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2 Cultural Diary

During the month of February one thousand copies of the new movie by visual artist Honoré d’O will be distributed to the inhabitants, European employees and visitors of international cultural institutions in the European Quarter. Babel is a poetic interpretation of the European quarter in Brussels, and part of the poetic city project Vers Brussels initiated by the literary organisation Het beschrijf. In June 2008 Belgian artist Honoré d’O and German poet Ulf Stolterfoht visited the European zone in Brussels. Gigantic, cold office buildings and busy thoroughfares bordered picturesque streets surrounding squares. In the Leopold Park, where a zoo was once situated, Eurocrats were speaking all languages together at once. Ulf Stolt-

Vers Brussels – poetry in the city “Vers Brussels, poetry in the city” is an initiative of the literary organization Het beschrijf, which is based in the international house of literature,

erfoht wrote the poem babel based on his impressions of this particular part of Brussels. Honoré d’O had this German poem translated into the 22 other official languages of the EU during a Babylonian translation workshop. Volunteer translators, who in their daily practice are active within the biotope of the European institutions, ventured into an unrestrained poetic translation. Each of them, in their own language, looked for the words that would best convey the rhythm and tone of Stolterfoht’s poem. All of these versions now form the soundtrack of a unique film that seems to have brought the former Brussels zoo back to life again. In-between are to be heard the typical sounds of our common social living sphere: that is how universal babel is.

Passa Porta. Over the past years, 12 poets from as many different linguistic areas have visited Brussels. For a full week they immersed themselves in the daily lives of a single district, and processed their impressions in the form of a poem. In dialogue with their poetry, 12 Belgian visual artists create new artworks for Brussels. This generates a

poeticmovie1©honoré d’O


a poetic movie about the european quarter

trail through the city, with 12 new works that join together poetry and visual art.

U More information can be found on www. (Dutch) or (French).

A l’agenda

La légende de la déesse Hathor

“Sixties, Les couleurs d’une libération”

Maintenant à Bruxelles!

Une exposition au musée de la Mode et de la Dentelle de Bruxelles qui aborde la mode occidentale dans les années 60. L’occasion de prendre la mesure de ce que cette décennie a signifié en termes de liberté pour la femme. Songe d’une nuit d’Egypte Affiche FR

U Sixties, Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle, 12, rue de la Violette, à 1000 Bruxelles. Jusqu’au 31 décembre prochain.

Le concerto de Schumann Le concerto de Schumann ne quitte jamais Hélène Grimaud. Après l’avoir interprété encore récemment avec la Staatskapelle Dresden (au disque comme au concert), elle s’associe cette fois au Brussels Philharmonic pour un moment de pure évasion.

helengrimaud© Mat Hennek

U Samedi 20.03.2010 à 20h au Palais des Beaux-Arts / Salle Henry Le Bœuf.

rue du Rouleau 29 boîte 12 BE-1000 Bruxelles T. 02 203 59 91

La légende de la déesse Hathor permet à Béatrice Grognard et à ses danseuses de se plonger pleinement dans l’éblouissante richesse artistique et intellectuelle de l’Egypte pharaonique. Grâce aux extraits musicaux issus des multiples répertoires égyptiens, « Songe d’une nuit d’Egypte » a magnifie une esthétique millénaire à travers la création contemporaine entreprises par Béatrice Grognard.

U « Songe d’une nuit d’Egypte », spectacle de danse théâtrale d’Egypte par Béatrice Grognard et la Tarab. Les 16 et 17 mars à 20h30 à Wolubilis, 251, avenue Paul Hymans – 1200 Woluwe-St-Lambert. Rés. : 02 761 60 30.

Galleries Contemporary Art | Exhibition

Dark Travel

The latino avant-garde

U 6.03.10. Thierry Mortiaux Barbarian Travel Le Salon d’art - Rue de l’Hôtel des Monnaies, 81 1060 Brussels T/ 02 537 65 40 Tuesday to Friday 2 to 6:30pm, Saturday 9:30am to 12 noon and 2 to 6pm Free entrance

U 25.04.10 El Cubismo, Cubism and its context Musée d’Ixelles - 71, rue Jean van Volsem - 1050 Brussels T/ 02 515 64 21 - Thursday to Sunday 11:30am - 5pm Free entrance Madrid’s Fundacion Telefonica gathered an impressive collection of cubist paintings by European and Latin American artists. The exhibition is defined about three main themes: a new definition of cubism (1916-1925), Juan Gris - Cubism and modernism in Latin America and, geographies of modernity. Each themes proposes a reflection on cubism. The collection shows Juan Gris influence and emphasizes cubism’s con- André Lhote, Nature morte au pot rouge, 1917. Huile sur tribution into the development of new trends in modern art. toile. © Fundación Telefónica. An original and rare opportunity to see works made between 1907 and 1924 by Juan Gris, Louis Marcoussis, Albert Gleizes, André Lhote among others who where influenced by Cezanne’s theories and by Tribal arts. Portraits, still life, landscapes, if some of these works get close to quasi-abstraction others give new shapes to daily objects. The vision of a world seen from different angles at once. A blissful discovery of quality works made by famous or lesser known artists, gratuitously offered to the public by Fundacion Telefonica. M.S

Gallery | Exhibition

Meditation U 3.04.10 Spirits - Patricia Kinard - William Sweetlove Artiscope - 35, Bd Saint Michel - 1040 Brussels T/02 735 52 12 - Tuesday - Friday 2 - 6pm or by appointment Free entrance

Patricia Kinard, La Grotte Bleu, 2009, technique mixte sur toile, 50x50 cm. Courtesy Alain Speltdoorn


Artiscope gallery exhibits two artits’s works diametrically opposed in style who perfectly complement one another. Kinard takes us in her colorful world, her chromatics are made of refined shades that remind Japanese style landscapes. Her tranquil space, evoking mountain, valley, lake, sky or mist, is suddenly disturbed by ghosts coming out of the blue. Young girls or boys in 30‘s style appear in levitation and draw a poetic and mysterious feeling ... By contrast, Sweetloves’ animal gang lead us to another world. Paying attention to the current issue about recycling and a presumed end of our world, his fossilized and cloned plastic beasts alter our vision of the planet. Sweetlove defies the visitor with his non sense and peculiar sense of humour... enough to turn spirits upside down!

