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Rachel Arnold Creating a New


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Message from the Editor


n January 31st of this year I began waging a war within myself. A war embattled in selfdoubt and entangled in fear. Fear is like a dirty 4 letter word. When it comes knocking at our door step, our first instinct is to run, rather than face it head on. It’s also a stifling emotion, which is one of the root causes of many, a society’s woes. Its crippling effects have toppled whole nations, and torn apart countless families, and friendships. Within its clutches we are helpless. My war however, began when my daughter was hit by a car while crossing the street in front of her school. When I first received the news it was devastating. My heart dropped, my knees became weak and I had no idea what to do next. In that moment I was crippled with fear, trapped within its clutches, and unable to think. As I packed up my belongings and headed to my car I couldn’t help but play out every possible scenario to prepare myself for the worse. I didn’t know the details yet. However my mind thought it had all the answers before I had even heard them. The drive to the hospital felt like hours, my temper and patience was worn thin. Oddly enough I didn’t feel like myself again until a police officer who was at the hospital handed me my daughter’s clothes. It was then that I cried for the very first time. Before then, I had been walking around in a state of shock unable to release any other emotion, but fear. Crying, helped to alleviate the tension I was feeling at that moment, and gave me a chance to clear my head of all the negativity that was wearing away at my psyche. I began to think positive thoughts, and just wanted to hear the facts. I abandoned all of my assumptions and began digesting all that I could about what had happened to my child. Today, I am pleased to say that my daughter is on her way to making a full recovery. Fear doesn’t live here anymore. All because of the wonderful dedicated staff at the hospital along with the love and support of my family and friends. In this edition we explore the power that fear has in our lives; in the article “How Fear Inhibits Self-Expression and Personal Growth by: Saleem Rana. We revisit the subject once again in this editions short story, “Night Terrors a memoir” by Victoria Burton. In closing, remember to live life to the fullest as if your very breath depended on it!

On the cover: In the center of the frame, a digital painting by Rachel Arnold

Peace, Love and DY

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DYCONTENTS May/june 2011

Artist Bio

Rachel Arnold

Kevin Holtermann “Past the tree line” 38x32” acrylic on canvas

DY Remembers

Damon Youmans p. 5

DY Profile with Jamar Nicholas p. 6 Financial Tip Banks On Statements by: Stephen Morgan p. 10 Short Story “Night Terrors: A Memoir” by: Victoria Burton P. 12

Artist Bio


The Spotlight: Ria Says “Skools Out”! P. 16

Well Being Tip: 10 Steps To Help You Detox by: Brett Smith P. 20 Poem: “The Zombie Song” by: Dave Holloway p.22 How Fear Inhibits Self Expression and Personal Growth by: Saleem Rana p. 28

Artist Bio

Kevin Holtermann

All Around The World P. 30 Confessions on Facebook p.42

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DY REMEMBERS by damon youmans

an editorial thought

What is Love?


remember hearing “I Love you” I remember accepting what I have heard and walking the world without question or doubt about being loved. I remember laughing, I remember crying, I remembered going out, I remember staying in, I remember having deep conversations about life. I remember exploring shallow areas in our life, I remember the anticipation. I remember the touch, I remember lending a hand. I remember getting a hand back, I remember planning life and I remember creating life. I stop. I think back really hard, and I ask myself why is all that I remember fading faster as the day slowly drifts away? More questions rush through my mind, and I begin questioning more then I could have expected. Ok, now I try and run back the balance that I experienced with love to elude all the confusion. If my accepting of love is correct then I could just remember all the good and easily these questions about love would no longer exist. That was not the case of course. However! All of my answer became clear as ever. It was simply easy in fact. I only had to remove the questions, the why’s, the expectations and if it was love it would still be love. Just as love can display good and bad one must understand that love is in everyone.

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Credit Marc Manley


An intimate interview With Cartoonist

Jamar Nicholas by: Lisa Tarter

DY: Over the years, comics have taken a drastic turn from the more traditional paper back format we all grew up on, to the digital. How did you fare with the transition and do you think it is a good one for the genera as a whole? Jamar: I am still thinking like the digital format doesn’t’ exist, yet I am fully aware that it does and can see its’ new place in how we digest our entertainment. Watching commercials these days where they try to make reading books on paper to be uncool, it’s tough to think that one day, we will have to explain the ‘point’ of having a bound object, that have physical pages that turn, and being able to

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“A traditional book doesn’t need to get plugged in to a charger before you go to bed at night. There’s something to be said for that.”

stick your buss pass or a bookmark in it to mark your place. The new consumer is being bred right now to not want that experience – though I think paper still has its’ place, I think that we may be selling all of this digital future business too much. A traditional book doesn’t need to get plugged in to a charger before you go to bed at night. There’s something to be said for that. DY: On your detective Boogaloo Hip Hop Cop website, it states that you “remember a time when Hip Hop didn’t hurt.” It also said that you “draw the comic to heal that pain.” It’s obvious that hip hop has had a strong influence on your artistic style. What is it about hip hop music and culture that speaks to your pen; and will we be hearing anything in the near future from BBoy James Lee Boogaloo? Jamar: DETECTIVE BOOGALOO is my love letter to hip-hop. It’s funny that I created Boogaloo around 1998, possibly earlier, and didn’t start the comic until 2002 when I created it for Kevin Smith’s (Jay & Silent Bob) website, In 2002 Hip-Hop was in

a different place. I was personally in a different place and couldn’t find an outlet for certain parts of my personality, and Boogaloo scratched my hip-hop itch. The [Hip-Hop] culture is something I grew up in, and was lucky enough to watch it blossom from a head-scratchingly obtuse thing, to a global commodity. One of my favorite images of all time was RUN-DMC posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. That picture told the world that these black kids from the ghetto could do ANYTHING. Hip-Hop could be the measur-

Above: Detective Boogaloo Hip Hop Cop. Left: Leon one of Nicholas’s earlier characters.

