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NEWS MAGAZINE ISSN 0113-4965 ● April 2010

Film Evening A Royal Birthday Friday April 16th, at 7.30pm


We will be showing



Come and enjoy another new Danish movie, and be more up to date than most Danish people. Synopsis inside the newsletter. Coffee, tea and cake. Come early to get the best seat! Free film plus coffee and cookies for members - donations welcome. Non-members pay $5.

Coming Up


Family Dinner followed by a film Come to the

Open House

Sunday, April 4th from 2pm

Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Everyone is welcome!

Coffee & cake from $2.50 (Next Open House - May 1st)


H. M. Dronning Margrethe 11

Saturday 24th April 1pm for lunch. Come along to our first smørrebrøds fest of the year and help us celebrate the very special occasion of Dronning Margrethe’s 70th Birthday. Smørrebrød will be served followed by tea and coffee. The bar will be open to buy beer, snaps and other drinks. * You are welcome to dress in ‘Royal Attire’ if you wish!

Members $25.00 Guests $40.00

Please book with Annette Jorna and send payment by Friday, April 16.

Ph: 630 8722

See insert for payment details.


SUBSCRIPTIONS (2010 Financial Year – 1st Oct 2009 to 30th Sept 2010)

P. O. BOX 12 279 - PENROSE 1642 6 Rockridge Ave., Penrose, Auckland Phone 580 3103

Member: Senior rate: (65 & over) Youth rate: (18 to 25) Children under 18 Family discount: Less

Contact phone numbers

The Danish House Valhalla, Leigh


580 3103 09 422 6194

PRESIDENT Inger Mortensen 443 5105 Email: VICE-PRESIDENT Marion Stewart 480 8282 Email: TREASURER Roger Knights 021 858 248 Email: SECRETARY Rolf Siggaard 528 2469 Email: COMMITTEE MEMBERS Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Dawn Nissen 625 7396 EDITOR “NEWS MAGAZINE” Pam Logan 480 9883 9 Puawai Place, Northcote, Auckland E-mail: PRODUCTION John Stewart 480 8282 MAILOUT Helle Scott 521 2844 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Kurt Marquart 476 0244 E-mail:

Other Addresses

ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL P.O. Box 619, Auckland 1 Fax 537 3067 Phone 537 3099 THE TRADE COMMISSION OF DENMARK Harbour View Building, 152 Quay St, 7th Floor P.O. Box 2154, Auckland 1 Fax 307 5207 Phone 379 3119 THE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 Harris Rd (P O Box 85-014) Mt Wellington Phone 579 4490 DANISH CHURCH NEW ZEALAND INC. Pastor Anja Grønne Mathiassen Ph 03 464 0218


Peak Members Guests Adults $18 $30 Children $9 $20 Off-Peak Adults $12 $30 Children $6 $20 Whole house daily rate Off-peak $120 Peak rate $270 Christmas season $320 Off-peak = Mid-week only excluding Christmas season and school holidays Peak = All school holidays, Christmas season and all weekends. Christmas season = Christmas Eve to the end of Anniversary weekend. The house can only be hired for 7 days at any one time. Call the Booking Officer: Marion Stewart, 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, NSC P: 480 8282 E: 2

$60 per member $50 per member $50 per member Free $10 per couple



are held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm

meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month - 11am to 3pm



Working bees are usually held on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month.


meets every 2nd Tuesday. Call Christina on 021 161 3159 for venue.


An Open House is held on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm.

meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.



most Thursdays 7pm Call Helene Reiter on 021 112 0749 for details.

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.

QUICK CHECK CALENDAR April Sun 4 Wed 7 Tues 13 Fri 16 Sat 17 Wed 21 Sat 24 Tues 27 Wed 28 May Sun 2

Open House Card Players Folkdancing Social Night Film Evening Valhalla Working Bee Card Players Smørrebrøds Party 1pm Folkdancing Morning Group Open House

Danish Classes Wednesdays

Beginners 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate 7.30-8.30pm Private lessons are available on Saturday mornings.

