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ISSUE 55 • FALL 2017 • Aspen Santa Fe Ballet + The Nutcracker + Studio News + more…

The Year of the Choreographer

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Three works by leading dance-makers from Spain + Finland

November 17 + 18 • Fri + Sat • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (incl. intermission) Lead Sponsors

Alberta Ballet

+ Victoria Symphony The Nutcracker

December 1 + 2 • Fri + Sat • 7:30 pm December 2 + 3 • Sat + Sun • 2:00 pm Royal Theatre Running Time: 2 hours (incl. intermission)

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet in 1st Flash. Photo © Rosalie O‘Connor Photography

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In the Studios Stacey Horton

, Videos + s o phot fo more in eb w on the

2 Footnotes • Issue 55 • Fall 2017 • The Year of the Choreographer

Dance Victoria Board: President

Susan Howard

Vice President René Peloquin Treasurer

Susan Porter


Nikki Sieben


Mariann Burka Kristen Kitchen Kari McLay Lynda Raino

Staff: Executive Producer

Stephen White

General Manager

Bernard Sauvé

Operations Manager

Shireen McNeilage

Marketing Manager

Tracy Smith


Julie Collins

Production Manager

Holly Vivian

Graphic Design

Rayola Creative

Advertising Sales

Bonnie Light

Trips Coordinator

Bill Hamar

If you’d like to volunteer for Dance Victoria please call 250-595-1829 Studios and Office: 111 – 2750 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8T 4E8 250-595-1829 DanceVictoria.com for trailers, tickets and more information Footnotes is written by Stephen White and Tracy Smith (unless otherwise noted).

Dance Seen Mirror Image BY STEPHEN WHITE

I LOOK UP FROM WASHING MY HANDS in the Seattle Sheraton restroom to see a kindly older gentleman gazing back at me from the mirror. I gasp and then I think, “Well, at least he looks ‘kindly.’” Full disclosure, aging has been on my mind lately. It’s early September and I’m in Seattle with my colleague Bernard Sauvé. We’re attending the Western Arts Alliance, a kind of trade show for presenters. The grand ballroom at the Sheraton is packed with exhibitors. Booths spill out into the wide lobby, staffed by smiling artist representatives (agents) and happy performers of all stripes. They have unfurled their colourful pop-up banners and stuffed their latest glossy promotional materials into cleverly designed freestanding racks. They are ready to meet us, quick to shake hands or even hug. “It‘s so good to see yooouuuu. How are things in Victoria?” Bernard and I are only at the trade show for one day so we have a tight schedule — ten 30minute meetings, stacked back to back beginning at noon. We have an early lunch and head into the fray with gusto. We have experience at this. Bernard says, “There is no time for small talk. Straight to business.” The next five hours has the feel and tempo of speed dating. But the people we meet aren’t strangers. Perhaps we haven’t seen each other for a few years, but we are frequently in touch by phone ”Part of the thrill of seeing and email, talking about companies on their rosters and in a dance production is the many cases, negotiating to bring them to Dance Victoria. At extraordinary, youthful each booth the reps give us their best 30-minute pitch. This movement. It’s easy to company is touring west in March. That one just premiered at feel old when you’re the Joyce Theater in New York. By the end of the day, we’re surrounded by so much worn out with all the hyperbole. youth and beauty.“ When we collapse on sofas in the expansive main lobby of the hotel, our bags are stuffed with brochures and our heads are whirling with possibility and potential. But then that aging thing comes up again. There is one rep from New York who has a small, elite roster of big (expensive) international dance companies. But we’re not talking about her companies, we’re talking about her. She looks 15 years younger than the last time we saw her. We were both surprised by her new full cheeks and smooth brow. She’s sporting a new wardrobe to boot. She must be pushing 70 in real years, but now she’s on trend and working hard to look 40. I wonder if the desire to appear young comes with the territory. Our industry is built on beauty and physicality. Dancers are typically young and gorgeous. Part of the thrill of seeing a dance production is the extraordinary, youthful movement. It’s easy to feel old when you’re surrounded by so much youth and beauty. Me? I’m certainly not getting any younger. I guess I’ll have to settle with “kindly.” FN

