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IES Sabinar | Roquetas de Mar | April 2014 | Year 1 | Issue 2

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Italia 2014

I ND E X Queen, pp. 4-5 Still Life, p. 6 My Experience in Lebanon, p. 7 Spanish Footballers in the UK, pp. 8-9 "Night of Nightmares", pp. 10-11 Retro Games, pp. 12-13 Valentine's Day, pp. 14-15 I.E.S. Sabinar: Past, Present and Future, p. 16 A Day in the Life of..., p. 17 Peace Quotations, p. 18


The British band Queen was formed by vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitar player Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor, and bass player John Deacon. They completed a new page in the history of Rock. Playing rock since 1970, they became one of the most representative bands of the genre. They started being employed at places of little importance. On one of these occasions they were discovered by a music producer, with whom they recorded their first album: "Queen". Freddie Mercury died in 1991 of AIDS, at the age of 45.

The emotions influence very much in all their songs; most of them are encouraging songs, with the philosophy of "don´t give up", as we can see in “The Show Must Go On". This song talks about these moments in which we feel destroyed, but we must get up and continue with our lives.


If I had to choose between all Queen songs, my favourites would be: Bohemian Rhapsody (A Night at the Opera, 1975) We will rock you (News of the World, 1977) We are the champions (News of the World, 1977) Don´t stop me now (Jazz, 1978) I want to break free (The Works, 1984) I want it all (The Miracle, 1989) The show must go on (Innuendo, 1991)

Almudena Burgos


ST I LL LI F E Nikita is the author of this work. He is a good person who helps his friends and anyone in need. He is tall, strong, and he is sixteen years old. He is of Russian origin. He draws ver y well, he is a great ar tist!


Sergio Ruiz

M y E x p e r ie n c e in L e banon My name is Youssef Abu Jok. I was bor n in Granada, Spain. I lived in Spain for four years after I was bor n, then we moved to Lebanon. My father is a doctor, my mother is responsible for our home, and my brother and sister are still little. My father had studied here with his brothers and all of them came to be doctors. Then he went to Lebanon to work when he finished from college, and when he got married after some years he returned back to Spain with his family to work here. My country and my hometown aren't that famous, but they have many fantastic touristic places which interest tourists and push them to visit them, and there are many people that are from Brazil and Venezuela that live in Lebanon, maybe because they like the weather there and how people have fun, and to build and live in big houses. But for me, my life in Lebanon was perfect I had my car, many friends and I could do whatever I wanted if I was bored, but in reality I never get bored there and I really miss every single thing in Lebanon. My life here is so simple. I live with my family and everything is fine. I also really like everything in Spain. There isn't anything that I hate, people are good and the towns are excellent, and only these two things make my life perfect in it. But there are so many things more like the weather, the beach, touristic places...

Youssef Abu Jok Abdul Fattah


Spanish Footbal Juan Manuel Mata Juan Manuel Mata García, commonly known as “Juan Mata”, was bor n on the 28th of April 1988. He is a Spanish football player who plays for English club Manchester United and the S p ai n N at i o n al t e am . H e p r i m ar i l y l ay s as an at t ac k i n g midfielder, but he can also play as a winger. A graduate of Real Madrid´s youth academy, Mata played at Real Madrid 'Castilla' for the 2006-2007 season, where he finished at the side’s second best scorer with 10 goals. At the start of the 2007-2008 season, Mata signed for Valencia C.F through a contractual clause at Real Madrid. He was voted the team's “Best younger player” at the end of that season. Mata won the International Cup, having represented Spain at Under16, Under-17, Under-19, Under-20, Under-21, Olimpic and senior levels. He played for the Under-20 side in the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup. In June 2009 Mata was included for the 2009. He is known for his passing and his ability to score goals. In January 2014 Mata signed for Manchester United and now is considered the best player of the team. Adapted from


