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President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Deer Farmers:


To say that the past several months have been an exciting ride would be an understatement! PDFA has been hard at work for Pennsylvania Deer Farmers. First and foremost, I was able to attend the Pennsylvania State Council of Farm Organizations (PSCFO) Cornucopia Legislative Reception in March. It was great to see old friends as well as meet some new ones. I had great conversations with Secretary Russell Redding from the Dept. of Agriculture as well as Representative Anita Kulik. The highlight of the evening was seeing smiles on the faces of the folks that visited our PDFA table as they enjoyed tasty venison snacks provided by our members. I would like to thank Tucker Sellinger and Nikki Brooks for attending the event with me, helping to share the PDFA story and providing visitors with information concerning PDFA and our mission. Shortly after the Cornucopia event, I was on my way to the NADeFA show in Illinois. What an awesome show! There were incredible seminars and world class speakers. Of note was the presentation by Dr. Chris Seabury from Texas A&M. I look forward to watching him present at our Fall Classic in September as he will be sharing valuable information concerning CWD research. I also reviewed several worthwhile articles by Russel Swachuk concerning anesthesia, capture, and handling. There were other excellent presentations such as ‘The New Deer Farmers Seminar’, ‘Guidelines for Fawn Care’ by Clifford F. Shipley, DVM, as well as a presentation by our own Josh Newton! Josh gave a very informative presentation on remote delivery systems along with a brief history of Pneu- Dart. Dr. Gary M. Pusateri, MD from Dream Genomics gave a great presentation entitled ‘Making the Dream a Reality: A Blood Test for CWD in Live Deer’. Looks like there may be a light at


April featured the Raffle Drawing for the 10Kw Generac generator, with Jacob Yoder winning the drawing – congratulations! Ticket sales were amazing. The drawing for the generator was held LIVE at our Board and General Membership face to face meeting. Thanks to everyone for their hard work selling tickets.


Things are really heating up for our Fall Classic in September. We will be welcoming Dr. Chris Seabury as well as Dr. Scott Well. Both will be presenting valuable information on CWD, including research, mitigation and prevention. Our event committee has been working nonstop to make this year’s Breeder/Stocker and benefit auction one of our best. Donations are always welcome; your support will go a long way to ensure PDFA is around for a very long time and can continue to provide information and support to all deer farmers in Pennsylvania. Please mark your calendar for the 6th and 7th of September at the Blair County Convention Center, located at 1 Convention Center Drive in Altoona, PA. In other noteworthy news, Keith Warren will be in Pennsylvania filming a television episode featuring PDFA that discusses CWD management ~ showing how deer farmers are working toward a solution to this issue. Once again, I thank you all for your support.

6TH - 7TH OF



John Manta (2024)

John Manta

Julie Acres Deer Farm

Wolf Bridge Road

Carlisle, Pa. 17013

Cell: 717-448-8764



Bruce Snyder (2025)

Bruce Snyder

Snyder’s Whitetails

2358 Produce Rd.

Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870

Cell: 570-259-0051


Tucker Sellinger

Tucker Sellinger

The Valley Deer Farm 1506 Wells Road

Williamsport, PA 17702

Cell: 570-660-0143


Mick Goodman

Goodman’s Whitetail Haven

751 Logan Rd.

New Stanton, PA 15672

Cell: 724-493-1040


Bob Byers

Bob Byers

Triple B Whitetails

455 Byers Lane Knox, PA 16232

Cell: 814-229-0226


John Fisher

World Class Genetics

152 Meadow Lane Loysville, Pa. 17047

Cell: 717-582-1896



Andy Goodman, Partner

Milliron Goodman

Governmental Relations

200 N. Third St.

Harrisburg, Pa. 17101

Office: 717-232-5322



Lloyd Stoltzfus (2024)

Walnut Ridge Whitetails

142 Churchtown Rd. Narvon, Pa. 17555

Office: 717-768-3471



Isaac Martin (2024)

