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Reflector 1977 Dalat School Sdn. Berhad Sandycroft, Penang Malaysia Volume Sixteen


Size of sixth grade class greatly increased by day student population


Second semester Mr. Baxter takes leadership as high school’s new head teacher

Student Council promoted class competition through carnival and talent night

At the carnival, Amy Cutts cautions Billy Durling to steady his hand as he takes aim.

Top left: Senior boys with Chaplain Woody Stemple jive to the beat of “Rock-n-Roll Preacher.” Left: Le garcon Jeff Stebbins and L’hotesse Madame Midge Fowler cater French bread for the spring banquet, “April en Paris.” Above: High schoolers head for a day of relaxation and sunburn at the island beaches.

Weekend activities 47

Far left: Dr. Johnston and son, David, head for upper campus following Sunday morning worship service. Above left: After a long day, off campus students, Toshiko Tsukahara and Melanie Shelby board a school bus. Center: Hostel students enjoy their weekend activity at the waterfall. Above right: Mrs. Ford comes to the aid of thirsty Janece Schelander and Karin Alexander. Below right: Baxters and Kirkhams enjoy a humorous conversation over their lunch break.

Rob Rexilius aces his opponent with another powerful serve.



Cindy Swank plays hard to earn points for her Crimson intramural team.

Intramurals 71

Academics 1-3 75


Field trips broaden knowledge of Southeast Asia




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Reflector 1977