U 27.03.10 Frida Kahlo - Diego Rivera - Le voyage Mexicain Galerie Didier Devillez - 53, rue Emmanuel Van Driessche - 1050 Brussels T/02 215 82 05 - Thursday to Saturday 2 - 6:30pm or by appointment French photographer Gisele Freund (born in Germany 1908-2000) was famous for her documentary photographs and portraits of writers and artists. Freund dislikes self-conscious middle-class portrait revealing social class and self satisfaction. In order to disclose the individual real personality, she creates an atmosphere. Freund usually goes to the people place where the person feel more at ease rather than in her studio. She engages a topic allowing the writer or the artist to forget about himself and get his attention focus on the meeting’s quality. The exhibition gathers more than 30 pictures of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and important Mexican artists who contributed to the cultural revolution. Fascinating portraits showing strong personalities, their charisma and reflecting also the Mexican atmosphere. M.S. Frida Kahlo et ses chiens, Mexico City, 1948. Ph. n&b, 37 x 35 cm — r° : signature, timbre sec / v° : cachet


William Sweetlove, 2 White Elephants, 2010, print sur toile, 110x80 cm. Courtesy Artist

This is the first solo exhibition for Belgian Thierry Mortiaux (born 1973), a multicultural and multilingual artist (he also speaks Russian and Mandarin). Giving up cartoons for engravings, he has discovered a new world. Mortiaux’s drawings (created by using a feather and brush), have a definite influence on his engravings. Pouring zinc varnish, acquatintes and bitings on the plates, he creates interesting contrasts and paradoxes. Playwright at heart, his subjects are dedicated to the flesh, wrapped up with sarcastic humour and witty titles. Mortiaux’s photographic memory witnesses different imaginary scenes from Russia, China and other places. His work is of high quality and very promising! M.S

Sea Variations U 27.02.10. Philippe Carpentier - Paintings Galerie Fred Lanzenberg Avenue des Klauwaerts, 9 – 1050 Brussels T/02 647 30 15 Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 12:30pm – 2 to 7pm Free entrance Frenchman Philippe Carpentier (born 1942) has a fascination for the sea. His passion goes back to the memories of his childhood (he was born nearby the sea side), and also during his military service, which he carried out in the Navy. Carpentier paints the sea and the sky in infinite variations and quite often in an almost abstract way. A man from the north, his colours range from monochrome green, grey or blue. The work on wood and paper has been done with watercolour, tempera, Indian ink, arabic gum. “Just water,” says Carpentier. “I hate acrylic, because I only like blending transparencies.” As a result, his work is sharp, direct, instinctive and peaceful. Stripped to the bear essentials, quiet and uplifting, the movement is elegant and sometimes evokes Japanese calligraphy. Whether you love the sea or not, stroll along and let yourself float into the open sea... M.S.


People Diary 4 Cultural

The Man Behind The Chair g Blue-blooded Bruno is a big, bold, bear-like creature, believing that Brussels is the best place to be above Paris, who could have one begging for a hug as soon as one saw him, were he not so forthcoming himself. His world -famous, colourful furniture creations may well have already brightened up your Ikea coffee tables on the front covers of Elle Decoration, or House & Garden? Non? Then, dash out and grab one of his chaiselongues at his inclusive Brussels showroom, to put life into your dinner parties, to impress your guests and give them something to talk about, while they mull over Martinis and scoff your canapés! There is no escaping family ties for some people and history is always in the making, but Bruno de Caumont-Chandoisel goes to great lengths, “I’m close to my ancestors because I was brought up to respect their commitment to others, with a sense of duty with which they applied to serve their country.” His aristocratic roots from his French father date back to the 15th century, placing most of us, comparatively, as mere peasants in the pecking order. Also up there with the high-flyers was his ancestor, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, architect of Paris’s Place de la Concorde, where most of us have will have visited at least once in our lives. Then there is Bruno’s mother who grew up as a French “outsider”, born and raised in Algeria – a so-called “pied noir”, with her feet firmly stamped in history too,“My mother’s great grandfather took part in the conquest of Algeria (1830-1847), alongside the Duke of Aumale, son of King LouisPhilippe, and her father, who’s nearly 99 years old (and still writing a book!), was right-hand man to the last Governor of Algeria, right up until 1964.”

All that said though, his personal goal, to design our interiors aesthetically was not handed to him on a plate, “It was a bit rough in the beginning, as I had no money and it took some months to build my portfolio, which I presented to Maison & Objet about a year later: one prototype, plus lots of models and reproductions, but with no success, not even a single request!” Since then he has leapt into the Top 50 of the Future of Design list, according to the 100 year-old House & Garden magazine, which, Bruno jests, has since been discontinued, “Could this be because of me?!” He hints that the best is yet to come and that he has more exciting designs hidden away until the time is right to revolutionise the lounge scene again. While Belgian furniture manufacturer, Massant, eventually brought him back to Europe to settle, after Eastern travels to Saigon in search of the perfect polished finish to his work, his greatgrandfather, Henry Schneider, a household name in business, had got his foot in the door before him, “When Massant eventually made me an offer to produce 18 pieces of my work, I was amazed… it seemed like an obvious choice too, as my grandmother lives here. Returning to Paris after 8 months

johanna de Tessières

Even the Belgian Francophones speaka da lingo due to a Bruno-ancestor who drafted the Ordinance of Villers Cotterêts that imposed French as the dominant Oïl language in the main northern Roman Gaul territories in 1539.

of travels, I found myself thinking Parisians are crazy people, which actually scared me because I’d previously lived there for 30 years! It was easy to convince my grandmother that it was a good idea too, as maintaining a big house is not that easy for an old person on her own!” Then, Bergdorf Goodman offered to present his collection in their department store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, as launched by Elle Decor, and the rest is history... He likes Brussels’ cultural mix, “The people I meet; the ancient and more recent architecture; the rhythm of the city; and its buildings, especially the great Art Deco ones. There’s also the possibility of still discovering exceptional houses from the inside and out - I always expect to discover hidden treasures in Brussels, whereas in Paris, everything is already known, used, exploited.” And the locals? “A warm welcome still exists here in Brussels, which, regrettably, has certainly disap-

For a free-thinking writer, email me:

peared in France. Here, people take time to live, much more than in many countries. It is very pleasant to see that there are still people who try to protect family life rather than making money at any cost!”

