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Annual Report 2011

Content We connect needs and resources in the Cluj area with the aim of improving the life of its inhabitants. We encourage the Cluj inhabitants' spirit of initiative, thus contributing to the development of a city in which you enjoy living, raising your children or studying. The Cluj Community Foundation manages funds that inspire citizens' involvement in the development of their community.

01. 2011: About the friends of CCF | pag. 2 02. Briefly about the CCF in 2011 | pag. 3 03. Attracting, developing funds 2011 Campaigns and events | pag. 5 Creative fundraising by YouthBank Cluj | pag. 6 CCF - umbrella-organization at Cluj International Marathon | pag. 7 Swimathon 2011. A framework fundraising event | pag. 8 A new fund to support social entrepreneurship among young people | pag. 11 Company's Cross, running for fundraising | pag. 11 For a Cleaner Cluj | pag. 11 Creative partnerships and a new type of fund | pag. 12 CCF partner in the program “On the right track” | pag. 12 04. Financing Grants for youth programs: YouthBank | pag. 14 Grants for programs of social entrepreneurship | pag. 14 Grants offered from Cluj International Marathon 2011 Edition | pag. 14 Grant Injoy | pag. 14 Grants awarded after the Swimathon, 2011 edition | pag. 15 Support for Education through Cross Companies | pag. 15 A new grant to expand the park At the Hubs | pag. 15 Support for the boarding schools Teodidaktos | pag. 15 Scholarships | pag. 15 05. Grants and scholarships implementation YouthBank Cluj Project | pag. 17 School's Greenhouse, means of developing professional skills | pag. 17 The Project Internship in Cluj | pag. 17 Companies Cross 2011. The sustained projet | pag. 17 Projects of Swimathon 2010. Some examples | pag. 18 The boarding schools Teodidaktos | pag. 18 Multicultural camp, supported by the Fund Injoy Cluj | pag. 18 Testimonials of grant beneficiaries awarded by CCF in 2011 | pag. 18 06. International cooperation The first international event hosted by CCF | pag. 19 07. Transparency The financial situation | pag. 21 Auditor’s report | pag. 22 08. Financiers 2011 | pag. 24 09. Partners, collaborators and friends Partners of FCC | pag. 25 Collaborators, friends | pag. 25 Testimonials | pag. 26 10. The board and the team of CCF, contact | pag. 28


2011: About the friends of CCF

Briefly about the CCF in 2011

Friends. I think of them when I look back at 2011, a year that Cluj Community Foundation has grown to over 270.000 Lei from its birth, given in almost 30 grants and 50 scholarships.

We funded nine project within YouthBank Cluj;

We funded two projects - one developed by a school, the other one by a youth association, and we gave seven grants for the program Investing in a sustainable future and equal opportunities;

We launched and consolidated the Fund Injoy Cluj in the third edition of the Don'Or Awards Gala, and we bid seven non-buyable-objects for which 19 guests have competed;

We continued our Scholarship Program with 26 students supported;

Why we thank them? For a generous list of successful and exceeded thresholds reflected in the figures. A number of open roads...

We participated at Cluj International Marathon and The Company Cross, where FCC was the umbrellaorganization for other community initiatives in Cluj, for which we all have raised funds;

Threshold of $ 100,000, reached with the help of a single donor - Fred C. Robey - through a series of generous donations, coming in one year. The 100,000 Lei raised from over 500 donors in Swimathon - individuals and companies due to the involvement of 100 swimmers, representing 20 projects. Cluj International Marathon and The Company Cross, where CCF was the umbrella-organization for other community initiatives in Cluj, for which we all have raised funds. The first auction of non-buyable-objects, objects with a lovely story, within Don'Or Awards Gala, the funds being directed to Injoy Cluj Fund. The first online auction launched in a unique partnership of CCF with local football team FC Universitatea Cluj, after which was consolidated the Fund U for Cluj in supporting children, young athletes and former glory of sports Cluj

We organized the third edition of Swimathon and have reached 100 swimmers, over 40 projects and reached the threshold of 100,000 lei mobilized;

We supported with a new grant the improvement of the first green rustic park in Cluj;

We launched the Fund U for Cluj for supporting children, young athletes and former glory of sports from Cluj;

We organized an online auction of collectable t-shirts of the local football team U Cluj, the amounts raised in two tranches being directed to the Fund U for Cluj;

We hosted the event Youth Civic Engagement Peer Learning - an international experience exchange organized in Cluj by CCF, in partnership with Global Fund for Community Foundations, reuniting 25 participants from 20 countries;

And a beautiful team

And the team. A team of diverse, dynamic, cheerful and alive ... where one is working side by side for everything to happen. When I say friends, I mean the extended team; partners and collaborators, in Cluj and in the country, in Romania and abroad, big hearted donors, the supporters and volunteers and Board members, people who believe in our mission to turn Cluj in that dream place.