For more information call

Connie Kristensen

0274 757 565

Sat 8 Fri 21 Fri 21 Sun 23 Wed 26 June Sun 6 Sat 12 Fri 18 Sun 20 Wed 23 Sat 26

Valhalla Working Bee Film Evening Family Dinner Penrose Working Bee Morning Group Open House Valhalla Working Bee Film Evening St Hans Morning Group Mid Winter Xmas Party

Danish House Hall Hire Rates

Members rates for hiring the hall for the whole day at the Danish House, Penrose. Sunday to Friday inclusive $100 Saturday: $150 Half a day is $25 less. Funerals – no charge. The bond is $150.00 per booking. The booking/holding fee of $50.00 is deducted from the total cost.

Call the Booking Officer: Antony Barrett, Phone 444 0939

Committee Contacts & Convenors for Working Groups Committee Contact Working Group Cultural Card Players Choir Danish lessons Danish Mothers’ group Films Folk dancing Library / Videos Society history Welfare (Cards & Flowers) Danish House Bookings Maintenance Members Membership Communication Editor Webmaster Socials Bar Socials Valhalla Bookings & Maintenance Working Bees

Convenor Phone Oluf Basse 534 2798 Helene Reiter 021 112 0749 Connie Kristensen 0274 757 565 Christina Bengtson 021 161 3159 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Helle Gilderdale 478 7016 Karen Yates 524 6016 Vibeke Courtney 576 3150 Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 email: Pam Logan 480 9883 Lena Burlon 528 1108 email: Finn Nielsen, 625 5533 Annette Jorna 630 8722 email: Marion Stewart 480 8282 Erik Nissen 625 7396

Danish Society News Magazine ● April 2010

From the President’s Desk - March 2010 Kaere alle, Well, autumn is here. Although, the days are still hot and sunny, the nights and mornings are cooler, sometimes almost crisp. But what a fantastic summer we have had! Thank you Kim, for your amazing article last month about my – I mean, your – stay at Valhalla. I really thought you had stolen my story, but of course, this only goes to show that everyone who goes there come away with such great memories and experiences. We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful place to share. February was a busy month for The Danish Society. We had a successful, fun and happy Fastelavn with plenty of dressed-up children and lovely fastelavnsboller (so many different recipes!). And then of course there were our celebrations of the ten year jubilee for the Danish House. Thank you so much to Karen Andersen Yates and everyone who helped for organising two wonderful days of celebrations. I thought everything went really well – the lovely food and entertainment on Saturday; the fun jumping castle for the children, and of course Dorte Soelmark’s unforgettable rosinboller and lagkage on Sunday afternoon. I hope everyone else enjoyed these events as much as I did. In March a few of us have started coming along to Helene Reiter’s Danish choir practices on Thursday evenings at the Danish House, and I really hope a lot more of you will join us. We are having such fun! One thing which has surprised this supposedly non-singing president is how quickly and easily Helene manages to make us sound so good. Please refer to Helene’s article

April 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine

in last month’s magazine for more details. As a lot of you are probably aware, the Danish queen, Hendes Majestæt Dronning Margrethe II is turning 70 on April 16th. Dronning Margrethe is very popular in Denmark and will be celebrated in great style. On the day, she will be woken with singing by friends and family. At noon she will be on the balcony at Amalienborg with all the family to greet all of Denmark – thousands will be at the castle to see the royal family. At night there will be a huge birthday party with several hundred invited guests. Several other events have been arranged to celebrate this very special occasion, including a big music and sports festival on June 5th (Denmark’s National Day, Grundlovsdag). Special coins will be made, including a 1000kr gold coin, and new stamps with a new photo of the Queen are also being introduced. At the Danish Society, we’re marking the event with a smørrebrødsfest on April 24th. See the details of this lunchtime function elsewhere in the magazine. Come along and have a royally good time with friends and acquaintances. A little songbird told me, you may even get treated to a mini-concert by the above mentioned choir, our first ever! I look forward to seeing you at the Danish House one day soon. Med kaerlig hilsen Inger Mortensen


