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Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts, Houston San Antonio Art League


Dr. Allen S. Weller, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.

In 1940 the art museums in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas created this exhibition as a mea ns of presenting and honoring the work of Texas artists. Museums in other Texas cities have also exhibited the "a nn ual," now in its 25th edition . Over the years purchase funds and cash awa rds have become substa ntial through the generosity of indiv iduals and business firms over the state . This year, for the second time, the exhibit is approximately one -half invitational in an effort to salute the sustained performance of some more seaso ned artists and yet permit ample presentation of works by newcomers. All were eligible for consideration in both purchases and awards. and this year finds an unusual number of "new" names on the purchase and prize list.

On the Cover: LOREN MOZLEY, Village Beside the Highway



Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Centennial Art Museum , Corpus Christi

October 5 - November 3, 1963 January 5 - January 26, 1964

Beaumont Art Museum

February 9 - March 8, 1964

EI Paso Museum of Art

March 22 - April 19, 1964

Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio

May 3 - May 24, 1964

University of Texas, Austin

June 3 - June 28, 1964

PURCHASES (Final decisions on purchases were made by institutions concerned, after recommendations by the juror.) San Antonio Art League Julian Onderdonk Memorial Purchase of $750 For the Permanent Collection of the San Antonio Art League LOREN MOZLEY, Austin Village Beside the Highway, oil Sears, Roebuck & Company Purchase of $750 For the Permanent Collection of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts KENNETH FISKE, Austin Plankton, oil EI Paso Art Museum Association Purchase of $750 For the Permanent Collection of the EI Paso Art Museum Association CHARLES UMLAUF, Austin Padre, bronze State Fair of Texas Purchase of $500 For the Permanent Collection of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts GUSS DUNN FARMER, JR. , Dallas The Clanging Cymbal, oil State Fair of Texas Purchase of $500 For the Permanent Collection of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts BETTY WINN, Dallas Summer # 2, oil West Texas Museum Association Purchase of $500 (Donated by the Diamond M Foundation of Snyder, Texas) For the Collection of the West Texas Museum at Texas Technological College, Lubbock PERRY NICHOLS, Dallas CliO Dwellers, oil


AWARDS Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Cash Award of $500 JAMES PAINTER, Houston The Local Players, oil (The following awards of equal amount are listed alphabetically by artist.) Pollock Paper Corporation Award of $100 KELLY FEARING, Austin Sleeping Philosopher in a Landscape Developing, oil Schlumberger Well Surveying Corporation Award of $100 GUY JOHNSON, Baytown And Pilate Saith unto Them, Behold the Man, oil Foley's of Houston Award of $100 WINIFRED STODDARD KORF, El Paso South West # 1, watercolor Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Award of $100 (Donated by the Humble Oil and Refining Company of Houston) GIBBS MILLIKEN, San Antonio Gray Bird, tempera Beaumont Art Museum Award of $100 LYLE NOVINSKI, Irving Portrait of Charles Siebert, oil El Paso Art Museum Association Award of $100 EMILY GUTHRIE SMITH, Fort Worth Dancer Resting, oil Corpus Christi Art Foundation Award of $100 ISHMAEL H. SOTO, Austin Figure, bronze Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Award of $100 (Donated by the Humble Oil and Refining Company of Houston) BILL WIMAN, Commerce Somber Heat, oil



DAVID ADICKES, Houston 1. Yellow Port Scene, oil HERI BERT BARTSCHT, Dallas 2. Daphne, plated steel and wood JAMES BOYNTON, Houston 3. Deep Six, oil BILL BRISTOW, San Antonio 4. Distant Fields, oil DAVID BROWNLOW, Fort Worth 5. Adam and Eve, oil DAVID CARGILL, Beaumont *6. The People, pine CECIL LANG CASEBIER, San Antonio 7. Spring Near Comfort, Texas, oil LOWELL D. COLLINS, Houston 8. Inland Trip 5, encaustic PAT COLVILLE, Houston *9. Lazarus, oil BILL CONDON, Houston 10. Conductor, mixed media OTIS DOZIER, Dallas 11. Rodeo Bulls, oil PHILIP JOHN EVETT, San Antonio * 12. Mere Courage , aluminum KELLY FEARING, Austin 13. Sleeping Philosopher in a Landscape Developing, oil K~:NNETH

FISKE, Austin 14. Plankton, oil

"These examples will not be included in the circuit exhibit becau se of their extreme size or weight.

JACK FLETCHER, San Antonio 15. Antiartcrait Gun MIl, assemblage C. B. FOXWORTH, Dallas 16. Ruby's Place, oil

MICHAEL FRARY, Austin 17. Flowers of the Night, oil HENRI GADBOIS, Houston 18. Prophet on a Short Ladder, oil FORREST HARRISBERGER, Grand Prairie 19. Member of the Green Club, oil WILFRED HIGGINS, Denton 20. Citta Eterna Il, collage GEORGE NICK JAROS, San Antonio 21. Man on a Tight Rope, oil DEFORREST H. JUDD, Dallas 22. Botanical Discovery, oil CHAPMAN KELLEY, Dallas 23. Susannah Il, oil WILLIAM LESTER, Austin 24. In Flight, oil JIM LOVE, Houston 25 . Imaginary Portrait: Edward Stone, steel KEITH McINTYRE, San Antonio 26. Mythical Structure, oil HERBERT MEARS, Houston 27 . Inca with Friend, oil OCTAVIO MEDELLIN, Dallas 28. The Bather, wood MARC MOLDAWER, Houston 29. The Bride, oil LOREN MOZLEY, Austin 30. Village Beside the Highway , oil