SALLY PIDGEON U Give up your shopping days battling over Swedish meatballs! Go and kiss cheeks, or shake hands with the self-employed man himself at D.A.M. Spazio, 13 rue Leon Lepage, 1000 Bruxelles (0478 281 902) and visit:

Chaque mois retrouvez les Européens de Sally Pidgeon qui nous parlent de leur vie, de leur passion et de leur ville. Envie de témoigner ? Ecrivez nous à

Euro Culture 5 Wanted: volunteer interpreters for 112 call centre

Exhibitions The Istanbul Centre in Brussels (ICiB) is organising an exhibition entitled ‘7 Architectures from 7 Hills’ with the European Capital of Cultural Agency Istanbul2010 and the World Architecture Community (WAC).

The Brussels Fire Brigade is looking for volunteer interpreters to test the Brussels region’s multilingual 112/100 call centre as part of a threemonth pilot project. 112 is an EU-wide emergency number but the difficulty is that those currently in the call centre do not speak languages other than French or Dutch. That can clearly present a problem when, for example, members of your family and friends visiting Brussels do not speak those languages. Volunteer interpreters are needed to be available 24h/24 via their mobile telephones during an on-duty period of several days each time. The volunteers will interpret from any one of the following languages (the first ones listed being the most impor-

The exhibition runs until March 21 and is part of Istanbul’s European Capital of Culture programme.

U Website: tant): Portuguese, Polish (and other Slavonic languages) Italian, German, Spanish, English, Arabic (Moroccan) and Turkish. Greek, Finnish, Swedish and Russian are needed too but are lower priority given the number of calls.

U If you want to volunteer, email: More information can be seen on the R&D site

Music The Italian institute of culture is hosting a piano concert by Gianluca Angelillo featuring music by Beethoven and Mendelsshon.

U Istituto Italiano di Cultura, rue de Livourne 38, 1000 Bruxelles . 4 March at 7pm. Reply by 1 March by calling 02 533 2720 or emailing



1620 DROGENBOS #8T#7. +.510.##0HHE Ï.NFfGGGNFGE

Hülsta, Rolf Benz, Carré, Leolux, Auping, Skovby, Gwinner, Now by Hülsta ...

Euro Culture Diary 6 Cultural

Competition The Alliance Française is running competitions for nonFrancophone adults learning French and for non-Francophone future French teachers. The competition is called ‘Les 10 mots de la francophonie 2010: « Dis-moi dix mots, dans tous les sens  ». To enter, you need to make up and record a song (rap music or ‘slam’ poetry [in which poets are given marks by a jury as they go head to head] using at least five of the ten following words:

Baladeur Cheval de Troie Crescendo Escagasser Galère Mentor Mobile Remue-méninges Variante Zapper The audio or video recordings have to be sent in by 30 April 2010. Prizes on offer include lessons at the Alliance Française, a week-long trip to Paris, DVDs, CDs and books.

U Contact:

Debates | Conferences

Conflict prevention and resolution: a new role for cultural relations? A conference organised by the British Council, NATO and the Security and Defence Agenda think tank on 2 March. The conference will look at three case studies in particular: Afghanistan, Africa and the Balkans Clashes of culture, related to religious beliefs, ethnicity or different values often lie at the root of security

Europe’s Muslim Women: under cover and under pressure? A debate, organised by the British Council in partnership with the European Policy Centre and the European Muslim Network, and chaired by Shada Islam, Senior Programme Executive at the European Policy Centre (EPC). Speakers: • Malika Hamidi, Director General, European Muslim Network • Wassyla Tamzali, Author and Former Director Women’s Rights at UNESCO • Sajjad Karim. Member of the European Parliament • Lorella Zanardo, Producer and Director of ‘Il Corpe delle donne’

problems. Can a better understanding of these fundamental issues hold the key to conflict prevention, as well as peacemaking and peacekeeping?

U Bibliothèque Solvay On 2 March from 9.30am until 2pm Email (to register):

U 16 March from 10am until 12 noon. Hotel Stanhope, Rue du Commerce 9, B1000, Brussels For further information please contact:

Business without money An introduction to complementary currencies and the link with social entrepreneurship The Hub, which describes itself as an incubator for social innovation, is organising a conference about how to do business without money. Jean-Luc Roux will explain his take on the link between creativity and the brain and teach you how to make your skills benefit your projects. This is the first of a series of

three conferences hosted by JeanLuc Roux.

U 11 March from 7pm until 9.30pm 10 euro for Hub members, 15 euro for non members. For more information: hub-conferences

Why read Federico Garcia Lorca’s poetry? The Spanish Presidency of the EU is holding a debate about Lorca’s poetry.

U Istituto Cervantes 18 March at 7pm Free

The Bible of tailor-made travel Get Your New Free Edition ! UÊʘʈ˜˜œÛ>̈ÛiÊ}Ո`iLœœŽÊœvʏÕÝÕÀÞÊÌÀ>ÛiÊÌœÊ œÛiÀÃi>ÃÊ`iÃ̈˜>̈œ˜Ã UÊÊ œ˜Ûi˜ˆi˜ÌÊ>˜`Êi>Ãއ̜‡ÕÃi UÊÊÈäÊ`iÃ̈˜>̈œ˜ÃÊ̜ÊiÝ«œÀi]Ê܈̅Ê>ʏœÌʜvÊ«À>V̈V>Ê`iÌ>ˆÃÊ >˜`ÊL>VŽ}ÀœÕ˜`ʈ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜ UÊÊœÀÊÌÀ>Ûiˆ˜}Ê̜}i̅iÀÊ܈̅ÊޜÕÀÊ«>À̘iÀ]ÊޜÕÀÊvÀˆi˜`Ã]ÊޜÕÀÊv>“ˆÞo UÊÊ Ã«iVˆ>ÞÊÃՈÌi`Ê̜Ê̅iʈ˜`i«i˜`i˜ÌÊ>˜`ÊiÝVÕÈÛiÊÌÀ>ÛiiÀ UÊÊ"ÕÀÊëiVˆ>ÊÃiV̈œ˜Êº181,9Ê"/ -»ÊvœÀÊ>ÊÀi>ÊÌ>ÃÌiÊ œvÊvˆÀÃÌÊV>ÃÃÊiÝVÕÈÛiÊ>VVœ““œ`>̈œ˜

