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NEWS MAGAZINE ISSN 0113-4965 ● June 2011

Mid-Winter Film Evening Smørrebrøds Friday June 17th Come and have a hyggelig winter evening

Sandheden Om Mænd


Saturday, 25 June, 7pm

(The Truth About Men)

Traditional ‘Danish Open Sandwiches’ will be served, followed by tea and coffee. Cash bar to buy beer, snaps etc.

Starring Thue Lindhart (as seen in Flammen and Citronen)

*Musician – Mark Wenski will entertain us with his guitar and singing during dinner and a variety of music for those wanting to dance also.

2010 Comedy

Movie is served with coffee and cake. Members $5 (donation) Non-members $7

Wednesday Morning Group Wednesday, June 22nd

10.30am Coffee and chat 11am – Jens Madsen – Danish Business leader in Auckland until recently CEO of Ports of Auckland Bring your lunch to eat following the meeting – All Welcome Focus of group “Friendship and Danish life and culture”

Come to the

Open House

Sunday, June 5th from 2pm

Come and meet your friends or get some new ones – Everyone is welcome!

Coffee & cake from $2.50 (Next Open House – July 3rd)

Price: Members $25.00 Guests $40.00 Book by Friday 17 June Annette Jorna – ph 630 8722

or email her on

* See insert for payment details *

Bookings after 17 June: Members $30.00 Guests $40.00 (no registrations accepted after 21 June!) Looking forward to seeing you

Skt Hans

Sunday, 19th June, at 5pm Come along and celebrate this great Danish Midsummer tradition of bonfire, songs and hot dogs. If you like, come early – at about 4pm – to help us make and decorate the witch to get her ready for send-off. After the bonfire, Danish hotdogs and drinks can be purchased. Bring your own snobrødsdej (damper-dough) and marshmallows to bake over the embers of the fire – remember the sticks.

No need to register for this event, but if you have any questions or would like to help us with catering by registering your intention to attend, please phone Inger on 443 5105 or email me on

THE DANISH SOCIETY (INC) P. O. BOX 12 279 - PENROSE 1642 6 Rockridge Ave., Penrose, Auckland Phone 580 3103

SUBSCRIPTIONS (2011 Financial Year – 1st Oct 2010 to 30th Sept 2011) Member: Senior rate: (65 & over) Youth rate: (18 to 25) Children under 18 Family discount: Less

Contact phone numbers

The Danish House Valhalla, Leigh

580 3103 09 422 6194



PRESIDENT Inger Mortensen 443 5105 Email: VICE-PRESIDENT Marion Stewart 480 8282 Email: TREASURER Roger Knights 021 858 248 Email: SECRETARY Pam Logan 480 9883 Email: COMMITTEE MEMBERS Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Louise Robertson 410 0108 EDITOR “NEWS MAGAZINE” John Stewart 480 8282 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, North Shore 0627 E-mail: MAILOUT Helle Scott 521 2844 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Kurt Marquart 476 0244 E-mail:

Other Addresses

ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL P.O. Box 619, Auckland 1 Fax 537 3067 Phone 537 3099 THE TRADE COMMISSION OF DENMARK P.O. Box 2154, Auckland 1 Fax 307 5207 Phone 379 3119 THE LUTHERAN CHURCH 1 Harris Rd (P O Box 85-014) Mt Wellington Phone 579 4490 DANISH CHURCH NEW ZEALAND INC. Pastor Anja Grønne Mathiassen Ph 03 464 0218


Peak Members Guests Adults $18 $30 Children $9 $20 Off-Peak Adults $12 $30 Children $6 $20 Whole house daily rate Off-peak $120 Peak rate $270 Christmas season $320 Functions $320 Off-peak = Mid-week only excluding Christmas season and school holidays Peak = All school holidays, Christmas season and all weekends. Christmas season = Christmas Eve to the end of Anniversary weekend. The house can only be hired for 7 days at any one time. Call the Booking Officer: Marion Stewart, 88c Coronation Road, Hillcrest, NSC P: 480 8282 E: 2

$60 per member $50 per member $50 per member Free $30 per couple


An Open House is held on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm.



meets every 2nd Tuesday. Call Christina on 021 161 3159 for venue.

are held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30pm



meet at 7.30pm on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.



