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Confessions On Facebook: Why Are Men So Afraid To Say No To Their Women?

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Artist Spotlight: Sid Maurer

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xpecting only the best out of life, is the key to finding true happiness. One can travel all day and contemplate all night, as to what they need to do to be truly happy and never find the answer. The reason being, we all need to reach deep within ourselves to find that spark, that light that shines deep within, in order for us to be truly be happy. Happiness doesn’t come with the accumulation of expensive external things, nor does it come from listening to the comments or perceptions that others have of us as individuals. Everyone has something unique about them, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. We have only to tap into that innate ability that we have as human beings to create, think, innovate, and most of all love; to be who we truly are and to find happiness. Living your life with passion and fervor for each and every breath you take and everything, and person you touch; can bring harmony, balance and personal feelings of fulfillment. It is after all, connectivity from one human being to another that we all crave and desire. And with that, being said we all search for, desire and want nothing more than to be truly appreciated and loved. Life is about connectivity, and Love everlasting. Love without any bounds, love without any trivialities, or judgments. Love is the key to all that is and ever will be. And it is with love, that we bring to you this edition of DY magazine.

On the Cover and on the left: Art Work by Pierre Cornudet p. 13

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an/Feb 2011

Judy Garland Sid Maurer Page 8

Artist Bio Pierre Cornudet page 13

Artisit Bio Italia Ruotolo Page 32

DY Remembers By: Damon Youmans page 4 Artist Spotlight: Sid Maurer By: Ken Hall page 8

Is Traditional Politics Dead? By: Jack Deal Page 10 Short Story Sweet-Hearts By: ABBEY MEI OTIS Page 16 Poem: Solid State By: Taj El Page 19

Artist Bio Barbara Cox Jackson Page 36

Wellness Tip: Losing Weight The Addiction of Comfort Food By: Larry Tobin page 20 Double Your Income With Health, Happiness & Passion By: Raymond Aaron Page 22 Gallery Corner : Baterbys art auction Gallery Page 26 Confessions on Facebook Page 28

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DY REMEMBERS By Damon Youmans

an editorial thought

Disagreement? “Happy New Law”! “Whatever! Life goes on. And listen, you do you and I will keep doing me. I tell you one thing Im not going to be sitting around waiting with the kids on you. I tell you that. And matter of fact trust me! Oh trust me! Yes trust me! You do not want to wait either.” Etc., etc…etc., I recently over heard these words coming from a woman, as I was sitting on the bus. She was very irate as she talked on cell phone. It was very disturbing, on many levels. I wrote an article some time ago on how fast these present day relationships give up, now it’s clear and present danger that respect for the average relationship mate might be hiding somewhere in the attic. What are agreements? And what are disagreements? A disagreement is going in the opposite direction of an agreement, which can be altered into satisfaction between both parties involved, if respect is present. Now looking back on the one-sided conversation that I overheard, the woman was delivering the same direction of disagreement to this person on the other end of the line; which seemed so easy and comfortable for her. This brings me to introducing the new “Conversation Law” Rule 1: DY Remembers section 201101/11ed: If you are ever in a conversation with some else, while the other person is speaking You (ie. The listener), must act as if you are holding your breath until you can hold it no more. At that very point that you can no longer go without breathing, you then have the floor to speak and or relay whatever is that is on your mind. If you apply this rule to a disagreement, you will experience changes within minutes. Most of the time if conversers just had a chance at coming up for a breath of air during a disagreement; debate or just speaking; the overall outcome of the conversation would improve drastically. Many relationships would fare better immediately on a playing field such as this. Often I get pulled into lending a hand with relationship disagreements and as soon as I allow both sides to tell me there side of the story in front one another, the individuals involved each find themselves saying to one another the number one catch phrase. “Well I didn’t know that that was how you felt”. Therefore having respect, and allowing you’re so called loved one, the chance to speak should be a given. Also it would allow you a chance to be a true listener, which then in return makes it easier to follow the conversation at its peak; which in this case would be during an argument. I leave this to ponder; our mind is the beginning point, where thought is relayed into speaking and action. This path is the reasoning of action, so never allow your speaking and actions to intercept your minds creating ability. Because this will create a Disagreement.

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Is April


2011 DY Magazine 6

LOVE By: Damon Youmans DY Magazine 7

Artist SpotLight

Sid Maurer By: Ken Hall

Artist Sidney Maurer seated in front of his “Gone With The Wind” Painting.


EVERLY HILLS, Calif.) – A pair of paintings of Marilyn Monroe by the noted pop culture artist Sidney Randolph Maurer sold for a combined $11,875 at the highly publicized Icons & Idols auction held Dec. 3-4 by Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. One of the paintings soared to $7,500 (including the buyer’s premium), a new auction record for a work by the artist.Julien’s memorabilia collectors bought Sid Maurer’s paintings

out of pure love, as the final prices realized sailed past the pre-auction estimates of $600-$800 each. The last time his artwork was featured in a major auction was Nov. 17, 2009, when his paintings carried more realistic pre-sale estimates of $2,500$3,500. Those numbers, too, were easily surpassed. Sid Maurer was a perfect fit for an auction titled Icons & Idols. For the past ten years, the 84-year-old Atlanta resident has been building a series he calls