Rue César Franck, 44a, BE - 1050 Bruxelles Tel: +32 (0)2 218 24 84 Fax: +32 (0)2 218 24 88 Member of Brussels Exclusive Labels


Translating Asterix – how do they do it?

Arcadia kicks off series of guided tours with ‘Museum Night Fever’

Don’t miss this year’s Brussels book fair, la Foire du Livre, which runs from 4 to 8 March at Tour et Taxis. We’ve picked out some of the European highlights but there’s lots more to do so check out to get the full programme. Entry costs 7 euro per day, for which you can attend any or all of the events taking place that day.

The asbl Arcadia will be organising a whole series of trendy and fun guided tours in 2010, starting with one called ‘Museum Night Fever’ on the first Saturday in March.

Brussels book fair:

‘Museum Night Fever’ has become one of the major Brussels cultural nights out. Arcadia will take you on a group outing including concerts, dance classes and theatre workshops. The evening will end with a special party in the prestigious Palais des Beaux-Arts.

Photos: Bénédicte Maindiaux

To make a booking for this or any other Arcadia tour, call 02 563 6153 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm or email

‘Astérix dans la marmite des traducteurs’ [Asterix in the translators’ cauldron’] makes you think of the magic potion made by the druid Getafix. Translating all those jokes and cultural references cannot be an easy task. So why not come and ask the translators how they do it? The event is on Sunday 7 March at 6pm.

Cartoons on a big screen and jazz Staying with the cartoon theme, look out for a big event on Friday 5 March at 8pm. A number of cartoonists will draw cartoons on a big screen with jazz music playing in the background. Cartoonists include François Schuiten, Catel, Eric Warnauts, Renaud De Heyn, Richard Bannister, Christophe Bertschy, Olivier Grenson and Sylvain Savoia. Straight after that, there’ll be an auction of 15 comics by Olivier Grenson, Joe G Pinelli, Karo, JeanLuc Cornette, Olivier Saive, Fabrizio Borrini, Gihef, Jampur Fraize, Gof, Thierry Bouüaert, Frank Pé and Yves Budin.

Manga cartoon parade There’ll also be two chances to see people dress up as Manga cartoon characters, on Friday 5 March at 8pm and on Saturday 6 March at 2pm. The costumes must be hand made so nothing can be bought in a shop. Prizes will be awarded based on the costumes and how the people act in character. Belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck will present his book ‘Le Chat en bruxellois’ so there’s a chance to pick up a bit more Brussels dialect. If you’re a ‘Gelucko-

phile’, then make sure you’re free to watch the film ‘Le chat & Co’ on Saturday 6 March at 11am.

Spanish parody Another highlight is an appearance by the Spanish author Andrés Trapiello, from Leon, who will talk about his parody of a thriller called ‘Los amigos del crimen perfecto’ [Friends of the Perfect Crime]. The book is based on the failed coup d’etat in Madrid in 1981. The event is on Thursday 4 March at 8pm.

Euro elections There will also be a debate about why the European elections generate such little interest among voters and the media when the European Parliament has actually seen its powers increased. Questions such as: ‘Are we seeing the growing emergence of eurosceptic parties’ will be discussed. Two books will soon be appearing on the European elections and the European political system. The event is on Sunday 7 March at 11am. Another debate on Saturday 6 March at 1pm will look at the use of

the internet by politicians. ‘Internet, outil de propagande politique?’ will look out how politicians are using the internet to address a big audience in a very short amount of time. This is of course something that traditional media (radio, TV and written press) does not allow them to do as it will nuance what they say, put it in context and comment on what they say. In this social networking crazy age that we live in, you can come and watch a young award-winning author, Nicolas Ancion, finish writing a book. Equipped with a digital pen and shut away in the ‘L@b’, he’ll be writing live and you can follow him via Twitter and Facebook. The 24-hour marathon starts on Wednesday 3 March at 9pm and ends on Thursday 4 March at 9pm. He’ll be back on Saturday too and you can follow the rereading and final changes made to his novel then on a big screen. The novel will be downloadable free of charge on Sunday 7 March. Ancion won the Rossel prize for young authors with his novel ‘L’homme qui valait 35 milliards’ [‘The man who was worth 35 billon’].

Facts about the book fair • Over 1,000 publishers will be present • 1,000 authors and illustrators will be there for debates and book signings • Some 70,000 visitors are expected • There will be around 320 meetings and debates

U For more information: Meeting point: Musée des Instruments de Musique, Saturday 6 March at 7.30pm (In French and English / 1 hour 30 minutes) Price: 13 euro (including entry to the museums and the tour)

‘Bruxelles Insolite’ A guided tour of Brussels cultural heritage when you can see places that you might well not have noticed, such as old buildings that are part of modern buildings. The tour takes yoyu from Place Royale to the rue de Flandre.

U Meeting point: In front of the Saint-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg church, Place Royale in1000 Bruxelles Saturday 20 March at 2pm (In French or in English / Two hours) Price: 12 euro

‘Piknikmusik’ tour A tour of the Institut National de Radiodiffusion [National Radio broadcasting Institute] that will take you back to the time of announcers, when programmes were made “live from studio 4”. After the tour, there will be some form of musical ‘discovery’: perhaps a public rehearsal or a concert even.