Working bees are usually held on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month. meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month - 11am to 3pm

Meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10.30am.

QUICK CHECK CALENDAR June Sun 5th Sat 11th Mon 13th Fri 17th Sun 19th Sat 25th July Sun 3rd Sat 9th Mon 11th Fri 15th

Sun 17th Bingo August Sun 7th Open House Mon 8th Committee Meeting Sat 13th Valhalla Working Bee Sat 13th Winter-Warm-Up, Folkdancers Sun 14th Mothers’ Group Mid-Winter Xmas Sat 27th Dinner-Party (not smœrrebrœd) September Open house & Danish Church Service Sun 4th Open House Sat 10th Valhalla Working Bee Valhalla working bee Mon 12th Committee Meeting Committee meeting Sun 25th Young Over 60’s Lunch Film evening Open House Valhalla working bee Committee meeting Film evening Skt Hans Mid-Winter Christmas party (Smœrrebrœds)

Danish House Hall Hire Rates Danish Classes Members rates for hiring the hall for the whole day at Wednesdays

Beginners 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate 7.30-8.30pm Private lessons are available on Saturday mornings.

For more information call

Connie Kristensen

0274 757 565

the Danish House, Penrose. Sunday to Friday inclusive $110 Saturday: $165 Half a day is $27 less. Funerals – no charge. The bond is $150.00 per booking. The booking/holding fee of $50.00 is deducted from the total cost.

Call the Booking Officer: Antony Barrett, Phone 444 0939

Committee Contacts & Convenors for Working Groups Committee Contact Working Group Cultural Card Players Danish lessons Danish Mothers’ group Films Folk dancing Library / Videos Society history Welfare (Cards & Flowers) Danish House Bookings Maintenance Members Membership Communication Editor Webmaster Socials Bar Socials Valhalla Bookings & Maintenance Working Bees

Convenor Phone Oluf Basse 534 2798 0274 757 565 Connie Kristensen Christina Bengtson 021 161 3159 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 Finn Nielsen 625 5533 Helle Gilderdale 478 7016 Karen Yates 524 6016 Vibeke Courtney 576 3150 Antony Barrett 444 0939 Kim Basse 473 6455 Kurt Marquart 476 0244 email: John Stewart 480 8282 Gitte Abildgaard Nielsen 360 1110 email: Finn Nielsen, 625 5533 Annette Jorna 630 8722 email: Marion Stewart 480 8282 Palle Olsen 09 426 6840

Danish Society News Magazine ● June 2011

From the President’s Desk - May 2011 Kære alle,

Hygge Last Sunday (May 15th) there was an article in the Sunday Star Times about hygge. A friend said to me, “the photos didn’t quite do it justice – not a lit candle in sight!” The author of the article, Catherine Woulfe had contacted me, and I quickly put the question out to members of the Mothers’ Group – what is hygge? I enjoyed the ensuing debate and a lovely chat on the phone with Catherine, and I think she did well with the text even if the photos weren’t quite right. I wished I’d had more time to ask all the members of the Society what hygge is, but of course we could have our own feature in the next newsletter. Send me or our editor, John, your thoughts on what hygge is for you, and we will publish them, complete with photos of lit candles! I hope you have all marked your calendars for some of the upcoming, hyggelige events at the club, including the mid-winter Christmas party on Saturday, 25th of June. Today I went to a very productive meeting with some wonderful, enthusiastic members who are involved with the organisation of another upcoming event, the celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Bishop Monrad. This is in November, but already plans are in full swing. I wish to thank Helle Gilderdale

for an entertaining, informative, and personal article in our last newsletter about Monrad. A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by a Dane from Christchurch who was keen to take us up on the offer of trying to find him and his partner a host family, so they could get a bit of R&R away from their shaky home city. I was delighted to find that within literally a few hours of posting a note about this on our club’s facebook page, I had an offer from a very kind family who were more than happy to have the Christchurch couple staying with them. They came up last week, and from what I understand, had a lovely time. Please feel free to contact me, if you would like to know more about our facebook page. If you happen to be travelling to Melbourne, you might like to have a look at the Danish Club there. They have recently moved into new premises, called Denmark House, which boast among other things a Nordic restaurant. If you have access to the internet, you can have a look here: . I will also write a bit more about this club in a later newsletter. Med kærlig hilsen, Inger Mortensen

