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ISSUE 61 • SPRING 2019 • Ballet BC + Hubbard Street Dance Chicago + 2019/20 Season + more…

Dance at the Royal

Ballet BC A bold, thought-provoking and eclectic program by choreographers from Canada, France and Spain

, Videos + s o phot fo more in eb w on the

March 15 + 16 • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Running Time: 1 hour 52 minutes (including 2 intermissions) Lead Sponsors

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago A varied program of cutting-edge contemporary dance that will leave you breathless!

April 12 + 13 • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (including 1 intermission)

Ballet BC in Petite Cérémonie. Photo © Michael Slobodian.

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Announcing the 2019/20 Season

2 Footnotes • Issue 61 • Spring 2019

Dance Victoria Board: President

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Staff: Executive Producer

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General Manager

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Marketing Manager

Tracy Smith


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If you’d like to volunteer for Dance Victoria, please visit DanceVictoria.com and complete the online volunteer form. Studios and Office: 111 – 2750 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8T 4E8 250-595-1829 DanceVictoria.com for trailers, tickets and more information Footnotes is written by Tracy Smith and Stephen White (unless otherwise noted).

A Day in the Life BY STEPHEN WHITE

LIKE EVERY 16 YEAR OLD IN WINDSOR, Ontario, I couldn’t wait to get my license. Finally I’d be free of my parents and I could drive anywhere I wanted to go. Little did I know when I was sitting through Driver’s Ed. and sweating through the exam, that within the year I’d be handing the keys back to my parents, vowing never to drive again. In that short time, I had a couple of minor fender benders and one full-on accident (my fault). I also frightened myself a few times by how quickly I became outraged at other motorists driving, swearing at them, giving them the finger. The combination of my ineptitude, the new-to-me inner rage and (to be honest) fear, were enough for me to decide that I needed to step away from the car. As a result, I’m a cyclist. I love it. Most days. There are those periods of five or six dark rainy winter days when I pull on my damp rain gear day after day before heading out into more rain and wind that I wonder what it would be like to slip behind the wheel of a car instead. A few Sundays ago, Dance Victoria joined our colleagues at the Vancouver Dance Centre to host a memorial for Julie Poskitt. Julie was a remarkable woman who spent the past 15 or 20 years as a grants officer at the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Arts Council. She had touched many people who worked in dance and music in this province and across the country. Julie had the remarkable capacity to deliver bad news to an artist about their funding and still make that individual feel like their contribution was important. The Vancouver memorial was scheduled shortly after Julie passed away in the fall, months prior to the January date. There had been a funeral service in Victoria, but nothing in Vancouver, so it felt important that our colleagues there gather as a community to remember Julie. Sunday morning, after the final Friday and Saturday of Dance Days: two days during which we had welcomed a dozen colleagues to town, and on Friday hosted a brunch and two public showings during the day and presented MAN at the McPherson that evening. Saturday started at 10:00 am with a Choreography Walk through downtown, a huge community roundtable, three showings and a closing night party. What was I thinking? I mounted my bike at 10:10 am Sunday morning. I was flying Helijet (we love Helijet!) at 11:00 am. I had a half hour ride, from Oak Bay Village to Ogden Point ahead of me. I was a little worn out, but I knew we were doing a good thing. I rode along thinking about Julie and halfway there, I realized I didn’t have my ID. You need your ID to fly Helijet. There was no choice. I had to cycle home, grab my ID and head back, which is precisely what I did. I rode like a maniac thinking, “Please Julie, please hold the helicopter!” She heard me. I made it just in the nick of time, locked my bike, and walked onto the flight. When I stepped onto the helipad in Vancouver, the lactic acid in my legs had settled. I felt like an old man. Bernard and I grabbed the catering, set up the room and people arrived. It was a sweet, lovely, tenderhearted afternoon. But me? I could hardly walk for two days. FN

Stephen White photo © Tracy Smith

Dance Victoria brings the World’s Best Dance to the Royal Theatre and supports the development of new dance for the international stage from its studios in Quadra Village. Dance Victoria is a non-profit charitable society. DanceVictoria.com

DanceVictoria.com • 3

2019/20 The World’s Best Dance Subscription Renewals On Sale Now!

Ballet BC Dancers Emily Chessa and Brandon Alley in Romeo + Juliet. Photo © Michael Slobodian.