DY Magazine 8

Icons of the 20th Century, which to date totals more than 230 original portraits of personalities he admires in sports, entertainment, politics, religion and other fields. All five pieces in the Julien’s sale were from the Icons series. The three other paintings in the auction included one depicting John Wayne in a Western movie pose ($2,500), one showing the late singing legend Judy Garland ($1,875), and one of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in a romantic scene from the film Gone with the Wind ($1,375). Interest in Mr. Maurer’s work has spiked in recent months with several developments. First came the announcement by the Salvador Dali Gallery in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., that it would begin offering works by Maurer (signed, handembellished giclees of Marilyn Monroe, available as a complete set of five images for $7,500; Continued on page 44


John Wayne

continue on page 9

By: Jack Deal

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e Americans are a selfish bunch, often becoming “patriotic” only when it helps our pocketbook. Our vote has become a selfinterest vote which is part of democracy’s strength and also part of its weakness. The poor vote one way and the rich another; the poor vote hoping to get a free piece and the rich vote to keep all of their pieces and not have to share any. Or something like that. The undecided straddling the middle cast the swing votes; they hope to give a little and get a little and not take too big of an overall hit. The neither rich nor poor get caught square in the middle or “middle class” as it is often called. The Twilight Zone might be a more appropriate name. For example, when a politician promises to create jobs they neglect to tell their uninformed electorate that government does not and cannot create jobs. Taxing Peter to “create” a job for Paul is not job creation but a form of legalized theft. It’s called bad government and it’s not what government does well and it is simply untrue to say that it does. Entrepreneurs create jobs. Government can only create and maintain the economic conditions that help entrepreneurs create jobs.

What we don’t hear are politicians encouraging entrepreneurs; politicians just increase the cost of doing business. Subsequently entrepreneurs usually see government as setting up obstacles rather than creating positive economic conditions. Is this surprising? So when politicians tell you bad trade agreements are responsible for your company going bankrupt and your losing your job, they are fooling the foolish. An uninformed electorate is supposedly a bad electorate but opportunist politicos love it when voters are not able to think and reason for themselves. Or just don’t know. In this air of non-traditional patriotism stockholders and industry want a bail out when things fail. Bankrupt homeowners want a bail out when they speculate and lose. The educational system wants more money yet continues to be out of step with the educational needs of a modern, technological society. Are you better off now than four years ago? The question implies that if you aren’t better off now you can vote for Politician X and that will change. Like it or not, the truth of the matter is that government has become increasingly irrelevant in the modern world. The two meaningful parties in the U.S. have the electorate fooled


DY Magazine 11

into thinking we are fighting for our very own selfish interests. What they neglect to say is the pact they have with each other is commonly called “gridlock” and is somehow supposed to represent our best interests, checks and balances and all that good stuff. Really? The liberal lie is “You can have a bigger slice of the pie if you vote for me.” The conservative lie is “let’s not change anything because that way we benefit the most and above all else we don’t want to give that up that relative status.” Neither side is very willing to help the general populace as they are already committed to helping their own focused support base. That is how they raise money, get elected and the turn the proverbial worm. Of course as societies become self-centered and greedy they become weak, corrupt and hasten their own downfall. We may not want to believe this depressing news but there has never been an example otherwise. But the politicians simply don’t care as seen by their actions. Theirs is a short-term vision just as the CEO’s is for the next quarter. The only time the politicos ever go into the factories and machine shops and diners is at election time. What we have created is a gridlocked, cultural sporting event compromise instead of looking at

what is best for America. This is what we wanted; should we be surprised we have gotten it? What America needs is not the false hope of a government induced comfort zone but a government that challenges its electorate and creates opportunities for all to do better. Doing better is what America does best or at least in the traditional sense of patriotism. But we get what we deserve and we deserve some of the politicians we get. Those politicians like to keep us confused. Shame on all those politicians. But bigger shame on us. We can clearly see that social evolution has exceeded government and politics’ ability to respond. By nature government and politicians are reactive and not strategic. And in a rapidly changing world increasingly irrelevant.

Jack Deal is the owner of JD Deal Promotional Marketing, Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. Related articlesmay be found at http://www. and http:// Article Source: http://www.

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BIO Pierre Cornudet


ierre Cornudet, is not only an accomplished painter, but a writer, musician and poet as well. In the early 1980s, he played concerts all across Canada. However, in 1986, Cornudet ended his musical career, to devote himself to painting. In the years that fallowed he staged many showings of his works, painting with acrylic on canvas, executing his ideas with his unique pointillist technique. Often times, he has reinterpreted fa-

mous works of art or opted instead; to paint more personal pieces ranging in a variety of different subject matters. From 1980 to 1997, being more retrospective, than the atypical artist Cornudet signed his paintings using the pseudonym Anonyme Sanregret. His work reflects the diversity of social issues we all face. By providing a broad understanding through a colorful, albeit dark humored interpretation, he has forged for himself a well deserved space in the modern art arena.