DY Magazine 7

ing stick for black folk, and creativity could unlock any door. Fast forward to 2011 and we now have a generation of young MC’s and music industry people who don’t know and/or care about that Eiffel Tower picture, because it’s already worldwide. The B-Boy out of time or out of synch is such a strong idea for me – it’s the Old School vs. The New School, and now that I am easily labeled an “old-head” telling Boogaloo’s story becomes more and more important as it warps, and I get older. I am planning on re-releasing new Boogaloo stories next summer. Maybe sooner if I can rub the time together. DY: Now I’m going to ask you a question that you have probably had to answer a thousand times before. Considering how many interviews you have accumulated under your belt over the years. But I have to know. When you were younger who would you say was your greatest influence for wanting to be a cartoonist? Jamar: When I was young I was influenced by the newspaper strips. I was 9 or 10 and saving money to buy DOONESBURY collections, even though I didn’t get the political stories or half of the humor – there was something about Gary Trudeau’s art that just astonished me. I also was a big PEANUTS and ANDY CAPP fan, but DOONESBURY was one of my first loves. When BLOOM COUNTY began, there was something fresh about Berke Brethed’s sloppy, uneven yet

mature way of cartooning that really unlocked something in my head. I was already on my way by the time CALVIN & HOBBES came around but Bill Watterson’s loose art and tight storytelling showed that there was still life in the art form when I stopped believing there was anything new to bring to cartooning. I wasn’t influenced by comic books as far as wanting to be a cartoonist, but later on I began to love the idea of longer-form storytelling that I learned from comic books. DY: You and I met way back in the day, at the Philadelphia Art Camp in the summer of 1987. I found out recently that you ended up returning there latter in life, this time not as a camper of course; but as an instructor, and mentor to the youth. What made you want to get involved in the program, and how did working with the children enrich your own life? Jamar: I remember how insanely hard it was for me to want to be a cartoonist as a young person – it was definitely NOT cool to want to do this for a living, and I fought uphill during my early days trying to work on the craft when it wasn’t in favor. I remember being dissuaded from cartooning in school, even in high school where it wasn’t something any of my instructors were interested in seeing. I began teaching because I wanted someone to show me how to do this stuff, and feel like it’s a duty to give back to the youth in some way.

DY Magazine 8

Working with kids has been great because they keep me young and honest with myself. I still remember how tough it was being a kid, and if I can be there to show them that I ‘get it’, then maybe they’ll find it in themselves to follow their dreams. If I listened to my teachers who didn’t get what I was about, who knows what I’d be doing with my life right now. DY: Currently you’re teaching at the Moore College of Art here in Philadelphia. What are some of the challenges if any that you might face every day trying to inspire and connect with the students there? James: I don’t have a lot of challenges – it’s very interesting to teach this generation of artist who have grown up with technology like the internet and high-end computers, and cell phones for most of their lives. Things that I took for granted, like patience—is hard for this generation to deal with, when everything is instant and it’s so easy to be distracted. Also, wanting to also teach art fundamentals, like drawing by hand is something some students don’t find easy to connect with, and I think it’s very important that artists have strong drawing skills. The computer should come later. DY: Last year you unveiled a pretty big project. Your illus-

trations now grace the pages of critically acclaimed educator Geoffrey Canada’s’ memoir; “Fist, Stick, Knife, Gun A Personal History Of Violence.” What was it like working with him and how did that relationship come about? Jamar: Working with Geoff has been amazing, and as I we do this interview, I’m looking at a full-page picture of him in the TIME Magazine 100 Most Influential People issue. That’s mind-blowing! Geoff is a very humble, very brilliant, very busy man. He is a passionate person who has a strong vision and makes people want to do things bigger than themselves. That is infectious. copyright 2010 Beacon Press IF I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING WITH MY LIFE, MIKE IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE. HE RESCUED ME WHEN I WAS A SMALL, HELPLESS BOY, CONFUSED AND SCARED IN THE SOUTH BRONX.










Above: An excerpt from “Fist Stick Knife Gun.” Left: Cover art for the book. 54

continued on page 47

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Financial Tip


On Statements


by: Stephen Morgan have a client who at this time of year has financial problems. There is nothing new in that, if the truth be told, the majority of us are all slightly short at this time of year. Christmas after all is the one time of the year where the majority of us are driven to heights of financial excess that very few of us can afford and the more than a few of us find difficult to get out of. Enter stage left, the Finance Houses and Banks, offering us deals left right and center to help us smooth our way out of debt into even more debt (if the truth and the small print be known). My particular client had problems with his mortgage and had been trying to get some sense out of the client services department of his Mortgage Company when he reviewed his own monthly bank state-

ment. His Mortgage payment had defaulted this month and he had spoken to his Mortgage Company and explained that he would be forwarding this months installment by way of cheque once the transfer of some other funds had been completed. This was accepted and everything seemed fine until a few days later he received several letters reminding that the Finance House would be attempting to collect his mortgage payment ten days later. Could he also make sure that there were sufficient funds in his account to facilitate this (despite having been told several days previous to this of his proposed methods for clearing his arrears and having accepted these proposals) as if there were not he would incur late payment charges and also charges from his own bank as well.