Making the 2019/20 Season There are a lot of considerations that go into making a new season. At Dance Victoria, we start with the Royal Theatre dates. With those in hand, we go shopping (by the way the “we” is me and Bernard Sauvé). Over the years Dance Victoria has established itself as a vibrant centre for dance presentation. As a consequence, we receive emails and newsletters from around the world on a daily basis. We are also in contact with artist representatives, we attend festivals, and we always make sure to get to at least one “trade show” where we immerse ourselves in meetings. Once we know what’s available to us, we start to craft the season. I love this extended conversation with Bernard because it’s all about possibility. We think about diversity and balance. We think endlessly about you and how you might react to the choices we’re making. We walk a thin line at Dance Victoria (some days it feels like a tight rope). Whatever we choose has to have the potential to sell tickets, yet it also has to live up to our tagline The World’s Best Dance. The 2019/20 Season came together with remarkable ease for us. It’s seldom like this. Often we find ourselves scrambling in January to nail down that last company, but this year we were done and dusted in October. We couldn’t believe our good fortune because it’s a great season to boot! It has beauty (Aspen Santa Fe), exuberance (Ukrainian Shumka Dancers’ Nutcracker), hilarity (Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo), innovation (Kidd Pivot), heartbreak (Ballet BC’s Romeo + Juliet), and spectacle (Tania Pérez-Salas Compañía de Danza). The dance genres include contemporary ballet, Ukrainian folk dance, ballet, ballet-parody, and dance theatre. Ta da! And we’re really very proud that Dance Victoria has had a hand in the development of two of the pieces on the season. In 2017, Dance Victoria provided $25,000 from its Chrystal Dance Fund to support Ballet BC’s new production of Romeo + Juliet, easily the most ambitious project in Ballet BC’s recent history.

Our contribution supported the integration of graduating Arts Umbrella dance students into the corps de ballet. These students had the incredible opportunity to work alongside the talented Ballet BC dancers under the direction of celebrated French choreographer Medhi Walerski. And you’ll see, the outcome was remarkable. It’s stunning. Walerski is a master storyteller. And the gorgeous aesthetic is simple, and clean. We’re very excited for you to see it next March. Last summer, 12 people from our community joined us by contributing close to $15,000 and Dance Victoria added $10,000 from its Chrystal Dance Fund to provide $25,000 to Kidd Pivot (Crystal Pite) for the creation of Revisor. The company was thus able to hire emerging dance artist Renée Sigoun to work as an apprentice with the extraordinary international company of dancers at Kidd Pivot. Pite is an innovator in the genre of dance theatre. Her work tells a story, this time with a new script by Pite’s collaborator Jonathon Young based on Gogol’s play Inspector General. Pite describes it this way, “…we’ve been developing a style of dancing to text that is akin to lip-synching, but done with the entire body. Some scenes in Betroffenheit (2016) gave Jonathon and me the confidence and inspiration to try doing an entire play in this style…” We feel like we just keep getting better as we construct a season of dance for the Royal Theatre. So it is with confidence and a real sense of excitement that we are delighted to invite you to join us again in 2019/20. See you at the theatre!

Pre-Show Chats Presented by

Join us in the lobby of the Royal Theatre at 6:50 pm before Ballet BC and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at the Friday and Saturday performances – a lively conversation about the evenings’ works hosted by Dr. Allana Lindgren, dance historian and Chair of the Theatre Department, University of Victoria.

Subscription Renewals Renew your subscription for Dance Victoria’s 2019/20 Season by 5:00pm, Saturday, March 30, if you want to retain or upgrade your current seats. Phone 250-386-6121 or visit the McPherson or Royal Box Office, Monday through Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm. (The Royal closes for lunch from 1:30 to 2 pm each day.) After March 30, your seats will be released and made available to the general public in mid-April. If you did not receive your renewal form at the theatre or in the mail, give us a call at the office at 250-595-1829. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to renew.

Passionate. Compelling. Unexpected. Announcing Dance Victoria’s 2019/20 Season All performances at the Royal Theatre

Dance at the Royal Series ASPEN SANTA FE BALLET CONTEMPORARY BALLET Dream Play Fernando Melo | Where We Left Off

Nicolo Fonte |

Half/Cut/Split Jorma Elo

An unforgettable mix of live dance and piano virtuosity with world-renowned pianist Joyce Yang performing live on stage. ASFB tackles the quirky Half/Cut/Split by noted Finnish choreographer Jorma Elo, who collaborated with Yang to bring Robert Schumann’s Carnaval to life. Also on the program are Fernando Melo’s Dream Play set to the music of Erik Satie and Frédéric Chopin, and Nicolo Fonte’s touching Where We Left Off with music by Philip Glass. “Yang’s attention to detail and clarity is as impressive as her agility, balance, and velocity.” W A S H I N G T O N POST

