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SOUND TAKES CENTER STAGE Danish Sound Innovation Network (Danish Sound) works to ensure that Denmark in 2025 will be among the five leading centers in the world for innovative sound-related products and solutions. Our main objective is to bridge the gap between research and business, and across all sound-related competences and disciplines: from music to sound design, electrical engineering, information & data science, audiology, and acoustics. Danish Sound is an ecosystem encompassing professionals who develop technologies, products, and services or in other ways create, apply and convey sound solutions.



Since 2009, Danish Sound has been connecting the many different business areas within sound technology and created interdisciplinary collaboration with a focus on innovative technological solutions. Today we engage more than 650 individuals from over 300 public, private and non-profit organizations. Sound technology products, solutions and services are broadly characterized by the fact that sound is a part of either the problem or the solution.

Aarhus University has various dedicated research and


DELTA is a GTS Institute (Advanced Technology Group)

The Danish sound technology sector, which covers more than 48 different business areas, has a yearly turnover of more than 4 billion Euros, an annual growth rate of 6.5% since 2005, and an export share of approx. 85%. This is a true Danish stronghold with a global outreach.

study activities with a special focus on sound, including a new Center of Excellence (MIB) with research activities within the perception and influence of music in the human brain.

Aalborg University has several departments where

sound is a major focus area. Among the most central are Media Technology and Signal and Information Processing.

with several departments focused on sound, e.g. DELTA Acoustics and DELTA SenseLab. In addition to the GTS research activities, DELTA is also a highly reputable international consultancy company.

Technical University of Denmark has several de-

partments and sections dedicated to sound and acoustics, such as Acoustic Technology, Hearing Systems, Cognitive Systems, and Electronics.

University of Southern Denmark has different study programs and research activities connected to sound and noise, primarily connected to the Acoustics research group at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute, Faculty of Engineering and the audiology educations.


Carsten Tinggaard

Tel.: +45 28 98 81 91 •

5 STRATEGIC THEMES Denmark has five positions of strength within sound in regards to research and business activities as well as potential for new research, development, and innovation. 1: Recording & Reproduction

Speakers, professional live sound systems, Hi-Fi systems and related value chains. Denmark has previously been one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world – and is still among the elite. It is important to continue the investment in research and innovation in order to maintain the Danish position of strength in this area.

2: Diagnostics & Monitoring

Refers to, among other things, measurement systems, acoustic environments, noise analysis, and monitoring. Denmark has unique microphone and signal processing capabilities through several world-leading companies. Such skills are needed in numerous technology areas and industries.

3: Digital Media

The aim is to provide value-added experiences and connect with several creative industries, such as the music, movie and video games industry, dealing with organization and streaming of music and sound, sound quality, as well as broadcast production. It is a high-growth area with potential for entrepreneurs and interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on niche products and services.

4: Designed Sound

Includes fields such as sound branding and designed sound environments. This area stretches from art installations to marketing. We must take advantage of the Danish tradition for excelling in interdisciplinary work and involve both technological and artistic skills.

5. Assistive Techonologies

Three of the ‘Big Six’ within hearing devices are located in Denmark. In total they cover approx. 43% of the global 3.65 billion-Euro market. This is unique, and as a result Denmark has world-leading research environments and several spin-offs, SMEs, and startups in the field of assistive (sound) technologies. In a health care and welfare technology setting, sound can be used passively (e.g. by reducing noise) and actively (e.g. by music intervention or by listening to the human body).

ACOUSTIC CONSULTING We: Design beautiful sound Optimize acoustic solutions Minimize unwanted noise and vibration And create excellent experiences for our clients

DANISH SOUND AS A GLOBAL BRAND Maintaining the globally recognized brand of Danish Sound requires further and continuous cooperation between relevant disciplines nationally as well as globally. With our five strategic themes as target groups, we have developed a toolbox of opportunities and instruments that has contributed to great success stories for our members.

Fostering entrepreneurship Advancing globalization Exploring business opportunities Improving innovation capabilities Optimizing competence and talent development

Bang & Olufsen A/S has been actively involved in the acoustic environment in Denmark for many years. In order to maintain the leading position of Danish sound, it is essential that the sound ecosystem continues to thrive. Through the Danish Sound Innovation Network we want to create a forum focused on the future needs and activities of businesses both large and small – startups as well as established companies. Here, Danish Sound has a special legitimacy; it covers a broad spectrum – both in terms of subjects and fields – and it mitigates the threads, guaranteeing that Danish sound has a visible, strong, and dynamic profile – nationally as well as internationally.

