressure/RPM and RPM, set point, inlet Completely waterproof pressure, pump discharge 7” high-contrast color LCD screen pressure, water tank level, Used on LE600 pumps for USMC temperature and pressure.

The Smart Panel delivers full pump controls in one compact location with an easy-to-read LCD display.

The LE600 features the Smart Panel which provides complete pump and engine controls and diagnostics, and is J1939 compatible.

Injection Packing Reformulated for Better Performance

Darley is introducing a new white packing material that performs even better than the previous material and which can be added and mixed with the previous material so there is no need for a customer to blow out their old packing. Optional injection packing within a packing gland can minimize friction, heat generation, and apparatus down-time and can be adjusted in minutes. Material is a plastallic composite.

foam tank level, and air compressor

Lockheed Martin First in Line to Purchase Freedom Fire Equipment recently sold a Darley the UHP-HV™ System UHP-HV™ (Ultra High Pressure-High Volume) system mounted in the back of a Kubota 1100 to Lockheed Martin. Jim Hester of Freedom Fire stated, “Lockheed was in need of a unique vehicle and a compact pump system with foam and dual flow capability that could fit within the confines of a small vehicle for their underground tunnel system. Darley’s UHP-HV™ was the perfect answer for their extinguishment needs and the department is thrilled with the knock-down capability.”

Lockheed Martin recently placed a UHP-HV™ into service on a Freedom Fire Equipment UTV.

1-800-4DARLEY • 1-800-323-0244

UHP-HV™ PERFORMANCE 8 gpm (30 L/M) @ 1200 psi (82.7 bar) 100 gpm (378 L/M) @ 170 psi (11.7 bar) 50 gpm (189 L/M) @ 250 psi (17.2 bar)

The UHP-HV™ extinguished this fire in seconds and still had plenty of water supply left over on the vehicle.

Darley® Times


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Page 4

Odin Weapon Leads the Way


The Odin Weapon model is perhaps the most evolved and tested small CAF system in the market today. Since its early development in 1997, it has been the premier Odin product. It is an NFPA rated pump at 250 gpm. The Weapon is configured as a rear mount to slide in a quick attack service body The Odin Weapon or also available in a cross is an NFPA rated mount version called the pump at 250 gpm Odin Cobra. These systems available in rear have been sent to work in (shown above) and cross mount (right.) some of the most arduous fire incidents in the country. Odin offers many other CAFS systems to match your fire situation and budget. Please stop by the Darley booth #1811 at FDIC for more Odin Foam is a division of Darley information on the Weapon acquired in 1997. and other CAF systems.

New Badger™ Series Fire Rescue Truck Bodies Built to Last The new Badger™ series truck body by PolyBilt offers a tough and durable truck body for urban interface and wildland applications. Made from rugged Polyprene, the Badger™ series truck body is built to last and provides a long lasting, trouble-free service life. The Badger™, like all PolyBilt products, resists rust and corrosion as well as dents and dings; yet the Badger™ is lightweight and has many attractive features like a transverse compartment, adjustable shelving and full depth compartments. The Badger™ also features an integrated water and foam tank with custom gallon designs and a voluminous pump platform for easy pump and hose reel configurations. Available with an optional Darley pump, the PolyBilt Badger™ is a turnkey package system for quick and easy installation and an instant complement to a department fleet. Be sure to visit PolyBilt at booth #1733.

PolyBilt® is an LLC owned by Darley® & ProPoly of America.



Air Compressor Simultaneous Flow (NFPA) Simultaneous Flow Engine Horsepower

250 gpm @ 150 psi 175 gpm @ 200 psi 150 gpm @ 250 psi 130 cfm @ 125 psi 200 gpm & 100 cfm @ 125 psi 220 gpm & 125cfm @ 100 psi 73 hp @ 2500 rpm



Darley Fast Attack Skid Units Ohler Pumps offers several “Fast Attack” skid units designed for easy operation along with high quality and performance at a reasonable price to assist you and your community with your firefighting needs. The Fast Attack 1 offers a 13 HP Davey pump with a 200 gallon poly water tank (NFPA approved), a low profile electric booster reel with 100’ of 1” booster hose (tank upgrade and other options are available.) The Fast Attack 2 offers either a 1.5AGE 18 Vanguard (high pressure, medium volume) pump or the 2BE 18 Vanguard (high volume, medium pressure) pump. It also features a 200 gallon poly water tank (NFPA approved) and a low profile electric booster reel with 100’ of 1” booster hose. Several options are available for all our units such as the Darley “ATP Foam Flurry” around the pump foam proportioner or the Darley “Fast Foam 50” foam proportioner. We also offer upgrades to larger tanks, nozzle packages and additional discharges if needed. Please contact us at 800-323-0244 or email us at

The lightweight Polybilt Badger™ can solve space issues with adjustable shelving and large compartments.


