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DeAynni Hatley, star of the Style Network's “Big Rich Texas,� hosted the red carpet launch party for The Texas Diva Remodeling & Construction at the ultra-swanky Winston's Supper Cub this past Monday, August the 6th.


hauffeured cars and limousines, valet parking, and the media surrounding the red carpet stop-and-go added to the “Hollywood premiere” feel that Hatley was sure to be aiming to achieve. The lounge, with its members of the elite Dallas social scene in attendance mixed with thumping club-friendly hits, had an atmosphere that was exciting and energetic, enticing party-goers to dance along with the go-go girls. DeAynni Hatley could be seen running around from one cluster of socialites to another, introducing some people, conversing with others, always with a polite and charming smile on her face. The event, hosted by Aria Agency, was an obvious success. Paul Salfen, Aria's Principal of Publicity, Promotion, & Practice, was also interacting with everyone. He stated that the agency designed the tools and brand logo for Hatley's remodeling and construction line and put together the launch event. Also in attendance was legendary musician Sir Earl Toon of Kool & The Gang, personal friend of Marvin Gaye and writer of the hit song 'Celebration'. Sir Earl, always a good sport, posed for pictures with almost every single person in the lounge and seemed to be making friends with anyone who came up to him. Those present appeared to be enjoying themselves and, when asked their opinions of the event, the responses ranged from “simply amazing” to “I couldn't imagine a better party”. The event will be featured in the third season of “Big Rich Texas”. The season premiere airs on Sunday, October 7th on Style Network.

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We never quite do get enough of Beyonce. This megastar has stood the test of time and seems to only get better and better. She’s is back in full swing and appears to be maintaining her relationship, motherhood and her career all at once. The new House of Deréon campaign is out and Beyonce is hotter than ever and let’s not forget to mention the new line of clothes is awesome too! Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles’ clothing line House of Deréon is still at the forefront of fashion and their latest collection has taken on a whimsical, music festival vibe. According to a press release, it was inspired by Beyonce’s performance at Glastonbury last year, specifically, “the ‘bohoinspired girl who attends the festival.” There are high-waisted maxi skirts with slits, crop tops, bodycon dresses with cut-outs and leopard print pants. A simple “boho-chic” theme is spread throughout. The winter collection is rumored to be more inspired by Beyonce’s costumed and sequined stage look so this is something to definetly look forward to. Famed photographer and music video director Jean-Baptiste Mondino shot the entire campaign. Tina Knowles said, “I am so excited about this autumn and winter ad campaign. The images of Beyoncé are amazing and we had a lot of fun using the festival experience as our inspiration. Like music, fashion has a universal appeal and we look forward to hearing the consumer’s reaction to the new campaign and to the collection.” So stay tuned because the House of Deréon is not finished yet, there is much more of Beyonce for us to see.

Written by Vri West

Unique cutz 1700 N. Beltline Road Irving, Texas 75061

972.951.7278 Walk-Ins Welcome

Kanye West to Release a Women's Clothing Line ia, whose Fashion Editor Christine Centenera has been speaking with West since March, is reporting that the women’s line (still unnamed) will have a 9:30pm show time on October 1st at Paris Fashion Week . That would make his show the last on the list on a day that includes runway exhibitions from veterans like: Haider Ackermann, Viktor & Rolf, Comme des Garcons and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld told Styleite that Kanye “know’s everything about fashion. He could teach fashion.” While West’s show isn’t appearing on any official schedules just yet, fans and eager fashion gurus are anxious to see what he will unveil.

Kanye West is certainly an idol in the fashion industry and after months of speculation, and a cancelled menswear line, it looks like Mr. West is finally ready to reveal to the world his very own clothing line. Harper’s Bazaar Austral

We can only expect for his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian to place a twist of her sexiness into the line, which should bring a perfect balance to the line. Celebrity clothing lines can be a hit or miss, and the level of involvement can be questionable. It seems that West will cut a collection in the pattern of entertainment stars turned credible emerging designers and will be very active in the production of his line. Judging from the way he carries himself, we know that if this women’s line is released, it will be all that!

