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10&10 Danza

10 10&10 D A N Z A


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Resident Company at Centro de Nuevos Creadores - Madrid

10 & 10 Danza was founded in Madrid 1989. Throughout the past twenty years, its director Monica Runde has won a series of awards for best dance productions and choreography, the most prominent of which being The National Dance Award 2000 in Spain for manner of creation, and the National Dance Award 2004 in Costa Rica for best choreography. In her latest creations, she has worked together with other creators, discovering new ways of combining abstract movement with other art forms such as painting, sculpture, music, and video. In the last production “Identities�, Monica Runde thus joined forces with Mariko Aoyama, Catherine Allard, Susan Kempster, and Hilde Koch. 10 & 10 Danza has received help and co-productions from institutions and festivals in Germany (Off TAT), Brazil (CESC), United States (ADF), France (Biennale de la Danse de Lyon), and Spain (Ministry of CultureINAEM, Community of Madrid, Madrid City Hall, The Alternative Festival, Mercat de las Flors, (SEACEX), Youth Institute and Centre for New Creators. The company has been resident in the Centre for New Creators in Madrid since the year 2000.

360º Culturas


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In “360º Cultures” [360º Culturas] we unravel every space, moment, and experience to provide the protagonists with the best possible instruments to succeed in their endeavours. Through our experience, know-how, imagination, and creative management we provide help for creators, companies, and managements committed to carry out projects that can be of artistic value to the audience and general public. Our activities are divided into three main areas: Cultural services: • Consultancy : (project development, evaluation and viability, as well as tax, labour, and accounting advice… ) Communication and Image (graphic and web design, community manager, photographic services…) • Stage Production Services : (Organisation and coordination of events, production, light design, technical management, logistics, tour manager…) • Training : Technical (the crafts of stage production ) and artistic (creativity and performance) • Stage proposals:Dance Company – contemporary theatre Sanpapié (Italy).

Anabel Veloso Compañía


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The flamenco dance company Anabel Veloso came into existence in 2009 backed by a residence agreement from the Auditorium theatre of Roquetas de Mar, Almeria. Since then, thanks to its experience and proven artistic ambition it has only taken this young company from Almeria four years of intense activity to be at the forefront of the new trends in modern flamenco dance. Leading team members are given free reins to learn with the best flamenco dancers, enabling the company to offer medium and large scale productions of a new style of flamenco, exhibiting the special talents of Almería beyond the borders of Andalucia. Participations in some of the best festivals, such as la Bienal de Flamenco 2012 or awards, such as the recent “Almería Joven” [Almería Youth Award] is proof of a consolidated artistic path.

Ananda Dansa

ananda dansa


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“Ananda Dansa” with its 25 dance productions created and designed by Rosángeles Valls and her brother Edison has gained a reputable position as a contemporary dance company with a unique language. As a result of many years of research the backbone of the company’s choreography has become its ability to successfully incorporate elements from theatre into its more or less abstract dramaturgy. Ananda Dansa has produced shows for both adult and child audiences and it has been considered a pioneer in producing large shows oriented towards attracting new spectators to dance shows. The artistic and technical staff, along with extraordinary dancers, lend a singular character and great quality to the company. But the real character and singularity of ANANDA DANSA rely upon its will to communicate through dance. Ananda Dansa’s productions reach the audience not only as beautiful images of bodies dancing and passing on emotions, but making these emotions travel towards our brains, thus conveying ideas, feelings, concepts… In that sense our technique and choreography are not only a reflection of our ideas; they constitute a special discourse expressed with our dancing bodies.



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Resident Company in Fuencarral-El Pardo (Madrid - Spain)

The Company Arrieritos started in 1996 motivated by the proposal of the Pradillo Theatre in Madrid to create the series “La otra mirada del Flamenco” (‘Another look at Flamenco’). Since that moment, Arrieritos has grown to become one of the most important companies of the Madrid dance scene and has shown a distinctive mark and personality. Arrieritos has a unique way of handling its projects; through collective creations it adopts different artistic expressions such as contemporary dance, flamenco and theatre, among others. During the time of its existence, Arrieritos has not only won the public and critics’ acclaim but has also been awarded the following prizes and recognitions: • Premio Max (Spanish performing arts award) for best choreography and best dance show for “13 Rosas” (2007) • Best dance show award on tour at Feria de Huesca (international dance and theater fair) for “13 Rosas” (2006). • Premio Chivas Telón (Spanish performing arts award) for best revelation production for “13 Rosas” (2007) • Nominated best children’s show at Premios Max for “1+1=3” (2008) • Best show award at Festival Don Quijote de Paris (Spanish and Latin American performing arts festival in Paris) for “Tablaos, fiestas y saraos” (2010) • Nominated best dance show Premios Max for “Despídete de ti, Carmen” (2010)

