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Sequence of Operation Danielle Panther

Week one

Garment Making Monday 22nd April

I started off by drawing 10cm stripes with tailors chalk on the width of my pink cotton. I then realized the width of the fabric may not be long enough to cut my patterns out so I decided to cut the 2 stripes from the length of the fabric (which was 5 meters) and then cu them into the lengths I needed. I did this for both the pink and black fabrics then machine stitches the stripes together to make the fabric I would then cut my pattern from. I then cut out my sleeves and shirt blocks for outfit one.

1.  Cut two stripes of 5 meter black cotton 2.  Cut stripes of 5cm pink cotton 3.  Cut stripes into appropriate lengths 4.  Stitch together to create new fabric 5.  Cut sleeve block out 6.  Cut shirt block out

Week One Garment Making

Tuesday 23rd April

I continued with making the pink and black stripes from my previous lesson. After I had used up all of the stripes I had already made, I started to make the pink and white stripes for my jumpsuit. Again I cut 5m stripes but this time I cut 3 out as I needed enough for the jumpsuit bottoms and top. This time after I’d cut the stripes I needed the length of the stripes to be longer for my legging pattern to fit onto. I then machine stitched the stripes together to create a new fabric.

1.  Cut three stripes of 5 meter white cotton 2.  Cut three stripes of 5 meter pink cotton 3.  Cut stripes to appropriate lengths 4.  Stitched together to create new fabric

Garment Making: Two  
Garment Making: Two  

Week two of my garment making for my final collection.