Latino Fashion Week was as advertised “From Latinos to Everyone”. There was a great representation of the American population both on and off the runway. Even though the event has been around for over six years, this was the first time the tour came to Dallas.

He represented Puerto Rico and exclaimed that his great admiration for beauty as one of the main drives as a designer.

Camilo Alvarez, a former model now turned fashion designer was exuberant both in his personal selection and his design line. Tall and well built in As Co-founder Cesar Rolon Jr. mentioned over stature, he was a gentle giant that shared an unand over during his interview, the main purpose of fathomable passion for Latino Fashion Week. the Fashion show was to provide an opportunity to showcase Latino talent to everyone. Furthermore, he stated that he expects to “elevate the percep- The Fashion show kicked off in high spirits and continued on as the vibrant audience cheered on tion of the Latino community” and support local every designer and model with great enthusiasm. business owners, hair dresses, models etc. When asked about returning to Dallas in the future, Cesar Rolon Jr. commented enthusiastically There was a lot of intermingling of various cultures that they are looking foreword to it. The response and the Fashion Week promotes such interminfrom the general public and the social elites have gling through events such as the Diversity Day, been very positive in Dallas, which I believe will where African American, Middle Eastern and enable Latino Fashion Week to make a lasting imPolish designers get an opportunity to interact with pact on the Latino community in the years to each other. come. Cheran Ratnam Arabel Alva Rosales, also a co-founder of the Lati- Freelance Writer no Fashion Week was enthusiastic before the event started. She confirmed the passions and intentions of her counter part. She shared her passion and contentment of being able to see young talent showcasing their gifts. She spoke with great excitement about the Models Night Out, an event where all the models get to meet each other and make connections. There were some spectacular designers representing Peru, Puerto Rico, Columbia and Venezuela. Yirko Sivirich, started his career 4 years ago. Originally from Peru, he recalls designing clothes for his cousins’ Barbie dolls when he was 11 years old. He showcased an all male clothing line with a lot of Americana influence. John Dunn, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, was busy getting one of his spectacular dresses ready before the event when I met him.

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Have You Accurately Set Your LOVE GPS? Many relationships fall victim to miscommunicated views and expectations. More women have found themselves involved with men who did and do not desire what they want when it pertains to a relationship. Some men have invested

son is not. Many of these pointless relationships and breakups could have possibly been avoided if the communication lines were clear, effective, and understood from day one.

Before one can truly know what they want they must reach a maturity level that will cater to their growth and preparation for what they desire to be. Establishing clear and reasonable expectations at the beginning should be at the forefront of the initial conversation. This dialogue should be precise, structured, direct, and thought provoking. Using this strategy is very efin women who ultimately were not seeking the same fective when it pertains to communicating your desires type of commitment as they desired. These problems and wants in a relationship. If possible before exor miscommunications don’t always surface during the changing personal information have a brief yet candid dating phase. These issues usually arise and gradual- conversation about one another’s purpose and desires ly develop during the relationship phase when one when it comes to a relationship. This style will elimiparty is ready to take the next step and the other per- nate those who are not headed in your particular direc-

tion and save valuable time. Once an individual has truly confirmed within their heart, mind, body, and soul that they desire a life long mate or simply put, a husband or a wife this should become your walk as well as your talk. Many times when we are faced with a question that challenges what we desire and we tend to give answers that are not “accurate” to how we feel and aligned with what we WANT. For example, why strive to be celibate if your ultimate destination isn’t to serve GOD and save yourself for marriage??