Søren Bech, Head of Research at Bang & Olufsen and Head of the Danish Sound Innovation Network Steering Committee

”An impressive network”

Growth Factory Copenhagen Sound is a shared office and incubator space founded and supported by a number of public/private organizations from the Danish sound and music industry. The ambition is to provide the best possible growth conditions for sound – related startups and entrepreneurs. One of the residents is Audiocase. ”Moving into Growth Factory Copenhagen Sound and receiving ongoing consultancy from Danish Sound has significantly helped set the wheels in motion in our startup company – not least due to a lot of PR, contacts with partners both at home and abroad, as well as in terms of optimizing our product,” says Søren Larsen, founder of Audiocase. ”Danish Sound has an impressive network and truly excels at seeing opportunities both at home and abroad.”

Learn more about Growth Factory Copenhagen Sound at

”Danish Sound has moved mountains for us”

Audiowise is one of the companies that Danish Sound has helped to get abroad – the first trip to South Korea in January 2015 brought home orders in the book as well as an exclusive dealership agreement. ”Danish Sound has really moved mountains for our company. Their dedication and initiatives have given Audiowise access to unique matchmaking and networking opportunities in South Korea,” says Jonniy Sårde, CEO and founder of Audiowise.

Danish Sound put together a strong team ” ” A large and completely disordered collection of scientific articles about music and the impact of music on people during surgery or conditions like depression is now well organized in one publication. ‘Music Interventions in Health Care’ is the result of a collaboration between the University of Aarhus, DK-systems, Widex and SoundFocus, and is financed and initiated by Danish Sound.

”The project was an attempt to identify the impact that sound has in the health care sector – particularly focusing on music intervention, which has proven to have a positive effect, and which, for example, can reduce stress and potentially improve survival chances of patients in critical conditions,” says Kim Rishøj, CEO of SoundFocus. ”For this task, Danish Sound put together a very strong team and gave us the necessary coaching to achieve the desired results. Since publication, the white paper has caused many headlines and has helped open many doors in the health care sector.”

The publication can be downloaded at

Measurement Microphones for all acoustic applications

We make microphones

SOUND SOLUTIONS TO TOMORROW’S GLOBAL CHALLENGES Danish Sound has identified three relevant challenges related to global societal challenges and trends with great potential for future research, innovation and market development. To realize the potential we must successfully transform and leverage the highly specialized knowledge and competences in the Danish sound ecosystem. Three challenge groups of relevant stakeholders will investigate the challenges and possibilities in order to ensure that the Danish sound ecosystem is at the forefront of the development.

Digital & Creative Sound Solutions Research and development of innovative solutions using sound and ICT technologies and competences from the creative industry to foster new solutions in digital media, experience, edutainment, education, communication, robotics, internet of things, big data, and cultural heritage. We will focus on: • Technologies for creative industries, social media, and technology convergence; • Development of digital tools and systems that enable new ways to educate and learn online; • Empowering humans with natural interaction tools that enables interaction with other humans and machines; • Use of sound in robotics to enhance capabilities for communication, navigation, and interaction; • Internet of things and platforms for connected smart objects; • Transforming big data into semantically interoperable data assets and knowledge; • Activating cultural heritage as a win-win for culture, economic growth, and individual fulfilment.

experience and creativity design and documentation art and application: sound

Støj, Rum- og Bygningsakustik mv.

( +45 97 22 11 33

w w w. e b b - c o n s u l t . c o m

Sound Solutions for Health Care Research and development of innovative solutions using Sound and ICT technologies for health, demographic change, and well-being in collaboration with domain experts. The aim is to keep people active and independent for longer and support the development of new, safer, and more effective interventions. We will focus on: • Early risk detection and intervention to ensure active and healthy ageing; • Advanced systems and services for integrated care; • Patient empowerment and self-management of health and diseases.

Danish Sound wants to help set the agenda for the paths we should pursue within the field of Danish sound. Our focus is set on three areas that truly require a transformation from conventional products to unique initiatives and new ways of collaborations between members of the network and key partners around the globe. The time is just right as the areas all benefit from great social awareness, which moreover facilitates opportunities for funding.

Jan Larsen, CEO, Danish Sound

Urban & Environmental Sound Solutions Research and development of innovative solutions using sound and ICT technologies and materials technology to foster new solutions for the protection and sustainable management of ecosystems and environments, as well as developing comprehensive and sustained global environmental observation and information systems. We will focus on: • Development of cost-effective, acceptable, and integrated preventive solutions for smart cities, buildings, and transportation in order to address the noise and sound challenges that have significant impact on individual human health as well as societal structure; • Novel security solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure; • Fighting crime and terrorism by developing forensic tools and enhanced cyber-security solutions.

Contact Danish Sound Tel: +45 4525 3411 Mail: Web:

The Danish Sound Innovation Network is funded by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Danish sound innovation network  

Brochure: Danish Sound - a stronghold with a global outreach

Danish sound innovation network  

Brochure: Danish Sound - a stronghold with a global outreach