Darley Defense Tops $70 Million DARLEY DEFENSE

Water Pump Water Pump Performance

After a successful year with our Defense Division surpassing $70 million in sales, through building a strong team, strengthening our vendor relationships, and customer interaction, we are poised to make significant strides in the defense landscape The Darley Defense team at the Shot Show with this year, despite Rorke Denver, star of the movie “Act of Valor” proposed budget cuts. and author of “Damn Few.” One of the ways that we are planning on doing this is through the detailed planning and execution of our Darley Defense Days (DDD). These are Darley team run tradeshows where our staff works closely with users across the Department of Defense to put on a private viewing of the latest gear and equipment. These shows are typically timed about six to nine months out from a unit’s departure and involve 20-30 hand selected vendors. This year we have eight DDDs planned. If you would like to be part of a show either as a vendor or a supplier, please contact us for more details. We look forward to seeing you 2013 DARLEY DEFENSE DAYS at a show soon.


Ohler Pumps is a division of Darley® acquired in 2007.


Several options are available including Darley’s own foam systems such as the “ATP (Around The Pump) Foam Flurry” and “Fast Foam” proportioners.

Darley® Times

Darley Defense is a division of Darley® started in 2008.

March 20 - 21: May 15 - 16: May 17: June 13 - 14: June 17 - 21: July 15 - 18:

Ft. Bragg, NC Ft. Carson, CO Camp Pendleton, CA Virginia Beach, VA Darley Sales Training, Itasca, IL Eglin Air Force Base, FL

Check back for more Darley Defense Days continually added throughout the year. •

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Page 5

JUST ASK ENGINEERING Question? What are the capabilities of your new ZS series pump? Asked by: Bob Clark, MetalCraft Marine Michael C. Ruthy, VP Engineering


Our ZS development has been astounding and impressive, and it continues. Never before has Darley been able to offer a pump with such capacity. While the regular North American fire departments may never see a need for so large a pump, our overseas markets, and especially those in petrochemical applications, are very interested, as is the marine market. We worked closely with our manufacturing team to design the very largest pump we could machine, and we almost missed the mark. We ended up having to modify our largest machining center so the tools could pass through the door. I’m told we can’t go even one quarter-inch larger. For this design, we followed sound pump engineering principles, like designing it with a double cutwater to virtually eliminate radial load on the impeller. This provides for longer bearing life and less shaft deflection. To minimize vane pass vibration, the impeller is designed with an odd number of vanes, in this case, five. That means no two vanes are passing a cutwater at the same time. While the many different iterations of this pump, from PTO and midship drives, to engine drives and beyond, have taken

New Zealand Deploys Darley Stinger Drones

longer than expected to develop, the results have been simply phenomenal. We’ve achieved flows in excess of 2000 gpm through a single six inch hose. With two six inch hoses, we can exceed 2750 gpm. With three six inch hoses we’ve exceeded 3000 gpm. With four six inch hoses, we’ve exceeded 3500 gpm. Further testing is expected shortly. We’ve also done testing with 8” hose, but frankly can’t recommend it because Darley’s new ZS pump flows it is difficult to work with. We have over 3500 GPM @ 100 PSI plumbing recommendations for those from draft. An automatic primer is incorporated for builders looking to put together their our international customers. own monster pumper. We have confirmations from our customers and third party/ government test facilities that these figures are achievable. If you have a customer with big-capacity water needs, talk to us. I’ve been in the fire industry for over 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. We are ready to provide your solution. Darley recently

Darley Invests in CFD

invested in a Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) program. The ability to explore and analyze cavitation conditions for different impeller designs electronically will radically change our business to be able to better serve our customers. It’s just another way that Darley is leveraging technology to provide the best solutions to your challenges. Our CFD research to date has suggested improvements in even our most advanced impeller designs. The future looks very bright.