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s Katherine Bolanos and Pete Leo Walker in Huma Rojo. Photo © Rosalie O‘Connor Photography

Dance Victoria brings the World’s Best Dance to the Royal Theatre and supports the development of new dance for the international stage from its studios in Quadra Village. Dance Victoria is a nonprofit charitable society. DanceVictoria.com

DanceVictoria.com • 3

Welcome (Back) to Dance Victoria! So great to welcome many of you back for our 2017/18 Season and a warm welcome to our new subscribers. At the beginning of each season, we like to remind everyone of these tips to help maximize your experience with Dance Victoria: 1. Please don’t wear scented products at the theatre. Many of our patrons are sensitive to perfumes or even allergic to the chemicals that make scents. 2. Help us get your name right. If it is spelled incorrectly or something’s wrong with your address, call us or email us at info@dancevictoria.com and we’ll correct it. 3. At any time during the year you can buy extra tickets to any show and get the subscriber price (close to 20% off regular prices). Just tell the Box Office you want the “Friend of Subscriber” price. 4. No babes in arms in the theatre. We love them, but they are unpredictable little bundles. We send emails about studio events such as Rough Cuts, (intimate performances of new works) or updates about preshow chats for our Dance at the Royal series to our subscribers. To minimize marketing costs and maximize the fees that we pay artists, we do this by email, so please send your email to info@dancevictoria.com and tell us that you’d like to be included in our updates. We will not trade or sell your contact information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Advance Tickets for Alvin Ailey® American Dance Theater

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Michael Jackson, Jr. Photo © Andrew Eccles

Robert Battle has been the Ailey company’s Artistic Director since 2011 and during that time he has been credited with breathing new life into existing repertoire as well as commissioning works by a new generation of dance makers. In her review of a piece choreographed by Battle, Laura Molzahn at the Chicago Tribune writes: “Like Ailey, Battle aims to integrate African-American life into American dance. But he doesn’t drag it into view with the clear markers of African-American vernacular art forms… Instead…[he] simply assumes that African-American life is part of American life….” Subscribers get first dibs! There are still great seats available for this ONE NIGHT ONLY performance on May 1, 2018. You’ll want to purchase your tickets before they go on sale to the general public on November 20th.

Pre-Show Chats Presented by Facilitated by Dr. Allana Lindgren, Chair UVic Theatre Department.

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Join us in the lobby from 6:50 to 7:15 pm for a chat with Tom Mossbrucker, Artistic Director of Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. Tom will discuss the evening’s program and take any questions you may have. Alberta Ballet + Victoria Symphony The Nutcracker Join us 45 minutes (1:15 pm for the matinees and 6:45 for the evenings) before the show for Nutcracker Story Time. Professional storyteller Jim Leard will recount the tale of Klara’s magical evening. Klara’s Closet In the Royal Theatre East Lobby, we’ll be opening Klara’s closet full of Nutcracker costumes and props so your children can play dress-up prior to the performance.

Pay Your Age Sponsored by

Pay Your Age is open to anyone aged 12 to 29 and PYA tickets are on sale now! There are only a limited number and they always sell out before show time. Proof of photo ID required at ticket pick up. It’s easy. Order in person at the Royal or McPherson Box Office or over the phone (250-386-6121).

Night Moves Night Moves Title Sponsor Night Moves Membership Sponsor

An evening of culture, conversations and cocktails for 30- to 45year-olds at a unique location. See the show and join the after-party. All at reduced prices! Phone or in-person orders only. Visit DanceVictoria.com for information.

Support for Local Dancers

Our local dance makers have told us that their biggest need is studio time — to create, rehearse and even perform. So we created the free Studio Access program. Approved projects receive 60 hours of free studio time and an additional 40 hours at only $5/hour. Interested in learning more? Contact Stephen White, producer@dancevictoria.com or 250-595-1829.

