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Muslims Converting to Christianity at Rapid Rate, Despite Continued Persecution By Carrie Kintz Amidst the backdrop of terrorist attacks and intense persecution, the church in Bangladesh is seeing an increase of Muslims converting to Christianity. Near the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus upends His listeners with the kind of people who are blessed, the kind of people who make up the radical Kingdom of God. And as He closes those opening verses, He tells his listeners that something will come for them. That there will be those who will hate the message they’ve been tasked to preach. And He calls them blessed. Jesus says: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Matthew 5:10-12 As we fast forward a little more than 2,000 years and survey the world, we see that our brothers and sisters who

Early one Wednesday morning as I was browsing through the TV stations, I ran across Joyce Myers Ministry TV program. She was speaking on not giving up when times get hard. I thought that was really ironic that after I had convinced myself that the things I was working on was just not going to work. At the church where I am a member, my pastor says “You are at the right place, at the right time, to receive from God.” I was literally experiencing that moment. Whenever you are going through things in life some of us feel as though the situation that we are facing is just too much to bear. The unknown “In between times in life” is just another opportunity for to use our God given faith.

Derek Miller, Publisher/Editor

Be Blessed,

Derek Miller are in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are becoming the most rapidly persecuted people group in the world because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One place where persecution is especially intense is in the Southeast Asian country of Bangladesh. As a primarily Muslim country, persecution has been on the rise against Christians over the last few years. Yet, in the face of this persecution, in the desperate times of separation from families, the church is seeing unparalleled growth. While conversion is considered apostasy in Islam, more than 90,000 Muslims have come to know Jesus in the

last six years in Bangladesh. The population of Bangladesh is around 165 million and it is estimated that there are now more than 1.6 million Christians in the country. However, since November 2015, pastors in Bangladesh have seen an increase in death threats and persecution from ISIS. Earlier this month, the world watched in horror as more than 30 men and women were taken hostage by ISIS soldiers in a Dhaka restaurant. Twenty of the hostages were killed, reportedly sorted by nationality. Repeatedly, hostages were told by their captors that they would not kill nationals, only foreigners. In the end, the police totaled nine Italians, seven Japanese, two Bangladeshis, one American and one Indian killed. Two police officers were also killed. Against this violent backdrop, the number of Christian converts rises, and with it, persecution. Many Christians are forced to practice their faith and meet underground for fear of reprisals. And now with ISIS expanding its reign of terror beyond the Middle East once again, Christians face unparalleled attacks. Continued on Page 10►






How to Become A Christian!

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5 Reasons Businesses, Organizations & People Fail By Scott Williams


I Owe HIM! My E Life Magazine Isaiah 53:5 KJV states, ures, but the prophet isaiah But he was wounded for our reminds us that each of us transgressions, he was had a part in the griefs and bruised for our iniquities: the sorrow that Jesus had to enchastisement of our peace dure. It wasn't his sin that he was upon him; and with his was penalized for, it was stripes we are healed. We ours. Each of ours, and tend to skip to the "By his thankfully all of our sin, stripes we are healed." part, transgressions, iniquities Pastor Marvis L. McGowan and skim over the accountwere nailed on that cross! Sr. Pastor, ability part. The part where Thank you Jesus! He could Shining Light Bible our sins caused pain and have insisted we bear the Mission Church Columbus, Ohio ultimately death for the Son weight of our own guilt and of God. People in general are shame. Instead, Jesus died for quick to find fault in others, point out you and I. I for one appreciate his deficiencies in him or her. We don't selfless act and will forever owe him have a problem expressing disdain or my loyalty and dedication. Thank you dislike when it comes to others failJesus!!! ■

Embrace your passion! The memories of the Summer Olympics are slowing fading away. A few of the athletes returned home with medals, a few with sweet endorsement deals, and a few with wonderful job opportunities. The majority returned home only with the satisfaction that they made it to Rio and were able to compete against other athletes from around the globe. Despite the various outcomes, there is one thing that every athlete from every nation possessed that got them there, and that is a passion for their sport. This passion caused them to forsake family time, social time, personal time, and in some instances a formal education. But the passion within them was great. Passion is not only limited to athletes. As Christians, we too have a purpose and passion for our lives. Unfortunately, we often sit on our passion. We are unmotivated, unwilling, or just plain scared to get up and get busy. I am sure you have heard every excuse.... I don't have time, I don't have money, I don't have the skills to do what I really want to do. Do you know that the assign-

ment was given to you for a reason? The assignment was given to you so that lives would be impacted, and destinies By Victoria Murray changed. The time for excuses is over! I need to warn you. Living out your passion will cost you. Consider the costs, but do it anyway. Living out your passion will cost you time away from family and friends. It will cost as you use your talent to learn a new, or improve upon an old skill, and it definitely cost your treasure. People who do not have your vision will not understand. They will not agree with your decisions, and may do all that they can do to discourage you. Do it anyway! I have a passion for missions. Once a year I travel to a small close knit community in Ghana, West Africa. While I am there, I pass out hugs, I share a meal, a find a pressing need and fill it to the best of my abil-