Back in 1968, the Chicago office of W.S. Darley received an inquiry from New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) inquiring if they could supply a pump with a particular dual pressure capability. Darley provided the model SH1250 soon after and has been the major provider of pumps to the New Zealand Fire Service for almost 50 years. The NZFS is a nationwide organization with a fleet of over 800 firefighting vehicles, 1,400 career firefighters and 8,000 volunteers. The majority of New Zealand Fire Service pumpers use Darley pumps from the HM 2,000 l/m to major aerial appliances using the PSM 5,750 l/m. Darley has produced custom versions of our pumps to suit NZFS vehicle requirements as well as The Darley Stinger is ideal for custom gearboxes and training aids. all first response applications. The latest NZFS purchase is the Darley Stinger, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This is no hobbyist UAV as the Stinger is capable of incident observation, aerial mapping using video and infra-red. The Stinger can also be equipped for biological and chemical detection. The NZFS Stinger unit was commissioned in Christchurch, the South Island city whose central business district was recently devastated by an earthquake and is now under major reconstruction. Mike Mocerino of Darley conducted training for the NZFS in March 2013. NZ Fire Service National Commander Paul Baxter recently The Darley Stinger UAV includes a high visited W.S. Darley & Co. headquarters on an international definition camera with recording capabilities. fact-finding trip. He commented, “Darley has been a real partner to the NZFS for years. They have always been responsive to our needs. The Darley Stinger will assist us greatly in our disaster recovery, search and rescue and firefighting response in the future.” Since 1996, Darley’s representative in New Zealand has been Kevin O’Sullivan, who retired from the NZFS in 1995. Kevin has worked for Darley both in NZ and around the world as a Technical Specialist. Kevin is planning to retire in Kevin O’Sullivan will retire this year after 56 the next twelve months and will then have completed a total of fifty-six years working with Darley and for the NZ Fire years in the fire service. Service. Kevin, thank you for all your contributions to Darley and the world’s fire services. 1-800-4DARLEY • 1-800-323-0244

Darley® Times


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From the Office of

Peter Darley The Disruptor At a recent joint FAMA/ FEMSA meeting, I was asked to be part of a panel to discuss the importance of enhancing innovation in the fire service. It was a diverse panel and a lot of good thoughts were expressed on how companies can innovate. Innovation has many faces and it can be more than just how to make a product better, less expensive or more unique. Our company founder – William S. Darley was an innovator. He designed and sold new products, using new technology but he also was very innovative with how he sold his inventions and how he approached the market. Back in the day, most firetrucks in the marketplace were built on very customized chassis and often even the engines were built by the firetruck manufacturer. W.S. introduced the concept that fire departments should consider using a Ford Model T commercial chassis and he offered a complete firetruck for less than $700.00. Disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. The term is used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically first by designing for a different set of consumers in the new market and later by lowering prices in the existing market. Disruptive innovation wasn’t a term used back then but that is what W.S. accomplished. He was driven to help solve problems and was driven in wanting to provide more choice for customers in the market. A lot of this entrepreneurial spirit is still rooted in our company’s culture today and we are still working hard to solve problems, offer game-changing technology and to provide customers with a wide range of quality products and options. Darley – Customer Driven In 1926, you could buy a Darley fire truck for $690. since 1908.


Darley® Times

JD Edwards ERP Software Up and Running In late 2010, Darley made the decision to purchase JD Edwards software across all Darley Divisions in an effort to improve our divisional communication, become more efficient and improve our service to our customers. The integration went smoothly and we came in under budget and ahead of schedule...just kidding. While we are still working out some bugs, we are up and running. According to IT Director, John Long, “The capabilities of this system are amazing and it will help us to better serve our customers. I applaud our team for all their hard work in this implementation. Change is never easy, but our team all pitched in to help to make this possible.”

Darley’s new Enterprise Research Planning (ERP) System is scalable for our anticipated growth.