4 Footnotes • Issue 55 • Fall 2017 • The Year of the Choreographer

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet A Victoria Premiere!

We’re excited. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, a contemporary ballet company, is coming to Victoria for the first time! They’re a contemporary ballet company. So what does that mean? Is it ballet, modern, a blend of both? How do you know if you’re watching contemporary ballet? Anchored in the old, hungry for the new, contemporary ballet is a style that remains ambiguous and depends on the choreographer that you ask. In a nutshell, it uses classical ballet vocabulary and intersperses it with modern dance shapes and movement. The movement is freer and less restricted than traditional ballet. Helen Pickett, choreographer-in-residence at Atlanta Ballet, says that in contemporary ballet, the full body is contributing to the movement and not just the pose. The classical technique is the anchor, and has to be there so “riffs” can happen. “Like jazz riffs, like in a poetry jam, you have your anchor and then you go from there,” she explains. Christopher Wheeldon, artistic associate at The Royal Ballet, feels that contemporary ballet is any ballet choreography made today. This means that the choreographer’s movement language is coming from many influences, including modern dance. (Notes taken from Dance Magazine) Aspen Santa Fe Ballet’s mission places the highest priority on developing new choreography and nurturing relationships with emerging choreographers. Of the 28 ballets created since 1996, many are by world-leading choreographers whose important first assignments came from ASFB. The company will present 1st Flash by Jorma Elo (Finland), an abstract work inspired by Sibelius’ Violin

Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47; Silent Ghost by Alejandro Cerrudo (Spain), an emotional work of group and duet compositions; and Huma Rojo by Cayetano Soto (Spain), a light, playful piece with Latin American jazz influence. FN

(Top) Huma Roja. (Bottom) Seia Rassenti and Katherine Bolanos in Silent Ghost. Photos © Rosalie O‘Connor Photography

Nov. 17 + 18 • 7:30 pm Royal Theatre

DanceVictoria.com • 5

Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker

Dec. 1 + 2 • 7:30 pm Dec. 2 + 3 • 2:00 pm Royal Theatre



Company artists in Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Photo © Yin Yi Photography

Alberta Ballet began presenting The Nutcracker 27 years ago. Since then there have been four unique versions. The production you will see at the Royal is Edmund Stripe’s creation, performed since 2008. Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker became a traveling show of festive magic in 1990, and has been shared by thousands of Canadians in cities such as Vancouver, Victoria and Ottawa.


You probably know that there are over 100 dancers in The Nutcracker. But did you know that there are also up to 100 people working behind the scenes? That’s twice as many craftspeople backstage than for a regular production. There are carpenters, back stage crew, prop experts, lighting techs, wardrobe wizards, and even a ‘shepherd’ watching over the student dancers.


Over the past 26 years, more than 120 Klaras have performed in Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker.


Drosselmeyer, the guest of honour at the party, spends an impressive 91 minutes on stage each night. His role is the most physically demanding of all, because he performs and dances throughout the entire show. After countless hours of rehearsals, Alberta Ballet’s dancers perform up to 24 shows during the holiday season. That means Drosselmeyer spends 2,184 minutes on stage!


With all of The Nutcracker productions performed by Alberta Ballet, there has only been one real fire on stage caused by pyrotechnics that sparked the bottom of the Christmas tree. The audience remained unaware as stagehands quickly extinguished the small flame and the scene continued!


The costumes in The Nutcracker may look delicate but they are designed to take a beating. Dancing still takes it toll and the wardrobe team needs to

overhaul about 75% of the costumes, rebuilding them, making new tutus, refitting children’s costumes and doing alterations. Over 1,200 hours were spent on wardrobe, not including the theatre crew during the show runs. FN

Nutcracker Kids Lead Donor Supported in part by

Each $65 contribution brings disadvantaged kids to The Nutcracker! The tickets are offered to families at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Women’s Transition House, and our First Nations community. In 2016, over 200 Nutcracker Kids attended the opening night. To help make a dream come true for local children, call 250-595-1829 or visit DanceVictoria.com and click “Support Us>Donate.” The kids will love you for it! All donors are recognized in the The Nutcracker program.