Partnership with the project Pe Drumul cel Bun (Right on Track), the first initiative of its kind supported by the CCF, for supporting the activities that encourage good manners in traffic. 25 participants from 20 countries, united in Cluj Youth Civic Engagement in Peer Learning - an international experience exchange organized by CCF in partnership with the Global Fund for Community Foundations. And dozens of appearances in local media and interactive platforms where CCF projects have been promoted and brought a lot of new friends. All these are thresholds that we have overcome together - The Foundation team and friends - and that all together we intend to raise. And overcome them again.

Simona Șerban Executive Director of CCF

Natural future roles of CCF Looking at the 2011 overview of the Cluj Community Foundation developments, one can realize there is a growing potential for the organization to take on new roles and stimulate various innovative approaches inside the community.

We have provided financing totalizing 270,892 lei for 28 grants and 47 scholarships.

First of all, as an open platform for debating key-topics like community and strategic philanthropy development, convening key-value information with expertise and strategic partnerships. It is from such a well-established position that one is able to challenge the most relevant local needs and opportunities. Secondly, the innovative fund development mechanisms shaped and successfully implemented by The Cluj Community Foundation up to date lead to the perspective of creatively designing new financial instruments that channel resources towards local development.

Gabriela Bădescu CCF Board of Directors Member



Attracting, developing funds 2011

Campaigns and events We went ahead with CCF events and campaigns, we launched new funds, and we have developed good ideas... 2% Campaign of Cluj Community Foundation for the fiscal year 2010 was dedicated for the Scholarship Program, for pupils to be admitted in the first year of high school, with good school results and material difficulties to continue their studies. Thus, the Scholarship Fund was completed with...

Don'Or Awards Gala 2011 and the Fund InJoy Cluj: non-buyableobjects, for a fairytale Cluj… In April 2011, at Don'Or Awards Gala, we celebrated the joy of being a part of Cluj, and awarded those who are close to us and make possible the transformation of Cluj: donors and recipients of funding that we offered in 2010. Award winners: Voicu Bojan, Rada Sonea, BRD Groupe Société Générale, Fred C. Robey, Provident Financial Romania, Waldorf high school, the newspaper Ziua de Cluj, City hall of Cluj-Napoca. At the Gala, we also launched the support-platform for establishing the Injoy Cluj Fund, which supports local initiatives that will give color to Cluj - by culture, hobbies, healthy lifestyle and friendly neighborhoods. The platform stimulate the involvement of Cluj citizens, who are encouraged to propose initiatives and apply for funding competitions launched by CCF, namely to develop their own sub-campaigns for fund raising. Also they have the opportunity to donate, to promote the platform and expand the community of those who are willing to invest financial resources, time and expertise to develop and support initiatives. At the Gala, the first funds were raised through a unique auction, a delicious moment for our guests, took part of the game and competed in bids to take possession of non-buyable-objects. Thus, seven bidders have helped to mobilize the amount of 11,000 lei. Non-buyable-objects: tandem paragliding flight a place in the Waldorf Art Camp kitchen in your home a story-portrait one day of happiness one day of advice with dr. Wargha Enayati a treasure book

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Gala supporters: Brinel | Flower House | Cristina Borșa | Dekoline Distribution | Delroti | Distral | Publishing house Aquaforte Florin Arhie | The foundation Education for Liberty | Mariana Sălăgean and Dana Pârțoc | Medicare International Netlogiq | PG Tandem | Studio Impress | Vitrina Advertising



Creative fundraising by YouthBank Cluj

CCF - umbrella-organization at Cluj International Marathon

In the sixth year of the program, YouthBank Cluj team raised the amount of 10,000 lei, going forward with its creative ideas to attract resources: for example, the well known red letters, attracted contributions from Cluj citizens who were shopping at Iulius Mall and Polus Center, and the playful patterns of Christmas cards were also successful...

Organized in the spring of 2011 by Runners Club, Cluj International Marathon promoted healthy lifestyles, based on movement, regardless of age among the people of Cluj. Also the event provided for nonprofit organizations a dynamic platform through which they could find resources for their causes. In turn, companies have been involved in supporting the causes of Cluj community. Taking in mind the experience in management of fundraising platformevents, after two years of Swimathon, we have provided a framework for Cluj organizations. Thus, 11 nonprofit organizations have conducted campaigns to attract resources under the 'umbrella' of CCF. In the end they received from the competition in the form of grants, the amounts raised. Supported projects cover a variety of areas: education, houses rehabilitation, animal protection, health, special therapies, environment, art and personal development.

And also in Christmas time , the idea of the YouthBank VIP Dinner was born from the belief that we have to learn from the experience and success of the “grown ones”, and the successful stories have to be told and followed. So that young people brought together five personalities of Cluj community: Mihaela Russian, President Showcase Advertising, racing pilot Bogdan Marisca, singer Aminda Nomade, Remus Cimpeanu, honorary president of Football Club Universitatea Cluj, and Tiberiu Moisă, CEO BT Corporate and SME. The people of Cluj motivated and inspired by these guests, spent a pleasant evening in their company, while maintaining Cluj YouthBank Fund.

