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By Rachel Namson

News and updates on Dana Point’s business community ranging in value from $200 to $1000 tracing the evolution of money throughout America’s history. Some pieces currently displayed in the shop include a $500 bill, which has been out of print since 1935, a shipwrecked coin from 1808, which is the first coin be made on a steam press, and coins from the Carson City Mint. RC Numismatics also carries a selection of rare Persian rugs and antique collectibles including furniture, tools and other assorted knick-knacks. RC Numismatics is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday. 27226 La Plaza in Dana Point, 949.322.3845, —Rachel Namson

RESTAURANT NEWS SteerCrazy International BBQ and Grill Two esteemed local chefs will sharpen their knives and step into the culinary ring to determine just who is Orange County’s “Top Chef,” as presents the inaugural Orange County Sunday Night Chef Fight cooking competition live Sunday, September 19 at 6 p.m. at the Standards of Excellence Kitchen Showroom in Huntington Beach. It’s “Punk vs. Patina” as Chef Phil Knoke, former drummer in numerous O.C. punk bands and current chef/owner of SteerCrazy International BBQ & Grill in Capistrano Beach, will face off against his opponent, former Patina Group executive chef and current chef/owner of The Lido Deck in Newport Beach, Chef Don Schoenburg. Each Sunday Night Chef Fight is a fastu

RC Numismatics owner Ron Caya. Photo by Rachel Namson

NOW OPEN RC Numismatics Take a journey through time and explore the antique coins and collectibles of RC Numismatics. Owner Ron Caya recently made his debut in the world of numismatics and opened his shop in Dana Point two months ago. “I have always had an appreciation of the monetary value of coins and been intrigued by the history art behind them,” Caya said. RC Numismatics features precious coins u

DP Sheriff’s Blotter Compi le d By Madi Swayn e All information below is obtained from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Web site (www.ocsd. org) and reflects data available from calls placed from the field by the responding officer(s). An arrest doesn’t represent guilt. The items below are just a sampling of the entries listed on the OCSD Web site.

Friday, August 27 DISTURBANCE Manzanita Drive, 25200 Block (12:50 p.m.) Sheriff dispatchers received a frantic call from a woman who was screaming at a male. The woman was yelling about locks, but dispatchers were unable to understand much of what she was saying because she was so panicked. WELFARE CHECK Crystal Lantern/Pacific Coast Highway (1:53 p.m.) Deputies were contacted in regard to a subject reportedly lying halfway on the grass and halfway on the sidewalk across the street from a hotel. The subject was said to

paced, no-holds-barred culinary showdown similar to popular cooking competitions on TV, but with a few extra twists thrown in to entertain and switch things up. Before each event, the chefs are given three ingredients— a protein, vegetable, and starch/grain—that must be included in their creations. Chefs also receive a shopping allowance and a week to plan and prep their dishes. Then, during the Sunday Night Chef Fight itself, each chef and his or her sous-chef will have only 30 minutes to cook and finish their dishes as well as incorporate a “mystery ingredient” into the mix, while host Chris Kern peppers each chef with questions and comments keeps the audience apprised and entertained as to what’s going on behind the stove. The 60-member audience then rates each chef’s creations in three categories, the totals are tallied, and at the end of the night one chef will be crowned the winner. The chef who emerges victorious will receive the coveted Sunday Night Chef Fight trophy, the title of “Champion Chef of Orange County,” and the opportunity to defend his or her title against a new local chef challenger at the next Orange County Sunday Night Chef Fight, to be held in early December. Each Sunday Night Chef Fight will also include as an “undercard” bout, Vino Vidi Vici, a blind wine tasting competition in which all audience members taste three themed but unlabeled wines, select a favorite, and then have the opportunity to purchase either the winner or the wines they liked best. Limited information about each bottle will be revealed over the course of the Chef Fight and the winning (and losing) wines will be unveiled before the Champion Chef is crowned. The Standards of Excellence Kitchen Showroom is located at 16001 Gothard Street on the corner of Gothard and Edinger in Huntington Beach. Tickets are $50 per

be wearing a beige T-shirt, long grey pants and tennis shoes. There was a large black trash bag behind him.

stop yelling and swearing at him. The caller also reported his juvenile neighbor repeatedly called his house.