The story behind the latest written history of Danish House After 10 years of Danish House in Penrose, it is easy to take the actual house for granted. After all it is there; and there to be used. And used it is not just by the Danes but also by other Cultural Societies, especially the Swedish, Finnish and the Swiss and of course by other groups. The past ten years have slipped quickly by. Many of you will remember being involved in voting for a new home for the Danish Society and then later seeing it rise from the ground culminating in the opening ceremony on the 02. 02. 2000 and then the life of the Society just flowed on, as it does. There really is a wonderful story of leaving the old house in Parnell, finding a location and building a new house and it needed to be told. Things like obtaining a House for a cultural Society like ours, does not happen without effort, conflict and then celebration. When the Committee asked me in August 2009 to organise the tenth anniversary of Danish House, it seemed the perfect time to write a history about the House and the Society. The last written history of the Danish Society dates back to 1991 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Danish House in Parnell. Many of you will also remember that occasion and the celebratory black and white booklet on the life of the Danish Society. On considering, it seemed most obvious, that the best people to write the story about building Danish House in Penrose were those directly involved in the project. The Danish Society had appointed a group of people to take charge of finding new premises for the Society and bestowed the name of the Futures Committee. Now it just so happen that a large number of that committee are still involved in the Danish Society and my hope was that they would be willing to take another project on. To me it felt like an uncompleted task of the former Futures Committee; but would they accept the challenge? In September 2009, I called a meeting of the former

Futures Committee, the membership of which was made up of nine men. I found it utterly amazing that seven members of the Futures Committee turned up. Of the two absent members, one lived away from Auckland; the other was away from NZ. The meeting explored the possibility of writing a history of Danish House. The idea was readily received. Those that had time accepted to write a chapter and all fulfilled their commitment in time. Only two meetings were necessary along with umpteen numbers of communications on email. It was an enormous pleasure to work with the group and the reward was the greater pleasure to see the different sections fitting together into a completed document augmented with a large number of photographs, reminding us of what the building looked like as it was taking shape. I want to thank the former Futures Committee for their work of building Danish House, as they were entrusted to do, so we can enjoy this fine building today and now ten years later write about their work; John Rasmussen, Bjarne Elowsson, Robert Grundy, Richard Logan, Svend Jensen, Niels Jaegersborg, Finn Nielsen (David Barrett and Robert Scott were not available). You were a wonderful team to work with, meeting deadlines and producing what was required. It is easy to see how this group with the support of their wives, managed to find the section at Penrose and build Danish House. You worked hard together, gave enormously of your time and talents and achieved the desired outcome in such a short time and you as a group did it again in writing this recent history. Thanks also go to others who contributed to the history: Annette Jorna, Rita Jaegersborg, Lise Elowsson and Pam Logan. Pam compiled the document and John Stewart did his magic on the layout and organised the printing. What amazing team work to produce a record of what the Danes in Auckland have contributed to their community in recent Ce The Danish Society (Inc.) Auckland

lebrating 10 year s

A history of the Danish House for the past 10 years was presented to the club at the 10 year celebration of Danish House, Penrose on February 27th & 28th. Copies are available to members for $4.00 each. Get your copy at an Open House or other Danish Society event. 4

of the

Danish House at 6 Rockridge Ave nue

, Penrose

February 2010

Danish Society News Magazine â—? April 2010

times and hence New Zealand. Thank you so much each one of you. You will be able to read the history “Celebrating 10 years of the Danish House at 6 Rockridge Avenue, Penrose, February 2010 “ which is obtainable at Danish House functions. There is a contribution of $4 for each copy, which goes towards the cost of printing but does not cover the total outlay. The content covers the reason for leaving the house in Parnell, finding a location, building Danish House, the finances to support the project, keeping the Society going

while without a ” home”, the opening ceremony and completing the house. The last chapter is a synopsis of the life of the Society in the new house. It could well be that you will find yourself in the some of the pictures in the book! It is impressive to read the history of the Danes in Auckland that feel strongly about their culture and roots. Thank you again to the Futures Committee and all those members that gave time and energy to the project of Danish House in Penrose. Karen Andersen Yates