EMPLOYEE PROFILE Mark Baker is nearing his first year anniversary with W. S. Darley & Co. as General Manager of our pump division in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. “It’s been a great first year,” Mark said recently. “What a wonderful company and a great group of people to work with. It’s easy to understand why Darley has so many employees who’ve been on board for 25, 30 or even 35 years.” Mark came to Darley after retiring from the newspaper industry in 2011. At the end of that career, he was group publisher of daily and weekly newspapers, shoppers, magazines, web sites and a commercial printing operation in the three-county region known as the Chippewa Valley. “It was a dynamic industry to work in,” said Mark. “Every day, we had to produce products on deadline for a wide variety of customers. It taught me to think on my feet, produce solid plans for action, and depend on other team members to reach our goals. “That’s why working at Darley is so rewarding. We’re doing the very same thing here. We strive to meet our customers’ needs while developing plans on how we can improve what we do in the future.” Mark’s first day on the job last March coincided with the kickoff of installing JD Edwards ERP system in Chippewa Falls. “The Darley and Long families have made a huge commitment by choosing JDE for its ERP system,” said Mark. “This tool will eventually help every division do a better job of planning, forecasting and serving our customers. It will take time before we are fluent in JDE, but we get better and better every day.” Another project he found himself involved in was the LE600 pump. “Doug Seitz led the design work, but I got to work with the engineering staff and Darley management putting together the proposal to the U.S. Marine Corps. Although my knowledge base was minimal, it was fantastic working with so many enthusiastic engineers and sales staff on our comprehensive bid.” One of the first things he noticed in coming on board at Darley is the commitment to customer service and quality, said Mark. “Darley employees take a great deal of pride not only in what they do, but in serving our customers. Customers come first. And customers expect – and get – our very best.” Mark and his wife, Kay, have four grown children. A daughter, Molly, is a news producer at NBC-TV in Atlanta. A son, Joe, is currently in his first year of major seminary at the Pontifical College of North America in Rome. Two other sons, Rob and Patrick, live and work in the Chippewa Valley. In his free time, Mark enjoys boating, fishing, golfing, biking, photography, traveling and playing guitar (the Beatles are his favorite group). And his favorite saying, which he shares with his colleagues at Darley? “Full speed ahead.” •

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Page 7

PUMP SCHOOL & CAFS ACADEMY PUMP SCHOOL Darley provides a comprehensive class that covers everything from pump theory to handson maintenance and repair of Darley pumps and accessories. Pump School is absolutely free. Students only pay for transportation, room and meals. All OEM and Service Centers are encouraged to attend at least every five years. Classes are held the first full week of May and October each year. Call Elesha Schimmel at 800-634-7812 for more details or to sign-up.

CAFS ACADEMY The annual Darley CAFS Academy is a great way to learn how to maintain, service and operate your CAFS. Cost is free to all pump school attendees or only $75 for the 2-day school, $50 for a 1-day pass. Contact Troy Carothers at for more details or to sign-up. May 6 - 8 May 9 - 10 Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Darley Pump School Darley CAFS Academy Darley Pump School

DARLEY DEMANDER SPOTLIGHT Western Taney County Fire District - Branson, MO Operating out of 12 stations, the Western Taney Fire Department is an advocate for both Darley pumps and now Darley AutoCAFS compressed air foam systems. Chief Chris Berndt says that their fire department has been using the Darley PSP pump since 1996 and has 18 Darley’s in their fleet with 2 more on order. Chief Berndt says, ”We wanted a pump we can have a good capacity stationary pumping which also can pump and roll. The cost and weight This Rosenbauer Pumper equipped with savings were just an extra plus. To go to the Darley AutoCAFS is the most recent Darley PSD is a no brainer. pump in the fleet. There are fewer moving parts and less weight and cost. This also allowed us to go to 1,500 gpm capacity, again another plus.” The Western Taney County Fire District recently took delivery of this 2012 Rosenbauer with a Darley PSD 1500 gpm fire pump and a PTO driven 200 cfm compressed air foam system. They are also anxiously awaiting the delivery CAFS from a deck gun provides of their new Odin Mongoose diesel CAFS unit that they are incredible knock down power. building onto a brush rig.

Kern County Fire Department - Bakersfield, CA October 2012 Pump School graduates.


