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ISSUE 56 • WINTER 2018 • Dance Days + Dancers of Damelahamid + ODC/Dance + more…

Dance Days: It’ll move you! Free classes all over town January 19 – 28, 2018 Rough Cuts • Metro Studio Theatre January 26 + 27, 2018

Dancers of Damelahamid January 19 • Fri • 7:30 pm McPherson Playhouse Running Time: 75 minutes (incl. intermission)

The Company in ODC/Dance’s Dead Reckoning. Photo © 2016 RJ Muna

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ODC/Dance February 2 + 3 • Fri + Sat • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (including intermission) Lead Sponsors

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2 Footnotes • Issue 56 • Winter 2018

Dance Victoria Board: President

Susan Howard

Vice President René Peloquin Treasurer

Susan Porter


Nikki Sieben


Kristen Kitchen Kari McLay Colin Nicol Lynda Raino

Staff: Executive Producer

Stephen White

General Manager

Bernard Sauvé

Operations Manager

Shireen McNeilage

Marketing Manager

Tracy Smith


Julie Collins

Production Manager

Holly Vivian

Graphic Design

Rayola Creative

Advertising Sales

Bonnie Light

Trips Coordinator

Bill Hamar

If you’d like to volunteer for Dance Victoria please call 250-595-1829 Studios and Office: 111 – 2750 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8T 4E8 250-595-1829 DanceVictoria.com for trailers, tickets and more information Footnotes is written by Tracy Smith and Stephen White (unless otherwise noted).

Dance Seen On Compliments and MBAs BY STEPHEN WHITE

I REMEMBER A FEW YEARS AGO, on the invitation of a Board member, that the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce came by Dance Victoria Studios for a visit. He wanted to know more about what we do. As we toured our studios, I told him about our presentation series at the Royal Theatre. I spoke about the community-wide Dance Days festival each January. I mentioned Dance Victoria’s residencies program and explained the free studio access that we provide to local artists developing new work. When we finally sat down in the lower lobby for coffee he said, “For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the business model is that underpins all this activity.” I get it. From the business community’s perspective, Dance Victoria is definitely a square peg. When I have discussions with MBA types, they always look a little puzzled. You see, several years ago when Dance Victoria was still called The Victoria Dance Series, I realized because we were so dependent on ticket sales in order to make the whole thing sustainable, we needed to diversify. For me, diversification meant putting roots down into the community — offering services and becoming a resource for the promotion of a dance culture. Today, 55% of our revenue is derived from ticket sales (down from to 85 or 90% back in the day). Sponsorship, donations, the raffle, Cherish and our Hosted Tours bring more than $350,000 to the organization (almost 30%). Government funding from all three levels amounts to about 15%. As you can see, we’ve needed to be very resourceful. The remarkable thing is that it all seems to be working (I pray to God that by writing this down, I’m not jinxing anything). A curious thing happened to me at the post-show reception following the opening night of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. There, in the back of the lobby as the evening was waning, I spotted an old colleague. He was a gentleman that used to be Artistic Director of a dance company that was regularly featured on our seasons. I hadn’t seen him in a decade. Before I approached him I remembered how 12 or 14 years ago, he used to roll into town with his management team, so full of themselves and dismissive of Victoria and everything we were trying to do. A Victoria colleague said to me after one of their engagements, “Ah, those guys, they’re a bunch of threes dressed as nines.” All that bluster — a cover for their inadequacies. As fate would have it, this gentleman had a very public fall from grace. The company floundered and was almost lost, but after his abrupt departure and some Herculean work and sacrifice by a good number of people, happily the company is back on top of its game. Spotting me, Mr. 3by9 strode across the room to say, “Stephen, congratulations! Look at how successful Dance Victoria has become. You have done a remarkable job.” I said, “Thanks so much. But you know, it’s not just me. It’s a team of people and a community that is incredibly supportive.” He said, “Why can’t you take a compliment?” I said, “I do, and thanks, but I just want to point out that I’m not the only reason Dance Victoria is successful.” He said, “You need to learn to take a compliment.” And with that, he turned his attention to one of the young dancers nearby. I went home that night and after some thought (and a nightcap) I realized that it’s him. I can’t take a compliment from him. I wondered why is this the case? The next day it came to me: if I accepted a compliment from him, it meant I was also accepting all the nasty things he said about Victoria and me several years ago. It’s so curious how sometimes we don’t fully understand our spontaneous reactions until we’ve had some time to think. So here we are in the midst of our 21st season, with a puzzling yet very successful business model that only works because of you and your tremendous support. They need to teach those MBAs a little more about responsive community organizations and how they work! FN