In Memoriam

Kirsten Pedersen 1922–2011 Kirsten died peacefully on 18 May after several months in hospital and a nursing home. She was a member of the Danish Society for over 64 years, possibly our longest serving member. Her forthright personality and intense interest in everyone she knew made her one of the most popular characters in the Society. When she arrived in Auckland in 1947, newly married to Poul, she became well-known for her hospitality and assistance to many Danish immigrants in the decades that followed. Many Danes that came to Auckland in the 1950s and 60s would have enjoyed coffee in Kirsten’s kitchen at 6 Rose Rd, always accompanied by good Danish baking. She lived there happily for 60 years. The generosity of hospitality meant much to the many friends that gathered in her kitchen. Kirsten maintained contact with her friends and continued to do so till the end of her life. She will be greatly missed by many. In the early days, Kirsten and Poul enjoyed Danish folk-dancing. In later years she regularly attended Open House, the Cards club, and her favourite was the Over Sixties luncheon. Her ability as an organiser and book-keeper was recognised when she became a Commissioner in the Girl Guide movement (she proudly wore the uniform!) and for many years she was responsible for the finances of the Guides in the Auckland region. She was also a loyal member of the Lutheran Church. On behalf of the Danish Society, I extend our sympathy to her children Eric and Linda and to her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Ære være hendes minde. Inger Mortensen, President June 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine



Book donations: We are very grateful for all the books that our members donate to the Danish House Library, BUT, yes, there is a BUT: If you have books that you want to give to the Society, please ring me first so that I know they’re there (I might even offer to pick them up for you and save you a trip). That way I can get them sorted and make them available to the members a lot sooner. Inventory: In the coming months I’m planning to go through the books and make an inventory, so if you have Danish Society books at home at the moment, could you please return them to the library before the end of July. There’s no time limit on the loans, and if you haven’t finished whatever it is you’re reading, just bring it in so that I can get the details, and then you can take it home again.

Recommendations: If you read a book from our library that you love, it would be great to let other people know that you loved it, and of course the best way to do this would be to write a review for the magazine. However, I do realise that people are often too busy to do this, so instead I suggest you put the book in question up on a stand in the library room with a note that just says: “I loved this book!” Happy reading! Venlig hilsen, Helle Ph. 478 7016

D.G Monrad Celebrations in Auckland Friday 25th November 2011, 7.30pm

A brief word from the Treasurer It is of enormous help to us when members pay on-line – it saves quite a lot of our valuable time processing data for inputting to the accounts. Payments online can be for almost anything – from Socials and similar to Membership fees. If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque: that is also fine by us! The only problem that sometimes occurs when making a payment online is that a “field” previously used to describe your payment (e.g. “membership”) may still be there! It seems that this happens when you use “bill payment” option rather than “fastcheque” or single payment option. You should still be able to have “Danish Society Inc” as a payee in your system. So: a plea from Vera and Roger: when making payment by direct credit, please ensure that the references are correct – e.g. that no reference to membership is shown when paying for a social (e.g. “Soc 2005”), AND your name. Thanks for your help! Vera and Roger

Film Review Friday, June 17th at 7.30pm We will be showing

Sandheden Om Mænd (The Truth About Men) Synopsis (2010 comedy):

Mark this date in your diary now and keep watching for more information in the News Magazines For historic information and programmes of events in Wellington and Palmerston North see the websites:; Contact person: Karen Andersen Yates Ph: 524 6016 4

Mads has got everything, house, wife and a plan to have children. He starts to wonder about the meaning of life. He begins to panic and starts a new life where he lives out the dream, finds another younger girlfriend, embarresses himself on dates amongst other things. He is chasing the dream and believes the grass is greener on the other side, slowly but surely he discovers that life is not all about finding old girlfriends from the past. Starring; Thue Lindhart, Tuva Novotny, Signe Egholm Olsen, Rasmus Botoft Director; Nicolai Arcels Danish Society News Magazine ● June 2011