President’s Speech at the 10 year Celebrations I dag fejrer vi ikke blot, at vores smukke og dejlige klubhus har stået i ti år, men især alle de mennesker, som på alle mulige forskellige måder er og har været med til at skabe vores klub og dets faciliteter. Alle medlemmer er vigtige og er med til at gøre vores klub til det ”mini-samfund” det er idag. Og ganske som ethvert andet moderne samfund, udvikler det sig hele tiden. Men et moderne samfund er jo netop baseret på de mennesker, der gik forud og de ting de gjorde for fremtiden. Derfor er det passende at kigge tilbage på historien og anerkende og fejre alle de fantastiske ting, der er sket i Danish Society’s historie både i den tid, vi har været her i Penrose og så sandelig også i den tid, der gik forud. Vi skylder en meget stor tak til de danskere, som havde visionerne for en dansk forening og et klubhus i Auckland og til alle, der siden da på forskellige måder har bidraget til foreningen. En særlig tak til medlemmerne af ”Future’s Committee” netop i dag, hvor det Danske Hus kan fejre 10 års fødselsdag. Jeg håber, I alle vil benytte jer af muligheden for at købe jeres ”stykke historie” i form af bogen, som er blevet lavet i anledning af 10års-jubilæet. Der er blevet lagt et fantastisk stykke arbejde i denne bog, og den er både velskrevet og velredigeret. Jeg vil gerne på foreningens vegne sige tak til generalkonsulerne Schousboe, Stigley og Jægersborg, fordi I kunne komme og fejre denne specielle anledning med os. Og jeg vil gerne sige tak til Karen og hendes team, fordi I har arrangeret denne fantastiske weekend, både her i aften og i morgen eftermiddag. We’re here today to celebrate not only that our beautiful club house has been here for ten years, but especially to celebrate all the people who in all their different ways have shaped our club and its facilities. April 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine

All our members are important and help make the club the society that it is today. And just like with any modern society, the Danish Society is forever developing. But a modern society is of course based on the very people who went before and the things they did for the future. Therefore it is fitting that we should look back at history and appreciate and celebrate all the fantastic things that happened in the history of the Danish Society; both in the time that we have been here in Penrose and certainly also in the time that went before that. We owe a very big thank you to all the Danes who had the visions for a Danish Society and a club house in Auckland and to everyone who have since in various ways contributed towards our Society. A special thank you to the members of the Future’s Committee today when Danish House is celebrating its ten year anniversary. I hope you will all take the opportunity to buy your “piece of history” in the form of the book which has been published for this event. An amazing amount of work has been put into the book, and it is both wellwritten and edited. I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the Society to the general consulates Schousboe, Stigley and Jægersborg for being here today and celebrating this special event with us. And I’d like to say thank you to Karen and her team for organising this fantastic weekend, both tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Inger Mortensen, President 5

THE SHOP The purpose of the shop is to give the members an opportunity to purchase Danish produce. It is situated on the right as you come into the house and was the old cloakroom. You can still hang your coat there if you wish. The main products available are sild (in buckets) and herrings (in smaller jars), packets of assorted sweets and a variety of other things such as cook books and pens etc. We have sold cheese but will reconsider if this is a viable option. Oluf Basse is running the shop with the help of his daughter Kim and it will open as often as possible such as at Open House or if there is a social function.

Film Review

Friday 16th April, at 7.30pm We will be showing

FLUGTEN Thriller 2009

Starring Iben Hjele, Lars Mikkelsen Directed by Katrine Windfeld Synopsis

Rikke Lynvig, a Danish journalist whose life is turned upside down and pushed to the brink of destruction when she’s seized by the members of a violent terrorist cell and taken hostage in Afghanistan. Rikke’s fate turn a corner when one of her captors, Nazir, suddenly unveils an unseen level of sympathy and aids her escape, after the young woman returns home safely and discovers that she has become an unlikely celebrity.