U Meeting point: Place Flagey, 18 in 1050 Ixelles Saturday 26 March at 11am (In French / 2.5 hours (lunch included)) Price: 15 euro (including tour, concert and picnic)


Real Estate Diary 8 Cultural

Pas de réelle reprise en vue g Les agents immobiliers flamands ne prévoient pas d’évolution des prix pour 2010.

Une majorité des agents immobiliers du nord du pays prévoit une stabilisation des prix des maisons et des appartements en 2010. (Photo Bernard Demoulin) 2010 sera-t-elle synonyme d’une véritable reprise sur le marché immobilier belge ? A en croire les agents immobiliers flamands, la réponse est plutôt “non”. “Une majorité des agents immobiliers flamands craint que tant les acheteurs que les vendeurs continuent à faire montre de prudence”, soulignait, il y a quelques jours, un communiqué de et de l’éditeur Kluwer qui ont réalisé, entre le 8 décembre 2009 et le 12 janvier 2010, un sondage auprès de 200 agences immobilières flamandes. Ce baromètre immobilier est le deuxième du genre.

estiment que les acheteurs potentiels se décideront plus rapidement. Inversement, 74 % craignent que la période de réflexion s’accroisse. Le taux d’intérêt ne jouera pas de rôle majeur dans la mesure où, selon la majorité des agents immobiliers (62 %), il devrait rester stable”, souligne encore le communiqué de et de Kluwer. Selon les agents immobiliers, les appartements se vendront cette année 13 jours plus vite que l’année dernière, soit en 118 jours au lieu de 131. Les maisons connaîtront la même tendance: de 128 jours en 2009 à 110 en 2010.

Pourtant, certains signes traduisent une timide amélioration. Ainsi en 2009, les agents immobiliers tablaient encore sur une chute des prix des maisons et appartements de 11 %. Cette année, 60 % d’entre eux prévoient une stabilisation des prix. Autre chiffre qui traduit ce léger regain de confiance : le nombre d’agents immobiliers qui prévoient des délais de vente plus courts augmente de 10%, passant de 32 % en 2009 à 42% en 2010.

Autre constat: une majorité des agents immobiliers prévoit une stabilisation des prix des maisons et des appartements en 2010. Seuls 30,5 % d’entre eux s’attendent à une diminution des prix affichés des maisons. L’année dernière, ce chiffre atteignait encore les 56,5 %. Quant aux prix des appartements, 34,5 % tablent cette année sur une diminution, contre 63 % en 2009. Selon les agents immobiliers du nord du pays, la différence entre le prix affiché et le prix réel payé s’élèvera cette année à 8,2 % pour les maisons et 8,7 % pour les appartements.

“Les acheteurs semblent également être plus disposés à acheter : 22,5 % des agents immobiliers

Enfin, un an après l’introduction du certificat de prestation énergétique, la majorité des agents immobiliers flamands ne constate aucun effet sur les ventes de logements. Selon 54,5% des répondants, une habitation de faible niveau E ne se vendra pas nécessairement plus rapidement qu’une de niveau E élevé. Selon les agents immobiliers, les acheteurs ne sont pas toujours au fait de ce certificat ou n’y accordent que peu de valeur.

U ;


Koksijde – Sint-Idesbald – Nieuwpoort

LOCATION VACANCES & VENTE ! Le plus grand choix !

RHODE-SAINT-GENESE – Dans propriété privée en terrain de fond, exceptionnel appartement de style parisien, 380m², 3 façades. Splendides pièces de réception, terrasse Sud, 3 ch., 1 studio séparé, garage 5 places, conciergerie. Prix de vente: 1.350.000 €. GSM : 0479/ 950 030

Real Estate


En bref

Zoom sur l’usufruit L’usufruit est le droit de jouir des choses dont un autre a la propriĂŠtĂŠ. Cela signifie que le droit de propriĂŠtĂŠ est divisĂŠ entre deux personnes : l’une est propriĂŠtaire du bien, mais ne peut pas en profiter (le nu-propriĂŠtaire), tandis que l’autre en profite sans en ĂŞtre propriĂŠtaire (l’usufruitier). L’usufruitier d’une maison peut “utiliserâ€? le bien. Il pourra l’occuper sans devoir payer de loyer; s’il le prĂŠfère, il pourra en retirer les “fruitsâ€?, et donc louer l’immeuble (pour une pĂŠriode maximale de neuf ans). La division du droit de propriĂŠtĂŠ entre l’usufruitier et le nupropriĂŠtaire peut provenir d’une convention ou d’une situation prĂŠvue par la loi. Ainsi, un propriĂŠtaire peut vendre la nue-propriĂŠtĂŠ de son bien en se rĂŠservant un droit d’usufruit viager pour pouvoir continuer Ă habiter sa maison

jusqu’au jour de son dÊcès. Des parents peuvent aussi donner la nue-propriÊtÊ d’un bien à leurs enfants en conservant l’usufruit. Quant aux situations prÊvues par la loi, il s’agit essentiellement des situations rÊsultant d’un dÊcès liÊ à l’usufruit du conjoint survivant. Le droit d’usufruit prend automatiquement fin par le dÊcès de l’usufruitier. L’usufruit peut Êgalement prendre fin lors de l’expiration du dÊlai Êventuellement prÊvu, ou lors de la rÊunion par la même personne du droit de nue-propriÊtÊ et d’usufruit. L’usufruitier pourra utiliser ou louer la maison, et, à l’extinction de son droit, il devra la rendre dans l’Êtat dans laquelle elle se trouvait le jour oÚ il est devenu usufruitier. Toutefois, il ne pourra pas exiger d’indemnitÊ pour toutes les amÊliorations qu’il aurait apportÊes à la maison. Toutes les grosses rÊparations resteront à la charge du nu-propriÊtaire. L’usufruitier a le revenu de la maison. C’est

U Consultez votre notaire pour des conseils sur mesure ou rendez-vous sur






donc lui qui devra dĂŠclarer le revenu cadastral, et payer le prĂŠcompte immobilier.