KIDD PIVOT CONTEMPORARY February 5 + 6, 2020 • 7:30 pm Revisor Crystal Pite & Jonathon Young The newest work by Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young, creators of the international sensation, Betroffenheit. Eight dancers embody the recorded dialogue of some of Canada’s finest actors in a plot that reinvests theatrical devices with anarchic absurdity, and Pite’s wildly inventive choreography. As story and dance cascade into a final conflagration of human failing and moral bankruptcy, Revisor uses the mutable language of conflict and comedy to examine the relationship between people and politics, with eviscerating wit and bold physicality. “Pite is an image-maker of rare distinction.” T H E


BALLET BC CONTEMPORARY BALLET March 13 + 14, 2020 • 7:30 pm Romeo + Juliet Medhi Walerski A first for Ballet BC’s repertoire, Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet has inspired many artists with its tragic tale of “star-crossed lovers.” Compelling in its timelessness, the work captures audiences with its deeply human story and enduring themes of love, fate and family. Reflecting on the divisions that persist in today’s world, Ballet BC will offer a fresh and heartbreaking retelling of the classic set to Sergei Prokofiev’s original score, that resonates profoundly today. “The final images – their ability to create unforgettable sequences and tableaux through the simplest means – reveal Mr. Walerski at his most visionary.” G L O B E A N D M A I L

TANIA PÉREZ-SALAS COMPAÑÍA DE DANZA CONTEMPORARY May 1 + 2, 2020 • 7:30 pm Ex-Stasis Tania Pérez-Salas | Religare

Tania Pérez-Salas

Innovative. Theatrical. Raw. Personal. These are only a few adjectives that have been used to describe the work of Tania Pérez-Salas, Mexico’s leading contemporary choreographer. In Ex-Stasis, Pérez-Salas explores trusting our instincts to let the body communicate with the mind while Religare investigates the power of dance as a ritual that reconciles the body with the spirit. “Exquisite lighting and provocative visual design characterize each piece, and it is the imagery that stays with the viewer long after the movement fades.” B O S T O N G L O B E

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet: The Company in Where We Left Off. Photo © Sharen Bradford – The Dancing Image. Kidd Pivoit: Revisor. Photo © Michael Slobodian. Ballet BC: Emily Chessa and Brandon Alley in Romeo + Juliet. Photo © Cindi Wicklund. Tania Pérez-Salas Compañía de Danza: The Comany in Ex-Stasis. Photo © Andrea López.

November 15 + 16, 2019 • 7:30 pm

Special Presentations UKRAINIAN SHUMKA DANCERS + VICTORIA SYMPHONY CLASSICAL BALLET + FOLK November 29 + 30, 2019 • 7:00 pm November 30 + December 1, 2019 • 1:00 pm Nutcracker Viktor Lytvynov & John Pichlyk Shumka’s Nutcracker blends the grace and lyricism of classical movement with the strength and power of Ukrainian folk and character dance. This classic tale of young Clara and her dream Prince incorporates Ukrainian traditions and symbols, grand orchestral versions of Tchaikovsky’s legendary score, and lavish sets and costumes designed by National Opera of Ukraine’s Maria Levitska. Exuberant entertainment! “A perfect first Nutcracker for many generations… A powerful and beautiful thing to behold.” E D M O N T O N


LES BALLETS TROCKADERO DE MONTE CARLO COMIC BALLET February 4, 2020 • 8:00 pm • ONE NIGHT ONLY Dance Victoria presents the world’s foremost all-male comic ballet company for one night only! Playful and entertaining, this skewed view of traditional ballet is a perfect polished parody of the highest order. The Trocks’ inspired blend of their loving knowledge of dance, their comic approach, and the astounding fact that men can, indeed, dance en pointe without falling flat on their faces (mostly), has made them loved around the globe. “This is a company that brings its audiences pure joy.” S E A T T L E

Ukrainian Shumka Dancers: The Company in Nutcracker. Photo © Gregg Ingram. Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo: Photo © Zoran Jelenic.