6 Footnotes • Issue 55 • Fall 2017 • The Year of the Choreographer

Dance Victoria Hosted Tours Big Apple Dance Tour: New York City Travel Partner

May 17 – 22, 2018 New York City

Last dance — last chance! It’s Trips Coordinator, Bill Hamar’s last hosted tour with Dance Victoria. Now is your chance to hop on board for his swan song. Head to New York with Bill and Stephen for five nights in the fantastic “Big Apple” — New York City. The tour includes incredible virtuosic performances by American Ballet Theater’s principal dancers at its star-studded Opening Night Gala at Lincoln Center, walking tours, museum tours and a picnic lunch in Central Park. Our hosted tours sell out quickly. Don’t be disappointed! Contact Bill at 250-595-1803 or tours@dancevictoria.com.

Dance Victoria’s hosted tours are fundraising events for Dance Victoria Society with each traveller receiving a charitable tax receipt for a portion of their tour.

Business Cards Rack Cards & Post Cards Newsletters & Calendars Brochures & Flyers

Annual General Meeting Sunday, November 5, 2017 • 7:00 pm Milne Studio, Dance Victoria • 2750 Quadra Street If you have donated $100 or more to the Society since July 1, 2016, you are a member in good standing and are invited to our Annual General Meeting. If you’re unsure of your status, call us at 250-595-1829 or email info@dancevictoria.com. Memberships will be available at the meeting. The meeting will be followed by a reception. RSVP to RSVP@dancevictoria.com

609 Dunedin St., Victoria BC V8T 2L7 250-590-2998 www.fastracprinting.com

DanceVictoria.com • 7

New Sponsors Dance Victoria has benefitted from the support of the region’s private sector to bring the best dance to Victoria. Thank you to both our returning and new sponsors. We welcome the following new sponsors this year: • Beacon Hill Wealth Management of Raymond James • Cowichan Trading • IBM • Mac Zen Consulting • Monk Office Outfitters • Royal Bank Emerging Artist Foundation

Dance Victoria Contributes to a Ballet BC Commission

Ballet BC company dancers with Artistic Director Emily Molnar (far right) and Dance Victoria's Executive Producer Stephen White

In September, Dance Victoria’s Stephen White presented Ballet BC with a cheque for $25,000 to support their commission of French choreographer Medhi Walerski’s Romeo and Juliet that will premiere at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre from February 22 to 24, 2018. The $25,000 was allocated from the Chrystal Dance Fund held at the Victoria Foundation. Specifically, Dance Victoria is supporting the inclusion of a group of Arts Umbrella graduate dance students in the production, increasing the number of the corps de ballet. Dance Victoria has a strong tradition of supporting the commissions of new works stretching back to 2004 when it put Crystal Pite together with Lynda Raino in a new work that played at the McPherson and Vancouver Playhouses. Other notable commissions have included a work by Joe Laughlin for Ballet Victoria (2012), and supporting Decidedly Jazz Dancework’s Cuban project BULLA! (2005). Most recently, Dance Victoria was partner in the commission of Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young’s Betroffenheit (2016) that scooped many international awards and continues to tour internationally. FN

• Urban Smiles • Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James A big thank-you to these folks, and of course, to our returning sponsors!

Dance Victoria Supports International Collaboration Dance Victoria’s two Chrystal Dance prizes advance the careers of dance artists living in western Canada (MB, SK, AB, BC, YK).

Dorothee Friese | dorothee@shaw.ca | 250-477-7291

• Dance Victoria is currently accepting proposals from independent dance artists working with an international partner on a new work (deadline: Nov 15). The prize can include a two-week residency at Dance Victoria Studios and a potential presentation in an upcoming Dance Victoria season. • Applications from dancers completing their training at a recognized international dance institution (deadline: usually midMay).

