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Page 1 Yawuru IT is a 100% Aboriginal-owned business Yawuru Information Technology Services

INTRODUCTION Yawuru Information Technology Services has been trading since September 2010, growing from its beginnings as a small but successful computing business, Dale’s PCs & Software, which was established in 2003. The full-service information technology company has celebrated many successes, largely due to chief executive officer Dale Robinson’s up-to-date technological and local knowledge.  Photo caption

The business evolved when Mr Robinson, an Aboriginal man from Broome in Western Australia, saw an opportunity to form a company that would

provide mentoring and job opportunities in the IT industry for indigenous people. Mr Robinson, Yawuru IT Chief Executive officer, has extensive industry contacts and developed partnerships with worldwide computing companies such as HP and Ingram Micro. Mr Robinson has now achieved his long-term dream of creating one of the first indigenous-owned IT companies in Australia. From humble beginnings, Yawuru IT has grown to a successful business and today employs two Microsoft server engineers, a senior telecommunications engineer, a full time web and applications developer, a sales representative and a project manager.

Yawuru IT is a 100% Aboriginalowned business

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Yawuru Information Technology Services

WHY SELECT YAWURU IT? Yawuru IT is a one-stopshop when it comes to your information technology needs.

by a strong support team of staff who are able to deliver projects on time, as requested, with full project management services.

From web development to full-scale installation and training, Mr Robsinson and his team of capable and qualified personnel can deliver unrivaled service.

We take pride in our work and always achieve the needs of our clients.

With local knowledge and professional contacts, Yawuru IT can offer services to big industry as well as small communities.

Yawuru IT have comprehensive health and safety policies, ensuring our safety standards match those at mining and construction sites.

Yawuru IT is dedicated to supporting indigenous comminutes and by offering employment and business collaborations.

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We follow cultural processes and practises when entering our client’s places

We follow cultural processes and practises when entering our client’s places. The company is backed

YAWURU IT LEADERSHIP Yawuru IT is led by chief executive officer Dale Robinson who has a wealth of experience in computing and information technology services. Mr Robinson’s holistic knowledge of the industry is backed up by the following certifications:  Certificate III Information Technology  Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management  Certificate II Information Technology  Public Sector Recruitment Test  Certificate IV Programming  BSC (Computer Science)

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Yawuru Information Technology Services

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WHAT WE DO Yawuru IT understands that technology is ever-evolving, therefore we stay on the pulse when it comes to emerging technologies. Our company can offer effective technology solutions for your office

environment, delivered in a simple to understand manner, ensuring you get the most from your IT investment. Partnering with the some of the largest brands in the world, your project is backed by knowledge and experience. We have a proven track record of managing and supporting 24/7

computing and communications networks. Through innovative problem-solving and the application of our diverse experiences, we help organisations address the special challenges of managing information technology in a variety of settings.

Areas of expertise include:

 Service Level Agreement

 Support and training

 Web development

 Network monitoring

 Content management systems

 Management reports

 Systems security and information assurance

 Antivirus solutions

 Preventative maintenance (scripted)

 Computer hardware and software sales  Backup and file server design

 Asset auditing  Onsite maintenance

 Database management and optimisation  Satellite infrastructure solutions and installations  Onsite IT services



How much does an SLA cost?

A Service Level Agreement puts the maintenance and support of your network into the hands of IT professionals. There are two overarching outcomes with SLAs – the network is reliable and downtime is minimised. To achieve this we focus on preventative maintenance, training, procedure and documentation. This can only be delivered by having the right support tools.

Does my business need an SLA?

Yawuru IT has many options that allow us to fit the correct solution for your business. We can conduct a system audit and needs analysis at no cost.

Companies that manage their own IT generally struggle to meet these basic

If your business relies on its network to process orders and conduct general lines of business functions, then the answer is yes. Having a reactive strategy to network support is the same as planning to fail. It is proven that effort spent on preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring equates to savings in lost production and business continuance. Disasters do happen and planning and strategy is essential.

Which SLA package best suits my business? As we know there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to technology. We have developed our support packages to best target the needs of specific business requirements.

We have a proven track record of managing and supporting 24/7 computing and communications networks

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Yawuru Information Technology Services

WEB SERVICES A website is an essential tool for sharing information or promoting products and services. Yawuru IT has been working with public content management systems since these technologies became available.

We were also one of the first companies to utilise Skype and overseas developers in our business. We used some of these developers to help us build websites for Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council members.

Yawuru IT can develop customdesigned websites that get your message global. Clients include Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation and Yulella Aboriginal Corporation.

Website packages can include: ✔✔ Website makeover


✔✔ Complete custom website design ✔✔ A built-in content management system ✔✔ Google analytics ✔✔ Social media integration ✔✔ Source files ✔✔ Hosting ✔✔ Domain registration ✔✔ Ecommerce site design ✔✔ Pre-defined payment gateways

SUPPORT AND TRAINING Yawuru IT can offer your company ongoing support and training in all facets of information technology and digital communication. Providing your stakeholders with a training facility not only benefits the

members of your organisation, but your community as a whole. Yawuru It can offer remote training facilities and installation of new infrastructure according to your budget and requirements.

Our company has been engaged to implement training facilities in remote places, delivering exceptional results no matter what challenges there are to overcome.

We have a proven track record of managing and supporting 24/7 computing and communications networks

Yawuru Information Technology Services

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Telecommunications products

and Inmarsat Pro Satellite telephones.

Yawuru IT Services can supply your clients the best satellite phone handsets, satellite tracking devices and IVMS Foxtel services for mining camps and remote communities.