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New Life Faith Outreach 3114-B Corbett Rd. Pleasant Grove, NC 27302. 336-253-2121

Jesus is the only way to God. It is impossible for us to find peace with God through our own efforts. Anything we try to do to obtain God's favor or salvation is worthless and futile. Have you felt the "tug" of God on your heart? Becoming a Christian is Harold Bishop one of the most important steps you Farr, Jr. and First Lady will take in your life on earth. John 14:6 "Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." (NLT) To receive Jesus today simply say: Lord Jesus, I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that did not please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross so I may live in eternity with you. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now, and ask you to come into my heart and save me. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. Salvation is a gift from God. He offers the gift through Jesus, his Son. By laying down his life on the cross, Jesus Christ took our place and paid the ultimate price, the penalty for our sin -- death.


Congratulations! You are now a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ)

2 Timothy 2:3 says, “You therefore must endure hardship as a Soldier of Jesus Christ.” No one said the Christian life would be easy or without challenges. God’s promises are forever established in Heaven. So even if our situations and circumstances are difficult, we must think “above the clouds” and know that God is still there.

Now therefore allow God to connect you with a Bible teaching ministry and let your light shine for Christ!


The Biggest Barrier To Teens Living Out Their Faith? By Andy Blanks Why aren’t your students living more bold and dynamic faith-lives? Do you find yourself desiring that your students were making a bigger impact for God and His Kingdom? I would guess that at least on some level, this is true for all of us. So . . . why aren’t they? Why aren’t your students living more bold and dynamic faith-lives? I have an idea. I believe the main reason students don’t live as powerfully as they could can be boiled down to one simple idea . . . Image. I think in the current culture our students are growing up in, image rules in a way it has never before. I see most students obsessed with their image. They want people to think they have it all together. That they are completely cool and in control. That they’re perfectly expressing them-

selves using the right words and expressions (i.e., the words and expressions their friends use). It’s WAY more than how they look. Some days it seems like it’s its 100% complete image control on the level of a professional PR firm! The stakes are too high if they don’t. Word (and images) travels fast via text messages and Facebook updates. Many students don’t seem to want to offend, or seem like they’re holding an opinion outside what would be considered mainstream or “normal.” Which is a pretty big barrier to living a bold faith life. After all, people who live impassioned lives for Christ can make others uncomfortable. They can be overlyexcited. They can be easily painted as small-minded or narrowly-focused. Let’s be honest: convictions just aren’t that cool. But here’s the deal. We’re called by Christ to live our lives in radical submission to Him. Regardless of how this sets us against our culture. Think about it. Think of the people in Scripture who stood up against the tide of culture and who sacrificed their image to do so . . . all for the sake of God. Isaiah walked around nude for three years. Ezekiel made a spectacle of himself in public. Daniel risked everything for the

sake of holiness. Hosea married a prostitute. John the Baptist lived in the desert and ate bugs. The Disciples went against every norm of their day’s leading religious culture. Paul subjected himself to beating and ridicule, making himself an enemy of his own people. ALL of these men did so because God had called them to serve Him with their lives. They did so without regard for how they looked to the world around them. And all of them had an amazing impact for the Kingdom. Now, if you tell your students to walk around nude in their schools ala Isaiah, that’s on you. But, I would challenge you to consider having this discussion with your students. I’d love to hear their responses to the following question: Do you care more about your image, about what others think of you, than you do about living your life on mission for God? My hunch is that if they are honest, many do care more image than they care about making a difference for God. Some of this is probably an inherent part of their life stage. But part of it is a real barrier you can help them overcome. Image should never stand in the way of living a dynamic life for Christ. ■