This component is vital when you are entertaining prospects to find the one you would want to date. If you are a woman who is ready to pursue marriage and desires a life long mate better known as a husband that is what you should voice to all suitors. If you are a man who is ready to seek your treasure, pursue marriage, and desires a life long mate better known as a wife that is what you should voice to all suitors. The key is making this clear at the beginning during the initial conversation. The destination of both individuals should be expressed and understood clearly before they proceed on the journey. Make sure while you are entertaining prospects you seek insight as to what they want. If you find that you are not on the same page don’t attempt to read from the same book because it could possibly lead to a different ending, one which you may not like. Remember, no one wants to waste time or play games so ask the right questions in order to get the right answers. The way you ask something means just as much as the response you receive so gradually move into your questions, yet don’t avoid those questions that are important to you for fear of losing a prospect. When it comes to choosing the, “right

one” to spend your life with it takes time, patience, preparation, and understanding. Never forget a treasure has to be discovered and that life long mate is waiting for you so make sure your plan is tailored for success and not failure

“Live for Love and for Love we will Live”

The Top Five Steakhouses You Have to Try in Dallas It's not hard to find a steakhouse in the Dallas area, but it is often times overwhelming when attempting to identify the top steak and chop houses in Dallas; the city has a solid Top 10 that compete nationally in the running for best steakhouses. Of course, with quality comes a hefty price, so get ready to shell out a good chunk of dough to experience the best steaks the Big D has to offer. At Al Biernat's, located at 4217 Oak Lawn Avenue, the bar scene and the sophisticated lounge feel are brought together to create an atmosphere that evokes casual elegance. With an entrée menu that ranges from $30 to $85, Al's effortlessly accommodates both walk-ins and recent celebrities such as Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Charles Barkley, and Victor Hugo.

Located within the new Omni Hotel at 555 South Lamar Street, Bob's Steak and Chop House keeps the feeling business-casual, recommending reservations yet being open to walk-ins. The entrées range from $41 to $80, and with five DFW locations, there is sure to be a restaurant convenient for everyone.

The Capital Grille combines fine dining with a sense of American patriotism. The many paintings that line the walls, circa80th century, evoke our fine country's history and culture. With entrées anywhere from $27 to $49 for a seared tenderloin and butter poached lobster tail dish, the two Capital Grille locations are among the least expensive of the group.

Since its opening in 1993, Chamberlain's has been continuously recognized as one of the nation's top steak and chop houses. In 2008, D Magazine aptly named it one of the best restaurants in Dallas and in 2010 it was named one of the “Best in DFW” Steakhouses by the Dallas Morning News. Chamberlain's entrées range from $26 to $27 and is located off Belt Line Road and the North Dallas Tollway near Addison.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse offers the most expensive entrée on our list, with their Wagyu Longbone, a whopping 32 Oz. Ribeye, costing $89.00. Awarded 5 stars by Open Table, Del Frisco's maintains a lavish yet hospitable dining experience, with knowledgeable waiters, bartenders and sommeliers to ensure the best steak house dinner possible.

Dallas Trends in Fashion, Food and Entertainment By Samantha Kauffman Barbeque, burgers, state fairs, concerts and fashion when you put these things together you get some of the great attractions and trends currently on top in Dallas, Texas. After a long day at work, Si Tapas has the best in happy hour food. Tapas, being the name for a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine, offer the best of their appetizers for $3.00, a price that doesn’t make the wallet sweat. Tapas serves a wide variety of high-quality Spanish food, for reasonable prices. Tapas appetizers are usually priced between $7.00 and $9.00. Si Tapas happy hour runs from 4:00 to 7:00 Monday through Thursday. The great food in Dallas doesn’t stop with appetizers, what about the great American burgers? Dairy-ette, drive-in burger joint, has landed the serious name of best burger since they opened in 1956. With classic, hot and juicy burgers covered in melted cheese or chili you can’t go wrong. You can even live on the edge and add some jalapeños or bacon for .50 or even double your meat for $1.70. Dairy-ette serves everything from burgers to sandwiches, hot dogs and even classic vanilla soft-serve ice cream. Here at this old-fashioned burger joint, you can get fresh cut fried and great, old-fashioned food.