The Mark of Denmark Princess Alexandra Carolina Marie Charlotte Louise Julia of Denmark was born on the 1st December 1844 at the Yellow Palace in Copenhagen. At the age of sixteen she was chosen as the future wife of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, the heir of Queen Victoria. As Princess of Wales from 1863 to 1901, the longest anyone has ever held that title, she won the hearts of the British people. She became immensely popular, her style of dress and bearing were copied by most fashion-conscious women at the time. Princess Alexandra was a devout Christian throughout her entire life, and always followed High Church beliefs. She and the Prince of Wales were married on the 10th March, 1863. By the end of the following year, Alexandra`s father had ascended the throne of Denmark as King Christian IX which gave rise to further problems over the fate of Schleswig-Holstein. Her brother George had become King of Greece and her sister Dagmar was engaged to the Tsarevitch of Russia. Both the Prince and the Princess of Wales gave their full support to Denmark during the war which ended in 1864 with a victory for the German Confederation. This Prussian conquest of Danish land heightened Alexandra`s dislike of the Germans; a feeling which stayed with her for the rest of her life. In public Alexandra was dignified and charming, in private affectionate and she was devoted to her children. During the 1868/9 year, she and the Prince of Wales visited many of the Mediterranean countries and she became the first woman to sit down to dinner with the Turkish Sultan. When Alexander II of Russia was assassinated in 1881, both the Prince and Princess of Wales travelled to Saint Petersburg to represent Britain, but also so Alexandra could be with her sister who was now Tsarina, and provide support during this difficult time. Alexandra undertook many public duties and took a keen interest in the London Hospital, where she regularly visited Joseph Merrick, who was also known as the “Elephant Man.“ In 1894, her brother-in-law, June 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine

Alexander III of Russia, died and her now widowed sister, the Dowager Empress Maria, depended heavily on support from Alexandra who stayed beside and prayed with her sister until Alexander’s burial two weeks later. With the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, Alexandra became Queen-Empress Consort to the new King, and her domain included the United Kingdom, The British Dominions including New Zealand and Empress Consort of India. Alexandra and Edward were crowned together in August 1901, she by the Archbishop of York and he by the Archbishop of Canterbury. She remained deeply distrustful of Germany and opposed anything which she believed would favour their expansion or interest. In 1890 she wrote to a number of British ministers and senior military personnel, warning against the planned exchange of the British North Sea island of Heligoland for the German colony of Zanzibar, but to no avail. The Germans fortified the island and it became a key maritime position for Germany during WWI. Alexandra retained a youthful appearence into her senior years but during the time of WWI her age started to show. She took to wearing elaborate vails and more makeup and was still setting the female society fashion, which included a slight limp, for more than fifty years. During her years as both Princess of Wales and Queen Consort she gave personal support to many courses including buying a river launch named Alexandra to ferry the wounded during the Sudan Campaign and to fit out a hospital ship called The Princess of Wales to bring back wounded from the Boer War in South Africa. She also founded Queen Alexandra`s Imperial Military Nursing Service later renamed Queen Alexandra`s Royal Army Nursing Corps. It should be noted that the New Zealand South Island town of Alexandra, was named after Queen Alexandra, who started life as Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Sent in by Carlo Mikkelsen 5

Attention All Valhalla Users The working bee season is upon us and there are lots of things to do to keep Valhalla to the high standard that we are all used to, along with making further improvements we can all enjoy. We are hoping that all users can find time this winter in their busy schedules to help out once during the working bee season. Maybe for a weekend or just for one day. As we all know, many hands make light work. Some may even be able to bring a friend or two who also use Valhalla and would like to do their bit to keep the place looking good. For a number of years we have had nonmembers come to working bees once a year to help. As they are up at Valhalla once or twice a year with their member friends they feel they should be part of helping keep Valhalla looking good. It’s great to see people contribute like that even though they are not members themselves. The working Bees this year are; •