Bambi’s Paradise

230 Dusty Hollow Lane

McClure, Pa. 17841

Cell: 570-412-0064


Josh Newton

Josh Newton

Cervid Solutions, LLC

Red Ridge Whitetails 15223 Route 87 Hwy

Williamsport, Pa. 17701

Office: 844-478-2870

Cell: 484-951-3229


Jarrid Barry

Powder Ridge Outfitters PO Box 6

Hollidaysburg, PA 16648

Cell: 717-821-0669



Tess Stevenson PO Box 394

Harrisburg, PA 17108

Office: 717-801-0533



Kerry Lange, Senior Associate

Milliron Goodman Government Relations

Kerry Lange, Senior Associate

200 N. Third St.

Harrisburg, Pa. 17101

Office: 717-232-5322


4 PDFA • PO Box 394, Harrisburg, PA 17108 • 717-801-0533 • •
7 Hotel Information: 814-312-1800 Courtyard Altoona 2 Convention Center Drive Altoona, PA 16602 Rooms Available for the PDFA sale at $104 +tax Book Here! North American Deer Talk Episode 103 NADT- CWD Blood Test? w/ Gary Pusateri, M.D. Watch Online or in your PDFA E-Book


In efforts to advance the rights of cervid farms and ranches, the Pa Deer Farmers Association has been a leading voice not only in the Commonwealth by nationally as well. Our continued interactions developing relationships federally play a key role in the preservation of the cervid industry. Knowing this importance PDFA has funded trips to the “NADEFA fly-in” in Washington D.C. for more than a decade!

Recently, in April of 2024 Past Presidents of PDFA, Glenn Dice and Josh Newton attended the annual “NADEFA Fly-in”. While CWD is always a topic of conversation amongst the meetings we also educate policy groups, congressional staff and congress members on what our industry does and why along with the impacts we have on our local, state and national community.

This year’s trip included meetings with USDA and the Congressional Sportsman Foundation on Monday with a morning visit to Arlington Cemetery. At Arlington Cemetery we were able to observe the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and learn briefly about the cemetery and its history. It is humbling riding past the graves of approximately 400,000 fallen Americans. A vivid reminder of the privledged lives we all experience each day.

Mid-morning, we met with Taylor Schmidt from (CSF) Congressional Sportsman Foundation. CSF has long been a supporter of the industry and it was encouraging to hear once again that they are supportive of acquiring funding for the (CWDRMA) “Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Management Act.” CSF has played a vital role in rallying (NGO) non-governmental organizations support in passing and funding of the CWDRMA. Later in the day we traveled to meet with USDA. Tuberculosis test kit shortages, pending cervid program standard revisions, herd genetic composition criteria for potentially testing out of quarantine early, and language walling off specific funds for indemnity were all discussed. USDA was receptive to our concerns and committed to discussing these items internally and following up with the industry.

Tuesday and Wednesday found us in many meetings in the capitol working on two specific items. Funding initiatives are always important in the regulatory and research space. In 2019 industry crafted bill language creating the “Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Management Act.” Initially this bill ask was to develop a program specifically to the Private Deer Industry funding CWD research dollars available to the private sector at 15-million-dollars. As Chronic Wasting Disease continued to spread from a few states more national attention was focused on this growing problem. From 2019 until 2022 many conservation groups and wildlife agencies voiced similar concerns and came to the table to participate in this initiative.

In 2022 the CWD Research and Management Act passed into law as a 70-million-dollar package. With a distribution model of funds through the USDA-APHIS agency. The funding would be distributed by USDA with half applied to the “farmed cervid industry” and half available to “Wildlife” for CWD research and management. This is the first time all parties have collected agreed to “row the boat” in the same direction, a positive step forward.



Though an achievement in its passage, Congress must appropriate the funds. So, the focus shifted to secure the monies for use. Understanding this process for someone outside of D.C. can be frustrating to say the least but this is how the sausage is made so to speak. Knowing and understanding the politically landscape is important during this time and we all agreed getting this billed “seeded” with 15 million dollars to start would be appropriate. Through leadership in PA and a long-standing relationship with the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee Congressman Glenn Thompson, we are hopeful this funding is included in the next funding package of the Farm Bill or even another vehicle.

The second ask from industry is the “Cervid Line Item” This is the program that provides funding for the CWD Program Standards nationally, which also includes indemnity dollars in the unfortunate case of depopulations. Furthermore, the Cooperative Agreement Program established a few years ago provides for state department of agricultures and others to fund projects that have substantial impacts directly to our industry. In PA we have multiple programs which many have taken advantage of from Genomic Analysis of animals/herds relating to CWD susceptibility, genetic replacement funding and official ID initiatives to name a few.

Continued support and program development of the “Cervid Line Item” via the program standards in the future should allow for new methods of management and science to be added to our program allowing for older archaic management standards to be removed. As science and research advances at rapid rate, with more fresh eyes on the problem of solving the CWD issue, industry seems well positioned to be the great reservoir for this solution.