Stephen White photo © Don Craig Photography

Dance Victoria brings the World’s Best Dance to the Royal Theatre and supports the development of new dance for the international stage from its studios in Quadra Village. Dance Victoria is a non-profit charitable society. DanceVictoria.com

DanceVictoria.com • 3

Successful Fall Season More than 6,500 people attended our first two shows at the Royal this season: Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Dance Victoria has a record 1,100 subscribers and 36 cash sponsors for its 2017/18 season. After their performances in mid-November, the Executive Director of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet wrote to say: “Thank you for your generous hospitality in Victoria. I can’t tell you how inspired we were to witness a presenting organization that is successful, kind and passionate about the art of dance. We travel far and wide and it is rare, believe me. Our performances at Dance Victoria will certainly be the highlight of this season and will be remembered by all of us for years. The audience’s enthusiastic response warmed our hearts and your hospitality made us feel at home.”

Night Moves Culture. Conversations. Cocktails. Title Sponsor

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A limited number of Night Moves single tickets (for 30 to 45 year olds) remain for each of our shows. Your discounted ticket gets you into the show plus admission to an exclusive catered after-party that includes a DJ, specialty cocktails and the dancers you just saw performing on stage! DanceVictoria.com

Pay Your Age Sponsored by

Our popular Pay Your Age is open to anyone aged 12 to 29. A limited number of Pay Your Age tickets are available for each performance so act quickly. Pay Your Age tickets are subject to a $5 Royal and McPherson Box Office fee. 250-386-6121.

Pre- and Post-Show Chats Presented by

With support from

Dancers of Damelahamid Flicker Friday, January 19 • 7:30 pm • McPherson Playhouse Stage FREE to all Flicker ticket holders While the Fathers of Confederation toiled at the table of nation making, two voices were not invited to the discussion: women and Indigenous peoples. Co-curated by Amy Bowring, Director of Collections and Research at Dance Collection Danse, and dance and theatre artist Troy Emery Twigg, By Invitation Only: Dance, Confederation and Reconciliation illuminates the stories of how women and dance were essential to networking during the 1864 conferences that led to Confederation, and how Indigenous dance was banned within two decades of Confederation in an attempt to suppress the culture and assimilate Indigenous peoples. Theatregoers are also invited to stay for a post-show chat with Dancers of Damelahamid Executive and Artistic Director/Choreographer Margaret Grenier facilitated by Dr. Allana Lindgren, Chair of the Theatre Department, University of Victoria. The discussion will include Flicker and the work’s intention as a powerful healing space for indigenous people and all Canadians to advance the ongoing process of reconciliation.

Dancers of Damelahamid’s Jeanette Kotowich, Margaret Grenier & Raven Grenier in Flicker. Photo © Derek Dix Image & Design

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How to donate: Thank Mail: Return this form with a cheque to: you! Dance Victoria Society 111 – 2750 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4E8 Phone: 250-595-1829 with your credit card in hand Online: Donate over our secure page at DanceVictoria.com In Person: at Dance Victoria Studios (we’ll give you a tour) or at the Royal and McPherson Box Offices Dance Victoria is a federally registered charity and will provide a tax-deductible receipt for all donations $20 and over. Charitable # 87377 5522 RR0001

4 Footnotes • Issue 56 • Winter 2018

Free classes Friday, January 19 through to Sunday, January 28, 2018 It’ll move you for 10 days in January!