Ballet Carmen Roche


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Ballet Carmen Roche started as a professional company in 1998 founded by its director, the renowned maestro Carmen Roche, recipient of the Medal of Merit for Fine Arts of Spain, 1995, and Medal for Artistic Excellence awarded by the Government of Nicaragua, 2009. This company has consolidated itself as one of the most consistent tiptoed establishments in the country, deliberately committing itself to the promotion of classical ballet while still being open to ways of incorporating other dance languages into its performances. Choreographers such as Tony Fabre, Ramón Oller, Marta García, Mario Zambrano, Ángel Rodríguez, Pascal Touzeau, etc. have created pieces especially designed for Carmen Roche, thus helping her form her own personal style. Ballet Carmen Roche always emphasizes making dance readily accessible to both family and adult audiences, by adapting classical plays to a current context. The company has an impressive track record of successful tours abroad, visited such different countries as Germany, China, Colombia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Brazil. Ballet Carmen Roche is supported by the Spanish Secretariat of Culture (INAEM) and the Madrid Community.



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The company Bikini Ducc was created in Seville as a result of the shared interests of a choreographer, musician, and video creator in researching and creating multidisciplinary scenic art. Embracing contemporary dance as their principal means of communication, the company has deliberately shunned the rules and pointless canons restraining aesthetic expression, and wandered off on an avant-garde path of experimentation to explore the very essence of art. Thus, Bikini Ducc creates performances in which the concept of freedom is paramount, and where even in the purest stage disciplines a plethora of unbridled possibilities will unfold. Ultimately, our goal is to create and produce artistic projects in any form or language. For us there are no boundaries, we use the body to express our peculiar version of what we perceive around us. We reject dance as a hermetic world of its own, and rather use it to bridge the gap to other artistic disciplines.

Carmen Cantero Productions


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This company has a long history of producing and distributing scenic art, dance, and music across the stages of Spain as well as abroad. Carmen Cantero started her career path over 15 years ago by producing and distributing her own creations realized in collaboration with a great team of professionals from the “Carmen Cantero Ballet”. With this team, the Carmen Cantero Ballet has toured not only every corner of Spain but all of the five continents. At cultural events, festivals, conferences and conventions throughout the world, they have, in the most emphatic way, brought out the beauty of Spanish dance. As the activities of the company have kept growing, they have gradually moved into other lines of work. Apart from producing and distributing the “Carmen Cantero Ballet” performances, they have also been distributing for other prominent companies and artists, such as Jesus Carmona & Co., the National Ballet of Spain, Rojas & Rodriguez, Féten-Féten, amongst others.

Cía. Álvaro Frutos


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The Alvaro Frutos Company has come into being as a result of a constant evolutionary process, a space not only to explore the field of arts and share it with the public, but also with those who collaborate directly in the development of creative proposals. This project, which is yet to consolidate itself, finds inspiration from the last “French stage” of its young director and main performer. It is committed in its search for an individualized form of expression strong enough to stand out in traditional pieces, yet flexible enough to also incorporate the marks of its own organic development. The company has been constructed not only as a creative infrastructure, but also as a producer of its own creations. So far, the company has premiered: “A mis viejos”, [‘For my folks’], (2010), “Pez Muerto”, [‘Dead Fish’] (2011), “Jabón de Manos”, [‘Hand Soap’], (2012), and “Bengala” (2012). With these four shows, the company has toured different countries in Europe, including France and Italy. Although the future of the Alvaro Frutos Company may still be uncertain, it is definitely looking very exciting.

Cía. de Danza Fernando Hurtado


Web: Phone: 00 34 691 656 197/ 00 34 665 25 68 78 Mail: Resident Company at C.C. Villa de Nerja

Fernando Hurtado created his own company in the year 2000. That same year his play “Deseo Atrevido” [‘Daring Wish’] obtained third place in the 14th Choreographic Contest of Madrid. Fernando Hurtado’s projects earned a lot of acclaim from that play, and the following year his contribution “Quisiera borrarte de un suspiro” [‘I would like to make you disappear with a sigh’] won the contest. His original creations include “Esta es mi voz” [‘This is my voice’],”Deseo atrevido” [‘Daring Wish’], “Quisiera borrarte de un suspiro” [‘I would like to make you disappear with a sigh’], Lord, ¡Pareja de dos! [‘Two Is a Couple’], “Un gramo de locura” [‘An Ounce of Madness’], “The Other Side”, “Pequeñas barbaridades” [‘Bits of Nonsense’], “Charlie”, “Visitando Otros Jardines” [‘Visiting Other Gardens’]. All of these performances have not only been touring and shown across almost the entire national territory, they have also been well received in many countries such as Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay, China, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. In his work, Hurtado has opted for diversity, from incorporating classical themes such as Oscar Wilde in Lord, to live music and working in co-productions such as with the Eva Bertomeu Dance Company, and the groups Rock Dardem and Lanónima Imperial.