Appartements neufs de haut standing au coeur du vieux Bruxelles... DU 15/02/10 AU 18/04/10 JUSQUâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ă&#x20AC;



* Offre soumise Ă conditions. DĂŠtails de cette action sur


Rue Notre Seigneur - Rue de la Chapelle




Mardi & Samedi de 10 h 30 Ă 13 h

02 726 88 73

Real Estate Diary 10 Cultural

Alone sweet home : the property market is going solo In the wake of demographic, social and urban changes in recent years, the idea of housing for single people is gaining some traction.

One person, one bit of housing: this equation, which is becoming more and more common, is part and parcel of the erosion of the single family dwelling. HOW ABOUT BREAKING WITH WHAT HAS BECOME THE NORM? Rather than building a house for a nuclear family with children, the sacrosanct architectural norm for our societies, we could build houses for single people. A potty idea you might think and yet it’s far from potty. More and more people are living alone a (long) part of

their lives: after studying, after a divorce, after the death of a spouse, as an expat or quite simply out of choice. Since 2006, there have been more US female citizens living without a husband than with one…. In the UK, four times as many people live alone as forty years ago. The country is expecting 37% of owners to be individuals by the


7 minutes walk from the EE- neighbourhood Nice house town in quite street with charming character and modern comfort . Extensively renovated Large bathroom with tek ground. Shower room 5 bedrooms + office, 45m² livingroom. Well fitted kitchen ( blue stone ) opening to lovely adapted yard. Nice oak floors throughout the groundfloor. Nice Wooden floors in each room upstairs. Phone network on each floor. Large attic. Roof in good state. Insulation, electricity, heating, windows frame ok.


5 appartements loft bureaux dans rénovation d’un bel Hôtel de Maître Prix : 350.000 - 650.000 €

immobilière marguerite oostens

Av. de l’Observatoire, 112/7 B 1180 Bruxelles

0474/ 92 64 03 02/ 374 74 15

0475/ 243 002

ETTERBEEK – Cette splendide maison d’environ 320m² est idéalement située à proximité des CE. Séjour & salle à manger avec baie vitrée vers le jardin, 5 chambres & 2 salles de bains tout confort. Au 3e étage, un studio peut être loué (escalier de service). Réf.22030 650.000 €

réf 20423

2020s. In the Netherlands, that figure has been 35% since 2007. Nothing is more normal, at the beginning of this century, than to live alone. In terms of the property market, the huge increase in the number of single houses could be good for business for property developers. Active singletons are nomadic and often highly paid, are reluctant to become owners and often change where they live. It’s an opportunity that can be seized, provided that you can offer him/ her a property that is tailored to his/her lifestyle – basically something smaller (three or four rooms) but all the comforts of a tradition family house. But, according to the designers of the ‘Singletown’ exhibition, which took place during the Venice 2008 biennial on architecture, “the authorities and entrepreneurs are still behaving as if the average owner had not changed in 50 years”. There are exceptions though. In Switzerland, Roth Bautechnik has created a villa especially designed for singletons (see photo). Made of modules and cube-shaped, it provides 80m² of living space. Here, the leitmotiv is “flexibility”. If he/she gets married, the singleton can

BRUXELLES – CINQUANTENAIRE – For sale - Near the european institutions, in a quiet street, attractive townhouse 3 façades, 450m² living space + cellar. On a nice 520 sqm ground. Very spacious reception areas with wood floor, fireplace, dining room, fully equiped kitchen, 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large playroom, garage. Lovely garden.

The shortest way to your new home in Brussels !

Réf 2655

02/ 644 05 05 0475/ 555 953 – 0475/ 62 25 98

Residential real estate service without cost for you. Chée de Waterloo 631 1050 Bruxelles

T. 02 344 44 22

Real Estate add a prefabricated module for his/her partner so that they feel at home too… Even if that means, of course, putting away the module if the love affair comes to end. That looks a bit like the single bed that never goes out of fashion that becomes a double bed but expanded to the whole of the house… In Alstätten, still in Switzerland, the 17 flats in a block of flats reserved for singletons were quickly snapped up. The concept works. The demand is there.

A matter of flexibility Architecture for singletons is a matter of flexibility. What can be more temporary, often, than the status of being single? The same goes for single parent families. When the children flee the nest, why not divide up the house and rent part of it? That is the essence of a project being put together by the Swiss bureau EM2N: five flats, each one with a fixed frame, namely the external walls and a central hearth. The rest of it is made up of detachable partitions that you can arrange as you wish depending on the number of bedrooms that you need. The high level of current demand for “partitioned” housing is leading to real demographic headaches: for a long time, people thought that it was enough to build housing in the same proportions at the estimated population growth. This is where singletons have now messed up the forcasts a bit by contributing to a fragmentation of households and a huge demand for “small” living spaces. One example is the Tower Hamlets area east of London. Nearly 80% of the 762 flats located in this area are occupied by singletons. In capitals,

where the types of singletons are as varied as their number, people are trying to search for housing based on making every square metre count. The London architect Stephen Taylor has looked into making houses for the City profitable. The renovation needs to “anticipate changes in the way rooms are used”, which may include a succession of different tenants. In Amsterdam, the office of Droog design aims to completely review the interior: furniture, accessories, decoration, everything is thought up “all by myself”. One Amsterdam house in two is occupied by a single

person… You can find a little bit of originality, such as a light that follows you everywhere (so that you don’t have to put the lights on in all the rooms…) or a book that is room embedded into the table of the kitchen, for those eating alone.

Olivier Standaert


Shopping Diary 12 Cultural 1



1 2 3

Fini l’opaque, vive la transparence ! Rue Blanche, Cardigan Como 110€. On s’habille de bijoux, avec le Bronze Necklace de Fiona Paxton chez Cachemire Coton & Soie, 255€.


Buissonnière lance en mars 2010 son nouvel e-shop. De quoi faire le bonheur des adeptes de la marque qui se déplacent des quatre coins du pays pour aller jusque Wavre. Buissonnière, boulevard de l’Europe, 143 - 1300 Wavre. 010 40 03 93. www. Cardigan courtes manches ¾. Encolure dégagée petits plis. Fermeture pression invisible et nouette. 100% coton. 22€.