ROUGH CUTS: PRODUCER’S SELECTION January 26 + 27, 2018 Metro Studio Theatre (Quadra at Johnson) During Dance Days, Dance Victoria invites you to see new works by Canada’s hottest dance artists and choreographers. This year, these FREE, informal performances will be presented at the Metro Studio Theatre (1411 Quadra St.). If you’re interested in attending any of the free showings, please RSVP early. Space is limited!

Visit our new Dance Days calendar at DanceVictoria.com for the most up-to-date class information and details of our Rough Cuts performances. And please join us as we kick off Dance Days with Dancers of Damelahamid on January 19 at the McPherson Playhouse.

Saturday, January 27 • 10:00 am McPherson Playhouse Lobby • FREE Presenter Roundtable Hosted by Dr. Robin Miller

Mobilefriendly le schedu online

Join local dance artists and visiting dance presenters in a lively discussion about the state of dance criticism in Canada. Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Roundtable” in the subject line.

Friday, January 26 • 1:00 pm Metro Studio Theatre • FREE Pour Choreographer: Daina Ashbee (Montréal) Interpreter: Paige Culley Music: Jean-Francois Blouin Pour is a work that explores the vulnerability and strength of women, uncovering the layers of pain they absorb in their bodies through a society that does not support them. Like her previous works, Ashbee has created a dark and disturbing environment. WARNING: Full nudity. Daina Ashbee is a Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program participant, a project of Vancouver’s Dance Centre. Visit thedancecentre.ca for more information. Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Pour” in the subject line. Friday, January 26 • 3:00 pm Metro Studio Theatre • FREE without contact Choreographer/Interpreter: Vanessa Goodman (Vancouver) Vanessa Goodman explores fractured repetition in her new solo, without contact, which combines her distinct physicality with the otherworldly sounds of a live Moog theremin. Her engaging movement is influenced by the same music it creates on the stage, creating a unique feedback loop of motion and sound. Vanessa Goodman is a Yulanda M. Faris Choreographers Program participant, a project of Vancouver’s Dance Centre. Visit thedancecentre.ca for more information. Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “contact” in the subject line.

(Top) Paige Culley in Pour. Photo © Daina Ashbee. (Middle) Vanessa Goodmanin Container. Photo © Davi dCooper. (Bottom) Meredith Kalaman, Kate Franklin, Felicia Lau in Femme Fatales. Photo © Erik Zennström & Andrea Galad.

Every January, studios all over town throw open their doors and offer free dance classes in all kinds of styles. From ballet to ballroom, belly dance to break dance, there’s something for everyone. Perfectly timed so you can make good on your New Year’s resolutions, meet new people and shake out the shortbread and eggnog.

DanceVictoria.com • 5

Friday, January 26 • 7:30 pm Metro Studio Theatre • Suggested donation $15 (at the door) Femme Fatales Choreographer: Meredith Kalaman (Vancouver) Interpreters: Meredith Kalaman, Kate Franklin, Felicia Lau Sound Design: Stefan Smulovitz Femme Fatales is a poetic trio, blending narrative and contemporary dance to bring to light the impact of gender socialization. The work takes a thought provoking look at our historical past of gender defined roles and behaviours to illuminate the impact on today. Full of both pleasure and angst, this work dives into the heart of what makes us who we are. Meredith Kalaman was awarded Dance Victoria’s 2017 Chrystal Dance Prize to take Femme Fatales to Berlin in August 2017 and continue collaborating with international artist Gabi Beier, a partnership that began as a result of Meredith receiving the 2015 Chrystal Dance Prize. Femme Fatales is a full-length performance. Please join us for a post-show reception on the stage immediately following the performance. Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Femme” in the subject line. Saturday, January 27 • 1:30 pm Metro Studio Theatre • FREE Albatross Choreographer: German Jauregui (Belgium) Interpreters: Josh Martin, Lisa Gelley (Company 605, Vancouver) Albatross (2016) is a driving duet created via an international collaboration between Company 605 and Brussels-based artist German Jauregui. This physically challenging piece pulls apart a single moment to dissect and experience its contents in expanded time. The development of Albatross was supported in part by Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize (2015) Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Albatross” in the subject line.

