Danville Living Magazine January 2020

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Non-profit Spotlight

I Can Do That Performing Arts Center

is Getting Ready to Move Downtown

The brand new I Can Do That Performing Arts Center, opening next fall

By Shayna Ronen, Co-founder/Theatrical Producer, I Can Do That Theatre


anville is an incredible community, and our kids are so fortunate to have access to great schools and education, but something we can’t ignore...is that the world is changing. In a seemingly connected world via social media we are actually losing the opportunity to connect face to face and the ability to understand ourselves and peers. Others are well adjusted, but not necessarily being given all of the tools necessary to develop into their highest and most empowered selves.

A lounge for families and youths to hang out in. All 3D Drawings by Barry & Wynn Architects, Inc.

We founded I Can Do That three and a half years ago, we use the power of community and performing arts to fuel our youth - the individuals who will grow into the leaders, citizens, and problem solvers we need in this world. With access to education along with a foundation in self awareness, collaboration, and problem solving, we believe today’s youth can take on any future challenge and be a positive contribution to the world. At I Can Do That we have witnessed our students creating a positive identity within themselves, and then paying it forward to their peers, building each other up and creating a community of love, encouragement, and growth. Not only are they learning and expanding, they know they have a place where they belong. We have been seeking a creative next step in order to serve more of our local youth in a more deliberate way. We are so thrilled to announce that we have signed a lease and will be transforming a space located at 194 Diablo Rd. into a Performing Arts Center, complete with 3 studio spaces and a lounge for kids and parents alike. We will continue raising the bar in our theatre arts education as we challenge and expand those interested in exploring the arts, offering more productions, classes, and workshops. We will also begin programming focused on the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our youth, giving them access to local teachers and leaders with classes in meditation, yoga, and journaling. We will also be hosting activities and events for the whole family such as karaoke nights, family dance parties, open mic nights and so much more! Our goal is to create a joyful space for our youth community to connect and flourish, a place where they know they belong, where they can connect with their peers and their community and a place where they can grow.

3 studios and designated office spaces will allow ICDT to continue to grow and serve the community

Renovations on the new space will commence on May 1st and the new Performing Arts Center is projected to open in September of 2020. But we need your help this renovation is truly a community effort and we can not do it alone. Although ICDT has been a fully self sustaining non profit and we plan to continue in this way, we need to raise these funds through a capital campaign in order to complete this build. We are in the process of raising $750,000. These funds will cover the complete renovation of the new space. Since our launch on November, 21st 2019 we have already raised over $200,000! We need our community to continue to rally around us so we can provide a beautiful space for our local youth for decades to come. Your help is greatly appreciated at any level! Our youth is the future and we need to invest in them. Let’s truly live locally and start with Danville. If you believe in the power of all that the next generation can create we encourage you to join us! This is an exciting time when we are building our curriculum and our team and we would love to have more motivated community members involved! We are seeking donors, partners, teachers, and volunteers who are passionate about creating a place for our youth to thrive and connect. Please visit our website for current information and get involved!

I Can Do That Performing Arts Center www.ICanDoThatPAC.org info@icandothattheatre.com (925) 718-5899