With a collective effort Glenn and Josh meet with more than 15 offices in the capitol along with our deer farm/ranch industry reps from partner states. Through the generous actions of the PDFA and funding from its membership throughout the years Pennsylvania is consistently represented at the highest standard.

As we look to the future, there is optimism growing surrounding “real-world” solutions to the CWD issues with Pennsylvania’s cervid industry playing a leading role.

Respectfully Submitted,

Glenn Dice Jr. & Josh Newton



and Bullard of the Senate


An Act relating to live game; creating the Chronic Wasting Disease Genetic Improvement Act; requiring creation of certain pilot program by certain date; establishing program’s purpose to enhance genetic durability of Oklahoma deer against chronic wasting disease; establishing program at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry; requiring certain assistance of the Department of Wildlife Conservation; requiring collection of DNA samples; requiring certain procedures and determinations; allowing for the establishment of testing locations; limiting participation in program; providing for certain timeline of program activity; authorizing the promulgation of rules; providing for a one-time permit fee; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

SUBJECT: Live game


SECTION 1. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section 6-520 of Title 2, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows:

A. This section shall be known and may be cited as the “Chronic Wasting Disease Genetic Improvement Act”.

B. No later than November 1, 2024, the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry shall establish a pilot program to enhance the genetic durability of Oklahoma deer against chronic wasting disease. Such pilot program shall include, but not be limited to, the following program characteristics:

1. The Department of Wildlife Conservation will begin collecting DNA samples to establish a baseline of average genetic codon markers and genomic breeding values for native, free-ranging Oklahoma whitetailed deer. For establishing testing locations in the state, the Department shall use Interstates 35 and 40 as dividing lines or established Department deer management zones as published in the current hunting regulations guide;

2. Limit participation in the program to native white-tailed deer, born and raised in Oklahoma with genetic resistance breeding, including the SS allele at codon 96, and that surpass the genomic estimated breeding value cutoff established for the program by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry; and

3. Beginning in 2026, during the months of February and March and through the fifteenth of April, bred female and male deer may be released.

C. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry and the Department of Wildlife Conservation may promulgate rules as needed to implement the provisions of this act.

D. The Department of Wildlife Conservation may charge a one-time permit fee, which shall not exceed Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), for citizens purchasing deer as a result of criteria established in the pilot program.

SECTION 2. This act shall become effective October 1, 2024.

Whitetails of Oklahoma is proud of their Legislators, Wildlife Agency, and Ag Department, for all working together to make Oklahoma leaders in the nation.




Jason Stefanowicz believes “up and coming” deer farmers should have a decent shot at success. While he usually sells quality genetic conventional semen straws for $1,500, this summer he is selling them for $750. “I want the normal everyday deer farmers to be able to be competitive within the industry,” explained Jason, owner (along with his wife Amy) of Awesome Whitetails in Middlebury, Pennsylvania. “So, I’ve decided to cut the price in half for now.”

Providing others with unusual and unique opportunities is nothing new for Jason, 52, who has been operating Awesome

Whitetails since 2019. Every year he donates a blue crab fishing trip for one in the state of Maryland, to the fundraising auction at The Pennsylvania Deer Farmer’s Association annual event. After renting a cabin at one of the various state parks on the coast of Maryland, Stefanowicz tows his own 14-foot Jon fishing boat to the beautiful and popular Chesapeake Bay. There, he welcomes a lucky auction winner and treats them to an unforgettable day on the bay’s calm, inviting waters and sandy shores. This year’s PDFA banquet September 6th and 7th 2024, Stefanowicz will again donate another fishing trip.

Welcoming others onto his boat is as natural as inviting visitors to see the farm. In fact, it even helped him name one of his best breeding bucks “Amazing,” who scored 222 and ½ inches as a mere yearling. “I had this really nice buck, and a farm visitor came out and took one look at him and said, ‘he’s amazing,’” he shared. “The name Amazing stuck.” What Jason and Amy additionally find amazing are all the blessings they’ve experienced since being in the deer industry, as seen in other homegrown breeding bucks such as Loaded Up and D-Rock. D-Rock, who last year was 36”, today is 42.5” with 461 inches of non-typical frame.



This year they are expecting more than 50 fawns whose genetics will include several homegrown bucks such as D-Rock, Loaded-Up, Amazing and Dr. Feelgood as well as genetics from bucks such as Cruiser, Milo, Excel and The Fed. While a major focus on the farm is to breed for CWD resistance, every effort is also made to ensure visitors don’t accidentally bring any unwanted germs with them. “We require them to wear booties and sanitize their hands when they are here,” Jason said. “And when we sell or buy deer, we ask certain questions about potential CWD in their area to make sure our herd stays as healthy as possible.”