Toni Montoya

llers in the U.K. Fernando Torres Fer nando Tor res is another spanish player playing in the premier le a g ue . He started playing in AtlĂŠtico de Madrid at the age of 19 years, He played for three years in AtlĂŠtico de Madrid scoring 56 goals in Liga BBVA, then he signed for Liverpool to play in the position of striker, He was the best striker of Liverpool for the last ten years. He has scored a lot of goals and won a lot of titles with Liverpool. In 2009 he signed for Chelsea, another English team. Because of this, Liverpool fans got angry and burned their shirts of Torres. This was a sad episode because Torres was truly loved in Liverpool. Nowadays, Torres is still playing for Chelsea, with which last year he won the UEFA Cup, scoring two goals in the final. Adapted from

David Panizo


"Night of N

A Short Story by José A

A full moon was shown in the sky as a twelve-year-old kid named Ethan was looking at the street through a window. He had invited his best friend Liza to spend the night with him. Since his parents were out for a meeting, he was all alone. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. 'It must be Liza', thought the boy, and ran downstairs to open. It was Liza. For some reason, she was all wet. 'You’re a bit late', commented Ethan. 'What happened to you, anyway?' 'I was caught by the rain', said Liza. 'That’s why I couldn’t come in time.' 'No problem. Come in, let me give you something to dry yourself.' 'Thanks, Ethan.' The boy went to the bathroom to take a towel, and handed it to his friend. 'By the way', asked Liza, while drying herself. 'Where are your parents?' 'In a meeting', answered the boy. 'Something about their job, you know.' 'Oh, I see...' 'I forgot to ask you', said Ethan politely. 'You want something to eat?' 'Actually, Ethan', answered Liza, 'I’m a bit hungry.' 'Okay then, let me prepare you something.' Ethan went into the kitchen while Liza stayed in the living room watching T.V. The boy came out a bit later with two sandwitches. He offered one to Liza. 'Thank you, Ethan.' 'I hope you like it.' Liza tried the sandwich and smiled to Ethan. 'It tastes great!' 'I’m so glad you like it', commented the boy. 'Hey, what’s on T.V?' 'Nothing too great', answered the girl. 'There is just a comedy film.' 'Sounds interesting. Let’s watch it, shall we?' 'If you like, why not?' Once the film had finished, Ethan looked at the street. It was very dark outside. He noticed as well that Liza had just fallen asleep. 'Hey, Liza', called Ethan softly. 'Wake up.' Liza woke up slowly. 'The film has finished, and looks like you weren’t very interested in it.' 'Yeah, it seems so.' 'It’s getting late. Shall we go to sleep now?' 'Why? Does the night scare you?,' asked the girl, smiling sarcastically. 'No, it’s not that! It’s just that I’m... a bit sleepy.' 'You know what? Me too.'



Antonio Martínez Pérez

'Let’s go then.' The two kids went upstairs and went into Ethan’s bedroom. 'So how are we sleeping?', asked Liza. 'My bed is too small for both of us', answered Ethan, 'so you can sleep there.' 'And what about you?' 'Don’t worry.' Ethan took something out of his wardrobe. 'It’s a sleeping bag', said Ethan happily. 'I’ll sleep here.' 'Won’t you be uncomfortable there?' 'No, don’t worry.' Suddenly, Ethan yawned. A few seconds later, Liza did the same. Both children laughed at it. Later, both kids were at their beds. 'Okay, I’m a bit tired, so I’m sleeping now. Good night, Liza.' 'Good night, Ethan.' They went to sleep. Everything was going normal... Until a loud noise broke the silence. The two kids awoke instantaneously. 'What was that?' 'I have no idea. Stay here, Liza, I’ll find out.' ' careful, okay?' Ethan went to the ground floor while Liza stayed in the bedroom. A bit later, the girl decided to call her friend, since he wasn’t coming back. Frightened, she called. 'Ethan? Are you there?' All of a sudden, a loud scream of pain echoed through the entire house as fast steps were going upstairs... right towards the place where Liza was! The girl was paralysed. 'Who’s there? Answer me!' Nobody answered. In a matter of seconds, a man appeared in front of her, holding a knife. He got closer and closer to the girl. Liza screamed. At that moment, she woke up. She saw Ethan’s face next to hers. 'Wh... what happened?', asked the girl. 'You were having a nightmare. I was so worried. You were calling me and screaming...' 'It was terrifying...' 'Don’t worry now, I’m here...' Liza hugged him, and Ethan did the same. 'Stay with me, please. I’m still scared.' 'I will Liza, I promise.'