DY Magazine 13

2 untitled works By: Pierre Cornudet

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axton is your baby boy, born just after you got out of the army, your peacetime child. He turned six last month but already he’s got a sweetheart who lives next door. He makes her crowns out of dandelions and shares his FruitBlaster cups with her. She brings him marbles that hum and lets him position her antennae into funny shapes. He has a lisp that the speech therapist has given up on, and she has clicking mandibles, but in their invented language of

coos and giggles they are both poets. They sit out in the yard and very seriously lay grass on each other’s arms, and the sunlight cocoons them. You and Denise watch them through the kitchen window. Denise is an old army buddy and she gets it. All of it. You say something like, No surprise he’s got a sweetheart already. Just look at his daddy. Denise laughs rough and loud. Regular little Casanova, isn’t he? Regular little intergalactic Casano-

DY Magazine 16

va. Damn. And I can’t even get a date. You want to date an ET? She shudders. Lord, girl, don’t joke. Then she bites her lip. Nothing against Pax, of course. It’s super cute. You nod. They’re just babies, I figure. Sweetheart’s a good thing to have. And he’s a good kid. She agrees with you and pours the dregs of the margarita pitcher into your glass. *** You take Paxton and Sweetheart to the water park and lie in a chaise while they jump off the foam pirate ship. Only ten minutes before Pax runs up sobbing. She won’t come up! I yelled and I yelled, but she won’t! You fly to the edge of the pool terrified the little alien has drowned on your watch, but then you realize she has gills. Paxton crouches next to you, wiping his nose. Come up, stupid, he shouts at the water. Stupid stupid stu-pid. Don’t say stupid, Pax. Hush. She’s okay.

You buy them hotdogs and try not to be disgusted when Sweetheart pincers hers into bits and tucks them into pouches on her sides. Pax trumps her by mashing his entire dog into his cheeks and opening his mouth to display it. They whisper to each other the whole bus ride home. You realize you don’t even know if Sweetheart is a girl. *** At night with his voice full of sleep Pax asks you what love is, and you blather some nothing about caring for someone very very much. He gets serious in the darkness. Okay, so then, I think I love Sweetheart. You don’t know why, but you whisper to him, Congratulations. *** Things start to change. On the radio, on TV. Human Pride turns into a big deal with advertisers. Coke does a whole, One People One Planet campaign. The news pundits start asking why so much tax money still goes to the army. It’s been

years since there was a conflict, hasn’t it? And don’t we all know where the real threat is? Their voices purr with suggestion, and their eyes flicker toward the sky. You don’t think Paxton would get what Strategic Containment and Deportation means, but you hide the newspaper headlines from him anyway. Jesus, says Denise, it’s happening. Just like that. We over there, look at the ones with the tentacles! She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. And I know the ones next door seem okay, but I mean, really. You know? You do know. One night police come banging on Sweetheart’s door. Some of the neighbors go out in the street to watch, but you take Paxton into your bedroom and turn the TV up loud. He falls asleep with his head on your stomach. In the morning you say, What the heck, huh. Let’s take a day off school. It works until seven that evening, when he


DY Magazine 17

Continued from page 17 gets two Italian ices out of the freezer and says, I’m going over to Sweetheart’s. Why don’t you stay in with me tonight? You try to say it real nonchalant,but he catches on. His chin starts to shake. I’m going over to Sweetheart’s. Aliens are in some trouble right now, okay? It’s not safe for you. Is Sweetheart safe? Something about his look makes you feel guilty, and feeling guilty gets you a little pissed off. Look. Sweetheart went away for a little while. You can make some new friends, how about. You want to go over to Shira Allen’s? Shira Allen just got a trampoline. Pax makes a wordless noise and flies to the front door, but it’s locked and with an Italian ice in each hand he’s stuck. He flings himself against the window and leaves snot prints on the glass. You spout something like, You’ll understand when you’re older. Bullshit, and you both know it. He stiffens and turns, tear-bright eyes spearing through you. I don’t understand now, he screams. His voice so full of rage it’s like music. I don’t understand now. He flings an Italian ice at you, and melting strawberry sucrose bursts across your chest. Love explodes in you, how smart he is, how he was once a part of you but is no longer. You step up so close that the red syrup on your shirtfront smears on him as well. Get in your room this minute, you hiss. You never talk to me that way again.

He slams his door but doesn’t get it quite right and opens it and slams it again. He’s going to hate you for a couple of days; that’s okay. Hate is nothing, hell, you’ve known love. It stampedes through your veins. You could tell him about it. You could tell him you had sweethearts, you had cocoons of sunlight too. You could tell him about his father. You could tell him about the long nights in Delta, the dreams and the grit that never came out from under your eyelids. But you won’t. In the silent hallway you stare at his closed door. I’m sorry, Pax, you think. I’m sorry, Sweetheart. But you’re not. You’ve seen humans killing humans, and if something can stop that it’s worth it. It’s worth tantrums. Worth a first crush. Worth all the aliens in the universe. You’d do it even if meant Pax never trusted you again, but he will. He will dry his eyes and open the door. He will grow. He will take Shira Allen to school dances and eat waffle fries with his friends and make JV football. He will hear talk on the radio of uniting against the alien menace and change it to Top 40 without thinking. He will love the feeling of sun on his limbs. Once in a while, he’ll remember Sweetheart and freeze on the sidewalk, but after a moment he’ll shake his head and keep walking. He will know without knowing, the one thing greater than love. He will live in a world at peace. Illustrations By: Greg Ruth REPRINT