While Jason and Amy remain dedicated to raising top quality deer and calm, tame bottle-fed does, they also like to help fellow deer farmers in need. “When I find out someone has had a hard time or a friend has lost a lot of deer, I’ve helped them get back on feet,” he said. “We always guarantee everything we sell, and

all of our customers are happy with that.” In his spare time, Stefanowicz enjoys bow hunting and spending time with Amy. Together, they see no retirement in sight from an industry they feel so blessed to be a part of.

13 Awesome Whitetails Jason & Amy Stefanowicz 570-418-3109

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Reservation for space and buck info will be due no later than August 14th, 2024. If you have an existing picture ready to go, that will also be due at that time. If you would like to send in a last minute photo of your buck, the cutoff date is Monday, September 2nd by 9am CST. Placement will be in order of first come first serve. Printing and mailing will start September 4th and be in hand between September 16th-20th. Just in time for semen sales getting ready for Breeding Season. These will be mailed to members of the 19 state associations we service. (More information will be mailed out to all current advertisers closer to the date)

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The annual Chupp Auction and the Top 30 North and South Auctions not only provide opportunities to promote a farm or product, they are vitally important to keeping the enthusiasm for the deer industry going. The Chupp Auction, thought of by some as the “springboard” to Top 30 “encourages farms to put their best stuff in,” offers Ivan Hochstetler of Double D Whitetails in Dundee, Ohio. “It gives people the incentive to keep breeding ‘up’ with the best genetics they can afford and gets them more excited for Top 30.”

According to Whitetail Sales and Service co-owner Chris Ezell “we had a great turnout this year at Top 30,” he said. “We want everyone to realize how necessary it is to make time for events like these. This is almost as important as attending the annual NADeFA convention.”

Hochstetler, who has spent the last 14 years breeding deer, has been in the Top 30 North auction for the past 10 years, offering an auction lot of three bred does. “I’m extremely happy with what I got this year for my lot,” he said. “It’s very meaningful to be included. We are grateful to Kevin Grace who started it all.”

When Eddie Ray Borkholder and his wife Diane prepare to participate in the Top 30 North auction, loading up to come includes more than packing a suitcase and deciding which three of his treasured Patrick-line does will be sold. It also includes a production of baking “Fry Pies” started long before the actual auction date. “This year we brought 300 pies,” Eddie Ray said. “We give them away at our booth. It’s a half-moon glazed pie filled with blueberries, strawberries, coconut or apple. We never have any trouble attracting people to our booth. That’s one of the best things about auctions like Top 30. Meeting all the people who attend. A lot of the guys in it back then are gone and it’s a whole different group of people now talking about deer. We love it. We are very thankful to Kevin Grace and the Chupp brothers for starting these auctions, and to Chris Ezell and Lester Eicher for keeping it going.”

Like Hochstetler, Eddie Ray, who has been participating in Top 30 North since 2001, was also extremely happy with what his auction lot brought in this year. “The atmosphere of the auction and the excitement of bidding might entice someone to pay more for what you’re selling compared to if you

were just selling the same deer off of your farm,” Ezell said. “That’s another great aspect about being involved.”

Getting into the Top 30 as a consignor is not quite as daunting of a task as it might seem, Hochstetler, 67, shared. Along with the Top 30 North or South is also the Select 20, a secondary group of auction participants. Each year, the top five Select 20 auction winners take the place of the lowest Top 30 auction participants when the next Top 30 Auction North or South occurs. “This makes way for newcomers and encourages everyone to bring their best,” he added.

“Every deer farmer should do whatever it takes to be a part of these auctions,” Ezell said. Dates, times and places for each and every auction (as well as advertising deadlines) can be easily found by visiting https://www., or talking with Eicher or Ezell. A percentage of the profits from auctions often end up being donated to a worthy cause such as nonprofit organizations that support hunting or land conservation.