10-12 June

8-10 July

12-14 August

9-11 September

7-11 October

For our older users there is also a mid week working bee planned for 7th – 9th November if that suits better. For families with sporting kids the October working bee 6

may be the best one as it is in the school holidays and hopefully the kids won’t have Saturday sports by then. As many people who have been on Valhalla working bees will testify they are great fun with good comradeship and lots of laughs. It also produces a real feeling of satisfaction having contributed to a voluntary project. Saturday dinner is always a lot of fun, sharing a meal together after a days work makes a great wind down. Very much like previous generations when the community worked together on a project, such as building the community hall, church or even working on one of the families houses then, at the end of the day, they shared a meal together. That sort of joy of community spirit is still available to us if we will just stop for a moment in our busy lives and DO IT. So come on users, do you bit and have lots of fun doing it, with the added benefit of satisfaction knowing you have contributed to the upkeep and upgrading of YOUR holiday home. Give me a call or email to book in a weekend or day to help. Thanks for your past efforts they have been greatly appreciated over the years by Valhalla’s many users. Palle Olsen Phone: 09 426 6840 Email: Danish Society News Magazine ● June 2011

We need your help! at the next Valhalla Working Bees 10th-12th June 8th-10th July

We are seeking your support to carry out a whole range of jobs, both indoors and outdoors. There is always house-cleaning to do as well as weeding etc. Any help is welcome. Lunch is supplied by the society, therefore we need to know the number of participants by Wednesday 6th July.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Palle Olsen on 09 426 6840, 021 255 0911 or

Valhalla Sub-Committee Report New Arrival and Departure requirements

The Valhalla sub-committee has put in place a new system for arriving and departing Valhalla. This system is designed to help us look after Valhalla for you by ensuring we are aware of maintenance that needs our attention immediately. It is also a good self-check for you as an occupant to ensure you are leaving the house as you found it or better. The Arrival and Departure form (sample below) is in a book Your Valhalla Booking

Please ✓ where applicable and comment where necessary

On arrival: ________________________________________________________ Member responsible for booking Valhalla: _________________ Date and time of arrival: ____ / ____ / ____

_________ am/pm

❏ Whole house or ❏ Room only booking of the ovens and barbeques? ❏ Yes ❏ No Were you happy with the condition of the house on arrival including the cleanliness _____________________________________________ If no, please write your comments: __________________________________ _________________________ _________________ _________________ ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ If winter, was the fireplace properly reset so it ignited easily? ❏ Yes ❏ No Did you find any items or areas needing repair? ❏ Yes ❏ No ____________________________________________ If yes, please write your comments: __________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ _________________ _________________ __________________________________ Please write any other observations you would like to comment on: __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

On departure: Date and time of departure: ____ / ____ / ____

_________ am/pm

Did any items or areas needing repair occur during your stay? ❏ Yes ❏ No ____________________________________________ If yes, please write your comments: __________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Was this reported to the Booking Officer? ❏ Yes ❏ No Who is responsible for cleaning the house? ❏ Yourselves or ❏ Cleaner Did you use the ovens and barbeques during your stay? ❏ Yes ❏ No If so were they cleaned before departure? ❏ Yes ❏ No Has the fireplace been properly reset so it ignites easily? ❏ Yes ❏ No No Have you thoroughly checked both inside and outside the house? ❏ Yes ❏ Is the member responsible the last to leave? ❏ Yes ❏ No _______________________________________ If no, please state who was last to leave: __________________________________ Did you leave a new rubbish bag for the next occupants? ❏ Yes ❏ No Are there any messages for the next occupants following your stay? __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ _________________ ___________________________________________________ Please take the top sheet with you and return with your key and occupancy sheet

to the Booking Officer. Thank you for your consideration.

Valhalla Sub-committee

format and can be found on the specially built shelf in the foyer. It is carbonised and the top copy is to be returned with your key and payment to the booking officer. The bottom copy remains in the book for the next occupant to read on arrival so they are up to date on all aspects of the house. You must fill out the top part (white background) on arrival and the bottom part (gray background) when you leave, taking the top copy with you.


We have had major drainage work done by North Harbour Drainage from the playground along the driveway, under the driveway and down into the planting. This is to try to alleviate the terrible pools of water that we get along the driveway all winter and to dry out the grass area between the road and the driveway so it is useable during winter. We also anticipate this will help alleviate Bornholm from being so damp and musty during the winter months.