DY Magazine 10

So at the end of the day when this attempt at collection had failed my client was now left with double the set of his own bank charges being debited to his account but also a double set of charges being levied by his Mortgage Company. There is something rather sick and perverted in a Society and Industry that makes the majority of its profits from those who are least able to afford them. My client had very little in the way of funds at the outset of the incident and through no fault of his own he has even less available to his disposal now! The moral of the story? Read carefully, the fine print of any agreement before you sign it (usually hidden deep in pages eleven or thirteen of most documents in the smallest font size that the printers can get away with) and if you feel that you will have problems meeting any of your payments you are obligated to meet, get in touch with your creditors as soon as possible and make

sure that you have crystal clear agreements (preferably confirmed in writing) as to how you propose to deal with any rescheduling of any of your debts. This will help you avoid the debt spiraling occurring that some find difficult to avoid and making an already difficult situation worse. About the author: Stephen Morgan is an Editor at and also an advisor at a service that looks at some of the problems created by debt.

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Short Story

Night Terrors: “

a memoir

by: Victoria Bruton


s a young girl between the ages of four and eight I led a semi-comfortable, sort of average life. I lived in a 3 bedroom row house with my mother, father and two younger brothers. Ours was the corner house at the end of the row. The sun would shine through our windows all day and illuminating the house; I liked watching the dust motes float in the sunbeams. The side yard to the left of the house was filled with bushes and large stones a kid could sit on. I liked to dig in the dirt between the forsythia bushes that blossomed into bright yellow stalks of flowers every spring; this was a beautiful miracle to me. One summer we found a black kitten in that yard and named him Waldo; he lived with us for 14 years. My broth-

ers and I were close in age, one 14 months and the other 3 years apart. Sometimes we would fought like, well, younger brothers and older siblings, but otherwise we played well together. My Mom was a nurse and the center of my existence; she baked the most delicious cakes (but wouldn’t let me taste the batter) and was the one who dealt out punishments when we misbehaved. My Dad worked for Xerox, drove a gray car and gave big hugs

DY Magazine 12

and kisses that tickled because of his moustache. My Grandmom was the most generous person in my life, always dropping by with a books and toys for us, and my Pop-Pop would sneak my brothers and me dollar bills when Mom wasn’t looking. During the school year the big yellow bus would pick me up on the corner of our block and my brothers would watch jealously from the front window. At school my favorite teacher was Ms. Baldwin; she would compliment me on my artwork. Summers were filled with day camp, trips to the beach, visits to the zoo with Granddad and popsicles from the corner store. I had my own room in the center of the house with a window that faced a big maple tree that I named Emily. Life was pretty good, predicable and safe. But there was a dark side to my childhood. I was prone to having freakishly disturbing nightmares. A bad dream could wake me up in the middle of the night out of a deep sleep and have me whimpering and clutching at my pillow. I would lie awake afterwards, staring into the darkness of my bedroom. After my eyes would adjust to the darkness and the shadows become familiar shapes, I would throw off the covers, leap from my bed as far as I could (in case the monsters from my dreams were lurking under my bed, waiting to reach out and grab my unsuspecting ankles) and run at high speed toward my parents bedroom, yelling for my mother. I don’t always remember the dreams in great detail, but what

I do recall as if it were yesterday is the sheer terror, the metallic taste of fear in my mouth and the ache in my gut. After a nightmare there was no place else I would rather be than in my mother’s bed, wrapped in her arms and inhale her calming scent. Sometimes she let me slide under the covers and contour myself into her curves. Her presence had the power to chase away the demons of my nightmares. Some nights I went to bed angry at her over some offense I had been punished for that day, swearing I’d never speak to her again. But if I awoke in the middle of the night after a bad dream, all was instantly forgiven. Some dreams could feature the monsters that I had seen in scary movies. Once I had been stalked by The Mummy and the one eye-balled, slimy tentacled Alien from “The War of the Worlds” in the SAME NIGHTMARE. There were also visits from some big, nasty, kid- eating thing with lots of teeth, thick, pointy claws and a terrible roar who wanted to drink my blood. Large, black cockroaches would crawl in between my bed sheets to eat my skin. Enormous jungle vines would slowly creep into my home to squeeze me to death. Huge snakes with poisonous fangs slithered under my bed and large, hairy beasts came to life in my closet, waiting for their chance to EAT ME. There was also one about the creepy –looking man I had seen on a bus ride home. At night he roamed the halls of my house with a mad determination to find me and strangle the life out of continued on page 46

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Skools OUT! Interview by: Lisa Tarter


ia is the rising preteen pop star singing sensation, behind the smash hit “Skool’s Out.” Hailing from Norristown, PA, Ria is slated to rise to the top of the music charts. With her own personal brand of hip hop, pop mixed with a sassy playground beat. DY: Ria how long have you been singing?

Ria: For like two years, and modeling since I was about three. My first performance (under C3 Entertainment) was at Lamberton Middle School, I sung 3 songs:“Just Be Real”, “Skool’s Out,” and “I Miss You.” I also sang 3 popular songs from the radio. DY: Ria, I read that you are not only a dancer and singer but, you are a writer as well. What inspires you to write your songs?

DY Magazine 17

“I’m inspired by my brothers, sisters and my school.....”

Ria: I’m inspired by my brothers, sisters and my school plus things that go on outside. The first song I recorded was “Skool’s Out”; because I really didn’t like school, but I started getting better at it so, I made the song “Skools Out”. It’s about the summer break, feeling good and having fun now that school is over. DY: So you wanted your first single to have a feel good summer vibe? Ria: Yeah. My uncle Propane is on the track too. DY: I heard from your mom, who is the Chief of C3 Entertainment your management company; that you came to her with an idea to help raise money for your schools’ recreation activities, that were threatened to be cancelled because of lack of funds. What sparked you’re Idea to help your school? Ria: Well, it all started when my school had an Annie play and we didn’t have enough props to do it. During that time I kept going to my mom saying, “I want to be famous, I want to be famous.” She would say, “Oh stop bugging me.” Out of that, I just started coming up with this song “Skools Out.” Then, I came up with a fund raising idea (to raise money for the schools recreation projects). We called it the “Road To Success School Tour and Fundraiser” DY: It says here, the goal was to raise up to $500.00 per show so they could use it towards the schools funding needs.

