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Sequence of Operation Danielle Panther

Outfit 1 Pattern

1.  Traced trouser   sheet   27cm   block   11. Added  seam   21. Traced  off   2.  Made  trousers   allowance   construcBon   high  waisted   sheet   12. Cut  out   3.  Took  trousers  in   13. Made  collar  by   22. Added  seam   at  the  knee   measuring  a  circle   allowance   4.  Flared  out   23. Cut  out   with   bo;om  of   circumference  of   trousers  by  20cm   15.5cm   5.  Traced  off   14. Made  mock  up   construcBon   15. Traced  off   sheet   construcBon   6.  Added  seam   sheet   allowance   16. Cut  out   7.  Cut  out   17. Traced  off  sleeve   8.  Traced  bodice   block   block   18. Lengthened   9.  Pivoted  dart  from   sleeve  by  9cm   shoulder  to  waist  19. Took  in  sleeve   10. Traced  off   wrists  to  18cm   construcBon   20. Took  in  elbow  to  


Outfit One

For all 4 of my outfits I took inspiration from Marc Jacobs For outfit one I took inspiration from the two outfits. I took inspiration from the collar to the right and created my own version. Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready To Wear

I also took inspiration from the stripes. It seems that Marc Jacobs has created his own stripes by using different panels. I have too tried to create the same effect. I have also used similar colours on my own garments I am also using concealed zips and buttons for show just like on this shirt and skirt.

Outfit 2 Pattern

1.  Traced leggings   block   2.  Lengthened  to   90cm   3.  Traced  off   construcBon  sheet   4.  Added  seam   allowance   5.  Cut  out   6.  Traced  off  bodice   block   7.  Adapted  bodice  to   be  sleeveless   8.  Traced  off   construcBon  sheet   9.  Added  seam   allowance  

10. Cut out   shoulder  to  16cm   11. Traced  round   19. Rounded  shoulder   bodice  block  (front)   off  to  armhole   point  to  remove   12. Lengthened  to   armhole   152cm   13. Pivoted  dart  from   20.   Traced  off   construcBon  sheet   shoulder  to  waist   21.   Added  seam   14. Lengthened   allowance   shoulder  to  16cm   15. Rounded  should  off  22. Cut  out   to  armhole  point  to     remove  armhole   16. Drew  round  bodice   block  (back)   17. Lengthened  back  to   40cm   18. Lengthened  

For this second outfit I have taken a lot of inspiration from this one coat. I have done a similar collar on my own design but a lot smaller and more circular I have also taken the general shape and style of the coat by extended it and turned it into a cape instead of a coat.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready To Wear

Outfit Two


Outfit 3 Pattern

1.  Traced 10. Cut  out   18. Traced  off   leggings  block  11. Traced  off   construcBon   2.  Lengthened  to   front  and  back   sheet   90cm   bodice  blocks   19. Cut  out   3.  Traced   12. Lengthened   construcBon   both  by   block   adding  14cm   4.  Added  seam   13. Traced  off   allowance   construcBon   sheet   5.  Cut  out   14. Added   seam   6.  Traced  off   allowance   bodice  block   15. Cut  out   7.  Adapted   bodice  to  be   16. Traced  collar   sleeveless   block  (already   had  seam   8.  Traced   allowance  on)   construcBon   17. Shortened   sheet   collar  and   9.  Added  seam   collar  stand  to   allowance   18cm  

Outfit Three

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready To Wear

Inspiration For this garment I have taken inspiration from both of these.

For the jumpsuit I have taken ideas from the dress but adapted it into my own idea and designed a jumpsuit. I have used a similar colour on my own design but done it sleeveless.

I have also designed a jacket similar to this coat except I have made it shorter, collarless and button-less.

Outfit 4 Pattern

1.  Traced 8.  Reshaped   underarm   leggings   collar   15. Traced   block   construcBon   9.  Traced  top   2.  Lengthened   half  of  collar   sheet   to  90cm   to  make   16. Added  seam   bo;om  half   3.  Traced   allowance   of  double   17. Cut  out   construcBon   breasted   block   collar  and   4.  Added  seam   enlarged   allowance   10. Traced   off   5.  Cut  out   construcBon   6.  Traced  collar   sheet   blocks   11. Cut  out   (already  had   12. Traced   seam   bodice  block   allowance   13. Added  14cm   on)   to  length   7.  Shortened   collar  and   14. Pivoted  dart   collar  stand   from   to  18cm   shoulder  to  

For my final design I took inspiration from the stripes and colours on this garment.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 Ready To Wear

However I decided to use a bright yellow instead of the creamy brown colour. I wanted to use bright colours to try and make my collection stand out. The technique Marc Jacobs has used for his stripes is what I intend on doing when I make stripes up. My sewing different coloured panels together you can create you own fabrics. I would hope that my final product would be as well made up and the stripes will match as well as this Marc Jacobs collection.

Outfit Four

InspiraBon Â

Pattern Making and Inspiration  

The stages of pattern making for my final collection, including my inspiration for each design.

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