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Other Please mail application with payment to: PA Deer Farmers Association PO Box 394, Harrisburg, PA 17108

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In the fifteen years that Joe Bisogno has owned and managed 3,500 acres of farmland at Timber Hills Lake Ranch in Mapleton, Kansas, he’s learned one extremely valuable lesson. “Instead of you working your land, make your land work for you,” he said. While Bisogno dedicates his life to raising whitetails, elk, fallow deer and buffalo, he notices a common trend among livestock farmers. “They tend to focus more on the animals rather than on the land,” he explained. “An equal amount of attention should be spent on land management and keeping it fertilized versus letting areas grow up with weeds that are out of control and other things you don’t want. Consider what you have and what you don’t want more of. As animals eat and defecate, they drop seeds that could leave you with 10,000 sprouting seeds or saplings you don’t want that could take a week or more to brush hog out.”

“Knowing how to make your land work for you versus you working your land is one of the most important aspects of raising livestock,” Bisogno emphasized. “It could save you considerable amounts of time and money.” Perhaps just as important, timely soil sampling might help ensure that your deer or other livestock don’t end up living

on mere dirt, and that the soil itself contains the essential minerals it needs to sustain future vegetation growth.

In addition, deer and other livestock actively seek out the cover and security that brush and trees provide, and benefit even more when vegetation of this type doubles as a viable food source. Although Jake Lamb of Sand Creek Whitetail in St. George, Kansas is more of a newcomer to the deer industry, he sees firsthand the shade and serenity the mulberry, oak and walnut trees in one of his pens provides to his whitetail and hopes to offer the same level of landscaping in every future pen he builds.

During initial pen design and building, proper mowing is paramount as ticks can become an unwelcome nuisance. In running their businesses, both Bisogno and Lamb have witnessed the wrath of ticks firsthand. “I’ve had fawns practically eaten alive by ticks,” Bisogno said. As such, he makes a regular practice along with Lamb of feeding supplements to help deter ticks and other troublesome parasites. While parasite control, fastidious land management practices and proper pen design should be considered simultaneously, Lamb wishes he had also paid more attention to constructing alleyways.

“Alleyways are key, and I should have done that first,” Lamb said. Had he to do over “I would have visited more farms and would have gotten a couple handling facilities set up and ready to go before deer arrived.”

Short term plans

at Lamb’s farm include constructing a 14-foot alleyway between pens one and two using telephone poles and cutting down brush. Other farm plans include turning an existing shed into handling facility in order to be able to do “a little bit of everything,” Lamb said. “I’m willing to put a handling chute in there for A.I. when the need arises.”

“We started off small to limit our mistakes,” Lamb said. “Like all deer farmers, we are looking to have a breeder buck at some point and breed for CWD resistance. We’d ultimately like to grow large-bodied typical deer.” Through the help of his parents who own a neighboring 260 acres, Lamb would also like to create a hunting preserve, his ultimate dream. “I’m grateful to every veteran deer farmer (such as Bisogno and Karla and Mike Kretschmer along with many more KEDA members) who offer advice and mentoring and want to help you succeed,” Lamb said. “I encourage everyone to stay involved in your state associations and stay connected. This way we can all support each other.”


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Contains probiotics and targeted enzymes to support gut health and proper digestion

Available in pellet or powder that can be top dressed or mixed in feed. Great for antler growing season and young bucks, too



Provides optimal levels of magnesium, Vitamin B1 and inositol to promote calmness and provide help for restless animals

Contains no herbals, tryptophan or chemicals, eliminating concerns of unwanted side effects

Use PeaceMaker to “keep the peace” during pre-rut, rut, transportation, weaning and anytime destructive behavior may occur



Helps maintain digestive health and productivity

Contains micro-encapsulated probiotics, targeted enzymes and a novel fiber complex

Use in does before fawning, during lactation and all cervids during times of environmental stress



Helps maintain normal digestive health

Supports a healthy immune system

Feed powder for 14 days to bottle fed fawns

Paste is ideal for fawns left on does



Innovative formula delivers max digestive support, especially in newborns

Rapidly delivers help for GI health and a functioning immune system

May also be used post-tranquilization to support healthy recovery

Science Geared For Deer H ead G ear LL c 1383 arcadia road , suite 102 / L ancaster , pa 17601 p H one 717-509-5724 www H ead G ear LL c com scan to L earn more
Storm Express / Express / Silver Hawk 6.5 PRC HILTY WHITETAILS Noah & Sarah Hilty South Whitley, IN 260-248-1684


The perfect sizzle for your early summer afternoons!