Although there seems to be a fair amount of firewood in the shed we are considering we may need to purchase a load to take us through winter. In saying that we would like you to be mindful of this and do not have the fire going unnecessarily during the day or have a big bonfire using the “paid for” firewood. Bonfires are fine if you are using the fallen wood from around the property. Enjoy your own hyggelige at Valhalla Marion Stewart and the Valhalla sub-committee

5/4/11 9:53:37 AM ValhallaBookingForm.indd 1

June 2011 ● Danish Society News Magazine


Foreningsnyt Congratulations to all the members who have birthdays in June especially Niels Nielsen som fylder 90 år d. 2.6.2011 Clifford Wayne Brindle som fylder 60 år d. 5.6.2011 Neil Treadaway som fylder 65 år d. 9.6.2011 Finn Rasmussen som fylder 75 år d. 10.6.2011 Niels Gade som fylder 80 år d. 14.6.2011 Birgit McKenzie som fylder 65 år d. 17.6.2011 Lucien Jorna som fylder 50 år d. 26.6.2011

Welcome to New Members Velkommen til nye medlemmer: Mia Meklenborg Steenholt & Franco Alfeo; Lars Thomas & Sarah Kate Ellegaard and two children, Thomas Ole & Patrick John.

Aalborg Akvavit Snaps

Scenic Cellars in Taupo have the Aalborg Akvavit in stock now and will import as required. Contact is:

Floris Heijdenrijk, Sales Manager Scenic Cellars, 32 Roberts St, Taupo 3330

Phone: 07 378 5704


The next magazine deadline is Jun 20

All contributions welcome – in English or Danish (with a short summary in English). The magazine can also be read (in full colour) online at Note: ads for events must be in a calendar month before the event. John Stewart (Editor) 8

Thank You Letters

To the Committee and members of the Danish Society: Thank you so much for the lovely floral arrangement we received at our Golden Wedding. The flowers were beautiful and brightened up our home for a long time. We also wish to thank all the members who showed up early in the morning the 15th of April to “sing us out of bed”. It really made our day special. Fanny & Graham Dear Danish Society, Thank you very much for the lovely flowers I received on my 70th birthday. Kind regards, Kurt Marquart

The Danish Bishop to attend

The Danish Bishop Steen Skovsgaard has confirmed that he and his wife will come to New Zealand to participate in and be with us for the Bishop Ditlev Gothard Monrad bicentenary celebrations in November! Mr Niels Jaegersborg, the Royal Danish Consulate General advises that they plan to be in New Zealand for two weeks. This means that the Bishop and his wife will join us for all of the programmed events from Wednesday the 23rd through until Sunday the 27th of November.

Bishop Skovsgaard has graciously accepted the invitation to be the guest keynote speaker at the Danish Dinner on Bishop Monrad’s actual birthday, Thursday the 24th of November. He cares for the Lolland-Falster Diocese as did Bishop Monrad.

In Memoriam Borge (Fred) Boris

from Hamilton has passed away. He was well into his 90’s. He was a member of the Danish Club at Auckland for many years and apparently his wife Karen (Deceased) was also President of the Auckland club for a short time. Ære være hans minde Danish Society News Magazine ● June 2011

Mid-WinterSmørrebrøds Smorrebrods Party Mid-Winter Party

Venue: The Danish Society   6 Rockridge Ave  Penrose   Saturday 25 June 2011 at 7pm                                      ‘Danish Open Sandwiches’   Cash bar for beer, snaps and other drinks    

Price per member $25 (early bird price)  Price per guest $40        *Book with Annette Jorna (regardless of how you are paying):        Ph 6308722 or email her on and          also advise whether you are paying by cheque or online.   

Book by:‐ FRIDAY 17TH June 2011 

…bookings after 17 June – Member $30.00 Guest $40.00  (no registrations accepted after 21 June)    ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐cut here‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐   Sent in by (print name): __________________________________________  Contact phone number:  ____________________      I have enclosed a cheque    _______________    Payment covers ______ guests and ______ members    Please send this slip if paying by cheque by Friday 17th June to:  The Danish Society  PO Box 12 279  Penrose, Auckland 1642  “Soc0611”  If you wish to pay online, please credit our account: 12 3036 0671539 000  1st reference (please write): Soc0611  2nd reference (please write): “your name” 


Come to the Sunday, 19th June, at 5pm Coffee & cake from $2.50 Saturday, 25 June, 7pm Wednesday, June 22nd * See insert for payment deta...