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Poem Solid State I am not a rubber band But i tend to stretch myself thin Hoping for elasticity When I’m more likely to snap my back Than snap back And these shoulders of steel have become ductile like metal textiles And I’m tired of weaving my pain into some sort of shape that resembles a man When all I want is to coil into a ball and beg the worlds forgiveness for being absent The electricity of life seems to pass through me Giving me little warmth as it passes on to lighter beings I want to stretch myself to see how far I can go To see what great things I can accomplish But as soon as I find myself in a situation I find the kinks in my history holding me back And the knots I’ve tied in my story Keep me from being straight with you I am far from brand new I am far from being through But I wish this race could run without me Cause this cold metal frame feels rusty And in need of repair And this corrosive exposure to fresh air Gives the appearance of flesh and hair Man I miss my insulation But I was in a rush to strip the fetters of youth Not knowingThat truth once known can only be forgotten At great peril to ones self

By: Taj El

DY Magazine 19

Well-Being Tip of the Month

Losing Weight: The Addiction of Comfort Food By: Larry Tobin


ts very name is appealing comfort food. What could be morewonderful than a food that helps us feel better? Almost everyone can name something that they eat when they’re just feeling sour or sad. Chinese take-out, chocolate cake, raspberry ice cream, banana pancakes and many others make the list. Of course, we know that food can’t be the solution to our problems, especially the problem of trying to lose weight and keep it off. So why do we find ourselves trapped in the eat/feel better/ feel worse/eat some more cycle? The Basics The fact of the matter is that all food makes us feel good. Our bodies are still stuck in the prehistoric period where food was scarce, so we naturally desire to binge until we feel full. Our bodies encourage

this by making feeling full a pleasant feeling, and being hungry as unpleasant as possible. Human psychology takes this a bit further, because we’ve added our emotions into the mix. In addition to our bodies’ natural tendencies to want to eat and feel satisfied, we have mental needs as well. Notice that our workday is very closely married to our eating schedule: We have all the stresses of work lasting all day long, and what do we do when we get breaks? We have lunch, or when we go home we have dinner. Thus the two main periods of the day when we feel relaxed, we eat. This creates a mental association in our head that eating feels good when we feel bad. The Cycle It’s easy to see how this can lead to cyclic behavior. We get into a 4 habit, day in and day out, of eating

DY Magazine 20

when we’re just getting ready to relax. Once we’ve associated the two for more than thirty days or so, we do it automatically. Then, something particularly bad happens, and we just feel awful, so we reach for a food that we know makes us feel particularly fine. This is why so many comfort foods are decadent treats; we want to make ourselves happier than usual and we want to feel like we’re “treating” ourselves because we’ve earned it after a hard day. Then, a few hours later, we feel guilty about the cake we binged on, and this makes us nervous and upset, and since we’re programming ourselves to feel hungry when we’re upset... well, we all know what comes next. The Interrupt The first part of breaking a bad habit is to stop the repetition of it as a reflex. Remember to use the STOP method as a verbal way of getting control of yourself. Say “stop” aloud. Take a break from the thing stressing you out. Own your outcome: Remind yourself what you’re trying to achieve. Praise yourself for what you’ve accomplished so far.

Using index cards, write down suggestions for your break thatb have nothing to do with food. Perhaps a quick round of solitaire on the computer, or a brief read of a favorite chapter of a book will help. Alternatively you could put on some quiet music if it’s convenient to do so. The Substitution Part two of healthy habit building is the substitution of good habits for bad ones. We’ve already interrupted the reflexive snacking that we reach for, now it’s time to put something definitively in its place. Write down some of your favorite substitutions on the same index cards that you used for break ideas. Remember how we discussed water as part of a way of controlling appetite? It can have the same benefit here. If you feel reflexively hungry for comfort food, have a nice tall glass of water in slow, steady sips over five minutes. This will give you the feeling of being full without the calories. Consider tying each substitution you make to a certain emotion. We feel upset in specific ways, so we

Continued on page 44

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Double Your Income with Health, Happiness & Passion By: Raymond Aaron


ou may already know that differences in brain chemistry affect how men and women communicate, but did you know that the same type of dissimilarities impact our health, happiness and ability to maintain passion in a relationship? Dr. John Gray, the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus,” says that mineral deprivation and the Mars/Venus principle both play a significant part in relationship issues, as do sharp increases and decreases in sugar levels. Simply put, men and women have different nutritional needs but don’t usually fit diet to gender. Plus, understanding and accommodating our individual foods requirements has become significantly more important since we’re not getting the nutrients we need from our food because synthetic fertilizers have depleted farming soil of the minerals essential to our wellbeing.

Additionally, our water is impure and we’re getting less oxygen because the air is polluted. To make matters worse, we’re all living with consistently higher levels of stress on a daily basis at the same time that many of the foods we’re eating are sending us on roller coaster rides of emotional ups and downs. Specifically, minerals are essential for producing the metabolic or digestive enzymes necessary to activate all the processes in our bodies. Deficiency makes our bodies less able to digest proteins properly which means that we don’t produce enough amino acids to give the brain enough of the two main chemicals in the brain that affect moods, emotional responses and arousal levels (dopamine and serotonin). Men are more likely to have low levels of one; women the other. At the start of a new relationship both genders produce greater levels of these brain chemicals so the two people involved feel caring and passionate and are able to give and