Tiberiu Moisă CEO Banca Transilvania Corporate and SME

The Marathon in figures: 150 runners 100 supporters 12 projects of attracting resources 19,489.702 lei total amount raised

● ● ● ●

“Banca Transilvania naturally supports the projects of Cluj community. These include both their own projects “Cluj has soul”, etc... And other projects initiated by community partners. We like Youth Bank, the initiative of Cluj Community Foundation, because it brings into dialogue two basic categories of social responsibility themes: the ones who need to do something today (let's call them “adults”) with those who will need to do this tomorrow (“pupils”). We can only hope that young people involved in these projects to be more successful than the current generation of “adults” for the good of us and our wonderful city!”

Two companies from Cluj, Ursus and SoftVision were involved in the Marathon with their own runners, sponsoring the distance covered by them and directing the amounts for two projects of CCF - Fellowship Program dedicated to young entrepreneurs and the Scholarship Program. The Causes of the International Marathon:

“It was a real delight for me to collaborate within the program YouthBank from Cluj Community Foundation. It is a wonderful project that contributes to economic and social development of young people and completes compulsory formal education. I met young entrepreneurial interesting ideas and a spirit of initiative, rare in Romania. Congratulations also to the team who led this project and good luck for the next projects!”

Loránd Soares-Szász Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Supporters of YouthBank Cluj: Association for Community Relations | Lawyer Horia Bora | Banca Transilvania | Bio-Textima | Cabana Moților Camino | Cărturești | Center of Excellence Cluj | Cluj County Council | Cora | Dreams for Life | Europrofil Football Club Universitatea Cluj | Irish & Music Pub | ISJ Cluj | Iulius Mall Marketing Tips and Tricks for your Online Success | Medimpact | Napoca Rally Academy | Napoca Star | Optilens PhantomShopping | Polus Center | Romanian Postal Services Cluj | Cluj-Napoca City Hall - Media Office | Pro TV Qbox | Ramex | Remus Cîmpeanu - honorific president of U Cluj | Service auto IOVI | SNLP Branch Dej Prison Hospital SoftVision | Infectious Diseases Hospital Cluj | Starbucks | Masculine style - Laszlo-Crinel, blogger and image consultant Transmedic | University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine | Vitrina Advertising




YouthBank Cluj

Cluj Community Foundation

Scholarship Program

Cluj Community Foundation

Scholarship for young entrepreneurs

Cluj Community Foundation

Run for a better future!

Habitat for Humanity Cluj

We can make it together! Solidarity Fund for houses


A shelter for animals

Noah's Ark

Help fight cancer at children!

Little People

Enter and run for autism!

Autism Transylvania

Running and supporting education


Free environmental education project for children

Nature's Club

The Green Map of Cluj-Napoca

Green echoes

Supporters of International Marathon: Almaş Sergiu | Babos Laura | Badea Iulia | Bogdan Bilaus | Bors Sonia | Bugnar Ana | Butcovan Cornelia Cărbune Carmen | Cărbune Carmen | Centea Elena | Chilili Ideas | Chiş Monica | Chiş Octavia | Costera Ramona Costin Ludmila | Cristian Vlad | Dand Ioana Mărginean | Enea Radu | Farcas Axel | Foeckl Roman | Forman Gitta Gişca Ioana | Giurca Daniel | Giurca Emil | Graves Michel | Hedeş Raluca Elena | Horodincă Adina Horodincă Monica | Iancu Ioana | Ilovan Diana | Iovanaş Ioana | Jeleu Eugen | Lăcătuş Denisa | Lapoşi Lucia Macavei Denisa | Man Dana | Manea Andrea | Mica Sanda | Miclea Adrian | Miclea Cristina Middle Europe Investment | Modog Simona | Neamţu Cornelia | Olteanu Mariana | Opriş David Ilie | Pantea Florin Pantelimon Simona | Papp Ariana | Pintilie Letiţia | Pop Camelia | Pop Mihai | Pop Vlad | Popa Horaţiu Popa Lucian | Popa Mihaela | Popa Ruxandra | Popovici Diana | Rada Sonea | Radu Lucia | Raţ Cristina Răpundean Liana | Răpundean Sorin | Revesz Narcisa | Savu Mihai | SoftVision | Szabo Iulia | Ştef Tudor Tarba Dan | Uscătescu Lavinia | Varga Kinga | Vincze Eniko | Zaharia Dana


Swimathon 2011. A framework fundraising event


Team / Swimmers


The Angel's Network

Axel Fărcaș,Valeria Fărcaș, Mihaela Zirbo, Mirela Hisam, Daniel Suciu

Prison Fellowship Romania

OptiMusic - effective therapeutic approaches

Florin Tomoș, Daniel Bobi, Robert Tanca Andrei, Alina Ciurpan, Dorina Mangra, Udrea Natalia, Timonea Artur, Alexandru , Gliga, Nicolae Cristian Crăciun, Vlad Gliga, Claudia Beudean, Liana Pop

School Centre for Inclusive Education

We swim for Alia!

Dan Mărginean

Initiative group to support Alia

Information - the first step towards development

Ilinca Toderean

Support for Youth Development

It's my birthday, I want a present too!