Cía. Proyecto Uno


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This company consists of a solid technical and artistic team run by Inmaculada Jiménez, who after a successful career as dancer and performer took the initiative to create her own team through which she could find satisfaction in pursuing her own artistic development. Proyecto Uno [‘Project One] came into being in 2006 with the object of researching the relationship between the fields of arts and new technologies. More specifically, it is experimenting with stage setting and the interaction between body, space and technological devices and how dance is perceived in its relation with other art forms, in particular visual, plastic, musical and electronic arts. With the help of the Andalucian government’s Cultural Council, the company has to date produced the performances “Multiplicidad del Yo”, [‘the Multiplicity of the Self’], (2006), “Deseos, ”[‘Wishes’], (2009), and “N.EX.” (2013). Since its creation, the company has also been engaged in a variety of instructive, artistic and cultural activities, workshops, presentations, setups, support of works in progress, as well as collaborating with other companies and creators.



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CIADEHECHO is a professional performing arts company directed by Pedro Aunión that brings together theatre, dance and acrobatics. The company was created in order to do research into new artistic tendencies in aerial dance theatre as well as engage in further experimentation in the field of dramaturgy. Aerial dance theatre is a language that brings a unique “tempo” to a performance; gazing at the swinging bodies conveys a sense of vertigo and lack of gravity. The company has been acknowledged by the press, as well as both the local and international public, who are captivated by its visual effects. One of the most important awards that the company has won was first prize for best show at the International Festival on avant-garde arts in Torrejón de Ardoz. Moreover, on a regular basis the company offers aerial dance theatre seminars thus contributing to the training of new professionals in vertical dance.

Cienfuegos Danza


Web: Phone: +34 649 883 959 Mail: Resident Company in La Rambleta

Cienfuegos is directed by choreographer and stage director Yoshua Cienfuegos, winner of the Costa Rica National Dance Award’10. Throughout CienfuegosDanza’s ten-year history and more than eleven productions, it has developed a rigorous approach earning it important awards, along with the recognition of critics and audience alike. Its successful artistic development has placed this Valencian group among the major dance companies on the international scene. Largescale productions, street shows, short pieces, collaborations and choreographies commissioned by prominent national companies, as well as its continuous presence in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Denmark, Israel, China, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina and Brazil, give us an idea of the international projection achieved by CienfuegosDanza, and of the consolidation of style and understanding of dance always attracting the general public closer to this special art form.

Compañía Antonio Gades


Web: Phone: 00 34 915210714 / 628630751 Mail: Resident Company in Getafe (Madrid - Spain)

Since its beginning The Antonio Gades Company has been one of the pillars of the Spanish dance, including flamenco. Based on the repertoire of the legendary choreographer Antonio Gades, it glories in being a private school defined by its maestro, which is exactly what distinguishes it from the rest of the Spanish schools. Currently, the company intermingles various generations of artists who make it possible to convey Gades’ characteristically aesthetic and refined language, while still staying firmly rooted in Spanish tradition and culture. Gades made the Spanish dance a universal style and his enormously expressive capacity permits him to tell the tales of classical literature in every corner of the world without the usage of words. Such has been the case with the word-famous works of “Bodas de Sangre” (‘Weddings in Blood’) by Federico Garcia Lorca, “Fuenteovejuna” (‘Sheep Fountain’) by Lope de Vega, and not to forget “Carmen”, which staged together with Carlos Saura, has become a reference point of the Spanish myth par excellence. The show attracts and satisfies all kinds of audience, regardless of age, culture, or nationality.

CĂ­a. Teresa Navarrete


Web: Phone: 00 34 60 799 3766 Mail: Resident Company in Sevilla

The Teresa Navarrete Company is a collective which, on the basis of movement, is doing research into finding new ways of communication through similar typed artistic expressions. At the heart of this team stand three creators originating from different stage disciplines. Teresa Navarrete, choreographer and dancer, Nando PĂŠrez, physical actor, and Miguel MarĂ­n, musician and composer, all work together following shared parameters of research, creation, teaching and stage exhibition. Since the beginning, although the activities of the three creators have always had certain aesthetic and conceptual characteristics in common, they have never been afraid of exploring new fields and methods, whether jointly or alone. At the core of this activity have always been creation and exhibition. Experimenting playfully with the use of artistic language such as movement, music, words, and audiovisual creations has produced some interesting outcomes. These research processes, creations and exhibitions have led to a wide range of proposals in the fields of dance, theatre, concerts, short films, video creations, and even soundtracks.