DY Magazine 22

receive what they need from the other partner; over time, however, if they aren’t getting enough minerals, imbalances occur and problems ensue. Men produce less dopamine than they need and require more activities outside the relationship to help them experience pleasure. Most often work becomes the top priority because there are more opportunities to stimulate dopamine production through the “high” that comes from feeling successful. Sports, making money, driving fast and other risky activities also increase the amount of dopamine. In addition, men have the gene that converts alcohol into dopamine whereas women react to its sugar content, which may lead to a physical “crash.” Women are also more likely to have low serotonin levels because they need more of it to relax the emotional part of the brain than men do. The things that give them pleasure, like nurturing, feeling romantic and receiving empathy, also produce more oxytocin, which is the love hormone. Chemical levels are also impacted greatly by the ongoing stress that comes from life responsibilities like meeting the mortgage and paying utility bills. Our bodies respond to stress by elevating cortisol levels, which is fine when there really is an emergency; the fight or flight phenomenon uses up the extra cortisol we produce and then allows the body to rest. Constant stress, on the other hand, results in a build up of this chemical, which inhibits our ability to burn fat. For women, who are more in-

doctrinated to worry about body image, high cortisol levels have a negative emotional affect on their ability to feel good about themselves and their sexual desires. They may turn to high-sugar comfort foods, which only make the situation worse across the board. Here are five things everyone can do to help their bodies and their relationships better: 1. Stop using artificial sweeteners 2. Avoid trans fats 3. Drink a glass of lemon juice, water and aloe vera every morning. 4. Jump up and down for at least 5 minutes every morning to increase the amount of oxygen and endorphins entering your body. You’ll have more energy, think clearer and start the day off feeling better than you would otherwise. 5. Replace your usual breakfast with a protein shake. Add ground flax seed, apple and ground almonds. Use molasses to sweeten. Raymond Aaron,New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author, “Double Your Income Doing What You Love” Claim your Gifts From Raymond“to double your income”. It’s free. Join Raymond Aaron on Twitter @RaymondAaron. Join “Raymond Aaron Double Your Income” Facebook Fan Page at http://www.FacebookRaymond. com . Article Source: http://www.articlecreek. com

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His Plan Your Choice Ministry for the word of God is living w/ Ed McCaffrey call in and listen live: 1.914.338.0043

Every Wednesday EVENINGS

11:00 PM EST 8:00 PM GMT DY Magazine 24

The Artist T

he world is painted with hues that are mixed on the canvas of life. An artist is not bound by geographic locations, they are free to take the pad, pencil, paintbrush, and the molding of their hands across the canvas to express their deepest emotions, channel their psyche, and even tell us a story about the “ills� of the world. DY Magazine is committed to bringing our readers artists from all over the world. Each issue we choose to not limit our artists but allow them to have a medium for free expression.

DY Magazine 25

Gallery Corner

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – Owners of original and reproduction works of art are being invited to “Turn Your Art Into Quick Cash” by Baterbys Art Auction Gallery for its first-ever Discovery Consignment Auction, slated for Feb. 19 at their Palm Beach County Gallery (13900 South Jog Road in Delray Beach) and Feb. 26 at the Orlando Gallery (9101 International Drive in Orlando). “This is a wonderful opportunity for people to consign their artwork to an award-winning gallery and auction house that’s known and respected throughout central and south Florida,” said Richard Hart of Baterbys Art Auction Gallery, based in Orlando. “All artworks will be heavily marketed and featured in a gorgeous full-color catalog. Plus it will be a fun and exciting event.” Many beautiful and highly collectible works have already been

consigned for the sale (officially called the 2011 Winter Auction). Chief among these are an original oil on canvas portrait rendering of boxing legend Joe Louis by the iconic pop culture artist LeRoy Neiman (circa 1960, est. $100,000); and several original works by Florida’s legendary Highwaymen. The Highwaymen were a loosely associated group of young African-American artists who eked out a meager living mainly in the Fort Pierce area of Florida, from the 1950s to the 1970s. They were so-named because they would sell their wonderful landscapes – often still wet – on the side of the highway, or out of the trunk of a car. Today, their works are in high demand. The Baterbys auction will feature works by the Highwaymen Harold Newton, Alfred Hair and James Gibson. Newton and Hair were probably the very first Highwaymen. Both men were taken under the

DY Magazine 26

wing of an established white painter named Albert “Beanie” Backus, in 1954. Backus encouraged first Newton, and later Hair, to paint sweeping Florida landscapes. Fans of Baterbys Art Auction Gallery will recognize some of the other artists’ names that will be represented in the sale. Many have been featured before and are back by popular demand. They include Marc Chagall, Isaac Maimon, Elena Bond, Michel Rozenvain and Fernando de Jesus (who goes by the simple moniker “Ferjo”). Following are brief profiles of these artists. • Marc Chagall is driven by passion. His colorful compositions are celebrations of life. His 9 ½ inch by 13 inch color lithograph on paper titled The Red Angel will be sold. It depicts a vivacious circus scene where figures dance and celebrate life in harmony. • Isaac Maimon is known for his portrayals of Parisian café society that romanticize leisure and decadence. His serigraph on paper titled Cabaret (circa 1993) will be for sale. It depicts characters living in luxury, reveling in a fanciful and indulgent life. • Elena Bond experiments with different media, techniques and subjects to create compositions infused with a passion for expression. Her painting Artist’s Café gives bidders a rare chance to own an artwork by someone on the brink of superstardom. • Michael Rozenvain, on the other hand, is already famous worldwide. His Russian background lends a certain nostalgic feel to his Mediterranean and French scenes. One such