• 2 teaspoons seasoned salt

• ¼ teaspoon garlic salt

• ½ teaspoon black pepper

• ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

• 1 teaspoon dried oregano

• 1 ½ pounds venison, cut into 2 inch strips

• 4 tablespoons vegetable oil

• 1 medium red bell pepper, cut into 2 inch strips

• 1 medium yellow bell pepper, cut into 2 inch strips

• 1 medium onion, cut into 1/2-inch wedges

• 12 fajita size flour tortillas, warmed


1. Combine seasoned salt, garlic salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and oregano to make the fajita seasoning. Sprinkle two teaspoons of the seasoning over the sliced venison. Mix well, cover, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

2. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a heavy frying pan. Cook bell peppers and onion until starting to soften, then remove. Pour in remaining oil, then cook venison until browned. Return pepper mixture to the pan, season with remaining fajita seasoning, and reheat. Served with the warmed tortillas.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Email it to for a chance to be featured in one of our magazines!

Please list the ingredients, linstructions, and include a photo or two! (Recipes don’t need to include venison!)


Species - Specific for Whitetail , Mule Deer & Elk “Better Than Mother’s Milk”


• Fawns up to 1 week of age: Feed 16 oz. of formula daily, divided into 4 – 6 feeding.

• Fawns 1 week to 1 month of age: Feed 24 to 30 oz. of formula daily, divided into 4 feedings.

• Fawns 1 month to 2 months of age: Feed 30 to 35 oz. of formula daily, divided into 2 to 3 feedings.

• Fawns 2 months to weaning: Gradually decrease formula and number of feedings to approximately 15 oz. of formula once daily until fawn is fully weaned at 12 to 14 weeks of age. Provide a weaning diet and fresh clean water to the fawn.

For oral use only. These feeding directions are guidelines. As each animal is an individual, the feeding rate may be increased or decreased according to the needs of the neonate.

Feeding directions for other species can be found on our website.

• All-Milk Protein from Premium Food-Grade Milk Ingredients

• Essential Vitamins and Complex Minerals

• Balanced Fatty Acids

• Improves Digestion

• Promotes Growth and Performance

• No Refrigeration Needed

• Easily Palatable

• 18 Month Shelf Life

• Available in 20# & 8# pails

• 24/7 Technical Advice & Support

43 Nick Vlamis, President Email: DON'T LOSE A FAWN THIS YEAR TO POOR NUTRITION (847) 687-3200 (800) 679-4666

Buckaneer Package:*

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To Order Advertising, Contact Our Customer Care Representative, Samantha Uchytil at: 320-905-2622 or 260-222-3478 Fax: 435-359-5333 Find us on Face book: DeerSites * Quarterly recurring payment pricing available upon request 435-817-0150
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The rules for sudoku are simple:

A 9x9 square must be filled in with numbers from 1-9 with no repeated numbers in each line, horizontally or vertically.

To challenge you more, there are 3x3 squares marked out in the grid, and each of these squares can’t have any repeat numbers either.

Fawn Bottle Milk Bucket Blanket Doe Planting Tractor Garden Fence Greenhouse Ranch Seed Vineyard Windmill Lamb Chick Calf Foal Piglet Answers to puzzles will be available in the next issue, or can be found on our website: Spring 2024 Sudoku Puzzle Answer Key!
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OHIO FALL DEER CONVENTION at the mt hope event center



7:00AM Booth Setup

9:00AM Booth Visitation

12:00 Free Lunch

1:00PM Auction Starts with Elite 25 (Selling approximately 150 Lots)

4:30PM WDFO Annual Membership Meeting Followed by Speakers

5:00-6:30PM Dinner Served (ticket required)

7:00PM Donkey Ball Game

10:00PM Exhibit Hall Closes


7:00AM Doors Open

9:00AM Auction Starts

11:30-12:30 Free Lunch

4:30-6:30PM Dinner Served (ticket required)

6:30PM ..................................................WDFO Benefit Auction (Followed by Raffle Drawings) App. 9:30PM Event Ends

Schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for updates.


$1000 Table purchase includes all meals for event. Each table wins a gun & gets 8 UTV tickets. 8 cards of basket raffle tickets + other free gifts.


can be purchased for gun tables for $150 per seat. There will also be plenty of free seats available if you do not wish to purchase a table.

BOOTHS {10X10}


Booth space will be very limited.



Sewing Machine

$500 Cash Mixer




Kawasaki Mule

Stihl HT 135 Pole Saw Blackstone Griddle

St. Croix Rod & Reel

Solo Stove ‘Bonfire


Draw subject to availability.

Bring the whole family. There are lots of activities for all.

The cost of the event is free. Consider booking a room and spending a night or two. This event is open to the public. Everyone is welcome. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL LEVI AT 330-231-3359

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