Dani Pannullo DanceTheatre Co.


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The Dani Pannullo Dance Theatre is a pioneer in bringing the urban dance on to the Spanish stages. The company was created in 1998 by Dani Pannulo together with a group of artists from such different disciplines as performance, break-dance, rhythmic gymnastics, classical and contemporary dance. With such variety of influence the company has become a melting pot for avant-garde tendencies reflecting the current state of the metropolitan dance. Over the years this company has become highly acclaimed for its ability to incorporate different elements of street dance into its contemporary dance performances. Meticulously chosen stage scenery and a painstaking academic approach allow them to portray the latest trends of urban culture. Dani Pannullo’s Dance Theatre has toured all of Spain and also represented Madrid’s contemporary creation abroad, at exhibitions, festivals and world’s fairs. The company stays true to the constant urban cultural evolution and is always on the lookout for new ways of incorporating the latest expressions of urban-dance into their shows.



Web: Phone: 00 34 629 469 773 Mail: Resident Company in Madrid

This company was started in 2006 by Bruno Argenta and Natalia Ferrándiz, both dancers and choreographers with a long track record of professional excellence in the field of Spanish dance. Their first show “Profiles of Time” was premièred with poetry by Caballero Bonald, whose work also served as inspiration for the following production, “Other Profiles”, where this aesthetic path was explored even further. In 2009, their next production “Voy!” [‘Here I go!] opened with original music by Alfredo Lagos and choreography by the experienced Teresa Martín, who has identified the great potential of incorporating different stage disciplines into dance performances, Although her point of departure in “Voy!” is traditional flamenco, the performance is never deprived of her own feelings. In fact, through developing her own contemporary form of expression, she has rendered the company a personal trademark. When touring the national network of theatres in 2012 with “Voy!”, the critics called it: ”a cry of optimism” and “a brilliant display of dance performance.”

Dos Proposiciones Danza/Teatro


Web: Phone: 00 34 954 909 012 / 00 34 600 059 557 Mail: Resident Company in Sevilla

Two Propositions Dance Theatre came to life in Seville in 2005 as a result of the Sala Endanza “Young Creators” event. As of that moment, private sponsorship enabled them to develop their activities as part of the Professional Contemporary Dance Companies of Andalucia, where they have been creating,managing and producing stage projects. They have been working tirelessly ever since in the local, national, and international community, having formed part of the programme of numerous national and international festivals and stage tours, as well as being awarded by the Professional Dance Association of Andalucia. They normally produce small or medium scale performances enabling them to entertain not only the conventional stage audience, but also reach out to people in other environments, even the street. The philosophy of this dance company is to make dance tell stories that are accessible to spectators not necessarily experts of contemporary dance. Using movement as a vehicle of their direct communication, they make people realize that “dance is at the service of the story and the emotions it is evoking”.

El Curro DT


Web: Phone: 00 34 91 5217155 Mail: Resident Company in Madrid

Curro DT is a company that has been around for more than ten years. In the Salas Alternativas (‘Alternative Venues’) in Madrid it has staged daring non-conventional performances, which have been so well received by the audience that it has become a reference point for the new tendencies on the contemporary scene in Madrid. Artistically, we are not performing theatre. We simply talk on stage when it is necessary to talk on the stage. We are not performing dance, we simply dance when it is called for to do so. We are not performing cabaret, we simply talk with the audience if need be. So what are we performing exactly? Should we be considered actors because we can recite Hamlet’s soliloquy? Should we be considered dancers because we can spin twice in the air and touch the ear with the tip of the foot? Or should we be considered cabaret singers because the audience laugh their heads off when we sing to them? As a matter of fact, Curro DT is a group of actors and dancers engaged in creational management on the DT Espácio Escénico (DT ‘Scenic Space’), as well as touring with other theatres.



Web: Phone: 00 34 665468017 Mail: Resident Company in Madrid (Spain)

EnClaveDanza is a company directed by Cristina Masson. The activities started in the year 2000. Their plays join various disciplines such as literature, painting, and experimental video. The first job of this kind was the play “Fatum”, which premiered both in Montpellier and Madrid. In “Ausente en Negro” (‘Absent in Black’) the unsettling images of El Bosco and Francis Bacon come to the spectator’s mind. In “Querido Antoine” (‘Dear Antoine’) the atmosphere is pervaded by Jean Paul Sartre’s “Nausea”, whereas in “la Noche” (‘The Night’) the audiovisual techniques confuse the state of being awake with being asleep. The last play “No Vacía” (‘Not Empty’) pays homage to Miguel Hernández, a fleeting genius of Spanish poetry. Other productions worth mentioning are “Curioseando en lo Leve” (‘Prying Slightly’), various video plays, and productions made together with other companies such as Y Espacio Creativo Artes consisting of people with disabilities. This year the company is working together with the company COMPLUTUM, which has so far led to the recent premiere of the play “Fragile”. Here the four internationally renowned choreographers Stephane Boko, Jaime Urciuoli, Barbara Fritsche, and Cristina Masson are working together with a group of nine dancers. Simultaneously, EnClaveDanza is also engaged in a project with the Mexican company Andrágora .