On veut le printemps, on veut le meilleur, on s’offre le chocolat Sans Sucre de Marcolini, décliné en deux tablettes: le chocolat noir (78% cacao) et le chocolat au lait (50% cacao).Le sucre est remplacé par du SweetPearl (maltitol), un glucide au goût naturellement sucré issu de matières premières agricoles renouvelables comme le blé et le maïs. La plaquette, 6,90€.


5 6 7

Tendance phare du printemps, la combi-pantalon c’est chic et décontracté. Chez Bensimon, soie etcoton, 135€. La Flat de Palladium et les couleurs s’installent, 45 €.

T. Leclerc s’amuse avec sa nouvelle collection make-up. Le must have : les ombres à paupières crème nacrées avec click-pen et embout pinceau: champagne, taupe ou rose, 25€. Et on fond pour les poudres libres de riz déclinées en deux teintes fraiches, banane et orchidée : 35€.



La maison Le Tanneur s’associe au jeune créateur Raphaël Young ... Ca donne quoi ? Des merveilles belles, solides, durables et fonctionnelles comme ce “Batbag”, un sac hobo en veau africa lux noir accessoire canon de fusil, 690 €. A noter que depuis novembre, Le Tanneur a ouvert au 2 Boulevard de Waterloo.


9 10

Sarah Pacini se la joue rose poudré et on adore la délicatesse de ce gilet sans manche, 147€.

Aleksandra Paszkowska, c’est juste une créatrice... trop forte ! Ses rbes sont multi-usages, intelligentes et sexy. A l’image de cette jupe “zip skirt” viscose jersey avec imprimé d’une photo à accompagner d’un top kiwi ou noir (elastic silk crépe and satin). (c Bernard Néve).


11 12

Nous aussi on se fait un caprice printanier : Gigue robe Kapris, 129 € + cardigan Filiz, 79€.

Oui oui oui, on veut retrouver notre vitality ! Tao Vitality, c’est les antioxydants du thé vert, les vertus revitalisantes du ginkgo biloba et les bienfaits de la vitamine C et de la biotine dans une boisson tout fraîche.


Revival des eighties ! Pour marcher de manière survitaminée grâce à ces super baskets Mer du Nord,85 €.







Atlantic Corner composition in leather Master® ANDERLECHT TEL. 02/527.23.00 RHODE SAINT GENÈSE TEL. 02/358.24.82 ZAVENTEM TEL. 02/721.76.80 EUPEN TEL. 087/56.00.42 MESSANCY TEL. 063/38.90.20

BINCHE TEL. 064/36.72.29 GOSSELIES TEL. 071/35.69.80 AWANS TEL. 04/247.42.80 NAMUR TEL. 081/73.81.28 TOURNAI TEL. 069/58.09.00

ALOST TEL. 053/70.90.77 GAND TEL. 09/282.05.51 HASSELT GENK TEL. 089/75.61.01 WOMMELGEM TEL. 03/353.30.05 AARTSELAAR TEL. 03/887.27.42

BRUGES TEL. 050/61.00.21 IZEGEM TEL. 051/31.76.70

MANUFACTURER SINCE 1948 250 stores in Europe

Afterwork Diary 14 Cultural

A cellar that’s making its mark g More a cellar where you can eat than a wine bar, the Sablon Wine Bar is the latest place to get

tongues wagging

The Sablon Wine Bar has just opened on the spot where the first Brussels wine bar was located. And we’ve come a long way from those days. The first wave of wine bars drew inspiration from the British and offered no more than a wonderful array of bottles and wines by the glass. It was pretty reasonable but it lacked that friendly and cosy ‘je ne sais quoi’. The second wave of wine bars accompanied the wine with little nibbles.

U Le Wine Bar Sablon, Rue des Pigeons, 9 - 1000 Brussels. Open every evening from 6pm until 11pm. Closed on Sundays. Tel: 02 503 62 50.

smell of damp that may upset the most sensitive noses. That is the only criticism that one could have of this spot. The rest is really great. The place is the perfect combination of one of the Thomaes brothers (Vincent the wine taster from the two star ‘Le Château du Mylord’) and Yoth Ondara, a chef from the much missed ‘Yoma’ restaurant. To be brief, you would say that on your right you have a great selection of wines that have plenty of flair and arouse plenty of curiosity. We ordered a Fleurie from chez Yvon Métras (45 euro), a great wine. On your left, the range of entrées says it all about passion for food: Iberian pork (from six to eighteen euro), ham sprinkled with chopped parsley, parmesan cheese, eggs and mushrooms.

The current third wave has moved on leaps and bounds on the basis that, if a place wants to be in line with the times, it needs to push the boundaries a bit further by offering food that has a bit more substance to it. In France, this kind of bar has been around for quite a while and is known as a ‘cave à manger’ [cellar where you can eat].

We’ll keep til last the dishes cooked by Yoth, which come on a relatively short menu. He heads off to the market and comes back with a delicious piece of fish wrapped in a fine layer of Colonnata streaky bacon along with vegetables (20 euro). There is no doubt about it. This is a spot which will appear as a ‘must’ on a Brussels foodlover’s itinerary.

A great time With the Sablon Wine Bar – a heading that is very much part of British ‘understatement’ – Brussels has its first ‘cave à manger’ [cellar where you can eat] both in a figurative and literal sense in that the place is housed in some old 16th century cellars with a rustic feel. It’s a great location apart from one drawback: the


Profession: Taster In 2010, Côte d’Or is launching an invitation to all those chocolate mad people out there to become ‘official tasters’. The aim is to meet consumers and encourage them to give their opinion and exchange their views about various types of chocolate. The website will thus become a real platform for exchange between the brand and consumers. Every month, three types from the range will be offered with a coupon to buy one’s favourite(s) and test them. You will then need to give your view on the official tasters’ page. You’ll find lots of bonuses and exclusive things on the coupon. You’ll be sent new products, can take part in chocolate workshops, competitions etc.