CITIZEN ASSIST Cockleshell Drive, 33400 Block (3:12 p.m.) A caller contacted authorities to report he suspected his neighbor was the culprit who cut some of his trees down.

ILLEGAL PEDDLING Doheny Park Road, 34100 Block (3:11 p.m.) A female was walking up to customers in a sporting goods store and asking for money. The woman was described to be wearing a pink shirt. It was also reported that she looked Middle Eastern in ethnicity. The color of her pants was unknown.

KEEP THE PEACE Calle Hermosa, 26800 Block (5:40 p.m.) Authorities were called when an unknown male in a black shirt and black pants tried to get into an apartment. The owner of the apartment was out of the country and had reportedly left the doors unlocked. The caller told the man to leave, but he refused. A female in a white Audi accompanied the subject. DRUNK DRIVING Camino de Estrella, 26800 Block (11:51 p.m.) Authorities were called when an informant saw a man who looked like Justin Timberlake. The caller said it definitely was not Timberlake, but the driver was wearing a white T-shirt and tan shorts. The caller could see both the driver and his vehicle, and was concerned the driver may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Saturday, August 28 DISTURBANCE Cheltam Way, 33400 Block (12:37 p.m.) Authorities were contacted when the caller’s 13-year-old neighbor would not

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CITIZEN ASSIST Alcazar Drive, 33800 Block (11:28 p.m.) A caller reported that a 21 year-old-male kept emailing his 17-year-old daughter.

Sunday, August 29 PROWLER Selva Road/Pacific Coast Highway (3:49 a.m.) Deputies were contacted after a woman heard someone knock on the side door of her house. She then heard footsteps in front of the residence. The caller did not see anyone outside. PETTY THEFT REPORT Robles Drive, 33800 Block (2:46 p.m.) It was reported that a subject stole a license plate off of the caller’s motorcycle. SUSPICIOUS PERSON Del Prado, 24500 Block (8:21 p.m.) An older male with grey hair, a plaid shirt and jeans was seen digging through the trash. More specifically, it was reported that the subject was opening mail that he found in the trash.

SteerCrazy International BBQ owner/chef Phil Knoke. Courtesy photo

person, which includes the two-hour competition, samples of both chef’s culinary creations and one pour of each Vino Vidi Vici wine. For tickets or more information on Sunday Night Chef Fights, visit or e-mail 34700 Pacific Coast Highway #105, Capistrano Beach, 949.481.6999, www.steercrazybbq. com

SEND US YOUR BUSINESS NEWS To get business news in this section, send an e-mail to “Business Beat” will include updates and happenings that occurred within six to eight weeks of publication.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON Sea Knoll Drive, 33100 Block (11 p.m.) An informant reported a group of juveniles walking around near an abandoned residence. The caller reported that when she drove by, the juveniles scattered as if they were up to no good. The caller requested that authorities investigate the situation.

Monday, August 30 ASSIST OUTSIDE AGENCY Ocean Hill Drive, 33200 Block (10:10 a.m.) The Orange County Fire Department requested a sheriff investigation of a 43-year-old woman. The woman was unconscious with an empty vodka bottle next to her bed. The female was a reported alcoholic, with various other medical conditions. WELFARE CHECK Verrazanno Bay, 23600 Block (2:11 p.m.) A welfare check was requested for a young 14-year-old girl who had been roaming around late at night. The caller reported she looked dirty, had matted hair and seemed depressed. The subject was last seen at the residence earlier that morning. WELFARE CHECK Periwinkle Drive, 33300 Block (4:07 p.m.) An 85-year-old woman called to report her son would not let her take a shower. The woman also stated that her son locks her in the house for two to three days at a time. He reportedly leaves her all by herself. There was mention that she has also been abused.

Dana Point Times  

Vol. 3, Issue 36, September 3-9, 2010

Dana Point Times  

Vol. 3, Issue 36, September 3-9, 2010