Saturday, January 27 • 3:00 pm Metro Studio Theatre • FREE Untitled Distance Choreographer/Interpreter: Arash Khakpour, Emmalena Fredriksson (Vancouver and Orebro, Sweden) Untitled Distance is a duet about Arash and Emmalena, two dancers based in Vancouver, who grew up far from here and far from each other. Through their encounter they tell stories from the past to illuminate their possible imagined individual and collective futures. The development of this work was supported in part by Dance Victoria’s Chrystal Dance Prize (2017). Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Untitled” in the subject line.

Saturday, January 27 • 4:30 pm Metro Studio Theatre • FREE New Work Choreography: Angela Mousseau (Victoria), Mahaila Patterson-O’Brien (Victoria/Vancouver) Interpreters: Eowynn Huguet, Isak Enquist Mousseau and Patterson-O’Brien both participated in Dance Victoria’s inaugural choreographic lab led by Wen Wei Wang in July 2017, as did dancers Huguet and Enquist. Dance Victoria has brought them together for a full week to revisit works they started in the lab and/or play with new approaches to those first impulses. Be the first audience to see these freshly minted works and participate in the discussion immediately following. Want to attend? rsvp@dancevictoria.com with “Choreo Lab” in the subject line.

6 Footnotes • Issue 56 • Winter 2018

Dance Victoria News At our Annual General Meeting, Stephen White and the Board expressed sincere thanks to Mariann Burka who stepped down. Burka was instrumental in helping the Board develop new policies

Dance Victoria is fortunate to have the support of many people. Thank you. It means a lot to us and to the dance community in Victoria. The following have donated to our Fall Donor Campaign. (Oct. 1 – Dec. 15, 2017) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Paula Carey & Nicholas Wemyss Lorna Harris A & A King Family Foundation Sandra Lee Kari McLay & Bill Myles Robert Milne John Pallet & Susan Klemola Melany & Tye Startek PATRON Anonymous Isaiah Bell & René Peloquin Gordon D. Fulton Mark & Diana Gillis Bill Graham & Helen McDonald Joan McNeely Susan Jacobs Michael F. Morres Roy Nikaido Patricia Taylor SUPPORTER Mavis DeGirolamo & Bill Corbin Colleen Gibson Andrea Katz Noreen Marshall & Mariann Burka Jeffrey McEown & Helen Smith Joan Ross Elise & Nathan Wren FRIEND Anonymous x2 Joan E. Athey Jean Conway Barbara Costigan Joan Davis In honour of Lorna Harris Louise Klaassen Ben & Carla Levinson Dayla & David Parry R. Joan Penny Marion & Merv Porath Mary & Michael Ross

Peter & Susan Salomonsson MEMBER Anonymous Mary Kimpton Dianne Lawrance Kerensa Mattison Susan Newlove Nikki Sieben Veronica Stinson NUTCRACKER KIDS DONORS (not acknowledged in Nutcracker program): Anonymous Allan Jackson Grace Meens CHERISH EVENT DONOR Donna Anderson Kandis Armstrong Kathy Baan Diana Beatty Isaiah Bell & René Peloquin Natasha Benn Sue Bosdet Lindalee Brougham Coby Bucci Helen Buck Sharon Bundon Heather Cameron John & Dina Carreiro Pratima Chauhan Holly Clayton Donna Conway Michelle Cooper Nancy Cox Jill Cramp Franc D’Ambrosio & Gwenyth Howey Jocelyn Duncan Cynthia Durand-Smith Shirley Elm Roberta & Donald Farquhar Ingrid Fawcett Susan Ferguson Sandy Firth Kathy Fletcher Adele Fraser Tanis Fryer Patricia Gibb April & Grant Gislason Steve Goepel Victor & Olga Golubkov Cate Gray Debbie Greenway Philomena & Roy Hanson Barbara Hawes Ollie & Greg Hawes Mary Henry Jane & Harlow Hollis Jody Hollis Hilary Holmes

and strategic initiatives. The Board welcomed two new Directors: Susan Porter as Treasurer and Colin Nicol as a Director.