work, titled Artistic Plaza, a 17 inch by 12 inch serigraph, will be offered. • Fernando de Jesus Oliveira, who signs his work as “Ferjo,” is a dynamic, intriguing artist. His piece titled Chagall’s Recital, is a surreal and metaphysical homage to the artists Marc Chagall and Joan Miro. The limited edition giclee on canvas will be sold. There will be no buyer’s premium in the auction. Bidding for some artworks will start at under $100, and some pieces will carry no reserves (minimums) at all. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit UCP of Central Florida, an organization that serves children with disabilities and developmental delays in the Orlando area. To learn more, please click on

LeRoy Neiman Oil on canvas portrait of boxing legend Joe Louis by LeRoy Neiman (est. $100,000)

DY Magazine 27

CONFESSIONS on Q.O.D. Why are men so scared to say no to (their) women? Any answers fam? I would love to hear from men & women!

ladies , so with that being said sain NO is to long ..i just raise up the backhand and they get the point no words necessary!...LOL

Lawd...this right here, is the bain of my existence!! I need to be told NO sometimes... just say “Sit your azz down somewhere”...but no’s over here! :-) LOL

Sounds like ur a flick of the wrist from a mandatory 48 hours in jail & on the front page of “The Slammer” magazine/newspaper! Lmao

I think every woman likes to be RESPECTFULLY checked sometimes.... I mean if you always say yes you’re setting yourself up to get walked all over!!!

Because they know there is a man out there that won’t… but I don’t think men are afraid to say no...They just know what are the benefits if they say yes.

Because the men in those relationships are “yes men” instead of real men” they don’t understand how to tell their women no!

Not me I will tell you no in a minute. Ex. Let’s go out and get something to eat. No its food in the fridge stop wasting money

Some of us know how to say no! Some are just scared!

Ur right! Single men hope saying yes guarantees they’ll get what they want! Married men are scared of what the wife might “take away” if they say no! Lol...

OK no need to have lengthy conversations wit my

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FACEBOOK Ha!! Not my husband. If it is not a good decision for the household, he’ll say NO, but all in good wisdom. I think it’s a shame to see men who are damn near living from check-to-check spending $$$ trying to impress a woman, knowing he doesn’t have the funds to keep up what he’s started! I’m not going broke in trying to impress nobody! NOPE!! I’d tell her, sweety I’ve got a bar & food @ home... & if she’s not cool with that, maybe we can go out another week when the pockets have recovered! Lol...

Hell I ain’t got no problem saying no to my woman! If I say no then that’s what it is,hell I get no enough too. She’s sick and wants me to go get stuff from store that ain’t needed hell no! I agree…they are scared if they say “NO” because someone else can’t wait to say yes Just wantn what u men want - some1 that listen sometimes/ most of the times. No means no but I/we perfer no becuz then we can understand better n then we will obey until next time.

There is nothing wrong with saying no, but just make sure that when it is said it is said with Have some confessions to some lovin and another altershare? native. Do you want to see some of your own thoughts and those of your friends on our pages. If so, send your conversations in a Microsoft Word document to Make sure you type “Confessions” in the subject line. DY Magazine 29

All A Worl

Your hea


ringing you the China headlines As many as 200 from around the children, have tested world and back. positive for elevated Buenos Aires Argentinean authorities are searching for three people; who are believed to have robed a bank via underground tunnel. The thieves entered the bank through a tunnel about 98 feet in length. The robbery occurred over the New Years weekend. The tunnel was cleverly positioned between the Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires and a rented business space located on the same block. After all was said and done the thieves made off with more than 143 safedeposit boxes worth an estimated 6.5 million.

levels of lead in their blood. The cause of the children’s illnesses can be linked to two battery plants in eastern china. About 23 of the children are reported to be suffering from “moderate to severe” lead poisoning. Local officials have responded swiftly, by sending the children living in the outlining area to hospitals for testing and shutting down the plants.

World Wide Nintendo’s new 3DS system could be dangerous to your child’s health. According to Nintendos’

Japanese web site. The much anticipated 3DS (slated to be released February 2011) is said to cause stunted eye development in children under the age of six. All of this comes on the heels of Television manufacturer’s recent warnings that excessive 3D TV viewing can cause symptoms of nausea and even seizures in children, pregnant women and drunken people. Sounds more like an adverse reaction to some new poorly tested Medication to me, than a form of entertainment. Needless to say, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Dominican Republic As cholera death tolls rise in Haiti (death

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Around the ld

adlines from across the globe! toll 3,300); its neighbor the Dominican Republic braises itself, as the diseases penetrates its borders. In recent weeks the water born disease, has spread its tentacles far reaching into the Dominican Republic; infecting 139 people as of 1/3/2011. The country, like Haiti hasn’t had a cholera outbreak in more than 100 years; leaving much of its populations’ immune systems illequipped to fight off the disease.