Ria: Yes! Lamberton Middle School was the first concert, and we raised $300.00. DY: That’s really good, being philanthropic at a young age. Ria: “Yeah it is” with a big smile. DY: You’re currently in the 6th grade, right? Ria: Yup! DY: So, how do you basically balance your busy schedule, between school, Continued on page 47

Cover art for Ria’s single “Skool’s Out!” Available now on itunes. Link: com/us/album/skools-out-featpropane-single/id410227806

DY Magazine 19

Well-Being Tip

10 StepsTo

Help You Detox


t’s summer time and produce is fresh and easy! What better time to stock up on nutrients after a cold winter with the beautiful array of fruits and veggies that flourish at this time of year. Here are 10 amazingly vitamin rich foods to include in your diet to ensure that you never run the risk of deficiencies, not to mention helping out your brain, heart, vision, joints and just about everything else by consuming them.... #1 Dark Leafy Greens, Dark green is the key with examples of amazingly vitamin rich, leafy vegetables including spinach, mus-

tard greens, beetroot greens, turnip greens and kale as just a few. Adding these to a salad will give you high amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and carotenoids. Mustard greens themselves have an incredible array with vitamin A, C, E, and B6, folate, dietary fibre, tryptophan (no this is not the radioactive rock that can kill Superman!), manganese, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and copper all being found in this green. #2 - Asparagus These fleshy spears are extremely high in vitamin K and folate and is also high in protein for a vegetable. It is also a superior source of vitamins C, A, B1, B2 and B6. It’s high in essential minerals as well including copper, phosphorous, potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium. Plus, asparagus is also a natural diuretic that provides benefits for the heart and also prevent birth defects (thanks to folates ability to protect against spina bifida!) #3 - Blueberries The blueberry is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. It has incredible amounts of vitamins C and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, dietary fibre and riboflavin. Because of its dark blue/red flesh, it contains some of the most potent antioxidants around. The phytonutrients contained in this amazing berry help to destroy free radicals that damage the body’s tissues. They can help prevent heart disease, cancer, dementia, ulcers, varicose veins, cataracts and glau-

DY Magazine 20

coma. Blueberries also have antiinflammatory abilities that can also protect brain cells from damage. #4 - Other Berries Berries are abundant in summer so consider having a berry fruit salad first thing in the morning or for a mid day snack. Cranberries are proven natural healers of the urinary tract (number one in fighting UT infections!) and as a digestive aid. They have incredible amounts of vitamin B2 alongside a few other B vitamins. They also host high levels of fibre, vitamin C, iron, manganese and copper. The raspberry is rich in tannins, elagic acid and flavonoids. With potent antioxidants and antimicrobials, research has suggested that the mighty raspberry can even help fight cancer. They are high in fibre, vitamin C, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate, manganese and impact minimally on blood sugar levels. Strawberries are well known for their phenols, which have powerful antioxidant and antiinflammatory qualities. Jam- packed with more

than 12 essential minerals and vitamins, strawberries are

very high in vitamin C and K and in dietary fibre. #5 - Rock Melon Although this beautiful melon peaks in summer, it is often available all year round. It offers an excellent supply of beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin C. One cup of rock melon has under 60 calories, but is already well above the recommended daily intake of vitamin A. The orange flesh of the rock melon boasts vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, folate and great source of dietary fibre. The B vitamins combine to make a great energy producer for the body, helping to control carbs and blood glucose levels through processing the carbohydrates and slowing digestion with its fibre content. #6 - Spelt Grain Just two ounces of this ancient whole grain contains more than your daily requirement of vitamin B2. Though largely unknown tomany, spelt can be found in cereals, crackers, breads and baked goods. Your local health food store will have it in the form of grain, flakes or flour. It has a wide range of nutrients for a whole grain including an excellent source of niacin, thiamine, manganese and tryptophan. It also packs a decent amount of fibre, zinc, copper, protein and iron. #7 - Broccoli Broccoli is a nutritional wonder. The exceptional nutritional value of broccoli is most visibly seen in its vitamin K levels. It is also very high in vitamin A, folate and dietary fibre not to mention protein, thiamine, 4

DY Magazine 21

riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. This is a vegetable not to be missed! Who said Mum was an idiot? #8 - Lentils Lentils can provide an upward of 80% of your daily value of iron in one cup! The same amount of this amazing food contains 230 calories and hardly any fat. Whilst its iron levels will boost the body’s energy and help prevent anaemia, its fibre content will stabilize your blood glucose levels and also net you four B vitamins, seven other essential minerals and a heaping amount of protein. All of the mighty lentil’s nutrients can be found in high levels. As a note of interest: the history of lentils dates back 8,000 years! Found in archaeological sights in the Middle East, it is possible that lentils could be one of the first foods ever cultivated. #9 - Black Beans Also known as Mexican or Spanish black beans, they have a phenomenal source of molybdenum, a trace mineral that detoxifies sulfites in your body. Black beans (like most beans) are good for your heart, and contain an excellent source of dietary fibre, folic acid, magnesium, and polyphenols that bring down cholesterol levels. They are also high in vitamin B1, tryptophan, phosphorus, iron, manganese and potassium. Each cup of black beans carries 15g of protein too!