Congratulations Oluf began his working career at Salling in Arhus so he is very experienced. The object of the shop is not to make vast profits but to cover costs and to have a bit extra just to give some flexibility. So next time you are at the house, call in to see the goods, say hello to Oluf and  purchase some  merchandise. If you have suggestions as to what you would like the shop to stock or 180g. 180g.  even what the shop should be called then these ideas are always welcome. We liked the name 180g. 165g. ‘Brugsen’. There will always be a  45g. friendly smile at the shop so call in.  Kim Basse 40g. 6

One of our members, Linda Bryder, was recently made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand in recognition of her distinguished career in medical history. Here she is receiving her certificate and medal from the President of the Royal Society, Dr Garth Carnaby, at the recent celebration in Auckland.

Valhalla Working Bee – March 20th A small enthusiastic team started arriving on Friday for the weekend. Palle and Graham commenced planning and preparing for the winter planting program. On Saturday, Neil, Erik and Niels did further work on the steps, securing the base and adding more name plates and put wedges under the treads. Jess and Gitte arrived and started work on the water bore upgrade. Tove, Palle and Graham planted and did general weeding and spraying around the property. Vibeke and Neville were kept busy supplying all the meals for the weekend while Dawn attended to the house cleaning. Sunday was a good day, with work continuing on all projects until the afternoon. Thank you to all for your efforts. Regards, Erik and Dawn Danish Society News Magazine ● April 2010

We need your help! at the next Valhalla Working Bees 17th-18th April 8th-9th May

We are seeking your support to carry out a whole range of jobs. Our main focus will be to do outside jobs such as completing the steps, cleaning, weeding and planting etc. There is always house-cleaning to do as well. Any help is welcome. Lunch is supplied by the society, therefore we need to know the number of participants by Wednesday 14th April.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Dawn or Erik Nissen on 625 7396

Valhalla News Fire ban in the Rodney district still Current.

At the time of writing this report the Rodney District Fan Ban is still in full force. It is illegal to light any fires without permission including BBQs of the non-gas type, Remember any fires that require the fire service to attend will be charged to the person responsible (and that could run into tens of thousands of dollars).

Fireworks are banned at all times at Valhalla. Bookings: The next two weekends that are free

is 19th June 2010 followed by 24th July 2010. The bookings are coming in thick and fast with January 2011 completely full except for one day. I only have four rooms available from the 24th – 30th December 2010 over the summer holidays. If you are planning on going to Valhalla those dates are currently your only options. Of all the bookings received to date for the next 11 months, only 4 are pencil bookings all others are confirmed with the deposit paid.

Payment: Please return the key and payment within 5 working days. You must also record and provide to me the total number of members and guests. This is important information for the committee to view the booking trends of Valhalla. This information is also vital for our Valhalla sub-committee project planning. Winter Planting: In a few months we will begin

planting in earnest over the working bees, all help would be gratefully accepted. We will be contacting all

April 2010 ● Danish Society News Magazine

users of Valhalla for help with this project and hope to see you up there.

Other Valhalla projects: If you visited Valhalla over the summer you would have seen the huge effort that Erik Nissen and his team put into property during the working bees. We took on quite a few projects and were very happy to have completed most of them in time for the summer visitors. Some projects are nearing completion such as the steps including the name plaques and two will continue on through 2010 such as the Bore and the Septic Tanks. The Bore and the Septic Tanks work will not be such visible projects to visitors at Valhalla. We have had many months of research, discussions and meetings on these two projects. Both could potentially be high costs projects so we are being very careful to ensure we get the best value for money for our members. The maintenance of our reforestation is an ongoing project, which is in very good hands with Palle Olsen and Graham Wright as Palle’s 2 IC. In and around these projects the general maintenance of the property will be continued. Marion Stewart, Valhalla Convenor 7

Thank You Letters To the Danish Society Thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangement I received for my ‘round’ birthday in March. A pleasure to behold. Pam Logan To the Danish Society I want to say thank you for the lovely flower arrangement that I received from The Danish Society, after my time in hospital. At the same time I want to say a big thank you to all my Danish friends that came to visit and have been helping me recover. I do really appreciate your kindness and your friendship. Regards Dorte Soelmark


