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Joint Services Transcript (JST) New Website Michelle Alexander, Voluntary Education Enterprise Support


ne of the largest hurdles active duty service members face when transitioning out of the service and into the private sector is figuring out how to tell a hiring manager what they actually did. That’s where the Joint Services Transcript (JST) can help. The JST breaks down military jargon and provides military training and experience history in a format that the service member can use on a resume that a civilian employer can read and relate to. The JST also provides a documented history of professional military education and

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occupational training achieved by service members to colleges and universities for possible college credit. All of this can be found online at the JST’s new website. The redesigned website was launched September 1st to meet the educational and professional needs of the service member. It offers a straightforward and easyto-use format available 24/7 at no-cost to the military student. The website has been restructured to help students and counselors easily locate information needed.

Joint Services Transcript (JST) New Website

Accessing a members JST is easy. Simply log into the new website at After logging in, the header bar is located at the top of the page. This consists of six sections: • Student Training • My Transcripts • My Inquiries • My Degree Agreements • Degree Pathways • Quick Links Student Training: This section consists of the member’s military transcript, overall summary, and academic courses, such as basic training, structured self development and leadership training. My Transcripts: This section consists of the member’s academic transcripts. This includes: • members personal data • military course completions-all courses that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE), with full descriptions and credit recommendations • military occupations-full descriptions, skill levels, and credit recommendations • college level test scores-CLEP, DSST, and ACT DANTES Information Bulletin

• other learning experiences-additional completed courses and occupations that have not been evaluated by ACE for college credit My Inquiries: In this section, a member can create an inquiry to view, print and track their transcripts. Unlike transcripts from universities, the JST is completely FREE. Service members and veterans may opt to have a copy sent directly to the school of their choosing by selecting this from the page’s drop down list. This option is also available electronically for print or download. However, these copies are unofficial. My Degree Agreements: This section allows the member to view any degree agreements they may have with a school. Degree Pathways: See page 5 for more information on this tool. Quick Links: On the right of the page are quick links which can take the member to DANTES and Service specific education websites.


Joint Services Transcript (JST) New Website Here are some of the changes to look for on the redesigned website:

Need help? Have questions? Simply click on “New Inquiry� and submit your question. The JST team will respond as quickly as possible. Their goal is quality customer service above all else.

Want an official transcript? Simply, click on the picture to find more information

DANTES Information Bulletin


Joint Services Transcript (JST) New Website Have more questions? To make corrections to your JST Transcript, click on the graphic or visiting correction.html.

Is there information missing on your JST? Follow the JST corrections guidance. Click on this graphic or go to https://jst. to learn more.

DANTES Information Bulletin


The JST Degree Pathway Tool Degree Pathway Tool

The Degree Pathway Tool (DPT) is a new automated feature residing within the JST website. This tool allows service members to ‘shop’ different academic institutions to find one that best fits their needs for academic success. Academic institutions add their degree plans to the website. Based on institutional rules, American Council on Education (ACE) credit is awarded for different degree pathways. Searches within the DPT can be based on the school, occupation, or all available degrees. Credit is based on ACE evaluated courses and the school determines where credits are best applied within the degree. The academic institutions are responsible for the content of the degree pathways. Originally, the degree pathway tool was for Navy personnel only. Recent changes are ongoing to include Marine Corps and Coast Guard ratings. The information below provide a step by step guide to access the Degree Pathway Tool (DPT). After going through the steps, a member should contact the school to have the DPT reviewed.

Step 1: Log in at to get started.

Step 2: To search the degree options, select “Find Degrees” and select... • By School • By Rating or MOS Code • For All Programs

DANTES Information Bulletin


The Degree Pathway Tool Step 3: If selected by school, to access the dropdown, select the line directly to the right of “Degree Pathway at (Select a School).”

School name

Step 4: View drop down to select school

Step 5: Add Degree Pathway by school MOS. The Degree Pathway shows the requirements needed for completion of the degree selected. Certain pathways will show what courses accept military experience/ education in place of taking the course as shown below.

Step 6: Scroll to the bottom of the plan and you will see a “Totals” section. This section shows the member information about their degree requirements and credit hours needed for their degree.

DANTES Information Bulletin


JST Publications Click the pictures below to print a copies of the JST fact sheet and booklet!


Do you ever wonder who works behind the scenes to make all of this happen? Check out the JST team!

Top Left to Right: Damelia Bizzell, Loueen McGrath, Andrea Veeder Lower Left to Right: Reese Cole, Kenny Carter, Rachell Smith DANTES Information Bulletin


Hot News

Hot News Prometric focuses on the Military


rometric who manages the DSST Exams launched a brand new website! On the new website, Prometric focuses on the military and supports service members and their families in their pursuit of a college degree or career certification with national, certification and licensing exams. Whether active duty, national guard or reserve, military or civilian, at home or abroad, service members can take DSST exams at test centers in more than 180 countries around the globe. For more information, check it out at: https//

Use Veteran “Forever GI Bill” Education Benefits to Pay for Exams


n case you didnt know, Service members and Veterans are able to use their Post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement for national tests, licensing and certification exams—including prior-learning exams, like DSST. Also, under the “Forever GI Bill,” benefits-eligible exams are reimbursed at actual cost, up to $2,000 for a single exam.