Strange Days Strange things are happening in our skis and waterways. Birds and fish are Turing up dead, and without any logical explanation. One of the recent massive kills occurred on New Year’s Eve

in Arkansas, where 50,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings fell from the skies. Soon reports fallowed involving the death of over 100,000 fish. Both incidents took place within a one mile radius of one another. Tests on the birds showed they had suffered from massive blood clotting, the fish we are told died from disease. Then two million fish were found dead in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and 500 more dead birds were discovered in the southern Louisiana community of Labarr. However, it doesn’t stop there. The phenomenon appears to have gone global. There have been reports of even more bird deaths; this time in the Swedish city of Falkoping. Were a large number of birds

were found dead. The strangest thing happened however; testes on this set of bird have indicated the birds died from blood clotting; do to external blows. Blood clotting was the same cause of death for the 50,000 birds in Arkansas as well. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Two similar incidents thousands of miles apart, mirroring one another in many respects? We are going to keep you updated with this one people. In the meantime keep watching the skies.

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BIO Introducing the wonderful world of ....

Italia Ruotolo


talia Ruotolo was born in Naples-Italy. A graduate of the Fine Arts Academy of Naples. She has studied classical ancient Greek and Latin and worked many years as a goldsmith and designer. All of these elements have contributed and influenced her paintings. Her painting style exhibits many influences from- pop art, to art nouveau. Her source of inspiration is the world that surrounds her. However, her art is not realistic in the strict sense, quite the contrary. It offers the observer a sort of travel into a parallel world where the real acts as element of provocation triggering imaginative reactions . In her art there isn’t a distinction between high and low cultural

Above: Tribute to Michael Comte, Opposite page Not A Stupid Geisha DY Magazine 32

DY Magazine 33

DY Magazine 34

Above: A Blue Trip-Tych, Opposite page Aquarious

levels. She’s is aware that the contemporary man lives in a myriad of sensory Stimulation. And is himself the product of continuing contradiction, between that which is real and what is mere appearance or mere fiction. We find echoes of these contradictions in her work in constant search of a balance.

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BIO Barbara Cox Jackson


Above: On this page: 2 untitled works At right: The artist Mrs. Barbara Cox Jackson. opposit page untiltiled painting.

native of Atlanta, Georgia, Barbara received her degree in Commercial Art and Design from Atlanta Technical and Community College. In 1977, she moved to West Germany where she first began to paint. What started out as a therapeutic intervention for boredom and depression, turned into a true love and passion for painting, and unlocked a natural talent that has flourished over the years. Although she possesses a natural ability, she continued to fine tune her talent by studying expressive drawing at The Atlanta School of Art, and Stillicum Community College in Tacoma, Washington. After years of exploring other career, she finally settled into her niche as an artist, and in 1995 estabcontinued on page 38

DY Magazine 36

DY Magazine 37

Continued from page 36 Barbara Cox Jackson lished her peronal business RINGING LIFE’S IMAGES TO CANVAS is her company’s name and motto. Her distinctive fidelity to texture and color are achieved with a unique blending of hand, fingers and brush techniques to bring life, vibrance and classic form to her contempo-realist style of painting. This enables her viewers to experience her subject’s inner spirit. Her market concept, combined with an exhibition format, creates an atmosphere that promotes an informative, educational, cultural and profitable exchange between the artist and the public. Barbara loves sharing her art and inspiring those, especially young people, who have a desire and interest in exploring the world of art. She readily admits that as an artist, you have

to endure some criticism and rejection. “But that’s OK”, she admit, “I just push through the negative and stay focused. My ultimate goal is to create an awareness and touch as many people as possible with my art. My life is not about making it in the art world, although that would be nice too. It will be worthwhile if you can stand before my work and be affected in some positive way”. Barbara adds to her credits numerous awards exhibitions and recognitions for community service involving the arts. She is also a former North Carolina Regional Artist Grant reciepient and former Artist in Schools participant. Her works have shown in many galleries along the east coast from New Jersey to Georgia.


The is the only national health agency dedicated to finding the cause and cure for Graves’ Thyroid disease. For more inforamtion, or for giving options, visit

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BIO Leah Smithson

City Woman


eah Smithson is an Art Institute of Atlanta Alumni (2000) from Nashville who was always fascinated with the ability of taking something out of her and others imaginations and making it a reality. Since graduating Leah has worked in the Fine Arts throughout the Bay Area. She personally feels that even though we are from different bac grounds, we

all are affected by similar challenges. Pernifying the type of stregnth where one is able to remain steadfast despite the chaos around them is often the sublte sujbect of Leah Smithson’s pieces. She achieves this by her depiction of people and using color to evoke emtion. Trees are something that we think of as a symbol of stability. Leah’s personified trees find freedom in that 4

DY Magazine 40

Storm DY Magazine 41

stability. The eye is drawn to the calm, cool expressions on the face of many of her blue and turquoise portraits as a relief from the intense colors around them. The use of vines and leaves further complement the grounded characters of her paintings.