What is classic Dallas cooking without


some finger licking barbeque? At the Pecan right Lodge, you can get barbeque the way it’s


supposed to be done with flavors you can


only get in the south. Pecan Lodge was


named for best BBQ in Dallas by D Maga-


zine as well as the Dallas Observer. The

sons about to change, Dallas fashion

Lodge was rated one of the top 10 BBQ

trends are just beginning. With the autumn

restaurants in all of Texas. This BBQ joint

season being known for its changing colors

has even been featured on Food Network’s of red, yellow and orange, Dallas trends are Diner’s, Drive-in’s and Dives. With the

pushing the fall colors according to Sebas-

Lodge’s simple menu, it allows for straight- tian Green, produce of ModelBiz Radio. forward country BBQ with all the flavors

Scarves are also a major trend right now as

and none of the excess. From Mesquite

the cooler season approached. Necklaces,

smoked BBQ to southern-fried chicken, Pe- hats and other big and beautiful accessocan Lodge hits every area of your

ries are great ways to turn any ordinary out-

stomach’s craving for good, smoky and

fit into a beautiful ensemble.

crispy BBQ.

Entertainment in Dallas is on the rise as Dallas food well. is not the only area that is on

Starting on September 28, 2012 the long awaited event that brings people from all over the country to enjoy, The State Fair of

Texas begins. The State Fair of Texas goes covered. General admission for the fair is through till October 21, 2012. With enter-

$16, for senior citizens (ages 60 and over)

tainment ranging from Kellie Pickler and

and children are $12 and children two and

Uncle Kracker to the Reliant Starlight Pa-

under are free.

rade, Chinese Lantern Festival, auto shows, pig races and more. The State Fair of Texas has activities made for everyone young and old. With 53 attractions, 13 per-

Throughout the month of September, Dallas entertainment is lined-up with performances from Slash, Tyga, Train, Bonnie Raitt and Florence and the Machine.

formers and even more events and shows you will need every day of the fair to see everything that you want. With great celebration and events, this fair has the food

Dallas is covering all the points of interest from fashion to food to entertainment a triple threat that lands this part of the south on top.

By Lauren Foote, Freelance Writer


uzeion the temple of the muses. That is exactly how you feel when you walk into this art gallery.

It is filled with contemporary mixed with ancient sculptures and paintings. You sincerely feel like time is irrelevant when you are going through this gallery. One second you are stepping into

things relate. It is time defying art. The art in there is timeless, or rather time becomes irrelevant. The art is not defined by what time period it is from, or where it was from, or even how much it costs, it is defined by what reactions the art creates in the people that walk into the gallery. One piece of old is placed in front of one piece of contemporary art. They have different ancient cultures, many South American cultures including Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia. They also have Asian, South African and Egyptian sculptures. There is a focus of Pre-Colonial art, which is one of the owner’s favorite forms of art.

The focus of the gallery is really not the art but where it is located. The owner wanted one of the best pieces of art to be displayed specifically in the art district of Dallas. He wants people to give credit to Dallas for what it really is. We are not just a center of economic empire; Dallas has as much to offer to the art world as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Dallas is an important hub for creative art and fashion. He wants people to understand that, he wants people to have something to look forward to when they come to Dallas. When they walk into his gallery people can feel like they are walking into Paris, walking into the MET but still being in a great city like Dallas. This gallery is The gallery has only been open for about six open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm on weeks. Guillermo Cardenas is the owner of the gallery. 1113 Dragon St., Dallas, TX. He started the collection in Mexico and continued it in Paris. He started the collection forty five years ago, he wanted to start a gallery in the states and he picked DalTo view more of their great art work, go las. He picked Dallas “because he truly believes that to people do not see it for the diamond in the rough that it is. He does not believe that people in the United States appreciate Dallas for the incredible city that it is”. He sees it as a growing culture of art and fashion that is not as appreciated as the art and fashion districts of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. He started his gallery because he wanted people to have access to all these ancient cultures while also seeing all the new contemporary unknown artists that have not yet been discovered. He makes his art affordable and accessible to people. I spoke to Eric Thomas, one of the associates in the gallery; he told me that “he sees this gallery as an art sanctuary. The art in the museum is like different states of mind”. The art in the gallery is supposed to motivate and inspire artists and designers that look at all the pieces. There are a plethora of pieces from the MET, from many art galleries in Paris and different parts of Europe. There are pieces of jewelry in the back of the gallery. The pieces of Jewelry are one piece of ancient gold or rock that is mixed and put together with current cut stones. There could be an Aztec leopard mixed with some pieces of sapphire, or a large lapis lazuli chain with ancient rock knives in the bottom. Some of the contemporary pieces of jewelry are made with black diamond.