Marci Hotsenpiller Susan Howard & Gregory Krantz Karen Jack Susan Jacobs Brenda & Frank Jagdis Donna Jeffery Ian Johnson Laura-Lee Johnson Dylan Jonsson Charlotte Karmel Janice Kerr Beverley & David King Kristen Kitchen Barb Landell Melanie LeBrun Margaret Leck C Levesque Peter & Jane Lewis Karen Lorimer Elizabeth Love Nancy Macinnis Sheila Madill Keith Marchant Amy Marcus Sandy Mayzell Erin Mazzoni Kathleen McCann Leah McDiarmid Dena McDonald

Gayle McDonald Kelly McKernan Kari McLay & Bill Myles Angela McLeish Holly McNally Caroline Meggison Trina Mendria June Mikasko Robin J. Miller Tracy Mitchell Ruth Mogensen Margaret Morrison Lori Munoz Malcolm Sara Neely Colin Nicol John Pallett & Sue Klemola Susan Park Scott & Sandi Piercy Marjorie Pine Kim Potash Janet Poth Janet Ricciuti Shelley Rowlands Julie & Chris Rust Bernard Sauvé Paula Sauvé Cathy Scott Christiane Selenz Trish Shwart Kathleen Simas

Rose Singleton-wood Sharon Smith Joan Snowden Jennifer & Paul Sobkin Irma Soltonovich Diane Sopuck Claudia Sparks Doneen Sprowl Heather Sutherland Andrea Telford David Thomas & Mary Beeching Anne Thomson Margery Thomson Dolores Todd Kristin Tryon Charmaine Urquhart Heather Urquhart Andre Valade Terry Vatrt Anna Vunder Betty Molnar & Robert Wallace Heather Wellman Stephen White & William Hamar Sybille Wilson Wendy Wood Marie Zirk

Business Cards Rack Cards & Post Cards Newsletters & Calendars Brochures & Flyers

609 Dunedin St., Victoria BC V8T 2L7 250-590-2998 www.fastracprinting.com

DanceVictoria.com • 7

An Interview with Brenda Way, ODC/Dance’s Founder & Artistic Director

Join Us for the World Premiere of Ballet BC’s Romeo + Juliet Choreographed by Medhi Walerski Thursday, February 22 • Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver

“What is it with the relationship between people and things anyway — this human drive to have more and more?” - Brenda Way, The New York Times Artistic Director of ODC/Dance and Choreographer Brenda Way got inspired to create her work What we carry What we keep after reading a review of The Keeper, a show at New York’s New Museum filled with objects, photographs and ephemera that artists had held dear for 30 years. She wondered why we hang on to certain things and discard others, and how both can define us. “I was thinking about what we keep — not just material things but also what attitudes, what politics, what habits — about holding on and letting go. What we carry, what we keep,” says Way.

Dance Victoria is very proud to be a commissioning partner on this exciting new full-length ballet choreographed by France’s Medhi Walerski. Set to Sergei Prokofiev’s original score, this full-length commission showcases Walerski’s signature style that brings together landscapes woven with poetic, unpredictable, and complex imagery. A collaboration between Dutch set and lighting designer Theun Mosk, an international team of collaborators, and the Arts Umbrella Graduate Dance Program, Ballet BC’s Romeo + Juliet will be a fresh and thought-provoking retelling of this timeless classic. Dance Victoria is organizing a trip to attend opening night on Feb. 22. Includes Helijet, hotel stay, tickets and post-show reception. Email producer@dancevictoria.com for info.

“I get rid of stuff. My husband keeps things,” Way explains.

Spring Raffle

Way began her creative process by sending a questionnaire to about 30 people she knew, asking them what they would grab if their house was on fire, and what they would keep if they were breaking up with a partner or moving to a smaller place.