Enclave Granada


Web: Phone: 00 34 958274336 / 00 34 654333517 Mail: Resident Company in Granada

Since its birth in 2009, Enclave has been a collective for art and cultural management professionals residing in the city of Granada. It is using a pragmatic approach in its cooperative and associative way of working, both in terms of management and creation. At this shared space, experience and knowledge are brought to the table from a wide range of both artistic and nonartistic disciplines. They include such different subjects as contemporary dance, new dance, theatre, dance theatre, flamenco, performance art, visual art, political science, cultural anthropology, philosophy, cultural management, and business management. Thus, we can say that Enclave’s stage performances constitute a live insight into the long research processes lying behind their work. What is finally seen on stage is a showcase of the principles of the instant composition, i.e. a strongly elaborated corporal essay combining elements of dance, theatre, performance and visual art.





Web: Phone: 00 34 691 891 255 Mail: Resident Company in Pamplona/Iruña

In 2008, the three professional dancers Marisa Vera, Iñaki Fortún, and Virginia Oroz decided to join forces and create the company Fueradeleje in Navarra. They have started this company with a strong sense of vocation for becoming a creative cultural movement, committed to spreading word about contemporary dance throughout the region of Navarra. Their own productions promote dance by incorporating expressions of contemporary language in their performances. In this dynamic fashion, Fueradeleje has already managed to gain a foothold in Navarra and continue to broaden the perspectives for contemporary dance in the region and beyond. Fueradeleje Creation: Own productions: • “Because we love”, adaptation from the book “The Pain” by Margueritte Duras. • “Where is my mind?” Street performance. • “Where is my mind?” Targeted at adolescent and adult audiences. • “4 Seasons”, targeted at a family audience. Creation, design and participation in events.

Guillermo Weickert Cía. de Danza


Web: Phone: 00 34 954 374 103 / 00 34 677 763 483 Mail: Resident Company in Sevilla

The Guillermo Weickert Company is a business structure that came into being with the help of El Mandaito Productions Ltd. The intension was to create performances joining rigorous personalized research into the work of the performer and the artistic quality. Trained as an actor and dancer, the Huelva-born choreographer and stage director Guillermo Weickert’s has always been concerned to build bridges between contemporary creation and the general public. Out of his curiosity, courage and desire to work with artists from other disciplines have thus sprung numerous plays, including his very own creations “Lirio Entre Espinas” [“Lily Between Thorns”], “MATERIAL INFLAMABLE” [‘Inflammable Material’], “DíasuPasanuCosas”, “Go with the Flow” etc. He has also toured some of the major festivals and dance theatres in Spain with these performances, as well as carried out others as a guest choreographer under the auspices of Bikini Ducc, ErrequeErre in Spain, and Dialogue Dance in Russia.

IbĂŠrica de Danza


Web: Phone: 00 34 654338752 Mail: Resident Company in Las Rozas (Madrid - Spain)

Iberica de Danza Company was created in 1993 by Manuel Segovia (National Dance Creation Award 2001 and Villa of Madrid Choreography Award 2004) and Violeta Ruiz. Since 2001 the company has been resident in Las Rozas, Madrid. New folk, Spanish stylized dance, the bolero school, historical dance and flamenco all form part of the company’s repertoire, with which they have staged more than twenty different productions and toured more than 40 countries around the world. This versatility, always soundly researched, has made them highly acclaimed by critics and the public alike, earning them a reputation as guardians of our rich Spanish heritage. They have also earned the support of an array of prominent institutions including the Department of Culture (INAEM), the Community of Madrid, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID), the Town Hall of Madrid, the Cervantes Institute, and the European Union. On numerous occasions they have represented Spain, earned a number of awards, and participated in various festivals of international renown.