In February on one of the hottest days, we celebrated Fastelavn. We are lucky to have this beautiful handmade ”tønde” that Carsten Dansted has made for us for many years. The strong Danish little Viking children did not hit many times before the large amounts of lollies fell out of the barrel. This is the aim of the game and lots of fun. In Denmark this is also held outside on a cold day in February, needing a few layers of clothing inside the costume. Thanks everyone for making an effort getting dressed up, and for Carsten to produce this barrel, only for it to get broken in a short amount of time. Randi Beck Edwards


Thank you to Kim Basse, Randi Beck Edwards, Inger Mortensen, Karen Andersen Yates, and Marion Stewart for articles sent in, and also to Carol Stigley, Karen Andersen Yates, Niels & Rita Jaegersborg, Bjarne & Lise Elowsson and Pam Logan for photos in this month’s magazine.

Welcome to New Members

Velkommen til nye medlemmer: Bjorn Aagesen Inge Brown

Foreningsnyt Congratulations to all the members who have birthdays and the couples who have an anniversary in April. Mary Brindle som fylder 65 år d. 5.4.2010 Alistair Johnston som fylder 50 år d. 23.4.2010 Visse Hopley som fylder 65 år d. 25.4.2010 Elisabeth & Alistair Johnston som d. 14.4.2010 har været gift i 20 år Anna-Margrethe & Gokke Jorgensen som d. 18.4.2010 har været gift i 40 år

DANISH CHOIR Soprano, alto, tenor, bass, men, women, young and young at heart. Why not join the Danish Choir on Thursdays at 7pm in the Danish House. $10 per class this term.

Enquiries: phone Helene Reiter 021 112 0749

Wednesday Morning Group Wednesday, April 28th, 10.30am

The next magazine deadline is Apr 16

All contributions welcome – in English or Danish (with a short summary in English). The magazine can also be read (in full colour) online at Note: ads for events must be in a calendar month before the event. Pam Logan (Editor) 8

10.30 am Coffee and chat 11.00am More formal part of our gathering For men and women of all ages. This group’s focus is friendship, Danish life and culture

Bring your Lunch to enjoy after the meeting. Danish Society News Magazine ● April 2010

Smørrebrøds Party Fest/ Smørrebrøds

Royal Birthday Party Hooray! It’s time again for a very popular party! Venue: The Danish Society 6 Rockridge Venue: The DanishAve Society PenroseAve 6 Rockridge th Saturday 24Penrose April 2010 at 1pm

Come and enjoy Saturday 24th March 2007 at 6 pm the wonderful, ‘Danish Open Sandwiches’ Bring and cash to buy beer, snaps other drinks Come enjoy the wonderful open and Danish sandwiches Bring cash to buy beer,from snapsour andbar. other drinks from our bar Price per member $25 Choose your favorite song from a deluxe jukebox and let’s Price per guest $40 dance Send in the slip or e-mail to

per member $25 630 8722 EnquiriesPrice to Annette Jorna: phone Price per guest $35

latest by Friday 16th April 2010 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -cut here- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Book with Randi or Sent in by (print name): ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________ 021 221 6702 (leave a detailed message) Contact phone number: latest by____________________ Friday 16th March 2007 - - -- - -I have - - - - - enclosed --------a - -cheque - - - - - -cut here- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  I have paid online on the date: Sent in by: __________________________________________ _______________  I have enclosed a cheque Payment covers ______ guests and ______ members  I have paid online on the date: _______________ Please send this slip by Friday 16th April to: th Please this Society slip by Friday 16 March to: The send Danish R Knights PO Box 12 279 POPenrose, Box 548 Auckland 1642 Orewa “Soc2404” “Soc2403” If you wish online, please our account: 3036 0671539 000 If you wish to to paypay online, please creditcredit our account: 12 303612 0671539 000 st st reference (please write): Soc2404 1 1reference (please write): Soc2403 nd nd (please write): “your name” 2 2reference reference (please write): “your name” AND: please ensure all previous references are cleared.


from 2pm Ph: 630 8722 H. M. Dronning Margrethe 11 FRIDAY, MAY 21 Coffee & cake from $2.50 Come to the Come and enjoy another new Danish...

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