By: Alicia M. Caldwell The path to anyone’s purpose is as unique as a fingerprint. A colleague, a business partner, a mentor could all end up in relatively the same position as you, but their path to reach said destination is their own. What can make all the difference, is not even how they got where they are, but what they do when they get there. That vital element of true success, is what makes Sherkica Miller-McIntyre a business woman of note and a woman entrenched in building her empire! Sherkica’s position in the real-estate community might not be unique, on face value. What makes her different from others, who have climbed the ladder of success in the industry, is that through her success, she’s found purpose. Let’s make no mistake, her goal is to be a successful realtor. And, that she is. She and her spouse, Gary McIntyre, have grown an established real-estate business, Carod Properties, which they acquired rather early in her realestate career, into a paragon real-estate business model. Now, eleven years, 200+ properties, 1000 homebuyers assisted, and with clients from California to Saudi Arabia her stewardship has been so greatly rewarded that she can do what she feels God has truly called her to do…help others obtain that same purposeful, personal success. On her way to building her and her family’s empire, she had a unique vantage point as to how tangible it is, while simultaneously being disheartened by an overwhelming disenchantment by those that perceive it as hopelessly out of reach. There is a school of thought that purchasing a


home is not to be pursued, because of the risk and responsibility, advising renting is the better option. Owning realestate, and following the right path to do so provides a sense of accomplishment and measure of success that Mrs. Miller-McIntyre proffers defies the logic of the “rent rather than buy” argument. Her mission, her purpose has become to not only speak that you, too can be a homeowner, but to show and teach you how to do it. When asked to elaborate on her mission for her life, her family, and the components of building her empire that can only be accomplished by seeing others, build theirs, she gave the following insight: What do you want everything you're doing, your life thus far and the path you've laid for your future, to speak to your children? What do you want them to get from journey and your example? For my children, I want them to understand they are in an age of opportunity, there is no limitations to their lives. We, my husband and I, have provided them with experiences to help broaden their lives and



The Art of Building an Empire: A Solid Rock Foundation

mindsets. I want them to live on their own terms and understand that with opportunity comes freedom. We only have one life, no do-overs and how we use this life and our gifts to help others become better is the true key to success. For the women I serve, I solely desire the manifestation of their dreams. Real-estate happens to be my area of expertise and if I can add value to others by using my passion, I am satisfied. While building her empire, a focus on women developed that has sprang forth more opportunities for her to fulfill her purpose while attending to an underserved and undervalued demographic. Mrs. Miller-McIntyre could not escape the fact that, without her faith and her vision, she might be one of those hopeless minority women looking up at an invisible glass ceiling. So, unable to escape those women, she ran towards them. Thusly, Divas Doing RealEstate (DDRE) was born. To elaborate, she had this to say: Why the focus on female investors, entrepreneurs and individuals? My passion for the financial well-being of women, stems from my own personal experiences and the opportunities I’ve been afforded through my pursuit of a real-estate career. Having worked with women-led households for 12 years, I am intrigued by the plight of women as they attempt to bring to fruition their vision for themselves and their families. As a male dominated business, women are severely under represented as owners and investors both in residential and commercial units and DDRE desires to bridge the gap.

DDRE wishes to provide real-estate literacy, the benefits of pursing ownership, investing and exploring careers in RE, and focus on the power of women's financial, debt and credit management, subsequently offering an accountability partner. I want to be the one holding their hand and their bums to the fire, at the same time. Is your vision for your professional future shared & supported by your spouse and family? Absolutely! Our family is a partnership. The little ones understand this process well. My husband was the one that motivated me to pursue a real-estate career after I’d convinced him, a few years prior, to begin investing in realestate. He has committed his talents, advice, support, time and unconditional love in growing our business and allowing me to grow as a professional. If you talk to Sherkica Miller-McIntyre for any significant amount of time, her faith is undeniable, though she would dare not deny it. It is the foundation to every aspect of her life, individually and as a member of a rock solid family unit, personally and professionally. By her own words, faith is 100% the foundation of her success. How does your faith factor in to your success? I believe 100% that God placed me in this field and has allowed me to enhance my expertise to be a source of encouragement and guidance to those that wish to become homeowners, investors or pursue careers in real-estate. More importantly, I am a source for individuals to share their dreams and goals. Continued on next page ►



Building an Empire Continued from previous page Further, God has sustained our business and thus our household, and there is no doubt from day one that He laid this path for me. I have complete trust that what HE created, HE shall continue to sustain. Ultimately, I pray through my miniscule role and obedience, that HIS will for today's women shall be done. Her path, her amazing trajectory as an uber-successful minority businesswoman, can be summed up, “On Christ the solid rock I stand.” Through faith, obedience, determination, and unwavering vision for her life, Sherkica Miller-McIntyre typifies what is possible when the construction of your empire is built on the only foundation that will never fail. ■ smcintyre 704-944-5501

Sherkica Miller-McIntyre and family.