Aron Bogdan Kund, Iuliu Călin Simişnean, Domnariu Gabriel, Bogdana Neamțu


We swim for a better future

Monica Tomuș, Paul Szanto, Mihai Serdean, Ionuț Raita, Chris Fontanesi, Irina Timofti

Habitat for Humanity Cluj

Together for our school

Waldorf Team: Bükös Robert, Filep-Rudamas Vahid, Pop Dan-Andrei and Andreea Blic

Foundation Education for Freedom

Visible Voices for the youth of Pata Rât

Diana Rus, Alexandra Brinzaniuc, Dragoș Nechita, Alexandru Suciu and Clivet Anca, Cristina Marian, Victor Bucur, Raluca Ciucuranu, Alexandra Sidor

Action for Health

A child's smile!

Cosmin Sabo, Aura Codruța Mosuț and Carmen Perde

Foundation for the parents from Cluj

We swim for the children with autism!

Crisan Iosif, Horea Rusu, Carina Macavei, Corina Morar, Călin Văduva

Autism Transylvania

Don't ignore me

Sofia Roberts

The organization “Save Lives”

Animal assisted therapy for children

Cristian Cercel, Raluca Rapan, Iulia Patru, Csaba Ciocarlan, Alin Grigore, Gergely Tamas, Andrei Bodea, Tudor Manolache, Tudor Mihalca, Vlad Mihalca, Mihai Barz, Marc Moldovan

Organization “Healthy Mind”

The Little People cancer care projects

Călin Chiprianov, Ian Davidson, Vlad Pop, Baniamin Gravis, Andrei Moldovan, Radu Șchiop, Andreea Szentannai, Samuel Ciorap, Naomi Ciorap, Valentin Velicico, Petrisor Prundaru, Elise Ciorap, Alexandru Oltean

The Little People Association

A chance for community animals

Ladislau Elefant, Madaras Peter and Alexia Mureșan

Association for animal protection “Noah's Ark”

The Program of Young Social Entrepreneurs

Echipa Ursus: Diana Klusch, Oana Dumitrache, Gabriel Barsa, Vasile Iosip, Nicolae Drăgănescu, Petru Bendea, Andrei Bucur; Reprezentant Civitas: Incze Zsusza

Cluj Community Foundation

Organized for the third consecutive year by the Cluj Community Foundation, Swimathon is a fundraising platform-competition for community causes. The competition was conducted in four swimming rounds in which the competitors had one lane available, assigned to each swimmer or team. Their supporters have offered money for each length of the Olympic pool covered (for example: 1 leu x 40 lengths), or fixed amounts for the whole evolution of the competition. In the Swimathon we continued strengthening the CCF Scholarship Fund, with the support of the Relay of Expired Glories, which represented the cause in the competition. Also the Ursus team swam for the Young Social Entrepreneur Fund CCF. The third edition of the Swimathon ended with record numbers: 100 swimmers 500 supporters 11.000 lei raised 18 supported projects in various areas - education and special education, youth, social and professional reintegration, health and special therapies, housing rehabilitation, animal protection ● 1.574 olympic pool lengths, equivalent to 78 kilometers ● ● ● ●



Team / Swimmers

Scholarship Program

Relay of Expired Glories Voicu Bojan, Gicu Șerban, Răzvan Cuc and Paul Borde

Cluj Community Foundation

The ProgramYouthBank Cluj

Radu Eneșel, Rareș Derda, Nichita Grama and Anda Suciu

Cluj Community Foundation

Cristiana Dragoș-Roman - pianist from Cluj

Rada Sonea

Cluj Community Foundation

EPS Club

Alexandra Bangur; Kovacs Cristian; Filip Claudiu; Alexandra Lacatus; Oltean Iuliu-Matei; Andreea Popescu; Roman Romulus


Association For Future E31


Supporters of Swimathon: Bobis Dan | Bunea Raluca | Ciocan Ciprian | Comşa Ionuţ | Czervencz Mihai | Gadei Radu | Grapa Sorina | Mariş Marilena Petruşca Monica | Pisargeac Ştefan | Poiană Oana | Prisacariu Mona | Ratuc | Sârbu Victor | Simionescu Bianca | Şerban Laurenţiu Turcoman Paul | Acalovschi Andreea | Airpowertec | Alban Claudiu | Albu Adrian | Albu Ştefana | Almapetrean Silvia | Amişu Mihai Anastasescu Ciprian | Andreica Andreea | Anescu Cristina | Anghelescu Mădălina | Apahidean Cornelia | Arapu Aurelia | Ardelean Mihai Ardelean Vlad Alexandru | Arşan Maria Luciana | Asociaţia Caritabilă Targhet | Aştilean Ana Maria | Avocat Bulieris Florin | Avram Dan Azamfirei Cătălina | Baciu Alexandrina | Badea Tincuţa | Bagita Andreea | Banu Alina | Bobe Anamaria | Bocan Georgeta Bochiş Monica Crina | Bodnar Daniel | Bogoi Viorica | Boian Raimonda | Bologea Emil | Bootsvania | Bora Horia Pompei | Borde Jutka Borş Dragoş | Borşan Alina | Bota Diana | Brad Patrick | Brânduş Dan Lucian | Brăgaru Natalia | Breţan Bianca | Buduşan Lucian Buga Georgette | Bujor Ioana | Buleris Florin | Bumbuţ Maria | Burducea Carmen | Burduhos Stelian-Vasile | Buruiana Mariana Cabinet Avocat Bora Horia | Cabinet Stomatologic dr. 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A new fund to support social entrepreneurship among young people Youth Social Entrepreneurship Fund was consolidated due to the involvement of the employees of Ursus and SoftVision in the International Cluj Marathon, and Swimathon, with support provided by their companies. The program aims to develop a framework for social entrepreneurship ideas incubating three to five teams of young people. The process is managed by a team of mentors that will cover various areas of expertise: accounting, legal, senior management, entrepreneurship etc. At the end of the program, we will have three to five viable business plans, and we will identify a series of characteristics of social entrepreneurship in Romania, Cluj area, which will then be recommended by Cluj Community Foundation in the future programs that will focus on this area.