José Antonio Martínez Pérez (Special collaborator)


Today we bring you a jewel mythical history of video games, and could not be other than the Half- Life 1 ( 1998). Surely a veteran player knows this game, as this game has pioneered the FPS with good stories , made the audience demand the same quality for the rest of the games. Its amazing graphic section at the time of its release was exceptional. There is no mention that this artwork has won 50 awards "Game of the Year" . He also helped expand the community of mods made by fans. Half -Life 1 tells the story of Gordon Freeman, who worked in the laboratories of Black Mesa. In a day's work, he had to prove the purity of an alien crystal, but a problem with a ray machine opened a portal that brought hostile aliens. Now you have to escape from the laboratories because his life is in danger. Your future will bring us great adventures in different scenarios, weapons, shots, occasional game of intelligence and a wide variety of enemies, which range from aliens to soldiers. In my opinion, this game is a masterpiece, you must search a lot to find some similar, and despite all the age that this game has, it has not lost any quality. I recommend it for a good gamer, you will not go unsatisfied, as it does not lack any details.



Rodrigo Díaz


Valentine’s Day Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration of Anglo-Saxon countries. It has been implemented in other countries throughout the 20th century, mainly in the loving couples who express their love and affection to each other. Held on February 14, Valentine's name day is known in some countries as Valentine's Day, and in others as the Day of Love and Friendship. It is the date that serves to demonstrate the affection that you feel for someone, through gifts such as flowers, cards, balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, which are among the most sought details on these dates. On this day lovers can spend time together enjoying their love. The origin of St Valentine dates back to the Roman Empire. Valentine was a priest who exercised in the 3rd century in Rome. Roman Emperor Claudius II decided to ban the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion single soldiers without families were better for the army because they had fewer ties. The priest felt that the decree was unfair and challenged the Emperor. He held marriages for young lovers in secret. Hence it has become popular that Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. The Emperor Claudius found out and, as Valentine enjoyed great prestige in Rome, the emperor summoned him to the palace. Valentine took that occasion to proselytize Christianity. Although they showed interest, the army and the Governor of Rome, called Calpurnius, persuaded Claudius to take it off the head. The Emperor Claudius then imprisoned him. Then Asterius, the prison manager, wanted to ridicule and test Valentine. He challenged him to restore his daughter’s sight, named Julia, who was born blind. Valentine accepted on behalf of the Lord, and took her sight back to her. This convulsed Asterius and his family, who converted to Christianity. Anyway, Valentine continued to be a weak prisoner and eventually Emperor Claudius ordered that he be martyred and executed on 14 February 270. Young Julia, grateful to the saint, planted an almond tree with pink flowers by his grave . Hence, the almond is a symbol of everlasting love and friendship. In my school, the only celebration that we have on this day is the sharing of gifts, which have previously been assigned to students of 4º ESO, responsible for the orders. My friends and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day in any special way. For me, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have any special meaning. In my opinion, if you appreciate somebody, you show them every moment. Therefore, this day is something unnecessary turned into a business thing to sell products that are not demanded.


Celia Peralta

Maria Castillo & Alba Gonzรกlez (Special collaborators)