Karlik Danza Teatro


Web: Phone: 00 34 927 29 00 47 / 670 868 078 Mail: Resident Company in Cáceres

The Karlik-Danza Theatre has been around for 21 years, staging more than 1500 performances in front of over 50,000 spectators in 32 different countries. It has received hundreds of positive critiques and more than 20 national and international awards. Karlik Danza Theatre came into being in Cáceres, Spain, in 1991 with the objective of finding a stage language that could go beyond any other assimilated technique. Since the very beginning the artistic director Cristina D. Silveira and the technical director David Pérez Hernando have staged twenty performances in famous festivals such as the Mérida Festival, The Theatre Festival of Seoul (Korea), The Iberian American Festival in Bogotá, (Colombia), Universal Exhibition of Hannover, (Germany), Mercosur Festival (Argentina), Mimus Perigueux (France), Teatro a Mil, Santiago de Chile (Chile), Madrid Sur, Festival de Loja, Alcalá Classics, amongst others. Together with interpreters, acrobats, and dancers, Cristina D. Silveira has joined different disciplines, working towards finding a universal choreographic language.

L’Obert Dansa


Web: Tel: +34 670 891 332 /96 338 02 20 Mail: tutudelabuela@yahoo. es

Resident in Centro de Creación el Tutú de la Abuela

After several years as a professional dancer for different companies in France and Spain Ana Extremiana received the Help for New Creators Prize and founded and directed the Zurdanza Company. In 1993, together with Eva López, she set up L’Obert Dansa, an organization to stage the production and promotion of modern dance. As of then, 15 short dance pieces have been composed, leading to the foundation of L’Obert en Corto. With the help of other independent companies such as La Porta or Desviaciones, Ana created a travelling show between 1994 and 1999 featuring at the renowned festivals of Madrid en Danza, Festival de Sitges, Dansa València, Dansa a Elx, Avignon, Glasgow and Montreaux. In support of the promotion and recognition of dance, L’Obert started a regular programme at the University of Valencia in 1993; this course is still being taught today. The company is also participating in the regular programme Primer Ciclo L’Obert Dansa at the Sala Moratín (‘Moratín Ballroom’).

La Calabaza Danza Teatro


Web: Phone: 00 34 679 860 899 Mail: Resident Company in La Rinconada

While dance is at the core of our activities, it is neither to be found in its purest or most abstract form. We rather endeavour to transmit somewhat more than movement through our activities. Be it a feeling, a situation, a reflection or a story. Therefore, we make use of other scenic languages in our performances such as theatre and audiovisual arts. Our dance can be characterized as an amalgam of the different styles in contemporary dance, Spanish dance and flamenco. Our main objective is to entertain the audience, make them laugh, dream, or cry, and take them on a mental journey elsewhere, be they children, adults, arts experts, or otherwise. In our 12-year professional path, we have explored creations targeted at all sorts of spectators, including children and family audiences. In the same way, we have also explored different stage options, taking three of our last performances to the street: Caja de Musica [‘Music Box’], Banco para dos [`Bench for Two’], and La Postal [‘The Postcard’]. It has been said about our work that it stands out for its simplicity, sincerity, beauty, elegance, sense of humour, sensitivity, creativity and imagination.

La Coja Dansa


Web: Phone: +34 669 514 173 Mail: Resident Company in A Contar Mentiras

La Coja Dansa came to life at the Altea Arts College in 2000 and became professional in 2004. In the beginning they participated in many competitions but without winning any of them. They have participated in festivals such as L’Obert Dansa, Festival del Cos d’Alzira, Mostra de Peces Curtes, Marató de l’Espectacle i Festival Visual i Sonor (Barcelona), Dansa a Elx (Alicante), Dansa València, Tensdansa (Terrassa), Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Alexandria/Egypt), Periferias (Huesca), FestivALT (Vigo), Quinzena de Dança Almada (Portugal) and Les Repérages de Lille (France). La Coja Dansa keeps a very busy schedule of workshops and runs a small dance centre in Valencia. They offer the space to small and inexperienced companies, giving young dancers the facilities to embark upon their own careers. La Coja has been classified as ironic, amusing and always up to date. Being avant-garde as a sense of obligation rather than vocation, La Coja is interested in the search for a new dramaturgy for dance, as well as in the use of audiovisual aids as a choreographic element.

Larumbe Danza


Web: Phone: 00 34 916696858 Mail: Resident Company in Coslada (Madrid - Spain)

The rather peculiar style of Larumbe Danza has its origins in the eclectic formation, which the choreographer Karmen Larumbe (1936-1995), native to the region of Navarra, passed on to her artistic heirs Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, both directors of the company for the last 15 years. Since its beginning, the company has been in constant search of its own personal creative language, emphasising dance as an art form through diverse activities, spanning from cultural exchange with choreographers and companies, to conferences, debates and public education or training sessions at national or international level. It is therefore not merely another contemporary dance company, for its work explores new ways of expression through its own experience. Thus its dance performances go beyond the conventional art form by making the audience not only reflect upon the possibilities of dance as a language, but also gain the insight into new ways of contemplating reality. Since 2002 Larumbe Danza has been a member of an artistic residence program co-financed by the Madrid Community and the Coslada Culture Department. It is also sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Culture through the National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music (INAEM).