Company's Cross, running for fundraising The event organized in October 2011 by Runners Club - a 5 km race open to all employees of companies from Cluj. As with Cluj International Marathon, CCF added the component needed for fundraising. Thus, under the “umbrella” created by Cluj Community Foundation, the employees of Eximtur - organized in two relays, plus an individual runner - were competing for the project of Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family, “Children go to school with your help”.

For a Cleaner Cluj In 2011, Cluj Community Foundation launched the program “Cluj Clean” sustained from the Distral Fund, worth 10,000 lei. The first phase of the program, “Faget Stage”, aimed to achive the following objectives: supervision of Faget area to ensure that the effect of the greening action Let's Do It, Romania is for a long term; discouraging illegal activities of construction waste disposal in Faget area; educating the children of Cluj in order to protect the city's green areas.


Creative partnerships and a new type of fund In the autumn of 2011, Cluj Community Foundation and Football Club Universitatea Cluj have partnered to develop the Fund 'U for Cluj'. Through this fund, FC Universitatea Cluj aims to contribute at the development of the local community, particularly supporting projects for children and young athletes, and sports veterans Cluj. The first line of products offered by the club to be auctioned: 24 U Cluj tshirts presented by the players in opening match of Cluj Arena. The auction was conducted on the platform first instrument of this type built by Cluj Community Foundation.

Financing In 2012, the grants and scholarships granted by the CCF in the community raised to 270,892 lei.

Subsequently the financing contest was launched, that targets children and young people (6-16 years) athletes, schools, sports associations and sports clubs. Supporters of the fund: Secerătoarea Agroserv | Ciprian Radu | Claudiu Ioan Șuteu | Cosmin Irimieș Doru Abrudan | Rareș Bogdan | Mircea Bob | Gabriel Gabor Vlad Ivănescu | Traian Almășan | Iuliu Duma

CCF partner in the program “On the right track” Supporting the fundraising and communication component, Cluj Community Foundation became in the end of 2011 partner of the program “On the right track”, as part of an initiative group started by Iovi Auto Service in Cluj, platform. Thus the CCF launched the Fund “On the right track” supporting the activities that encourage good manners in traffic, which is addressed primarily to students, teenagers, students of driving schools. The first fundraising mechanism: the sale of stickers (Retail price: 1 Euro) with display alerts, and will be stuck on the cars of those who want to actively support this campaign. The platform is accessible to both drivers who want to promote a positive message about the good manners in traffic, and companies which can also engage by customizing their fleet of cars.



Grants for youth programs: YouthBank

Grants awarded after the Swimathon, 2011 edition

In 2011, the fifth year of the program YouthBank Cluj, CCF has provided funding for the projects proposed and implemented by young people, covering areas such as culture, lifestyle, personal development and ecology.

2011 was a year in which the fundraising dynamic mechanisms such as Marathon or Swimathon made ​possible financing projects in a wide range of areas, as shown by the list of projects below:

Project Theatre Festival for high school students VICEVERSA 2011 - 3rd Ed. Sustainable Fun




Rock for Youth


Waltz for charity


Who you are matters to others


Charity Fashion Week


Call of nature - invitation to movement outdoors and camping


I choose to be


Cluj-Napoca Movie


Grant value (lei)

Association of Business Students

Internship Cluj


School 'Alexandru Borza'

School's Greenhouse - means of developing professional skills


Grants offered from Cluj International Marathon 2011 Edition In 2011, through the amounts raised from the Cluj International Marathon, Cluj Community Foundation has supported projects in various areas - education, personal development, social and ecological. Organization


Romanian Association for the Education of Young People

Running and supporting education

Grant value (lei) 1,702

Association 'center of personality modeling of by acting' - Personact

Integration and personal development through theater


Support for Creța family


Association “Green Echoes”

Nature Club



Grant Injoy In 2011, FCC has supported the Foundation Liberty for Education with a grant of 900 lei, in organizing an art camp for children.


Grant value (lei)

Swim for a better future


Association Little People

Providing psychosocial support for children with cancer


Association for animals “Noah's Ark”

A chance for community animals


Foundation Prison Fellowship

Angels network

Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family

It's my birthday, I also want a present!