We sell and support Orion fixed and mobile satellite platforms providing telephony and remote broadband solutions to mining, oil and gas companies.

Yawuru IT specialises in providing modular office and computing solutions to remote communities, mines and other sites with our Telepod product.

Yawuru IT Services is an authorised re-seller for a range of computer and telecommunications equipment with brand names such as Dell, HP,

We supply Inmarsat and Iridium satellite phone handsets, satellite tracking devices and wireless services for improving Wi-Fi signal with ADSL backhaul.


to provide a rapid IT infrastructure for staff in a community or exploration camp.

We are able to install an air-conditioned, fully networked and furnished, six workstation telepod anywhere in Australia with high-speed connectivity. The Telepod is an ideal instant solution for remote sites looking

Yawuru IT staff are highly trained in a number of cutting edge technologies. Your company can be confident it is getting the best product and service for its investment.

Dale Robinson Chief Executive officer

Herman Bambo IT Solutions Engineer

Matty Clarke It Sales Representative

Mr Robinson is a Walman Yawuru Aboriginal man from Broome area in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. As owner of Yawuru IT, Mr Robinson works with clients to establish their requirements, project manage contracts and oversee the operations of the business.

Mr Bambo is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), an MCIP enterprise administrator and holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.

Mr Clarke is Yawuru IT’s sales representative. He has skills in logistics and sales and marketing. Mr Clarke can assist community representatives to obtain funding for IT facilities and services.

He has an ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and a Certificate III in Information Technology and has experience working on a range of government helpdesk contracts and projects for private sector. Mr Robinson is passionate about Aboriginal participation in IT and telecommunications and recently worked with Intergracom to establish a certificate II in Telecommunications in Broome.

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He boasts specialist skills in the following areas:  Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 server deployment and administrator  Deploy and configure System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)  Active Directory Design, implementation and maintenance  Exchange server deployment, administration and maintenance  SQL Server deployment and maintenance  Deploy and maintain VMware infrastructure, all versions  Cisco (CCNA) and Citrix administrator Yawuru Information Technology Services

OUR PROJECTS Remote Telepod Training Facilities - Yulella Aboriginal Corporation (2011)


In 2011, Yawuru IT was contracted to install a Telepod training facility at Meekatharra for Yulella Aboriginal Corporation. We were able to setup a HP server and eight clients in one weekend by driving up to the site, unpacking all the computers, setting them up and ensuring the network was secure, operational and functional. These Telepod facilities are connected to the world via satellite and, if necessary, we are able to accelerate the link with wireless technology connected to an ADSL backhaul. Remote Telepod Training Facilities - Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation (2013) In June 2013 Yawuru IT installed five Telepod training facilities at five remote Aboriginal communities in the Fitzroy Valley in the Kimberley for Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation. These facilities contain a number of workstations and a rack server connected via satellite to the Internet. They are used by community members for undertaking distance education programs. Presentation to FRATA (Fitzroy River Tourism Association) to explain the benefits and usage of Wordpress content management system. The presentation was followed with training and implementation of a new website.

03/12/2013 To Whom it May Concern Re. Yawuru IT Services

Yawuru IT Services is currently in the rollout phase for implementation of five training hubs and outfit of computer hardware, remote managed services and satellite communications based at three different locations in the Fitzroy Valley Region in Western Australia.

Orion Satellite Systems has been delivering internet and telephony communications solutions over the past 10 years. We base our success as a dedicated satellite services provider on creating a balanced business supplying solutions to rural and remote Australian Enterprise, International Enterprise and Domestic Consumers. Together with carefully selected partners and resellers Orion has developed the optimum product suite to provide enhanced communications solutions, with a focus on satellite communications. Orion primarily works with the Hughes VSAT technology, the Hughes system is designed to be a low cost, reliable and office comparable communications system; delivering high quality telephony, data and facsimile services to a remote site. Orion has worked with Dale Robinson of Yawuru IT Services for 3 years now in the capacity of being an active Channel Partner. Through the channel partner agreement Yawuru IT Services have designed and delivered in depth solutions that provide a number of resources to remote communities as well as opening up a world of possibilities to the residents, such as; training, education, metro standard facilities like online banking and easily accessible government websites. Completed projects include delivering redundancy communications to the Halls Creek Shire Office, the design and install of mobile training facilities to Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation across a number of communities. Yawuru IT Services has a number of residual projects and innovative solutions currently being worked on and refined.

We follow cultural processes and practises when entering our client’s places

Orion is proud to be a contributing factor to Yawuru IT Services success, but further more enriching a small component of the lives of those who live outside of the metropolitan reach. Kind regards,

Luke Webb Channel Partner Manager Orion Satellite Systems 0414 930 033

Yawuru Information Technology Services

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Our goal is zero harm to people and the environment

COMMITMENT TO HEALTH AND SAFETY At Yawuru IT, a commitment to occupational health, safety and environment (HSE) is part of how we do business. The health and safety of our employees and those we come into contact with through our business is our priority. We aim to leave the environment in the same or a better state than we found it. Our goal is zero harm to people and the environment. We work hard to improve our performance each year. Our goal of zero harm is achieved through: - Complying with statutory HSE requirements, codes, standards and guidelines - Evaluating HSE risks and taking appropriate action to minimise potential risks - Setting up objectives and targets with the aim of reducing and eliminating work related incidents - Defining clear roles and responsibilities for HSE across all management and staff across the company. HSE is everyone’s responsibility!

Contact us Dale Robinson -- CEO Mobile: 0421 466 159 Matthew Clarke - Sales Representative Mobile: 0459 675 733

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WRITE US PO Box 27 Broome Western Australia 6725 Yawuru Information Technology Services

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