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DY Magazine 43

Continued from page 21 Losing Weight: The Addiction of Comfort Food

should have specific solutions rather than general ones. If getting shouted at unexpectedly makes you antsy, consider taking a quick walk to burn some of the energy. If something comes up that makes you feel sad, pick an activity you know makes you cheerful. If we simply rely on general solutions, they won’t feel as meaningful or helpful. Specific ones that we use in exact circumstances have the power to create more of a connection, and thus become more of a habit. This is a necessary step because it’s hard to use the method of “same time every day” to build this habit, as we don’t always know when we’re going to want comfort food. But the fact that familiarity builds repetition can be used to our advantage with a little creative thinking. Get Support Remember that we haven’t gone into this effort alone. We have support groups we can talk to. If comfort eating is becoming a

challenge to your sef, tell your support buddy about it. Ask them for help in coming up with the creative substitutions that will keep you from overeating. Ask them if they mind being a comfort-friend in addition to a support partner, and if they can come with you on impromptu excursions to relax instead of comfort eating. About the Author: -------------------------------Larry Tobin is the co-creator of http://www.HabitChanger. com/ offering effective and empowering solutions for stopping stress. Try our 42-day program that will help you learn proactive habits to beat stress and keep you moving forward in the right direction. http://www.habitchanger. com/stopstressing

Continued from page 9 Sid Maurer each rendering is individually numbered). “This the first time in the 26-year history of the Salvador Dali Gallery that we’re offering works of art by any artist other than Dali,” said Gallery director Bruce Hochmann. “We’re doing this because we firmly

believe that Sidney Maurer is on the verge of being a very hot property in the American art world. Also, Marilyn Monroe collectibles are in very high demand right now. Second was the announcement that Enrique Sabater, Salvador Dali’s former manager and owner of one of the largest collections of Marilyn Monroe portraits in the world, purchased the five-giclee set and said he planned to include Mr. Maurer’s work in a Marilyn-themed exhibition in Spain, slated for sometime in 2011. Mr. Sabater fell in love with Maurer’s work after Mr. Hochmann flew to New York City and offered it to him in person. A sale was made on the spot. Then came word from the highly regarded Galerie Rienzo in Manhattan that it would feature an exhibition of Mr. Maurer’s work, sometime in the spring. This represents a radical departure for Galerie Rienzo, which typically features only renowned School of Paris painters such as Bernard Buffet. To 4

DY Magazine 44

show a pop painter’s work is a tribute to Mr. Maurer’s artistic talent. Also, a showing of some of Mr. Maurer’s works is planned for The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. The paintings will all be from the Comic Icons of the 20th Century sub-series. “Having Sid Maurer’s unique and visually stunning profiles of some of the greatest names in comedy history on the walls of The Comedy Store is a handin-glove fit, a natural,” said David Pierce, an attorney and entertainment law professor at UCLA. Mr. Pierce is also a sponsor of the exhibition. And finally, Goldberg Coins, the worldwide 4 gold coin dealer with clients in China, India and the world, announced that it would enter into an unprecedented artistic agreement with Mr.

Maurer to sell original renderings of five “Bollywood” stars (Indian movie stars) to clients in India. It is the first time in the history of the company that it is representing any artist, anywhere. The images used in the Icons of the 20th Century series began as simple photographs that Mr. Maurer found, of people he believes have made a significant contribution to the betterment of all mankind. He then enlarged each one, blowing them up and bombarding them with mixed media – crayon, acrylics and watercolor dyes. The result is a unique, highly stylized rendering, totally rebirthing the black and white photographs to life-like original works of art, in brilliant color. It is a style that has increasingly earned the painter notice.

From Sept. 22-Oct. 30, 2010, thirty musicthemed works from Maurer’s Icons of the 20th Century series went on exhibition at the Art and Design Center of California State University Northridge (CSUN). Renderings of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and others were featured. In November, paintings from Maurer’s Icons of the 20th Century series were featured in an exhibit of film icons at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s Los Angeles headquarters. The exhibit was a resounding success and set the stage for the artist’s busy 2011 itinerary. To learn more about Sid Maurer, or to purchase one or more

Continued on page 46

Contact Adrian Eley


DY Magazine 45

Continued from page 45 Sid Maurer

of his works, log on to Note: Ken Hall, the author of this article, does not own any artwork by Mr. Maurer, nor has he received any fees or other compensation from Mr. Maurer or any of his associates. This is a follow-up to a profile article Mr. Hall wrote on the life and career of Mr. Maurer that appeared in Southeastern Framer Magazine (Dec. 2002), a fine art and picture framing trade publication.

Credits for this edition. Blood Splater Used for header in article: “Is Traditional Politics Dead?” page 10. Blood Splatter Dual Monitor by ~koka101 tor133884545 Fantasy Landscape found on in header for article: “Double Your Income With Health, Happiness & Passion” page 22; http://www. to/8zeI4Q/veryveryfun. com/pics/Fantasy-Landscapes/Fantasy- Landscapes-9.jpg/t:4d28e21 bce14e;src:tag:landscap ing.

Check this out The Rat Race LP by: Jersey Demic


he Rat Race LP by Jersey Demic has been slated for release on March 22nd of 2011. The album features the song ‘Pay’. Which has received many positive reviews by viewers on Youtube. Jersey Demic’s artistic vision was executed by illustrator Dominic Sodano. The artwork is a recreation of the New Jersey Path train and the artist Jersey Demic wearing the new “Salute Jersey!” clothing line.

Comments “Nice lyrics dude, keep it up, you could be the next 2Pac.” MrSam719 “Awesome the lyrics r epic” KidSiXxXxXx “hey man i like ur song, can i post it on facebook.” BaberKtK Preview the artwork at:

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