U Tempted? You just need to sign up at:

The Brussels Tribune - Rue des Francs, 79 1040 Bruxelles - REDACTION: Tél.: 02 211 30 51- Coordination : Elodie Weymeels . Ont collaboré à ce numéro: Julian Hale, Michèle Schoonjans, Sally Pidgeon,Wasabi, Elodie Weymeels. - COMMERCIALISATION : Julie Veriter (0470 63 99 42 & 02 211 28 39. Hatim Elmajd (0498.629.237) - IMMO : Véronique Le Clercq, Sales Manager, Tél: 02 211 27 64 - 0475.57.62.35. - EDITEUR RESPONSABLE : François le Hodey - MISE EN PAGE: Azur Graphic, Daphné De Ridder - IMPRESSION : Sodimco . The Brussels Tribune est imprimé sur du papier recyclé. Vous aussi respectez l’environnement en glissant votre magazine dans un sac ad hoc après sa lecture !

En partenariat avec la librairie Filigranes, 39 avenue des Arts - 1000 Bruxelles. Ouvert 7j/7.

Generation A Douglas Coupland /Arrow Book / 320 p / 17,35 â&#x201A;Ź Eighteen years on from â&#x20AC;&#x153;Generation Xâ&#x20AC;? with its display of disaffected slackers with uncertain futures, Douglas Coupland is delivering a new brilliant social observation surfing between optimism about the future and everyday, apocalyptic paranoĂŻa. A few years from now, bees are extinct. No pollination, no flowers, no food chains, until five unconnected people, located in different parts of the world, are stung. Instantly abducted by unappealing suited scientists, interrogated separately in neutral chambers, they are soon released as next to be forgotten celebrities in a world ruled by the internet. Being brought together by a charismatic scientist, they then unite by sharing their experiences in a way they could never have imagined. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Generation Aâ&#x20AC;? unfolds as a postmodern fable turned into an awkward sci-fi thriller with exhilarating dialogues, masterfully told and often hilarious.â&#x20AC;?

Anne-Lise BreversÂ

Un paysagiste pour mon jardin



Les femmes du braconnier Claude Pujade-Renaud / Actes Sud / 22,55â&#x201A;Ź

Chris Young / Editions Marabout / 32,55â&#x201A;Ź Vous nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;en pouvez plus de la neige, du froid et de la grisaille ? Allez, courage, le printemps est bientĂ´t là ! Si, si, je vous assure et pour le prouver, je vous propose un grand rayon de soleil, une vĂŠritable bouffĂŠe dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;air frais ! Car qui dit printemps dit â&#x20AC;Ś jardin  ! (les balcons, terrasses et autres espaces extĂŠrieurs de moins de 2 m² comptent aussi) Et donc, sĂŠcateur Ă  la main, vous voilĂ  devant votre petit espace vert et lĂ , perplexitĂŠâ&#x20AC;Ś Quâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;allez-vous faire de cette jungle informe et inextricable  ? Miracleâ&#x20AC;Ś.Marabout y a pensĂŠ, et vous propose un ouvrage on ne peut plus pratique : 350 pages de conseils dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;amĂŠnagements, plus de 500 variĂŠtĂŠs de plantes prĂŠsentĂŠes et 400 schĂŠmas et dessins pour vous aider Ă  rĂŠaliser votre paradis ! Comment utiliser lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ĂŠclairage pour faire paraĂŽtre lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;espace plus grand, quelles plantes utiliser pour vous isoler de vos voisins, que planter Ă  lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ombre, toutes vos questions trouveront rĂŠponse dans cet ouvrage richement illustrĂŠ. Fermez les yeuxâ&#x20AC;Ś Vous entendez les petits oiseaux ?

Samantha Hoggart

Claude Pujade-Renaud ressuscite le couple mythique de Sylvia Plath et Ted Hugues dans son dernier roman Les femmes du braconnier. Tous les deux sont poètes, elle est amĂŠricaine et lui anglais, ils se rencontrent Ă Cambridge en 1956. Leur premier baiser reflète la passion animale qui les dĂŠvorera. Comment un couple dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ĂŠcrivain peut-il partager le quotidien? Comment articuler passion amoureuse et ĂŠcriture? Comment sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;aimer sans se perdre? Ces questions, qui ponctuent notre lecture, titillaient Claude Pujade-Renaud depuis un certain temps. Ces dernières ĂŠtaient dĂŠjĂ  au cĹ&#x201C;ur de Chers disparus, prĂŠcĂŠdent roman, qui donnait la parole aux femmes dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ĂŠcrivains cĂŠlèbres. Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;une ĂŠcriture exigeante et prĂŠcise, lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;auteur nous emporte dans les mĂŠandres de leur vie de couple. Elle articule son roman autour des lettres et poèmes des protagonistes, nous permettant de rencontrer  les deux artistes sous un jour diffĂŠrent, nous offrant plus quâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;une ĂŠnième biographie du couple. Les voix fictives ou rĂŠelles â&#x20AC;&#x201C; mère, voisin, amis, mĂŠdecin â&#x20AC;&#x201C; se croisent et sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;entrecroisent, pour former un portrait de lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;intimitĂŠ de Sylvia et de Ted. Ce roman est ĂŠtourdissant et magistral. Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122;est une magnifique invitation Ă  (re)dĂŠcouvrir les Ĺ&#x201C;uvres des deux poètes, disponibles chez Gallimard.

AurĂŠlie Cauchie

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HOTELS AT THE ITALIAN LAKES: Como, Lugano, Iseo, Garda, Maggiore... UNIQUE EXPERIENCE TOURS in Umbria and the Marche, Savoy: crossing mountains and lakes, the Aeolian Islands: along sleeping and awake volcanoes, ...

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Informations, brochures and reservations through our selected travel agencies or through - – tel. 0902 88 014 (max. 1,00€/min.)

Lic. A5267 - CDFA 47923

* And many other CHARMING HOTELS in Southern France, Tuscany, on Menorca, in the Douro Valley, ...

The Brussels Tribune N°13  

Mensuel gratuit réalisé par La Tribune de Bruxelles - N°13 - Mars 2010 Books Fair : get reading !

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