Bridging the Gap: Celebrating Cultural Diversity By Sammy Kauffman

African American. Caucasian. Asian. Hispanic. Today, people from all over the world come together to live with one another to display cultural diversity, sharing their lifestyles and accepting those from other heritages to bridge the gap between countries.

Here in the Metroplex, there are many opportunities for cultures to come together to celebrate where they come from and to help spread their heritage to others. Starting on the weekend of September 1, 2012, San Antonio will be hosting the People en Español Festival.

Arts from the University of Benin, Nigeria in 1983. Adejumo has thus published over 25 book chapters, articles as well as instructional guides focusing on visual art and art education. While being a practicing artist, Adejumo’s relief prints, sculptures and paintings have thus been shown in over 30 local, state, national as well as international exhibits.

For the first weekend of September, people will come together to celebrate the Latino culture with the greatest and most classic of concerts, performances, workshops, Adejumo’s exhibit will be free and open to the public as celebrity appearances, activities for the whole family and well. more. The opening reception will take place on Thursday, SepOn the same day, the George Washington Carver Musetember 6, from 6:30p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The artist will speak Thursday, September 13, at 6:30 p.m., while the exhibit remains on view from September 6 through January 5, 2013. The cultural expression doesn’t stop here; a mere two weeks later, people can enjoy the Diez y Seis Events. On September 16, while marking Mexico’s independence from Spain events all over town will be reaching out to people from all cultures.

um and Cultural Center located in Austin, Texas will be hosting “Celebrate Me: China.”

Street parades with festive floats and marching bands, activities for kids and ethnic food that will remind those of their cultures will connect everyone together.

This event is designed as a travel exploration activity to link and celebrate the combinations of diversity within the culture with similarities.

With these events, it makes it possible to connect people from all over the world in one area and bridge the gaps between separate cultures.

The event will explore different cultures as well as the community, food, language geography and history.

September 28, 2012 holds the event that brings people from all over the country to enjoy, The State Fair of Texas.

While enjoying yourself becoming indulged in delicious food and the comfort of community, you can also learn The State Fair of Texas goes through till October 21, 2012. more about a new culture and area. The event will be open and free to the public from noon until 4:00 p.m. On September 6, the Carver Museum will also be hosting Ère & Reflections. The event will be a dual exhibition of African American art as well as a look into the contemporary Yoruba Art of Christopher Adejumo. Adejumo received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine

With entertainment ranging from Kellie Pickler and Uncle Kracker to the Reliant Starlight Parade, Chinese Lantern Festival, auto shows, pig races and more. The State Fair of Texas has activities made for everyone young and old. With 53 attractions, 13 performers and even more events and shows you will need every day of the fair to see eve-

rything that you want.

These pieces With great celebration and events, this fair has the food are that of different cultures, covered. heritages and The State Fair of Texas continues to bridge the gap be- backgrounds tween cultures by serving an array of foods from all those pieces over the world such as Belgium, Cajun, Greece, Germa- are put togethny and Mexico. er it is then Also, throughout everyday of the fair a variety of celeb- possible to build a bridge rity chefs will be there to cook just for you. that connects General admission for the fair is $16, for senior citizens the gaps be(ages 60 and over) and children are $12 and children tween cultures. two and under are free. This allows for Exhibit buildings are open from 10:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. us to welcome daily. people into our We live in a world that is beautiful and made up of dif- worlds and to allow ourselves to step out of our comfort ferent pieces. zone and experience something new.

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