Proceeds from our raffle support the many artists whose projects are developed in our studios and then performed across the country and around the world. Tickets will be on sale at the Dancers at Damelahamid’s performance on January 19, 2018. The amazing prizes include:

“There were some wonderful and funny responses,” she explains. One woman said in the event of a split, she’d keep her mate’s credit card. Others were more serious involving children and memories. “I used those answers as a prod for choreography. I gave the dancers some of the answers to those questions and asked them to make phrases from the idea. I responded to what I saw.” Way tweaked and shaped those movement phrases, drawing them out or speeding them up and putting them together to create actions to build the piece. “It’s very physical. I hope people get the resonance that it’s not just about material stuff. It’s also about relationships, about holding on and letting go in a bigger way,” explains Way. The soundtrack for What we carry, What we keep includes a ticking clock and music by the American duo The Books. - Excerpts taken from Jesse Hamlin’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Mar 23, 2017 FN

• GRAND PRIZE: Vive la différence Dance Tour May 2019 8 nights in Montréal and Québec City (combined) hosted by Dance Victoria’s Bernard Sauvé. Includes air, transfers, accommodation, daily breakfasts, events & tours. (Value: $2,100) • PACKAGE 1: One-year membership at Victoria Athletic Club at the Hotel Grand Pacific. Enjoy a rigorous workout or relax and socialize by the pool (Value: $1,000) • PACKAGE 2: Vancouver Get Away 2018 A night in Vancouver. Return Helijet flights, one night at the Listel Hotel, dinner at Forage, tickets to Ballet BC in November 2018 (Value: $1,579) Tickets are $10 each or a book of five for $40. With fewer than 2,000 printed, your odds are great, plus you’ll enjoy knowing you’re supporting Victoria’s vibrant dance community. The raffle will be drawn at Dance Victoria Studios at 2:00 pm on May 8, 2018. Licence #101707 RAFFLE PARTNERS

8 Footnotes • Issue 56 • Winter 2018

Coming Out of Retirement! Adrian Chamberlain, who reported on the arts for the Victoria Times Colonist for 30 years, retired in October. However, he’s still writing about the arts via his new blog, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Man (https://adriantheatre.wordpress.com). Adrian started the blog for several reasons. He believes it’s important to have public discussion and reporting on Victoria arts events — especially so in an age of cutbacks in the mainstream media. He says there’s a selfish reason as well: he misses arts writing more than he expected … apparently if you do it long enough, it becomes part of your life. Dance Victoria is very pleased that Adrian will be reviewing its presentations once again and welcome him back onto the scene after a full two months of retirement. Please help us spread the word: share Adrian’s blog with your friends, family and neighbours that attend arts events in Victoria.

Sell your home. Support Dance Victoria. Choose a DFH realtor below and mention Dance Victoria when you buy or sell your property. Ten percent of the realtor’s commission helps bring The World’s Best Dance to our community.

Dance at the Royal Subscribers can buy additional tickets to Dance Victoria any time of the year and save 20%. DanceVictoria.com

ODC/DANCE February 2 + 3, 2018 • 7:30pm Royal Theatre What we carry What we keep – Brenda Way Dead Reckoning – KT Nelson

COMPANY WAYNE MCGREGOR March 16 + 17, 2018 • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Atomos – Wayne McGregor

Terry Moore tlmoore@shaw.ca | 250-477-7291

Rosemary Tulett homes@rosemarytulett.com | 250-477-7291

DANCERS OF DAMELAHAMID January 19, 2018 • 7:30 pm McPherson Playhouse Flicker – Margaret Grenier

ALVIN AILEY® AMERICAN DANCE THEATER May 1, 2018 • 8:00 pm Royal Theatre Mass – Robert Battle Ella – Robert Battle Untitled America – Kyle Abraham The Winter in Lisbon – Billy Wilson

Dorothee Friese dorothee@shaw.ca | 250-477-7291

Peter Crichton crichton@islandnet.com | 250-889-4000

Additional Special Presentations

BALLET HISPÁNICO April 6 + 7, 2018 • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Linea Recta – Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Con Brazos Abiertos – Michelle Manzanales 3.Catorce Dieciséis – Tania Pérez- Salas

Profile for Dance Victoria

Dance Victoria Footnotes 56 (Winter 2018)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 56 features Dance Days 2018 + Dancers of Damelahamid's Flicker + ODC/Dance + more.

Dance Victoria Footnotes 56 (Winter 2018)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 56 features Dance Days 2018 + Dancers of Damelahamid's Flicker + ODC/Dance + more.