#10 - Brussel Sprouts Although a tough vegetable to get any child to consider (or adult often for that matter), the active constituents of Brussel sprouts are cancer fighters, great for skin, boosts the immune system and ensures the colon stays healthy. Best boiled or steamed, they contain gigantic amounts of vitamin K as well as high levels of vitamins C, A, B6 and B1, and fibre on top of a good amount of 14 other major minerals and vitamins. Source: About the Author Brett Smith is not your average health and online dating expert. He has some interesting and controversial views on health & dating for singles published on partner4real. com.

black beans, lentils and brussel sprouts round out the final 3.

DY Magazine 22



Z Z o m Sono g mbbiie e by: Dave Holloway

The assassin nation cheers another death overwhelmingly while the real enemy seeks another ploy to set it’s sights on and the zombie song goes on and on about freedom, justice, god and his son who says to us now, blessed is the gun and bless the killers we put our hopes on and the zombie song just goes on and on, death and more death, the procession is long, the brain eating chorus death rattles it’s song then devours itself when the prey is gone but the zombie song still goes on and on and on and on.

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Rachel Arnold

Creating a New Landscape


achel Arnold is a recent graduate from Northwest Missouri State University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a double emphasis in Ceramics and Photography. In April 2010 she participated in the Kansas City Artist Coalition and in various other exhibitions while attending college. Arnold is currently a resident of Elkader, Iowa a small town in Northeast Iowa. “Because of the strong influence of what I see around me, I collect images with my camera to create a photographic composition that represents what I see the world as, through my eyes. In using these materials, I am able to create any composition that interests me.” She uses her photography to help her develop a “Whole new landscape of work,” In order to “engage the viewer to bring out a reaction and to respond with their own interpretation.” Currently she works as a freelance artist; applying to art festivals within the Midwest to get the word out about her artistic talents. You can 4

DY Magazine 24

DY Magazine 25

DY Magazine 26

find out more about Rachel Arnold, by viewing her work, on the website Her art is available in various sizes and prices points.

Left: A sculpture by Rachel Arnold titled “Blue�.

How Fear Inhibits Self-Expression & Persona Growth by: Saleem Rana “The thing I fear most is fear,” said De Montaigne. This sentiment is echoed by other great writers. “Nothing is terrible except fear itself,” said Francis Bacon. “The only thing I am afraid of is fear,” said the Duke of Wellington. “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear,” said Henry David Thoreau. Fear is the ultimate limiting emotion. It overthrows reason. It paralyzes action. In very rare times, in an emergency, fear may help us to act to save ourselves or someone else, but for the most part, it ruins all initiative, growth, and spontaneous right action. Shakespeare commented that “Of all base passions, fear is the most accursed.” The number one fear most people have is of public speaking. Yet, this fear has no survival value at all. The worst that can happen is that you are not articulate and people disapprove of your ideas or your way of delivering them. Fear is simply the nauseating sensation in your abdominal area that over-rides any good sense you might have about any-

thing. If allowed to persist, the surge of adrenaline causes your body to break down at a cellular level. We call it stress, but that is only the name we give for a body that is taut with fear. Yet when you examine the cause of any fear, it is usually nothing more than a highly-charged negative opinion. Unfortunately, it is in those areas that we must grow that we feel the most fear. In fact, beyond the boundary of your fear is your next greatest opportunity. The result of this fear is that we stay trapped in limiting realities--poor paying jobs that barely allow us to survive, relationships that whittle our self-esteem to mush, educational opportunities that could expand our perception and massively

DY Magazine 28

improve our lives. The most ironic thing is that those who push themselves to deal with their fear--find nothing there. Someone, for example, who is afraid to speak up will find when he or she does that nobody is shocked, appalled, or indignant. In fact, things seem to improve because of it. Fear left unchecked can lead to all kinds of neurosis and inhibitions. An extreme fear, which has no basis in reality, leads to paranoia. The whole thing about fear is that unless your life is being threatened, it makes things far worse than they need to be. The aggressions of governments, the escalation of nuclear armaments, express individual fears magnified a thousand-fold. And the reaction to fear is so extreme that something is actually created to fear. On an individual level, fear is par-

tially or completely debilitating. It is the misuse of the imagination to create horrible scenarios. As Michael Pritchard once said, “Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.� Understanding that fear is a False Estimation About Reality is one step toward eliminating it. The final step is to do the thing that you fear, either all at once or through baby steps, and discovering that the monster in the closet was only your own imagination run amok. Source: About the Author Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas with you. Hunting everywhere for a life worth living? Discover the life of your dreams. His book, Never Ever Give Up is offered at no cost to stimulate your success.

All Around the World Your headlines from across the globe! Here are some of the hottest stories hot off of the presses.

Middle East Thousands gather to protest continued US presence in Iraq Around 5,000 people took to the streets in the main square of northern city of Mosul to demonstrate against the eight-year presence of US troops in their homeland, Reuters reported Sunday. The demonstrators were joined by provincial council members and tribal leaders. “We are trying to put pressure on the government to not even think about extending the presence of Americans, who brought havoc to our country,” said the chief of Mosul’s Badrani tribe, Sheikh Barzan al-Badrani. “The second demand is for the release of detainees held in Iraqi prisons... and the other is to make reforms in the Iraqi government. We do not accept corrupt officials and regret that we voted for them,” he added. Anti-US protests in the northern Iraqi city have persisted

since April 9, which marks the day that the statue of executed former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled in a major square in the capital Baghdad. Excerpt

Possible Death Mubarak



Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could be executed if he is convicted of ordering the killing of protesters, Egypt’s justice minister says. “One of the charges he is facing is complicity in the killing of martyrs and issuing the orders for premeditated the killing of those people,” said Justice Minister Mohamed Abdelaziz al-Juindy. “This is a charge with a harsh punishment -- the death penalty.” “A judge may have mercy if there is a reason for that, but I don’t think in this case there is any argument for clemency whatsoever,” the minister added, calling it “a horrible crime, to kill 800 citizens who were asking for their rights and hoping to topple a corrupt regime that caused the ruin of Egypt.” He is also being probed on allegations of corruption and misuse of state funds. “There are reports that the

DY Magazine 30

former president’s wealth is in the billions, and indeed it is billions,” the justice minister asserted. Excerpt

days, he’ll be buried as an indigent.