Association Save Lives

Center of Excellence in cancer treatment for children


Organization Healthy Mind

Animal assisted therapy for children



Support for Education through Cross Companies Foundation for Children, Community and Family received from CCF a grant of 2100 lei for supporting the project “Children go to school with your support”, for the two FRCCF centers in Cluj. Here, 220 children do their homework, take part in activities that develop their skills, creativity and help them overcome emotional trauma and to socialize with other children their age or adults (professionals and volunteers from the center).

Launched in the autumn of 2010, with full funding from the BRD Groupe Societe Generale, the program “Investing in a sustainable future and equal opportunities” offered funding opportunities for organizations and institutions who have proposed sustainable mechanisms capable of making a positive change in Cluj community (see the section Implementation projects). Project


Habitat for Humanity Cluj


Grants for programs of social entrepreneurship



Grant value (lei)

A new grant to expand the park At the Hubs Arranged in the autumn of 2010 by the Students Organization for Romanian Tourism (SORT), after the contest of ideas “Each park has its story”, organized by Cluj Community Foundation with consumption credit company Provident Financial Romania, first green, rustic park in Cluj, was extended with a new grant, worth 8,000 lei. “Expanding the park “At the Hubs” is a testament of the success it has in Cluj this unique playground and we are delighted to continue working with Cluj Community Foundation and the Students Organization for Romanian Tourism. In fact, <Each park has its story> gradually becomes a household name in Romania, as we expand this project in new cities. By the end of this year it will be implemented in six cities, and hope to double this number by the end of next year.” Russell Johnsen, General Director Provident Financial România

Support for the boarding schools Teodidaktos In 2011, Cluj Community Foundation has awarded two grants for Teodidaktos Humanitarian Association, totaling 30,967 lei for the modernization of a boarding school, which hosts 40 students from rural areas. Organization


Grant value (lei)

Teodidaktos Humanitarian Association

Supporting activities of the boarding schools


Teodidaktos Humanitarian Association

Upgrading and maintenance the boarding schools


Scholarships In 2011, Cluj Community Foundation offered two installments of scholarships for high school students recently admitted: ● 15 students have received support in the period January to June 2011, totaling 18,000 lei ● 25 students received support in the period September to December 2011, totaling 24,900 lei Also, 14 bachelor and master students received scholarships, totaling 875,02.28 lei. Other seven grants, totaling 7,000 lei, were offered within the program “Investing in a Sustainable Future and Equal Opportunities”, covering personal development needs, graduating the school at which they are enrolled, and access specialized trainings and courses.


Grants and scholarships implementation What ment the implementation of each of the projects supported by Cluj Community Foundation? Roads open, destinies changed, and even dreams fulfilled. Further, some examples and stories...

YouthBank Cluj Project “Onisifor Ghobu” High School students organized two editions of the festival GhibStock, in which they involved 20 children from the village Caianu. The event included a variety of educational and entertaining activities, which have challenged the creativity and spirit of initiative: concerts, climbing panels, film screenings of short films and animations outdoor, photography workshops, animation and theater make-up, carnival-type activities, capoeira demonstrations, and exhibitions of dogs. High school students have continued working with the kids from Caianu by exchanging experiences, and other joint activities.

School's Greenhouse, means of developing professional skills Through the implementation of the project, the miniproduction greenhouse, and seed bed of “Alexandru Borza” school were arranged, and now they function as technical laboratories. Students from the environmental and agricultural specialties made various specialized practical projects: including the study of species growing period, observations upon plant development and water consumption.

The Project Internship in Cluj It was held locally, involving students from universities from Cluj and young people aged between 16 and 30 years, looking for a new type of work experience. The project gave them the opportunity to explore different career options through internship programs hosted by different companies.

Companies Cross 2011. The sustained projet A story. An example Bogdan is 12 and in the last two years he had no place to call home: his family doesn't have a house and are forced to sleep at relatives or other places where they are received. Due to the precarious situation of the family and that his parents do not live together - mother is long gone to work in other cities - Bogdan began to have very poor results in school, refused to study and was close to repeat the year. Furthermore, he didn't get along with friends or colleagues, even becoming disrespectful to them. The family called for help to FRCCF and Bogdan started to come daily to the center and work with their specialists. In the last year because of the sustained effort of his new friends - the specialists from the day center of FRCCF - Bogdan has significantly improved his behavior, is motivated to learn and wants to recover the gaps he has, and his results in school improved.



Projects of Swimathon 2010. Some examples Developed by the Center for Inclusive Education, the project OptiMusic - effective therapeutic sustained in Swimathon proposed application of innovative therapies through sound and color for people with severe and moderate mental disabilities, learning disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders, sensory impairment, autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, perceptual difficulties and severe / profound disabilities affecting the motion activity.

International cooperation

The first international event hosted by CCF

Proposed and implemented by Habitat for Humanity Cluj - including the sustaining gained from Swimathon the project swim for a better future allowed redevelopment of a house for a needy family, providing a decent living space for the mother - seriously ill - and those two children, who live in Sărmăşag, Salaj, together with their grandmother. Their house was without foundation, walls were wet and damp.