Mobile Testing Pilot Teaser

a mobile Credit by Exams testing pilot in the near future. The pilot will focus on providing access to CLEP and DSST Exams for service members serving in down range locations. Stay tuned for more information.

Reminder: CLEP® Spanish with Writing Exam Launched October 2019


ervice members with Spanish language knowledge have the option to take either the CLEP Spanish Language exam (for up to 9 recommended credits) or the new CLEP Spanish with Writing exam (for up to 12 recommended credits). As with other CLEP exams, DANTES will fund the cost of the first attempt of the first attempt of either Spanish exams. In addition, service members will be able to take the new exam at test centers across the country and overseas. Like the current CLEP Spanish Language exam, CLEP Spanish with Writing measures listening and reading skills taught in most first and second-year Spanish language college courses. The exam also includes two mandatory writing tasks that measure a test taker’s interpersonal and presentational communication skills.

In a collaborative effort, DANTES plans to roll out DANTES Information Bulletin


Troops to Teachers Spot Light

Active duty U.S. military members make great teachers!


f you meet a service member who expresses an interest in becoming an instructor, mentor, or teacher, please share information about the Troops to Teachers program. Service members who have a passion for helping others grow in knowledge, understanding, and potential are often a perfect fit for the classroom. While on active duty, all service members should be continually preparing for future career options. This includes working on a college degree, ensuring that their Joint Services Transcript (JST) is up to date, and updating a draft resume with pertinent skills and certifications gained while on active duty, like the PRAXIS exams.

DANTES Reimburses PRAXIS Test Fees U.S. active duty service members may not know that DANTES reimburses the Praxis Series exam fee. This exam series is not necessary for everyone. It is only necessary if a member is interested in a career in education after serving in the military. The Praxis® measures academic skills and subject-specific content knowledge needed for teaching. If a member is thinking about entering the teaching profession, the Praxis Series® tests are a required part of the certification process for many states and professional licensing organizations. It is important to note that not all states require the Praxis exam to teach. Members should do their own research to ensure they need the exam for

DANTES Information Bulletin

employment. DANTES reimburses Praxis® test fees for eligible U.S. military personnel only.

Who is Eligible For Reimbursement? All active-duty service members (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard), as well as members of the National Guard and Reserve components, are eligible to take one DANTES-reimbursed Praxis® Core test and one Subject-specific content knowledge test, per lifetime of service, to include: •

Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) And • Praxis® Subject Assessments, or • Praxis® Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT)

Test Preparation is Key The Praxis® website offers several types of preparation materials, to include study companions, study guides, practice tests, and more. These exams require study and preparation. Members should review the Praxis website fully and know what to expect during the exam. The more time spent preparing means a better score on the exam.


Troops to Teachers Spot Light Scoring and Your Transcripts Since there are several exams within the Praxis Series, members will want to review score information carefully. Praxis website information includes, but is not limited to: • Getting Your Scores • Sending Your Scores • Understanding Your Scores • Scoring Policies

quest, which requires a valid government-issued CAC card. Contact the Exams Program via email at, if you have questions regarding the electronic reimbursement submission process.

Everything a member needs to know about taking the Praxis is located here. Members are encouraged to download and review it fully.

DANTES Reimbursements All information regarding Praxis testing policies, fees, registration procedures, and the nearest test center is available on the Praxis website. The cost of the Praxis® Series varies by test. DANTES does not reimburse the following fees: additional expenses including but not limited to rescheduling, cancellation, late-arrival fees, forfeiture fees, service charges, credit-card interest, travel expenses, and Value Added Tax (VAT) All exam reimbursement requests must be submitted via the Electronic Reimbursement Re-

DANTES Information Bulletin


DANTES Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

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6490 Saufley Field Road, Pensacola, FL 32509 (850) 452-1901




DANTES Information Bulletin The DANTES Information Bulletin is published monthly to inform education personnel about DANTES programs and to help promote more efficient customer service to service members. Email all inquiries to Reproduction in whole or in part is permitted for any purpose of the United States Government, except that copyrighted materials cannot be reproduced without written permission from the copyright owner. The appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by DANTES of the linked websites, or the information, products, or services contained therein.

Jeff Allen, Director Michelle Alexander, Editor DANTES Information Bulletin


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What's inside: - Main Feature: The New and Improved JST Website - Degree Pathway Tool - Meet the JST Team - Hot News: Prometric focuses on t...


What's inside: - Main Feature: The New and Improved JST Website - Degree Pathway Tool - Meet the JST Team - Hot News: Prometric focuses on t...