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Resident Company in Alcalรก de Henares (Madrid - Spain)

Losdedae, contemporary dance company, created in 1997 by the dancer and choreographer Chevi Muraday, Winner of the Dance National Award 2006. Always well received by the media and audiences, LOSDEDAE has participated in different festivals such as the Festival of Manila, International Festival Madrid en Danza in the Centro Cultural de la Villa of Madrid, Dies de Dansa Festival in Barcelona and Dansa Festival of Valencia, as well as having performed and toured all over the Spanish territory. In 2007 Losdedae became resident company of the city of Alcalรก de Henares, Madrid, where they are engaged in a creative project to promote contemporary dance. The unique dance vision of Losdedae makes it one of the most representative companies on the Spanish scene. The latent physicality combined with its sense of theatre is the essence of the Losdedae trademark. Losdedae has toured with its more than thirty-two performances in cities around the world such as Buenos Aires, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Lisbon, Rome, Budapest, Copenhagen, Manila, Quito, Guayaquil, Istanbul, etc.

María M. Cabeza de Vaca


Web: Phone: 00 34 954 374 679 / 00 34 637 818 288 Mail: Resident Company in Sevilla

Maria Martínez Cabeza de Vaca is an experienced choreographer and dancer from Andalucia, who has distinguished herself in the panorama of Spanish contemporary dance. Her work is characterized by its exploration of the limits of enactment, overstepping the boundaries between action theatre and performance art. Her shows make use of a variety of different languages from art, dance and theatre. She is also known for her passionate interdisciplinary research, always exploring the depths of language and the relations between different creative universes with artists originating from other fields. Intelligence and humour are two core elements in her work, using “stupidity” as an intelligent way to deal with transcendental themes. Her last project, based on a text by the artist Louise Bourgeois,“Una forma fácil de acabar con todo” [“An Easy Way to End It All”], received the prizes for best stage performance and best female performer 2012, awarded by PAD, the Professional Dance Association of Andalucia.



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Mopa Productions started in 2002, thanks to Juan Luis Matilla. The company’s point of departure in developing its shows has been joint creational processes with a lot of music and humour. They have incorporated prominent creators such as Juan Kruz Díaz de Garaio Esnaola, Thomas Hauert, Juan Dominguez, Fran Torres, Roberto Martínez, Benito Jiménez, Eloísa Cantón, Raquel Luque Daniel Alonso, Pablo Pujol, Ellayled Alcano o Andrés González, amongst many others. Situated in Seville, Mopa has so far staged six productions: “Tuve que hacer el amor por cortesía”, [‘I Had to Make Love as a Courtesy’]; “Tus hijos me estan jodiendo la vida”, [‘Your Kids Are Screwing up My Life’]; “Espérame despierto”, [‘Wait for Me Awake’]; “Mala suerte o falta de talento”, ,[‘Bad Luck or Lack of Talent’]; “Sad dance therapy y Acostumbrismo”, [‘Sad Dance Therapy and “Accustomedness”’]; “Una romería a Saint Tropez”, [‘A Procession to Saint Tropez’]. The company has also produced numerous short plays, which have been shown on the national stages of Mercat de les Flors, Teatro Central,The Contemporary Scene,The International Fair of Huesca, Mes de Danza, MOV’s or the International Dance Festival of Italica, not to mention international performances at the Fringe in Stockholm, The Sarajevo Winter Festival, and also touring in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and the United States. Throughout the company’s existence they have cooperated with many cultural enterprises such as Telegrama Comunicación, El Rancho, ZEMOS 98, and A Negro.

Nómada Danza


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The company Nomada Dance Theatre, founded in the year 2000 on the Canary Islands has as a central pillar of its creations the ability to bridge the gaps normally limiting the expressiveness of dance. The company is hospitably accommodated at the venue of the Victoria Theatre, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here the company has built a strong research base, where its individual members are concentrating on finding ways of using elements from theatre, audio-visual aids, and other artistic aspects to enrich their performances. However, not all its creations are the result of individual efforts; outside creators also frequent this vibrant place, where ideas are constantly exchanged. Thus some very inspirational creations have come into being as a direct result of the joint effort between Nomada Dance Theatre and artists from other companies. Nomada’s productions has so far led them to perform not only in different theatres, streets and buildings throughout the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula, but also at various international festivals in countries such as France, Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Senegal.