Along with Global Funds for Community Foundations, financier of YouthBank Cluj, we hosted an international exchange of experience addressed to organizations from 20 countries working with young people and manage projects for them.

Represented at Swimathon by Prison Fellowship Romania, the project Angels Network whose beneficiaries were children of prisoners was designed to diminish the effects of the inmate's punishment among their families.

The boarding schools Teodidaktos

Thus, International Peer Learning on Community Foundations and Youth Civic Engagement in Cluj gathered participants from Brazil, Great Britain, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belgium, USA, Mexico, Kenya, Serbia, Egypt, Republic of Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Romania. The event created a multicultural framework, in which the participants have valued their expertise and experience in developing projects for young people, sharing it and teaching others and, in turn, learn from them.

The two boarding schools (girls, and boys) in Cluj-Napoca of Teodidaktos Humanitarian Foundation was renovated and modernized, thereby ensuring the best conditions for starting school year 2011-2012, for 40 students from rural areas.

Thus was created the groundwork to develop long-term international partnerships, learning and work platforms, in which CCF is an active member.

Multicultural camp, supported by the Fund Injoy Cluj Organized on the Waldorf principles of alternative pedagogy by the Foundation Education for Freedom, the camp aimed to promote multiculturalism, bringing together children of different ethnicities and religions. Thus, participants had the opportunity to practice social skills through practical and artistic activities, to work within the group and to develop team spirit, to exercise independent thinking and creative, with joy and enthusiasm for their work.

Testimonials of grant beneficiaries awarded by CCF in 2011 “Almost a year ago I was admitted at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, but I had to pay for it. The family promised to support during the first year of study, although I realized it's not easy to have 9,000 lei per year just to pay the school for a child in a family where we are five children, I was the first born.” Scholarship beneficiary of the program “Investing in a Sustainable Future and Equal Opportunities” “By a nice chance I got to benefit of this scholarship given by Cluj Community Foundation and sincerely confess that was a real support for me. The money allocated monthly managed to cover all necessary study costs, books and thousands of photocopies required for laboratories, and courses. Also in this amount were assigned cards for the school library, sports and monthly subscriptions for the local transport”. Scholarship beneficiary of the program “Investing in a Sustainable Future and Equal Opportunities”




The financial situation 2011 Incomes (lei) Asociation for Community Relations Ursus Breweries Sponsorship BRD Groupe Societe Generale funding - transferred from 2010 Fred C Robey Donation Marathon Sponsorships and contributions Aegon Sponsorship InJoy Sponsorships Distral Sponsorship - transfered from 2010 Cluj International Woman's Club Fund Swimathon sponsorships and contributions Global Fund for Community Foundation Funding Provident Sponsorship U for Cluj Fund auction YouthBank sponsorships Total

16,000 29,750 60,335 400,352 8,806 19,080 9,813 10,557 1,680 85,378 36,222 10,604 11,962 32,128 732,667

Transfered to 2012


2011 Expenditures (lei) Grants, scholarships and related expenses


Comunication Utilities Travel Salaries Contracted services Conferences and meetings Bank exchanges Equipments Total

25,103 32,947 22,938 102,410 18,488 15,626 4,177 2,272 223,961

Youth Civic Engagement conference




Auditor’s report


Str. Buftea nr. 7, Cluj-Napoca Tel: +40 264 450215 +40 264 597971 Fax: +40 264 433081 CUI RO 12598235 ORC Cluj J12/52/2000 E-mail:



To the board of directors, Cluj Community Foundation Cluj-Napoca, Romania



Report on the Financial Statements We have audited the accompanying financial statements of Cluj Community Foundation, for the year ended December 31, 2011, containing a balance sheet, a profit and loss account and the explanatory notes. The financial reports mentioned above concern: • Total Shareholders’ equity: 94. 475 lei • Total income: 617.265 lei • Total expenses: 603.249 lei • Surplus: 14.016 lei Management’s Responsibility for the Financial Statements The management of foundation is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), respectively the Accounting Law no. 82/1991, republished (Law 82/1991) and the O.M.E.F. nr. 1969/2007 for the approval of accounting regulations for non-profit legal entities ( O.M.E.F. 1969/2007). This responsibility includes: designing, implementing and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error; selecting and applying appropriate accounting policies; and making accounting estimates that are reasonable in the circumstances. Auditor’s Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit. We conducted our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing adopted by the Romanian Financial Auditor’s Chamber. Those standards require that we comply with ethical requirements and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditor’s Financial audit




Financial advisory



judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the financial statements.



Str. Buftea nr. 7, Cluj-Napoca Tel: +40 264 450215 +40 264 597971 Fax: +40 264 433081 CUI RO 12598235 ORC Cluj J12/52/2000 E-mail:


Opinion In our opinion, the financial statements give a true and fair view of (or “present fairly, in all material respects,”) the financial position of Cluj Community Foundation, as of December 31, 2011, and their financial performance for the year then ended in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), respectively L no. 82 / 1991 and OMEF no. 1969 / 2007.