Charlie Long My name is Charlie Long. I am a great-grandson of W.S. Darley and the son of Michael and Tina Long. I am 18 years old and a Senior at Montini Catholic High School in Lombard, Illinois. I have played football for the past four years, and our team has won four straight State Championships. I also play baseball and am a member of the math team, the yearbook club, and the National Honors Society. I am on pace to become the class valedictorian when I graduate this May. I am undecided on which college I will attend, and I don’t know what I will major in during college. I do, however, know that I will strongly consider working for the Darley Company once my education is complete and after I have a chance to get some work experience elsewhere. I am very proud to be part of a family that runs a very successful, ethical, and diverse company. I am certain that the fourth generation will follow in the footsteps of our predecessors and continue to develop the family business. I am very proud to be included in this newsletter! There are currently 33 fourth-generation Darley family members who are descendants of William S. Darley.

1-800-4DARLEY • 1-800-323-0244

Kern County Fire Department in California is a long-time Darley Pump customer – in fact for more than 50 years. Darley pumps can be found throughout their fleet with over 60 pumps currently in service – from Type 3 wildland engines and patrol vehicles to water tenders. (Those are tankers for our East Coast customers.) Michael W. Cody, Deputy Fire Chief, says, “Our relationship with Darley is just that, a relationship. Having the ability to speak with the President of the company directly and discuss any issues is a huge bonus as we can sometimes struggle with customer service issues from other vendors. You just cannot put a price or value on Kern County’s fleet includes over a relationship with a business associate - or 60 Darley pumps. friend as I would call it.” Kern County is hoping to increase the Darley presence with a future purchase of additional pumper fire apparatus very soon.

Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department - LA Thibodaux VFD is one of the largest all volunteer Fire Departments in the country. They’ve been using Darley pumps since the 1940s and today almost their entire fleet is Darley. They were named Louisiana Fire Department of the year by the State Fire Marshall’s office! According to Asst. Chief Robert Riviere, whose family has served on the department since the 1940s, “The Darley brand has served our department very well over these 70 years. Darley has always stood behind its product. The ability to talk to anyone in the company, from top to bottom, makes that relationship all the more valuable. The pumps are easy to use and easy to maintain, from the discharge check valve to the injector packing.” That is part of the reason that they are currently writing new pumper specifications - with the Darley LDM pump. Robert’s father, Clarence, was a Darley sales representative from 1950-1990. During that time he sold over 300 Darley fire trucks in the state of Louisiana.

Thibodaux VFD has relied on Darley Pumps for over 70 years.

Darley® Times


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Are You Receiving the Monthly UP Inside Darley Video Series? SIGN HERE! Inside Darley is a monthly video blasted out to our customer base of over 25,000 subscribed loyal “Darley Demanders.” It contains the latest industry news and information that you can use in your business, fire department or military command. It’s also posted on fire industry websites, YouTube and is easily found each time you visit, with over 20,000 monthly viewers. Be sure to download information that you can use to be a better manager, more informed fire chief or company representative. If you’re not currently receiving Inside Darley, please take a moment to register.

Have You Received the Latest Darley Fire Equipment and Defense Catalog? Request Your Copy Today: Online at and Call 1.800.4.DARLEY Email Scan the QR code below with your smartphone SCAN THIS QR CODE TO REQUEST A CATALOG

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2013 Major Trade Shows April 5 - 12

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May 14 - 16


Tampa, FL

May 17 - 19

PA Fire Expo

Harrisburg, PA La Malbaie, QC

May 18 - 21

Quebec Fire Chiefs Convention

May 21 - 22

Aid & International Development Forum Washington D.C.

May 21 - 24

Integrated Safety & Security

Moscow, Russia

May 26 - 29

Alberta Fire Chiefs Conf. & Tradeshow

Red Deer, AB

June 5 - 7


Shanghai, China

June 10 - 12

NFPA Conference & Expo

Chicago, IL

June 13 - 15

NY Fire Chiefs 2013

Verona, NY

June 19 - 21

IL Assoc. of Fire Protection Districts

Springfield, IL

July 25 - 27

Firehouse Expo

Baltimore, MD

Aug. 16 - 17

Fire Rescue International

Chicago, IL

Sept. 2 - 5


Melbourne, Australia

Oct. 21 - 23


Washington D.C.

* This is a partial list of trade shows. Darley will exhibit at over 85 trade shows this year.

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Darley Times Spring Summer 2013  

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