Otra Danza


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Asun Noales, director and choreographer of OtraDanza, established it as a ‘shared peephole’, intended to show her enthusiasm for the body as a primary alphabet in creation, and her eagerness for transmitting ideas and concepts through an ethereal and volatile outline with dance at the core. OtraDanza is a project that, through the interdisciplinary work of artists, is striving to broaden knowledge of the possibilities of dance. It is a new space of shared intentions, a platform which gathers everyone passionate about dance. BACK: “Turn back, rewind, deconstruct, go backwards, look from the other side. A return to the body, to the simplicity and purity of the movement on the stage”. Highly acclaimed by Spanish and German critics, BACK is the most international one of OtraDanza’s productions. ARA: This new journey transcends the body, space and choreographic games to connect with the viewer’s senses, with flesh, excitement, surprise and feeling beyond the limits of the skin. ARA, OtraDanza’s latest piece, makes the audience absorb a multitude of images, sounds, aromas, textures ... that lead directly to common places, shared experiences and universal feelings.

SNEO Mestizaje Projects


Web: Phone: 00 34 915196679 / 00 34 656857001 Mail: Resident Company in Madrid (Spain) is a website with the latest information on what goes on at the Spanish stage. Everything about dance and movement arts performed by anyone from local artists to famous international collectives can be found here. (SNEO/North-South-East-West) This easily accessible digital site is an innovating initiative based on the usage of state-of-the-art technology, such as a video-webzine (internet magazine) and two internet television channels. • SNEO Danza 3D (stereoscopic) • SNEO Danza HD (high-definition) These channels broadcast contents from own productions as well as from invited creators. Furthermore, there is also, a meeting point where artists and collectives can show their work and get into contact with other international networks. The driving force behind all these projects is the SNEO Mestizaje Projects, a management team in the field of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary project development. Since its beginning in 2003 this company has produced numerous shows in which new technological languages converge with firmly rooted traditions.



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Meritxell Barbera and Inma Garcia have both earned degrees in classical and contemporary dance in the city of Valencia, they have also received a choreography fellowship for the training group Laboratory, where for the last three years they have been working with different choreographers and artists. They started their careers in research and choreographic creation in 1999, the year in which they founded their own company, Taiat. Since then they have had twelve productions, which have been presented by the theatrical circuit of Valencia and in spaces and festivals such as Fourth Wall, House On and Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid), Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), Festival Dansa Valencia, Theatre de l’Escorxador (Lleida), center of l’Animal creació esquena (Girona), museums and MUVIM IVAM (Valencia), Museum Artium (Vitoria), Patio Herreriano Museum (Valladolid), Art Space (Tenerife) International Festival of contemporary dance Masdanza (Canary Islands), Choreography Competition of Santiago de Compostela, Alter Art Festival (Murcia), Festival Mira (Toulouse, France), Choreographic Center of Montpellier (Montpellier, France), Dans Centrum Jette (Brussels, Belgium), Judson Church Movement Research (New York, USA), Joyce Soho Theatre (New York, USA), Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York), CPR Studio Brooklyn (New York, USA).

Teresa Nieto en Compañía


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Teresa Nieto, dancer, choreographer, and director of Teresa Nieto en Compañía since 1990. Founding member of the Bocanada Company, co-director and dancer of the Arrieritos Company. Collaborating with different directors of theatre, opera, musicals and operetta. Has done the choreography for various contemporary and flamenco companies. Teresa Nieto is recipient of the 2002 Culture Award given by the Community of Madrid, the National Dance Award 2004, Villa de Madrid Award 2007, in addition to several Max awards. Teresa Nieto en Compañía’s repertoire: Danza Breve (1990), Calle del Cordón (1992), Mano a Mano (1992), Patio de luces (1992), Tórtola (1993), La mirada (1994), Isla (1998), El último café (1998), Tánger (2000), Fa-dos (2000), Solipandi (2004), Consuelo (2004), Ni palante ni patrás (no hay manera, oiga…) (2006), De cabeza (2007), La mirada (2009), Tacita a Tacita (2010), Petí comité (2011).

Thomas Noone Dance


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Thomas Noone Dance (TND) is one of the most active contemporary dance companies in Catalonia creating exciting physical dance from its base in Barcelona since its beginnings in 2001. In this time the company has produced 16 shows and besides performing extensively in Spain they have visited stages across Europe. Thomas Noone, founder and choreographer has developed a trademark athletic and aesthetic style that requires a high technical ability from its dancers and seeks to provoke emotion in the spectator using the body as the medium of artistic expression and presenting a dance that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Noone does not see the company as solely a vessel for his work and since 2008 has regularly collaborated with other choreographers and companies, and to date the collaborations include Guy Weisman and Roni Haver (Club Guy and Roni), Johannes Wieland, Norrdans, Yossi Berg & Oded Graff and Rootless Root. Rigor, quality, risk, investigation and just a touch of madness characterize TND. Dance to enjoy, art to savor.

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