I.E.S. SABINAR: Past, Present and Future Chapter 1: The Changes of IES Sabinar over the Years Paco GonzĂĄlez, History teacher, shares his experience in our teaching centre, now that the time for his retirement has come. We want to dedicate this chapter to him. During the 16 years that he has been teaching in this centre, he tells us that the student's attitude has changed, the interest isn't the same and respect is gone. A few years ago, in our centre there were 'days of living together' where the teachers went out with students to do sports. Lately, this idea has been ruled out because of the bad attitude of some students. The generations have changed the student's behaviour. Paco assures that the generations have aggravated our society. He also tells us that people at the age of 20 don't have the same strength as people at the age of 60. With time, things are harder, but you have more experience. Paco tells us fondly that he has made real friends in our centre, especially Paco Maldonado. He assures that he would definitely choose the IES Sabinar. We had another talk with Paco Maldonado, P.E. teacher, in which we discovered our school's past. Paco has been in this school since its opening until the present time. When the school opened, it had only 20 teachers. Teachers taught several subjects and, as they were only a few, they knew each other very well and had a good relationship. At that time there were 200 students, now there are about 800, reaching 1000 if we count evening lessons. The current Art classroom was formerly a porch were physical education lessons were given. Paco had two groups in his P.E. class: one for girls and one for boys. This separation was maintained from 1980 to 1985. There have been many reforms in our school. For example: where now stands Room 18 there was a chapel where mass was celebrated. The canteen was where the concierge is now, but it was moved because of the bad reputation it gave the school. The canteen sold beer and cigarettes. Around the school there weren't fences nor asphaltÍž it was covered by sand. This changed with the arrival of ESO students. Fences were put and the sale of alcohol and cigarettes was prohibited. The IES Sabinar was the first Secondary School in Roquetas, and the best one. With this we conclude our article. We thank Paco GonzĂĄlez and Paco Maldonado.


Amelia Moreno & Claudia Martinez

A Day in the Life of...

Gumersindo, our Counsellor Gumersindo (Gumer, for short) is the counsellor of our school, and he wanted us to know what he does over the week and what his hobbies are. He is dedicated to helping students with various problems they have, for example, information for work, studies or personal problems. The trouble is that Gumer is the only school counsellor, and that makes his work strenuous. There is only one counsellor for an entire secondary school. He also serves not only students; he helps teachers and parents, too. His work is very important, and not only does he do it in the morning; he also helps in the evening. Gumer has also told us about his likes and hobbies. In his musical tastes he says that he likes the original soundtracks (OST) of films such as Gladiator. Aside from his musical tastes, he made it clear that he likes many newspapers; for him a newspaper is a story which tells you what happens in the world every day. He has always wanted to make a textbook with different well-written news which tell a story, whether political or war. Another hobby is listening to the radio. When he was young he liked to listen to the Spanish National Radio, especially a programme called "Documentos". In this radio programme there were documentaries that told different stories about different subjects, either someone's life, war or politics. He liked recording those programmes on a blank tape to listen to them later, which is unusual in a hobby. Finally, he informed us that the school would set up a new model programme called "Basic Grade" to which we could access "Average grade" without the ESO (From 15-17 years). And this is Gumersindo's routine. Gumer, we hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

Andrés Vaillo & Rodrigo Díaz


Match the following quotations with their authors: 1-La paz comienza con una sonrisa “Peace starts with a smile.” 2-Estar en paz con uno mismo es el medio más seguro de comenzar a estarlo con los demás. “Being in peace with yourself is the safest way to start and be in peace with others.” 3-No hay camino hacia la paz. La paz es el camino. “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way” 4-Nosotros decimos paz, y el eco nos vuelve del lado diciéndonos guerra. “We say peace, and the echo answers war. 5-Cuando me preguntaron sobre algún arma capaz de contrarrestar el poder de la bomba atómica yo sugerí la mejor de todas: la paz. “When asked about a weapon capable of countering the power of the atomic bomb I suggested the best of them all: Peace.” 6-Los hombres construimos demasiados muros y no suficientes puentes. “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” 7-La paz y la armonía constituyen la mayor riqueza de la familia. “Peace and harmony constitute the highest wealth of the family.” 8-Si quieres hacer la paz con tu enemigo, tienes que trabajar con tu enemigo. Entonces se convertirá en tu compañero. “If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.” 9-Nadie puede traerte la paz sino tú mismo. “Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” 10-Si no estamos en paz con nosotros mismos, no podemos guiar a otros en la búsqueda de la paz. "If we aren't in peace with ourselves, we can't guide others in the search for peace.”

SOLUTIONS: 1 .D 3.G 5.F 7.A 9.C 2.E 4.J 6.H 8.I 1 0.B


Antonio Castillo

es una revista digital en inglés elaborada por los alumnos de Proyecto Integrado de 4º ESO. Sabinar Speaks

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Sabinar Speaks #2, April 2014  
Sabinar Speaks #2, April 2014  

Revista digital en inglés del IES Sabinar (Roquetas de Mar), realizada por los alumnos de Proyecto Integrado de 4º ESO