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HOW TO BUY In-person: Visit the Royal or McPherson Box Offices, Monday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Phone: 250-386-6121 or Toll Free 1-888-717-6121 Online: DanceVictoria.com Prices include GST, credit card fees and ticket surcharges.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICING Subscribers save up to $91 over regular prices. It’s like seeing one show for free! Get the best seats before single tickets go on sale September 3. Add Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo and Ukrainian Shumka Dancers’ Nutcracker to your package and pay subscriber prices.


ibers Subscr to p u e v sa $91! SEASON SUBSCRIPTION PRICE

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6 Footnotes • Issue 60 • Winter 2019

Ladies Leading: Ballet BC’s Emily Molnar An excerpt from Vancouver’s Artslandia magazine by Ariane Fleischmann | Photos by Rob Trendiak Visit Artslandia.com for the full article Artslandia pulls back the curtain on the leadership philosophy that’s fueled a groundbreaking, triumphant decade at the helm of Ballet BC and nearly half a decade with Banff Centre. Emily Molnar asks a lot of questions. Her natural state is one in which she considers her actions, the creative process, those of her collaborators. It’s not a means of applying pressure to her roles at Ballet BC and Banff Centre; rather, it’s the reason she’s a visionary leader, a trusted mentor, and an eloquent cultural commentator. Flying between Banff Centre in Alberta and Ballet BC in Vancouver throughout the summer of 2018, Molnar is in her element. This year, at a four-week performance program that Molnar oversees, 12 dancers and four actors worked with choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen and Program Head Stephen Laks, as well as a team of set, costume, sound, and light designers from winter guests to reimagine The Hamlet Complex. The Artistic Director of Dance at Banff Centre since 2014, Molnar curates its year-round programming. In parallel to the performance program, The Creative Gesture residency offers two-week courses in dramaturgy and designing for dance, as well as a composition lab for composers, choreographers, and dancers. And these are just the summer offerings.

SHAPING BALLET BC At Ballet BC since 2009, Molnar has fostered a community of collaborators. “I try to create a space where people feel like they can show up [and] trust it’s safe to take risks,” she says. “I tend to work with the person as much as the thing that we’re working on. I try to help guide versus telling people what to do.” The horizontal environment gives dancers and choreographers agency; it blurs the line between dancer-choreographer-performer. Molnar says her dancers want more responsibility, and creators enjoy the depth of conversation that emerges when more variations on a theme are in the room. “The work we make is enhanced by being part of this collaborative approach,” Molnar explains. “It helps and supports the creative act and allows us to make work that is more meaningful to us and, in turn (hopefully), more meaningful for our audience. When people feel that they belong; when they feel that they’re heard; when they feel that they’re part of something, the experience is unique.”

BUILDING COMMUNITY Now celebrating her 10th year at Ballet BC, Molnar continues to challenge her perspective and that of the people around her. “At the

heart of it, we’re asking people to examine who they are and what their responsibility is to living and being human. Through that, we’re trying to exercise ideas and what it means to make work: How do we compose, and who are we composing for? With? About?” Molnar encourages the entire company to examine its virtuosity because it can be seen everywhere: “in how we go into a community and teach a workshop, the way we perform onstage, the way we listen to each other in a room. Those are all things we try to excel at. One of those actions is not greater than the other.” In recent years, Ballet BC has expanded their programming beyond the stage. They’ve collaborated with other artists to reach new audiences, brought their classes to underprivileged youth, opened a dialogue with the professional community, and created more equitable access to dance through sponsored tickets and free live streaming. “It’s important that we’re always having a conversation with our community,” says Molnar. “We need to know what people are curious about. We’re always trying to find a point of introduction and know how we can develop and deepen that relationship.” Ballet BC comes to the Royal Theatre on March 15 and 16 for a three-show program with choreography by Cayetano Soto, Emily Molnar and Medhi Walerski.

Support Creativity and Dance at Its Very Best Dance Victoria invites you to contribute to bringing the World’s Best Dance to the stage. Your investment has a direct impact on dance education initiatives, new dance development and the work you see at the Royal Theatre, McPherson Playhouse, Metro Studio Theatre and in our dance studios. Dance Victoria appreciates donations of all sizes. Considering joining our community of support involved in sustaining the work of Dance Victoria. We’re just $20,000 shy of our 2018/19 goal! You can use the donation form (on page 8) or visit DanceVictoria.com.

DanceVictoria.com • 7

Chrystal Dance Prize Since 2010, Dance Victoria has awarded its Chrystal Dance Prize annually to dance artists from Western Canada working with international artists. In early 2019, the Awards Committee of Dance Victoria selected the following artists and companies from a fall 2018 competition, committing a total of $65,000: Vancouver based Vanessa Goodman working with New York artist Belinda McGuire to develop a project titled The Other Half ($10,000) Vancouver based Kidd Pivot co-production support for its new production, Revisor, which will be presented at the Royal Theatre in February 2020 ($25,000)*

Applications for the Chrystal Dance Prize for Emerging Artists will open April 1, 2019 with a deadline of May 13, 2019. The Chrystal Dance Prize for Emerging Artists supports young dancers completing their training at an international dance institution. Application guidelines and the submission procedure can be found at DanceVictoria.com.