Latin America

Mystery virus sweeps over China

Arrests made in connection with Brazil school shooting

A new mystery virus with symptoms similar to those of AIDS and HIV is turning up all over China, according to a recent report in The Epoch Times. Patients with the highly transmissible disease are experiencing dramatic weight loss, night sweats, numb limbs, severe body aches, joint problems, severe vomiting, and the obvious decrease in white blood cell count and subsequent deterioration of the immune system. A translated report from the Chinese news source New Express Daily explains that people who contract the new AIDS-like virus -which spreads through any bodily fluid, including saliva and sweat, by the way -- experience nearly all the same symptoms as AIDS patients do, but routinely test negative for the disease. Reports say that the Chinese Health Ministry has ordered epidemiological studies in six provinces with high numbers of infected patients, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Guangdong. To date, though, there have been no conclusive discoveries made concerning the cause or source of the disease.

Two men have been arrested in Brazil for allegedly selling a weapon to the gunman who opened fire at a Rio de Janeiro school last week, killing 12 students before turning the gun on himself. The homicide division of Rio’s police department made the announcement Saturday, the staterun Agencia Brasil news agency reported. The motives behind why Wellington de Oliveira, 23, shot the students and himself remain unclear. Locksmith Charleston Souza de Lucena is charged with helping de Oliveira acquire a gun. After he did a job for de Oliveira, according to police, de Oliveira asked where he could find a gun. Souza de Lucena introduced him to Isaias de Souza, who helped him secure the .32-caliber handgun used in the mass shooting, police said. Ten children remained injured in the hospital, the state health and civil defense secretary said. Those who were killed were buried on Friday amidst heavy commotion. Meanwhile, no one has come to identify and claim de Oliveira’s body, Agencia Brasil reported. If no one claims the corpse within 15




DY Magazine 31

Gallery Corner Introducing.............

The Gravers Lane Gallery


ravers Lane Gallery is the newest addition to Philadelphia’s fine-art scene. Our mission is to provide museum quality, contemporary artwork by local, national, and international artists to the Philadelphia area and to create a cultural hub in the Chestnut Hill community. Located right on the main street in historic Chestnut Hill, this fullservice gallery features contemporary, original artwork from some of today’s most prestigious artists. With glass, jewelry, furniture, sculpture, photography, and paintings from such innovators as Carrie Gustafson, Zivile Pupinyte, Jeong Ju Lee, Tim Murdoch, and Mark Pack, the Gravers Lane Gallery has a unique selection for experienced and first-time collectors. Join us May 14th from 6-9pm for a reception with 2007 Pollock/Krasner Award recipient Painting by David Moore David Moore.

DY Magazine 32

Above: Painting by David Moore. Left and bottom: 3 images by Julia Blaukopf.

On June 10th, come in to view a new collection of photographs printed on vellum, silk, glass, and shell from emerging, Philadelphia-based artist Julia Blaukopf. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Mt. Kenya Reforestation Project and People Helping People-Kenya. Gravers Lane Gallery is located at 8405 Germantown Av. Philadelphia PA, 19118 Tel: 215 247-1603, web:



Timless Beauty in silk by DEBORAH



s a primarily selftaught artist Deborah Youngalo uses the luxurious fibers of silk to portray her love of nature. Her background is a diverse one: in addition to her native Caribbean island of Trinidad, Deborah has lived in Barbados, Ireland, Canada and 4 states in the US, including her current home of North Carolina. Flora, fauna, colors, shapes and lines inspired by nature come to life on shimmering silk painted with vibrant liquid dyes. Although her formal education was in Science (she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of the West Indies and a Masters in Oceanography from McGill University), Deborah’s creative side led her to express her fascination 4

DY Magazine 34

This page: “Cherry Blossoms” Opposit page: “Flaming Flower.”

This page: “Azalia” opposite page: “Golded Wattle.”

with nature in an artistic rather than a scientific manner. Deborah was introduced to dye-painting (painting with dyes instead of paint) on silk in 1997, and thus started a love affair which has grown into a full-time calling. Her workspace has grown from a corner of the dining room table to a dedicated studio that holds up to eight students for workshops. Deborah turns her painted silk creations both into scarves— the ultimate fashion accessory, and fine art, where the softness and luminosity of the silk, coupled with her bold colors, add panache to any décor. Not satisfied with only two dimensions, she also adds extra texture to some of her pieces with hand and machine embellishment. Although basically selftaught and always experimenting, Deborah continues to develop her skills through workshops led by renowned silk painters. She

in turn introduces the technique to others by teaching classes in her home studio and as a guest at other artists’ studios. Deborah sells her work primarily at juried art shows and group exhibitions, where her work has won several awards. The internet is becoming an increasingly important venue for her sales. She also creates commissioned pieces for private and corporate clients. In 2010 Deborah became a signature member of Silk Painters International (SPIN), and was awarded the designation of Master Silk Painter®. She is a member of SPIN’s executive board, and is also a member of several other arts organizations. To learn more: Visit my online portfolio of silk paintings --> Follow works in progress on my blog --> Connect on Facebook -->