Administrator’s report In accordance with OMEF no. 1969 / 2007 the auditor should express an opinion on the administrator’s report and their consistance with the financial statements, even though the report is not part of the financial statements. Following the audit performent no inconsistances were found between the administrator’s report and the financial statements as of December 31, 2011.

Mircea DRAGOŞ Partner Registered in the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania with licence no. 719/2001

in the name of MDA GLOBAL AUDIT s.r.l. Registered in the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania with licence no. 116/2001 Cluj-Napoca, March 21, 2012


Financial audit




Financial advisory



Financiers 2011

Partners, collaborators and friends Collaborators, friends

Partners of FCC

Iuliu Duma Sveatoslav Vizitiu Andrei Mutu Ciprian Aron Dan Chiuzbăian Voicu Bojan Gicu Șerban Răzvan Cuc Paul Borde

Fred C. Robey BRD Groupe Société Générale Cluj International Women's Club AEGON România Foundation Education for Freedom Ursus Provident Financial România Distral SoftVision Football Club Universitatea Cluj

TVR Cluj Alpha TV Radio Cluj Radio Renașterea Zile și Nopți Hello! InfoTrafic Vitrina Advertising Lions Club Design 19 City Plaza Inspire Events Center Cărturești Starbucks Delrotti Roxer Group Micro Mapper Lecom Cora Iulius Mall Polus Center



Testimonials “Working with Cluj Community Foundation strengthened our faith - and at the same time, one of the values ​of Inspire - that only by giving something to the community you live in, you can expect things to happen, to go in the right direction. During this circuit give-receive-give people are most important. And the people I came into contact with from Cluj Community Foundation showed us, if needed, that this is confirmed again by the quality of people involved in the Foundation, by the way they manage projects and, perhaps more importantly, the results they obtain. Inspire - Conference & Events Center is very pleased of the collaboration with Cluj Community Foundation, and supports the initiatives of this organization in 2012 with a valuable partnership for us.”

“My collaboration with CCF made ​me first to understand what a community foundation is. Secondly, made ​me want to get involved in their various projects from different perspectives. Definitely, Cluj Community Foundation inspired me.”

Iuliu Duma Designer

Mirela Pătrauceanu Communication Specialist Inspire - Conference & Events Center,

“Social Media began to play an important role in the work of NGOs because of the opportunity to interact and to ensure transparency in the relationship with stakeholders. Working with Cluj Community Foundation started from the desire to communicate to the citizens of Cluj that they can be actively involved in the community and can make a positive change in the city they love. Glad to see that in 2011 CCF has strongly consolidated its presence in social media, managed to attract many ambassadors who spoke about their projects.”

“The existence and activity of Cluj Community Foundation is more than welcomed, and brings a real positive impact in the community. The fact that the Foundation's team was very opened to the project On the Right Track and started a special fund for this initiative has helped us very much. The excellent cooperation that we have makes me congratulate all activity of Cluj Community Foundation.”

Victor Miron AutoIovi, Service Advisor DriverFriendly

Andrei Mutu Project Manager I Love Cluj

“'I knew of the existence of Cluj Community Foundation for several years. I always followed their work with admiration and pleasure and I always wanted to support their initiatives. So in 2011 I became a volunteer in Swimathon competition, a special event to support special causes. So I became the team leader of volunteers who were involved during the event. It was very exciting, everything was against time, lots of people, excitement, supporters, but everything went very well. Not even the rain could not stop the swimmers and volunteers to do their work. Good luck to the Community Foundation and see you at the new edition of Swimathon!”

“Cluj Community Foundation has an important role in the development of the civil society in Cluj. We appreciate a lot the constant support offered by the Foundation for youth and youth organizations. I had the great pleasure to be close to YouthBank team, and we were surprised by the intelligence and ideas, of the younger ones, and this gave us confidence in the real impact that the Foundation has. Also we appreciate the opening and for how our organization's initiatives are encouraged and supported, so we want to thank Cluj Community Foundation for what is and what it does.”

Ana Dobârtă

President Dreams for Life

Bogdan Romanică

Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Volunteer CCF



The board of CCF Ioana Căprar - president Rada Sonea - vice-president Ionuț Raita - treasurer Romana Chișu - member Gabi Bădescu - member Darius Pintilie - member Bita Zerbes - member Elena Sraum - member

The team of CCF Simona Șerban - CEO Mariana Sălăgean - grant manager Dana Stoica - communication coordinator Mihaela Cîmpean - fundraising coordinator Larisa Dragoș - coordinator of youth programs Dana Boja - programs assistant Sanda Fălcușan - chartered accountant

Contact Cluj Community Foundation Cluj-Napoca, 6, Cloșca street, 400039, Cluj district Facebook: Twitter: @ClujCF


Our values are: transparency, partnership and long term impact. We believe that each Cluj inhabitant and each company that has a local interest are able to contribute to transforming our city into the place we are all dreaming of.

400502, Cluj-Napoca, România Str. Cloșca, Nr. 6, Ap. 2 T: +40 264 434.618, F: +40 264 434.619

CCF 2011 Annual Report  
CCF 2011 Annual Report  

The Cluj Community Foundation Annual Report