Terry Moore | tlmoore@shaw.ca | 250-477-7291

To learn more, visit DanceVictoria.com

Sell your home. Support Dance Victoria. Choose a DFH realtor below and mention Dance Victoria when you buy or sell your property. Ten percent of the realtor’s commission helps bring The World’s Best Dance to our community. Anny Schaefer | anny@annyschaefer.ca | 250-891-2445

Peter Crichton | crichton@islandnet.com | 250-889-4000 Rosemary Tulett | homes@rosemarytulett.com | 250-477-7291

8 Footnotes • Issue 55 • Fall 2017 • The Year of the Choreographer


Cherish: A Glamorous Evening of Fashion and Philanthropy Thursday, October 26, 2017 • 7:30 pm Oak Bay Beach Hotel, 1175 Beach Drive Limited seating Tickets: 250-386-6121 or www.rmts.bc.ca • $75 Cherish is a fashion show fundraiser, an evening of style and philanthropy, featuring highlights from the fall collections of Tulipe Noire, Hughes and Outlooks for Men. A vibrant parade of men and women’s fashions will be featured on 16 models (watch for local dancers past and present!), with makeup by Beautycounter and hair by Carreiro The Studio. Upbeat music, cocktails, canapés and a lively silent auction round out the evening. Presented by Willow Wealth Management of Raymond James and hosted by Tess van Straaten from CHEK News, Cherish supports women’s and children’s counselling programs at Victoria Women’s Transition House and Dance Victoria’s community programs.


It’ll Move You January 19 to 28, 2018 In studios all over town Ten days of free dance classes in all kinds of styles. Check out our brand spanking new online calendar at DanceVictoria.com, beginning Jan. 8, and peruse free classes, workshops, studio showings and performances.


ONE NIGHT ONLY! January 19 • 7:30 pm McPherson Playhouse Flicker – Margaret Grenier Tickets: 250-386-6121 or DanceVictoria.com Margaret Grenier, Executive and Artistic Director of Dancers of Damelahamid explains, “The flicker (woodpecker) is significant in Northwest Coast design and an important metaphor representing the flickering of light. Just like a small flame needs to be nurtured to grow

Dance at the Royal ASPEN SANTA FE BALLETContemporary Ballet

November 17 + 18, 2017 • 7:30 pm

Royal Theatre 1st Flash – Jorma Elo Silent Ghost – Alejandro Cerrudo Huma Rojo – Cayetano Soto


February 2 + 3, 2018 • 7:30 pm

Royal Theatre What we carry What we keep – Brenda Way Dead Reckoning – KT Nelson


March 16 + 17, 2018• 7:30 pm

Royal Theatre Atomos – Wayne McGregor


April 6 + 7, 2018 • 7:30 pm

Royal Theatre Linea Recta (Straight Line) – Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Con Brazos Abiertos (With Open Arms) – Michelle Manzanales 3. Catorce Dieceises (3. Fourteen Sixteen) – Tania Pérez-Salas

strong, so do the artistic practices of song and dance need constant care and diligent effort to grow and strengthen. There are moments when a flame grows and flourishes and there are moments when it burns low. As Indigenous artists, we hold on to and celebrate the moments where our art is strong and we are uplifted.” Expect a full multimedia production with projections, beautiful dance regalia and masks, drumming and more.

Additional Presentations ALBERTA BALLET

+ VICTORIA SYMPHONY Ballet December 1 – 3, 2017

Royal Theatre The Nutcracker – Edmund Stripe


First Nations Contemporary

January 19, 2018 • 7:30 pm

McPherson Playhouse Flicker – Margaret Grenier


May 1, 2018 • 8:00 pm

Royal Theatre Mixed Repertoire

Note: Subscribers can buy additional tickets to Dance Victoria any time of the year and save 20%

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Dance Victoria Footnotes 55 (Fall 2017)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 55 'The Year of the Choreographer' features Aspen Santa Fe Ballet + Alberta Ballet's The Nutcracker + Studio News...

Dance Victoria Footnotes 55 (Fall 2017)  

Dance Victoria's Footnotes 55 'The Year of the Choreographer' features Aspen Santa Fe Ballet + Alberta Ballet's The Nutcracker + Studio News...