DY Magazine 36



Kevin Holtermann...

the “Creative Junkie”


Top: “We saw it coming.” Bottom: “My Banana Split melted.”

bstract artist, and photographer Kevin Holtermann also known as Kev Von Holt is a self-proclaimed “creative Junkie”. Holtermann, who is 38 years of age, and currently residing in Philadelphia PA, has been painting abstracts for the last five years. For multi-faceted, multi-talented Hotlermann, painting became a break away from the daily grind of being a singer/songwriter. One day, while taking a much needed walk to clear his head from writing songs, He stumbled upon a trash can full of paint and canvases that someone was just throwing out. He quickly hauled the new treasures up to his tiny studio apartment and began to explore this venture of painting. Now, fast forward, five years later and he has amassed a long list of clients and his own gallery, the “Kev Von Holt 4

DY Magazine 38

This page: “Overpopulated” 42x63” acrylic on canvas

Above: “A Hill Side In May” 48x72 acrylic on wood

Gallery.” Kevin was never formally or informally trained in the arts. As an artist he says “Texture, shape, positive and negative space, and color inspire me. Raw emotion and natural beauty are also huge driving forces in my work.” He also goes on to say. “Everything I do, whether it is painting, music, or photography, comes from my heart and soul. It starts with an uncontrollable urge and a thought that quickly sparks a fire within my mind that engulfs my entire body. When I am creating…I am free.” However it is with Photography that he has been able to break away from reality all together. “I enjoy seeing the world through a different eye.

DY Magazine 40

Above: “Spring Garden School” on the right: “looking up at the parking garage” both ©2011 KVH

I am always on the lookout for the things that others may just pass by such as, the complexity in the mundane, the beauty in the abandoned, and the emotion in the simplicity. “ Currently Holtermann is in the process of organizing an art party at his gallery space. It will be called “Last Saturday” which is a kind of “anti-First Friday”, in a good way! “I wanted to create an environment in which artists and photographers can get together and hang their work to promote each other and the gallery; all while keeping 100% of sales.” Under his program, each artist will be responsible for selling tickets to the event, which will include free cocktails and food. “I feel that it’s the artist’s artwork and

if they are bringing people to the space and helping promote the night .... They have earned the 100% profit on their works sold. It is win win for everyone.” It will be at the “Last Saturday” Art Party (slated to be up and running by the end of this summer) that he plans on unveiling a new collection of paintings and photographs. So, “Stay Tuned...” Kev Von Holt Gallery is located at 1425 Arch st. Philadelphia PA inside the Ground Zero hair salon center city Hours: T-F 10:30-7pm Sat-10-4pm. You can learn more about the artist at:

DY Magazine 41


ello DY Followers!! Confessions on Facebook are coming at you again, but this time with a spin. As you know, Confession on Facebook, shadows the thoughts and lives of those who are avid facebook fans to make you all laugh and sometimes cry. However, this month (very appropriately) the writers at the DY Mag would like our readers to recognize and give a shout out, to that one person that is collaboratively important in the lives of most, if not all living creatures “Your Mother”. DY Magazine knows that there’s a certain wisdom and sensitivity a mother has for her child or children. A mother’s capacity to love is indescribable and from the very moment she holds that little baby in her arms her love remains forever; from birth, to the end of time. A mother’s love for her child will always remain genuine and true. Being a mother is a beautiful thing and a wonderful adventure to behold. Mother’s day should be celebrated every day. Because mother’s go through so much, and in turn give so much of their selves towards the upbringing of their children. DY Magazine recognizes the strength it takes to be a mother and is in favor of honoring mothers daily. So in Recognition of the traditional Mother’s Day celebration, this month’s Confessions are dedicated to “MOTHERS”………. Enjoy!

and generous heart have made a difference in my life. Thank you for being such a great mom! Happy Mother’s Day with love..

Mom, you mean the world to me. Your kind words, positive attitude,

My fondest moment is having her in the delivery room of my

Mom I will always remember the time you were giving me and my lil sister a bath. You came in the bathroom hug me, kissed me, and told me you love me. I never realized this would be the last time I would hold you in my arms. But as far back as I can remember you were the best. I’ll never forget you and you will always remain number 1 in my heart. Loving you so dearly, happy Mother’s Day…. Mom I wasn’t always the best kid, and I surely wasn’t the greatest teenager, But ur tough love kept me right and to you I’m forever grateful for keeping me on the right path. I love you mom. She wasnt my mother she was my grandmother and she raised me to be the woman that I am today if it wasn’t for her I don’t kno where I’ll be, I guess thats where I get that from huh loving my grandmother M.W.GONE BUT NT FORGOTTEN LOVING U ALWAYS. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE GREATEST MOM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!1

DY Magazine 42


FACEBOOK first, knowing I was so young and scared...she just held my hand and kiss my head and told me it was alright that she would stay right there...At that moment I couldn’t wait to bring my child into this world and let him know I will always be right there for him and with me everything would be alright....