Alicia M. Caldwell, AMC Literary Services (Boutique publishing, writing, editing services) 336-875-8977

Muslims Converting to Christianity Continued from Page 3

But their faith does not waver. Pastor Faruk al-Ahmed, who converted from Islam to Christianity in the mid-’90s, told the British news outlet Express that when he started his ministry, there was only one traditional Christian family in his community of Kurigram. “Now almost 1,500 believers from Muslim backgrounds are glorifying God in this area. Persecution will come more but the believers and I are ready to face it.” As persecution of the Christian church continues to grow around the world, we must continue to intercede for our brothers and sisters. Especially those who are new to the faith and are almost immediately seeing their faith tested by intense persecution and tribulation. We must look for



ways to support them and encourage them as they are on the very front line of preaching the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. May we pray for them what Paul reminded Timothy of in 2 Timothy 2: Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel, for which I am suffering, bound with chains as a criminal. But the word of God is not bound! Therefore I endure everything

for the sake of the elect, that they also may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. 2 Timothy 2:8-10 ■ Carrie Kintz is a freelance writer and communication strategist. She works with ministries and individuals across the country, helping them figure out what to say and how to say it in the digital space.


I’m Grateful... By Anita Dean 1340/1400 THE LIGHT

The song says …”Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart…”which is based on I Thessalonians 5:18. I look at children everywhere and ask myself “are they grateful (or appreciative), of everything their parents and their families have done for them. I realize as children of God, sometimes we are not grateful for what God the father has done for us. I’m grateful for life, health, and strength. I’m grateful for my husband, our children, grands, family, good friends, and positive edifying relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m grateful to serve such an awesome God who saves, heals, delivers and blesses others. However, most of all I’m grateful for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross so we could live an abundant life. •

Top 10 Hot Gospel Songs

01 Made a Way Travis Greene

02 You Deserve It

07 Hang

J.J. Hairston & Youthful Praise 03 You’re Bigger Jekalyn Carr 04 God Provides Tamela Mann 05 Hold My Mule Shirley Caesar Featuring Albertina Walker & Milton Brunson 06 I Need You Donnie McClurkin

On GEI Featuring Kierra Sheard 08 Winning Charles Jenkins 09 Better Hezekiah Walker 10 I Need You Father Jesus Spirit Fred Hammond



Embrace your passion Continued from Page 5

ity, but most importantly I share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many do not understand why I chose to give up the comforts of America to travel 24 hours, and spend two weeks in a totally different culture and climate. Although I rely heavily on the donations of friends and family, I do take money that could be spent on my bills to finance this endeavor. Many do not understands, but that is okay. It is


my purpose to fulfill, not theirs. I may never be able to witness the results of my time there, but that is fine with me. Every year I come home an emotional wreck, because I went to serve, but I always feel that I was the one who received the greatest blessing from our time together. Today is a good day to start working on goals that you are passionate about. The Kingdom is waiting for you. Inside of you is the key to someone's problem, and they are waiting on you. Today I encourage you to embrace your passion. Stop running, stop


living in denial, and stop making excuses as to why you cannot do what you were created to do. Today I encourage you to enable your passion. Take the limitations off and let God have His way in our life. Today I encourage you to engage your passion. I wish I could tell you that it will be easy, but I cannot. I can tell you that it will be worth it. "Whatever you do, work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord, and not for man." Colossians 3:23 ■


decades-long battle with diabetes. Now faced with the responsibility of caring for his mother with Alzheimer’s, Nelson struggled to maintain his business and personal life. His breaking point came when his pastor and father-figure died that same year. On the surface, he was keeping it all together, while on the inside, he was falling apart. “STAY TUNED” is an instructional guide for professional men and the women who support them. In “STAY TUNED”, Nelson offers wisdom and practical advice on how to overcome life-altering challenges, find peace, and maintain a spiritual connection with God.

CMO Nick F. Nelson Releases New Book Titled “STAY TUNED” (Black PR Wire) Nick F. Nelson, Principal and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of LIQUID SOUL, released his very personal book today titled “STAY TUNED: BALANCING FAITH, FAMILY AND CAREER WITHOUT COMPROMISING YOU”. In “STAY TUNED”, Nelson explains that today there are new rules and increased expectations of men and warns readers of the dangers of "tuning in" to their career while “tuning out” in their personal lives. ABOUT THE BOOK In 2013 Nelson had to make the toughest decision of his life: To take his ailing father off life support, ending his

In this powerful, yet easy-to-read book, men will receive advice on how to stay “tuned-in” to critical areas of their life such as: ● Personal happiness and fulfillment ● Finding life’s purpose ● Navigating your professional career ● Establishing your personal brand and reputation ● Managing people and treating others with respect ● Being present for your family both mentally and physically ● Having faith by trusting in God and being unafraid to take risks ● Establishing work-life balance ● Creating a legacy “In the Marketing industry, Nick F. Nelson is one of the premier leaders, especially in Brand Management. In this Continued on Pg15

