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Reflector 1972 Dalat School of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Sandycroft Penang Volume Eleven


I am Dalat. I was born in 1929 in the mountains of South Viet Nam. The first part of my life was carefree. Memories of indistinguishable activities seem to spread a nostalgic glow of happiness which glazes over and covers the impurities-the more unpleasant moments. God came into clearer focus one day When I faced problems that before had had little bearing on my life. I was too young to understand but I accepted

And He led me to a new situation-Bangkok. But no again He saw that I should move and again I did to the little town of Tanah Rata hidden in a corner of the Cameron Highlands. There I remained for a few years, quiet and secluded, as I grew larger. But I soon found that I was too large and again I was transported-books, toys, and barrels-to the island of Penang.

I’ve been in Penang only one year but as I reflect back on my time here, I can see that God has been my main theme.

Newness a freshness and feeling of expectancy as my students arrived on their new campus. School began. But my students were waiting. And when spiritual emphasis week came

my Basis

my Basis

my classes

my classes

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they were ready.

my selected activities my selected activities

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my casual moments my casual moments

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in a glorious way

my students

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God came into a new perspective.

my students



God performed a miracle and gave us a place on the island of Penang. What does He want us to do here?

God, you know I’m just Dalat-a small school but a school with Your power. And a school with Your power is a school that has no limitations. It is one that can send vibrations throughout Penang and Malaysia and South East Asia and throughout this world-vibrations that will radiate for generations to come.

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Reflector 1972  

Reflector 1972 Dalat School of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Sandycroft Penang MalaysiaVolumeEleven

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