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Brand Style Guide

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Bee Mindful

Introduction We are delighted to present you with the Graphic Standards Guide for the use of developing Bee Mindful identity. The impression we portray to the public not only on depends on our effort, but also through our visual communication. The standards outlined in this guide will make sure a unified message will deliever through all our organization’s communication that create a strong communicative harmonious recognition to our organization. Each of us are responsible to carfully follow the standards in this guide.


Brand Style Guide

Mission Statement Bee Mindful is a nonprofit organization formed and based in New York City. We believe in that urban beekeeping is a great way to relax through nature and create community through new and unique hobbies. Our organization works to provide beekeeping therapy as a way to cope with mental illness symptoms. We want to create a sense of community and promote green minds. Through our partnership with The Brooklyn Grange, we host educational programs, programs, and community events at their rooftop gardens at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We also partner with restaurants and local green markets as honey suppliers farmed by our very own program members.


Bee Mindful

Logo Standards Our logo is the primary visual identity of our organization, and the signature is the combination of gray and yellow. The type is Rockwell in the bold variation. They are fixed and ties with one another that sbould not be changed in any way, which is important to follow the guideline to consistently carring our visual communicate.

Master Logo For use with Bee Mindful color palette. To be used only on white or light colored backgrounds.


Brand Style Guide

Simple Logo Bee Mindful logo sans tag line. For use in context of lines of text.

One Color Logo The full color logo (above) should be used wherever possible. This one-color version may be used in black when color printing is not available or when printing on a background that clashes with


Bee Mindful

Unacceptable Logo Usage

Do not alter the dimensions.

Do not alter the Bee Mindful logo in order to comply with brand identity guidelines. To maintain the benefits of a consistent identity system and convey a unified organization image, it is necessary to practice visual communication with discipline. The following are examples of incorrect treatment of the Bee Mindful logo.

Do not change the opacity.

Do not change the color of the logo.

Do not remove the bee or bee’s flight trail.


Brand Style Guide

Do not use on dark background.

Do not use on similar color backgrounds.

Do not add a drop shadow.

Do not alter the position of bee or flight trail.


Bee Mindful

Logo Placement The logo can be placed in the following placements. It is important to leave an appropriate amount of room within the margins.


Brand Style Guide


Bee Mindful

Graphic Elements Use these illustrative elements to add flair to printed ephemera.

Be a

be e m indf ul


Sticker-type graphics are never to

be placed completely upright to create the illusion of a patch-like quality.



Brand Style Guide

Flight Trails are

used on spreads to create dynacism on the page. On pages US letter size and larger, use 3 pt stroke.

1. Trail with loop

2. Amorphous path

3. Frame only for use on images.


Bee Mindful

Color Palette This approved Bee Mindful Color Palette must be used for all communications. The following guide includes CMYK values for color printing and RGB values for web and electronic uses.

Honey Yellow CMYK Breakdown C(9), M(32), Y(85), K(0) RGB Breakdown R(232), G(176), B(70)

Dark Grey CMYK Breakdown C(64), M(53), Y(53), K(25) RGB Breakdown R(90), G(94), B(91)


Brand Style Guide

Blue CMYK Breakdown C(100), M(42), Y(0), K(19)

Black CMYK Breakdown C(0), M(0), Y(0), K(100)

RGB Breakdown R(0), G(103), B(166)

RGB Breakdown R(0), G(0), B(0)

Beige CMYK Breakdown C(5), M(4), Y(9), K(0) RGB Breakdown R(211), G(240), B(230)


Bee Mindful



To keep a consistency within the visisual dentity of Bee Mindful, two typefaces are used: Rockwell and Apercu.

Rockwell Regular

ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz

Rockwell Bold

ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ R S T UVW XY Z abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz


Brand Style Guide

Apercu Apercu Regular

ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz

Apercu Medium ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz

Apercu Bold ABCDEFGH IJKLMNOPQ RSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz


Bee Mindful


Body Text

The typographic hiearchy is to give you a sense of how font behave at different sizes and where to use them.

Apercu Regular is used for longer text paragraphs and normal text that does not need to be highlighted. Eliqui quas eniminvent eaquat reiciusant int qui voluptu rectorit volo que volor adicimus quo eatis et faceserferum qui ilitate volorum repella nditassit aut omnitiscidi bea cum nulluptiones et poresti simint landae veniam que estrum audantur?

Subheading Sublines can be in any color but are typeset in Apercu bold and in a larger point than the body text.

Subheading Subheading Subheading


Brand Style Guide

Headline Headlines are typeset in Rockwell in blue, honey yellow, or gray and always the largest point size on the page.






Bee Mindful

Promotional Items Applying our brand identity onto physical products is a fun way to connect with the community and show your Bee Mindful pride. We also do package design for our honey products.

Honey Jars


Brand Style Guide

Tote Bag


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