When I was n nursing clinicals, I was discouraged because my lab instructor embarrassed me for not knowing questions when asked. I felt like she was against me, I thought she ain’t like me. I went home, cried & told my mom THAT’S IT, I’m not going back. me & mom dukes had a talk, we prayed together, I studied on the topics that I couldn’t answer. My mom stuck by my side like always & I graduated! Mine ties into NURSES WEEK, lol..... When my mother, a nurse herself, encouraged me to start and finish nursing school while I was pregnant, her support helped me to have my baby on Friday and return to class the following Tuesday. She took off from work so that she could take care of my newborn baby while I went to school. Thanks MOM, she’s my favorite girl. My mother is great! She’s fiery, loyal, loving, strong, patient, kind, generous, and most importantly

she loves the Lord and her family. She’s done a phenomenal job raising me, my sister, and my brother, and she’s doing a great job helping us with our children. I salute “G. R. Wilkins” this Mother’s day….. My Momma: Loving, classy, caring, compassionate, understanding, my friend, supportive, unique, wise, peaceful, strong, funny, the strength of our family and my one and only. She’s raised 4 beautiful daughters, assisting with raising 5 beautiful grands. She’s my favorite girl and I wouldn’t trade her in for nothing!!! I love you and this daughter is rising up to bless you. (Proverbs 31) Neicey- Momma! Many people had a mom, but me I had my grandmom!! She stepped right in and played the role as mom all over again. Grandmom is exemplartory of

Have some confessions to share? Do you want to see some of your own thoughts and those of your friends on our pages. If so, send your conversations in a Microsoft Word document to Make sure you type “Confessions” in the subject line. DY Magazine 43

DY Magazine 44

Is LOVE By: Damon Youmans September 1, 2011

Continued from page 13 me. Other times, I would dream about being chased down long, twisty, endless corridors or up winding staircases by some gigantic, noisy, unseen creature intent on devouring me slowly. I would feel a hand grasp my calf, my screams would catch painfully in my throat. I also had what should have been very pleasant dreams of flying; of me soaring over clouds, bodies of water and tall mountains then unexpectedly, I’d lose the ability to fly. My body would plunge like a stone into a rocky chasm. Right before impact I would wake up with my heart pounding achingly in my chest. I also would dream of being abandoned. This was just as scary as the monster and falling ones, and in some cases, worse. In those, I’d be walking with my mom or dad in some public place, either down the street or in a park. We were either holding hands or walking next to each other. Then abruptly my hand was turned loose and my adult person would fade away! I would panic, start to cry and turn in circles, looking for my absent parent. All of a sudden a crowd of tall, strange-looking people would surround me and I’d be caught up in a tide of moving bodies. In some dreams my parents would be replaced by my younger brothers. They too would vanish, their sweaty little hands would slide right out of mine and they would disappear into a crowd. I was terrified that I’d get in trouble for losing them. The fear of possibly losing my little brother would often get me out of bed and down the dark corridor to their bedroom to make sure I hadn’t lost

them after all. One very memorable dream stands out in particular. Even as an adult, if I think about it too long it makes me anxious. In the dream I am a little girl, standing outside of a house that faces the street on a bright, sunny day. Out of nowhere, a man dressed entirely in black and wearing a helmet that covers his face pulls up to the house on a big, purple motorcycle. All of a sudden my MOTHER comes out of the house. She is dressed entirely in black leather, wearing black sunglasses (which she never wore in real life) and an afro (which she did). She runs down the steps of the house, right past me and jumps on the back of the motorcycle! The man moved slightly to accommodate her. My mouth falls open and I scream, “Momma! Mommy! MOM!” at the top of my lungs. I’m in shock! I want to run to her, grab her and pull her away from the strange man, but I can’t. I’m paralyzed, glued to the spot. “Where are you going?” I wail. “MOMMA! Don’t go! Don’t leave me!! MOMMMMMMMMMY!!!” I shriek. She looks right through me with a weird, aloof grin on her face. The man revs the motor and my mom wraps her arms around his waist. My stomach is tied in knots and my heart races in my chest. She turns away from me and looks straight ahead. The man pulls away from the curve, and soon they are far away but still in sight. My heart is broken; I am sad and confused and feel like my world is ending. Then I awake abruptly, caught in the darkness of my bedroom. 4

DY Magazine 46

I never had that dream again, but I will never, ever forget it or the unrequited sorrow it brings me to revisit it in my mind.

DYProfile Jamar Nicholas Continued from page 9 As far as the genesis of our working relationship, Geoff’s publisher, Beacon Press had their eyes on me and asked me if I would be interested in adapting his memoir into a graphic novel. Some other artists’ and I had to then submit a proposal for the book, with Geoff to give the final say on who would land the project. After receiving my samples, Geoff hand-picked me to bring his words to a new generation of readers. It’s been a life-changing relationship for me. DY: You’re a much welcomed and anticipated star on the comic book convention circuit. But how can fans or budding fans of your work learn more about what you do and possible pick up some of your books and or autograph? Jamar: I have several, possibly too many internet bus stops. You can “like” me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or join my newsletter through my blog at I put my appearance schedule in all of those places, so if you want me to sign something, I’m easy to find!

The Spotlight with Ria continued from page 19 the studio sessions and performances around the city. How do you keep that all in perspective as a young pre-teen? Ria: if I go to New York and the interview starts at 8 PM and it ends at 11 PM that night; I still have to go to school the next day. But my mom just picks me up early. If I have studio time, I’ll go right after school for a couple of hours. My mom keeps a schedule and we keep everything written down. This way we are prepared for it, so I stays on track. DY: What are some of your goals, like where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, as a teen pop sensation? Ria: Laughs. Well in the next 5 years I want to live in New York. Because I love the big lights and everything happens there. Plus my modeling agency is right there in Manhattan. New York is where everyone goes to get BIG. Confessions on Facebook Continued from page 43 what a mother should be, she is where mothering begins and for her I am ever thankful for having her in my life. No one could have done a better job at being grandmom/mom to not only her own children but to her grandchildren too. Thanks Gram we love you from the depths of our heart. Happy Mother’s day..

DY Magazine 47