JULIA ORYNSKI, San Antonio 31. Aeolian Images, oil DOROTHY POULOS, Dallas 32. Matador, oil MARGARET PUTNAM, San Antonio 33 . Saul, to Damascus, oil STEPHEN T . RASCOE, Corpus Christi 34. Reflections in a Small Harbour, oil BILL REILY, San Antonio 35 . Fragment of a Japanese Garden , acrylic polymer EVALINE SELLaRS, Fort Worth 36 . Seedling, wood ISHMAEL H. SOTO , Austin 37 . Figure, bronze EVERETT SPRUCE, Austin 38. Man Pulling a Net, oil RICHARD GORDON STOUT, Houston 39. Sundown, oil CHARLES UMLAUF, Austin 40 . Padre, bronze BROR UTTER, Fort Worth 41. Acton - Romantic Landscape, oil JAMES VALONE, San Antonio 42. Rufus, oil DONALD L. WEISMANN, Austin 43 . Surveillance, oil CHARLES T. WILLIAMS, Fort Worth 44 . One Dozen, steel and cast iron DICK WRAY, Houston 45 . No .8, mixed media

BETTY WINN, Summer #2


MORT BARANOFF, Austin 46. Earth's Alchemy, oil

w. E. BEMBENEK, Dallas 47. A Field Not Far From Home, oil

ETHELENE BUCY, Houston 48. One Picture's Worth 10,000 Words, polymer JUNE CALVERT, Irving 49. Solitude, watercolor LARRY CULP, Arlington 50. Angry Bird, steel GUSS DUNN FARMER, JR ., Dallas 51. The Clanging Cymbal, oil LEO BERNICE FIX, Lubbock 52. Forest Lights, watercolor AL LEE FUQUA, Amarillo 53. Still Life, oil GLENN ALLEN GALAWAY, Dallas 54 . Crepuscule, oil GEORGIA GORDON, Austin 55. Bruin, marble BRENT GREEN, Abilene 56. Apparition, oil ALICE ELAM HAMBY, San Antonio 57. Death in the Afternoon, oil JANICE HAMM, Commerce 58 . Man in a Red-Plumed Hat, oil DON HARPMAN, Dallas 59. Flowers, oil crayon

GUSS DUNN FARMER, JR., Th e Clanging Cymbal

HINDS, Dallas 60. Dream, oil JANICE HINTON, Dallas 61. Untitled, oil GUY JOHNSON, Baytown 62. And Pilate Saith unto Th em , Behold the Man, oil WILLIAM A. KOLLIKER, El Paso 63. Landscape # 9, oil WINIFRED STODDARD KORF, El Paso 64 . South West # 1, watercolor

OTIS LUMPKIN, Texarkana 65. The Teddy Bear, oil PHILIP MAGINOT, Austin 66. Firebird, oil VINCENT MARIANI, Austin 67. Torso , wood FREDERICK A. MARTIN, EI Paso *68. Crucifixion , oil WALTER McCOWN, Waco *69 . Th e Wall , oil CHAS. McGOUGH, Commerce 70. Place of the Thorns, oil ALBERTO MIJANGOS, San Antonio 71. Illogical Con sequence, oil GIBBS MILLIKEN, San Antonio 72. Gray Bird, tempera JACK MIMS , Dallas 73. Three Players, oil JOY MURPHY, Corpus Christi 74. Night Cry, oil PERRY NICHOLS, Dallas 75. Clif} Dwellers, oil

LYLE NOVINSKI, Irving 76. Portrait of Charles Siebert. oil JAMES PAINTER, Houston 77. The Local Players, oil RUDOLPH PHARIS, McAllen 78. Phantasy Remembered. oil

DORO TH Y PI ERC E, Dallas 79. Percussion , oil BO IE BURSO POWITZ KY, Waco 80 . M elan choly , oil co llage BET T Y ROS CHLA N, Dall as 81 . Swee t Sp irit of Enchant me nt, oil V ERA SIM O S, Sa n An ton io 82. T otality , o il EMILY G UTHRIE SMITH, Fort Worth 83. Danc er Restin g, oil DA N R. STEWA RT, Bellaire 84 . Gal veston Beach , oi l M . H. URA L, Dallas 85 . Girl, oil P ET ER VATSU RES , Dall as 86 . Late Afternoon, oil E DW I fA W HITTE , Fort Worth 87. Portrait in Lead , lead BILL WI MA N, Com merce 88. Somber Heat, oil BETTY W IN , Dallas 89. Summ er # 2 , oil RO G ER LEE W I TE R, Dall as 90 . St . Jo Bride-Elect. oil

PERRY NICHOLS, Cliff Dwellers

25th Annual Texas Painting and Sculpture Exhibition catalogue  

The 25th Annual Texas Painting and Sculpture Exhibition was held at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts from 5 October to 3 November 1963.

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