To learn about opportunities call us at 336-323-8091. MY ELIFE ■ MYELIFEMAG.COM ■ JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 ■ 336-323-8091



5 Reasons Businesses, Organizations & People Fail By Scott Williams


rying to answer the questo mimic someone else and not bring tion of “why an organizaanything new, fresh or different to the tion or an individual table, you are destined to fail. failed?” generally creates 3. Don’t Solicit Proper Feedbacksome great dialogue. It forces indiIt’s important for individuals and viduals to ask deeper questions and organizations to have the proper peogenerally prompts individuals to start ple speaking into their plan and their pointing blame. life. This helps to bring clarity to Over the years in worktheir identity and ening with many organizacourages individuals tions, individuals, politiand organizations to be “Most people cal candidates, teams etc., true to their unique callgive up just I have found some pretty ing. Additionally, wise common and simple counsel can provide when they’re themes as to what concritical input that may about to achieve alleviate some of the tributes to failure. 1. Lack Identity- They failure contributors altosuccess.” don’t know who they are gether. If you want to or who they want to be. know if something is a They are defined by the latest, greatgood idea, ask those closest to you. est, newest trend and this is a cyclical Not only those closest to you, but process. A person or organization rather those closest to you that will without an identity or clear values to shoot you 100% straight. (The Good, shape their identity is destined to fail. The Bad and The Ugly) Without 2. Copy Cat- This is similar to #1; Good, Godly and Golden counsel, however the heart behind this one is you are destined to fail. to be like “so and so.” It’s important 4. Me Syndrome- If it’s all about to copy what’s burning deep inside you or your organization, you can you, not what’s burning inside of almost guarantee it’s gonna be all someone else. If your only desire is about you, in your own little failure



corner of your own little failure world. Failure Island is a lonely place to be for selfish people. If it’s all about me-me-me, you are destined to fail. 5. Premature Quitter- I am a firm believer that there is definitely a time to call it quits. The good wise counsel in #3 can be the group that help you ascertain when it’s time to quit. I think it’s important to always keep trying to change and move the ball of success down the field. Quitting is one of those things that you will often times have to even take one step past your wise counsel. You must pull from deep inside to know your limits and how much harder you need to work. Often times #1 or rather an individual or organization’s identity is defined in the moments they were thinking about giving up. If you quit prematurely, you are always destined to fail. “Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown. ~Ross Perot What do you think? •

Liquid Soul Continued from Pg13 new, exciting, and timely book, "Stay Tuned," Nick penned some valuable lessons to help enlighten, encourage and strengthen his readers. Nick’s book is refreshing because it goes beyond a simple “how to,” and shares real life experiences that the average reader can relate to and glean important keys for success."

Forsyth Seafood

- Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr. Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International 
Senior Pastor, Changing a Generation Ministries, Atlanta, Georgia While the book is written from a man’s perspective, it also provides valuable insight for women who want to understand what confronts professional men as they navigate the business world while keeping their families at the center of their daily lives. PURCHASE ISBN 978-0-9979870-0-3 $15.99 + S&H About Nick F Nelson Nick F. Nelson is an entertainment marketer, author, and motivational speaker. As Principal and Chief Marketing Officer of LIQUID SOUL, the country’s premier strategic communications and lifestyle marketing agency; Nelson is an innovative force and has produced targeted marketing and communications strategies for some of television’s highest rated shows and more than 20 number-one box office films. For more information or bookings please contact Nicole Garner,

"Fresh Seafood Direct To You," that's the business premise that has given Forsyth Seafood Market & Cafe’ the recognized position as the best seafood restaurant provider in the area. Forsyth Seafood is boasted by many as the best seafood they have ever tasted anywhere! The freshness and novel flavor can be attributed to the owner's unique background. Both are from the Beaufort, North Carolina where seafood is king. Virginia Hardesty and her late husband Charlie Hardesty, started the business in 1984 by peddling shrimp from the back of a truck into the thriving fresh market and 100 seater restaurant that it is today. Since the passing of the late Charlie Hardesty the business has maintained it’s rich legacy through their daughter Ashley Hardesty who like her parents, values freshness and quality. Come taste the absolute freshness and wide variety of seafood, complemented with homemade coleslaw, hush puppies, and other great sides. From the ocean, to our market, to you..."Fresh Seafood Direct To You!” Visit us at 108 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Winston Salem, NC 27101. 336-748-0793



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