Vancouver based Out Innerspace Dance Theatre for the further development of its next full-length work Aftermath ($20,000)** Vancouver based Dancers of Damelahamid for the continued development of its new full-length work titled Minowin ($10,000) [* Kidd Pivot was awarded $10,000 from the Chrystal Dance Prize and a further $15,000 from donors in greater Victoria. ** Dance Victoria committed a total of $20,000 over two years to Out Innerspace.]

Spring Raffle Proceeds from our raffle support the many artists whose projects are developed in our studios and then performed across the country and around the world. Tickets are on sale at our performances at the Royal Theatre and online at DanceVictoria.com. The amazing prize packages include: • GRAND PRIZE: Trip to London England 2020 for two. Experience London at its finest over five nights in May 2020. This unstructured tour includes return air, accommodation, and tickets to the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden. Enjoy West End shows, galleries, museums and more. (Value: $2500) • PACKAGE 2: One-year Membership to the Victoria Athletic Club. Enjoy a one-year free membership at the Victoria Athletic Club at the Hotel Grand Pacific. Enjoy a rigorous workout or relax and socialize by the pool. (Value: $1000)

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Revisor by Kidd Pivot. Photo: Michael Slobodian

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• PACKAGE 3: Beautiful You & Wellness Package A shopping spree at Tulipe Noire Lifestyle Boutique, Beautycounter skincare products, a styling and product package by premiere hair salon Carreiro Studio Salon with two locations (Broad Street downtown and Broadmead Village), and a three-month membership to BPM Indoor Cycling and Fitness Centre. (Value: $1300) Tickets are $10 each or a book of five for $40. With fewer than 2,000 printed, your odds are great, plus you’ll enjoy knowing you’re supporting Victoria’s vibrant dance community. The raffle will be drawn at Dance Victoria Studios at 2:00 pm on April 23, 2019. Licence #101707 RAFFLE PARTNERS

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8 Footnotes • Issue 61 • Spring 2019

Seeing Double It may be a few more months before our friends at Ballet Victoria announce their 2019/20 season, but we recently learned that they are planning to present their version of Romeo and Juliet choreographed by Artistic Director Paul Destrooper in March 2020, one week prior to our presentation of Ballet BC’s version. The question next March isn’t “Wherefore art thou Romeo?” It’s more like, “Where aren’t you, Romeo?” Destrooper’s version is more in the style of classical ballet, with Juliet danced en pointe, whereas, Ballet BC’s Romeo + Juliet, choreographed by France’s Medhi Walerski is in the genre of contemporary ballet. For the aficionado, next March presents the rare opportunity to experience R&J two ways!

Choreographic Lab with Justine A. Chambers and Susan Elliott July 22 to August 3, 2019 From July 22 through August 3, 2019 Dance Victoria will hold its third annual two-week intensive Choreographic Lab. This year, Justine A. Chambers and Susan Elliott will lead the Lab. Chambers and Elliott will mentor Victoria-based choreographers Kelly Hobson and Angela Mousseau and Vancouver’s Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien. Chambers and Elliott will assign a task to the choreographers after a dance class each morning. They will spend the afternoon generating new material based on the task with a company of dancers engaged for the Lab. The best works will be performed for the public on August 3, 2019 at Dance Victoria Studios. We hope to see you there! For more information, visit DanceVictoria.com

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How to donate: Thank Mail: Return this form with a cheque to: you! Dance Victoria Society 111 – 2750 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4E8 Phone: 250-595-1829 with your credit card in hand Online: Donate over our secure page at DanceVictoria.com In Person: at Dance Victoria Studios (we’ll give you a tour) or at the Royal and McPherson Box Offices Dance Victoria is a federally registered charity and will provide a tax-deductible receipt for all donations $10 and over. Charitable # 87377 5522 RR0001

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Dance Victoria Footnotes 61 (Spring 2019)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 61 features Ballet BC + Hubbard Street Dance Chicago + Announcing the 2019/20 Season + more.

Dance Victoria Footnotes 61 (Spring 2019)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 61 features Ballet BC + Hubbard Street Dance Chicago + Announcing the 2019/20 Season + more.